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Various 10 Corso Como (Irma) 262 ATR
Various 100 Canciones Cubanas Del Milenio (Alma Latina) 203
Various 100 Hot Rhythm & Blues Tunes From The R&B Years 1948 (Rounder) 262 ATR
Various 100 Hot Rhythm & Blues Tunes From The R&B Years 1949 (Rounder) 262 ATR
Various 100% Pure Double Concentré (Dakar Sound) 155
Various 10th Anniversary Collection (Atomic Theory) 144 ATR
Various 15 Down Home Gospel Classics (Arhoolie) 180 ATR
Various 15 Early Tejano Classics (Arhoolie) 180 ATR
Various 15 Louisiana Cajun Classics (Arhoolie) 169 ATR
Various 15 Louisiana Zydeco Classics (Arhoolie) 172 ATR
Various 15 Piano Blues And Boogie Classics (Arhoolie) 169 ATR
Various 15 Regional Music Classics Of Mexico (Arhoolie) 172
Various 15 Tex-Mex Conjunto Classics (Arhoolie) 172 ATR
Various 15 World Music Classics (Arhoolie) 170/171 ATR
Various 16 Down Home Country Classics (Arhoolie) 180 ATR
Various 1940s Vocal Groups (Document) 163/164 ATR
Various 1940s Vocal Groups Vol 2 (Document) 185 ATR
Various 1942-45 The R&B Hits (Indigo) 173 ATR
Various 1946 The R&B Hits (Indigo) 165 ATR
Various 1947 The R&B Hits (Indigo) 177 ATR
Various 1948 The R&B Hits (Indigo) 190 ATR
Various 1950s Gospel Classics 1950-58 (Document) 161
Various 19th Cambridge Folk Festival, Vol 1 (Design) 21 (SR)
Various 2 Folkfestival Gutenbrunn (Folkladen) 170/171
Various 20 Best Of Bluegrass: High Lonesome (Arc Music) 256 ATR
Various 20 Ways To Float Through Walls (Crammed Discs) 290/291 ATR
Various 20 Years Of Stony Plain (Stony Plain) 172 ATR
Various 2001 – A Folk Odyssey (Heideck) 221
Various 2004 Diaspora Music Village (Cultural Cooperation) 258
Various 2006 Roots & New (DixieFrog) 285 ATR
Various 20th Century Blues (Catfish) 203 ATR
Various 2008 Roots & New – For Blues Lovers (Dixiefrog) 300 ATR
Various 3:06 A Roots Album For Liverpool (Hillsboro’) 74
Various 30 Ans De Musiques Du Monde (PlayaSound) 278/279 E
Various 30 !!! Years Bear Family Records (Bear Family) 269 ATR
Various 30 Years – Bromyard Folk Festival (own label) 174 ATR
Various 30 Years’ Fidelity (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 262 ATR
Various 30 Years Of Stony Plain (Stony Plain) 283/284 ATR
Various 35 Years Of The Best In Bluegrass Music 1960-95 (Rebel) 174
Various 35 x 35 (Alligator) 283/284 ATR
Various 35th Festival Interceltique De Lorient (Keltia Musique) 277
Various 38e Festival Interceltique De Lorient (Keltia Musique) 323
Various 3rd English Fiddle Convention (John Howson) 56
Various 4 Blues Guitar Masters (Dixiefrog) 337 ATR
Various 4th And Beale And Further South (Ace Blues Masters Vol 2) (Westside) 180
Various 4th International Jew’s Harp Festival, Rauland, Norway, 2002 (Heilo) 287
Various 40ème Anniversaire Syliphone Vols 1 & 2 (Melodie/Syllart) 187/188
Various 60 Fiddlers: Nordic And Celtic Traditional Fiddle Music (Folkemusikkens Fælles Sekretariat) 277
Various 80s World Music Classics (Nascente) 335
Various 9th St Patrick’s Day Celebration Festival (Magnetic Music) 187/188
Various A Banjo Frolic (Frémeaux & Associés [DVD]) 329/330
Various A Beginner’s Guide To Traditional Scottish Music (Lismor) 137
Various A Bluegrass Gospel Songbook (Rounder) 336 ATR
Various A Brest La Jolie (Le Chasse-Marée) 106 ATR
Various A Celebration Of New Orleans Music (Rounder) 273 ATR
Various A Celebration Of Pipes In Europe (Keltia Musique) 105
Various A Celebration Of Scottish Music (Temple) 69
Various A Celebration Of Scottish Music Vol. 2: The West Highland Way Connection (SFF) 288 ATR
Various A Celebration Of The Music Of Gordon Duncan: Live Concert 2007 (Greentrax) 304
Various A Celtic Christmas (Saydisc) 163/164 ATR
Various A Celtic Christmas Sojourn (Rounder) 223/224 ATR
Various A Celtic Season (Windham Hill) 151/152
Various A Century Of Latin Music (Charly) 204
Various A Century Of Song (EFDSS) 185
Various A Clear Day’s Dawnin’ (Greentrax) 194/195 ATR
Various A Controversy Of Pipers (Temple) 18 (SR); 149 ATR
Various A Feast Of Scottish Folk (Alba) 34
Various A Festival Of Folk (Emporio) 156 ATR
Various A Festival Of Village Carols (Village Carols) 150
Various A Full Head Of Steam (own label) 208 ATR
Various A Georgia Folk Sampler (Global Village) 103/104
Various A Good Blow Out For Fourpence (Topic) 66
Various A Handful Of Riffs (Catfish) 193 ATR
Various A History Of The Portuguese Fado by Paul Vernon (Ashgate [book & CD]) 190
Various A Hurricane Of Novelties [credited to Various Irish Artists] (Magnetic Music) 134/135
Various A Jewish Odyssey (Putumayo) 214
Various A Journey To Bali (Playasound) 218/219
Various A Maria Teresa Vera (NubeNegra) 187/188
Various A Mighty Wind: The Album (Columbia) 249
Various A Musical Banquet (Saydisc) 117
Various A Musical Journey (Vestapol
) 174
Various A Musical Journey To Poland (WeltWunder) 201 ATR
Various A Népzenét I A Világzenéig 1: From Traditional To World Music (Folk Európa Kiadó) 336
Various A Népzenét I A Világzenéig 2: From Traditional To World Music (Folk Európa Kiadó) 336
Various A Népzenét I A Világzenéig 3: From Traditional To World Music (Folk Európa Kiadó) 336
Various A New Dawn: Uilleann Piping (Na Piobaire Uilleann) 205
Various A New Orleans Visit Before Katrina (Arhoolie) 300
Various A Night In Buenos Aires (Metro) 275 ATR
Various A Night In Istanbul: Traditional Ottoman Music Meets The Latest Turkish Beats(Metro Doubles/Union Square) 268 ATR
Various A Nod To Bob (Red House) 218/219
Various A Nod To Bob 2 (Red House) 340 ATR
Various A Putumayo World Christmas (Putumayo) 211/212 ATR
Various A Raga For Peter Walker (Tompkins Square) 286 ATR
Various A River Of Sound: The Changing Course Of Irish Music (Virgin) 154
Various A Selection From The Penguin Book Of English Folksongs (Fellside) 150
Various A Selection From The Penguin Book Of Folk Songs (Fellside) 33
Various A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues (Sequel) 110 ATR
Various A Song For Yarrow (Traditional Music) 110 ATR
Various A Story I’m Just About To Tell [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various A Story To Tell: Keith Summers In Suffolk 1972-1979 (Musical Traditions) 289
Various A String Of Sutartines (Kuku) 304
Various A Stroll Through The Park (Park) 192 ATR
Various A Taste Of Asia (Nimbus) 161
Various A Taste Of Classic Latin Flavours (Nascente) 199/200 ATR
Various A Taste Of The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto (Earthworks) 129
Various A’ The Bairns O’ Adam – Hamish Henderson Tribute Album (Greentrax) 249
Various A’ The Best (Sleepytown) 199/200 ATR
Various A Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh (Green Linnet) 214 ATR
Various A Touch Of Morris (Talking Elephant) 293 ATR
Various A Treasury Of Library Of Congress Field Recordings (Rounder) 175/176
Various A Tribute To Hank Williams (EMI) 119
Various A Tribute To Howlin’ Wolf (Telarc) 185 ATR
Various A Tribute To James “Yank” Rachell (Yanksville) 313 ATR
Various A Tribute To Oum Kalsoum (Institut du Monde) 313 ATR
Various A Warrior On The Battlefield (Rounder) 175/176 ATR
Various A Week In The Real World – Part 1 (Real World) 112
Various A Week Or Two In The Real World (Real World) 136
Various A Winter’s Solstice Vol. 3 [credited to Windham Hill Artists] (Windham Hill) 91/92
Various A Wizmak Sampler (Wizmak) 156 ATR
Various A Woman’s Heart (Dara) 118
Various A World Out Of Time (Shanachie) 108
Various A World Out Of Time Vol. 2 (Shanachie) 126
Various ABC Island Primer (Network) 225
Various Aberdeen Folk Club – A Celebration (City Arts [City of Aberdeen Library Services]) 118 ATR
Various Aboriginal Soul (Nascente) 325 E
Various About Indian Cannabis [FM 756] 170/171
Various Abruzzo – Italian Treasury – Alan Lomax Collection (Rounder) 222
Various Absolutely Live 1995 (Almavla) 155 ATR
Various Acapella Gospel Singing (Folklyric) 47
Various Accordeon Diatonique En Haute Bretagne (R.S. Keltia Musique) 26
Various Accordeon: Musette/Swing 1925-1954 (Frémeaux & Associés) 334 ATR
Various Accordéon: Musette Virtuoses Paris 1944-1954 (Frémeaux & Associés) 309
Various Accordeons: Breton Attitude (Keltia Musique) 250
Various Ace Story Vol 3 (Ace) 335 ATR
Various Achterhoekse Harmonikamuziek (Music & Words) 228
Various Acoustic And Electric Dance Hits From Malawi (Pamtondo) 110
Various Acoustic Arabia (Putumayo) 313 ATR
Various Acoustic Brazil (Putumayo) 264 ATR
Various Acoustic Edge (Rhino) 149 ATR
Various Acoustic Guitar Highlights (Acoustic Music) 149 ATR
Various Acoustic Guitar Highlights Vol 4 (Acoustic Music) 213 ATR
Various Acoustic Guitar Masters Vol. 1 (Acoustic Music DVD) 338/339 ATR
Various Acoustic Harvest (Folknet) 151/152 ATR
Various Acoustic Special (Shamrock) 141
Various Acoustic World: Flamenco (Coro) 311 ATR
Various Acoustic World: Ireland (Coro) 309 ATR
Various Across The Great Divide (Songs Of Jo Carol Pierce) (Dejadisc) 132
Various Across The Water – Music From England (Nimbus) 198
Various Across The Waters – Irish Traditional Music From England (Nimbus) 139/140
Various Adam Blew His Hat – Roots Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol. 5 (President) 172 ATR
Various Adeus & Aloha (Portuguese Heritage Of Hawaii) (Pan) 244
Various Advance Kusugar (Zimbabwe Hits – Vol. 3) (Discafrique) 68
Various Afghanistan Untouched (Traditional Crossroads) 246
Various Afghanistan/Songs Of The Pashai (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Afo ‘o e ‘ofa (Strings Of Love) (Pan) 182/183
Various Africa (Wrasse) 222 ATR
Various Africa – 50 Years Of Music (Stern’s/Discograph) 329/330
Various Africa-America Music From 19 Countries (Corason/Rounder) 130
Various Africa And The Blues-Connections And Reconnections (Neatwork) 215 ATR
Various Africa Calling (Real World) 280
Various Africa Calling – Live 8 At Eden (Warner Music Vision [DVD]) 271/272
Various Africa Crioula (Different World) 276 ATR
Various Africa Dances (Original Music) 72
Various Africa Fête (World Connection) 202 ATR
Various Africa: Music From Rwanda (Rounder) 199/200
Various Africa Nesque (React) 227 ATR
Various Africa Never Stand Still (Ellipsis Arts) 133
Various Africa North (World Class) 197 ATR
Various Africa On The Move (Music Of The World) 86
Various Africa Plays On (Because Music) 282 ATR
Various Africa Raps! (Trikont) 225
Various Africa Remix: Ah-Freak-Iya (Milan) 263
Various Africa Stand Alone (Mango) 161 ATR
Various Africa: The Ba-Benzélé Pygmies [Anthology Of World Music Series] (Rounder) 187/188
Various Africa: The Dan [Anthology Of World Music Series] (Rounder) 187/188
Various Africa: The Essential Album (Union Square) 245 ATR
Various Africa: The Music Of A Continent (Playasound) 154
Various Africa: The Women’s Voice (Manteca) 266/267 ATR
Various African Acoustic – Sounds Eastern And Southern (Original Music) 72
Various African Acoustic (Manteca) 208 ATR
Various African Acoustic [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various African Acoustic Vol.1 – Guitar Songs From Tanzania, Zambia & Zaire (Original Music) 72
Various African Angels (Amiata) 168 ATR
Various African Blues (World Music Network) 181 ATR
Various African Chill (Manteca) 226 ATR
Various African Elegant (Original Music) 117
Various African Garden (Lola’s World) 275
Various African Guitar – Audio-Visual Field Recordings 1966-1993 (Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop
) 149
Various African Guitar Summit (CBC/Les Disques) 261
Various African Guitar Summit II (CBC) 286
Various African Jazz ‘n’ Jive (Gallo) 292
Various African Lullaby (Ellipsis Arts) 201 ATR
Various African Moves Vol. 1 (Stern’s) 45
Various African Moves Vol. 2 (Stern’s) 79/80
Various African Moves Vol. 3 (Stern’s) 154 ATR
Various African Odyssey (Putumayo) 223/224 ATR
Various African Queens [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various African Pearls: Congo – Pont Sur Le Congo (Syllart) 324
Various African Pearls: Congo 70 Rumba Rock (Syllart) 304
Various African Pearls: Guinée 70 – The Discotheque Years (Syllart) 312
Various African Pearls: Malil 70 – Electric Mali (Syllart) 312
Various African Pearls: Sénégal – Echo Musical (Syllart) 324
Various African Pearls: Sénégal 70 – Musical Effervescence (Syllart) 312
Various African Rebel Music: Roots Reggae And Dancehall (Out Here) 280 ATR
Various African Reggae (ARC Music) 246 ATR
Various African Reggae (Putumayo) 312 ATR
Various African Renaissance, Vols 1-5 (Eagle) 205
Various African Rhythms (Manteca) 217
Various African Rhythms And Instruments Vol. 1 (Lyrichord) 97
Various African Rhythms And Instruments Vol. 2 (Lyrichord) 118
Various African Salsa (Stern’s) 194/195 ATR
Various African Salsa Rumba [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various African Scream Contest (Analog Africa) 299
Various African Solution (Label Bleu) 149 ATR
Various African Sunset – A Collection Of Songs, Singers And Sounds From Zimbabwe (CSA) 68
Various African Underground Vol. 1: Hip-Hop Senegal (Nomadic Wax) 259/260
Various African Voices (Narada Collection) 163/164
Various African Worldbeat (Eurostar) 101
Various AfricaVision (Buda) 275
Various AfricaVision Vol. 2 (Buda) 282
Various Afrika Meltdown (MELT 2000) 215 ATR
Various Afrique Dynamique (Nascente) 216 ATR
Various Afrique Parade Vol 4 (Bleu Caraibes/Melodie) 165 ATR
Various Afritanga – The Sound of Afrocolombia (Trikont) 337
Various Afro Baby (Soundway) 254/255
Various Afro Hyper Trance – In Nomine Patris (Napoli) 145
Various Afro-American Blues And Games Songs (Rounder) 197 ATR
Various Afro-Arabian Crossroad (The): Music Of The Tihama In North Yemen (Lyrichord) 23 (SR)
Various Afrobeat No Go Die (Shanachie) 210 ATR
Various Afrobeat Sessions (Union Square Music) 256 ATR
Various Afrofunk (Hurt) 189
Various Afro-Latin Party (Putumayo) 264 ATR
