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C Trolls, The Never Give Up (Low Music [single]) 222
Cabestan Chants De Marins (Keltia) 154
Cabestan Chants De Marins Traditionnels (Le Chasse-Marée) 47; 106 ATR
Cabestan Femmes De Marins (Keltia) 182/183
Cabestan Fortunes De Mer (Le Chasse-Marée/ArMen) 126
Cabestan Herga Folk Club, Harrow 38 L
Cabestan Il Y A Dix Marins Du Mer (Le Chasse-Maree) 47
Cabestan La Mer Est Trop Vieille (Keltia) 208 ATR
Cabestan Tempeme Pour Sortire (Keltia Musique [single]) 158/159
Caboor, Eric & David Kauffmann Songs From Suicide Bridge (Donkey Soul) 23 ATR (SR)
Cabral, Pedro Caldeira Momentos Da Guitarra Portuguesa (Fenn Music) 125
Cabral, Pedro Caldeira Variações (WDR/Network Medien ‘World Network’ series) 125
Cabrera, Jorge Charanga Vallenata (Globestyle) 54 ATR
Cacavas, Chris Pale Blonde Hell (Normal) 139/140 ATR
Cáceres, Juan Carlos Best Of 1958-2003: From Buenos Aires To Paris (Mélodie-Celluloid) 246
Cáceres, Juan Carlos Tango Negro (Mélodie) 205
Cáceres, Juan Carlos Tocá Tangó (Mélodie) 218/219
Cáceres, Juan Carlos: Cáceres Murga Argentina (Mañana Music) 283/284
Cáceres, Juan Carlos: Cáceres Utopia (Mañana) 295/296
Cachaito see Lopez, Orlando ‘Cachaito’
Cachao Descargas: The Havana Sessions (Yemayá) 294 ATR
Cachao: Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente Descargas: Cuban Jam Sessions (Sono Cuba Musisoft) 209
Cachao: Cachao Y Su Ritmo Caliente Monte Adentro (Blue Moon) 227
Cachao: Ramón Bebo Valdés & Israel Cachao López Bebo & Cachao (Rumorrecords) 294
Cache Valley Drifters, The Tools Of The Trade (Flying Fish) 24 (SR)
Čači Vorba Tajno Biav – Secret Marriage (Oriente) 341/342
Cactus Brothers, The The Cactus Brothers (Liberty) 123 ATR
Cadanim Live (own label) 28 ATR
Caddick, Bill Kings Norton Folk Club, Kings Norton, Birmingham 45 L
Caddick, Bill Reasons Briefly Set Down By Th’Author, To Perswade [sic] Every One To Sing(Highway) 2 (SR)
Caddick, Bill The Wild West Show (Topic) 36
Caddick, Bill Unicorns (Working Joe Music) 234
Caddick, Bill Winter With Flowers (Fledg’ling) 148
Caddick, Bill: Bill Caddick’s Urban Legend Acoustic Music Club, Sutton 105 L
Caddick, Bill: Laycock, Caddick & Bond A Duck On His Head (Highway) 6 (SR)
Cadenza Making Waves (Knocknarea Music) 205
Cadie, Andrew The Snow Tree (Border Fray) 276 ATR
Cadillac Kings, The Highway 17 (33 Records) 258 ATR
Cadillac Kings, The Lou Ann (Flathead) 240 ATR
Cadillac Kings, The Trouble In Store (33 Records) 309
Cadillac Sky Gravity’s Our Enemy (Skaggs Family) 306
Cadle, Peter Hold Me Responsible (own label) 158/159 ATR
Cadle, Peter New Words For Old (First Impressions) 82
Cadogan, Susan Hurt So Good (Trojan) 242/243 ATR
Caerketton Caerketton (Yazoo) 208 ATR
Caesar, Shirley Stand Still (Word) 131 ATR
Cafe Aman Amerika Cafe Aman Amerika (Music World) 153 ATR
Cafe De Chinitas Spanische Lieder – Federico Garcia Lorca (Shamrock) 94
Café Orchestra, The After Hours (Gourmet) 143
Café Orchestra, The Topaz (Grapevine/Solid) 172
Cage, Butch & Willie B. Thomas Old Time Black Southern String Band Music (Arhoolie) 276
Cage, John & Bruce Krohmer Your Way & Mine (Johnette Productions) 202 ATR
Cage, Robert Can See What You’re Doing (Fat Possum/Epitaph Europe) 192
Cagley, Bill: Cagley, Black, Schaefer & Njoes Friends In Music (Copper Creek) 230/231 ATR
Cahill, Dennis (Martin Hayes &) Live In Seattle (Green Linnet) 196
Cahill, Dennis (Martin Hayes &) Welcome Here Again (Green Linnet/Compass) 298
Cahill, Séamus: Uhrbrand, Lydom, Cahill Sik Og Sejs (ULC) 193
Cahill, Séamus: ULC Spring (GO’ Danish) 220 ATR
Caibo Hard As Iron (People Unite) 156
Cailler, Jackie & The Cajun Cousins Front Porch Cajun Music (Zane) 163/164
Cain, Chris Unscheduled Flight (Crosscut) 189 ATR
Cain, Mark Reeds (NoMadmusic) 263 ATR
Cain, Nial (Cass Meurig &) Deuawd (Fflach:Trad) 326/327 ATR
Cairdeas The Thinner Line (Dunray Music) 336 ATR
Cairns, John All Through The Ages (Scottish Lion Productions) 298 ATR
Caise Ceoil Traditional Irish Music Collection (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 222 ATR
Caju The Caju Collection (Sonet Caju Music) 106
Cajun Aces Aces High (Pinegrove) 139/140 ATR
Cajun Brew (Michael Doucet &) Hot Cajun Rhythm’n’Blues (Special Delivery) 60
Cajun Company La Robe De Rosalie (Deltatone) 227
Cajun Country (Jimmy C. Newman &) The Alligator Man (Rounder) 106 ATR
Cajun Cousins (Jackie Cailler & The) Front Porch Cajun Music (Zane) 163/164
Cajun Fever (Donald Thibodeaux &) Fred’s Hot Step (Arhoolie) 179
Cajun Music Festival, 1st 100 Club, London 27 L
Cajun Paddy Ireland In The 90s (Play [single]) 120
Cajun Twisters (Johnny Fiddle & The) Cajun Girl (Rivet [single]) 144
Cajun Twisters (Rockin’ Dopsie & The) Zy-de-co-in’ (Sonet) 94
Cajunologie Cajin’ On The Edge (Roots) 161
Cajunologie Stompin’ (Roots) 150
Cajuns Denbo Stompio (Sain) 169 ATR
Cajuns Denbo Dwy Daith (Joscyn) 271/272 ATR
Cajuns Denbo Y Fforiwr (Sain) 214
Cal Scotland A Part Of Me (Cal) 216 ATR
Cal Viva see Grupo Cal Viva
Calan Bling (Sain) 310 ATR
Calasaig Making For The Shore (Lazymist) 208
Calasaig Near & Far (Lazy Mist) 232
Calazans, Teca O Samba Dos Bambas (Buda Musique) 143
Caledon The Noble Trousers (Hypertension Music) 170/171
Calennig A Gower Garland (Wild Goose) 208 ATR
Calennig Dwr Glân (Sain) 100
Calennig Dyddiau Gwynion Ionawr (Sain) 26
Calennig You Can Take A White Horse Anywhere (Greenwich Village) 19 (SR)
Calexico Hot Rail (City Slang) 205
Calexico Stray (City Slang [single]) 189
Calgija Music Of The Balkans And Anatolia Vol. 2 (PAN) 125
Calhoun, Andrew Grapevine (Waterbug) 338/339
Calhoun, Andrew Hope (Waterbug) 123 ATR
Calhoun, Andrew Phoenix Envy (Waterbug) 168
Calhoun, Andrew Telfer’s Cows (Waterbug) 254/255 ATR
Calhoun, Andrew Walk Me To The War (Flying Fish) 51
Calhoun, Andrew Where Blue Meets Blue (Waterbug) 202
Calhoun, Andrew & Campground Bound To Go (Waterbug) 300 ATR
Caliban Caliban (own label) 66
Caliban The Three Ravens (own label) 88
Càlic Attinde (CNI/Ludos) 180
Càlic Terres De Mar (Ludos) 163/164 ATR
Calicanto 25 Anni Calicanto 1981-2006 (Felmay) 298
Calicanto Balè Saltè Putele (Edizioni la Torre) 32; 36
Calicanto Caliballo – Danze Tradizionali Venete (La Torre) 78
Calicanto Isole Senza Mar (Felmay) 271/272
Calicanto Labirintomare Calicanto (CNI) 221 ATR
Calicanto Mosaico (Calicanto Italia) 337
Calicanto Murrine (CNI Ludos [single]) 194/195
Calicanto Scano Boa (Editions La Torre) 44
Calicanto Venexia (Anagrumba) 178 ATR
Caliche Deep From The Earth (Zella Recordings) 53
Caliche Music Of The Andes (Saydisc) 106
Caliche University of Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry 44 L
Caliche Winds From The South (Zella) 73
Calico Celanova Square (Ossian) 180
Calico Songdogs (Black Hat Music) 213
California Traveller (Sugar Hill) 114
California Cajun Orchestra None Adam Two-Step (Arhoolie) 156
California Honeydrops, The Soul Tub! (TubTone) 309 ATR
Calisgan, Kazim & Andreas Heuser Asya (Acoustic Music) 178
Calister, Izaline Kanta Hélele (Network) 280 ATR
Calister, Izaline Krioyo (Network) 253
Callaghan, Barry (ed. & compiler) Hardcore English (EFDSS) 297 P
Callaghan, Leah Even Sleepers (Baraca) 249 ATR
Callaghan, Michael see Cal
Callaghan, Raphael with Christine Purnell Blue C (Blue Cee Recordings) 129 ATR
Callahans The Drift (Mull Recordings) 88
Callanin, Niall Strings & Things (Pressure) 213
Calle, Oscar Cuba In Paris, Senor Tentacin (Iris Musique) 189 ATR
Callier, Terry TC In DC (Premonition) 162 ATR
Calogero, Antonio La Rosa Del Deserto (Acoustic Music) 160 ATR
Calt, Stephen & Gayle Dean Wardlow King Of The Delta Blues – The Life And Music Of Charlie Patton (Rock Chapel Press) 81 P
Calvi, Necmi see Oojami
Calvin’s Dream Fanatical (Sticky Music) 129 ATR
Calypso Rose Calypso Rose (World Village) 309 ATR
Calypsonians (King Selewa & His Calypsonians) Calypso – Back To Mi Home (ARC Music) 317/318 ATR
Calypsonians (King Selewa & His Calypsonians) Calypso Invasion (ARC Music) 289 ATR
Calzado, Rudy Rica Charanga (Globestyle) 56
Camacho, Ray & The Teardrops The Best Of… (Freestyle) 312 ATR
Camara, Juldeh: Juju In Trance (Real World) 337
Camara, Juldeh (Justin Adams &) Soul Science (Wayward) 293
Camara, Juldeh (Justin Adams &) Tell No Lies (Real World) 313
Camara, Juldeh (Justin Adams &) The Trance Sessions (Real World) 324
Camara, Ladji Les Ballets Africains De Papa Ladji Camara (Lyrichord) 133
Camarão & Arlindo Dos Oito Baixos Camarão Plays Forró – Dance Music From Northeastern Brazil (Nimbus) 191
Camarata Meiga Habelas Hailas (Resistencia) 201 ATR
Camaxe Imaxes (Wild Boar) 270 ATR
Camayenne Sofa Attaque (Syliphone/Melodie) 209
Camayenne Sofa Volume 1: La Percée (Syllart/Syliphone) 206/207
Cambridge Folk Festival *see also entries under Various
Cambridge Folk Festival 28 L; 52 L; 64 L; 88 L; 112 L ; 328 L
Cameo Keepsake (Eminence Media) 206/207
Camera, Ladji Africa, New York (Lyrichord) 118
Camerata Bariloche: Chris Norman, Camerata Bariloche, The Chamber Orchestra Of Argentina Highlands (Dorian) 175/176 ATR
Camero, Candido: Candido Thousand Finger Man (Blue Note) 208
Camero, Candido: Giovanni Hidalgo, Candido Camero & Carlos “Patato” Valdés The Conga Kings (Chesky) 208
Cameron, Dick Songs For Children (Crannog, via WEA) 48 ATR
Cameron, John Allan Glencoe Station [CD0277657 5054921 – from Rave Entertainment] 165 ATR
Cameron, Moira Sands Of The Shore (CeltArctic) 299
Camp, Hamilton Mardi’s Bard (DJC) 201 ATR
Camp, Hamilton Sweet Joy (Beachwood Recordings) 280 ATR
Campbell, Aileen: Anthony Robb, Carole Robb & Aileen Campbell Bonny At Morn(Summit) 120
Campbell, Alex At The Tivoli Gardens (Storyville) 242/243
Campbell, Alex Been On The Road So Long: The Anthology (Castle) 273
Campbell, Alex Live In Belgium [CCC811] 13 ATR (SR)
Campbell, Alex With The Greatest Respect (Sundown) 54
Campbell, Alex: Various The Alex Campbell Tribute Concert (T Records) 180
Campbell, Blind James & His Nashville Street Band Blind James Campbell And His Nashville Street Band (Arhoolie) 148
Campbell, Carlton see Campbell Brothers, The
Campbell, Cecil Bustamente see Prince Buster
Campbell, Charles (Chuck) see Campbell Brothers, The
Campbell, Darick see Campbell Brothers, The
Campbell, David Through Arawak Eyes (Wundertüte – Germany) 23 (SR)
Campbell, Dirk (Vivien Ellis &) Dimna Yuda (own label) 79/80
Campbell, Dirk Mont Music From A Round Tower (Resurgence) 167 ATR
Campbell, Eddie C. Baddest Cat On The Block (JSP) 68
Campbell, Eddie C. Tear This World Up (Delmark) 317/318 ATR
Campbell, Elyra Girl In A Tree (own label) 238 ATR
Campbell, Gene Complete Recorded Works 1929-31 (Document) 121
Campbell, Ian: The Ian Campbell Folk Group Contemporary Campbells / New Impressions (Essential/Castle) 177 ATR
Campbell, Ian: The Ian Campbell Folk Group Live (Storyville) 11 (SR); 244
Campbell, Ian: The Ian Campbell Folk Group Something To Sing About (Wooded Hill) 175/176 ATR
Campbell, Ian: The Ian Campbell Folk Group The Times They Are A-Changin’ (Castle) 264 ATR
Campbell, Ian: The Ian Campbell Folk Group This Is The Ian Campbell Folk Group/Across The Hills (Essential) 155
Campbell, James [Blind James Campbell] see Campbell, Blind James
Campbell, James, Of Kintail Gaelic Songs (Tangent) 33
Campbell, John & Len Graham Tyneside Irish Centre, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 102 L
Campbell, John Howlin’ Mercy (Elektra) 119
Campbell, John One Believer (Elektra) 105
Campbell, Kate Moonpie Dreams (Demon) 168
Campbell, Kate Rosaryville (Compass) 197
Campbell, Kate Songs From The Levee (Compass) 154
Campbell, Kate Visions Of Plenty (Demon) 181
Campbell, Ken Going Solo (Fellside) 61
Campbell, Ken Hand Pict (Watercolour Music) 173 ATR
Campbell, Ken (Chris Miller &) The Piper’s Maggot (Topic) 11 (SR)
Campbell, Ken: Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band (Fellside) 321 ATR
Campbell, Kenna Fallen Leader (West Highland Free Press [single]) 166
Campbell, Lorna Adam’s Rib (Storyville) 211/212 ATR
Campbell, Marianne: CMc Snap And Roll (Snap) 211/212
Campbell, Milton see Little Milton
Campbell, Phil Dreaming (Spring) 160
Campbell, Phillip see Campbell Brothers, The
Campbell, Rod Playing The Field (B. Evan White Publishing [Edmonton]) 138 P
Campbell, Roddy Tarruinn Anmoch – Late Cull (Greentrax) 209
Campbell, Rory Magaid A Phipr – The Piper’s Whim (Lochshore) 175/176
Campbell, Ruaridh (Angus Lyon &) 18 Months Later (Mirrlees) 282 ATR
Campbell, Sarah Elizabeth A Little Tenderness (Kaleidoscope) 95 ATR
Campbell, Sarah Elizabeth Running With You (Dejadisc) 132
Campbell, Vincent The Purple Heather (Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí) 323 ATR
Campbell Brothers, The Sacred Steel For The Holidays (Arhoolie) 225
Campbell Brothers, The Sacred Steel On Tour! (Arhoolie) 225
Campbell Brothers (The) featuring Katie Jackson Pass Me Not: Sacred Steel Guitar Vol. 2 (Arhoolie) 177
Campbell-Mulholland, Graham ‘Piping Hot’ At Feeoni’s [DUNCAS 007] 63
Campbells, The Singing see Singing Campbells, The
Campi, Ray (Rosie Flores &) A Little Bit Of Heartache (Watermelon) 169 ATR
Campos, Carlos: Various Barrio Latino By Carlos Campos (George V) 211/212 ATR
Campur DKI Dangdut Or Not? (Wave) 119
Canadian Celtic Choir Here’s To A Song (own label) 232 ATR
Canadu Ojala (own label) 175/176 ATR
Canaman Fronteras (BOA/NiceTime) 254/255 ATR
Canaro, Francisco The Tango King (Wilkins cassettes) 96
Canaro, Francisco Y Su Orquesta Típica Noche De Reyes (El Bandoneón) 268
Cançonièr The Black Dragon (Cançonièr) 331/332 ATR
Candela (Ritmo Y Candela) Rhythm At The Crossroads (Redwood) 151/152
Cándida Mil Perdones (DiscMedi) 321 ATR
Candidate Oxengate (Snowstorm) 290/291 ATR
Candido see Camero, Candido
Cané, Humberto: Conjunto De Humberto Cané Cané Llegó La Rumba (Tumbao) 262 ATR
Cané, Humberto: Vicentico Valdés Con El Conjunto De Humberto Cané Negro Bonito(Tumbao) 262 ATR
Cane-Honeysett, Laurence (Michael de Koningh &) Young, Gifted & Black: The Story Of Trojan Records (Sanctuary [book & CD]) 242/243 P
Cann, Bob Proper Job (Veteran) 199/200
Cann, Bob: Bob Cann’s Pixie Band A Dartmoor Country Dance Party (Veteran Tapes) 78
Cannach The Moons Of Glenloy (Lochshore) 177 ATR
Cannon, Gus Walk Right In (Stax) 203 ATR
Cannon, Gus & His Jug Stompers The Legendary 1928-30 Recordings (JSP) 139/140
Cannon, Gus & Noah Lewis Complete Works 1927-30 (Document) 95
Cannon, Gus: Cannon’s Jug Stompers The Best Of (Yazoo) 221 ATR
Cannon, Gus: Cannon’s Jug Stompers The Complete Works 1927-30 (Yazoo) 90
Cannon, Sean: Rolf Brand, Kevin Sheahan, Sean Cannon Out Of Connemara (Kiwi Music) 290/291 ATR
Cannon’s Jug Stompers see Cannon, Gus
Canntaireachd Canntaireahd (Feisean Nan Gaidheal) 336 ATR
Cano, Natividad ‘Nati’: Nati Cano’s Mariachi Los Camperos Lessons In Mariachi Performance (Smithsonian Folkways [DVD]) 329/330
Cano, Natividad ‘Nati’: Nati Cano’s Mariachi Los Camperos ¡Viva El Mariachi!(Smithsonian Folkways) 235/236
Canonge, Mario Aromes Caraibes (Melodie) 154 ATR
Canonge, Mario Trait D’Union (Kann’ Production) 131
Cántaro Andarién (Milan) 322
Canterelle French In America (Chanterelle) 132
Cantodiscanto Malmediterraneo (Forrest Hill) 245
Cantoria Popular Songs From The North-East Of Brazil (Auvidis) 87
Cantrell, Laura Not The Tremblin’ Kind (Spit & Polish) 203 ATR
Cantrell, Laura When The Roses Bloom Again (Spit & Polish) 235/236
Cantrip Silver (Foot Stompin’) 245
Cantú, Timoteo: Maya Y Cantú El Primero Conjunto Norteo Famoso (Arhoolie) 202 ATR
Cantuária, Vinicius & Bill Frisell Lágrimas Mexicanas (Naïve) 335
Cantychiels Cantychiels (Greentrax) 197
Canzoneere Di Terra D’Otranto Bassa Musica (own label) 150
Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino Ballati Tutti Quanti Ballati Forte (Dunya) 186 ATR
Cao, Emilio Amiga Alba E Delgada (Do Fol) 189 ATR
Cao, Emilio Cartas Mariñas (Lyricon) 118 ATR
Cao, Emilio Sinbad En Galicia (BOA Do Fol) 174
Capart, Louis Rives Gauches De Bretagne Et D’Ailleurs (Keltia) 178
Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers (Bobby Brown & The) The Great Cape Breton Fiddle Company (Lismore) 157 ATR
Capercaillie Beautiful Wasteland (Survival) 172
Capercaillie Choice Language (Vertical/Sanctuary) 242/243
Capercaillie Crosswinds (Green Linnet) 49
Capercaillie Delirium (Survival) 102
Capercaillie Dusk Till Dawn: The Best Of (Survival) 187/188
Capercaillie Fear A Bhata (Survival [single]) 105
Capercaillie Get Out (Arista) 115/116
Capercaillie Grace And Pride – Anthology 2004-1984 (Survival) 258 ATR
Capercaillie Live In Concert (Survival) 232 ATR
Capercaillie Nadurra (Survival) 209
Capercaillie Roses And Tears (Vertical) 300 ATR
Capercaillie Secret People (Survival/Arista) 124
Capercaillie Secret People II – The Remix (Survival/Arista) 137
Capercaillie Sidewaulk (Green Linnet) 71
Capercaillie The Blood Is Strong (Grampian) 66
Capercaillie The Blood Is Strong (Survival) 151/152
Capercaillie To The Moon (Survival) 151/152
Capercaillie Waiting For The Wheel To Turn (Survival [single]) 101
Capercaillie Waulkroots (Eureka Music) 190
Capercaillie When You Return (Survival [single]) 139/140
Capercaillie 100 Club, Oxford St., London 58 L
Capercaillie Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh 70 L
Capoeira Senzala De Santos Bresil: Capoeira, Samba De Roda, Maculele (Musique du Monde) 141
Capone Murmurii (Anagrumba) 192 ATR
Cappadocia, Rufus: Bethany & Rufus 900 Miles (Dacquí) 287 ATR
Capricci Cremonesi (Fabio Turchetti &) Live Al Teatro Filo (Cornsorzio Produttori Cremonesi) 286
Captain Beefheart see Beefheart, Captain
Captain Gumbo Allons A Lafayette (Music and Words [single]) 101
Captain Gumbo Gumbo No.5 (Music & Words) 227
Captain Gumbo One More Two Step [MWCD 2001] 105 ATR
Captain Stringbean *see also Eklund, Jason
Captain Stringbean Dead Heart Days (Lucky 13) 196 ATR
Captain Yaba Tinanure (Fab) 161 ATR
Captain Yaba Yaba Funk Roots (Retro) 249 ATR
Cara Long Distance Love (Artes) 334
Carabali Carabali II (Mango) 101
Caracas Kontambor The Bululú Project (Merusa) 247/248
Caratinga Na Ponta Do Pé (Camus) 311 ATR
CaravanSarail Walking To Kashi (Saphrane) 314/315 ATR
Caravanserai Panic (Samizdat) 106
Caravanserai Pig (Samizdat) 124
Caravanserai Shock Horo! (Samizdat) 149 ATR
Caravasar Alminares Mediterráneos (Resistencia) 283/284
Carawan Family, The Home Brew – At Home In Tennessee (Flying Fish) 123
Carawan, Guy The Land Knows You’re There (Flying Fish) 45 ATR
Carawan, Guy Tree Of Life (Flying Fish) 94
Carberry, Angelina & Martin Quinn Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn (Reel Trad) 262
Carbolic Smokeball Company, The Better Days (Roundtower [single]) 170/171
Carbolic Smokeball Company, The The Carbolic Smokeball Company (own label) 25
Carboni, Claudio: Riccardo Tesi, Claudio Carboni Crinali (Felmay) 278/279
Cardenal, Katia Bakvendtland/En Reveslandia (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 201 ATR
Cardenal, Katia Fragancia: Songs Of Evert Taube (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 226 ATR
Cardona, Milton Bembe (American Clave) 143
Cardona, Milton Cambucha (Justin Time) 201 ATR
Care, Simon Oh What A Caper (Talking Elephant) 306
Care, Simon The “Box” Set – An Anthology (Talking Elephant) 233
Care, Simon & Gareth Turner Two’s Up (Old Court) 172
Caresser, The: Atilla The Hun, King Radio, The Tiger, The Growler, The Caresser & The Executor A Calypso Documentary From Trinidad ‘Where Was The Butler’ (From historic recordings 1935-1940) (Folklyric) 59
Carey, Denis Moving On (Five Line Music) 319/320
Carey, Seamas Solo E.P. (own label) 333 ATR
Cargo Orkestar (Darko Rundek &) Mhm A-Ha Oh Yeah Da-Da: Migration Stories & Love Songs (Piranha) 277 ATR
Cargo Orkestar (Darko Rundek &) Ruke (Piranha) 261
Carillyon Through Harmony (Badger Music) 58