Various Afrolatin Via Dakar (Discograph) 338/339
Various Afrolatin Via Kinshasa (Discograph) 338/339
Various Afrolution Vol 1: The Original African Hip-Hop Collection (Afrolution) 273 ATR
Various Afro-Peruvian Classics: The Soul Of Black Peru (Luaka Bop) 150
Various Agent Du Monde Presents ‘The Marrakech Mission’ (Ocho/Union Square) 262
Various ¡Ahora Si! Here Comes Changui (Corason) 145
Various Aiguallum – Veus De La Diversitat (PEC Manresa) 317/318
Various Airs Of The Dog: Les Barker’s Words Sung Slowly (Mrs Ackroyd) 222
Various a.k.a. Dub – The Second Chapter (LUSH) 204 ATR
Various Akom: The Art Of Possession (Village Pulse) 206/207
Various Al Son Del Diableton (Cordae/La Talvera) 300
Various Al Tarab Muscat Ud Festival (Enja) 281
Various Alabama And The East Coast 1933-37 (Document) 156 ATR
Various Alabama Black Country Dance Bands (Document) 123
Various Alabama Black Secular And Religious Music (Document) 123
Various Alabama Stringbands 1924-37 (Document) 187/188
Various Albanian/Vocal And Instrumental Polyphony (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Alberta: Wild Roses, Northern Lights (Smithsonian Folkways) 282
Various Alexis Korner Memorial Concert Vol. 3 (Indigo) 155 ATR
Various Alfagurt Ljódar Mín Tunga – Traditional Music In The Faroe Islands (Tutl [+ book, pub. Føroya Skúlabókagrunnur]) 170/171
Various Algérie Collection 1: L’Officiel Du Raï (Night & Day) 250 ATR
Various Algérie Collection 2: Authentique Kabylie (Night & Day) 250 ATR
Various Algerie: Panorama De L’Oranaise 1937-46 (Buda) 225
Various All Aboard The Blues Vol. 1 (Errorcraft) 333 ATR
Various All Along The Wall (Fellside) 329/330
Various All Den Kärlek (Giga) 187/188
Various All-Ears Review Vol. 3 (ROM) 66
Various All-Ears Review Vol. 5: Cowboys, Lose Loves, New Moons (ROM) 81
Various All God’s Sons And Daughters: Chicago Legends (Shanachie) 196
Various All Night Long They Played The Blues (Ace) 119
Various All Original Cuban Studio Sessions [5 CD Box set] (Sono) 218/219 ATR
Various All Over The Map (Rounder) 160
Various All Round England And Back Again: English Customs And Traditions (Saydisc) 16 (SR)
Various All The Folk That Fits (Polydor Two-for-one) 10 (SR)
Various All Through The Year – A Calendar In Music And Song (Hokey Pokey) 105
Various All Verdens Folkemusikk (Grappa) 184 ATR
Various Alligator Records 25th Anniversary Collection (Alligator) 157
Various Alligator Records 30th Anniversary Collection (Alligator) 222
Various Allons Cajun Rock ‘n’ Roll (Ace) 111
Various Alma Del Sur (Narada) 131 ATR
Various (Almost) Everybody Slides (Sky Ranch) 111
Various Along The Coaly Tyne: Old And New Northumbrian Songs (Topic) 190 ATR
Various Altaï: Le Chant Des Montagnes D’Or / The Song Of The Golden Mountains (Buda) 325 E
Various Alus Dziesmas (Upe) 227
Various Always Lift Him Up: A Tribute To Blind Alfred Reed (Proper) 299 ATR
Various Aly Bain Meets The Cajuns (Lismor
) 161
Various Aly Bain Meets The Cajuns (Lismor) 70
Various Am I Black Enough For You? (Trojan) 259/260 ATR
Various Ambient Amazon (Tumi Music) 155
Various American Banjo Scruggs And Three Finger Style (Smithsonian/Folkways) 95
Various American Children (Alacazam) 83
Various American Fiddle Tunes (Rounder) 209
Various American Folk (Putumayo) 268 ATR
Various American Folk And Country Music (Bear Family [DVD]) 250
Various American Folk And Country Music Festival (Bear Family) 298
Various American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1967 (Bellaphone) 99
Various American Music In The Beginning (Rice) 265
Various American Primitive Vol. 1: Pre-War Gospel 1926-36 (Revenant) 174
Various American Primitive Vol. 2: Pre-War Revenants 1897-1939 (Revenant) 270
Various American Roots Music (Palm Pictures) 223/224
Various American Sea Songs And Shanties [The Library Of Congress Archive Of Folk Culture] (Rounder) 259/260
Various American Warriors (Songs For Indian Veterans) (Rykodisc) 172
Various American Yodelling 1911-1946 (Trikont US) 180
Various Americana (Putumayo) 293 ATR
Various Amour, Bananes & Ananas 1932-1950 (Frémeaux & Associés) 256 ATR
Various Amsterdam Roots Meeting (Milky Way) 68
Various An Bè Kelen/We Are One: Griot Music From Mali (PAN) 137
Various An Introduction To Amiata’s Secret World Series Vol. 1 (Amiata) 170/171 ATR
Various An Introduction To Bollywood: The Modern Era (Tiger Entertainment) 246
Various An Invitation to Windham Hill (Windham Hill) 34
Various An t-Eilean/The Island (Macmeanmna) 269 ATR
Various Analog Africa No. 5 – Legends Of Benin (Analog Africa) 314/315
Various Analog Africa No. 8 – Afro-Beat Airways (Analog Africa) 328
Various Anchored In Love: A Tribute To June Carter Cash (Dualtone) 293 ATR
Various Ancient Celtic Roots (Topic) 160
Various Ancient Civilisations Of Southern Africa (Arc Music) 264
Various …And Still No Hits (Nation) 172 ATR
Various …And That’s My Story (Vaughan Williams Memorial Library) 103/104
Various And The Craic Was Good (Débutante) 169 ATR
Various And The World’s All Yours (Debutante/Polygram) 163/164
Various And They All Sang Rosselsongs (Fuse) 271/272
Various And This Is Maxwell Street (Catfish) 211/212
Various And This Is The World Calling (Debutante) 194/195 ATR
Various And Who Knows Where The Thyme Goes (Debutante) 190 ATR
Various Andalucia Pilgrimage (Frémeaux & Associés) 271/272 E
Various Andalusian Flamenco Song & Dance featuring Carlos Lomas & Pepe De Malaga (Lyrichord)   23 ATR (SR); 97
Various Andanzas 2 (More Songs Of Latin America) (Northeastern) 118 ATR
Various Angels In The Mirror (Ellipsis Arts) 178
Various Anglo-American Ballads Vol 1 (Rounder) 191 ATR
Various Anglo-International (Folksound) 276
Various Angola 60s: 1956-1970 (Buda) 202 ATR
Various Angola 70s: 1972-1973 (Buda) 204
Various Angola 70s: 1974-1978 (Buda) 204
Various Angola 80s 1978-1990: (Buda) 216 ATR
Various Angola Prison Spirituals (Arhoolie) 246
Various Angola Prisoners’ Blues (Arhoolie) 162 ATR
Various Angola Soundtrack – The Unique Sound Of Luanda 1968-1976 (Analog Africa) 333
Various Another Saturday Night (Oval) 14 (SR)
Various Another Saturday Night: Classic Recordings From The Louisiana Bayous (Ace) 83
Various Anthems In Eden (Castle) 273
Various Anthologie De La Musique Bulgare: Vol. 2: Rhodope – Dobroudja (Le Chant du Monde) 163/164
Various Anthologie De La Musique Bulgare: Vol. 4: Pirin (Le Chant du Monde) 163/164
Various Anthologie De La Musique Bulgare: Vol. 5: Du Danube Au Balkan (Le Chant du Monde) 163/164
Various Anthologie De La Musique Du Niger (Ocora) 98
Various Anthologie Des Musiques De Bali Volume 1: Traditions Populaires (Buda) 145
Various Anthology Of American Folk Music (Edited By Harry Smith) (Smithsonian/Folkways) 174
Various Anthology Of Madeiran Traditional Music (Almasud) 191
Various Anthology Of Music From West Papua: Muo Reme – Dance Of The Cassowary: The Anceaux Collection (Pan) 244
Various Anthology Of World Music [series] (Rounder) indexed under individual titles
Various Antologia Del Son De Mexico – Anthology Of Mexican Sones (Corason Musica Tradicional) 129
Various Antologija Bosanskog Sevdaha 1 (Croatia Records) 317/318
Various Antologija Bosanskog Sevdaha 2 (Croatia Records) 317/318
Various Antologija Bosanskog Sevdaha 3 (Croatia) 325 ATR
Various Antone’s Anniversary Anthology Vol 2 (Antone’s) 107
Various Any Woman’s Blues (Rounder Heritage) 221 ATR
Various Anywhere On This Road [Sound Of The World Presents: Anywhere On This Road] (Warner Classics & Jazz) 326/327
Various Aparima Legendaires Des Mers Du Sud (Playasound) 113
Various Appalachia – The Old Traditions Vol. 1 (Home Made Music) 15 (SR)
Various Appalachia – The Old Traditions Vol. 2 (Home Made Music) 19 (SR)
Various Appalachian Journey (Vestapol Video) 186
Various Appalachian Picking Society (Windham Hill) 263 ATR
Various Ar Galon Digorr (Keltia [single]) 179
Various Arabesque Arba’a 4 (Mo’Zik) 304 ATR
Various Arabesque: Traditional And Folk Dances Of The Middle East (Global Village) 254/255
Various Arabesque Zoudge (React Most) 221
Various Arabia: The Essential Album (Union Square) 254/255 ATR
Various Arabia – The Women’s Voice (Manteca) 227
Various Arabian Travels (Six Degrees) 226 ATR
Various Arabian Travels 2 (Six Degrees) 254/255 ATR
Various Arabic Groove (Putumayo) 218/219 ATR
Various Archives De La Musique Turque (1) (Ocora) 166
Various Archives De La Musique Turque (2) (Ocora) 166
Various Arctic Paradise – Contemporary Folk Music From Finland, 2007 (FIMIC) 287
Various Argentine: Musical Patrimony Of The North-West Provinces (Playa-Sound Auvidis) 103/104
Various Argentine: Vals, Tango Et Milonga 1907-1950 (Fremeaux) 228 ATR
Various Arhoolie Records 40th Anniversary Collection: 1960-2000. The Journey Of Chris Strachwitz (Arhoolie) 211/212
Various Arise Rootsman: Jamaican Roots 1965-1983 (Trojan) 245 ATR
Various Arise, Rejoice And Sing [credited to Various Pubgoers] (Village Carols) 73
Various Arnhem Land (Larrikin) 142
Various Around The World In Twenty Tracks (WOMAD Special Editions) 139/40
Various Arriba La Cumbia! (Crammed) 306
Various Årsringar – (Svensk Folksmusik 1970-1990) (MNW) 91/92
Various Art Of Field Recording, Volume I: Fifty Years Of Traditional American Music Documented By Art Rosenbaum (Dust-To-Digital) 297
Various As Good As It Gets: Black Gospel (Disky) 204 ATR
Various As Good As It Gets: Bluegrass (Disky) 203
Various As Good As It Gets: Cajun (Disky) 211/212
Various As Good As It Gets: Country Blues (Disky) 202 ATR
Various As Good As It Gets: Folk (Disky) 216 ATR
Various As Good As It Gets: Hillbilly (Disky) 203
Various As Good As It Gets: Jukebox Blues (Disky) 204 ATR
Various As Good As it Gets: Rhythm & Blues (Disky) 216 ATR
Various As Good As It Gets: Skiffle (Disky) 204 ATR
Various As Good As It Gets: Western Swing (Disky) 205
Various As Me And My Love Sat Courting [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various As Senhoras Do Fado 1925-45 (Kardum) 179
Various Asian Garden (Soul Star) 254/255 ATR
Various Asian Garden 2: The World Of Asian Grooves (Lola’s World) 271/272 ATR
Various Asie Centrale – Traditions Classiques (Ocora) 163/164
Various Asmat Dream – New Music Indonesia Vol. 1 (Lyrichord) 118
Various Assemblées Gallèses (Coop Briezh) 211/212
Various Astor Piazzolla Remixed (Milan) 249 ATR
Various At The Court Of The Mwami (Sharp Wood Productions) 190
Various Athens To Andalucia: A Mediterranean Odyssey (Putumayo) 193
Various Atlanta Gospel (Document) 162 ATR
Various Atlante Di Musica Traditionale (Roots Music Atlas) (Newtone Roots) 150
Various Atomic Cafe (Rounder) 14 (SR)
Various Attac (UWE) 253 ATR
Various Au Bal Attilais – Creole Beguines From Martinique: Early Recordings Of Caribbean Dance Music (Arhoolie Folklyric) 117
Various Auld Lang Syne (Culburnie) 204 ATR
Various Auld Lang Syne (Linn) 189 ATR
Various Australia: Music From The New England Tablelands Of New South Wales 1850-1900(Auvidis/Unesco) 202
Various Austria: A Mosaic Of Music (Ocora) 218/219
Various Authentic Cajun (Delta) 281 ATR
Various Authenticité – The Syliphone Years (Stern’s Music) 289
Various Avalon Blues (Vanguard) 218/219
Various Awards For Folk Music 2004 (Manteca) 250
Various Awards For World Music 2005 (Manteca) 261
Various Àwon Ojisé Olorun: Popular Music In Yorubaland 1931-1952 (Savannahphone) 298 E
Various Ayombe! The Heart Of Colombia’s Música Vallenata (Smithsonian Folkways) 302/303 ATR
Various Azerbaijan/Traditional Music (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Baba Boom: Musically Intensified Festival Songs (Trojan) 256 ATR
Various Bachata Roja: Acoustic Bachata From The Cabaret Era (iASO) 299
Various Back Roads To Cold Mountain (Smithsonian Folkways) 263 ATR
Various Back To Barra (Barra) 269 ATR
Various Backwoods Blues (Document) 105
Various Badakhshan (Pan) 151/152
Various Badakhshan, Pamir: Chants Et Musiques Du Toit Du Monde (Buda) 202
Various Bagpipes Of Britain & Ireland (Saydisc) 157
Various Bagpipes Of Greece (Topic) 273
Various Bagpipes Of The Low Countries (Pan) 153 ATR
Various Bahamas: Goombay 1951-1959 (Frémeaux & Associés) 335
Various Bahamas: The Real Bahamas In Music And Song (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Bahamas: The Real Bahamas Volume II (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Baiao De Viramundo: Tribute To Luiz Gonzaga (Stern’s) 208
Various Baila Ceilao Cafrinha! – Sri Lanka (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Baishibai: Songs Of The Minority Nationalities Of Yunnan (PAN) 175/176
Various Bajan Beat Vol. 1 (Blue Vision) 115/116
Various Baker’s Dozen (Curlew) 333 ATR
Various Bali 1928, Vol I: Gamelan Gong Kebyar (World Arbiter) 325 E
Various Bali: Gamelan & Kecak (Nonesuch) 244
Various Bali: Gamelan Semar Pegulingan – Gamelan Of The Love God (Nonesuch) 244
Various Bali: Golden Rain (Nonesuch) 244
Various Bali: Les Grands Gong Kebyar Des Années Soixanté (Ocora) 145
Various Bali: Music For The Shadow Play (Nonesuch) 244
Various Bali: Traditional Musicians (A Suite Of Tropical Music And Sounds) (WDR World Network) 154
Various Balkan Fever London – Mind The Brass (Green Queen Music) 326/327 ATR
Various Balkanbeats (Eastblok) 266/267
Various Balkanbeats – A Night In Berlin (Piranha) 321
Various Balkanbeats Volume 3 (Eastblok) 302/303 ATR
Various Balkanica (Green Queen Music) 297
Various Balkanica v2 (Green Queen Music) 336
Various Balkans Without Borders (Omnium) 199/200
Various Ballads (Fellside) 167
Various Ballads & Corridos, 1949-1975 (Arhoolie) 317/318 ATR
Various Ballads And Songs Of Tradition (Folk Legacy) 204
Various Ballinasloe Fair: Early Recordings Of Irish Music In America (Traditional Crossroads) 182/183
Various Balling The Jack: The Birth Of The Nu Blues (Ocho) 227
Various Bamboo On The Mountains (Smithsonian Folkways) 206/207
Various Bananaticoco: La Guepe Vol 3 (Dare Dare) 198 ATR
Various Banda Polyphony (Unesco/Auvidis) 199/200
Various Bandera – Blues And Gospel From The Bandera, Laredo And Jerico Road Labels Of Chicago (Ace) 218/219 ATR
Various Bandolas De Venezuela (Dorian Discovery) 132
Various Banjo – An American Five-String History 1901-56 (Frémeaux & Associés) 314/315 ATR
Various Banjoes, Guitars & Fifties (Pamtondo) 262
Various Banklands, The Story Of Fellside Records (Fellside) 145
Various Banquet Of Boxes (Mrs Casey) 337
Various Banzoumana (Syllart/Melodie) 155
Various Bar Italia – Musica Organetto Dall’ Italia (Nascente) 206/207
Various Barbès Café Vol. 1 – Temouchent-Oran: À L’Origine Du Pop-Raï (Night & Day) 203
Various Barbès Café Vol. 2 – Chanson D’Immigrés Exil D’Ouvriers (Night & Day) 203
Various Barbès Café Vol. 3 – Le Raï Des Anciens (Night & Day) 203
Various Barbès Café Vol. 4 – Trois Cheikhates Mythiques Du Maroc (Night & Day) 203
Various Barbès Café Vol. 5 – Ahmed Wahby: La Voix De Velours D’Oran (Night & Day) 203
Various Bardic Divas – Women’s Voices In Central Asia (Smithsonian Folkways) 304
Various Barrelhouse Blues & Boogie Woogie Vol 3 (Storyville) 192
Various Barrelhouse Blues 1927-36 (Yazoo) 118
Various Barrelhouse Blues And Boogie Woogie (Storyville) 184 ATR
Various Barrelhouse Piano Blues And Stomps 1929-33 (Document) 132
Various Barrelhouse Women Vol. 1 1925-30 (Document) 151/152 ATR
Various Barrelhouse Women Vol. 2 1924-28 (Document) 165 ATR
Various Barrio Latino By Carlos Campos (George V) 211/212 ATR
Various Basil’s Bar Blues Vol. 2 (Milan Music) 256 ATR
Various Basque Music – The Sampler! (Elkarlanean) 189 ATR
Various Batucada Por Favor (Mr Bongo) 185
Various Batucadeiras De Rincon Batuco De L’île De Santiago (Inedit) 253 ATR
Various Bay Area Blues Blasters (Ace) 56
Various Bayern – Volksmusik/Rare Schellacks 1906-1911 (Trikont) 143
Various Bayou Beat (Easydisc) 177 ATR
Various BBC Folk Awards see Various Folk Awards
Various BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music 2007 (Manteca) 288
Various BBC Radio 3 Awards… see also Various Radio 3 Awards…
Various Be Not Afraid To Strike The Gong: The Music Of Lombok (Indonesian Arts Society) 181
Various Beat! Apartheid (Piranha) 56
Various Beat The Retreat – Songs By Richard Thompson (Capitol) 141
Various Beats Of The Heart [series of DVDs] see under individual titles
Various Beautiful Beyond (Smithsonian Folkways) 264
Various Beauty An Oileáin: Music And Song Of The Blasket Islands (Ceirnini Cladaig Claddagh) 117
Various Bedouins Of The Middle East (Arc Music) 262 ATR
Various Before Night Falls (Blue Thumb) 223/224 ATR
Various Before The Blues Vols 1 And 3 (Yazoo) 156
Various Before The Blues Vol 2 (Yazoo) 157 ATR
Various Before The Tango: Argentina’s Folk Tradition 1905-1936 (Harlequin) 182/183
Various Beginner’s Guide To African Blues (Nascente) 337 ATR
Various Beginner’s Guide To Americana (Nascente) 335
Various Beginner’s Guide To Arabia (Nascente) 250
Various Beginner’s Guide To Bollywood (Nascente) 246
Various Beginner’s Guide To Celtic (Nascente) 333
Various Beginner’s Guide To Cuba (Nascente) 252 ATR
Various Beginner’s Guide To Flamenco (Nascente) 275 ATR
Various Beginner’s Guide To Folk Music (Nascente) 241 ATR
Various Beginner’s Guide To Gospel (Nascente) 262
Various Beginner’s Guide To India (Nascente) 326/327 E
Various Beginner’s Guide To Latin America (Nascente) 340 ATR
Various Beginner’s Guide To Salsa (Nascente) 244 ATR
Various Beginner’s Guide To Salsa Vol. 2 (Nascente) 278/279 ATR
Various Beginner’s Guide To Scandinavia (Nascente) 338/339
Various Beginner’s Guide To Ska (Nascente) 317/318 ATR
Various Beginner’s Guide To Timba (Nascente) 340
Various Beginner’s Guide To World Music Volume 2 (Nascente) 253 ATR
Various Beleza Tropical (EMI) 71
Various Belgique: Ballades, Danses Et Chansons De Flandre Et De Wallonie (Ocora) 170/171
Various Bellowhead Presents Umbrellowhead (Megafone) 319/320
Various Ben & Jerry’s Newport Folk Festival (Red House) 105 ATR
Various Ben & Jerry’s Newport Folk Festival ’88 Live (Alcazar) 79/80 ATR
Various Ben & Jerry’s Newport Folk Festival ’88 Vol.2 (Alcazar) 98
Various Bengal/Songs Of The “Madmen” (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Best In Show (Miraculous Productions) 258 ATR
Various Best Of Africa (World Music Network) 163/164
Various Best Of British Blues (Indigo) 177 ATR
Various Best Of Folk Music From Latvia (ARC Music) 299 ATR
Various Best Of Irish Folk (Castle Communications) 77
Various Best Of Latin America: Change The Rules (World Music Network) 172
Various Betali & Sundanese Music Of The North Coast Of Java (Smithsonian/Folkways) 149
Various Betel Nuts [Various / Christopher Roberts] (Trees/Sony Taiwan) 177
Various Between Friends – Entre Amigos: The Venezuelan Waltz (Pan) 247/248
Various Between Heaven & Earth (Nascente) 199/200
Various Beyond Istanbul (Trikont) 280
Various Beyond Istanbul 2: Urban Sounds Of Turkey (Trikont) 319/320 ATR
Various Beyond Nashville (Manteca) 223/224
Various Beyond The Horizon [Sound Of The World Presents Beyond The Horizon] (WCJ) 302/303
Various Bhangra – The Best Asian Beats From The Streets (Manteca) 244
Various Bhangra Beatz (Naxos World) 246
Various Bhangra Fever (Arishma) 51
Various Bhangra Now (Multitone) 61
Various Bhangra Power (Multitone) 61
Various Big Band, Blues And Boogie – Roots Of Rock ‘n’ Roll Vol I (President) 165
Various Big Blue Ball (Real World) 307/308 ATR
Various Big Blues Extravaganza (Columbia) 182/183 ATR
Various Big Brazos (Rounder) 209 ATR
Various Big Cumbia (Antilles – Island) 105
Various Big League Babe (Prime) 180 ATR
Various Big Noise – A Mambo Inn Compilation (Hannibal) 139/140 ATR
Various Big Noise 2: Another Mambo Inn Compilation (Hannibal) 172
Various Big Red (Nascente) 197
Various Big Times In A Small Town – The Vineyard Tapes (Philo) 131
Various Biguine À La Canne À Sucre 1946-48 (Frémeaux & Associés) 166
Various Biguine, Valse Et Mazurka Créoles (1930-1944) Vol. 3 (Frémeaux & Associés) 270
Various Bill Monroe Centennial Tribute (Rounder) 341/342
Various Billy Connolly’s Musical Tour Of New Zealand (Pure) 263
Various Billy In The Lowgrounds (Vestapol) 179
Various Birlin’ Fiddles (Foot Stompin’) 206/207
Various Bishopstock 2000 – Keeping The Faith 2 (Bishopstock) 208 ATR
Various Black And White Piano Vols 1 & 2 (Document) 180
Various Black And White Piano Vol 3 – Complete Recorded Works, Alternate Takes, Supplements And Remaining Titles (1897-1929) (Document) 196 ATR
Various Black Banjo Songsters (Smithsonian Folkways) 180
Various Black Fiddlers (1929-70) (Document) 191 ATR
Various Black Mirror: Reflections In Global Musics (Dust-To-Digital) 298
Various Black Religious Music (1930-56) (Document) 198
Various Black Stars – Ghana’s Hiplife Generation (Out Here) 300 ATR
Various Black Top Blues Cocktail Party (Black Top) 103/104
Various Black Vocal Groups Vol 1 1924-30 (Document) 148
Various Black Vocal Groups Vol 2 1923-28 (Document) 148
Various Black Vocal Groups Vols 3-8 (Document) 172 ATR
Various Black Vocal Groups Vol 9 1929-42 (Document) 184 ATR
Various Black White Hillbilly Music (Trikont) 189 ATR
Various Blackmwore By The Stour – Poems In The Dorset Dialect By William Barnes (Forest Tracks) 33
Various Blas (Fflach:tradd) 264 ATR
Various Blas Meala: A Sip From The Honey Pot 1 & 2 (Camus) 68
Various Blasta! (Gael Linn) 170/171
Various Blazing Bluegrass (Proper) 273 ATR
Various Bleecker And MacDougal – The Folk Scene Of The 1960s (Elektra [boxed set]) 27
Various Bleecker Street – Greenwich Village In The ’60s (Astor Place) 198
Various Bless My Bones (Rounder) 69
Various Blind Pig Records 20th Anniversary Collection (Blind Pig) 170/171 ATR
Various Blind Pig Sampler: Prime Chops Volume 3 (Blind Pig) 154
Various Bliss (Real World) 182/183
Various Blodeugerdd; An Anthology Of Welsh Music & Song (Smithsonian Folkways) 328 ATR
Various Blood, Corpses & Tears – Chapbook Songs (Caprice) 184
Various Blow It ‘Til You Like It – Memphis Harmonica 1951-54 (Sun) 86
Various Blow The Man Down – A Collection Of Sea Songs And Shanties (Topic) 122
Various Blowers From The Balkans (Topic) 273
Various Blowing The Blues: A History Of Blues Harmonica 1926-2002 (Indigo) 249 ATR
Various Blows ‘N’ Rhythm… 1939-59 (AB Fable) 311 ATR
Various Blue Cat Blues (Easydisc) 177 ATR
Various Blue Devil Blues (Bedrock) 94
Various Blue Girls Vol 1 1924-30 (Document) 165 ATR
Various Blue Girls Vol 2 1928-30 (Document) 165 ATR
Various Blue Ladies 1934-41 (Document) 143
Various Blue, Bluer, Bluest (JSP) 185 ATR
Various Bluegrass All Stars 16 Grand Slams From Sugar Hill Records (Sugar Hill) 251 ATR
Various Bluegrass At Newport (Vanguard) 146/147
Various Bluegrass Breakdown (Vanguard) 146/147
Various Bluegrass Class of 1990 (Rounder [sampler]) 96
Various Bluegrass: Early Cuts 1931-53 (JSP) 262
Various Bluegrass Express (Rounder) 270 ATR
Various Bluegrass Hits (Rounder) 274 ATR
Various Bluegrass: The Essential Collection (Metro) 293 ATR
Various Blueprint 98 – The Best Of British Blues (Abacabe) 191
Various Blues & Gospel From The Eastern States (1935-44) (Document) 198
Various Blues After Midnight (Ace) 62
Various Blues And Jazz Obscurities (Document) 162 ATR
Various Blues At Newport (Vanguard) 94
Various Blues: Back To The Source The Barbican 301 L
Various Blues Collection 6 (Indigo) 215 ATR
Various Blues Cruise: Ten For The Highway (Easydisc) 177 ATR
Various Blues De-Luxe (Columbia) 205 ATR
Various Blues From Dolphin’s Of Hollywood (Ace) 105
Various Blues Girls Vol. 3 (1924-38) (Document) 198
Various Blues Guitar Blasters (Ace) 60
Various Blues Guitar Duets (Easydisc) 177 ATR
Various Blues Guitar Masters (Easydisc) 189 ATR
Various Blues Guitar Pioneers (Boulevard Vintage) 258 ATR
Various Blues Guitar Workshop (Kicking Mule) 5 ATR (SR)
Various Blues Harmonica (Indigo) 157 ATR
Various Blues Harmonica Spotlight (Black Top) 117
Various Blues Harp Hotshots (Easydisc) 189 ATR
Various Blues Harp Power (Easydisc) 174 ATR
Various Blues Houseparty: Music, Dance And Stories By Masters Of The Piedmont Blues(Multicultural Media/Lyrichord [DVD]) 316
Various Blues In The Bottle (Big Beat) 61
Various Blues In The Mississippi Night (Rounder) 245 ATR
Various Blues In The Mississippi Night (Rykodisc) 107 ATR
Various Blues Joint (Easydisc) 180 ATR
Various Blues Legends (ABM) 202 ATR
Various Blues Lounge (Putumayo) 259/260 ATR
Various Blues Masters Vol 11 Classic Women (Rhino) 130
Various Blues Masters Vol 12 Memphis Blues (Rhino) 130
Various Blues Masters Vol 13 New York City Blues (Rhino) 130
Various Blues Masters Vol 14 More Jump Blues (Rhino) 130
Various Blues Masters Vol 15 Slide Guitar Classics (Rhino) 130
Various Blues On 2 (BBC Records) 43
Various Blues Routes (Smithsonian Folkways) 198
Various Blues Sax Power (Easydisc) 174 ATR
Various Blues: The Essential Album (Essential/Union Square) 259/260 ATR
Various Blues With A Message (Arhoolie) 269 ATR
Various Bluesiana Hurricane (Shanachie) 151/152 ATR
Various Bluesville Vol. 2 Electric Blues (Ace) 69
Various Bob Harris Presents: Vol. 1 (Assembly) 205
Various Bodega, Bodegaires! Anthologie De La Cornemuse Du Haut-Languedoc (Cordae/La Talvera) 259/260
Various Boiling Point – Music From Hot Countries (World Circuit) 97
Various Bokoor Beats (Otrabanda) 288
Various Bolivia: Native Ritual Music From Italaque; Panpipes, Flutes, Drums (Humming Bird) 57
Various Bollywood: An Anthology Of Songs From Popular Indian Cinema (Silva Screen) 274 E
Various Bongo Flava – Swahili Rap From Tanzania (Outhere) 259/260
Various Bonya/Respect (Pan) 187/188
Various Boo! ‘Ere Cop A Load Of This (Musidisc) 120 ATR
Various Boogaloo Pow Wow: Dance Floor Rendez-Vous En Young Nuyorica (Honest Jon’s) 285 ATR
Various Boogie Woogie And Barrelhouse Piano Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 113
Various Boogie Woogie Fever (Charly) 14 (SR)
Various Boogie Woogie Riot (Ace) 144
Various Boogie Woogie Stomp (Indigo) 184 ATR
Various Boogu Yagga Gal: Jamaican Mento (Heritage) 228 ATR
Various Bop-A-Compilation One (Bop Cassettes) 57
Various Border Music (Munich) 115/116
Various Border Town Jive (Krazy Kat) 35
Various Borderlands – From Conjunto To Chicken Scratch. Music From The Rio Grande Valley Of Texas And Southern Arizona (Smithsonian/Folkways) 132
Various Borders Boxes (Borders Traditions) 280 ATR
Various Borders Fiddles – Borders Traditions, Vol. 1 (Borders Traditions) 217
Various Borders Pipes – Borders Traditions Vol. 5 (Borders Traditions) 298
Various Borders Tunesmiths – Borders Traditions Vol. 6 (Borders Traditions) 316 ATR
Various Born To Choose (Rykodisc) 129 ATR
Various Born With The Blues (Indigo) 160 ATR
Various Bosavi: Rainforest Music From Papua New Guinea (Smithsonian Folkways) 218/219
Various Bosnia: Echoes From An Endangered World (Smithsonian/Folkways) 130
Various Bossa Cuca Nova (Ziriguiboom) 194/195
Various Bossa Nova Nights (Manteca) 208 ATR
Various Bougoni Yaalali (Yaala Yaala) 290/291 ATR
Various Bouyon Rasin – First International Haitian Roots Music Festival (Tropical Music) 178
Various Boxing Clever: A Concertina Compilation (Milestones) 194/195 ATR
Various Brand New Boots & Panties (Newboots) 216 ATR
Various Brasil – A Century Of Song (Blue Jacket) 160
Various Brasil – Musiques Du Haut Xingu (Ocora) 118
Various Brasil 2 Mil (Ziriguiboom) 194/195
Various Brasileiro (Putumayo) 194/195 ATR
Various Brazil Blue (Hemisphere) 132
Various Brazil Choro: Saxophone, Why Cry? (EMI Hemisphere) 191
Various Brazil Classics 3 – Forro etc. (Luaka Bop/WEA) 95
Various Brazil Samba Roots (Rounder) 86
Various Brazil, The Essential Album (Manteca) 210 ATR
Various Brazilian Lullaby (Ellipsis) 209 ATR