Carless, Tim It’s A Wonderful Life (Mockin’ Bird Music) 177 ATR
Carless, Tim Presently Tense (Mockin’ Bird) 160 ATR
Carlile, Richard Green As Forever (Triquetra) 126 ATR
Carlin, Bob Banging And Sawing (Rounder) 34; 166 ATR
Carlin, Bob (Cheick Hamala Diabaté &) From Mali To America (5-String Productions) 293
Carlini, John (Tony Rice &) River Suite For Two Guitars (Sugar Hill) 157 ATR
Carlisle, Andrew: Alen Tully, Andrew Carlisle & Callum Beaumont The Young Ones(Monarch) 270 ATR
Carlisle, Cliff A Country Legacy 1930-39 (JSP) 259/260
Carlisle, Cliff Blues Yodeler & Steel Guitar Wizard (Arhoolie) 165 ATR
Carlotti, Jan-Màri [Jean-Marie] Linhana (L’Empreinte Digitale) 185
Carlotti, Jan-Màri [Jean-Marie] Pachiqueli Ven De Neuch (Silex) 126 ATR
Carlou D Muzikr (World Village) 325
Carlson, Bert: Knicely, Leath, Curl, Carlson The Melody Lingers On (own label) 334 ATR
Carlson, Eric The Ship In The Sky (Canyon Kitchen) 307/308 ATR
Carlson, Steve Lotto Jesus (own label) 169 ATR
Carlsson, Daniel: Daniel & Emma Innerligheten (own label) 334 ATR
Carman, Jenks “Tex” Chippeha! (1948-53) (Revenant) 184 ATR
Carmel Duo Al Kol Ele – Of All These Things (Syncoop) 120 ATR
Carmen Miranda see Miranda, Carmen
Carmenate, Luis-Enrique Sabor De Cuba (Branded Youth) 297 ATR
Carmichael, Kelly Queen Fareena (Dogstreet) 328 ATR
Carmen Miranda see Miranda, Carmen
Cármina My Crescent City (I&E) 301 ATR
Carmina Dorchester Arts Centre 139/140 L
Carmody, Kev Pillars Of Society (Larrikin) 94
Carmody, Kev Pillars Of Society (Rutabagas) 73 ATR
Carmody, Simon: Nikki Sudden, Johnny Fean, Simon Carmody The Last Bandits In The World (Hotwire) 46
Carmona, Juan Borboreo (Le Chant du Monde) 307/308
Carmona, Juan El Sentido Del Aire (Le Chant du Monde) 325
Carmona, Juan Orillas (Night & Day) 239
Carmona, Juan Sinfonia Flamenca (Le Chant du Monde) 278/279
Carnahan, Danny & Robin Petrie Cut And Run (Fledg’ling) 136
Carnahan, Danny & Robin Petrie No Regrets (DNA) 83
Carnahan, Danny & Robin Petrie Two For The Road (Flying Fish) 34
Carnahan, Danny with Robin Petrie Journeys Of The Heart (DNA) 83
Carnie, John Far From Home (Broken Fiddle) 306 ATR
Carnival Band, The Hoi Polloi (Park) 201
Carnival Band, The Jump For Joy (own label) 150
Carnival Band (Maddy Prior & The) Carols & Capers (Park) 103/104
Carnival Band (Maddy Prior & The) In Concert – Carols At Christmas (Park) 191
Carnival Band (Maddy Prior & The) Paradise Found (Park) 293
Carnival Band (Maddy Prior & The) Ringing The Changes (Park) 299 ATR
Carnival Band (Maddy Prior with The) A Tapestry Of Carols (Saydisc) 54
Carnival Band (Maddy Prior with The) Sing Lustily & With Good Courage (Saydisc) 91/92
Carns, Gypsy Gospel Train Coming (Trailer Trash Music) 287 ATR
Carolan, Mary Ann Songs From The Irish Tradition (Topic) 15 (SR)
Carolan, Nicholas A Harvest Saved: Francis O’Neill And Irish Music In Chicago (Ossian) 174 P
Carolina Chocolate Drops Genuine Negro Jig (Nonesuch) 321
Carolina Chocolate Drops Heritage (Dixiefrog) 298
Carollers Of The Fountain Public House, Ingbirchworth While Shepherds Watched(Village Carols) 79/80
Carousel, The Strawberry Fayre (Cosmic English Music) 73 ATR
Carpenter, Bob Silent Passage (Celtic Music) 34
Carpenter, Katrina Katrina Carpenter (Hard Yacka, via Greentrax) 106 ATR
Carpenter, Mary Chapin (Shawn Colvin &) Cool Remove (Columbia [single]) 144
Carpenter, Mary Chapin A Place In The World (Columbia) 163/164
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Come On, Come On (Columbia) 113
Carpenter, Mary Chapin Stones In The Road (Columbia) 139/140
Carper, Janis No Place To Land (Skok-Carper Music) 114 ATR
Carpio, Luzmila The Song Of The Earth And Stars/Le Chant De La Terre Et Des Étoiles(Accords Croisés) 249
Carr, Aileen Green Yarrow (Greentrax) 211/212
Carr, Allan (Jane Rothfield &) Atlantic Bridge (Green Linnet) 58
Carr, Allan (Jane Rothfield &) There And Back (Temple) 18 ATR (SR)
Carr, Allan: Hadden, Rothfield & Carr When These Shoes Were New (Lismor) 25
Carr, Ian & Karen Tweed Fyace (Fyasco) 172
Carr, Ian & Karen Tweed Maguire’s, Bradford, West Yorkshire 141 L
Carr, Ian & Karen Tweed Shhh (Hypertension) 149
Carr, Ian & Niklas Roswall Step On It! (Drone) 252
Carr, Ian: Jonsson, Carr & Marin Timber! (Nordic Tradition) 299 ATR
Carr, Ian (Simon Thoumire &) Hootz! (Black Crow) 88
Carr, Ian *see also Two Duos Quartet, The
Carr, James Take Me To The Limit (Ace) 97
Carr, James The Complete Goldwax Singles (Kent) 223/224 ATR
Carr, James The Essential (Razor and Tie) 163/164
Carr, James You Got My Mind Messed Up (Kent) 233 ATR
Carr, Joe & Alan Munde Windy Days And Dusty Skies (Flying Fish) 151/152 ATR
Carr, Leroy / Black Boy Shine Unissued Test Pressings And Alternate Takes (Document) 158/159
Carr, Leroy Complete Recorded Works Vols 1-6 (Document) 121
Carr, Leroy Hurry Down Sunshine (Indigo) 143
Carr, Leroy Leroy Carr: 1928 (Matchbox) 19 (SR)
Carr, Leroy Sloppy Drunk (Catfish) 185
Carr, Sam: Sam Carr’s Delta Jukes Let The Good Times Roll (SPV) 295/296 ATR
Carr, Sam (Frank Frost &) The Last Of The Jelly Roll Kings (SPV) 292 ATR
Carreg Lafar Hyn (Sain) 186
Carreg Lafar Profiad (Sain) 235/236
Carreg Lafar Ysbryd Y Werin (Sain) 160; 161
Carrier, Chubby & The Bayou Swamp Band Boogie Woogie Zydeco (Flying Fish) 111
Carrier, Chubby & The Bayou Swamp Band Who Stole The Hot Sauce? (Blind Pig) 163/164
Carrier, Roy & The Night Rockers Offshore Blues & Zydeco (Chubby Dragon) 174
Carrier, Roy / Joe Walker Soulful Side Of Zydeco (Zane) 103/104
Carrier, Roy At His Best (Zane) 151/152 ATR
Carrière Brothers, The Musique Creole (Arhoolie) 254/255
Carrière Brothers, The: Canray Fontenot, Joseph & Éraste Carrière Cajun Fiddle Styles Vol 2 – The Creole Tradition (Arhoolie) 22 (SR)
Carrig Carrig (own label) 19 (SR)
Carrivick Sisters, The From The Fields (own label) 341/342
Carrivick Sisters, The Jupiter’s Corner (own label) 317/318 ATR
Carroll, Adam Live (Down Hole) 229
Carroll, Barry (Joe McHugh &) An Mhear Fhada (JMB 001) 121
Carroll, Barry (Joe McHugh &) The Long Finger (An Mhéar Fhada) [JMB 001] 115/116
Carroll, Clive Life In Colour (own label) 309 ATR
Carroll, Clive Sixth Sense (Old Bridge) 201 ATR
Carroll, Clive The Red Guitar (own label) 262 ATR
Carroll, Clive (Mick Sands with) The Ominous And The Luminous (own label) 290/291 ATR
Carroll, Liz & John Doyle In Play (Compass) 299 ATR
Carroll, Liz: Mick Moloney, Jimmy Keane, Robbie O’Connell with Liz Carroll There Were Roses (Green Linnet) 35
Carrothers, Peg & Bill: Matt Turner, Peg & Bill Carrothers The Voices That Are Gone(Illusions) 321
Carruthers, Margo Talant Nan Bard – The Talent Of The Bards (Greentrax) 198
Carry The Can Carry The Can (own label) 169 ATR
Carson, Ciarán Last Night’s Fun (Jonathan Cape) 163/164 P
Carson, Ciarán Pocket Guide To Irish Traditional Music (Appletree Press) 43 P
Carson, Fiddlin’ John Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Vols 1-4(Document) 175/176
Carson, Fiddlin’ John Complete Recorded Works Vols 5-7 (Document) 178
Carson, Mara Beratro (own label) 240 ATR
Carson, Rosie & Kevin Dempsey Between The Distance (own label) 336 ATR
Carson, Rosie & Kevin Dempsey The Salty Diamond (own label) 326/327 ATR
Carstensen, Dee Regarding The Soul (Exit Nine/NYC) 165
Carte De Sejour (Rachid Taha Et) Taha – Carte Blanche (Barclay) 179
Carte De Sejour Ramsa – Arab Soul Rebels (Piranha) 67
Carter, Anita Appalachian Angel (Bear Family) 258
Carter, Bo Complete Recorded Works Vols 1-5 (Document) 108
Carter, Bo I’m An Old Bumble Bee (Catfish) 209 ATR
Carter, Bo Twist It Babe 1931-40 (Yazoo) 115/116
Carter, Dave & Tracy Grammer Seven Is The Number (Tracy Grammer Music) 292
Carter, Dave & Tracy Grammer Tanglewood Tree (Signature Sounds) 203
Carter, Dave with Tracy Grammer When I Go (own label) 201
Carter, Dean Persistence Of Vision (Oedipus Recs) 118 ATR
Carter, Janette: Joe & Janette Carter Carter Family Favorites (Bear Family) 247/248 ATR
Carter, Janette Deliverance Will Come (Bear Family) 256 ATR
Carter, Jason Falling (own label) 333 ATR
Carter, Joe & Janette Carter Family Favorites (Bear Family) 247/248 ATR
Carter, Joe: Magic Slim/Joe Carter That Ain’t Right (Delmark) 287 ATR
Carter, Keith (Elam McKnight &) The Last Country Store (Sho Nuff/Big Black Hand Productions) 269
Carter, Linval see Prince Jazzbo
Carter, Sam Keepsakes (Captain) 317/318
Carter Family, The 20 Of The Best (RCA International) 22 (SR)
Carter Family, The Anchored In Love (Rounder) 130
Carter Family, The Country Folk (Proper) 294
Carter Family, The In The Shadow Of Clinch Mountain (Bear Family) 208
Carter Family, The Keep On The Sunny Side: A Proper Introduction To… (Proper) 259/260 ATR
Carter Family, The My Clinch Mountain Home (Rounder) 130
Carter Family, The On Border Radio 1939: Vol. 2 (Arhoolie) 181
Carter Family, The On Border Radio, Vol. 3 (Arhoolie) 196 ATR
Carter Family, The Sunshine In The Shadows (Snapper) 244 ATR
Carter Family, The The Carter Family (Sphere) 285 ATR
Carter Family, The The Carter Family Album (Stetson) 82
Carter Family, The The Decca Sessions Vol II (Catfish) 230/231 ATR
Carter Family, The When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland (Rounder) 156
Carter Family, The Worried Man Blues (Rounder) 156
Carthy, Danny The Man Not the Boy (Gnome) 168
Carthy, Eliza Angels & Cigarettes (Warner Bros) 208
Carthy, Eliza Anglicana (Topic) 233
Carthy, Eliza Dreams Of Breathing Underwater (Topic) 301
Carthy, Eliza Heat Light & Sound (Topic) 153
Carthy, Eliza Neptune (HemHem) 335
Carthy, Eliza Red Rice (Topic) 179
Carthy, Eliza Rough Music (Topic) 263
Carthy, Eliza & Nancy Kerr Eliza Carthy & Nancy Kerr (Mrs Casey) 127/128
Carthy, Eliza & Nancy Kerr Shape Or Scrape (Mrs Casey) 148
Carthy, Eliza & Norma Waterson Gift (Topic) 325
Carthy, Eliza & The Kings Of Calicutt Eliza Carthy & The Kings Of Calicutt (Topic) 169
Carthy, Eliza (Chris Wood & Andy Cutting / Nancy Kerr & Eliza Carthy) Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne 103/104 L
Carthy, Eliza (Martin Green &) Dinner (Heroes of Edible Music) 240
Carthy, Eliza: Waterson: Carthy Broken Ground (Topic) 196
Carthy, Eliza: Waterson: Carthy Common Tongue (Topic) 166
Carthy, Eliza: Waterson: Carthy Dark Light (Topic) 233
Carthy, Eliza: Waterson: Carthy Fishes & Fine Yellow Sand (Topic) 254/255
Carthy, Eliza: Waterson: Carthy Holy Heathens And The Old Green Man (Topic) 282
Carthy, Eliza: Waterson: Carthy Waterson: Carthy (Topic) 138
Carthy, Martin A Collection (Topic) 196 ATR
Carthy, Martin Because It’s There (Topic) 145
Carthy, Martin British Fingerstyle Guitar (via Music Sales Ltd

) 134/135
Carthy, Martin Crown Of Horn (Topic) 154
Carthy, Martin Guitar Maestros Series 1 (Sound Techniques [DVD]) 285
Carthy, Martin Landfall (Topic) 157
Carthy, Martin Martin Carthy (Topic) 120
Carthy, Martin Martin Carthy: A Guitar In Folk Music (New Punchbowl Music) 53 P
Carthy, Martin Old Sun Folk Club, Nether Heyford, Northants 27 L
Carthy, Martin Out Of The Cut (Topic) 14 (SR); 137
Carthy, Martin Right Of Passage (Topic) 66
Carthy, Martin Rigs Of The Time – The Best Of Martin Carthy (Music Club) 127/128
Carthy, Martin Second Album (Topic) 126
Carthy, Martin Shearwater (Mooncrest) 102
Carthy, Martin Shearwater – Expanded (Castle) 266/267
Carthy, Martin Signs Of Life (Topic) 186
Carthy, Martin Sweet Wivelsfield (Topic) 10 (SR); 157
Carthy, Martin The Carthy Chronicles (Free Reed) 215
Carthy, Martin The Collection (Green Linnet) 129
Carthy, Martin The Definitive Collection (Highpoint) 246
Carthy, Martin Essential Martin Carthy (Topic) 336
Carthy, Martin The January Man – Live In Belfast 1978 (Hux) 333
Carthy, Martin The Kershaw Sessions (Strange Roots) 137
Carthy, Martin Waiting For Angels (Topic) 256
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Both Ears And The Tail (Atrax) 215
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Both Ears And The Tail (Topic) 295/296
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick But Two Came By (Topic) 137
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Life And Limb (Special Delivery) 88
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Prince Heathen (Topic) 137
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Selections (Edsel) 215
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Skin And Bone (Special Delivery) 112
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Straws In The Wind (Topic) 281
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Walnut Creek (Fellside) 340
Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick Fairfield Halls 66 L
Carthy, Martin, Dave Swarbrick, Anne Briggs Burnley Mechanics Arts Centre 90 L
Carthy, Martin: Dave Swarbrick, Martin Carthy & Diz Disley Rags, Reels And Airs(Topic) 198
Carthy, Martin: Juan Martín, Martin Simpson, Martin Carthy, Martin Taylor The Four Martins (P3 Music [DVD]) 247/248
Carthy, Martin (Paul Simon / Martin Carthy) Hammersmith Apollo, London 210 L
Carthy, Martin (Pete Morton &) The Lamb Hotel, Preston 32 L
Carthy, Martin: Waterson: Carthy Broken Ground (Topic) 196
Carthy, Martin: Waterson: Carthy Common Tongue (Topic) 166
Carthy, Martin: Waterson: Carthy Dark Light (Topic) 233
Carthy, Martin: Waterson: Carthy Fishes & Fine Yellow Sand (Topic) 254/255
Carthy, Martin: Waterson: Carthy Holy Heathens And The Old Green Man (Topic) 282
Carthy, Martin: Waterson: Carthy Waterson: Carthy (Topic) 138
Carthy, Martin: Wood Wilson Carthy Wood Wilson Carthy (RUF) 187/188
Cartwright, Garth More Miles Than Money – Journeys Through American Music (Serpent’s Tail) 321 P
Cartwright, Garth Princes Among Men (Serpent’s Tail) 265 P
Cartwright, Steve The Last Days Of The Way We Were (Acorn) 95
Cartwright, Steve ‘Til The Indian Was No More (Barking Dog) 126 ATR
Carty, John Last Night’s Fun (Shanachie) 162
Carty, Mary Beth: Bette & Wallet Voici… (own label) 306
Carvalho Costa, Elis Regina see Elis Regina
Carver, Cynthia May see Cousin Emmy
Casa De La Trova La Serenata Picante (Warner Jazz France) 238
Casa De La Trova Santiago De Cuba (Corason) 139/140
Cascada De Flores Mi Sueño (My Dream) (own label) 299
Cascade Of Tears 15 Romantic Dances (Caballo Rojo) 134/135
Cascaval, Valeriu Cymbalum (Cinq Planètes) 239
Case, Peter Bee Line (Vanguard) 232 ATR
Case, Peter Full Service No Waiting (Vanguard) 178
Case, Peter Outside Club Lingerie, Hollywood 46 L
Case, Peter Peter Case (Geffen) 40
Case, Peter Sings Like Hell (Glitterhouse) 142 ATR
Case, Peter The Man With The Blue Post Modern Fragmented Neo-traditionalist Guitar(Geffen) 72
Case, Peter with Steven Soles The Acoustic Room, The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 53 L
Casey, Bobby The Spirit Of West Clare (Bow Hand) 309
Casey, Karan Distant Shore (Vertical/Shanachie) 242/243
Casey, Karan Ships In The Forest (Crow Valley Music) 304
Casey, Karan Songlines (Shanachie) 168
Casey, Karan The Winds Begin To Sing (Shanachie) 216
Casey, Karan & John Doyle Exiles Return (Compass) 325
Casey, Mike The Hourglass (Wizmak) 154
Casey, Mike The Pleasures Of Hope (Wizmak) 162 ATR
Casey, Nollaig The Music Of What Happened (Old Bridge Music) 254/255
Casey, Nollaig & Arty McGlynn Causeway (Tara) 151/152
Casey, Nollaig (Arty McGlynn &) Lead The Knave (Round Tower) 75
Casey, Nollaig: Arty McGlynn, Chris Newman, Nollaig Casey, Máire Ní ChathasaighHeartstrings Sessions (Old Bridge Music) 305
Casey, Paddy Everybody Wants (Sony S2 [single]) 194/195; 197
Casey, Patti The Edge Of Grace (Long Shot Music) 270 ATR
Casey, Patti The Heart Of A Waiting Boy (Long Shot Music) 334 ATR
Cash, Johnny American IV: The Man Comes Around (Lost Highway) 235/236 ATR
Cash, Johnny My Mother’s Hymn Book (Lost Highway) 258
Cash, Johnny Ring Of Fire – The Legend Of Johnny Cash (Universal) 274
Cash, Rosanne 19 Song Demo (Capitol) 161
Cash, Rosanne Retrospective (Columbia) 157 ATR
Casimir, Reynoir “Négoce” see Négoce
Cass, Eddie & Steve Roud Room, Room, Ladies & Gentlemen … An Introduction To The English Mummers’ Play (EFDSS) 230/231 P
Cassan, Yves Jardin D’Amour (AMTA) 59
Cassel, Hanneke My Joy (own label) 240 ATR
Cassel, Hanneke Some Melodious Sonnet (Cassel) 257
Casselberry, Judith: Casselberry-DuPrée City Down (Iceberg) 54 ATR
Cassells, Stuart Blown Away (Foot Stompin’) 281 ATR
Cassidy, Con Traditional Fiddle Music From Donegal (Cairdeas na bhFidliéirí) 299
Cassidy, Eva Songbird (Blix Street) 186
Cassidy, Eva Time After Time (Blix Streer) 205 ATR
Cassidy, Frank Níl Gar Ann! (Cairdeas na bhFidléirí) 306
Cassidy, Jane & Maurice Leyden Mary Ann McCracken 1770-1866 (Ashgrove Music) 146/147
Cassidy, Jane Swansea Folk Club 26 L
Cassidy, Jane The Empty Road (Claddagh) 29 ATR
Cassidy, Jane Waves Of Time (Claddagh) 15 (SR)
Cassidy, Patrick Cruit (Gael Linn) 73 ATR
Cassidy, Patrick The Children Of Lir (Celtic Heartbeat) 145
Cassidys, The see Na Casaidigh
Cast, The Colours Of Lichen (Culburnie) 170/171 ATR
Cast, The Greengold (Greentrax) 297 ATR
Cast, The The Winnowing (Culburnie) 127/128
Castillo/Jimenez/Price-Glynn Andanzas: Songs Of South America (Popular Arts North Eastern) 97
Castle, Lucy The Broken Pledge (Steel Carpet) 96
Castle, Lucy: Popeluc Blue Dor (Steel Carpet) 161
Castle, Lucy: Popeluc Maramures Et Cetera (own label) 143 ATR
Castle, Lucy: Popeluc The Peak To Peak Tour (Steel Carpet [Video]) 179
Castle, Pete False Waters (Steel Carpet) 151/152
Castle, Pete Fiddles & Harps & Drums (Steel Carpet) 96
Castle, Pete One Morning By Chance… (Steel Carpet) 73
Castle, Pete Punk’s Delight (Dingles) 34
Castle, Pete Rambling Robin (Burlington) 15 ATR (SR)
Castle, Pete The Cottage By The Shore (Steel Carpet) 114 ATR
Castle, Pete The Tale Of A Village (Steel Carpet) 109 ATR
Castle, Pete: Popeluc Blue Dor (Steel Carpet) 161
Castle, Pete: Popeluc Maramures Et Cetera (own label) 143 ATR
Castle, Pete: Popeluc The Peak To Peak Tour (Steel Carpet [Video]) 179
Castlebay Down To The Shore (Outer Green) 109 ATR
Castrignanò, Antonio Mara La Fatia (Felmay) 335
Castro, Alicia with Ingrid Kummels Anacaona (Grove Atlantic) 289 P
Castro, Tommy Can’t Keep A Good Man Down (Blind Pig) 169 ATR
Castro, Tommy Right As Rain (Blind Pig) 196 ATR
Castro-Neves, Oscar: Paul Winter / Oscar Castro-Neves Brazilian Days (Earth Music Productions) 190 ATR
Cat Daddy (Sonny &ldquoCat Daddy&rdquo Rodgers) see Rodgers, Sonny
Cat Scratch Fever Sex, Drugs & Country Songs (Way Out West [single]) 144
Catchers Mute (Sentanta) 142 ATR
Catfish Keith Fresh Catfish (Fish Tail) 148
Catfish Keith Jersey Arts Centre, St Helier, Channel Islands 151/152 L
Catfish Keith Pony Run (Fish Tail) 209
Catfish Two Steps At A Time (CATWA) 211/212 ATR
Cathcart, Jenny Hey You! – A Portrait Of Youssou N’Dour (Fine Line Books) 72 P
Cathy & The Howling Brothers Basics (Relentless) 151/152 ATR
Catley, Mac & Geoff Mann Fine Difference (Plankton) 112 ATR
Cato, Pauline Changing Tides (own label) 143
Cato, Pauline New Tyne Bridge (Tomcat Music) 270 ATR
Cato, Pauline The Wansbeck Piper (Cato Recordings) 111
Cato, Pauline & Tom McConville By Land And Sea (Tomcat) 163/164
Cato, Pauline & Tom McConville The Surprise (Tomcat) 199/200
Caton, Alex Alex Caton (Tall Girl) 290/291
Caton, Alex The Sinners And The Saved (own label) 319/320 ATR
Cats Laughing Another Way To Travel (Spin Art) 99
Cats Laughing Cats Laughing (Spin Art) 73
Cat’s Whiskers, The The Cat’s Whiskers (Waterfront [EP]) 19 (SR)
Catsfield Steamers see Amazing Catsfield Steamers, The
Catsycam A Job Lot Of Miricles [sic] (Front Page) 54
Catterall, Deborah (The York Waits &) Yule Riding (Beautiful Jo) 270
Caught On The Hop A Nation Of Hop Keepers (Harbourtown) 131
Caught On The Hop Frozen Flames (Dragon) 41
Caught On The Hop The Lamb, St Helens 32 L
Cauld Blast Orchestra, The Durga’s Feast (Eclectic) 137