Various Breakfast At Kakadli (Big Toe) 109 ATR
Various Breaking Down The Borders (JAM) 222 ATR
Various Breaking The Ground (Lews Castle College) 251 ATR
Various Breathe Sunshine Volume 2 (Amabala) 269 ATR
Various Bresil [Choro-Samba-Frevo 1914-1945] (Frémeaux & Associés) 180
Various Brésil: Aboio & Embolada Du Nordeste (Buda) 269 E
Various Brésil: Camdomblé De Angola (Inedit) 202
Various Bretagne Corse (Coop Breizh) 206/207
Various Breton Music For Dummies (Keltia Musique) 323
Various Bretonne Attitude – Accordéons (Keltia Musique) 319/320
Various Bridges – Live In China (Heilo) 283/284
Various Brighten The Corner Where You Are (New World) 47
Various Bring It All Home (Kamahuk) 132
Various Bringing It All Back Home (BBC) 96
Various Bringing It All Back Home (Hummingbird) 213; 251 ATR
Various Bringing It All Back Home Tour (Hummingbird) 117
Various Bringing It Down: South African Sax Jive Original Recordings From The Early 1970s(Trojan World) 91/92
Various Broadcasting The Blues (Document) 281
Various Broadside [credited to Various East Anglians] (Tapecraft) 77
Various Broke, Black And Blue (Properbox) 206/207
Various [Bromyard Folk Festival] 30 Years – Bromyard Folk Festival (own label) 174 ATR
Various Budal Lardil (Songs Of Mornington Island) (Larrikin) 142
Various Buddha Bar Presents Amnesty International 40th Anniversary (George V/Wagram) 226 ATR
Various Buddha-Bar (Mercury France) 196 ATR
Various Buddhist Chant II: Various Rituals (Jecklin-Disco) 149
Various Buddhist Chants & Peace Music (Music Club) 182/183
Various Buddhist Liturgy Of Tibet [by monks of the Namgyal Monastery; reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Buena Vista Social Club (World Circuit) 169 [*see also entries under Buena Vista Social Club]
Various Bulgarie – Traditions Vocales (Ocora) 187/188
Various Bullet Records Blues (SPV Blue) 295/296 ATR
Various Bullet Records Rhythm & Blues (SPV Blue) 294 ATR
Various Burkina Faso – Xylophone De Funérailles (Ocora) 211/212
Various Burkina Faso: La Voix Des Peuls (Le Chant du Monde) 182/183
Various Burlington Coffee House Vol. 1 (Alcazar) 162 ATR
Various Bushfire, The Traditional Aboriginal Music (Larrikin) 108
Various Bushmen – Qwii “The First People” (ARC Music) 218/219
Various Bushmen Of The Kalahari (MELT 2000) 218/219
Various Buttons & Bows Vol. 1 (Dambuster) 21 (SR)
Various Buttons & Bows Vol. 2 (Dambuster) 26
Various Cabo Verde Instrumental (Lusafrica) 300 ATR
Various Cabrette (Silex) 122
Various Café Africa (Union Square/Metro) 257 ATR
Various Cafe Brasil (Teldec) 226
Various Café Cantante 10pm (Tumi) 281
Various Café Cantante 12am (Tumi) 281
Various Café Cantante 2am (Tumi) 281
Various Café Cantante 8pm (Tumi) 281
Various Café Cubano (Putumayo) 302/303 ATR
Various Café De Los Maestros (Wrasse) 304
Various Café Rembetika (Nascente) 209
Various Cairo Road (Nascente) 220
Various Caithream Ciull (from Skye & Lochalsh Museums Service) 110 ATR
Various Cajun & Zydeco Jamboree (Easydisc) 197
Various Cajun (Putumayo) 227
Various Cajun Champs (Arhoolie) 254/255
Various Cajun Collection (Disky) 155 ATR
Various Cajun Country (Easydisc) 169 ATR
Various Cajun Country: Don’t Drop The Potato (Vestapol Video) 186
Various Cajun Early Recordings: Important Swamp Hits Remastered (JSP) 259/260
Various Cajun Honky Tonk (Arhoolie) 149
Various Cajun Hot Sauce (Ace) 158/159
Various Cajun Hot Stuff (Audio Book & Music) 202
Various Cajun Music And Zydeco (Rounder) 115/116
Various Cajun Music Vol 2: Fais Do Do (Columbia) 134/135
Various Cajun Music: The Essential Collection (Rounder Heritage) 242/243 ATR
Various Cajun Originals (Catfish) 227
Various Cajun Social Music (Smithsonian/Folkways) 93
Various Cajun String Bands (Arhoolie) 179
Various Calanais (An Lanntair) 150
Various Call The Police (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 227 ATR
Various Calypso After Midnight! Vols 1-2 (Rounder) 203
Various Calypso @ Dirty Jim’s (EMI
) 274
Various Calypso Awakening 1956-1962 (Smithsonian Folkways) 210
Various Calypso Carnival 1936-1942 (Rounder) 120
Various Calypso Ladies 1926-1941 (Heritage) 99
Various Calypso: Afro-Limonese Music Of Costa Rica (Lyrichord) 117
Various Calypsos From Trinidad (Arhoolie/Folklyric) 109 ATR
Various Cambodge: Musiques Du Palais Royal (Ocora) 149
Various Cambridge Folk Festival *see also entries under C
Various Cambridge Folk Festival (BBC) 208 ATR
Various Cambridge Folk Festival [19th], Vol 1 (Design) 21 (SR)
Various Cambridge Folk Festival 2010 (Delphonic [DVD]) 337
Various Camelspotting (Hemisphere) 194/195
Various Cameroon – Bamum Kingdom (Inedit) 187/188
Various Cameroun: Flûtes Des Monts Mandara (Ocora) 187/188
Various Camp Cuisine Tapes (Agua Azul) 93
Various Canada Folksongs 1951-1957 (Frémeaux & Associés) 304
Various Caneuony Y Siroedd – Traditional Folk Songs From The Old Counties Of Wales (Sain) 23 (SR)
Various Can’t Keep From Crying (Testament) 139/140
Various Cantes Del Pueblo – Música Tradicional Española (Sonifolk) 203
Various Cantigas Do Camiño (Do Fol Musica) 326/327
Various Cantigas Do Ceilao – Sri Lanka (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Cantos Al Dios Sol [De Lo Profundo De La Madre Tierra series] (Instituto de Cultura Indigena Argentina) 298
Various Canu’r Pridd (Sain) 270 ATR
Various Cap Vert Compil [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Cape Verde – An Archipelago Of Music (Ocora) 211/212
Various Cape Verde (Putumayo) 203
Various Capitol Country Music Classics – Cowboy Songs (EMI) 119
Various Capitol Country Music Classics – Merle Travis (EMI) 119
Various Caribbean Beat Volume 1 (Intuition) 115/116
Various Caribbean Connection (New Cross) 50
Various Caribbean Island Music (Nonesuch Explore) 181 ATR
Various Caribbean Playground (Putumayo Kids) 259/260 ATR
Various Caribbean Revels – Haitian Rara And Dominican Gaga (Smithsonian/Folkways) 117
Various Caribbean Voyage: Brown Girl In The Ring (Rounder) [reviewed under Publications] 179 P
Various Caribbean Voyage: Dominica: Creole Crossroads (Rounder) 199/200
Various Caribe! Caribe! (Putumayo) 198 ATR
Various Carnatic Jazz (Swathi Soft Solutions) 341/342 E
Various Carnevale Caribe (Piranha) 138
Various Carnival (Putumayo) 215
Various Carnival Box Set (Trojan) 246 ATR
Various Carnival Day – Essential New Orleans R&B (Indigo) 216 ATR
Various Carnival In Trinidad (Cooking Vinyl) 227
Various Carnival In Trinidad: Calypsonians, Steel Pans And Blue Devils (Winter & Winter) 298 ATR
Various Carohraní Z Korenu Moravského Folklóru (Indies) 252 ATR
Various Carol Singing, The Royal Hotel, Dungworth 93 L
Various Carolina Blues 1937-47 (Document) 129
Various Carolina Blues And Gospel (1945-51) (Document) 180
Various Carolina Gospel Quartets 1938-39 (Document) 157 ATR
Various Cartagena! Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia And Descarga Sound Of Colombia 1962-72 (Soundway) 334
Various Cat No 1 (Hypertension) 146/147
Various Cavalo Marinho Da Paraiba – Brasil (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various CD Folkfestival Kaltenberg – Highlights 1982-1997 (Heideck) 184
Various Cecil Sharp Project (Shrewsbury Folk Festival) 340
Various Ceilidh House Sessions (Greentrax) 138
Various Ceiliúradh / Celebration (Cló Iar Chonnachta) 186
Various Celebration – The Big Sur Folk Festival 1970 (Sequel) 96
Various Célébration Du Cheval (Inedit) 199/200
Various Cellabration! A Tribute To Ella Jenkins (Smithsonian Folkways) 261 ATR
Various Celtic Christmas IV (Windham Hill) 189 ATR
Various Celtic Christmas: A Wyndham Hill Collection (Camden) 211/212 ATR
Various Celtic Collections Volume 1 – Songs Of Scotland (Greentrax) 213
Various Celtic Collections Volume 2 – Songs Of Robert Burns (Greentrax) 213
Various Celtic Collections Volume 3 – Ceilidh Band Music Of Scotland (Greentrax) 213
Various Celtic Collections Volume 4 – Bagpipes Of Scotland (Greentrax) 213
Various Celtic Collections Volume 5 – Fiddles Of Scotland (Greentrax) 213
Various Celtic Collections Volume 6 – Celtic Sounds Of Scotland (Greentrax) 213
Various Celtic Collections Volume 7 – Songs Of East Lothian & The Forth (Greentrax) 254/255 ATR
Various Celtic Colours – The Second Wave (Stephen MacDonald Productions) 191
Various Celtic Connections – The Album (Living Tradition) 144
Various Celtic Crossroads (Putumayo) 276 ATR
Various Celtic Dances (Easydisc) 181
Various Celtic Experience (Linn) 177
Various Celtic Experience Volume 3 (Linn) 198
Various Celtic Folk Festival (ARC Music) 210 ATR
Various Celtic Heart (RCA) 118
Various Celtic Legacy – A Global Celtic Journey (Narada) 144
Various Celtic Love (The Hit Label) 187/188 ATR
Various Celtic Mouth Music (Ellipsis Arts) 173
Various Celtic Music Festival (Munich) 163/164 ATR
Various Celtic Music Live From Mountain Stage (Blue Plate Music) 179 ATR
Various Celtic Mystique: Women Of Song (Etherean Music) 228 ATR
Various Celtic Odyssey (Narada) 131 ATR
Various Celtic Roots (PAI) 333 ATR
Various Celtic Spirit (Music Club) 180
Various Celtic Tapestry: Contemporary & Traditional Celtic Music (Maggie’s Music/Time Life) 298 ATR
Various Celtic Voices (Music Club) 199/200
Various Celtic Voices (Narada) 153 ATR
Various Celtic Wales (ARC) 223/224 ATR
Various Celtic Waves: The Irish Folk Festival 1999 (Wundertüte Musik/BMG) 199/200
Various Celtic Woman (Celtic Woman) 156 ATR
Various Celtic Woman 3: The Irish (Hearts Of Space) 309 ATR
Various Celtic Women (Eureka Music) 190
Various Celtic Women From Scotland – Songs Of Love & Reflection (Greentrax) 286 ATR
Various Celtic Women Of Song (Essential Media) 294 ATR
Various Centrafrique – Musique Gbáyá/Chants À Penser (Ocora) 118
Various Centrafrique – Musique Gbáyá/Chants À Penser, Vol. 2 (Ocora) 154
Various Centrafrique: Pygmées Aka (Ocora) 190
Various Central Africa: Kongo Songs (Buda) 106 ATR
Various Century Of The Blues (Chrome Dreams) 247/248 ATR
Various Ceòl Na Pìoba – Pìob Mhòr (Greentrax) 205 ATR
Various Ceol Tacsi (Vertical) 209
Various Chad/Music From Tibesti (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Chamanes Et Possédés (Buda) 252
Various Championnat De Bretagne Des Bagadou (Coop Breizh) 182/183; 206/207
Various Changui (Traditional Crossroads) 192 ATR
Various Channel One Hit Bound: The Revolutionary Sound (Heartbeat) 85
Various Chansons Et Musiques Traditionnelles Du Quebec (Anthologie De La Musique Traditionnelle Française, vol. 7) Le Chant du Monde 31
Various Chants & Music From Buddhist Temples (ARC Music) 211/212
Various Chants Corses (Wagram) 299
Various Chants D’Amour Du Haut-Rouergue (Ocora) 190 ATR
Various Chants D’Auvergne À Voix Nue (AMTA) 245
Various Chants De Mariniers Vol. 8 (Le Chasse-Marée/Armen) 154
Various Chants De Marins De La Cote Vendéenne (Le Chasse-Marée/Armen) 165 ATR
Various Chants De Marins Vol 2 (Playasound) 149 ATR
Various Chants Des Clippers (Le Chasse Marée/Armen) 129 ATR
Various Chants Des Marins Nantais [by Artistes Divers] (La Chasse-Marée/Ar Men) 103/104
Various Chants Et Danses Croates (Quintana) 113
Various Chants Populaires (Archive Recordings) (Musique der Mond) 153 ATR
Various Chants Traditionnels Des Indiens Mapuche (Arco Iris) 184
Various Charlotte Gospel (Document) 162 ATR
Various Che Guevara Lucha Por La Vida (Éditions Milan Music) 298 ATR
Various Chess Blues (MCA/Chess) 118
Various Chicago / The Blues / Today (Vanguard) 215 ATR
Various Chicago Blues (Red Lightnin’) 30; 96
Various Chicago Blues Vol 1 1939-51 (Document) 139/140 ATR
Various Chicago Blues Vol 2 (Document) 156 ATR
Various Chicago Blues Vol 2 – Raisin’ Sand (Indigo) 215 ATR
Various Chicago Blues – A Living History (Raisin’ Music) 316 ATR
Various Chicago Piano 1929-36 (Document) 132
Various Chicago Urban Blues (ABM) 201 ATR
Various Children Of The Wind: The Thousand Year Journey Of The Gypsies (Nascente) 218/219
Various Children’s Folk Tales From The Orkney Isles (Attic) 54
Various Children’s Singing Games [field recordings] (Saydisc) 20 (SR); 174
Various Chile – Hispano-Chilean Mestizo Music (UNESCO Collection) 87
Various Chili: Au Confluent Des Extremes (RYM Musique) 191 ATR
Various Chillfado (2Dance) 256 ATR
Various China – Time To Listen (Ellipsis Arts) 182/183
Various China [Anthology Of World Music Series] (Rounder) 187/188
Various China Folk Instrumental Traditions (VDE) 154
Various Chinese Music Of The Han And The Uighurs [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Chinese Music Of The Han People [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Choice Appetizers (Edsel) 198 ATR
Various Choice Picks (Sugar Hill) 201 ATR
Various Choose Your Partners! Contra Dance And Square Dance Music Of New Hampshire(Smithsonian Folkways) 198
Various Chorales & Wedding Music From Runö (Caprice) 184
Various Choro In Rio: Brasileirinho (Tropical Music) 278/279 ATR
Various Chris Barber Presents The Blues Legacy: The “Lost & Found” Series Volumes 1-3(Classic Studio) 307/308
Various Christine Lavin Presents – On A Winter’s Night (Philo/Rounder) 131
Various Chulas Fronteras & Del Mero Corazón (Arhoolie) 154
Various Church Choirs Vocal Groups & Preachers 1923-31 (Document) 184 ATR
Various Churchical Chants Of The Nyabingi (Heartbeat) 166 ATR
Various Cien Anos De Tradicion: Organo Oriental (Street Organ Music Of The Oriente De Cuba) (Paradox-Pan) 163/164 ATR
Various Circle Dance (Hokey Pokey) 86
Various Circo Inferno Cabaret Vol. 2 (Dunya) 270
Various Circo Inferno Cabaret 3 (Felmay) 290/291 ATR
Various City Of Dreams (Rounder) 304 ATR
Various Claddagh’s Choice (Claddagh) 23 (SR)
Various Claddagh’s Choice: An Anthology Of Traditional Irish Music (Claddagh) 186
Various Clarence Williams And The Blues Singers Vols 1 & 2 (Document) 158/159
Various Clark Street Ramblers (Blue Chicago) 185 ATR
Various Classic African-American Ballads (Smithsonian Folkways) 281 ATR