Cauld Blast Orchestra, The Savage Dance (Eclectic) 93
Cauld Blast Orchestra, The Union Chapel, London 144 L
Causley, Jim Dumnonia (WildGoose) 334
Causley, Jim Fruits Of The Earth (WildGoose) 268
Causley, Jim Lost Love Found (WildGoose) 293
Causley, Jim: Mawkin:Causley Cold Ruin (Navigator) 304
Causley, Jim: Mawkin:Causley The Awkward Recruit (Navigator) 311
Cavez, Sophie & Baltazar Montanaro Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro (Appel Rekords) 331/332
Cavli, Necmi see Oojami
Cawthorne, Nigel (Ike Turner with) Takin’ Back My Name (Virgin Books) 198 P
Caymmi, Nana Beijo Partido (Arco Iris) 182/183
Cayuga’s Waiters Nikos Café (own label) 126 ATR
Cecil Sharp Project, The Cecil Sharp House, London 335 L
Cedrón, Juan: Cuarteto Cedrón Piove En San Telmo (Le Chant du Monde) 263 ATR
Cedron, Rosa & Cristina Pato SOAS Muller (Fol Música) 333 ATR
Céide Like A Wild Thing (Céide Music) 222
Céide Out Of Their Shell (Céide) 283/284
Céile Mancunian Way (Slip Discs) 178 ATR
Ceilidh Minogue There Y’Are Now (The Music Kitchen) 310 ATR
Céilidh Mòr Winching In Lochmaddy (own label) 232 ATR
Ceilidhography Spots On The Sun (Folksound) 304 ATR
Ceilihouse East Of Mayo (The Music Room) 217
Celebrated Ratcliffe Stout Band, The Behind The Mask (Plant Life) 6 (SR)
Celebrated Ratcliffe Stout Band, The Vanlag (Plant Life) 10 (SR)
Celebrated Renaissance Band, The Real Live American Music (Totem Pointe) 254/255 ATR
Celebrating Sanctuary South Bank, London 338/339 L
Celebration Of Sussex Folk Music, The 2nd Horsham, Sussex 81 L
Celebration Of Wind And Bowed Instruments, A Various venues, London 130 L
Celi, Gadji You Tamalemi (Dèclic/Blue Silver) 158/159
Celina Y Reutilio 50 Years Of Campesino (Hemisphere) 206/207
Celloman Aquador (SPI Music) 216 ATR
Celloman Maya (SPI Music) 229 ATR
Celt Islam Dervish (Urban Sedated) 319/320 ATR
Celtarabia (The Rootsman Meets Celtarabia) Union Of Souls (Third Eye Music) 185 ATR
Celtarabia Ancient Forces (Osmosys) 179 ATR
Celtarabia Cult Of Audio (Grinnigogs International) 205 ATR
Celtas Cortos Cuentame Un Cuentro (Dro) 127/128
Celtech Celtech (Osmosys) 325 ATR
Celtic Connections Glasgow 142 L; 154 L; 166 L
Celtic Cross Folk De Future (own label) 222 ATR
Celtic Feet (John Rae’s Celtic Feet) Beware The Feet (Caber Music) 223/224
Celtic Feet (John Rae’s Celtic Feet) John Rae’s Celtic Feet (Caber Music) 197
Celtic Fiddle Festival Équinoxe (Loftus Music) 299
Celtic Fiddle Festival Play On… (Green Linnet) 269
Celtic Magic Festival The Arcadia, Llandudno 82 L
Celtic Orchestra (Carl Hession &) Tré – Water’s Edge (Gael-Linn) 172 ATR
Celtic Reelers (Fiddlin’ Ian McCamy & His Celtic Reelers)The Drunken Landlady(Frémeaux & Associés) 257 ATR
Celtic Soul Wee Blue Man (Last Resort) 220
Celtic Spirit Scottish Moods (Rel) 165 ATR
Celtic Spirit: Stuart Woods/Celtic Spirit Scottish Moods II (REL) 193 ATR
Celtic Thunder The Light Of Other Days (Green Linnet) 74
Celtica Luminous (Zarozinia) 203 ATR
Celtish Centrifusion (Wise) 298 ATR
Celtish Imago (Wise) 256 ATR
Celtish Up For It (Wise) 218/219 ATR
Celtus Moonchild (Sony) 172 ATR
Centeno, Evangilisto see Lugua
Century Steel Band (The Wilf Brothers & The) Take It Easy/Fine, Fine, Fine (Round Tower [single]) 87
Ceol Na Fidhle (Highland Tunes For The Fiddle) Vol. 1 compiled by Christine Martin (Harpstring House) 36 P
Ceol Na Fidhle: Highland Tunes For The Fiddle Vol. 2 compiled & arranged by Christine Martin (Harpstring House) 41 P
Ceol Na hEireann Irish Music [(Ceol Na hEireann) No. 1 A Journal Of Irish Music And Song] (From NPU or Claddagh) 123 P
Ceol na mBan Clare Women Of Music & Song (DREAM) 220 ATR
Ceolbeg 5 (Greentrax) 162
Ceolbeg An Unfair Dance (Greentrax) 127/128
Ceolbeg Cairn Water (Greentrax) 208
Ceolbeg Not The Bunny Hop (Greentrax) 113
Ceolbeg Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh 149 L
Ceolbeg Seeds To The Wind (Greentrax) 107
Ceolraidh Ghaidhlig Ghlaschu (Glasgow Gaelic Choir) Slighe An Airgid / The Silver Way(Macmeanmna) 301 ATR
Ceoltóirí Cualann: Seán Ó Riada, Seán Ó Sé & Ceoltóirí Cualann Ó Riada Sa Gaiety(Gael Linn) 256 ATR
Ceoltóirí Women Of Ireland (Maggie’s Music) 187/188
Cepeda, William & Afrorican Jazz My Roots And Beyond (Blue Jackel) 198
Cepeda, William & Grupo Afroboricua Bombazo (Blue Jackel) 196
Cepero, Paco Abolengo (Bujío Producciones) 307/308
Cephas, John & Phil Wiggins Bluesmen (Chesky) 129 ATR
Cephas, John & Phil Wiggins Guitar Man (Flying Fish) 87
Cephas, John, Woody Mann, Orville Johnson Together In Las Vegas (Acoustic Sessions) 258 ATR
Cephas, John: Bowling Green John Cephas & Harmonica Phil Wiggins Dog Days Of August (Flying Fish) 48
Cephas, John: Cephas & Wiggins Cool Down (Alligator) 154 ATR
Cephas, John: Cephas & Wiggins From Richmond To Atlanta (Bullseye Blues Basics) 211/212 ATR
Cephas, John: Cephas & Wiggins Homemade (Alligator) 191
Cephas, John: Cephas & Wiggins Shoulder To Shoulder (Alligator) 285
Cephas, John: Cephas & Wiggins Somebody Told The Truth (Alligator) 234
Ceredwen Or Mabinogi (Real Music) 182/183 ATR
Cerny, Phil Atlantic Passages (Hudson) 258 ATR
Certain, John Lobster Lad (own label) 120
Cervantes, Ignacio R. see Chispa
Cervenka, Exene Old Wives’ Tales (Rhino) 81
Cesa, Alberto: La Ciapa Rusa, Alberto Cesa, Donata Pinti O Senti Che Bel Canta (La Ciapa Rusa) 33
Cesar, Chico Mama Mundi (Emarcy) 210 ATR
Cesari, Mighela & Mighele Raffaelli U Cantu Prufondu 2 (Modal) 202 ATR
Cespedes, Bobi Rezos (Six Degrees) 238
Ceumar Dindinha (Atracao) 208 ATR
Ceumar & Trio Live In Amsterdam (own label) 331/332 ATR
Ceyleib People, The Tanyet (Drop Out/Demon) 106 ATR
Chabenat, Gilles Bleu Nuit (Ocora) 87
Chabenat, Gilles Mouvements Clos (Buda) 220
Chabenat, Gilles Musique For Vielle A Roue (AMTA) 205 P
Chabenat, Gilles & Frédéric Paris De L’Eau Et Des Amandes (Silex) 151/152
Chabenat, Gilles [&] Edouard Papazian Le Traité Des Songes (Modal Pleinjeu) 245
Chabenat, Gilles (Didier François &) Dans L’Oubli Du Sommeil (Home) 293
Chabenat, Gilles: Alain Bruel, Nicola Marinoni, Eric Montbel, Yvon Bayer, Gilles Chabenat La Charmeuse De Serpents (Modal Pleinjeu) 287
Chacón, Osvaldo Salsa Timba (ARC Music) 238 ATR
Chacón, Osvaldo Y Su Timba Salsa Afrocubana (ARC) 221
Chadbourne, Eugene Country Music In The World Of Islam (Fundamental) 91/92 ATR
Chadwick, Helen Amar (Romaine) 157 ATR
Chadwick, Helen Gone From View (Romaine) 193 ATR
Chadwick, Mark All The Pieces (Stay By) 333
Chafe, Winnie Legacy (own label) 168
Chag, Niraj Along The Dusty Road (Reverb) 277 ATR
Chahar-Tugchi, Urna see Urna
Chaimbeul, Màiri Sìne Thall An Loch Aillse – Back In Lochalsh (Macmeanmna) 298 ATR
Chakrabarty, Ajoy Ajoy Chakrabarty In Concert (Navras) 125
Chakrabarty, Ajoy Vocal (India Archive Music) 125
Chakrabarty, Kaushiki Kaushiki (Sense World Music) 295/296
Chakrabarty, Kaushiki Live At Saptak Festival (Sense World Music) 319/320 E
Chakrabarty, Kaushiki Pure (Sense World Music) 259/260
Chakradancer Brainscapes (Cyberoctave) 175/176 ATR
Chalhoub, Claude Claude Chalhoub (Teldec) 235/236 ATR
Chalkias, Petro-Loukas Greece/Epirus: Petro-Loukas Chalkias & Kompania (WDR/Network) 194/195
Chalktown Port In A Teacup (Mad River [single]) 216
Chalktown You Never See The One (Ramshackle) 329/330
Challe, Claude: Out Of Phase Claude Challe Presents: N.E.W. Sound Experience (Chall ‘O Music) 240 ATR
Chamas, Lorraine Zamora see Jalilah
Chambaud, Aurélien (Jean-Pierre Sedjerari &) Paris – Guinguette (Air Mail Music) 317/318 ATR
Chamber Blues (Corky Siegel’s Chamber Blues) Complementary Colours (Gadfly) 187/188 ATR
Chamber Orchestra Of Argentina, The: Chris Norman, Camerata Bariloche, The Chamber Orchestra Of Argentina Highlands (Dorian) 175/176 ATR
Chambon, Philip (Ray Price &) The Mill (Windbag) 110 ATR
Champion, Eric Diatonique (Cinq Planètes) 239
Champion, Grady Back In Mississippi Live (GSM Music) 328 ATR
Champion, Grady Payin’ For My Sins (Shanachie) 199/200
Champion String Band, The The Champion String Band (Black Crow) 10 (SR)
Champloose (Shoukichi Kina &) Blood Line (Time – Japan) 14 (SR)
Champloose (Shoukichi Kina &) Earth Spirit (EMI/Planet Earth [Japan]) 108
Champloose (Shoukichi Kina &) In Love (Toshiba EMI) 120
Champloose (Shoukichi Kina &) Introducing (Sky Ranch) 114
Champloose (Shoukichi Kina &) Shoukichi Kina & Champluse (Philips – Japan) 14 (SR)
Champloose (Shoukichi Kina &) The Music Power From Okinawa (Globestyle) 103/104
Champluse see Champloose
Chamzyryn, Gennady see Gendos
Chanchiki Goguraku (Ripple) 289
Chandler, Chris: Stark Raving Chandler (generica) (Silverwolf) 166 ATR
Chandler, Keith Morris Dancing At Bampton Until 1914 (from author) 21 P (SR)
Chandra, Sheila ABoneCroneDrone (Real World) 160
Chandra, Sheila Nada Brahma (Indipop) 27
Chandra, Sheila Quiet (Indipop/MNW) 70
Chandra, Sheila Roots And Branches (MNW/Indipop) 82
Chandra, Sheila Silk 1983-1990 (Indipop) 91/92
Chandra, Sheila The Indipop Retrospective (Narada World) 240 ATR
Chandra, Sheila The Zen Kiss (Real World) 136
Chandra, Sheila Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices (Real World) 110
Chandrashekar Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham 108 L
Chandrashekar, Mala: Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi, Mala Chandrashekar & Jaishree JairajVadhya Sunadha Pravaham (Felmay) 319/320 E
Chaney, Robert see Lonesome Bob
Chanka Chank Dance Fuel (own label) 230/231 ATR
Channel One [Various Artists] Hit Bound: The Revolutionary Sound (Heartbeat) 85
Chantan Primary Colours (Culburnie) 170/171
Chanter Lyra Celtica (Crex CrexRecords) 114 ATR
Chanterelle Soirée Chez Nous (Chanterelle) 166
Chanting House (Susan McKeown & The) Bones (Sheila-na-Gig Music) 165
Chantre, Teofilo Azulando (Lusafrica) 252 ATR
Chantre, Teofilo Di Alma (Lusafrica) 177 ATR
Chantre, Teofilo Live… (Lusafrica) 232 ATR
Chantre, Teofilo Mestissage (Lusafrica) 337 ATR
Chantre, Teofilo Nha Fe (Lusafrica [single]) 179
Chantre, Teofilo Rodatempo (Lusafrica) 209 ATR
Chantre, Teofilo Terra & Cretcheu (Melodie) 141
Chao, Manu Clandestino (Virgin France) 187/188 ATR
Chao, Manu La Radiolina (Because Music) 292
Chao, Manu Proxima Estacion… Esperanza (Because) 309 ATR
Chao, Manu Proxima Estacion… Esperanza (Virgin France) 218/219 ATR
Chao, Manu Radio Bemba Sound System (Because) 309 ATR
Chao, Manu Radio Bemba Sound System (Virgin) 233
Chao, Manu: Amadou & Mariam Feat. Manu Chao Dimanche À Bamako (All Other/Wagram) 262
Chao, Ramón, transl. Ann Wright The Train Of Ice And Fire (Route) 310 P
Chaouqi, Si Mohamed Les Gnawa Du Maroc: Ouled El’Abdi (Auvidis Ethnic) 151/152
Chaouqi, Si Mohamed Tiktou (Sakti Music) 161
Chapin, Tom Let Me Back Into Your Life (Flying Fish) 51
Chapin, Tom So Nice To Come Home To (Sundance) 139/140 ATR
Chaplain, René (Gildas Moal &) Fin ‘Zun (Coop Breizh) 245
Chapman, Beth Nielsen Beth Nielsen Chapman (Reprise) 103/104
Chapman, Daisy Ythanside (Musical Traditions) 211/212
Chapman, Lee Living Alone (Brutal) 167 ATR
Chapman, Michael Almost Alone (Black Crow) 11 (SR)
Chapman, Michael Americana (Siren) 210
Chapman, Michael Americana 2 (Rural Retreat) 238
Chapman, Michael BBC Sessions 69-75 (Strange Fruit) 182/183 ATR
Chapman, Michael Dogs Got More Sense (Secret/Shakedown) 257 ATR
Chapman, Michael Dreaming Out Loud (Demon) 170/171
Chapman, Michael Fully Qualified Survivor (C5) 70
Chapman, Michael Fully Qualified Survivor (Repertoire) 178 ATR
Chapman, Michael Growing Pains (Mooncrest) 205
Chapman, Michael Growing Pains 2 (Mooncrest) 217 ATR
Chapman, Michael Growing Pains 3 (Market Square) 338/339 ATR
Chapman, Michael Journeyman: Live On The Tweed (Secret Films [DVD]) 252
Chapman, Michael Life On The Ceiling (Edsel) 162 ATR
Chapman, Michael Looking For Eleven (Edsel) 162 ATR
Chapman, Michael Pleasures Of The Street (Mooncrest) 205
Chapman, Michael Rainmaker (Repertoire) 178 ATR
Chapman, Michael Rainmaker/Fully Qualified Survivor (Beat Goes On) 261 ATR
Chapman, Michael Still Making Rain (Homemade Records) 115/116
Chapman, Michael The Best Of Michael Chapman (1969-1971) (See For Miles) 70
Chapman, Michael The Twisted Road (Mystic) 205
Chapman, Michael Trainsongs: Guitar Compositions 1967-2010 (Tompkins Square) 333
Chapman, Michael Window/Wrecked Again (Beat Goes On) 261 ATR
Chapman, Michael De Klokke, Balegem, Belgium 127/128 L
Chapman, Michael & Rick Kemp Original Owners (Konnexion) 21 (SR)
[Chapman, Michael:] Various Michael Chapman: The Birthday Album (Rural Retreat) 336 ATR
Chapman, Owen ‘Snake’ Walnut Gap (Rounder) 198 ATR
Chapman, Tom The Window (Triac) 115/116 ATR
Chapman, Tracy Crossroads (Elektra) 77
Chapman, Tracy Royal Albert Hall, London 79/80 L
Chapman, Tracy Tracy Chapman (Elektra) 60
Chapottin Valdes see Conjunto Chapottin Valdes
Chapottin, Felix & Miguelito Cuni Los Señores Del Son (Sono Cuba Musisoft) 209
Charagón see El Charagón
Charanga Cakewalk Chicano Zen (Triloka) 276 ATR
Charanga Cakewalk Loteria De La Cumbia Lounge (Triloka/Artemis) 258
Charanga Del Norte Cuban Dance Music From Yorkshire (¡Ay Mamá!) 208 ATR
Charanga Del Norte Danzones De Ayer Y De Hoy (own label [single]) 209
Charanga Del Norte Libelula (own label [single]) 209
Charanga Del Norte The Best Of… (own label) 265 ATR
Charbonneau, André Flamenco – Andalucia – Guitare Solo (Air Mail Music) 337 ATR
Charged Hero (Nation) 209 ATR
Charivari A Trip To The Holiday Lounge (Rounder) 273
Charivari I Want To Dance With You (Rounder) 211/212
Charles, Bobby Clean Water (Plane) 62
Charles, Nick (Alex Burns &) Anywhere Anytime (Black Market Music) 178
Charles, Nick (Alex Burns &) Cordially Yours (New Market) 150
Charles, Ray The Chronological… (Classics) 220
Charles, Ray The Soul Of A Man (SPV Blue Label) 285 ATR
Charles-Dominique, Luc Violon Du Gascogne (Cinq Planètes) 239
Charlton, Hannah (Jeremy Marre &) Beats Of The Heart (Pluto Press/Channel Four) 29 P
Charmer Old Souls And Ancient Hearts (Lunatunes) 79/80
Chartists, The Cause For Complaint (Steam Pie) 54
Chartists, The The Chartists (Steam Pie) 14 (SR)
Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag Halling Fra Numedall (Grappa [single]) 170/171
Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag Spell (Heilo) 149 ATR
Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag Tjuvgods (Grappa) 173 ATR
Chatham Baroque & Chris Norman Reel Of Tulloch (Dorian) 220 ATR
Chatham County Line Chatham County Line (Bonfire) 244 ATR
Chatham County Line IV (Yep Roc) 300 ATR
Chatmon, Sam Sam Chatmon And His Barbeque Boys (Flying Fish) 12 (SR)
Chatmon, Sam Sam Chatmon’s Advice (Rounder) 5 (SR)
Chatterjee, Anindo (Purbayan Chatterjee [&]) Gaud Malhar, Adana [&] Kamod (Asian Music Circuit) 221
Chatterjee, Anindo Dreams On Drums (Audiorec Classics) 228
Chatterjee, Purbayan New Dawn Mind (Sense World Music) 268 E
Chatterjee, Purbayan Nirman (Sense World Music) 268 E
Chatterjee, Purbayan [&] Anindo Chatterjee Gaud Malhar, Adana [&] Kamod (Asian Music Circuit) 221
Chatterjee, Purbayan & Kala Ramnath Samwad (Sense World Music) 254/255
Chatterjee, Purbayan & Shashank Rasayana (Sense World Music) 268 E
Chatterjee, Sankha (Manilal Nag &) Raga Darbari/Mishra Kafi (Dunya Records-Felmay) 216
Chattopadhyay, Madhuri (Subroto Chowdhury [&]) Sanjog (Felmay) 242/243
Chatuye Heartbeat In The Music (Arhoolie) 117; 149
Chaudhuri, Debu Professor Debu Chaudhuri – Sitar (India Archive Music)
Chaudhuri, Pandit Swapan Phoenix Art, Leicester 157 L
Chaudhuri, Swapan (Ken Zuckerman &) Salon De Musique (Living Music Traditions) 242/243
Chaudhuri, Swapan The Soul Of Tabla (Interworld Music) 148
Chaurasia, Hariprasad A Triumph Of Light – Hariprasad Chaurasia Barbican Centre, London 331/332 L
Chaurasia, Hariprasad Breathless (Audiorec Classics) 221
Chaurasia, Hariprasad Maestro Of The Indian Flute (Saregama) 281 E
Chaurasia, Hariprasad Music Without Boundaries (Navras) 209
Chaurasia, Hariprasad Power And Grace 1 (Sense World Music) 242/243
Chaurasia, Hariprasad Power And Grace 2 (Sense World Music) 242/243
Chaurasia, Hariprasad Rag Bhimpalasi (Nimbus) 103/104
Chaurasia, Hariprasad Volume 1 (Zamzama Music Video) 98
Chaurasia, Hariprasad Volume 2 (Zamzama Music Video) 98
Chaurasia, Hariprasad & Amareesh Now! (Tao) 105
Chaurasia, Hariprasad & Kishori Amonkar Ragas Lalit & Sindhi Bhairavi (Navras) 154
Chaurasia, Hariprasad & M. Balamurali Krishna Murali-Prasàdam (Navras) 148
Chaurasia, Hariprasad (Dr N. Ramani &) Together (Felmay) 265 E
Chaurasia, Hariprasad: Ravi Shankar, N. Rajam, Bismillah Khan, Zakir Hussain, Hariprasad Chaurasia Masters Of Indian Classical Music, Volume II (ARC Music) 341/342 E
Chaurasia, Hariprasad (Shiv Kumar Sharma / Hariprasad Chaurasia) Royal Festival Hall, London 175/176 L
Chaurasia, Hariprasad: Shivkumar Sharma, Brijbushan Kabra & Hariprasad Chaurasia Call Of The Valley (EMI Hemisphere) 146/147; 148
Chaurasia, Rakesh (Talvin Singh &) Vira (Sona Rupa) 228
Chauvet, Rémi see Myrdhin
Chavis, Boozoo & John Delafose Legends Of Zydeco (Trikont) 146/147
Chavis, Boozoo & The Magic Sounds, Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas Zydeco Live!(Rounder) 74
Chavis, Boozoo Boozoo Chavis (Elektra/Nonesuch American Explorer Series) 100
Chavis, Boozoo Boozoo’s Breakdown (Sonet) 100
Chavis, Boozoo Down Home On Dog Hill (Rounder) 226
Chavis, Boozoo Hey Do Right! (Antone’s/Discovery) 166
Chavis, Boozoo Johnny Billy Goat (Rounder Heritage) 214
Chavis, Boozoo Paper In My Shoe (Ace) 54
Chavis, Boozoo Zydeco Hee Haw (Sonet) 100
Chawner, Suzanne On Primrose Hill (Round Tower) 142
Chawner, Suzanne Suzanne Chawner (own label) 70
Cheap Seats, The Call It What You Will (Gemini) 170/171 ATR
Chebli Promesses (Sono/Next) 233
Chechamba, Wyndham Chechamba’s Piano & Guitar Sounds (Pamtondo) 301
Chegini, Roxana see Roxana
Chehadé Brothers, The A Bridge Over The Mediterranean (Elef/Warner Spain) 261
Chehébar, Claudio: Duo Chehébar-Navarro Patagonia (Linea Sur) 154 ATR
Chemirani [Bijan, Djamchid & Keyvan Chemirani] Qalam Kar (Iris) 235/236
Chemirani [Bijan, Djamchid & Keyvan Chemirani]: Trio Chemirani Tchechmeh(Émouvance) 254/255
Chemirani, Bijan Eos (L’Empreinte Digitale) 237
Chemirani, Bijan: Vaillant, Sette & Chemirani Enamorada Madelena (L’Empreinte Digitale) 185
Chemirani, Djamchid: Daryoush Tala’i, Ali Reza Ghorbani [&] Djamchid ChemiraniCalligraphies Vocales (Accords Croisés) 262
Chemirani, Keyvan & Les Grandes Voix Du Monde Le Rythme De La Parole (Accords Croisés) 254/255
Chen Dacan Chinese Ensemble [with Li He] Classical Chinese Folk Music (ARC Music) 325 E
Chen Jun Erhu Classics (Naxos World) 214
Chen Leiji China: Album Of The Prunus Hermitage (Ocora) 278/279 E
Chen Zhong Chine: Hommage À Chen Zhong (Ocora) 257
Chen Zhong Musiques De Shanghai (Ocora) 175/176
Chen, Louis & Friends / Ya Dong The Sound Of Silk And Bamboo (World Network) 175/176
Chen, Louis Plays Zheng Solos (Hugo) 211/212
Cheng Gong-Liang: Zhang Zi-Quan, Cheng Gong-Liang, Dai Xiao-Lian Guangling Qin Music Series (Excerpts) (Hugo) 211/212
Chenier, C.J. see Chenier, Clayton Joseph
Chenier, Clayton Joseph: C.J. Chenier & The New Red Hot Louisiana Band Let Me In Your Heart (Arhoolie) 73
Chenier, Clayton Joseph: C.J. Chenier & The Red Hot Louisiana Band My Baby Don’t Wear No Shoes (Arhoolie) 129 ATR
Chenier, Clayton Joseph: C.J. Chenier Step It Up! (Alligator) 226
Chenier, Clayton Joseph: C.J. Chenier The Big Squeeze (Alligator) 163/164
Chenier, Clayton Joseph: C.J. Chenier Too Much Fun (Alligator) 145
Chenier, Clifton Bogalusa Boogie (Arhoolie) 100
Chenier, Clifton Bon Ton Roulet (Arhoolie) 100
Chenier, Clifton Clifton Chenier Sings The Blues (Arhoolie) 59
Chenier, Clifton Clifton Sings The Blues (Arhoolie) 131
Chenier, Clifton I’m Coming Home (Arhoolie) 111
Chenier, Clifton King Of Zydeco (Ace) 63; 100
Chenier, Clifton Live (Arhoolie) 131 ATR
Chenier, Clifton Live At St. Marks (Arhoolie) 85
Chenier, Clifton Live! At Grant Street (Arhoolie) 214
Chenier, Clifton Louisiana Blues And Zydeco (Arhoolie) 100; 265 ATR
Chenier, Clifton Sings The Blues (Arhoolie) 253 ATR
Chenier, Clifton The Best Of Clifton Chenier (Arhoolie) 254/255
Chenier, Clifton The King Of Zydeco (Arhoolie [DVD]) 273
Chenier, Clifton The King Of Zydeco Live At Montreux (Arhoolie) 100
Chenier, Clifton Zodico Blues And Boogie (Ace) 111
Chenier, Clifton Zydeco Sont Pas Sale (Arhoolie) 174
Chenier, Clifton, Mance Lipscomb & Lightnin’ Hopkins Live At The 1966 Berkeley Blues Festival (Arhoolie) 202 ATR
Chenille Sisters, The At Home With… (Red House) 74
Chenille Sisters, The Haute Chenille (Red House) 154 ATR
Chenille Sisters, The True To Life (Red House) 139/140
Cheriet, Hamid see Idir
Cherish The Ladies At Home (BMG) 197
Cherish The Ladies New Day Dawning (Green Linnet) 161
Cherish The Ladies The Girls Won’t Leave The Boys Alone (BMG) 218/219
Chériza, Pierre Haiti: Music Of The Voodoo Cult (Buda) 199/200
Chériza, Pierre: Pierre Chériza Fénélus Haiti: Les 101 Nations Du Vaudou (Buda) 269 E
Cherrington, Paul: Cherrington & Ward Hand Of Fate (Brewhouse) 78
Cherry, Don: Bitter Funeral Beer Band With Don Cherry & K. Sridhar Live In Frankfurt 82 (Country & Eastern) 299
Cherryholmes II Black And White (Skaggs Family) 305 ATR
Cherryholmes IV Common Threads (Skaggs Family) 326/327 ATR
Chesapeake Full Sail (Sugar Hill) 157
Chesapeake Pier Pressure (Sugar Hill) 179
Chesapeake Rising Tide (Sugar Hill) 139/140 ATR
Cheseborough, Steve Blues Travelling: The Holy Sites Of Delta Blues (University Press Of Mississippi) 217 P
Chesnutt, Vic About To Choke (PLR) 162 ATR
Chesnutt, Vic Drunk (Texas Hotel) 134/135 ATR
Chesnutt, Vic The Salesman & Bernadette (Pinnacle) 186
Chessa, Totore Organittos (Robi Droli/New Tone) 156
Chester, Galina & Tunde Jegede The Silenced Voice: Hidden Music Of The Kora (Diabaté Kora Arts) 46 P
Chester, Paul Vernon Suite Django (Fret) 167 ATR
Chesterman, Ian Over The Moors (own label) 69
Chestnuts Folk Club Weekend Spectacular 38 L
Cheza Shaker (Canal) 217 ATR
Chhadeh, Abdullah & Nara Abdullah Chhadeh & Nara (ABYC) 233
Chhadeh, Abdullah & Nara Seven Gates (ABYC) 264
Chi, Khac Ho: Khac Chi Ensemble Moonlight In Vietnam (Henry Street) 178
Chiavola, Kathy Labor Of Love (My Label) 110 ATR; 115/116
Chiavola, Kathy Somehow (My Label) 299 ATR
Chiavola, Kathy The Harvest (Demon) 158/159
Chibadura, John & The Tembo Brothers More Of The Essential… (CSA) 89
Chibadura, John The Essential John Chibadura (CSA) 76
Chicago Afrobeat Project Chicago Afrobeat Project (own label) 281 ATR
Chicago Beau: Jimmy Dawkins, Chicago Beau & Blue Ice Bragason Blues From Iceland(Evidence) 149 ATR
Chicago Bob & The Shadows Just Your Fool (High Water/HMG/High Tone) 172 ATR
Chicago Klezmer Ensemble, The Early Recorings 1987-89 (Oriente) 227
Chicago Rhythm Kings: State Street Ramblers, Memphis Nighthawks, Chicago Rhythm Kings 1931-1936 (RST Jazz Perspectives) 143
Chicago String Band Chicago String Band (Testament) 139/140
Chicago West Side Blues & Soul Band: Larry Taylor & His Chicago West Side Blues & Soul Band They Were In This House (Wolf) 336 ATR
Chicha Libre ¡Sonido Amazonico! (Barbès) 301
Chichimeca Barbari (Tajra) 266/267
Chichimeca Luce-Nur (Tajra) 266/267
Chicken Chokers, The Shoot Your Radio (Rounder) 61
Chicken Chokers, The: Chokers & Flies Old Time Music (Rounder) 30
Chicken Mambo (Fabrizio Poggi &) Mercy (Ultra Sound) 309 ATR
Chicken Mambo (Fabrizio Poggi &) Nuther World (Club de Musique) 199/200
Chicken Mambo (Fabrizio Poggi &) Spirit And Freedom (Ultra Sound) 328 ATR
Chicken Of The Woods Chicken Of The Woods (Floating World) 218/219
Chicken On A Raft Chicken On A Raft (Antenna Farm) 285 ATR
Chicken Shack From The Vaults (Indigo) 170/171 ATR
Chicotén Pirineos Mágicos (Aragón LCD Prames/Menestrèrs Gascons) 299 ATR
Chicuelo Complices (Harmonia Mundi) 209
Chicuelo: Faiz Ali Faiz, Duquende, Miguel Poveda & Chicuelo Qawwali-Flamenco(Accords Croisés) 280
Chief Dancing Thunder: Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen, Chief Dancing Thunder, Spiridon Shishigin Rhythm Of The Tundra (Singing Frog) 334 ATR
Chief Twins Olaniyi Seven Seven see Twins Seven Seven
Chieftains, The Another Country (BMG) 115/116
Chieftains, The Celebration (RCA) 72
Chieftains, The Down The Old Plank Road (RCA) 233
Chieftains, The ‘Reel Music’ The Film Scores (RCA Victor) 102
Chieftains, The Santiago (BMG) 162
Chieftains, The Tears Of Stone (RCA Victor) 189
Chieftains, The The Authorized Biography (The Publishing Mills) 202
Chieftains, The The Bells Of Dublin (RCA) 103/104
Chieftains, The The Best Of The Chieftains (Columbia/Legacy) 230/231 ATR
Chieftains, The The Celtic Harp (RCA Victor) 121
Chieftains, The The Chieftains Collection Vol 2 (Claddagh) 211/212
Chieftains, The The Chieftains In China (Claddagh) 26
Chieftains, The The Collection (Castle Communications) 78
Chieftains, The The Long Black Veil (BMG) 141
Chieftains, The The Wide World Over (RCA) 228
Chieftains, The Water From The Well (RCA Victor) 202
Chieftains, The Royal Albert Hall, London 145 L
Chieftains, The: The Chieftains Featuring Ry Cooder San Patricio (Concord) 321
Chieftains (James Galway & The) In Ireland (RCA) 49
Chieftains (James Galway & The) Over The Sea To Skye (RCA Victor) 90
Chieftains (The) with Nanci Griffith & Roger Daltrey An Irish Evening (RCA Victor) 110
Chieftains (Van Morrison & The) Irish Heartbeat (Mercury) 62
Chieftains, The, & The RTÉ Concert Orchestra The Year Of The French (Claddagh) 16 (SR)
Chieftains, The: Carlos Núñez Band & The Chieftains Mondoñedo, La Coruña & Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain 163/164 L
Chiens Et Soufflets A.O.C. (Modal Pleinjeu) 203
Chighaly, Aicha Mint Mauritanian Griote (Inedit) 187/188
Chigwendere, Netsayi see Netsayi
Chihuahua All-Stars see under Martínez, Osvaldo ‘Chihuahua’
Chiibo Mexico City [MIUN 0120] 201 ATR
Chiki Chaka Girls (Rubén Gonzaléz Jr & The) Mulatas Magicas (Timba) 252 ATR
Childe Rolande Foreign Land (Lochshore) 167 ATR
Childe Rolande Long Last (own label) 86
Childish, Wild Billy & Big Russ Wilkins Laughing Gravy (Empire) 54
Childish, Wild Billy & Sexton Ming Which Dead Donkey Daddy? (Hangman) 54
Childish, Wild Billy & The Blackhands Play: Cap’n Calypso’s Hoodoo Party (Hangman) 69
Childish, Wild Billy I Remember… (Hangman) 69
Childish, Wild Billy I’ve Got Everything Indeed (Hangman) 54
Childish, Wild Billy: Billy Childish & Sexton Ming Plump Prizes & Little Gems (Hangman) 61
Children Of Agape Choir, The We Are Together (EMI) 300 ATR
Children Of The Revolution Chapter One (World Music) 229 ATR
Children Of The Revolution Keep Holding On (World Music) 229 ATR
Children Of The Underground (Zulya & The) 3 Nights (Westpark Music) 293 ATR
Chili Brothers, The Night Life (Blues Outlet) 48
Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers I’ll Be Home (Proper) 165 ATR
Chillingworth, Sonny Endlessly (Dancing Cat) 193
Chillingworth, Sonny Sonny Solo (Dancing Cat) 133
Chilvers, Garth & Tom Jasiukowicz A History Of The Contemporary Music Of South Africa(Toga, via Stern’s) 144 P
Chimombe, James Best Of… (Zimbob) 160
Chimvu Jazz (Alan Namoko &) Ana Ossidwa (Pamtondo) 115/116
Chin Na Na Poun Au Cabanon (Buda Musique) 331/332
China, Sadao: Seijin Noborikawa & Seijin Noborikawa & Sadao China (Respect) 253
Chindon Tsushinsha: Tetsuhiro Daiku & Chindon Tsushinsha, with Aurasian Brass Band Jinta Wonderland (Off Note) 280
Chinese Dub Orchestra (Jah Wobble & The) Chinese Dub (30 Hertz) 306
Chinese Ensemble Of Yunnan Song And Dance Troupe Yunnan Instrumental Music(Hugo) 211/212
Chipolata 5 Skinless (Hoodlum) 169
Chipolata, Tristan (Texas T. Tex &) The Reality Check (Hoodlum Productions) 186
Chippenham Folk Festival 38 L
Chippindale, Nigel Out-Tapes (own label) 61
Chisholm, Duncan Farrar (Copperfish) 304
Chisholm, Duncan Redpoint (Copperfish) 174
Chisholm, Duncan The Wind On The Heath (Rowan) 67
Chisholm, Duncan (Ivan Drever &) The Lewis Blue (Iona) 193
Chispa Y Los Cómplices New Pa’ Que Vea (Cuba Chévere Musikproduktionen) 213 ATR
Chiute, Lubeleje: Hukwe Zawose, Dickson Mkwama & Lubeleje Chiute Mateso (Triple Earth) 50
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai Africa Centre, London 48 L
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai Ambuya? (Piranha) 57
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai Chisi (Piranha) 95
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai Kumusha (Piranha) 105
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai Ndizvozvo (GlobeStyle [single]) 74
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai Shungu (Piranha) 136
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai: Stella Chiweshe Double Check (Piranha) 277
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai: Stella Chiweshe Talking Mbira: Spirits Of Liberation (Piranha) 227 ATR
Chiweshe, Stella Rambisai: Stella Chiweshe & The Earthquake Hackney Empire, London 59 L
Chiwoniso Ancient Voices (Lusafrica) 191
Chiwoniso Rebel Woman (Cumbancha) 304
Choates, Harry Harry Choates (Arhoolie) 14 (SR)
Choc Stars Awa Et Ben (Globestyle) 37
Chocolate [Julio Algendones] Chocolate – Peru’s Master Percussion (Lyrichord) 118
Chocolate Cante Flamenco (Ocora Radio France) 119
Chokers And Flies Old Time Music (Rounder) 30
Chokladfabriken Chokladfabriken (Gammalthea) 329/330 ATR
Chouchenn One For You (Wildwood) 198
Chouteira Chouteira (Do Fol) 162
Chouteira Ghuaue! (BOA Do Fol) 174
Chowdhury, Subroto [&] Madhuri Chattopadhyay Sanjog (Felmay) 242/243
Choying Drolma & Steve Tibbetts Chö (Hannibal) 172 ATR
Chraïbi, Saïd Oud Du Maroc (Cinq Planètes) 239
Chraïbi, Saïd The Key To Granada (Institut du Monde) 221
Chris & Carla Swinger 500 (Global Warming) 181
Christian, Emma Beneath The Twilight (Manx/Celtic Productions) 151/152
Christian, Emma, Moira Craig, Michael Henry, Julie Murphy Celtic Songs Of Love(Beautiful Jo) 170/171
Christian, Frank From My Hands (Palmetto) 149 ATR; 151/152 ATR
Christian, Freddie see King, Freddie
Christian, George ‘Toofie’ Pilli Lornga N.I. (Coral Music) 235/236
Christian, Lillie Delk: Hociel Thomas/Lillie Delk Christian 1925-28 (Document) 156 ATR
Christian, Meg Scrapbook (Olivia) 54 ATR
Christian, Rick Looking For Signs (Just For The Record) 100
Christian, Tim (Jane Rouse &) A Life On The Water (Ragroom) 254/255 ATR
Christian, Toofie see Christian, George ‘Toofie’
Christl, Margaret The Picture In My Mind (Waterbug) 187/188
Christmas, Keith & Chris Coulstone Red House (own label) 75
Christmas, Keith Acoustica (Woronzow) 240 ATR
Christmas, Keith Love Beyond Deals (HTD) 163/164 ATR
Christmas, Keith Timeless & Strange (Castle) 251 ATR
Christmas, Keith: Keith Christmas Band Weatherman One (Run River) 113
Christminster Singers, The William Knapp: West Gallery Anthems And Psalms (own label) 162
Chubb, Fred: Bill House, Norman Grey, Fred Chubb Gin And Ale And Whiskey [OHC 104] 34
Chubby, Popa see Popa Chubby
Chuchumbé ¡Caramba Niño! (Discos Alebrije) 235/236
Chudoba Polkas, Lullabies & Wedding Songs (WeltWunder) 211/212 ATR
Chukp’a, Kim & Kim Tong Jun Kayagum Music: Sanjo [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Chulrua Barefoot On The Altar (Pied Piper) 206/207
Chumbawamba A Singsong And A Scrap (No Masters) 277
Chumbawamba ABCDEFG (No Masters) 322
Chumbawamba English Rebel Songs 1381-1914 (Agit-Prop [EP]) 79/80 ATR
Chumbawamba English Rebel Songs 1381-1984 (Mutt) 242/243
Chumbawamba Readymades (Republic) 230/231
Chumbawamba The Boy Bands Have Won (No Masters) 298
Chumbawamba Un (Mutt) 251
Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble Traditional Music From Korea (ARC) 206/207
Churchfitters New Tales For Old (FMRA Productions) 274
Churchfitters Strange News (Churchfitters) 227
Churchfitters This Fine Night (own label) 244 ATR
Churinga Churinga (Platypus) 42
Cicala Mvta Deko-Boko (Nektar) 228 ATR
Cicala Mvta Ohkuma Wataru Unit (Respect) 184
Çicek, Ali Ekber Bektashi Music – Ashik Songs (Unesco) 166
Cicone, Michael: Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein & Michael Cicone Angels In Daring(Overall) 149 ATR
Cicone, Michael: Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein & Michael Cicone Only Human (Overall) 149 ATR
Ciechowa, Grzegorz Z. oiDADAna (EMI Pomaton) 165
Cigala see El Cigala, Diego
Cilmeri Henffych Well (Sain) 13 (SR)
Cimarrón Joropo Music From The Plains Of Colombia (Smithsonian Folkways) 341/342
Cimbaliband TransBalkan Express (Fono) 304
Çinar, Ashik Feyzullah see Tchinar, Ashik Feyzullah
Cinkusi Domesticus Vulgaris (Cantus) 277 ATR
Cinque, Luigi Sacra Konzert (Radio Fandango) 281
Cinque, Luigi [& The] Tarantula Hypertext Orchestra Tangerine Café (Forrest Hill) 237
Cipolla, Rudy Mandolin Maestro (Easydisc) 202
Circo Di Sento Circo Di Sento (Lizard Discs) 189 ATR
Circo Di Sento Pentimento (3Sun) 226 ATR
Circo Diatonico La Banda: Musiche Dello Spettacolo Viaggiante (Finisterre) 293
Circular Breathing Currents (Janusphere) 170/171 ATR
Circus Envy Secrets (Blue Book) 340 ATR
Cirrus Mama Please (Iris Music) 314/315
Cisco Band (The) & The Joacquin Brothers The Cisco Band & The Joacquin Brothers(Canyon) 325 E
Cissokho, Diabel & Ramon Goose Mansana Blues (Dixiefrog) 324
Cissokho, Jalikunda Lindiane (Jalikunda) 241
Cissokho, Jali Fily Voice And Kora (own label) 259/260 ATR
Cissokho, Jali Fily With His Coute Diomboulou Band Doumajoulo (Kaira Arts) 294
Cissokho, Malang Lotus (EiNo) 91/92
Cissokho, Solo: Ellika & Solo Abaraká! Tack! (Xource) 271/272
Cissokho, Solo: Ellika & Solo Tretakt Takissaba (Xource) 228
Cissoko, Ablaye Le Griot Rouge (Ma Case) 276
Cissoko, Ablaye & Volker Goetze Sira (ObliqSound) 307/308
Cissoko, Ablaye: Majid Bekkas, Ablaye Cissoko, Khalid Kouhen Mabrouk (Bee Jazz) 337 ATR
Cissoko, Ba Electric Griot Land (Totolo) 282
Cissoko, Ba Séno (Stern’s) 311
Cissoko, Djelimoussa see Sissoko, Ballaké
Cissoko, Kaouding Kora Revolution (Yoff/Palm Pictures) 194/195
Cissoko, Kemintan ‘Ba’ see Cissoko, Ba
Citania Citania (Sonifolk) 42 ATR
Citarella, Nando Mozart … Al Chiaro Di Luna (RadiciMusic) 302/303
Citarella, Nando E La Paranza Voce ‘E Mare (CNI Music) 245
Citarella, Nando & Tamburi Del Vesuvio Magna Mater [CD] / Ut Alle Radici Della Nostra Musica [DVD] (Alfa Music) 341/342
Citizens Keane Citizens Keane (Circín Rua) 238
Citizens’ Utilities No More Medicine (Mute) 172 ATR
City Waites, The Penny Merriments: Street Songs Of 17th Century England (Naxos) 269 ATR
Ciuma, Salvi & Tombesi Il Mare Di Lato (Felmay) 233
Civil War, The [Music from the TV series] (Elektra Nonesuch) 99
Clairsearch Ann’s Harp (Clairsearch) 17 (SR)
Clamtones, The: Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Fredericks & The Clamtones Have Moicy! (Rounder) 105 ATR
Clan Alba Clan Alba (Clan Alba Productions) 154
Clan Alba Queen’s Hall, Belfast 108 L
Clan, The Hot Asphalt/Firebrand (Clandestine [single]) 71
Clan, The The Roke (New Alba Recordings) 76
Clan, The (Stockton’s Wing / The Clan) Navy Pier, Chicago 64 L
Clancy Brothers, The *see also Clancy, Liam
Clancy Brothers (The) & Tommy Makem Reunion (Ogham) 23 (SR)
Clancy Brothers (The) & Tommy Makem Reunion Concert at Fairfield Halls, Croydon 25 L
Clancy Brothers (The) & Tommy Makem The Best Of The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem (Columbia/Legacy) 233
Clancy Brothers (The) with Lou Killen Greatest Hits (Vanguard) 191
Clancy Brothers, The Greatest Hits (Vanguard) 77
Clancy Children, The The Clancy Children (Tradition) 180
Clancy, Liam *see also Clancy Brothers, The
Clancy, Liam Irish Troubadour (Vanguard) 204
Clancy, Liam Liam Clancy (Vanguard Masters/Ace) 281 ATR
Clancy, Liam The Yellow Bittern: The Life And Times Of Liam Clancy (Element Pictures [DVD]) 326/327 ATR
Clancy, Liam Yes… Those Were The Days (Dolphin) 286
Clancy, Liam: Makem & Clancy Live At The National Concert Hall (Shanachie) 102
Clancy, Pat see Clancy Brothers, The
Clancy, Tom see Clancy Brothers, The
Clancy, Willie The Pipering Of Willie Clancy Vol. 1 (Claddagh) 9 (SR)
Clandestine To Anybody At All (Candletime) 199/200 ATR
Clandestinos Mixed Race (Music Works) 240
Clannad Anam (RCA) 89
Clannad Atlantic Realm (BBC) 73 ATR
Clannad Banba (RCA) 121
Clannad Beginnings: The Best Of The Early Years (Demon/Music Club Deluxe) 309
Clannad Clannad (Royal) 184
Clannad Clannad 2 (Gael Linn) 257 ATR
Clannad Fairfield Halls, Croydon 34 L
Clannad Fuaim (Cooking Vinyl) 86
Clannad Fuaim (Tara) 14 ATR (SR)
Clannad In A Lifetime: The Best Of… (BMG) 249 ATR
Clannad Landmarks (BMG) 181
Clannad Legend (BMG) 246 ATR
Clannad Legends (RCA) 21 (SR)
Clannad Macalla (BMG) 246 ATR
Clannad Macalla (RCA) 30
Clannad Magical Ring (BMG) 246 ATR
Clannad Magical Ring (RCA) 17 (SR)
Clannad Pastpresent (RCA) 77
Clannad Sirius (BMG) 246 ATR
Clannad Sirius (RCA) 55
Clannad The Hunter (RCA [single]) 72
Clannad The Ultimate Clannad (RCA) 173 ATR
Clannad 2 (Maura O’Connell / Clannad 2) Eile O Eist (Dara [single]) 197
Clapton, Eric Unplugged (Duck/Reprise) 113
Claque, The Sounding Now (WIldGoose) 304
Claridge, Gerald Staggering (Umbala Stromboli) 91/92
Clarion From The Oak (Bakkus) 145
Clark, Alastair Aly Bain – Fiddler On The Loose (Mainstream Publishing) 130 P
Clark, David Anthony (Rawiri Toia &) Tribal Blood, Maori Heartbeat (Singing Frog) 331/332 ATR
Clark, Gene & Carla Olson Silhouetted In Light &ndash Live In Concert (Demon) 107
Clark, Gene & Carla Olson So Rebellious A Lover (Demon) 54
Clark, Gene Gene Clark With The Gosdin Brothers (Edsel) 62
Clark, Gene Roadmaster (Edsel) 45
Clark, Gene: Dillard & Clark The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark (Edsel) 45
Clark, Gene: Dillard & Clark Through The Morning Through The Night (Edsel) 41; 230/231 ATR
Clark, Guy Boats To Build (Asylum American Explorer) 122
Clark, Guy Cold Dog Soup (Sugar Hill) 199/200
Clark, Guy Dublin Blues (Asylum) 144
Clark, Guy Keepers – A Live Recording (Sugar Hill) 168
Clark, Guy Live From Austin TX (New West) 290/291 ATR
Clark, Guy Old Friends (Mother) 75
Clark, Guy Old No.1 & Texas Cookin’ (BMG Camden) 184 ATR
Clark, Guy Somedays The Song Writes You (Dualtone) 317/318
Clark, Guy Songs And Stories (Dualtone) 340
Clark, Guy Texas Cookin’ (Edsel) 64
Clark, Guy The Dark (Sugar Hill) 232
Clark, Guy Workbench Songs (Dualtone) 281
Clark, Guy & Michael Johnson Bloomsbury Theatre, London 71 L
Clark, Guy & Robert Earl Keen Jnr Bloomsbury Theatre, London 84 L
Clark, Guy (Jerry Jeff Walker &) Half Moon, Putney 36 L
Clark, Guy, Peter Rowan, John Stewart & Townes Van Zandt Salutation Theatre, Perth, Scotland 102 L
Clark, Jane Fiddler (Cherry Orchard Studios) 206/207 ATR
Clark, Jim Buried Land (Eternal Delight) 254/255 ATR
Clark, N.C. Texas Soul (Black Top) 160
Clark, Octa & Hector Duhon Old Time Cajun Music (Arhoolie) 203 ATR
Clark, Patricia The Lark’s March (own label) 305 ATR
Clark, Pete Even Now (Smiddymade) 180
Clark, Pete Fiddlecase (Smiddymade) 168
Clark, W.C. Deep In The Heart (Alligator) 259/260 ATR
Clark, W.C. From Austin With Soul (Alligator) 230/231 ATR
Clarke Sisters, The The Clarke Sisters (Clarke) 216
Clarke, Anthony John A Sideways Glance (Terra Nova) 184
Clarke, Anthony John I Get Lost (Jinglemania) 118 ATR
Clarke, Damian The River Wherever (Vox Pop) 289 ATR
Clarke, Dick (Ivan Drever &) October Bridge (Attic) 74
Clarke, Jamie: Jamie Clarke’s Perfect Nobody Is Perfect (SPV) 228
Clarke, Terry Call Up A Hurricane (Minidoka) 95
Clarke, Terry Green Voodoo (Catfish) 239 ATR
Clarke, Terry The Shelley River (Catfish) 222 ATR
Clarke, Terry The Shelley River (Minidoka) 102
Clarke, Victoria Mary & Shane MacGowan A Drink With Shane MacGowan (Sidgwick & Jackson) 217 P