Various Classic African American Gospel (Smithsonian Folkways) 316
Various Classic Appalachian Blues (Smithsonian Folkways) 324 ATR
Various Classic Ballads Of Britain And Ireland Vols 1 & 2 (Rounder) 206/207
Various Classic Bluegrass Vol 2 (Smithsonian Folkways) 270 ATR
Various Classic Blues And Vaudeville Singers – The Alternate Takes (Document) 174
Various Classic Blues And Vaudeville Singers Vol. 5 – Remaining Titles And Alternate Takes (1922-30) (Document) 196 ATR
Various Classic Blues Vol. 2 (Smithsonian Folkways) 245 ATR
Various Classic Blues, Jazz & Vaudeville Singers Vol 2 (Document) 184
Various Classic Blues, Jazz & Vaudeville Singers Vols 3 & 4 (Document) 189 ATR
Various Classic Canadian Songs (Smithsonian Folkways) 287
Various Classic Country Duets (Old Timey) 18 (SR)
Various Classic Folk Fiddle (Wooded Hill) 179
Various Classic Folk Guitar (Wooded Hill) 179
Various Classic Highlife (AIM) 151/152
Various Classic Labor Songs (Smithsonian Folkways) 281 ATR
Various Classic Mountain Songs (Smithsonian Folkways) 242/243 ATR
Various Classic Old Time Fiddle (Smithsonian Folkways) 295/296 ATR
Various Classic Old Time Music (Smithsonian Folkways) 242/243 ATR
Various Classic Railroad Songs (Smithsonian Folkways) 275 ATR
Various Classic Slide Guitar Blues (Catfish) 211/212 ATR
Various Classic Southern Gospel (Smithsonian Folkways) 270 ATR
Various Classical Music Of Thailand [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Clo Dubh Clo Donn – Scottish Tradition 18 (Greentrax) 198; 218/219 ATR
Various Close To Home: Old Time Music From Mike Seeger’s Collection 1952-1967(Smithsonian Folkways) 180
Various Club Ska ’67 (Mango) 81
Various CMP’ler 1 (CMP) 118
Various Coal Diggers Blues (West Virginia University Press Sound Archive) 293 ATR
Various Coal Mining Women (Rounder) 180
Various Cobbled Together (own label) 287 ATR
Various Code: Brasil. Target: Recife (M.E.L.T. 2000) 198 ATR
Various Cold Blow These Winter Winds (Green Linnet) 263 ATR
Various Cold Mountain: Music From The Miramax Motion Picture (Columbia) 249
Various Collage (Snowy River) 126 ATR
Various Collectif Rai: Les Voix Du Kif (Sony France) 211/212
Various Colombia (Putumayo) 223/224 ATR
Various Colombia! The Golden Age Of Discos Fuentes, The Powerhouse Of Colombian Music 1960-76 (Soundway) 289 ATR
Various Colombie: Cubias, Bambucos Et Pasillos (Playasound) 138
Various Colombie: El Sexteto Tabalá (Ocora) 194/195
Various Colombie: Le Vallenato (Ocora) 173
Various Colombie: Musique Funéraire De Palenque (Buda) 269 E
Various Colombie: Palenque De San Basilio (Ocora) 269 E
Various Colors: Contemporary World Music (Amiata) 186 ATR
Various Colours: Inner Asian Pop (Irma) 289
Various Columbia Gospel (Document) 162 ATR
Various combiNATIONS (Etnisk Musikklubb) 192
Various Come All My Lads That Follow The Plough [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Come Let Us Buy The License [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Come Sing For The Season: Village Carols From Coal Aston, Derbyshire (Village Carols) 162
Various Come To The Mountain (Rounder) 264 ATR
Various Come West Along The Road (RTÉ [DVD]) 274
Various Come West Along The Road (RTÉ
) 158/159
Various Comic Songs Sung In Suffolk (Veteran) 217
Various Coming Home To The Blues (Music Club) 96; 100
Various Common Ground (EMI Premier) 156
Various Comores: Islands Of The Moon (Air Mail Music) 257 ATR
Various Compil Congo Kin (Africando/Syllart) 172
Various Compil Mali (Africando/Syllart) 172
Various Compil Senegal (Africando/Syllart) 172
Various CompilASIAN 1 (Indipop) 91/92
Various CompilASIAN 2 (MNW) 108 ATR
Various Concert Party Passchendaele: We’re Here Because We’re Here (No Masters) 151/152
Various Concertinas At Witney (Serpent Press) 130
Various Concerts For A Landmine Free World (Vanguard) 217
Various Confessin’ The Blues (Indigo) 146/147
Various Congo Compil [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Congo: Rumba On The River Vol. 1 (Discograph/Syllart) 281
Various Congotronics 2 – Buzz ‘n’ Rumble From The Urb’n’ Jungle (Crammed) 271/272
Various ¡Conjunto! Texas/Mexican Border Music Vols 1 & 2 (Rounder) 72
Various ¡Conjunto! Texas-Mexican Border Music Vols 3 & 4 (Rounder) 95
Various Contemporary America – Another Center (Adventure Music) 289 ATR
Various Contra Roots & Branches (Great Meadow Music) 263 ATR
Various Contrabando (Rounder) 131 ATR
Various Cooking Vinyl 1993 Sampler (Cooking Vinyl) 120
Various Cooking Vinyl Sampler Vol. 6 (Cooking Vinyl) 173 ATR
Various Cool As Folk (Gott Discs) 294
Various Cool Blue Rocks (Sugar Hill) 225 ATR
Various Copa Reggae (Different World) 282 ATR
Various Copper Idiophones Over The Drums (Hugo) 211/212
Various Cordes Anciennes (Buda) 213
Various Cornemuses D’Écosse – Scottish Bagpipes (Auvidis Ethnic) 158/159 ATR
Various Cornemuses D’Écosse (Pipes Of Scotland) (Playasound) 149 ATR
Various Corridinhos (Portugal/Algarve) (Playasound) 115/116
Various Corridos & Tragedias De La Frontera (Folklyric) 144
Various Corse 1. Chants Sacrés. Sittimana Santa In Bunifazziu (Ocora) 98
Various Corsica – Traditional Songs And Music (Music Of Man Archive) 96
Various Corsica/Sardinia – World Network No 31 (World Network) 154
Various Côte D’Ivoire Compil [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Couleur Mandingue (Dèclic) 149 ATR
Various Country & Eastern Christmas (Country & Eastern) 309 ATR
Various Country & West Coast: The Birth Of Country Rock (Chiswick) 278/279 ATR
Various Country Blues – The First Generation (Matchbox) 15 (SR)
Various Country Blues Collectors’ Items 1924-28 (Document) 129
Various Country Blues Collectors’ Items 1930-41 (Document) 157
Various Country Girls 1926-’29 (Matchbox) 21 (SR)
Various Country Gospel (Document) 131
Various Country Hits (ABM) 203 ATR
Various Country Music Hootenanny (See For Miles) 76
Various Country Music Pioneers On Edison (Document) 276 ATR
Various Country Negro Jam Sessions (Arhoolie) 126 ATR
Various Country Quebec: Les Pionniers & Les Origines 1925-1955 (Frémeaux & Associés) 247/248
Various Country Swing Time (ABM) 204 ATR
Various Cowboy Songs On Folkways (Smithsonian/Folkways) 105 ATR
Various Cowboy Songs, Ballads & Cattle Calls (Rounder) 197
Various Cowboys, Lose Loves, New Moons [All-Ears Review Vol. 5] (Rom) 81
Various Cowpunks (Vinyl Junkie) 160 ATR
Various Crazy About A Song (Vaughan Williams Memorial Library) 118
Various Creation’s Journey: Native American Music (Smithsonian/Folkways) 139/140
Various Creole Kings Of New Orleans (Specialty/Ace) 111
Various Creole Love Calls (Isma’a Yeb) 225 ATR
Various Croatie – Musiques D’Autrefois (Ocora) 170/171
Various Cropredy Capers (Woodworm/Free Reed) 256
Various Cross The Tracks (Union Square/Metro Select) 340 ATR
Various Crossing Borders (ARC Music) 218/219 ATR
Various Crossing Borders [credited to Various Irish Artists] (CBM) 138
Various Crossroads – White Blues In The 1960s (Elektra [boxed set]) 27
Various Crowley Two-Step (Flyright) 35
Various Cruisin’ And Bluesin’ (Ace) 87
Various Crumb: Original Soundtrack (Ryko) 155
Various Cry You Mountains, Cry You Fields (Saydisc) 202
Various Csillagok, Csillagok… Stars, Stars… A Celebration Of Hungarian Music (FolkEurópa) 292
Various Cuadernos De La Habana (Winter & Winter) 201 ATR
Various Cuba: Bal À La Havane 1926-37 (Frémeaux & Associés) 281 ATR
Various Cuba Caliente (Wagram Music) 297 ATR
Various Cuba Caribe (Hemisphere) 191 ATR
Various Cuba: De Guantanamo À Baracoa (Buda) 269 E
Various Cuba Essencial: La Coección Cubana (Nascente) 204
Various Cuba Eterno. La Coleccion Cubana (Nascente) 191
Various Cuba Fully Charged (Earthworks) 121
Various Cuba – I Am Time (Blue Jackel) 175/176
Various Cuba In Washington (Smithsonian Folkways) 186
Various Cuba Le Canta A Serrat (Discmedi) 270
Various Cuba ‘Noon’ – Golden Voices Of The Fifties (Playasound) 158/159
Various Cuba Now! (Hemisphere) 189 ATR
Various Cuba: Punto & Trova De Sancti Spiritus (Ocora Radio France) 305 ATR
Various Cuba Romántica: Songs From A Cuban Heart (Manteca) 209 ATR
Various Cuba: Soneros De Ayer Y De Hoy – Cuban Pearls 2 (Syllart) 297 ATR
Various Cuba Tradición (Pa’ ti’ Pa’ mi) 197 ATR
Various Cuban Counterpoint: History Of The Son Montuno (Rounder) 113
Various Cuban Gold 2: Bajo Con Tumbao (QBADISC) 150
Various Cuban Gold 3: El Mambo Me Priva! The 60s (Qbadisc) 169
Various Cuban Gold 4: ¡Fuego, Candela! The Smokin’ 70s (Qbadisc) 177
Various Cuban Gold 5: Pa’ ¡Bailar! (Qbadisc) 186
Various Cuban Hip-Hop All-Stars (Papaya/Raptivism/Rykodisc [DVD]) 258
Various Cuban Pearls 1: Una Noche En La Habana 1947-1957 (Syllart Productions) 289
Various Cubans In Paris 1930-1938 (Harlequin) 67
Various Cumar (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 214 ATR
Various Cumbia Beat Vol. 1 (Vampisoul) 328
Various Cumbia Cumbia – Cumbias De Oro De Colombia (World Circuit) 81; 121
Various Cumbia Cumbia 2 (World Circuit) 121
Various Cutting Edge (Fellside) 269 ATR
Various Cwlwn Pedwar (Sain) 16 ATR (SR)
Various Dada Kidawa – Sister Kidawa (Original Music) 153
Various Daddies Sing Good Night (Sugar Hill) 134/135 ATR
Various Dakar Sound Vol. 3: Latin Thing (Dakar Sound) 137
Various Dakar Sound Vol. 4: Their Thing (Dakar Sound) 137
Various Dallas Alley Drag (Yazoo) 209 ATR
Various Dance Music From Brazil (Nimbus) 209 ATR
Various Dance! Cadence! (Globestyle) 25
Various Dancehall Roots Box Set (Trojan) 266/267 ATR
Various Dances Of Ecstasy (Opus Arte [DVD]) 250
Various Dancin’ In The Big Top (Toll House) 103/104
Various Dancing With The Dead (Ellipsis Arts) 193
Various Danza Latina (Hemisphere) 170/171
Various Dark City Sisters And Flying Jazz Queens (Earthworks) 129
Various Dark Holler – Old Love Songs And Ballads (Smithsonian Folkways) 278/279 ATR
Various Darker Than Blue: Soul From Jamdown 1973-1980 (Blood & Fire) 221
Various Darwin Song Project Shrewsbury 2009 (Shrewsbury Folk Festival) 317/318
Various Dawning Of A New Era – Roots Of Skinhead Reggae (Trojan) 270 ATR
Various De Bahia Aux Sertöes 1939-1955 (Frémeaux & Associés) 275 ATR
Various De Cuba Son (Egrem) 263
Various De Lo Profundo De La Madre Tierra: Cantos Al Dios Sol (Instituto de Cultura Indigena Argentina) 298
Various De Lo Profundo De La Madre Tierra: Ritmos De La Selva (Instituto de Cultura Indigena Argentina) 298
Various De Lo Profundo De La Madre Tierra: Sonidos De La Quebrada (Instituto de Cultura Indigena Argentina) 298
Various De Lo Profundo De La Madre Tierra: Voces Y Kultrunes (Instituto de Cultura Indigena Argentina) 298
Various Dead & Gone #1: Trauermärsche – Funeral Marches (Trikont US) 180
Various Dead & Gone #2: Totenleider – Songs Of Death (Trikont US) 180
Various Dead Maid’s Land (Wild Goose) 192
Various Deadicated (Arista) 97
Various Dear Old Erin’s Isle: Irish Traditional Music From America (Nimbus) 119; 198
Various Declaration Of Independence (Way Out West) 137
Various Deep Down Staines [Staines Folk Club] 20 ATR (SR)
Various Deep Harmonica Blues (Ace) 167
Various Deep In The Heart Of Texas (Zu-Zazz) 79/80 ATR
Various Deep In The Heart Of Tuva (Ellipsis Arts) 175/176
Various Deep Lancashire (Topic) 172 ATR
Various Deep River Of Song: Alabama – From Lullabies To Blues (Rounder) 218/219 ATR
Various Deep River Of Song: Mississippi – Bahamas (Rounder) 197
Various Deep River Of Song: Mississippi – Black Appalachia (Rounder) 197
Various Deep River Of Song: Mississippi – Black Texicans (Rounder) 197
Various Deep River Of Song: Mississippi – Saints And Sinners (Rounder) 197
Various Deep River Of Song: Mississippi – The Blues Lineage (Rounder) 197
Various Deep Roots & Future Grooves – A Global Music Mix (Wicklow) 202
Various Deep Roots Of Johnny Cash (Bear Family) 283/284 ATR
Various Del Mero Corazon (Love Songs Of The South West) (Arhoolie) 20 (SR)
Various Delicatessen (Tradition & Moderne) 258 ATR
Various Delta Blues (Alligator) 123
Various Delta Blues Vol 1 (1929-1930) (Document) 65
Various Delta Blues/Cajun Two-Step (Vestapol) 179
Various Demon Blues (Demon) 108
Various Demotic Remix: Greeks And Indians Remixed By Stratman (Saraswati) 273 ATR
Various Denmark – Singers & Fiddlers (Ocora) 158/159 ATR
Various Derroll Adams’ 65th Birthday Concert (Waste Productions) 99
Various Derroll Adams Tribute Green Note, Camden, London 289 L
Various Descendants Of The Itinerant Gypsies (Multicultural Media) 175/176
Various Desert Blues (Network) 153
Various Desert Blues 3 (Network Medien) 300
Various Desert Roses & Arabian Rhythms (Mondo Melodia) 226 ATR
Various Desert Roses 2 (Mondo Melodia) 227 ATR
Various Desta Barra Fora – Damao, Diu, Chocim, Korlai (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Destination Madagascar (Mars) 163/164
Various Destination Madagascar Vol II (Mars/Ol) 209
Various Det Syng! Ballader På Vanndring (Grappa) 168
Various Detroit Gospel (Heritage) 43
Various Deutscher Folk Forderpreis 1997 (Profolk) 175/176 ATR
Various Devil Got My Woman: Blues At Newport 1966 (Vestapol
) 166
Various Dez Granzin Di Tera – Cabo Verde (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Dhachaigh / Home: The Murdo Macfarlane Songbook (An Lanntair) 304 ATR
Various Di Eybike Mame (Wergo) 246
Various Di Grine Katshke (The Green Duck) (A Menagerie Of Yiddish Animal-Songs For Children) (Living Traditions) 184 ATR
Various Diablo Al Infierno! Los Clasicos De Cuba 3 – Nuevos Caminos En La Musica (Luaka Bop/Warner Bros) 117
Various Diabolical Hoodoo: Vintage Songs Of Devilry, Doom And Hellfire, 1920-52 (Chrome Dreams/Buzzola) 258
Various Diaspora London (Cultural Co-operation) 266/267
Various Didjeridoo – The Australian Aboriginal Music (Playasound) 199/200
Various Dig These Blues (Ace) 107
Various Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Hillbilly Music – Country & Western Hit Parade 1945-50 (Bear Family) 310