Clarke, William Blowin’ Like Hell (Alligator) 90
Clarke, William Deluxe Edition (Alligator) 196 ATR
Clarke, William: William Clarke Blues Band Rockin’ The Boat! (Riviera) 68
Clarkson, Michael (Harry Bradley &) The Pleasures Of Hope (own label) 323
Clash Of Civilizations Counter Propaganda (Dialogue) 317/318
Clash of Civilizations Legacy EP (Dialogue) 309
Classic Blues Artwork From The 1920s (Blues Images) 246 P
Classic Swédé Swédé Toleki Bango (Cramworld) 105 ATR
Clastrier, Valentin Hérésie (Silex) 119
Clastrier, Valentin La Vielle A Roue De L’Imaginaire (Auvidis) 24 (SR)
Clastrier, Valentin La Vielle & L’Univers De L’Infinie Roue-Archet (Modal) 298 P
Claus, Gaspar (Pedro Soler &) Barlande (InFiné) 340
Clave Y Guaguancó Noche De la Rumba (Tumi Music) 196
Clave Y Guaguancó Songs And Dances (Xenophile) 150
Clavel, Diego Sentir Navideno (Cambaya) 131
Clawson, Trevor Black Crow EP (Lifeboat Party Music) 109 ATR
Claxton, William & Joachim E. Berendt Jazz Life (Taschen) 271/272 P
Clay, Neville Not It (own label) 198 ATR
Clay, Otis This Time Around (Bullseye Blues) 180 ATR
Claybourn, Edward, Rev. Complete Recorded Works 1926-28 (Document) 122
Claybourn, Edward, Rev.: Blind Joe Taggart, Rev Edward Clayborn, Blind Gussie Nesbit Complete Recorded Works Vol 2 (Document) 122
Clayfoot Strutters, The Going Elsewhere (Epact Music) 246
Clayson, Alan & The Argonauts What A Difference A Decade Made (Butt) 33
Clayson, Alan Soirée (Havic) 173 ATR
Clayton, Doctor Complete Recordings 1935-42 (Document) 129 ATR
Clayton, Ian Bringing It All Back Home (Route Publications) 289 P
Clayton, Lee Border Affair/Naked Child (Edsel) 151/152 ATR
Clayton, Lee Spirit Of The Twilight (Provogue) 139/140 ATR
Clayton, Lee Tequila Is Addictive (Provogue [single]) 90
Clayton, Lynn Lynn Clayton (Airship) 9 ATR (SR)
Clayton, Paul Whaling And Sailing Songs (Tradition/Ryko) 177 ATR
Clayton, Peter see Clayton, Doctor
Clayton, Pomme The Quest Of The Heroine (own label) 87
Clayton, Pomme: The Company Of Storytellers (Pomme Clayton, Ben Haggarty & Hugh Lupton) Midwinter Tales (own label) 87
Clayton, Vikki In Flight (Road Goes On Forever) 131
Clayton, Vikki It Suits Me Well – The Songs Of Sandy Denny (Terrapin Truckin’ Co.) 141
Clayton, Vikki Midsummer Cushion (own label) 96
Clayton, Vikki Movers & Shakers (A New Day) 174
Clayton, Vikki: Sanders, Baker & Clayton Carried Away… (Speaking Volumes) 146/147
Clayton, Vikki: Sanders, Baker & Clayton Nettlebed, Oxon 144 L
Clea & McLeod Beyond Our Means (Utility) 87
Clearwater Hudson River Revival Valhalla, N.Y. 136 L
Clearwater, Eddie A Real Good Time – Live (Bedrock) 96
Cleaves, Slaid Broke Down (Philo) 201
Cleaves, Slaid No Angel Knows (Philo) 177
Cleaves, Slaid Wishbone (Rounder/Philo) 250
Cleethorpes Folk Festival 38 L; 148 L
Clegg, Johnny Anthology (Connoisseur Collection) 192 ATR
Clegg, Johnny Human (Appleseed) 333
Clegg, Johnny One Life (Marabi) 282
Clegg, Johnny Hammersmith Apollo, London 266/267 L
Clegg, Johnny & Savuka A Johnny Clegg & Savuka Collection (Putumayo) 161
Clegg, Johnny & Savuka Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World (EMI) 83
Clegg, Johnny & Savuka Shadow Man (EMI) 61
Clegg, Johnny & Savuka Third World Child (EMI) 50
Clegg, Johnny & Savuka Top Rank, Brighton 60 L
Clegg, Johnny & Savuka Town & Country Club, London 49 L
Clegg, Johnny: Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Johnny Clegg & Sipho Mchunu Cologne Zulu Festival (WDR/Network Medien ‘World Network’ series) 125
Clegg, Rosie Sweet Is The Melody (Brutus) 221 ATR
Clejani Express (Viorica & Ionitsa: Clejani Express) A Devla (Network) 289
Clelland, Tom Little Stories (Shoeshine) 225 ATR
Clement, Bill Virtuoso Piper Of Scotland [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Clement, David Be More Like Me (Wild Monk) 153 ATR
Clement, Mily Banja Malalaka (Playasound) 139/140
Clement, Mily Madagascar (Playasound) 194/195
Clementines, The The Little Acid House On The Prairie (Uncle [single]) 96
Clements, Rod Odd Man Out (Market Square) 280 ATR
Clements, Rod Stamping Ground (Market Square) 215
Clements, Vassar (Stephane Grappelli &) Together At Last (Flying Fish) 53
Clements, Vassar Hillbilly Jazz Rides Again (Flying Fish) 47
Clements, Vassar, John Hartford, Dave Holland Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Dave Holland (Rounder) 28
Clements, Vassar: Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Peter Rowan, John Khan, Vassar Clements Old And In The Way (Sugarhill) 25
Clergue, Lucien Roots: The Gipsy Kings And Their Journey [no publication details] 254/255 P
Cleveland, Michael Flame Keeper (Rounder) 228 ATR; 230/231 ATR
Cleveland, Michael Let ‘er Go Boys (Rounder) 278/279
Cleveland, Michael & Flamekeeper Fired Up (Rounder) 336
Cleveland, Michael & Flamekeeper Leavin’ Town (Rounder) 306
Cleveland, Michael (Tom Adams &) Live At The Ragged Edge (Rounder) 253 ATR
Cliar Grinn Grinn (Macmeanmna) 285 ATR
Cliff, Jimmy Many Rivers To Cross – The Best Of… (Trojan) 245 ATR
Cliff, Jimmy Reggae Legends (Trojan) 306 ATR
Cliff, Jimmy The Harder They Come: The Definitive Collection (Trojan) 273 ATR
Clifford, Julia & Billy Ceol As Sliabh Luachra (Gael Linn) 16 (SR)
Clifford, Julia: Padraig O’Keeffe, Denis Murphy, Julia Clifford Kerry Fiddles (Topic) 137
Clifford, Julia: Padraig O’Keeffe, Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford Kerry Fiddles – Traditional Fiddle Music From Sliabh Luachra (Ossian) 241
Clifton, Bill Around The World To Poor Valley (Bear Family) 222
Clifton, Bill Autoharp Centennial Celebration [Elf 101] 14 (SR)
Clifton, Bill (Hedy West &) Getting Folk Out Of The Country (Bear Family) 328 ATR
Clifton, Bill & Jimmy Gaudreau River Of Memories (ELF) 138
Climax Ceilidh Band Come Dancing (Beautiful Jo) 280
Climax Ceilidh Band Five Play (Beautiful Jo) 309
Clinch Mountain Boys (Ralph Stanley & The) Live In Japan (Rebel) 184 ATR
Clinch Mountain Boys (Ralph Stanley & The) Sixteen Years (Copper Creek) 157
Clinch Mountain Boys (The Stanley Brothers & The) The Stanley Brothers & The Clinch Mountain Boys 1953-9 (Bear Family) 130
Cline, Leigh Galatia (Scimitar [single]) 258
Cline, Leigh & Nikolas Michailidis Al Asha Bi Daha: Traditional Songs Of The Eastern Black Sea (Scimitar) 282
Clinging, Roy Cheshire Born (101 Records) 202 ATR
Clinging, Roy & Neil Brookes Another Round (WildGoose Studios) 275
Clipman, Will: R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, Will Clipman Dancing Into Silence(Canyon) 325 E
Cloggies The Old Man & Scythe, Bolton 30 L
Clohessy, Cathal & Éamonn Costello Bosca Ceoil And Fiddle (Key Stone) 331/332
Close, John & Henny Preston Trust In Me (own label) 95
Clotaire K see K, Clotaire
Clothesline Revival Long Gone (Paleo Music) 274 ATR
Clothesline Revival Of My Native Land (Paleo Music) 235/236
Cloud 10 (Sonja Kristina &) Harmonics Of Love (HTD) 148
Cloud, Pat Higher Power (Flying Fish) 20 (SR)
Cloudstreet Dance Up The Sun (Cloudstreet) 294
Cloudstreet Fiddleship (Roots) 262
Cloudstreet Violet Sarah & Muckle John (7th Dimension) 239 ATR
Clouse, Chad In The Midst (Stonehouse) 202 ATR
Club Passim 40th Anniversary Concert Sanders Theater, Cambridge, Mass., USA 190 L
Clumsy Lovers In And Out (own label) 139/140
Cluster Of Nuts Band, The Fridge In The Fast Lane (Poke) 17 (SR)
Clwt Y Ddawns 3 (Selection of Welsh Dances) [no artist given] (Sain) 15 ATR (SR)
Clydesiders, The Crossing The Borders (REL) 161 ATR
Clydesiders, The Time For A Change (Klub) 112 ATR
CMc Snap And Roll (Snap) 211/212
Coady, Michael The Well Of Spring Water: A Memoir Of Packie & Micho Russell Of Doolin(Gallery Press) 163/164 P
Coal Porters, The How Dark This Earth Will Shine (Prima) 259/260 ATR
Coal Porters, The Los London (Prima) 151/152 ATR
Coal Porters, The The Chris Hillman Tribute Concerts (Prima) 220 ATR
Cobblers, The Sent Reeling (KNSE) 23 (SR)
Cobham, Billy & Asere A Latin Soul (Astar/Mwldan [DVD]) 294
Cobham, Billy & Asere De Cuba Y De Panamá (Astar/Mwldan) 302/303 ATR
Cobla ‘La Principal D’Amsterdam’ The Sardana – Music From Catalonia (Syncoop) 126 ATR
Cobles, José: Puerto Plata Casita De Campo (iASO) 319/320
Cochabamba Musique Folklorique D’Amerique Latine (Disques Pierre Verany) 47
Cock & Bull Band, The All Buttoned Up (Topic) 9 (SR)
Cock & Bull Band, The Below The Belt (Cock & Bull) 126
Cock & Bull Band, The Encore Du Vingt (Mrs Casey) 194/195
Cock & Bull Band, The Eyes Closed And Rocking (Topic) 26
Cock & Bull Band, The Pumped Up And Loaded (Mrs Casey) 160
Cock & Bull Band, The: Cock & Bull A Cock And Bull Story (Cock & Bull) 100
Cock & Bull Band, The: Cock & Bull Concrete Routes Sacred Cows (Rogue) 71
Cockburn, Bruce Anything Anytime Anywhere (Rounder) 225
Cockburn, Bruce Big Circumstance (FM/Revolver) 71
Cockburn, Bruce Breakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In Timbuktu (Rykodisc) 196
Cockburn, Bruce Christmas [COL 474712] 142 ATR
Cockburn, Bruce Dancing In The Dragon’s Jaws (True North) 240 ATR
Cockburn, Bruce Dart To The Heart (Columbia) 136
Cockburn, Bruce In The Falling Dark (True North) 240 ATR
Cockburn, Bruce Life Short Call Now (Cooking Vinyl) 287
Cockburn, Bruce Live (Cooking Vinyl) 84
Cockburn, Bruce Nothing But A Burning Light (Columbia) 107
Cockburn, Bruce Rumours Of Glory – Live (Island Visual Arts

) 83
Cockburn, Bruce Slice O Life (True North) 314/315
Cockburn, Bruce Small Source Of Comfort (True North) 335
Cockburn, Bruce Speechless (Cooking Vinyl) 278/279 ATR
Cockburn, Bruce Stealing Fire (Spindrift) 22 (SR)
Cockburn, Bruce The Trouble With Normal (True North – CBS Canada) 20 (SR)
Cockburn, Bruce Waiting For A Miracle (Revolver) 49
Cockburn, Bruce Waiting For A Miracle (True North) 240 ATR
Cockburn, Bruce World Of Wonders (True North) 34
Cockburn, Bruce You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance – Live! (Rykodisc) 177
Cockburn, Bruce You’ve Never Seen Everything (Cooking Vinyl) 244
Cockburn, Bruce Edinburgh Festival 53 L
Cockerel Boys, The see Abafana Baseqhudeni
Cockersdale Been Around For Years (Fellside) 138
Cockersdale Doin’ The Manch’ (Fellside) 74; 221 ATR
Cockersdale Prospect Providence (EFDSS) 31
Cockersdale The Robin Hood Club, Beeston 31 L
Cocking, John (Will Noble &) Yon Green Banks (Veteran) 261
Cocktail Diatonique Cocktail Diatonique (Coop Breizh) 331/332
Coco Raízes De Arcoverde see Samba De Coco Raízes De Arcoverde
Cocoband Merengue Total (Erde) 107
Coconami Coconami (Trikont) 307/308 ATR
Cocos Lovers Johannes (Smuggler) 324 ATR
Cody, Commander & His Airmen Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 44 L
Cody, Commander & His Lost Planet Airmen Cody Returns From Outer Space (Edsel) 48
Cody, Commander & His Lost Planet Airmen Sleazy Roadside Stories (Relix) 62
Cody, Commander Let’s Rock (Special Delivery) 49
Cody, Radmilla Precious Friends (Canyon) 302/303 E
Cody, Robert Tree & Hovia Edwards Reflections (Canyon) 271/272 E
Coe, Chris A Wiser Fool (Backshift) 218/219
Coe, Chris (Maggie Holland &) Great Western Folk Club, Exeter 30 L
Coe, Chris: Pete & Chris Coe Game Of All Fours (Highway) 3 (SR)
Coe, Pete A Right Song And Dance (Backshift) 70
Coe, Pete Backbone (Backshift Music) 328
Coe, Pete In Paper Houses (Backshift Music) 254/255
Coe, Pete It’s A Mean Old Scene (Backshift Music) 25
Coe, Pete Long Company (Backshift) 169
Coe, Pete Tall Tailes (Backshift) 340
Coe, Pete & Chris Game Of All Fours (Highway) 3 (SR)
Coelho, Ceumar see Ceumar
Coen, Davis Blues Lights For Yours And Mine (Soundview) 304 ATR
Coeur De Chauffe (Gérard Tarquin &) Couleur Cachée: Biguines & Mazurkas Créoles Today (Frémeaux & Associés) 270
Coffey, Aidan (Séamus Creagh &) Séamus Creagh & Aidan Coffey (Ossian) 196
Coffie Psychedelic Africa (Musical Freedom/United One) 242/243 ATR
Cogan, Rachael & Tony Lewis Transience (Orpheus Music) 298 E
Cohen, Andy Built Right On The Ground (Earwig) 341/342 ATR
Cohen, Andy Oh Glory, How Happy I Am – The Sacred Songs Of Rev Gary Davis (Riverlark) 189 ATR
Cohen, Andy & Joe Larose Tuxedo Blues (Green Linnet) 13 (SR)
Cohen, David Fado Português: Songs From The Soul Of Portugal (Wise Publications) 253 P
Cohen, John: Various Artists Your Struggle Is Your Glory (Songs Of Struggle, Huayno And Other Peruvian Music) collected by John Cohen (Arhoolie) 81
Cohen, Lark Bryant Lark In The Twilight (Riverlark) 192
Cohen, Leonard Songs From A Room (Columbia Legacy) 292
Cohen, Leonard Songs Of Leonard Cohen (Columbia Legacy) 292
Cohen, Leonard Songs Of Love And Hate (Columbia Legacy) 292
Cohen, Phil & Patricia Ford Caution To The Wind (Hard Miles Music) 205 ATR
Cohen, Ronald D. (ed.) Wasn’t That A Time: Firsthand Accounts Of The Folk Music Revival(Scarecrow Press) 150 P
Cohn, Marc Marc Cohn (Atlantic) 100
Cohodas, Nadine Spinning Blues Into Gold – The Chess Brothers & The Legendary Chess Records (St Martin’s Press) 205 P
Coila Get Reel (Lismor) 166
Coinneach 2000 Tears (own label [single]) 202
Coinneach Ice, Trees And Lullabies (Lochshore) 187/188 ATR
Coinneach Life In A Scottish Greenhouse (Lochshore) 172 ATR
Coinneach Protected? (Pictish Pop) 229
Cóir Chúil Aodha (Coolea Choir): Peader Ó Riada, Cóir Chúil Aodha (Coolea Choir), with Maidhí Ó Suilleabháin & Ronnie McShane Dord 2 (WEA) 87
Cóir Chúil Aodha (Peadar Ó Riada &) Crossing The Border, Watermans, Brentford 73 L
Cóisir On The Right Track (own label) 258
Colalaila The Train To Massada (Boulevard) 163/164 ATR
Colas, Cyrille (Dominig Bouchard &) Heol Dour (Keltia) 126
Colbert, Paul (Adrian Legg &) (Making Music With) Acoustic Guitars (Track Record Publishing) 102 P
Colby, Paul & Martin Fitzpatrick The Bitter End: Hanging Out At America’s Nightclub(Cooper Square Press) 242/243 P
Colcannon Corvus (Oxford Road) 210
Colcannon Covering Our Tracks (Greentrax) 229
Colcannon Dolphin Bay (Greentrax) 258
Colcannon Journeys (Greentrax) 268
Colcannon Some Foreign Land (Oxford Road) 105
Colcannon The Life Of Riley’s Brother (Oxford Road) 154
Colcannon The Parting Glass (own label) 81
Colcannon The Pooka And The Fiddler & Happy As Larry (Oxford Road) 277 ATR
Colcannon Three Days In May (own label) 328 ATR
Colcannon Trad (Oxford Road) 244 ATR
Cole, B.J. Transparent Music (Hannibal) 79/80 ATR
Cole, James: Tommie Bradley / James Cole Groups 1930 – 32 (Matchbox) 19 (SR)
Cole, Jevan & Jan Van Dijk Tunes Of Curly Nature (Treeskin Music) 250 ATR
Cole, Martin (Hamish Bayne &) Making Music (Fellside) 107
Cole, Stranger Bangarang – The Best Of… 1962-1972 (Trojan) 245 ATR
Coleman, Deborah Soft Place To Fall (Blind Pig) 205
Coleman, Deborah Where Blue Begins (Blind Pig) 186
Coleman, George Bongo Joe (Arhoolie) 114 ATR
Coleman, Jaybird & The Birmingham Jug Band Complete Recorded Works (Document) 120
Coleman, Jesse see Monkey Joe
Coleman, Michael Michael Coleman 1891-1945 (Viva Voce) 102
Coleman, Michael & The Delmark All-Stars Blues Brunch At The Mart (Delmark) 280 ATR
Coles, James: Tommy Bradley-James Cole Groups 1928-32 [Various Artists] (Document) 129
Coles, Tim & Julie, And Niels Tim & Julie Coles And Niels (own label) 33 ATR
Colgan, Mark Begone Dull Care (Flyostic) 240 ATR
Collections Of Traditional Music Of The World – Berlin Phonogram Archiv 1900-2000(VMB Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung) 222 P
Colleran, William see Martin, Mac
Collet, Danny Louisiana Swamp Cats (Flying Fish) 134/135
Collette, Roger & Frank Bell Death Valley (Balleson Disc) 73 ATR
Collier, Jim (Bill Keith [&]) Bill Keith, Jim Collier (Hexagone) 129 ATR
Collier, Mitty Shades Of A Genius (Chess) 194/195 ATR
Collier, Soetkin Nocturne (Home) 293 ATR
Collings, Pip (Robb Johnson &) Heart’s Desire (Irregular) 124
Collings, Pip (Robb Johnson &) Overnight (Irregular) 110
Collings, Pip: The Johnson Collings Band Tourists & Casualties [IRR 013] 119
Collins, Albert & The Ice Breakers Live 92/93 (Pointblank) 151/152
Collins, Albert Collins Mix – The Best Of (Pointblank) 129 ATR
Collins, Albert Deluxe Edition (Alligator) 175/176
Collins, Albert Iceman (Pointblank [UK]) 96
Collins, Albert Love Can Be Found Anywhere (Even In A Guitar)/Trash Talkin’ (Beat Goes On) 178
Collins, Albert Molten Ice (Red Lightnin’) 108
Collins, Albert The Ice Axe Cometh: The Collection 1978-86 (Music Club) 199/200 ATR
Collins, Albert, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland Showdown (Sonet) 34
Collins, Andrew Billy Bragg: Still Suitable For Miners (Virgin Books) 186 P
Collins, Buz Water & Rain (Fellside) 193
Collins, Dolly see Collins, Shirley & Dolly
Collins, John African Pop Roots – The Inside Rhythms Of Africa (Foulsham) 31 P
Collins, Johnny (Jim Mageean &) Strontrace (Greenwich Village) 23 ATR (SR)
Collins, Johnny (Silly Sisters / Rory McLeod / Jim & Johnny) The Arts Centre, Darlington 73 L
Collins, Judy All On A Wintry Night (Delta Deluxe) 237 ATR
Collins, Judy Forever – An Anthology (Elektra) 185
Collins, Judy Live At Newport (Vanguard) 144 ATR
Collins, Judy Live At Wolf Trap (Delta Deluxe) 237 ATR
Collins, Judy Shameless (Delta Music) 239 ATR
Collins, Judy Trust Your Heart (Virgin Gold Castle) 73 ATR
Collins, Lui Baptism Of Fire (Green Linnet [reissue]) 35
Collins, Lui Leaving Fort Knox (Molly Gamblin Music) 213 ATR
Collins, Lui Made In New England (Green Linnet [reissue]) 35
Collins, Lui There’s A Light (Green Linnet) 35
Collins, Sam Complete Recordings 1927-31 (Document) 105
Collins, Sam Jail House Blues (Yazoo) 94
Collins, Shirley Adieu To Old England (Topic) 194/195
Collins, Shirley America Over The Water (SAF Publishing) 254/255 P
Collins, Shirley False True Lovers (Fledg’ling) 221
Collins, Shirley Fountain Of Snow (Durto) 113
Collins, Shirley Sweet England (See For Miles) 60
Collins, Shirley Sweet England (Topic) 194/195
Collins, Shirley Sweet England (Fledg’ling) 331/332
Collins, Shirley The Power Of The True Love Knot (Fledg’ling) 211/212
Collins, Shirley The Power Of The True Love Knot (Hannibal) 51
Collins, Shirley The Sweet Primeroses (Topic) 150
Collins, Shirley Within Sound (Fledg’ling) 237
Collins, Shirley & Davy Graham Folk Roots, New Routes (Righteous) 7 (SR)
Collins, Shirley & Davy Graham Folk Roots, New Routes (Topic) 198
Collins, Shirley (Davy Graham &) Folk Roots, New Routes (Fledg’ling) 268
Collins, Shirley & Dolly Anthems In Eden (Harvest) 123
Collins, Shirley & Dolly Anthems In Eden (See For Miles) 29
Collins, Shirley & Dolly For As Many As Will (Fledg’ling) 130
Collins, Shirley & Dolly Harking Back (Durtro) 187/188
Collins, Shirley & Dolly Love, Death And The Lady (BGO) 49
Collins, Shirley & Dolly Love, Death And The Lady (EMI) 138
Collins, Shirley & Dolly Love, Death And The Lady (Fledg’ling) 242/243 ATR
Collins, Shirley & Dolly Snapshots (Fledg’ling) 275
Collins, Shirley & Dolly The Power Of The True Love Knot (Heyday) 30
Collins, Shirley: Shirley & Dolly Collins / Shirley Collins Anthems In Eden/Amaranth(BGO) 198
Collins, Shirley & The Albion Country Band No Roses (Castle Music) 258
Collins, Shirley & The Albion Country Band No Roses (Mooncrest) 100
Collins, Shirley: The Young Tradition with Shirley & Dolly Collins The Holly Bears The Crown (Fledg’ling) 151/152
Collins, Tim Dancing On Silver (Croisín Music) 263
Collins, Tom: The Tom Collins Band Dublin Was Your Home (own label) 309 ATR
Collinson, Lee Breathless (Chama) 214
Collinson, Lee Limbo (Spiv) 84
Collinson, Lee Slip The Driver A Fiver (Spiv) 143
Collis, Deirdre Bosca Ceoil (Sound) 234
Collis, John The Story Of Chess Records (Bloomsbury) 190 P
Collister, Christine An Equal Love (Topic) 218/219
Collister, Christine Blue Aconite (Fledg’ling) 163/164
Collister, Christine Horizon (Fledg’ling [single]) 166
Collister, Christine Into The Light (Topic) 237
Collister, Christine Live (Fledg’ling) 138
Collister, Christine Songbird (Fledg’ling) 199/200
Collister, Christine The Dark Gift Of Time (Fledg’ling) 181
Collister, Christine & Clive Gregson I Wouldn’t Treat A Dog (Special Delivery [single]) 59
Collister, Christine (Clive Gregson & Christine Collister / Michelle-Shocked / Rory McLeod) Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 45 L
Collister, Christine (Clive Gregson &) A Change In The Weather (Special Delivery) 70
Collister, Christine (Clive Gregson &) Blessing In Disguise (Special Delivery [single]) 74
Collister, Christine (Clive Gregson &) Home And Away (own label) 38
Collister, Christine (Clive Gregson &) Home And Away (Gott Discs) 281 ATR
Collister, Christine (Clive Gregson &) Mischief (Special Delivery) 53
Collister, Christine (Clive Gregson &) Mischief (Gott Discs) 297 ATR
Collister, Christine (Clive Gregson &) The Gerrard Arms Folk Club, Colyton, Devon 31 L
Collister, Christine (Gregson & Collister, Keith Hancock, Panic Brothers, Bernard Wrigley) Oldham Coliseum 81 L
Collister, Christine: Gregson & Collister Lesser Free Trade, Manchester 110 L
Collister, Christine: Gregson & Collister Love Is A Strange Hotel (Special Delivery) 90
Collister, Christine: Gregson & Collister The Last Word (Special Delivery) 107
Collister, Christine, Dave Kelly & The Travelling Gentlemen Live (BGO) 309 ATR
Cologer, Elie: Orchestre De Biguine Robert Mavounzy / Ensemble De Quadrille Elie Cologer Album D’Or De La Biguine – Guadeloupe (Frémeaux & Associés) 317/318 ATR
Coloma, Lluis Boogie Portraits (Fresh Sound/Swing Alley) 309 ATR
Colombiafrica – The Mystic Orchestra Voodoo Love Inna Champeta-Land (Riverboat) 293 ATR
Colombo, Rachelle & Corrado Corradi Archedora (CNI/Ludos) 215 ATR
Colon, Willie (Celia Cruz &) The Winners (Vaya/Caliente) 67
Colon, Willie …Presents Reuben Blades Metiendo Mano (Caliente) 67
Colón Zayas, Edwin Y Su Taller Campesino ¡Bien Jabaro! – Country Music Of Puerto Rico(Rounder) 139/140
Color Tango Con Estilo Para Bailar, Vol. 1 & 2 (Oriente) 220 ATR
Colorblind James & The Death Valley Boys Strange Sounds From The Basement (Death Valley/Cooking Vinyl) 94
Colorblind James: The Colorblind James Experience Solid! Behind The Times(Redhouse) 117
Colorblind James: The Colorblind James Experience That’s Entertainment (Death Valley [single]) 83
Colorblind James: The Colorblind James Experience Why Should I Stand Up? (Cooking Vinyl) 79/80
Colour Of Memory, The The Old Man & The Sea (Iona) 146/147 ATR
Colour People Didgeridu (own label) 109
Colston, Maclaine & Saul Rose Sand And Soil (Get Real) 310
Coltri, Gabriele: Trio Coltri Menduto Morelli El Petun Del Diàul (Folkest Dischi) 326/327
Colvin, Gerry: Colvin & Quarmby Colvin & Quarmby (own label) 194/195 ATR
Colvin, Gerry: Richard Thompson Band, The Pogues, The Boothill Foot-tappers, Terry & Gerry Dominion Theatre, London 25 L
Colvin, Gerry: Terry & Gerry Banking On Simon/Joey/Wolfman’s Request/The Good, The Bad And The Usherette (In Tape [single]) 27
Colvin, Gerry: Terry & Gerry Butter’s On The Bread (Vindaloo – [EP]) 23 (SR)
Colvin, Gerry: Terry & Gerry Clothes Shop (In Tape [EP]) 30
Colvin, Gerry: Terry & Gerry Clothes Shop (In Tape [single]) 24 (SR)
Colvin, Gerry: Terry & Gerry From Lubbock To Clintwood East (In Tape) 31
Colvin, Gerry: Terry & Gerry Last Bullet In The Gun (In Tape [EP]) 41
Colvin, Shawn & Mary Chapin Carpenter Cool Remove (Columbia [single]) 144
Colvin, Shawn A Few Small Repairs (Columbia) 162
Colvin, Shawn Cover Girl (Columbia) 139/140
Colvin, Shawn Every Little Thing (He Does Is Magic) (Columbia [single]) 139/140
Colvin, Shawn Fat City (Columbia) 122
Colvin, Shawn Get Out Of This House (Columbia [single]) 166
Colvin, Shawn I Don’t Know Why (Columbia [single]) 149
Colvin, Shawn Live ’88 (Plump) 158/159
Colvin, Shawn Live Tape (no details given) 79/80
Colvin, Shawn Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London 138 L
Coly, Baye Etamaya (Frikyiwa) 264
Colyer, Ken The Decca Skiffle Sessions 1954-57 (Lake) 57
Comas Comas (Music & Words) 289 ATR
Combays Adeban (AZ) 175/176 ATR
Combette, Chris Salambo (Dèclic/Virgin France) 196 ATR
Combi, Bernat: Jan Dau Melhau & Combi Lo Diable Es Jos La Pòrta (Institut d’Estudis Occitans dau Lemosin) 253 ATR
Combo Bárbaro (Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro) Tradition In Transition (Tru Thoughts) 323 ATR
Combo D’Afrique (Louis Wasson &) Hemisphere (Tropical 2 Productions) 139/140
Combo Vacaná (Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacaná) El Rey Del Currulao (Otrabanda) 254/255
Combs, Cindy Slack Key Lady (Dancing Cat) 223/224
Combs, Cindy Sunny Rain – Guitar Solos (Dancing Cat/Windham Hill) 302/303
Comely Grace (Ulla Lindhardt &) Stormy Stillness (Grace) 256 ATR
Commander Cody see Cody, Commander
Commando Velvet Tongues (Nowyertalkin) 79/80 ATR
Commane, Gerard & Joe Ryan Two Gentlemen Of Clare Music (Clachan Music) 216
Committee Band, The Dance Music (Working Party) 170/171
Committee Band, The It’s About Time! (Working Party) 197
Common Thyme Masquerade (own label) 30
Commuters (Brad Shepik & The) The Loan (Songlines) 179 ATR
Compagnia Del Maggio Di Frassinoro (Pivari Trio / Compagnia Del Maggio Di Frassinoro) La Terra Che Mi Porta: Canti Sacri Popolari Di Tradizione Emiliana (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 273
Compagnia Di Musiche Popolari see Terrae (Compagnia Di Musiche Popolari)
Compagnia Strumentale Tre Violini Matuzine (Associazone Culturale Baraban/Il Gelso) 99
Compagnie Besson Épices (Nord-Sud) 245
Compagnie Chez Bousca Chants De Quête De La Période De Pâcques (Ocora) 94
Compagnie Chez Bousca Ethnograffiti (Silex) 106
Compagnie Chez Bousca Reveillez Car Voice L’Heure (AMTA) 59
Compagnie Djinn Dow: Vincent Zanetti / Compagnie Djinn Djow Siniya Na Kònò(Buda) 329/330 ATR
Compagnons Roulants Jan Senso Terro (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 216
Compania Flamenca (Juan Martín Y Su Compania Flamenca) Live En Directo (Flamenco Vision)
Compania Flamenca Alhama & Maria Serrano Viva Sevilla (Blue Flame) 157
Compania Sonadur Di Ponte Caffaro Pas En Amur (A.C.Baraban) 124
Companions Of The Rosy Hours Companions Of The Rosy Hours (own label) 110
Companions Of The Rosy Hours The Weavers’ Arms, Stoke Newington, London 95 L
Company Of Storytellers, The (Pomme Clayton, Ben Haggarty & Hugh Lupton)Midwinter Tales (own label) 87
Company, The (The Men They Couldn’t Hang / The McCluskey Brothers / The Company) The Town & Country Club, London 44 L
Companyia Electrica Dharma “Sonada!” (Mondicor) 226
Comrade Fatso House Of Hunger (Magamba) 304 ATR
Concert Consort Coelin Concert Consort Coelin (Zeitgleich Akku) 214 ATR
Concert For Gujurat Royal Festival Hall, London 214 L
Concert To Commemorate the 10th Anniversay Of The Death Of Dr Bill Lochnane, In Aid Of Somalia Relief West Country Hotel, Ennis, Co. Clare 115/116 L
Concertinas At Witney 114 L
Conde, Alberto: Alberto Conde Grupo Celtrópolis (Punteiro) 201 ATR
Conde, Gustavo Pazos [&] Esther Steenbergen Papas Celientes (Pan) 202
Conde, Mosi Kaira Kora Afrika (own label) 331/332
Condell, Sonny French Windows (HTD) 204
Condell, Sonny Someone To Dance With (STARC) 142
Condie, Jim Distant Cousins (Redberet) 250 ATR
Condon, Fuller: The Two Man Gentlemen Band Drip Dryin’ (Serious Business) 328 ATR
CongoBeat (Robert Maseko & The) African Keen (Afric Arts Music Connections) 251
CongoBeat (Robert Maseko & The) La Cremeria [RMCD 7768-1] 216
CongoBeat (Robert Maseko & The) Live At The Compass Club (Afric Arts Music Connections [DVD]) 274
Congos (The) & Friends Fisherman Style (Blood & Fire) 280 ATR
Congreso Medio Da (Mid-day): New Music From Chile (Arco Iris) 184
Congressman Of Dance Fairytale (own label) 62
Conjunto Alma De Apatzingan Music Of Mexico Vol. 2: Michoacan. Arribe Tierra Caliente!(Arhoolie) 144
Conjunto Alma Jarocho Son Jarochos – Music Of Mexico Vol. I: Veracruz (Arhoolie) 139/140
Conjunto Amistad (Johnny Polanco Y Su Conjunto Amistad L.A. Amistad (Tong Productions) 178 ATR
Conjunto Bernal 16 Early Tejano Classics (Arhoolie) 190
Conjunto Bernal Mi Unico Camino (Arhoolie) 131
Conjunto Casino Montuno En Neptuno #960 (RealRhythm) 213 ATR
Conjunto Cespedes Flores (Xenophile) 184
Conjunto Cespedes Una Sola Casa (Green Linnet/Xenophile) 125
Conjunto Cespedes Vivito Y Coleando (Alive And Kicking) (Xenophile) 149
Conjunto Chapottin Valdes Quiquiriñao (Sono Cuba Musisoft) 209
Conjunto Clave Y Guanguanco Dejala En La Puntica (Enja) 177
Conjunto De Arpa Grande Arpex ¡Tierra Caliente! Music From The Hotlands Of Michoacan(Smithsonian Folkways) 281 ATR
Conjunto De Humberto Cané Cané Llegó La Rumba (Tumbao) 262 ATR
Conjunto Folklórico Nacional De Cuba, with Lázaro Ros Música Yoruba (Bembé) 199/200
Conjunto Jardin Floreando (Trova) 238
Conjunto Jardin Nuevo Son Jarocho (Trova) 196 ATR
Conjunto Jardin Yerba Buena (Trova Recordings) 302/303 ATR
Conjunto Nimala De Lalauah: Mil-Quinhento ‘1500’ & Conjunto Popombo De Nampula / Conjunto Nimala De Lalauah Saba Saba! (GlobeStyle) 117
Conjunto Popombo De Nampula: Mil-Quinhento ‘1500’ & Conjunto Popombo De Nampula / Conjunto Nimala De Lalauah Saba Saba! (GlobeStyle) 117
Conlon, Kevin Banjo The Irish Way (Sun) 141
Connacht Ramblers, The The Connacht Ramblers (own label) 137
Connecting Routes Out In The Open (Kebra) 180 ATR
Conneely, Coilín The Last Irishman (Sound) 244 ATR
Conneely, Mick Selkie (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 222 ATR
Conneff, Kevin The Week Before Easter (Claddagh) 70
Connell, Dudley & Don Rigsby Another Saturday Night (Sugar Hill) 222 ATR
Connell, Dudley & Don Rigsby Meet Me By The Moonlight (Sugar Hill) 196 ATR
Connemara Siren Song (Blix Street) 199/200 ATR
Connolly, Billy Humble Beginnings (Fab-u-lus) 242/243 ATR
Connolly, Billy Irish Heartbeat (Dover [single]) 93
Connolly, Billy: Various Billy Connolly’s Musical Tour Of New Zealand (Pure) 263
Connolly, Johnny An Mileoidean Scaoilte (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 263
Connolly, Johnny Drioball Na Fainleoige (The Swallow’s Tail) (Cló Iar Chonnachta) 182/183
Connolly, Johnny B. Bridgetown (Green Linnet) 226
Connolly, Johnny Óg & Brian McGrath Dreaming Up The Tunes (Cló Iar Chonnachta) 182/183
Connolly, Johnny Óg (Charlie Lennon &) Dusk Till Dawn (WorldMusic) 234 ATR
Connolly, Kevin Kevin Connolly (Eastern Front) 94
Connolly, Kevin Little Town (Eastern Front) 144
Connolly, Kevin My, My, My (Eastern Front) 127/128
Connolly, Martin: Martin & Maureen Glyn Connolly Back To Brooklyn (Kincora) 206/207
Connolly, Maureen Glyn: Martin & Maureen Glyn Connolly Back To Brooklyn (Kincora) 206/207
Connolly, Rita Amiens (Tara [single]) 115/116
Connolly, Rita Rita Connolly (Tara) 115/116
Connolly, Rita Tivoli Theatre, Dublin 129 L
Connolly, Rita Valparaiso (Tara) 154 ATR
Connolly, Séamus (Paddy O’Brien &) The Banks Of The Shannon (Green Linnet) 130
Connolly, Séamus: Joe Derrane, Séamus Connolly, John McGann The Boston Edge(Mapleshade) 263
Connolly, Séamus: Kenny Baker/ Michael Doucet/Séamus Connolly/Joe Cormier/Claude Williams/Alison Krauss Masters Of The Folk Violin (Arhoolie) 129 ATR
Connor, Joanna Big Girl Blues (Ruf) 170/171 ATR
Connors, Stompin’ Tom see Stompin’ Tom
Conolly, John & Bill Meek The Singing River: Songs by John Conolly and Bill Meek(Humberside Leisure Services) 27 P
Conolly, John & Rational Anthem Bookworm Boogie (Humberside Libraries [single]) 76
Conrad, Wendy Ghosts That Aren’t Mine [GohGirl 1] 192 ATR
Conroy, Anne (Geraldine MacGowan &) Winds Of Change (Tara) 52
Conroy, Bob (Dan Miller &) The Irish In America (Folk Legacy) 221 ATR
Conservatoire Folk Ensemble: Joe Broughton’s Conservatoire Folk EnsembleSardines (own label) 321 ATR
Conservatoire Na-Sheng-She Chine: Nan-Kouan Vol. 1 (Ocora) 76
Considine, Mike (Brendyn Montgomery &) Mountain Air (own label) 238 ATR
Consolers, The Give Me Flowers/Heart Warming Spirituals (Ace) 120 ATR
Constantinople Terra Nostra (ATMA Classique) 294 ATR
Conte, Pat American Songs With Fiddle And Banjo (Jalopy) 336 ATR
Conte, Pat Gravest Hits (Susquehanna Hat) 293 ATR
Conte, Patrice Galoubet (Cinq Planètes) 239
Conti, Laura & Eivadòr Nòse Amor (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 293
Contraband Both Sides Of The Coin (Forest Tracks) 17 (SR)
Contradanza Mar De Fondo (Galileo) 253 ATR
Contradanza Meridional (Nufolk) 281 ATR
Conundrum: Bert Jansch Conundrum Thirteen Down (Acoustic Music) 337 ATR
Conundrum: Bert Jansch Conundrum Thirteen Down (Kicking Mule) 187/188 ATR
Conundrum: Bert Jansch Conundrum Thirteen Down (Sonet) 6 (SR)
Conundrum: Jansch, Bert Conundrum – BBC Radio 1 ‘Live In Concert’ (Windsong) 126 ATR
Conway, Brian Consider The Source (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 313 ATR
Conway, Brian First Through The Gate (Smithsonian Folkways) 235/236
Conway, Brian: Joanie Madden, Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey & Brendan DolanPride Of New York (Compass) 317/318 ATR
Conway, Chris Earth Rising (A New Day) 201 ATR
Conway, Chris Flying Home (Oblong) 158/159 ATR
Conway, Chris Storming (Oblong Music) 186 ATR
Conway, Gerry: Jacqui McShee, Gerry Conway, Spencer Cozens About Thyme (GJS) 148
Conway, Robert Stories From Cobbs Hill (Dynamic Recording) 34 ATR
Conway, Zoë The Horse’s Tail (Tara) 290/291
Cooder, Ry Alamo Bay (Slash Import) 27
Cooder, Ry Blue City (Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Warner Bros.) 39
Cooder, Ry Bop Til You Drop (Warner Bros) 2 (SR)
Cooder, Ry Chávez Ravine (Nonesuch) 265
Cooder, Ry Crossroads (Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Warner Bros.) 39
Cooder, Ry Get Rhythm (Warner Brothers) 55
Cooder, Ry I, Flathead (Nonesuch) 302/303
Cooder, Ry Music By Ry Cooder (Warner Bros) 148
Cooder, Ry My Name Is Buddy (Pero Verde/Nonesuch) 285
Cooder, Ry Pull Up Some Dust And Sit Down (Nonesuch) 340
Cooder, Ry The Slide Area (Warner Bros) 13 ATR (SR)
Cooder, Ry Trespass – Original Motion Picture Score (Sire/Warner Bros) 119
Cooder, Ry Why Don’t You Try Me Tonight? – The Best Of Ry Cooder (Warner Bros.) 41
Cooder, Ry Brighton Centre 61 L
Cooder, Ry & David Lindley Hammersmith Odeon, London 87 L
Cooder, Ry & Manuel Galban Mambo Sinuendo (Nonesuch/East West) 235/236
Cooder, Ry & V.M. Bhatt A Meeting By The River (Water Lily Acoustics) 119
Cooder, Ry (Ali Farka Toure &) Talking Timbuktu (World Circuit) 130
Cooder, Ry: Rising Sons Rising Sons Featuring Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder (Columbia/Legacy) 121
Cooder, Ry: The Chieftains Featuring Ry Cooder San Patricio (Concord) 321
Cooder, Ry: The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band featuring Ry Cooder Vol. 1 (Edsel) 203 ATR
Cook, Drummond: Drummond Cook’s Scottish Country Dance Band Scottish Dances Vol. 6 (Highlander Music) 189 ATR
Cooke, Sam & The Soul Stirrers In The Beginning (Ace) 82
Cooking For Brides Cooking For Brides (own label) 170/171
Cooking Vinyl Promotional Day Sir George Robey, London 50 L
Cookman, Brian I Got Them Jug Band Blues (Mummer) 126 ATR
Cookman, Brian Jack’s Return Home (Mummer) 45 ATR
Cooksey, Robert: Leecan & Cooksey Vols 1 And 2 Complete Recordings 1924-28(Document) 141
Cool, Mark & The Folk Stars Introducing Mark Cool & The Folk Stars (Folk Star) 301 ATR
Cool Crooners Of Bulawayo, The Blue Sky (Globe Music/Sony) 225
Coolea Choir see Cóir Chúil Aodha
Cooley, Spade Shame On You (Bloodshot Soundies) 193 ATR
Coomans, Vera & Philip Hoessen Theater Reynaert, Leuven, Belgium 170/171 L
Coomans, Vera: Robb Johnson, Roy Bailey, Vera Coomans, Koen De Cauter Gentle Men (Irregular) 179
Cooney, Michael: Joe Burke, Michael Cooney & Terry Corcoran Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part (Green Linnet) 48 ATR
Cooney, Steve & Seamus Begley The Sanctuary, Cruises Bar, Ennis, Co. Clare 139/140 L
Coop, Maio: Gumbezarte & Maio Coop Camba Mas (Lusafrica) 191
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson A Garland Of Carols (No Masters) 187/188
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson As If… (No Masters) 324
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Falling Slowly (No Masters Co-Operative) 162
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Funny Old World (No Masters Voice) 127/128
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Here (No Masters [single]) 151/152
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Hindsight (No Masters) 179
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Triple Echo (No Masters) 266/267
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Twenty-Four Seven (No Masters) 232
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Where You Belong: A Song Cycle For Belper (No Masters) 198
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Electric Theatre, Guildford 180 L
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson/Wereldkoor Wak Maar Proper Christmas Truce/Kerstbestand (No Masters) 218/219
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson (Panta Rhei / Coope, Boyes & Simpson)Passchendaele Suite (No Masters) 165
Coope, Barry: Coope, Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Voices At The Door: Midwinter Songs & Carols (No Masters Co-operative) 285
Coope, Barry, Jim Boyes, Lester Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Fire And Sleet And Candlelight: Regional And Historical Carols (No Masters) 247/248
Cooper, J.J.: Orientation / J.J. Cooper’s Liquid Lounge Bosporus Bridge (Pantongue) 165 ATR
Cooper, Jimmy In Concert (Forest Tracks) 68
Cooper, Mike Do I Know You?/Trout Steel (Beat Goes On) 160 ATR
Cooper, Mike Island Songs (Nato) 160
Cooper, Mike Live From Papa Madeo (LTR – German Import) 15 (SR)
Cooper, Mike Metal Box (Rossbin Productions) 270
Cooper, Mike Paper And Smoke (Sanctuary) 213 ATR
Cooper, Mike Places I Know/Machine Gun Company (Beat Goes On) 160 ATR
Cooper, Mike & Cyril Lefebvre Aveklei Uptowns Hawaiians (Chabada) 56
Cooper, Mike & Ian A. Anderson The Continuous Preaching Blues (Appaloosa) 27; 166
Cooper, Mike & Viv Dogan Corringham Avant Roots (Mash) 130
Cooper, Mike, Leila Adu, Fabrizio Spera Truth In The Abstract Blues (Tracce/Rai Trade) 316
Cooper, Mike / Mike Makin Breedon Bar, Birmingham 74 L
Cooper, Pete All Around The World (Fiddling From Scratch) 84
Cooper, Pete English Fiddle Tunes (Schott) 281 P
Cooper, Pete Mel Bay’s Complete Irish Fiddle Player (Mel Bay) 157 P
Cooper, Pete The London Sessions (Big Chain) 262
Cooper, Pete The Wounded Hussar (Fiddling From Scratch) 129 ATR; 137
Cooper, Pete (ed. & compiler) Eastern European Fiddle Tunes (Schott) 297 P
Cooper, Pete & Richard Bolton Turning Point – Fiddle & Cello Duets (Big Chain) 228
Cooper, Pete: Cooper & Bolton The Savage Hornpipe (Big Chain) 275 ATR
Cooper, Pete (Holly Tannen &) Frosty Morning (Plant Life) 3 (SR)
Cooper, Pete (Peta Webb &) The Heart Is True (Heart) 45
Cooper, Phil & Margaret Nelson Across The Water [PP 004] 57
Cooper, Phil & Margaret Nelson Proud Lady Margaret [PP 003] 57
Cooper, Phil & Margaret Nelson The Only Dance We Know (own label) 157
Cooper, Quentin & Paul Sullivan Maypoles, Martyrs & Mayhem (Bloomsbury) 139/140 P; 150 P
Cooper, Ray Tales Of Love, War And Death By Hanging (Westpark Music) 323
Cooper, Wilma Lee Wilma Lee Cooper (Rounder) 14 (SR)
Cooper & Bolton The Savage Hornpipe (Big Chain) 275 ATR
Cope, Jonathan How To ‘Khöömei’ And Other Overtone Singing Styles (Wild Wind & Sound for Health) 258 P
Cope, Jonathan How To Play The Didjeridoo (Wild Wind) 235/236
Copeland, Johnny ‘Clyde’ Bringin’ It All Back Home (Demon) 34
Copeland, Johnny ‘Clyde’ Houston Roots (Ace) 62
Copeland, Johnny ‘Clyde’ The Crazy Cajun Recordings (Edsel) 190
Copeland, Johnny ‘Clyde’: Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland Showdown(Sonet) 34