Various Dip And Fall Back: Dr Kinsey To Haile Selassie, Classic Jamaican Mento (Trojan) 281 ATR
Various Disappearing World – Endangered Cultures From Remote Regions (Saydisc) 78
Various Discopolis 5000 (Boa) 264
Various Discoteca (Ocho) 215 ATR
Various Discotheque 70 Guinée (Syliphone/Africando) 199/200
Various Discotheque 71 Guinée (Syliphone/Africando) 199/200
Various Discotheque 72 Guinée (Syliphone/Africando) 199/200
Various Discotheque 73 Guinée (Syliphone/Africando) 199/200
Various Discotheque 74 Guinée (Syliphone/Africando) 199/200
Various Discotheque 75 Guinée (Syliphone/Africando) 199/200
Various Discotheque 76 Guinée (Syliphone/Africando) 199/200
Various Discover Indonesia (Smithsonian Folkways) 213
Various Divas Of Mali (Shanachie) 172
Various Divas Sing the Blues (ABM) 202
Various Divine Divas: A World Of Women’s Voices (Rounder) 168
Various DJ Cheb I Sabbah – As Far As – A DJ Mix (Six Degrees) 245 ATR
Various Django – Une Histoire En Cours… (Label Ouest) 325
Various Django’s Spirit – A Tribute To Django Reinhardt (Trikont) 324
Various Djembé 2 (Buda Musique) 205 ATR
Various Dombra Du Kazakhstan: Le ‘Kuï Shertpe’ De Karatau (Buda) 274
Various Don Letts Presents The Mighty Trojan Sound (Trojan) 241 ATR
Various Dònfòli (Pan) 214
Various Donna Lombarda (Barcode) 328
Various Don’t Forget Africa (Lone Wolf Music) 102
Various Don’t Mourn – Organise (Smithsonian/Folkways) 94
Various Don’t Worry, Sing The Blues (Atomic Theory) 181 ATR
Various Doobdoobo’rama (Normal) 196 ATR
Various Doom & Gloom (Trikont) 293
Various Douarnenez 88, Les Musiques De La Fête (La Chasse Marée) 70
Various Doublemoon Remixed (Doublemoon) 321 ATR
Various Doughboys, Playboys & Cowboys: The Golden Years Of The Western Swing Era(Proper) 210
Various Down & Out: The Sad Soul Of The Black South (Trikont) 182/183 ATR
Various Down By The River – The Greenhouse Album (Edge) 98
Various Down Home, Vols 1 & 2 (Lismor) 35
Various Down Home Blues Classics 1943-1953 (Secret/Boulevard Vintage) 253
Various Down Home Blues Classics 1949-1954: Memphis & The South (Boulevard Vintage) 295/296 ATR
Various Down Home Music – A Journey Through The Heartland 1963 (The Arhoolie Foundation [DVD]) 331/332
Various Down In The Basement (Old Hat) 244
Various Down In The Fields (Veteran) 223/224
Various Down In The Souk (Wrasse) 228 ATR
Various Down The Blue Trail Of Sorrow (Rounder) 225 ATR
Various Down The Dirt Road (Indigo) 167 ATR
Various Down To The Promised Land: 5 Years Of Bloodshot Records (Bloodshot) 204 ATR
Various Downbeat The Ruler – Killer Instrumentals From Studio One (Heartbeat) 276 ATR
Various Downhome Blues Classics: California 1948-1954 (Boulevard Vintage) 293
Various Downhome Blues Classics: New York & The East Coast States 1943-1953(Secret/Boulevard Vintage) 294
Various Doyres (Generations): Traditional Klezmer Recordings 1979-1994 (Trikont) 149
Various Dragspelmusik Fran Uppsalaslatten Till Japansak Sjon (Urspar) 30
Various Dread Broadcasting Corporation – Rebel Radio (Trojan) 259/260 ATR
Various Dream Songs And Healing Sounds In The Rainforests Of Malaysia(Smithsonian/Folkways) 161
Various Dreams And Songs Of The Noble Old (Vestapol Video) 186
Various Drink House To Church House Vol. 1 (Dixefrog) 287 ATR
Various Drummers From Heaven (Pan) 202
Various Drumming For Creation (Touch) 32
Various Drums Of Defiance – Jamaican Maroon Music (Smithsonian/Folkways) 114
Various Dub Massive Chapter One (Trojan) 266/267 ATR
Various Dub Rarities Box Set (Trojan) 270 ATR
Various Dubhead Soundclash Series Session Two (Dubhead) 214
Various Dublin Songs – The Official Millennium Album (K-Tel) 60
Various Dublin To Dakar: A Celtic Odyssey (Putumayo) 189 ATR
Various Dubwise & Otherwise 2 (Blood & Fire) 228 ATR
Various Duck Food – African Female Vocal Mbaqanga Classics (Earthworks) 37
Various Duende: From Traditional Masters To Gypsy Rock (Ellipsis Arts) 139/140
Various Duets (Trojan) 254/255 ATR
Various Dulcimer Players From England: I Thought I Was The Only One (Veteran Tapes) 190
Various Dusa Roma/Gypsy Soul (Croatia Records) 285
Various Dust Bowl Blues – Essential American Folk (Union Square) 340 ATR
Various Dust My Broom – The Essential Recordings Of Mississippi Delta Blues (Indigo) 149 ATR
Various Dutch Rare Folk (Food for Thought) 301
Various …E Vengo A Risvegliarti Col Mio Canto: Le Tradizioni Musicali Nel Veronese Vols 1 & 2 (Comune Di Verona) 250
Various Earliest Negro Vocal Groups Vol 4 1921-24 (Document) 169 ATR
Various Early Cante Flamenco – Classic Recordings From The 1930s (Arhoolie) 103/104
Various Early Cante Flamenco Vol 2: Classic Recordings Of The 1930s and 40s (Folklyric) 24 (SR)
Various Early Cuban Danzon Orchestras 1916-1920 (Harlequin) 194/195
Various Early Guitar Music From West Africa 1927-1929 (Heritage) 246
Various Early In The Month Of Spring (Songs And A Story From Irish Travellers) (EFDSS [Vaughan Williams Memorial Library]) 45
Various Early Rhythm And Blues 1949 (Biograph) 117
Various Early Soul Gospel (Vanguard) 227
Various Earwig 16th Anniversary Sampler (Earwig) 154
Various East 2 West – Crossing Continents (Doublemoon) 289
Various East Coast Blues (Krazy Kat) 64
Various Easy Pickings (Tradition) 247/248 ATR
Various Echoes From Afar: Old World Tangos Vol. 1 (Oriente Musik) 220
Various Echoes From The Mountain (Rif Mountain) 329/330
Various Echoes Of The Forest (Ellipsis Arts) 150
Various Ecosse – L’Accordeon, La Harpe Et Le Violon (Playasound) 129 ATR
Various Ecuador And Colombia: Marimba Masters And Sacred Songs (Multicultural Media) 194/195
Various Eddie Heywood And The Blues Singers (Document) 158/159
Various Editeur De Gospel (Frémeaux & Associés) 250 ATR
Various Eesti Rahvapille (Ajakirjade Kirjastus) 314/315 ATR
Various EFWMF Presents: Strictly Worldwide X 3 (Piranha, via Stern’s) 132
Various Egypt: Echoes Of The Nile (Multicultural Media) 175/176
Various Egypt: Music Of The Nile From The Desert To The Sea (Virgin France) 177 ATR
Various Egypt Noir – Nubian Soul Treasures (Piranha) 324
Various Egyptian Taqasim Vol. 1 (Nesma) 304 ATR
Various Eighties Box Set (Trojan) 266/267 ATR
Various Eilean Mo Ghaoil – The Music Of Arran (Brechin All) 335 ATR
Various Ein Abend Für Rasmus Storm (Folk Baltica [DVD]) 322
Various El Bandoneon (El Bandoneon) 203 ATR
Various El Boom Boom (Tumi) 326/327 ATR
Various ¡El Che Vive! 1928-1967 (Last Call) 298
Various ¡El Che Vive! 1967-1997 (Last Call) 175/176
Various El Mapurito: Caribbean Music From Colombia (Buda) 290/291 ATR
Various El Salao – Salsa – Cumbia (TUMI) 118 ATR
Various El Son De La Huasteca (Arion) 273 ATR
Various El Sonido De Flamenco (Nascente) 184 ATR
Various El Tango / Perlas Del Label (Mañana) 333 ATR
Various El Ultimo Paraíso: La Habana, Cuba (Winter & Winter) 221
Various El Ultimo Tango De Buenos Aires (Milan) 261 ATR
Various Electric & Acoustic Mali (Hemisphere) 132
Various Electric Gypsyland (Crammed Disks) 247/248
Various Electric Gypsyland 2 (Crammed Disks) 282
Various Electric Muse II (Essential) 173
Various [Electric Musesee also Various The All New Electric Muse
Various Elvis Inspiration (Boulevard Vintage) 254/255 ATR
Various Elvis Inspiration Volume 2 (Secret/Boulevard Vintage) 301 ATR
Various Emerging Power (Red Feater Music) 218/219
Various Emilia Romagna: Italian Treasury – Alan Lomax Collection (Rounder) 221
Various Enchanting Mongolia – Traditional Mongolian Music (Nebelhorn) 127/128
Various English And Scottish Folk Ballads (Topic) 160
Various English Ceilidh Bands (Coughing Dog) 247/248 ATR
Various English Country Music (Topic) 210
Various English Customs And Traditions (Saydisc) 174
Various English Fiddle Convention, 3rd (John Howson) 56
Various English Folk Collection (Cooking Vinyl) 204 ATR
Various English International (Folksound) 307/308
Various English Originals (Topic) 199/200
Various English Village Carols (Smithsonian Folkways) 210
Various Entiset Etniset: Historical Direct Disc Recordings Of Finnish Folk Music 1935-1954(Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 132
Various Entre Dos Deltas: Flamenco Por Blues (La Flamenca Discos) 252
Various Erdélyi És Moldvai Prímások – Musicians From Transylvania And Moldavia (Etnofon) 226
Various Ernie’s Record Mart (Ace) 184
Various Escale Au Maroc (Playasound) 151/152
Various Escale Au Vietnam (Playasound) 151/152
Various Escale En Ecosse (A Journey To Scotland) (Playasound) 142 ATR
Various Escale En Inde (Playasound) 166
Various Essaouira Festival Gnaoua (Creon Music) 247/248
Various Essential Asian Flavas Vol. 2 (Outcaste) 244
Various Essential Folk Vol. 2 (Nectar) 156 ATR
Various Essential Latin Flavas (Outcaste) 244 ATR
Various Essential Latin Flavas Dos (Outcaste) 256 ATR
Various Essential Merengue: Stripping The Parrots (Corason) 145
Various Estonia: Seto Songs (Ocora) 309 ATR
Various Estonian Traditional Music 2006 (Estonian Traditional Music Centre) 288
Various Estonie – Airs Anciens (Ocora) 211/212
Various E-Town Live (E-Town) 175/176 ATR
Various Etchno (Gypsy House Entertainment/Fono) 228
Various Ethiopia: High Plateaux Music (Playasound) 206/207
Various Ethiopia: Polyphony Of The Dorze (Le Chant du Monde) 170/171
Various Ethiopia: Songs Of The Warrior-Shepherds From The Omo Valley (Frémeaux & Associés) 325 E
Various Ethiopia: Three Chordophone Traditions (Unesco/Auvidis) 170/171
Various Ethiopian Groove – The Golden Seventies (Blue Silver) 132
Various Ethiopian Urban And Tribal Music, Vol. 2: Gold From Wax (Rounder) 201 ATR
Various Éthiopie: Musiques Vocales Et Instrumentales (Ocora) 170/171
Various Ethiopiques 1 & 2 (Buda/Melodie) 177
Various Ethiopiques 3 & 4 (Buda) 185
Various Ethiopiques 5 – Tigrigna Music (Buda) 189
Various Ethiopiques 8 – Swinging Addis (Buda) 211/212
Various Ethiopiques 10 – Ethiopian Blues And Ballads (Buda) 222; 223/224
Various Ethiopiques 15 – Jump To Addis (Buda) 244
Various Ethiopiques 18 – Asguèbba! (Buda) 252
Various Ethiopiques 24 – Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-1975 (Buda) 323
Various Ethiopiques 25 -1971-1975 Modern Roots (Buda) 323
Various Ethiopiques [Buda series] *others in the series are filed under the artist concerned
Various Ethnic Moments (FM) 174 ATR
Various Ethnic Odyssey 2002 (Eros Music) 228 ATR
Various Ethno Punk (EMI Hemisphere) 157
Various EthnoAmbient Croatia (Kopito) 305 ATR
Various Etnisk Musikklubb Compilation (Etnisk Musikklubb) 270 ATR
Various Euro Groove (Putumayo) 299 ATR
Various Euskal Herriko Musika – Music From The Basque Country (Elkar) 160
Various Evangeline Made (Rounder) 227
Various Even Santa Gets The Blues (Pointblank) 151/152
Various Every Road I Take (Shanachie) 196 ATR
Various Every Time I Feel The Spirit (Sugar Hill) 67
Various Every Tone A Testimony (Smithsonian Folkways) 215 ATR
Various Evolving Tradition (Mrs Casey) 143
Various Evolving Tradition 2 (Mrs Casey Music) 156
Various Evolving Tradition 3 (Mrs Casey) 220
Various Evolving Tradition 4: Generations (Mrs Casey) 257
Various Excalibur – Le Concert Mythique (Epic) 211/212 ATR
Various Excello Hits (Ace) 131 ATR
Various Exotic Strings (Arc Music) 250 ATR
Various Exotic Voices And Rhythms Of The South Seas (Arc) 130
Various Exotica: World Music Divas (RCA Victor) 184 ATR
Various Experience The Nordic Tradition! (Nordic Tradition) 299 ATR
Various Extraworld ’95/’96 (Extraplatte) 157 ATR
Various ‘Fa’a Samoa (Pan) 182/183
Various Faces Of The Harp (Narada) 174
Various Fado & Fadistas (Iris Music) 228 ATR
Various Fado – Portugal’s Blues (Gumbo) 288 ATR
Various Fado – The Soul Of Portugal (Manteca) 244 ATR
Various Fados From Portugal Vol. 1 (Fado De Lisboa 1928-1936) (Heritage) 112
Various Fados From Portugal Vol. 2 (Coimbra 1926-30) (Heritage) 112
Various Faikava (The Tongan Kava Circle) (PAN) 126
Various Fais Do Do Breakdown (Flyright) 46
Various Faith: A Message From The Spirits (Soul Jazz) 166
Various Fala-vai Fala-vem-Macau (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Fall Of Man: Calypsos On The Human Condition 1935-1941 (Rounder) 191
Various Family Album (Gadfly) 182/183
Various Fanbai – Hymnes Aux Trois Joyaux (Ocora) 175/176
Various Fanfare For The South West (Fellside) 249
Various Fanfares En Delire/Golden Brass Summit (Network) 223/224
Various Fanitullen 1-2 (Grappa) 157
Various Far, Far From Ypres (Greentrax) 307/308
Various Farewell My Own Dear Native Land [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Farewell To Ireland (Proper) 196
Various Fast And Furious – Trad Music For A Modern Generation (Foot Stompin’) 208 ATR
Various Fast Folk Musical Magazine – Boston Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Fast Folk [LP & magazine]) 45
Various Fataleka And Baegu Music (UNESCO Collection) 103/104
Various Fathers And Sons (Chess) 194/195 ATR
Various Fathers And Sons (Spirit Feel) 53
Various Favela Chic (BMG France [single]) 222
Various Favourite Country Blues Guitar-Piano Duets 1929-37 (Yazoo) 115/116
Various Fear Of A Red Planet (Red Planet) 198 ATR
Various Federico Garcia Lorca – De Granada A La Luna (Sombra) 201 ATR
Various Feed The Folk (Feed The Folk) 28
Various Feeding The Flame – Songs By Men To End AIDS (Flying Fish) 100 ATR
Various Feel Like Going Home (Columbia/Legacy) 259/260 ATR
Various Feel Like Going Home (Point Blank) 120 ATR
Various Feel Like Jumping – Rock Steady And Reggae From Jamaica 1966-68 (Receiver) 73
Various Feel Like Jumping (Heartbeat) 206/207 ATR
Various Fellside’s Folk Favourites (Fellside) 49
Various Female Blues 1921-28 (Document) 169 ATR
Various Female Blues 1922-27 (RST) 169 ATR
Various Female Blues – The Remaining Titles Vol 2 (RST) 180
Various Female Blues Singers Vols 1-14 (Document) 170/171
Various Female Chicago Blues 1936-47 (Document) 143