Copeland, Johnny ‘Clyde’: Johnny Copeland Ghetto Child – The Houston Sessions(Indigo) 218/219
Copeland, Martha Complete Recorded Works 1923-28 Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 151/152 ATR
Copeland, Shemekia Talking To Strangers (Alligator) 234
Copeland, Shemekia The Soul Truth (Allligator) 275 ATR
Copeland, Shemekia Turn The Heat Up (Alligator) 182/183
Copeland, Shemekia Wicked (Alligator) 211/212
Copeland, Stewart [et al.] La Notte Della Taranta (Ponderosa) 273
Copeman, Andy & The Spelman Project Wind, Water & Metal (Eclectic) 261 ATR
Copley, Al & The Fabulous Thunderbirds Good Understanding (Bullseye Blues) 186
Copper, Bob A Song For Every Season (Coppersongs) 175/176 P
Copper, Bob Across Sussex With Belloc (Alan Sutton Publishing) 137 P
Copper, Bob Early To Rise (Javelin Books) 61 P
Copper Family, The *see also Young Coppers
Copper Family, The Coppers At Christmas (Coppersongs) 310
Copper Family, The Coppersongs (EFDSS) 57
Copper Family, The Coppersongs 2 &ndash The Living Tradition Of The Copper Family(Coppersongs) 149
Copper Family, The Coppersongs 3 – The Legacy Continues (Coppersongs) 189
Copper Family, The The Copper Family Song Book &ndash A Living Tradition (Coppersongs) 149
Copper Family, The Parcel Of Rogues Folk Club, Godalming 30 L
Copper Family, The: The Copper Family Of Rottingdean Come Write Me Down(Topic/Coppersongs) 222
Copper Family (The) & Guests Cecil Sharp House, London NW1 58 L
Copper Family (The) & Guests The Brighton Festival 241 L
Copper Family, The (The Kippers & The Coppers) Stanford Arms, Brighton 56 L
Copper Kettle Coal Rabbit (own label) 290/291 ATR
Coppin, Johnny (Laurie Lee &) Edge Of Day – A Seasonal Anthology In Words And Music(Red Sky) 79/80 ATR
Coppin, Johnny English Morning (Red Sky) 55
Coppin, Johnny Force Of The River (Red Sky) 129
Coppin, Johnny Forest And Vale And High Blue Hill (Rola) 22 (SR)
Coppin, Johnny Get Lucky (Starward) 14 ATR (SR)
Coppin, Johnny Keep The Flame (Red Sky) 259/260 ATR
Coppin, Johnny Line Of Blue (Red Sky) 31
Coppin, Johnny No Going Back (Rola) 5 ATR (SR)
Coppin, Johnny Roll On Dreamer (Red Sky) 43
Coppin, Johnny Songs And Carols For A West Country Christmas (Red Sky) 105 ATR
Coppin, Johnny The Winding Stair (Red Sky) 265 ATR
Coppin, Johnny & Mike Silver Breaking The Silence (Faymus) 294 ATR
Cops, Tom: My Two Toms Field Recordings/Two (Mole in the Ground) 285 ATR
Copshawholme Border Festival Borders, Scotland 102 L
Côr Cochion Caerdydd Sefwch A Chanu!/Stand Up And Sing! (War On Want) 64
Corazón De Son (María Ochoa Y) Asi Quiero Vivir (Blue Jackel) 213
Corbel, Cécile Harpe Celtique & Chants Du Monde (Keltia) 273
Corbett, Marcus Shabda (own label) 146/147
Corbett, Nigel: Lester Simpson, Nigel Corbett & Caroline Steen Standing In Line(Vredesconcerten Passendale) 263
Corbett, Tom Cloudless Blue Sky (Roundhole) 253 ATR
Corcoran, Mary: John Regan, Mary Corcoran, Paddy Glackin Let Down The Blade(Beaumex) 206/207
Corcoran, Terry: Joe Burke, Michael Cooney & Terry Corcoran Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part (Green Linnet) 48 ATR
Cordas Do Sol Terra De Sodade (Doçura) 259/260 ATR
Cordas Et Cannas Fronteras (Pintaderas) 203
Cordas Et Cannas Place Of Winds (Terra Nova) 165
Corday, Erin Butterfly Tattoo (Little Black Dress Music) 120 ATR
Corday, Erin Painted Door (Waterbug) 187/188
Corday, Erin Secret About The World (Waterbug) 154 ATR
Corde Oblique (Riccardo Prencipe’s Corde Oblique) Volantà D’Arte (Prikosnovenie) 298
Cordelia’s Dad 4 Songs (OKra [EP]) 117
Cordelia’s Dad Comet (Normal [Omnium in the USA]) 143
Cordelia’s Dad Cordelia’s Dad (Okra) 93
Cordelia’s Dad Double Live (own label) 337
Cordelia’s Dad How Can I Sleep? (OKra) 117
Cordelia’s Dad Road Kill (Scenesof) 158/159
Cordelia’s Dad Spine (Appleseed) 180
Cordelia’s Dad The Joy Fun Garden (Return To Sender) 126
Cordelia’s Dad What It Is (Kimchee) 233 ATR
Cordell, Larry: Larry Cordell, Glen Duncan & Lonesome Standard Time Larry Cordell, Glen Duncan & Lonesome Standard Time (Sugar Hill) 115/116 ATR
Cordes En Folie Ô Expresso (Cordes) 202
Cordner, Rodney & Jean-Pierre Rudolph One Of The Few (PGF Media) 229
Corgeron, Jean-Michel Accordeon Diatonique Hors Serie – Recueil De Tablature No.4: 48 Morceaux – Repertoire De Bal Breton (Trad Magazine [Book & CD]) 199/200 P
Corgeron, Jean-Michel (Bernard Lasbleiz &) Boest An Diaoul (Box Of The Devil) (Auche Libre and Dastum) 59 P
Coriandre La Marmita D’Òc (own label) 269 ATR
Cormack, Arthur Nuair Bha Mi Og (Temple) 23 ATR (SR); 115/116 ATR
Cormack, Arthur Ruith na Gaoith (Chasing The Wind) (Temple) 83
Cormier, J.P. [John Paul] Another Morning (Iona) 180 ATR
Cormier, J.P. [John Paul] Heart & Soul (Borealis) 197
Cormier, J.P. [John Paul] Return To The Cape (Main Tripp) 168
Cormier, Joe Chéticamp (Modal Pleinjeu) 247/248
Cormier, Joe: Kenny Baker/ Michael Doucet/Séamus Connolly/Joe Cormier/Claude Williams/Alison Krauss Masters Of The Folk Violin (Arhoolie) 129 ATR
Cormier, Joe: Joseph Cormier & Friends Old Time Wedding Reels And Other Favourite Scottish Fiddle Tunes (Rounder) 115/116
Cornbread Rough Blow My Blues Away (own label) 58
Corncrow Sweet Nightingale (own label) 333 ATR
Cornelius, Gary Mending Fences (One Man Clapping) 151/152 ATR
Corner Boys (Jack Burness & The) In Search Of The Handclap & Smile (Anchor) 184 ATR
Cornershop Presents Bubbley Kaur Topknot/Natch (Rough Trade [EP]) 258
Cornerstone Out Of The Valley (Folk Era) 134/135 ATR
Cornfield Perambulation Designer Stubble (Pedigree) 79/80
Cornwell, Sam Peninsula (Harbourtown) 95
Coro Gabriel Taxa (Accademia Popolare Gallurese) 172
CorOrchestra Cantarchevai Nadal Encara (In Concerto) (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 252
CorOrchestra Cantarchevai Pitoti (Amandla) 227 ATR
Corou De Berra Au Fil Du Temps (own label) 302/303 ATR
Corradi, Corrado (Rachelle Colombo &) Archedora (CNI/Ludos) 215 ATR
Correa Reis, Tania Maria see Tania Maria
Corrêa, Roberto Extremosa-Rosa (Viola-Corrêa) 239
Corrêa, Roberto Guitars Of Rural Brazil (Viola Correa) 227
Correia, Djalma: Costo De Brasil Nonato Luiz &ndash Djalma Correia &ndash Luiz Alves(Caju Music) 106
Corrie Folk Trio (The) & Paddie Bell The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell (Moidart) 173 ATR
Corries, The Bonnet, Belt & Sword (Beat Goes On) 149 ATR
Corries, The In Concert/Scottish Love Songs (Beat Goes On) 149 ATR
Corries, The Live At The Royal Lyceum Theatre / Sound The Pibroch (BGO) 198
Corries, The Strings And Things / A Little Of What You Fancy (BGO) 198
Corries, The The Compact Collection (Lismor) 59 ATR
Corries, The The Silver Collection 1966-1991 (Moidart) 112 ATR
Corries, The Those Wild Corries / Kishmul’s Galley (Beat Goes On) 165 ATR
Corrigan, Chris The Shadowed Gateway (own label) 290/291 ATR
Corringham, Viv & Peter Cusack Operet (Review Records) 218/219 ATR
Corringham, Viv Dogan (Mike Cooper &) Avant Roots (Mash) 130
Corritore, Bob (Dave Riley &) Lucky To Be Living (Blue Witch) 317/318 ATR
Corritore, Bob (Dave Riley &) Travelin’ The Dirt Road (Blue Witch) 295/296
Corroboree The South Bank, London 125 L
Corrs, The Forgiven, Not Forgotten (143/Lava) 163/164 ATR
Corrs, The Runaway (Lava [single]) 158/159
Corsi, Armando Duende (Officinae Artis) 230/231 ATR
Corsi, Armando Projecto Alma (Orange Home) 336 ATR
Cortes, José Luis Afrosalsa (Lusafrica) 208 ATR
Cortés, Juan see Duquende
Cortés, Miguel Angel Patriarca (Alula) 209
Cortes, Paco Calle Del Agua (Cambaya) 131
Cortese, Laura Acoustic Project (own label) 336 ATR
Cortese, Laura Hush (JAR Productions) 278/279 ATR
Corti, Jean Versatile (Mon Slip) 297 ATR
Corti, Nina & Her Musicians Royal Albert Hall, London 105 L
Corvus Gloves Of The Skin Of A Fish (Epona) 319/320 ATR
Corvus Corax Seikilos/Gaudia Vite Live (Staupa Musica) 269 ATR
Coryell, Larry Dragon Gate (Shanachie) 83
Cosgrove, Mark (Liz Meyer &) Regions Of The Soul (Strictly Music) 203 ATR
Cosgrove, Mark Flatpick Guitar ( video music workshops [CD-ROM]) 225 ATR
Cosmic Drone Cosmic Drone (own label) 247/248 ATR
Cosmic Sausages, The A Fist Full Of Sausages (own label) 193 ATR
Cosmic Voices Of Bulgaria Mechmetio (Intuition) 210 ATR
Cosmotheka A Good Turn Out (Highway) 11 (SR)
Cosmotheka Cosmotheka (Dambuster) 33
Cosmotheka Keep Smiling Through (BBC) 81
Cosmotheka Wot A Mouth/Liarty (Dambuster [single]) 32
Cosmotheka You Only Had To Ask! (Folksound) 230/231
Cosse, Ike Cold Blooded World (JSP) 210
Cosse, Ike The Lowdown Throwdown (JSP) 168 ATR
Costa, Angela Soul Disease (Plan) 168 ATR
Costa, Joe & Kikazaru Providence (own label) 325 ATR
Costa, Manecas Paraiso Di Gumbe (BBC Late Junction) 240
Costa, Manecas (Narf E) Aló Irmao (Falcatruada) 336 ATR
Costello, Éamonn (Cathal Clohessy &) Bosca Ceoil And Fiddle (Key Stone) 331/332
Costello, Elvis Spike (WEA) 70
Costello, Elvis: The Costello Show King Of America (Demon) 146/147
Costello, Elvis: The Costello Show King Of America (F. Beat) 34
Costello, Elvis: The Coward Brothers The People’s Limousine/They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me (Imp [single]) 27
Costello, Pat & Patrick Old Time Banjo ( video music workshops [CD-ROM]) 225 ATR
Costello Show, The see Costello, Elvis
Costo De Brasil Nonato Luiz &ndash Djalma Correia &ndash Luiz Alves (Caju Music) 106
Coteau Highly Seasoned Cajun Music (Rounder) 179
Cotgrove, Mark “Snowboy” see Snowboy
Cottars, The Feast (Rounder) 323 ATR
Cottars, The Forerunner (Rounder) 286 ATR
Cottars, The Made In Cape Breton (Greentrax) 247/248 ATR
Cottars, The On Fire! (Greentrax) 273
Cotten, Elizabeth Elizabeth Cotten (Vestapol Videos

) 151/152
Cotten, Elizabeth Elizabeth Cotten Live (Arhoolie) 22 ATR (SR)
Cotten, Elizabeth Live (Arhoolie) 187/188
Cotten, Elizabeth Shake Sugaree (Smithsonian Folkways) 275 ATR
Cotten, Elizabeth: John Fahey / Elizabeth Cotten John Fahey/Elizabeth Cotten – Rare Interviews & Performances From 1969 (Vestapol Videos

) 151/152
Cotter, Eamon Traditional Music From Clare (own label, via Claddagh) 162
Cotter, Geraldine Geraldine Cotter’s Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor (Ossian Publications) 28 P
Cotter, Geraldine Sinn An Piano: Playing The Piano Irish Style (Ossian) 174 P
Cotter, Geraldine The Green Book (Ossian Publications) 227 P
Cotter, Ken Blue Letter Day (own label [single]) 189
Cotter’s Bequest (Gavin O’Loghlen &) Singles And Samples (Locrian) 206/207 ATR
Cotton Belt Quartet: Woods Famous Blind Jubilee Singers / Cotton Belt QuartetWoods Famous Blind Jubilee Singers/Cotton Belt Quartet (Document) 155 ATR
Cotton, Chris I Watched The Devil Die (Yellow Dog) 269
Cotton, James Dealin’ With The Devil (Aim) 178
Cotton, James Live And On The Move (Sequel Nex) 90
Cotton, James Mighty Long Time (Antone’s) 97
Cotton, James Recorded Live At Antone’s Night Club (Antone’s) 67
Cotton, James Take Me Back (Blind Pig) 55; 61
Cotton, James, Junior Wells, Carey Bell, Billy Branch Harp Attack (Alligator) 96
Cotton, James: James Cotton Blues Band 35th Anniversary Jam (Telarc) 230/231
Cotton, James: Junior Parker, James Cotton, Pat Hare Mystery Train (Rounder [U.S.]) 85
Cotton, Sylvester & Andrew Dunham Blues Sensation (Ace) 249
Couch Lizards (Brian Kramer & The) No Regrets (Armadillo) 261 ATR
Couderc, Joseph Chanteur Du Ségala (Cordae/La Talvera) 335
Coughlan, Mary Ancient Rain (Mystery) 45
Coughlan, Mary Live In Galway (Big Cat) 162
Coughlan, Mary Love For Sale (Demon) 122
Coughlan, Mary Ride On/Cranes (Mystery [single]) 53
Coughlan, Mary Sentimental Killer (Eastwest) 111
Coughlan, Mary Under The Influence (WEA) 52
Coughlan, Mary: Mary Coughlan Band The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 47 L
Coulais, Bruno & Kíla The Secret Of Kells (Kíla) 322
Coulibaly [family] see Badenya Le Frères Coulibaly
Coulibaly, Adama Baba (Wanda) 293
Coulibaly, Cheikhou: Pape & Cheikh Mariama (Real World) 234
Coulibaly, Soungalo Dengo (Ethnomad) 225
Coulibaly, Yé Lassina Bamanankan (Buda) 263
Coulibaly, Yé Lassina Djembe Du Burkina Faso (Cinq Planètes) 239
Coulin, The Songs From Afar (Boomerang [single]) 79/80
Coulson, Tim Enchanted Shadows (own label) 73
Coulson, Tim Rumours Of Rain (own label) 78
Coulstone, Chris (Keith Christmas &) Red House (own label) 75
Coulter, Phil (James Galway &) Legends (RCA Victor) 169 ATR
Coulter, Phil (James Galway &) Winter’s Crossing (RCA/BMG) 190
Coulter, William & Friends Celtic Crossing (Gourd) 168 ATR
Coumba Gawlo Coumba Gawlo (Africando) 163/164
Coumba Gawlo Yo Malé (BMG France) 187/188
Country Dancing The Other Place (Royal Shakespeare Company), Stratford-upon-Avon 43 L
Country FM (Alan John Britton &) Everybody Is Linedancin’ (Keg) 170/171 ATR
Country Gazette Bluegrass Tonight (Flying Fish) 43
Country Gazette Hello Operator (Flying Fish) 106
Country Gazette Keep On Pushing (Flying Fish) 105 ATR
Country Gazette Strictly Instrumental (Flying Fish) 62
Country Gentlemen, The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Vanguard) 232 ATR
Country Gentlemen, The Country Songs Old And New (Smithsonian/Folkways) 89
Country Gentlemen, The Folk Songs & Bluegrass (Smithsonian/Folkways) 106
Country Gentlemen, The Going Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains (Smithsonian Folkways) 293 ATR
Country Gentlemen, The On The Road And More (Smithsonian Folkways) 222
Country Gentlemen, The Sugar Hill Collection (Sugar Hill) 151/152 ATR
Country Gentlemen, The The Country Gentlemen (Vanguard) 86
Country Gentlemen, The Yesterday & Today Volume 2 (Rebel) 57
Country Joe & The Fish Electric Music For The Mind And Body (Vanguard/Start) 75
Country Joe & The Fish The Collected Country Joe & The Fish 1965 to 1970 (Vanguard) 99
Country Joe & The Fish The Life And Times Of Country Joe & The Fish (Vanguard) 193
Country Joe: Country Joe McDonald Carry On (Shanachie/Rag Baby) 155 ATR
Country Joe: Country Joe McDonald The Best Of… (Vanguard) 193
Coupé Cloué Maximum Compas From Haiti (Earthworks/Virgin) 115/116
Couper, Margaret & Friends Laurie Davie’s Fiddle (Magnetic North) 114 ATR
Couper, Tommy The Piper’s Muse (Lochshore) 185 ATR
Courage Of Lassie Sing Or Die (Third Mind) 91/92
Courage Of Lassie This Side Of Heaven (Beggars Banquet) 134/135
Courou De Berra Maschi, Femmine Cantanti (Forrest Hill) 269
Courville, Sady: Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Bois-Sec Ardoin, Canray Fontenot & Beausoleil Voices Of The Americas: Cajun And Creole Music (Music of the World) 79/80
Courville, Sady: Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Canray Fontenot, Bois-Sec ArdoinCajun & Creole Masters (Music of the World) 158/159
Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks 1939-47 (Bear Family) 298
Cousin Grace Follower Of Fools (Blast Blitz [single]) 134/135
Cousins & Sons Blaze Away (own label) 126 ATR
Cousins, Dave & Brian Willoughby Old School Songs (Road Goes On Forever) 115/116
Coute Diomboulou Band (Jali Fily Cissokho With His Coute Diomboulou Band)Doumajoulo (Kaira Arts) 294
Coutinho, Ana Eyes Never Lie (Nightowl) 131 ATR
Couvez, Remy Propos Insolites (Buda) 119
Couza, Jim & The D’Uberville Ramblers Appalachian Beach Party (Dragon) 118
Couza, Jim Angels Hoverin’ Round (Folktracks) 17 (SR)
Couza, Jim Brightest And Best (Greenwich Village) 16 (SR)
Couza, Jim Friends And Neigbours (Greenwich Village) 21 ATR (SR)
Couza, Jim Music For The Hammered Dulcimer (Saydisc) 103/104
Couza, Jim Out Of The Shadowlands (Folksound) 144
Couza, Jim The Enchanted Valley (Saydisc) 19 (SR)
Cow Feeding Time Cow Feeding Time (Trikont) 238 ATR
Cowan, Debra Dad’s Dinner Pail… (Falling Mountain Music) 270
Cowan, Debra Fond Desire Farewell (Falling Mountain Music) 317/318
Cowan, John John Cowan (Sugar Hill) 208 ATR
Cowan, Jude see Jude
Coward Brothers, The (Elvis Costello & T-Bone Burnette) The People’s Limousine/They’ll Never Take Her Love From Me (Imp [single]) 27
Cowboy Celtic (David Wilkie &) Cowboy Ceilidh (Centrefire Music) 177 ATR
Cowboy Celtic (David Wilkie &) Cowboy Ceilidh (Red House) 185
Cowboy Celtic (David Wilkie &) Cowboy Celtic Collection (Passion Music) 211/212 ATR
Cowboy Celtic (David Wilkie &) The Drover Road (Shanachie) 223/224
Cowboy Junkies Black Eyed Man (RCA) 108
Cowboy Junkies Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis) (Cooking Vinyl [EP]) 76 ; 78
Cowboy Junkies Sweet Jane (Cooking Vinyl [single]) 74
Cowboy Junkies The Trinity Sessions (Cooking Vinyl) 71
Cowell, Allan So They Said (PM Productions) 309 ATR
Cowell, Allan (Paul Curran &) Shanghaied (own label) 292 ATR
Cowie, Billy Kaburga Kafesinde Kus (Bird In A Ribcage) (Divas) 187/188 ATR
Cowie, Charlie Unsquare Dance (Lismor) 107
Cowie, Elspeth Naked Voice (Scotfolk) 211/212
Cowlan, Paul F. Caught At The Crossroads (Brambus) 185 ATR
Cowlan, Paul F. Second Class Hotel (Brambus) 83
Cowlan, Paul F. Walking To The Moon (Brambus) 151/152 ATR
Cowley, John & Paul Oliver (eds) The New Blackwell Guide To Recorded Blues (Blackwell) 165 P
Cowpokes, The Zamfir Ain’t No Guru (Circularphile) 81
Cox, Doug Canadian Borderline (Malahat) 139/140 ATR
Cox, Doug & Salil Bhatt Slide To Freedom 2 (NorthernBlues) 334 ATR
Cox, Doug & Friends BoneBottleBrassorSteel (Malahat Mountain Music) 167
Cox, Doug & Salil Bhatt Slide To Freedom (Northern Blues) 293
Cox, Doug & Sam Hurrie Hungry Ghosts (Northern Blues) 276 ATR
Cox, Harry The Bonny Labouring Boy (Topic) 214
Cox, Harry What Will Become Of England (Rounder) 204
Cox, Ida Complete Recorded Works 1923-38 (Document) 143
Cox, Ida Vol. 5 (1939-40) (Document) 198
Cox Family, The Everybody’s Reaching Out For Someone (Rounder) 123 ATR
Cox Family, The Just When We’re Thinking It’s Over (Asylum) 162
Cox Family (Alison Krauss & The) I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (Rounder) 134/135
Cox-Smith, Richard Blues For Ben Bison (ID) 57
Cox-Smith, Richard Fretwork (ID) 25
Coy, John Exposed Roots (own label) 87
Coy, John Who?! (own label) 25
Coyne, Eamon: Sean McNamara, Eamon Coyne, Peggy Peakin The Long Strand – Irish Fiddle Music From Liverpool (Veteran Tapes) 127/128
Coyne, Éamonn Through The Round Window (Compass) 235/236
Coyne, Éamonn & Kris Drever Honk Toot Suite (Compass) 285 ATR
Coyote, Nana Mofe (Second Time Around) (Khula) 297 ATR
Coyote Oldman Night Forest (Coyote Oldman Music) 168 ATR
Cozens, Spencer: Gerry Conway, Spencer Cozens About Thyme (GJS) 148
Cozian, Yan Yan Kozian (Cinq Planètes) 287
Crabtree, David & Dick Weissman Tours/Detours (Wind River) 240 ATR
Crack, The To Wake The Stone (Triskell) 170/171
Cracow Klezmer Band, The Remembrance (Tzadik) 298
Cragg, Steven EnTrance (New World Music) 191 ATR
Cragh, Séamus: Hammy Hamilton, Séamus Creagh, Con Ó’Drisceoil It’s No Secret(Ossian Publications) 220
Crai Nou Ensemble Romanian Flutes (Sunset) 326/327 ATR
Crai Nou Ensemble Romanian Pan-Pipes (Playasound) 170/171 ATR
Craicmore From Hill & Hoolie (Kilts On Productions) 319/320 ATR
Craicmore Somewhat Traditional Celtic Music (own label) 157 ATR
Craicmore Too Bad For Heaven, Too Good For Hell (own label) 228
Craig, Bill On The Left? (Pan) 48 ATR
Craig, Cathryn & Brian Willoughby I Will (Goldrush) 230/231 ATR
Craig, Cathryn Cathryn Craig (Goldrush) 174
Craig, Cathryn Pigg River Symphony (Goldrush) 222
Craig, Cathryn Porch Songs (Goldrush) 146/147
Craig, Moira: Craig: Morgan: Robson Hummingbird’s Feather (Reiver) 322 ATR
Craig, Moira: Craig: Morgan: Robson Peppers And Tomatoes (Reiver) 273
Craig, Moira: Craig: Morgan: Robson Stranded (Reiver) 292
Craig, Moira: Craig: Morgan: Robson & The Askew Sisters The Axford Five (WildGoose) 319/320
Craig, Moira: Emma Christian, Moira Craig, Michael Henry, Julie Murphy Celtic Songs Of Love (Beautiful Jo) 170/171
Craig: Morgan: Robson Hummingbird’s Feather (Reiver) 322 ATR
Craig: Morgan: Robson Peppers And Tomatoes (Reiver) 273