Various Femmes Celtes (Keltia Musique) 244 ATR
Various Femmes De Bretagne (Keltia) 170/171
Various Fernwood Rhythm & Blues From Memphis (Stomper Time) 242/243 ATR
Various Fest Noz Live (Keltia) 173
Various Festa Brazil (Putumayo) 210 ATR
Various Festival Interceltique De Lorient, 35th (Keltia Musique) 277
Various Festival International Des Arts Traditionnels De Québec (Scorbut) 263
Various Festival Music Of Kerala (JVC World Sounds) 148
Various Festival Of India (Music of the World) 93
Various Festival Son Cuba (Endirecto [DVD]) 261
Various Festival Tropical Salsa, Cumbia Merengue, Lambada (ARC) 132
Various Fête Du Chant De Marin Paimpol 1989 (Le Chasse-Marée) 83
Various Feuding Banjos – Revenge Of The Citybillies (Tradition) 270 ATR
Various Fiddle Fair 2: Live At Declan McCarthy’s, Baltimore (own label) 256 ATR
Various Fiddle Music From Maramures: Vol 1 The Mara Valley (Steel Carpet) 187/188
Various Fiddlers From Five Provinces (Caprice) 166
Various Fiddlesticks – Irish Traditional Music From Donegal (Nimbus) 102; 105
Various Fiddlesticks – Music From Donegal (Nimbus) 198
Various Field Recordings Vol 1: Virginia 1936-41 (Document) 175/176
Various Field Recordings Vol 2: Carolinas, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas 1926-43(Document) 175/176
Various Field Recordings Vol 3: Mississippi 1936-42 (Document) 175/176
Various Field Recordings Vol 4: Mississippi And Alabama 1938-42 (Document) 175/176
Various Field Recordings Vol 5: Lousiana, Texas, Bahamas 1933-40 (Document) 175/176
Various Field Recordings Vol 6: Texas 1933-58 (Document) 175/176
Various Field Recordings Vol 7: Florida 1935-36 (Document) 175/176
Various Field Recordings Vol 8: Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi 1934-47 (Document) 180
Various Field Recordings Vol 9: Georgia, Carolinas, Virginia, Kentucky 1924-39 (Document) 180
Various Field Recordings Vol 10/11: Texas And Arkansas (Document) 180
Various Field Recordings Vol 12: Virginia & Carolina (1936-40) (Document) 185 ATR
Various Field Recordings Vol 13 (Document) 187/188 ATR
Various Field Recordings Vol 14 (1934-50) (Document) 191 ATR
Various Fiesta Balkanica (Network) 319/320
Various Fiesta: Best Of Salsa Colombiana Vol. 2 (Danza Y Movimiento) 218/219 ATR
Various Fiesta Latina [Think Global Presents Fiesta Latina] (Think Global) 300 ATR
Various Fiesta Tropical (Network Medien) 321 ATR
Various Fiesta Vallenata (Globestyle) 38
Various Fifteen Down Home Country Blues Classics (Arhoolie) 165 ATR
Various Fifteen Down Home Urban Blues Classics (Arhoolie) 165 ATR
Various File Under Folk Music Sweden (Amigo) 253 ATR
Various Fingerpicking Guitar Delights (Shanachie) 114
Various Fingerstyle Guitar: New Dimensions And Explorations Vols 1-3 (Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop
) 145
Various Finland – Kaustinen Folk Music Festival 1990 (Brewhouse Music) 103/104
Various Finlir & Glöd – Contemporary Swedish Folk (Xource) 211/212 ATR
Various Finnischer Tango (Tule Tanssimaan Trikont) 192
Various Fire And Steel (World Circuit) 114
Various Fire In My Bones: Raw + Rare + Otherworldly African-American Gospel [1944-2007](Tompkins Square) 331/332
Various Fire In The Mountains: Polish Mountain Fiddle Music Vols 1 & 2 (Yazoo) 178
Various Firepoint (C-Five) 117
Various First I’m Going To Sing You A Ditty [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various First Person Singular – A Woman’s Voice (Topic) 223/224
Various Fish For Sounds! (Piranha) 184
Various Flamenco Chillin’ (Poets Club) 307/308 ATR
Various Flamenco De Triana (Tradition) 189 ATR
Various Flamenco – Grandes Figuras (Le Chant du Monde) 119
Various Flamenco Woman (Boa) 261
Various Flash Company (Fellside) 40; 214 ATR
Various Flashbacks #1: Drug Songs, High & Low: 1917-1944 (Trikont) 210
Various Flashbacks #2: Novelty Songs, Crazy & Obscure: 1914-1946 (Trikont) 210
Various Flashbacks #3: Copulation Blues, Hot & Sexy: 1926-1940 (Trikont) 210
Various Flashbacks #4: Heartbreakers, Blue & Lonely: 1927-1946 (Trikont) 210
Various Flashbacks #5: Halleluja, Gospel & Prayers: 1926-1946 (Trikont) 210
Various Flashbacks #6: American WarSongs, Hitler & Hell: 1933-1947 (Trikont) 210
Various Flatpicking Guitar Festival (Shanachie Guitar Artistry Series) 96
Various Fleetwood Mashers (Old House) 39
Various Fletcher Henderson And The Blues Singers 1921-24 Vols 1 & 2 (Document) 146/147
Various Floating Folk Festival – Vol 1: A Compilation Of Richmond Artists (Planetary) 185 ATR; 186 ATR
Various Flower Dance: Japanese Folk Melodies (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 309 E
Various Flowers In The Wildwood – Women In Early Country Music 1923-1939 (Trikont) 242/243 ATR
Various Flowers Of Edinburgh (Tartan Tapes) 196 ATR
Various Floyd’s Cajun Fais Do-Do (Ace) 95
Various Floyd’s Early Cajun Singles (Ace) 202
Various Flúgvandi Biðil (Tutl) 186
Various Flute And Gamelan Music Of West Java (Topic) 145
Various Flutes And Strings Of The Andes [credited to Native Musicians Of The Atiplano] (Music of the World) 91/92
Various Flutes Of Rajasthan (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Flying Rock (South African Rock ‘n’ Roll 1950-1962) (Global Village) 100
Various Foggy Mountain Breakdown – The Essential Bluegrass Album (Union Square) 340 ATR
Various Folk (Amigo) 198 ATR
Various Folk Against Fascism (Folk Against Fascism) 325
Various Folk & Country Music From Finland (F&C) 24 ATR (SR)
Various Folk-al-Pint (R.O.) 8 ATR (SR)
Various Folk Awards 226 L
Various Folk Awards 2005 (Proper) 261
Various Folk Awards 2006 (Proper) 273
Various Folk Awards 2008 (Proper) 300
Various Folk Awards 2009 (Proper) 310 ATR
Various Folk Awards 2011 (Proper) 335 ATR
Various Folk Awards 2011 The Brewery, London 334 L
Various Folk Festival: A Celebration Of Music Recorded At The Sidmouth International Festival (Gottdiscs) 257
Various Folk Fiesta 97 (Folk Time) 175/176 ATR
Various Folk Friends 2 (Folk Freak) 10 (SR)
Various Folk Heartbeat II (Emporio) 187/188 ATR
Various Folk Heritage II (Music Club) 108
Various Folk Heritage III (Music Club) 111
Various Folk In Vlanaanderen Folkfestival Dronouter (Map) 214 ATR
Various Folk Mediterrani – Illes Balear (Discmedi Blau) 286 ATR
Various Folk Music From Denmark ’96 (MXP – Danish Music Export & Promotion) 156 ATR
Various Folk Music From Denmark ’97 (MXP) 170/171
Various Folk Music From Lörincréve – Dance Music By The Maros Riverside edited & arranged by Ferenc Sebö (Hungaroton) 45
Various Folk Music From Wisconsin (Rounder) 223/224
Various Folk Music In Sweden: Äventyr I Jazz Och Folkmusik / Adventures In Jazz And Folklore (Caprice) 149
Various Folk Music In Sweden: Varjehanda Folkmusik / Traditional Folk Music (Caprice) 149
Various Folk Music In The Orkney Islands [ATO18] 63
Various Folk Music In Transition (Caprice) 184
Various Folk Music Of Iran: The Luristan And Fars Provinces (Lyrichord) 269 E
Various Folk ‘n’ Hell (EMI Hemisphere) 162
Various Folk Rising (Proper) 290/291
Various Folk Rising 2 (Proper) 304 ATR
Various Folk Roots: Jazz (Lyra) 210
Various Folk Routes [credited to Various Island Artists] (Island) 141
Various Folk Save The Children (own label) 280 ATR
Various Folk Songs I (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various Folk Songs II (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various Folk Songs & Tunes From Bohuslän (Caprice) 184
Various Folk Songs Of North-East Scotland (Greentrax) 156
Various Folk Tunes From Dala-Floda, Enviken & Ore (Caprice) 184
Various Folk Tunes From Rättvik, Boda & Bingsjö (Caprice) 184
Various Folkal Point: Edinburgh (Greentrax) 189 ATR
Various Folked Again – The Best Of Mountain Railroad: Vol. 1 (Chameleon) 65 ATR
Various Folkemusik På Film – 1970’erne (Folkemusikkens Fælles Sekretariat [DVD]) 271/272
Various Folkestra North! (Fellside) 247/248 ATR
Various Folks, He Sure Do Pull Some Bow (Old Hat) 216 ATR
Various Folksamling (Amigo) 105
Various Folkscene Collection, Volume III (Red House) 221
Various Folksongs Of Kashmir (Lyrichord) 269 E
Various Folksongs Of The Lousiana Acadians (Arhoolie) 139/140
Various Folktopia Vol. 1 (Vertical) 273 ATR
Various Folkways – A Vision Shared (CBS Music Video) 72
Various Folkways – A Vision Shared. A Tribute To Woody Guthrie And Leadbelly (Columbia) 65
Various Fond-Des-Nègres/Fond-Des-Blancs: Peasant Music From Haiti (Buda) 175/176
Various Fonotone Records (Dust-To-Digital) 274
Various For All The Good People (A Golden Ring Reunion) (Folk Legacy) 130
Various Forces Go Folk (Daviton – German Import) 13 (SR)
Various Föregångare (Predecessors) – Documentary Folkmusic Recordings From The Archive Of The Swedish National Radio 1949-1967 (MNW) 129
Various Forest Music (SWP) 226
Various Forever Young: A British Folk Tribute To Bob Dylan (Delta) 225 ATR
Various Forgotten Guitars From Mozambique (SWP) 247/248
Various Forgotten Roots: Celtic Colours International Festival 1999 (Stephen MacDonald Productions) 199/200
Various Forró: Music For Maids And Taxi Drivers (GlobeStyle) 78
Various Four Women Blues (RCA) 167
Various Frå Senegal Til Setesdal (Grappa) 168
Various Från Världens Hörn / From The Corners Of The World (Caprice) 170/171
Various France – Basque Country – Kantuketan (Ocora) 287
Various France: Landes De Gascogne – La Cornemuse (Ocora) 162
Various France: Musiques De Bretagne (Buda) 106 ATR
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 1 Bretagne (Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 2 France De L’Ouest(Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 3 Auvergne Et Limousin(Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 4 Centre France (Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 5 Sud-Ouest (Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 6 Méditerranée (Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 7 Alpes, Nord Et Est(Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 8 Corse (Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 9 France D’Outre-Mer(Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various France – Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionelles: Vol. 10 Français D’Amérique(Frémaux & Associés) 321 E
Various Freedom Blues (Nascente) 196 ATR
Various Freedom Come All Ye (Wilkie House) 30
Various Freedom Fire: The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Vol 3 (Earthworks) 85
Various Freedom From Debt (WDM) 105
Various Freedom To Celebrate (Ubuntu) 278/279
Various Freemuse & Deeyah Present Listen To The Banned (Heilo) 326/327 ATR
Various Freight Train Blues: Classic Railroad Songs Vol 4 (Rounder) 209 ATR
Various French Café (Putumayo) 251
Various Fresh Handmade Sound: From Source To Sea (Lush) 336
Various Fresh Handmade Sound: Synaesthesia (Lush) 336
Various Fresh Handmade Sound: The Spell (Lush) 336
Various Fresh Handmade Sound: Validation (Lush) 336
Various Frettin’ The Blues – Best Of The Guitar Greats (Vanguard) 206/207 ATR
Various Friends Across The Pond (Friends of Old Timey Music & Dance) 261 ATR
Various Friends Of Fahey Tribute (Slackertone) 300 ATR
Various Friends Of Old Time Music: The Folk Arrival 1961-1965 (Smithsonian Folkways) 288
Various Frikyiwa Collection 1 (Frikyiwa) 206/207
Various Frikyiwa Collection 2 (Frikyiwa) 209
Various From A Distant Shore – Irish & Cape Breton Traditional Music [boxed set, containing: Fiddlesticks – Music From Donegal / Across The Water – Music From England / Dear Old Erin’s Isle – Music From America / Traditional Music From Cape Breton] (Nimbus) 198
Various From A Garden Of Songs – Songs From The Poetry Of Robert Louis Stevenson(Whistleberry Music) 324
Various From Afro-Cuban Music To Salsa (Piranha) 190 ATR
Various From An Early Age – The Incredible Music Of The Gypsies (Manteca) 210 ATR
Various From Bakabush: The First Ten Years Of Stonetree (Stonetree) 274
Various From Cairo To Casablanca (Putamayo) 185
Various From Folksongs To Wienerland Hits 1901-1951 (Document) 194/195 ATR
Various From Galway To Dublin – Early Recordings Of Irish Traditional Music (Rounder) 119
Various From Hell To Breakfast – A Taste Of Sugar Hill’s Texas Singer-Songwriters (Sugar Hill) 226 ATR
Various From Hell To Obscurity (Black Mail) 76
Various From Mississippi To Chicago (HMG) 196
Various From Puck To Appleby (Musical Traditions) 241
Various From Sewingshields To Glendale [MWM 1033] 37
Various From Smyrna To Constantinople (Protasis) 244
Various From The Copperbelt… Zambian Miners’ Songs (Original Music) 87
Various From The Heart (Corason/Rounder) 144
Various From The Kasbah, Tuis To Tahrir Square, Cairo & Back (Network) 338/339
Various From The Mountains To The Sea: Music Of Peru – The 1960s (Arhoolie) 175/176
Various From Worldbeat To Bluenote (Shamrock) 162
Various Frozen Brass: Africa & Latin America (PAN) 124
Various Frozen Brass: Asia (PAN) 124
Various Fuerza! (Virgin France) 211/212 ATR
Various Full Up – More Hits From Studio One (Heartbeat) 276 ATR
Various Fusion India 2 – Passage To India (Navras) 274 E
Various Future World Funk (Ocho) 204
Various Future World Funk 2 – Further Adventures In Afro, Funk, Dub And Future World Beats (Ocho) 213
Various Future World Funk – On The Run (Ether) 266/267 ATR
Various Future World Funk Presents Desi Nation (Stern’s) 244
Various Future World Funk – The Third Dimension (Ocho) 223/224
Various Fyre And Sworde (Fellside) 181
Various Gabon: Chants Atege (Ocora) 278/279 E
Various Gadfly Pie (Gadfly) 189 ATR
Various Gael Force (Union Square [DVD]) 254/255
Various Gaelic Ireland (Arc Music) 246 ATR
Various Gaelic Songs Of Scotland – Women At Work In The Western Isles (Rounder) 286 ATR
Various Gaelic Voices (Green Linnet) 199/200
Various Gaelic Women: Ar Cànan ‘S Ar Cèol (Our Language And Our Music) (Greentrax) 199/200