Craig: Morgan: Robson Stranded (Reiver) 292
Craig: Morgan: Robson & The Askew Sisters The Axford Five (WildGoose) 319/320
Cran Black Black Black (Claddagh) 181
Cran Cran (Black Rose) 204 ATR
Cranitch, Brid A Small Island (Ossian) 156
Cranitch, Matt Eistigh Seal (Gael Linn) 24 (SR)
Cranitch, Matt Take A Bow (Ossian) 137
Cranitch, Matt The Irish Fiddle Book (Mercier Press) 64 P
Cranitch, Matt The Red Book (Ossian Publications) 227 P
Cranitch, Matt, Dave Hennessy, Mick Daly Any Old Time (Mulligan) 14 (SR)
Cranner, Alf Som En Rose (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 263 ATR
Crannog Crannog (own label) 13 (SR)
Craobh Rua No Matter How Cold And Wet You Are, As Long As You’re Warm And Dry(Lochshore) 165
Craobh Rua Soh It Is (Lochshore) 169
Craobh Rua The More That’s Said The Less The Better (Lochshore) 139/140
Crary, Dan (Beppe Gambetta &) Synergia (Felmay) 223/224 ATR
Crary, Dan Bluegrass Guitar (Sugar Hill) 115/116 ATR
Crary, Dan Holiday Guitar (Sugar Hill) 178
Crary, Dan Jammed If I Do (Sugar Hill) 138
Crary, Dan: Dan Crary, Dick Fegy, Eric Thompson, Barry Solomon, Steve KaufmanFlatpicking Guitar (Kicking Mule) 5 (SR)
Crasdant Crasdant (Sain) 194/195
Crasdant Dwndwr – The Great Noise (Sain) 276 ATR
Crasdant Nos Sadwrn Bach – Not Yet Saturday (Sain) 223/224
Craven, Joe Django Latino (Crow Art/Compass) 286
Cravens, Red (The Bray Brothers with) Prairie Bluegrass (Rounder) 209 ATR
Craver, Mike Wagoner’s Tale (Sapsucker) 196 ATR
Cravitz, Ilana Klezmer Fiddle: A How-To Guide (Oxford University Press) 316 P
Crawford, Jack Pride Of The Season (WildGoose) 309
Crawford, Jim On The Melodeon (Springthyme) 123
Crawford, Kevin ‘D’ Flute Album (Green Linnet) 157
Crawford, Kevin In Good Company (Green Linnet) 217
Crawford, Kevin, P.J. King & Martin O’Malley Raise The Rafters (Celtic Prime Leisure) 161
Crawford Seeger, Ruth The Music Of American Folk Song And Selected Other Writings On American Folk Music (University of Rochester Press) 251 P
Crawl (Mike Morgan & The) Mighty Fine Dancin’ (Black Top) 103/104
Crawl (Mike Morgan & The) The Road (Black Top) 184 ATR
Cray, Robert I Hate Taxes (Mercury [single]) 130
Cray, Robert I Was Warned (Mercury) 112
Cray, Robert Midnight Stroll (Phonogram) 88
Cray, Robert Shame And A Sin (Mercury) 126
Cray, Robert Shoulda Been Home (Ryko) 216
Cray, Robert Strong Persuader (Mercury) 43
Cray, Robert Twenty (Sanctuary) 268 ATR
Cray, Robert: Albert Collins, Robert Cray, Johnny Copeland Showdown (Sonet) 34
Cray, Robert: Robert Cray Band Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark (Mercury) 64
Cray, Robert: Robert Cray Band False Accusations (Demon) 29
Cray, Robert: Robert Cray Band Limit Club, Sheffield 31 L
Cray, Robert: Robert Cray Band Some Rainy Morning (Mercury) 145
Cray, Robert: Robert Cray Band Sweet Potato Pie (Mercury) 169
Cray, Robert: Robert Cray Band Take Your Shoes Off (Rykodisc) 191
Cray, Robert: Robert Cray Band Who’s Been Talking (Charly) 42
Cré Tonnerre Tempête En Mare (Black Coffee) 270 ATR
Creagh, Séamus & Aidan Coffey Séamus Creagh & Aidan Coffey (Ossian) 196
Creagh, Séamus Came The Dawn (Ossian) 156
Creasey, Sharon: Cyril Maguire (transcriptions by Sharon Creasey) Hidden Fermanagh: Traditional Music And Song From County Fermanagh (Fermanagh Traditional Music Society) 250 P
Crehan, Dermot & Paul Honey Toss The Feathers (Tess) 321
Crentsil, AB Tantie Alaba (Earthworks/Rough Trade) 23 ATR (SR)
Crentsil, AB (Sweet Talks featuring) Adam & Eve (Ashanti) 211/212 ATR
Creole Belles, The The Creole Belles (Arhoolie) 302/303
Creole Choir Of Cuba, The Tande-La (Real World) 333
Crépillon, Pierre & Laurent Bigot Dreuz Kreiz Breiz (Keltia) 151/152
Crespo, Rey Y Su Salsa Conga Loca Salsa Conga Loca (Arc Music) 251 ATR
Criara Behind The Sky (EMI Premier) 167 ATR
Cripps, Geoff & Louisa Rugg Icarus (Steam Pie) 26
Crisis (Jon Moore’s Crisis) Mill Arts Centre, Banbury, Oxon 70 L
Crispi, Mario Arenaria (Suono) 335
Crispi, Mario Soffi (CousCous) 211/212 ATR
Critchlow, Slim Cowboy Songs ‘The Crooked Trail To Holbrook’ (Arhoolie) 194/195 ATR
Critics Group, The Sweet Thames Flow Softly (Vocalion) 286
Critton Hollow String Band, The Augusta Concert (SCS) 51
Critton Hollow String Band, The By And By (Flying Fish) 38
Croce, Jim Home Recordings (High Coin) 274 ATR
Croce, Jim & Ingrid Bombs Over Puerto Rico (Bear Family) 158/159
Crockett, David (Stovepipe No. 1 &) Complete Recorded Works 1924-30 (Document) 139/140 ATR
Croft No. Five Attention All Personnel (Footstompin’) 223/224 ATR
Croft No. Five Talk Of The Future (Planet Five) 257 ATR
Crofut, Bill: The Crofut Consort Bartok And Kodaly (Albany) 102
Crofut, Bill & Alastair Reid Child’s Song (Albany) 107 ATR
Crofut, Bill (Julianne Baird &) Lullabies And Dances (Albany) 102
Croker, Brendan & Guy Fletcher On The Big Hill (Silverstone) 70
Croker, Brendan & Steve Phillips with Mark Knopfler The Acoustic Room, The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 54 L
Croker, Brendan & The 5 O’Clock Shadows A Close Shave (Unamerican Activities) 33
Croker, Brendan & The 5 O’Clock Shadows Boat Trips In The Bay (Red Rhino) 49
Croker, Brendan & The 5 O’Clock Shadows Brendan Croker & The 5 O’Clock Shadows(Silvertone) 78
Croker, Brendan & The 5 O’Clock Shadows Harlesden Mean Fiddler, London 32 L
Croker, Brendan No Money At All (Silvertone [single]) 79/80
Croker, Brendan Not Just A Hillbilly… More Like A Best Of (Essential) 202
Croker, Brendan The Great Indoors (Silvertone) 102
Croker, Brendan There’s Come A Day/All ‘Round Town (Silvertone [single]) 105
Croker, Brendan Wrong Decision (Silvertone [single]) 76
Cromie, Daniel At The Water’s Edge (New Weave) 129 ATR
Cromlech Igam-Ogam (Sain) 15 (SR)
Crommen, Thierry (Jacques Stotzem &) Different Ways (Acoustic Music) 167 ATR
Crommie, Daniel Chrysanthemum (New Weave) 126 ATR
Crommie, Daniel The Feast Of Saturnalia (New Weave) 151/152 ATR
Crompton, Carrie Angel’s Draught (Hepetica) 33 ATR
Crompton, Carrie Princess Royal (Hepatica Music) 27
Cromwell, Shaun Folk-Worn Prose (Melon Patch) 335 ATR
Cronshaw, Andrew & Ian Blake St. Neots Folk Club, Cambs. 49 L
Cronshaw, Andrew & June Tabor The West End Centre, Aldershot, Hampshire 26 L
Cronshaw, Andrew Ochre (Cloud Valley) 257
Cronshaw, Andrew On The Shoulders Of The Great Bear (Cloud Valley Music) 201
Cronshaw, Andrew St. John’s Church, Edinburgh 52 L
Cronshaw, Andrew The Great Dark Water (Waterfront) 11 (SR)
Cronshaw, Andrew The Great Dark Water (Acrobat) 331/332
Cronshaw, Andrew The Language Of Snakes (Special Delivery) 126
Cronshaw, Andrew Till The Beasts’ Returning (Topic) 56
Cronshaw, Andrew: Andrew Cronshaw And… Purcell Rooms, London 38 L
Crook, Jennifer A Few Small Things (Get Real) 302/303
Crook, Jennifer Merry-Go-Round (Transatlantic Roots) 337
Crook, Jennifer: Jenny Crook & Henry Sears Chasing The Dawn (TransAtlantic Roots) 232 ATR
Crooked Fiddle Band, The Overgrown Tales (own label) 340 ATR; 341/342 ATR
Crooked Jack Just Twa Miles Fraw Auchertool (own label) 63
Crooked Jack Tomorrow Must Wait (Lismor) 129
Crooked Jades, The Shining Darkness (Jade Note Music) 302/303
Crooked Jades, The The Unfortunate Rake (Copper Creek) 229
Crooked Jades, The The Unfortunate Rake Vol. 2 (Copper Creek) 250 ATR
Crooked Jades, The World’s On Fire (Jade Note Music) 275 ATR
Crooked Still Hop High (Signature Sounds) 293 ATR
Crooked Still Shaken By A Low Sound (Signature Sounds) 283/284
Crooked Still Some Strange Country (Signature Sounds) 329/330
Crookfinger Jack (Greg Stephens &) The Beggar Boy Of The North (Harbourtown) 287
Crooks Live In Novosibirsk (Pan) 144 ATR
Crooks Million Dollar Band [Pan 112] 19 ATR (SR)
Crop-Over Festival Barbados 101 L
Cropredy 40 L; 112 L; 136 L; 234 L
Cropredy Fairport Convention Twentieth Anniversary, Cropredy 52 L
Croset, Pierre Jean Harmoniques Du Temps (Overtones Of All Times) (Ocora) 40 ATR
Cross, Andy (Maggi Dawn &) Something In The Atmosphere [RAS 107C] 98
Cross, Mike Carolina Sky (Sugar Hill) 115/116 ATR
Cross O’th Hands Maidens Prayer (Coth) 210 ATR
Crosscurrent Momentum (Focal Music) 270
Crossey, Darren Coming Home (New Folk) 247/248 ATR
Crossing, The Dancing At The Crossroads (Storyville) 139/140 ATR
Crosspulse (Keith Terry &) Keith Terry And Crosspulse (Redwood) 136
Crosspulse (Keith Terry &) Serpentine (Ubiquity) 197
Crossroads Back To Our Roots (Crossroads) 192
Crotty, Elizabeth Concertina Music From West Clare (RTE) 205
Crowe, J.D. & The New South Lefty’s Old Guitar (Rounder) 285 ATR
Crowe, J.D. & The New South Live In Japan (Rounder) 56
Crowe, Susan The Door To The River (Corvus) 172
Crowfoot As The Crow Flies (Lunar Canoe) 287 ATR
Crowfoot Footpath (Lunar Canoe) 311 ATR
Crowley, Chrissy Chrissy Crowley (Offshore Gael Music) 298
Crowley, Chrissy The Departure (own label) 328
Crowley, Jimmy (Jackie Daly &) Swindon Community Centre, W. Midlands 44 L
Crowley, Jimmy Jimmy Crowley (K-Tel) 88
Crowley, Jimmy Jimmy Crowley’s Irish Song Book (Mercier Press) 44 P
Crowley, Jimmy Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor (Gael Linn) 37
Crowley, Jimmy My Love Is A Tall Ship (DINI) 123
Crowley, Jimmy My Love Is A Tall Ship (Free State) 178
Crowley, Jimmy Some Things Never Change (Mulligan) 14 (SR)
Crowley, Jimmy Swansea Folk Club, The Coach House, Swansea 31 L
Crowley, Jimmy The Coast Of Malabar (Free State) 211/212
Crowley, Jimmy Uncorked (Greentrax) 186
Crowley, Pat & Johnny McCarthy Fool’s Dream (Dara) 185 ATR
Crows Crows (Dingles) 11 (SR)
Crows No Bones Or Grease (Dragon) 39
Crowther, Dai Funny Kinds Of Conversation (DanSing Music) 126 ATR
Cruachán Ride On (Hammerheart [single]) 218/219
Cruachán Tuatha Na Gael (Nazgul Eyrie Productions) 158/159
Crucible Changeling (WildGoose) 257
Crucible Crux (WildGoose) 270
Crucible Love & Money (Fellside) 300
Crudup, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Complete Recorded Works 1941-54 Vols 1-4 (Document) 129
Crudup, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Cool Disposition (Catfish) 192 ATR
Crudup, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup’s Rockin’ Blues (RCA) 32
Crudup, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Rock Me Mama (RCA) 250 ATR
Crudup, Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Roebuck Man – The 1970 London Session (Sequel) 113
Cruel Folk Love, Loyalty And Other Lies (Cruelfolk) 307/308 ATR
Cruickshank, Ian The Guitar Style Of Django Reinhardt And The Gypsies (from author) 48 P
Cruickshank, Ian with Pearl Django Swingin’ Spirits (Fret) 167 ATR
Crumb, Robert Institute Of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London 192 L
Crumit, Frank Mountain Greenery (ASV Living Era) 10 (SR)
Cruso, Carolyn Transformation (Blue Heron Music) 189 ATR
Cruz, Celia Introducing Celia Cruz (Vaya/Caliente) 67
Cruz, Celia Latin Music’s First Lady: Her Essential Recordings (Manteca) 275 ATR
Cruz, Celia Siempre Viviré (World Up/Epic) 211/212 ATR
Cruz, Celia Son Con Guaguanco/La Excitante (Nascente) 221
Cruz, Celia The Golden Years (Charly) 196 ATR
Cruz, Celia The Rough Guide To Celia Cruz (World Music Network) 265 ATR
Cruz, Celia & Willie Colon The Winners (Vaya/Caliente) 67
Cruz, Celia (Tito Puente &) The Very Best Of Tito Puente & Celia Cruz (Manteca World Music) 204
Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry (Razor & Tie) 189
Csík Zenekar Be Sok Esö, Be Sok Sár… (Fonó) 266/267
Csipás see Varga, Ferenc ‘Csipás’
Csókolom Dog Daze (Arhoolie) 281 ATR
Csókolom Ludo Luda/Fools Fancy (Arhoolie) 229 ATR
Csókolom May I Kiss Your Hand (Arhoolie) 189 ATR
Csurgó Zenekar Folk Music From Hungary (ARC Music) 300 ATR
Cuarteto Cedrón Piove En San Telmo (Le Chant du Monde) 263 ATR
Cuarteto Chanchullo Zambumbia (Alvarez Music) 216
Cuarteto Coculense The First Mariachi Recordings 1908-09 (Arhoolie) 187/188
Cuarteto Patria & Manu Dibango CubAfrica (Celluloid) 187/188
Cuarteto Patria A Una Coqueta (Corason/Rounder) 130
Cuarteto Patria Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 157 L
Cuarteto Patria (Eliades Ochoa Y El) Sublime Illusión (Virgin) 194/195
Cuban All Stars (Orquesta América &) Las Leyendas De La Musica Cubana: Chachachá, Bolero, Danzón, Guaracha-son (Tumi Music) 185
Cuban All Stars (Peruchin Jr & The) Descarga Dos (Lusafrica) 214
Cuban Jazz All Stars (Hilario Duran / Cuban Jazz All Stars) Killer Tumbao (Justin Time) 175/176 ATR
Cuban Son All Stars (Félix Baloy Y Su Cuban Son All Stars) Un Poquito De Fe (Tumi) 256 ATR
Cuban Son All Stars (Félix Baloy Y Su Cuban Son All Stars) Un Solo Amor (Tumi) 300 ATR
Cubanismo: ¡Cubanísmo! Mardi Gras Mambo: Cubanísmo In New Orleans (Hannibal) 208
Cubanismo: ¡Cubanísmo! Starring Jesus Alemañy Malembe (Hannibal) 169
Cubanismo: ¡Cubanísmo! The Very Best of ¡Mucho Gusto! (Hannibal-Rykodisc) 227
Cubanito 20.02 Soy Cubanito (Lusafrica) 256 ATR
Cubanito 20.02 Tócame (Lusafrica) 276 ATR
Cubs The Whispering Woods (Rusted Rail) 334 ATR
Cucanandy Contented Minds (Milky Way Music) 226
Cuellar, Jose see Dr Loco
Cuesta, Ivan Y Sus Baltimore Vallenatos A Ti Colombia (Arhoolie) 131
Cuffe, Tony Sae Will We Yet (Greentrax) 245
Cuffe, Tony When First I Came To Caledonia (Iona) 133
Cuffe, Tony When First I Went To Caledonia (Iona) 64
Cuig Prospect (Cuig) 210
Culburnie Showcase, The Edinburgh Folk Festival 168 L
Culley, Gary: Culley & Elliott Flight Of Dreams (Bluewater) 132
Cullivoe Band (The) with Willie Hunter Willie’s Last Session (Greentrax) 199/200 ATR
Cullivoe Fiddlers, The The Cullivoe Fiddlers (Shetland Arts Trust) 281
Culture Musical Club Bashraf: Taarab Instrumentals From Zanzibar (Dizim) 211/212
Culture Musical Club Shime! (World Village) 310
Culture Musical Club Taarab 4 – The Music Of Zanzibar (GlobeStyle) 75
Culture Musical Club Waridi: Parfums De Zanzibar (Jahazi) 251
Culture Musical Club Of Zanzibar (Taj Mahal Meets The) Mkutano (Tradition & Moderne) 261
Cumbia Ya! No Me Busques (Tarambana) 322
Cuminale, James see Colorblind James
Cumming, Jenna Kintulavig (Macmeanmna) 285 ATR
Cumming, John S. The Nightingale Code (from author) 37 P
Cuni, Amelia Danza D’Amore (New Earth) 181 ATR
Cuni, Amelia Morning Meditation (Navras) 228
Cuni, Miguelito (Felix Chapottin &) Los Señores Del Son (Sono Cuba Musisoft) 209
Cunich, Gianni (Daniele Biacchessi &) Il Folk Anglo-Celtico (Gammalibri) 19 P (SR)
Cuniot, Denis: Duo Peylet-Cuniot Musique Des Klezmorim Et De Leurs Descendants (Atoll) 105
Cuniot, Denis: Duo Peylet-Cuniot Musique Klezmer “D’Hier Et De Demain” (Of Yesterday And Tomorrow) (Buda) 124
Cunningham, Andrew 20 Golden Greats (Diversity [single]) 83
Cunningham, Andrew Right Or Wrong (B&W [EP]) 91/92
Cunningham, Deirdre City Of Tribes (Lochshore) 172
Cunningham, Deirdre: Deirdre Cunningham Band Cry From The Heart (Lochshore) 186
Cunningham, John & Phil Against The Storm (Highway) 5 (SR)
Cunningham, John & Phil Grimsby Folk Club 36 L
Cunningham, John Fair Warning (Green Linnet) 21 (SR)
Cunningham, John Thoughts From Another World (Highway) 12 (SR)
Cunningham, John: Phil Cunningham, Triona Ni Dhomnaill, Johnny Cunningham, Micheal O Domhnaill Relativity (Green Linnet) 26
Cunningham, Phil (Aly Bain &) Another Musical Interlude (Aditi Image [DVD]) 258
Cunningham, Phil (Aly Bain &) The Pearl (Whirlie) 138
Cunningham, Phil (Aly Bain &) The Ruby (Whirlie) 173
Cunningham, Phil Airs And Graces (REL) 23 (SR)
Cunningham, Phil The Palomino Waltz (Green Linnet) 81
Cunningham, Phil: Andy M. Stewart, Phil Cunningham, Manus Lunny Fire In The Glen(Topic) 39
Cunningham, Phil: John & Phil Cunningham Against The Storm (Highway) 5 (SR)
Cunningham, Phil: John & Phil Cunningham Grimsby Folk Club 36 L
Cunningham, Phil: Phil Cunningham, Triona Ni Dhomnaill, Johnny Cunningham, Micheal O Domhnaill Relativity (Green Linnet) 26
Cunningham, Scott see Golana
Cununa Carpatilor see Ansamblul ‘Cununa Carpatilor’
Cupido, Josefina One Woman One Drum (Sound & Language) 166
Curandero Arás (Silver Wave) 162 ATR
Curbelo, Ricardo El Delfin Del Orinoco (own label) 186 ATR
Curiel, Antonio see El Curi
Curl, Aimee: Knicely, Leath, Curl, Carlson The Melody Lingers On (own label) 334 ATR
Curlew Fiddle Music From Shetland And Beyond (Topic) 25
Curley, Clyde: Branch, Curley & Songer A Portland Play Along Selection (own label) 304
Curley, Clyde (Susan Songer &) Contra Dance Music From The Pacific North-West Vol. 2(published by authors) 277 P
Curley, Clyde (Susan Songer &) The Portland Collection: Contra Dance Music In The Pacific Northwest (Susan M. Songer) 227 P
Currach Farewell To Old Ireland (own label) 289 ATR
Curran, Ciaran: Bob Lennon, Séamus Quinn, Gabriel McArdle, Ciaran Curran Dog Big And Dog Little (Claddagh) 82
Curran, James & Danny The Wild Poet (Jackdaw) 84
Curran, Paul The Cow Ate The Piper (own label) 328 ATR
Curran, Paul & Allan Cowell Shanghaied (own label) 292 ATR
Curreri, Paul California (Tin Angel) 319/320 ATR
Currie Brothers, The Versatility (Astral Recordings) 139/140 ATR
Curro Malena Carbon De Cana (Ethnic) 157
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Curry, Nathan The Great Wave (Snowy River) 77
Curtin, Eileen An Draighnean Donn (Camus) 68
Curtis & Loretta Gone Forever (Haymarket Music) 193 ATR
Curtis & Loretta It’s Where you Hang Your Hat [HM 104] 151/152 ATR
Curtis & Loretta Just My Heart For You (Haymarket Music) 282 ATR
Curtis, Catie Catie Curtis (Ryko) 203 ATR
Curtis, Catie Truth From Lies (Ryko) 203 ATR
Curtis, Jayme Kelly In A Rushing Stream (PurrGirl Music) 202 ATR
Curtis, Martin Gin And Raspberry (Cityfolk) 20 ATR (SR)
Curtis, P.J. Notes From The Heart (Poolbeg) 205 P
Curtis, P.J. Notes From The Heart (Torc) 134/135 P
Curtis, Stewart: Stewart Curtis’ K-Groove Smoked Salmon Salsa (33 Records) 223/224
Curtis, Stewart: Stewart Curtis’ Klezmer Groove Too Loud For Dinner (Mabley Street) 153 ATR
Curtis, Tracey If The Moon Could Talk (Unlabelled Records) 262 ATR
Cusack, Peter (Viv Corringham &) Operet (Review Records) 218/219 ATR
Cusan Tan Yr Esgair (Sain) 160 ATR
Custy, Mary & Eoin O’Neill Linnanes, New Quay, Co. Galway 113 L
Custy, Mary & Eoin O’Neill The Ways Of The World (Claddagh) 114 ATR
Custy, Mary: Mary Custy Band Mary Custy Band (own label) 172
Custy, Tola & Cyril O’Donoghue Setting Free (Cló lar Chonnachta Teo) 156
Cut And Dry Band, The Cut And Dry #2 (Topic) 11 (SR)
Cuthbertson, Eric Walkin’ Stick (Pinemarten) 63
Cutler, Ian Slaughterhouse [SLP001] 229 ATR
Cutler, Ivor Gruts (Rough Trade) 37
Cutler, Ivor Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol. 2 (Speakout) 57
Cutler, Ivor Shaw Theatre, London 50 L
Cutshall, Eric Banjo Tunes And Tall Tales (Double Thumb) 160
Cutting, Andy *see also Two Duos Quartet, The
Cutting, Andy Andy Cutting (Lane) 326/327
Cutting, Andy (Chris Wood &) Chris Wood & Andy Cutting (own label) 96
Cutting, Andy (Chris Wood &) Knock John (RUF) 197
Cutting, Andy (Chris Wood &) Lisa (RUF) 115/116
Cutting, Andy (Chris Wood &) Live At Sidmouth (R.U.F.) 144
Cutting, Andy (Chris Wood &) Lusignac (RUF) 154
Cutting, Andy (Nigel Eaton &) Panic At The Café (Beautiful Jo) 196 ATR
Cutting, Andy (Nigel Eaton &) Panic At The Café (own label) 125
Cutting, Andy: Tweed & Cutting One Roof Under (Fyasco) 234
Cutting, Andy (Chris Wood & Andy Cutting / Nancy Kerr & Eliza Carthy) Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne 103/104 L
Cutting, Jennifer Ocean: Songs For The Night Sea Journey (Sunsign) 276 ATR
Cutting, John History And The Morris Dance (Dance Books) 277 P
Cutumay Camones De El Salvador Patria Chiquita Mia (Little Country Of Mine) (Flying Fish) 81
Cythara Cythara (Goldleaf) 120
Cythara Pluckin’ Hammered (Lochshore) 173 ATR
Czechomor Co Sa Stalo Nové: / What Happened Next: (Columbia [CZ]) 266/267
Czeremosz see Kumlyk, Roman

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