Various Gagaku, Buddhist Chant [Japanese Traditional Music: Gagaku, Buddhist Chant] (World Arbiter) 309 E
Various Gaida – Tsambouna – Zournas (FM) 158/159
Various Galician Folklore – Historical Recordings (Ouvirmos) 297
Various Gambuh: Balinese Musical Drama (Inedit) 206/207
Various Gamelan Degung: Classical Music Of Sunda, West Java (PAN) 170/171
Various Gamelan From Central Java (ARC Music) 271/272 E
Various Gamelan Of Central Java (Arion) 271/272 E
Various Gamelan Of Central Java, III. Modes And Timbres (Felmay/Dunya) 259/260
Various Gamelan Of Central Java, IV. Spiritual Music (Felmay/Dunya) 259/260
Various Gamelan Of Central Java V. Gaya Yogyakarta (Felmay/Dunya) 271/272 E
Various Gamelan Of Central Java VI. Kraton Surakarta (Felmay) 278/279 E
Various Gamelan Of Central Java VII. Edge Of Tradition (Felmay) 278/279 E
Various Gamelan Of Central Java XII. Pangkur One (Felmay) 325 E
Various Gamelan Of Central Java XIII. Pangkur Two (Felmay) 325 E
Various Ganga Reggae Box Set (Trojan) 245 ATR
Various Garden Of Delights (Discotheque) 277 ATR
Various Gardens Of Eden (Putumayo) 217 ATR
Various Garifuna Music (ARC Music) 269 E
Various Gastonia Gallop – Cotton Mill Songs And Hillbilly Blues (Old Hat) 321
Various Gavana – Goa (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Gay Life In Dikanka: R. Crumb’s Old Time Favourites (Bakhall) 216
Various Gazeller Vol. 2: Ottoman-Turkish Vocal Improvisations On 78 rpm Records (Kalan) 204
Various Generosity – Folk For MS (WildGoose) 319/320 ATR
Various Gentle Giants (Greentrax) 264 ATR
Various Genuine Houserockin’ Christmas (Alligator) 247/248 ATR
Various Genuine Houserockin’ Music (V Alligator) 131
Various Georgia Blues 1928-33 (Document) 113
Various Georgia Blues And Gospel (Document) 123
Various Georgia Folk: A Sampler Of Traditional Sounds (Global Village Music) 177
Various Georgia Songsters (Document) 181
Various Georgia Stringbands Vol 1 (Document) 181
Various Georgia: The Resounding Polyphony Of The Caucasus (Multicultural Media) 178
Various Get Me Jesus On The Line (Nectar) 155 ATR
Various Get On Board Little Children (Ace) 145
Various Get Up, Stand Up! Jamaican Protest Songs (Ras) 266/267 ATR
Various Get Weaving Volume 1 (Weaving) 112
Various Get Weaving Volume 2 (Weaving) 127/128
Various Get With The Beat – The Mar-Vel Masters (Rykodisc) 119
Various Get Your Ass In The Water And Swim Like Me (Rounder) 185 ATR
Various Geza Music From The Kabuki (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 309 E
Various Ghana: Popular Music 1931-57 (Arion) 225
Various Ghana Special (Soundway) 319/320
Various Ghosts From The Basement (Weekend Beatnik) 326/327
Various Gilles Peterson Presents Havana Cultura: New Cuba Sound (Brownswood) 319/320 ATR
Various Give Me Love : Songs Of The Brokenhearted – Baghdad 1925-1929 (Honest Jon’s) 307/308
Various Give Me The Blues (Valve) 209
Various Give Us Your Poor (Appleseed) 298 ATR
Various Giving People Choices (ActionAid) 127/128
Various Glad I Stayed – Charleston, West Virginia, Singer/Songwriters Volume 1 (Perdition) 204 ATR
Various Global Accordeon: Early Recordings (Wergo) 225
Various Global Beatz (ARC) 223/224 ATR
Various Global Chill (Manteca) 213
Various Global Divas: Voices From Women Of The World (Rounder) 151/152
Various Global Explorer (Zip Dog) 175/176 ATR
Various Global Hip-Hop (Manteca) 250
Various Global Magic (MW) 201 ATR
Various Global Meditation, Authentic Music From Meditative Traditions Of The World (Ellipsis Arts) 127/128
Various Global Partnership 1 (Friends of the Earth, World Development Movement & the Trust for Education and Development) 142 ATR
Various Global Partnership 2 (World Music Network) 154
Various Global Pressure (Nation) 249 ATR
Various Global Reggae Selection Vol 1 (Urban Sedated) 312 ATR
Various Global Roots Brazil (HMV) 242/243 ATR
Various Global Roots Cuba (HMV) 242/243 ATR
Various Global Roots: Bollywood Then And Now (Spectrum Music/HMV) 246
Various Global Voices (Music of the World) 189
Various Globe Trot (Multicultural Media) 178
Various GlobeSonic Presents Bar Bhangra (Escondida) 270 ATR
Various Go South (Earthworks) 29
Various God Bless Africa (Nascente) 209 ATR
Various Goddess: Divine Energy (Celestial Harmonies) 297 E
Various Goin’ Down South – Blues Sampler Vol. 2 (Inside Sounds) 269 ATR
Various Goin’ Down To Louisiana (Ace) 226
Various Going Back To Old Kentucky (Indigo) 244 ATR
Various Golden Afrique Vol. 1 (Network) 261
Various Golden Afrique Vol. 2 (Network) 269
Various Golden Afrique Vol. 3 (Network) 281
Various Golden Brass Summit – FiestaMania! (Network [DVD]) 325
Various Golden Voices From The Silver Screen Volume 1 (Globestyle) 85
Various Golden Voices From The Silver Screen Volume 2 (Globestyle) 85
Various Golden Voices From The Silver Screen Volume 3 (Globestyle) 88
Various Go-Man-Go (Mango) 125
Various Gonna Take My Rap – The Essential Recordings Of Post War Chicago Blues 1945-49(Indigo) 202 ATR
Various Good Blues Tonight (Memoir) 126 ATR
Various Good For What Ails You – The Music Of The Medicine Shows, 1926-1937 (Old Hat) 281
Various Good Hearted Fellows (Veteran) 282
Various Good Order! Ladies And Gentlemen Please – The Eel’s Foot (Veteran) 214
Various Good Times Blues (Columbia) 105
Various Goodbye Sandra [credited to Various Zimbabweans] (Discafrique) 60
Various Gorau Gwerin – The Best Of Welsh Folk (Sain) 22 (SR)
Various Gorau Gwerin 2: The Best Of Welsh Folk (Sain) 45
Various Gorau Gwerin/The Best Of Welsh Folk Music (Sain) 114
Various Gospel – Rock My Soul (Iris Music) 262
Various Gospel According To Earthworks (Stern’s/Earthworks) 186
Various Gospel At Newport (Vanguard) 145
Various Gospel Celebrities & Celestial Lights (Fantastic Voyage) 333
Various Gospel Classics 1927-31 (Document) 130
Various Gospel Classics Vol 2 1927-35 (Document) 143
Various Gospel Classics Vol 3 1924-42 (Document) 146/147
Various Gospel Warriors (Spirit Feel) 66
Various Got Harp, If You Want It (Crosscut) 102
Various Gouel 20 Vloaz Dastum (Dastum) 132
Various Gran Gran Fiesta – Planet Latin (Cooking Vinyl) 125
Various Grand Airs Of Connemara (Ossian) 137
Various Grand Concert Of Scottish Piping (Greentrax) 161 ATR
Various Grandes Voix De Bretagne – Femmes De Bretagne (Keltia Musique) 323
Various Great Acoustics (Philo) 28
Various Great Blues Guitarists (SPV Blue) 300 ATR
Various Great Blues Guitarists: String Dazzlers (Columbia) 98
Various Great Bluesmen/Newport (Vanguard) 94
Various Great Boogie Woogie News (Document) 151/152
Various Great British Skiffle: Just About As Good As It Gets! Vol. 4 (Smith & Co) 324 ATR
Various Great Gospel Performers 1937-50 (Document) 161
Various Great Grandson Of Morris On (Talking Elephant) 253
Various Great Harp Players (1927-30) (Matchbox) 17 (SR)
Various Great Moments Of Vinyl History (Special Delivery) 59
Various Great Voices Of Constantinople 1927-1933 (Rounder) 174
Various Great Voices Of Fado (Arc) 220 ATR
Various Greatest Folksingers Of The Sixties (Vanguard) 76
Various Grèce: Chants Polyphoniques Et Musique D’Epire (Ocora) 23 (SR)
Various Grecia: De Oriente Y De Occidente (Resistencia) 204
Various Greece: A Musical Odyssey (Putumayo) 256 ATR
Various Greek Oriental Smyrnaic – Rebetic Songs & Dances – The Golden Years 1927 – 1937(Folklyric) 18 (SR)
Various Greek-Oriental Rebetica: Songs And Dances In The Asia Minor Style – The Golden Years 1911-37 (Arhoolie/Folklyric) 110
Various Greeks & Indians 1 (Saraswati) 226
Various Greeks & Indians 2 (Saraswati) 226
Various Greenwich Village Folk Festival (Gadfly) 162 ATR
Various Griot Music From Mali No. 2 (Pan) 187/188
Various Grounation: The Indomitable Spirit Of Rastafari (Nascente) 198 ATR
Various Ground Zero (Shakti) 213 ATR
Various Guadeloupe: Gwoka – Soirée Lèwoz À Cacao (Ocora) 118
Various Guadeloupe: Gwoka – Soirée Lèwoz À Jabrun (Ocora) 118
Various Guantanamera (Egrem) 263
Various Guantanamera – La Cumbancha (Egrem) 139/140
Various Guatemala/Mexico: Festival Music From San Cristobal De Las Casas/Indian Ritual Music From Chichicastenango (Humming Bird) 57
Various Gubbskivan (Tongång) 198 ATR
Various Guide Cats For The Blind: Songs And Poems Of Les Barker (Osmosys) 247/248
Various Guinea – Musics Of Fouta-Djalon (Playa Sound) 70
Various Guinea: Kpelle Music (Inedit) 190
Various Guinée: Cultural Revolution (Discograph/Syllart) 283/284
Various Guinée Compil [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Guinée: Les Nyamakala De Fouta Djallon (Buda) 113
Various Guinée – Récita Et Épopées (Ocora) 118
Various Guitar Evangelists 1928-51 (Document) 114
Various Guitar Paradise Of East Africa (Earthworks) 93
Various Guitar Workshop Vol. 1 (Essential) 169 ATR
Various Guitares De Bresil (Arco Iris) 182/183
Various Guitarisma (Higher Octave Music) 181 ATR
Various Guitarra Armada: Armed Guitar (Music Of The Sandinista Guerillas) (Rounder) 57
Various Gutbucket (EMI) 144
Various Gwerin – A Collection Of Music From North East Wales (101 Records) 214 ATR
Various Gwledd O Gwerin Cymreig/Feast Of Welsh Folk (BBC Wales) 69
Various Gypsy Beats & Balkan Bangers (Atlantic Jaxx) 278/279 ATR
Various Gypsy Caravan (Putumayo) 220 ATR
Various Gypsy Garden: The World Of Gypsy Grooves (Soulstar) 259/260 ATR
Various Gypsy Music Of Macedonia And Neighbouring Countries (Topic) 169
Various Gypsy Queens: Flammes Du C&oeligur (Network) 193
Various Gypsy Soul [Dusa Roma/Gypsy Soul] (Croatia Records) 285
Various Gypsy Summer – Tales Of Surviving (Kuker) 203
Various Habana De Noche (Egrem) 263
Various Hafla (Popular Traditions Of Morocco) (Radiant Future) 151/152
Various Haiti Cherie Meringue – Buckle Rubbing Street Music From Haiti (Corason/Musica Tradicional, via Rounder) 132
Various Haiti Vodou: The Voodoo Drums Of Haiti (Red Eye Music) 324 ATR
Various Halloween At Town Hall Party (Bear Family [DVD]) 250
Various Hamish Henderson Collects (Kyloe) 280 ATR
Various Hamish Henderson Collects, Vol. 2 (Kyloe) 287
Various Hamish MacGregor’s Scottish Love Songs (Tartan Tapes) 181
Various Hampshire Dance Tunes (WildGoose) 288
Various Hana Hou! (Do It Again!) (PAN) 130
Various Hands Across The Water (Compass) 273 ATR
Various Hangvetö 2004-2005 Compilation (Hangvetö) 259/260 ATR
Various Hangvetö 2006-2007 Compilation (Hangvetö) 292
Various Hank Williams – Timeless (Lost Highway) 223/224
Various Happy Birthday, Mikis! (Tropical Music) 214
Various Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part (GlobeStyle) 165
Various Hard Cash (Fledg’ling) 187/188
Various Hard Cash (Special Delivery) 82
Various Hardcore English (EFDSS) 297
Various Harem’s Secret (Soulstar) 251 ATR
Various Harem’s Secret 2 (Lola’s World) 268 ATR
Various Hark, Hark! What News. Village Carols From The Royal Hotel, Dungworth (Village Carols) 174
Various Harlan County USA (Rounder) 281 ATR
Various Harlem Blues (ABM) 202 ATR
Various Harmonica Blues (ABM) 202
Various Harp Blowers (Document) 123
Various Harp Blues (Ace) 192
Various Harp Legends 11: Various Artists (Catfish) 177 ATR
Various Harps, Jugs, Washboards And Kazoos 1926-40 (RST Jazz Perspectives) 139/140 ATR
Various Harps, Pipes & Fiddles (Temple) 208 ATR
Various Harry Boardman Memorial Concert at the Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester 103/104 L
Various Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music, Volume 4 (Revenant) 205
Various Harvest Home – Songs And Crack From West Tyrone (Collected By James Foley)(Arts Council of Northern Ireland [book & cassette pack]) 112
Various Harvest Song (Ellipsis Arts) 153
Various Haul And Pull Up Selecta: Heavy Weight Dancehall 1979-82 (Trojan) 242/243 ATR
Various Haut-Karabach: Musiques Du Front (Silex) 194/195
Various Havana & Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957: Batá, Bembé & Palo Songs (Smithsonian Folkways) 249 ATR
Various Havana, Cuba, ca. 1957: Rhythms And Songs For The Orishas (Smithsonian Folkways) 227
Various Havana: The Next Generation (Timba) 245 ATR
Various Hawaiian Drum Chants (Smithsonian/Folkways) 103/104
Various Hawaiian Memories (Harlequin) 198
Various Hawaiian Rainbow [Music From The Robert Mugge Film] (Rounder) 66
Various Hawaiian Slack Key Masters Instrumental Collection (Dancing Cat) 148
Various Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics 1927-38 (Folklyric) 127/128
Various Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics Vol. 2 (1927-34) (Folklyric) 14 (SR)
Various Hawaiian Traditional Hula (Arc Music) 244
Various Haydar Haydar: Masters Of Turkish Music (Rounder) 244
Various Heading Back To Houston – Texas C & W 1950-1 (Krazy Kat) 172 ATR
Various Health Is The Key [Zonse ndi Moyo – Health Is The Key] (Pamtondo) 202
Various Hear Me Howling! (Arhoolie) 333
Various Heart Of The Celts: Songs Of Love (Narada) 179 ATR
Various Heart Of The Forest (Hannibal) 129
Various Heart Of The Gaels (Green Linnet) 115/116
Various Heartbeat Soukous (Earthworks) 56
Various Heartbeats – Native Sounds From The Hearts Of Europe (Special Delivery) 84
Various Heartland, The Music (Volume One) [credited to Various Highlanders] [no number/label] 77
Various Heartstrings: Traditional Melodies From The Heart Of Wales’ Finest Harpists (Sain) 302/303 ATR
Various Heartworn Highways (Snapper [DVD]) 252
Various Heat The Hoose (Tartan Tapes) 185
Various Heat The Hoose 2 (Foot Stompin’) 214 ATR
Various Heatbeat: Voices Of First Nations Women (Smithsonian/Folkways) 172
Various Heather And Glen (Ossian) 120
Various Heather & Glen: Folk Songs & Music From Aberdeenshire & The Hebrides (Acrobat Music) 300 ATR
Various Hecho En Cuba (Jazz FM) 244 ATR
Various Heel & Toe (Veteran) 268
Various Heiva I Tahiti (Festival Of Life) (ARC) 126
Various Hellhound On My Trail – The Songs Of Robert Johnson (Telarc) 220 ATR
Various Hellhounds On Their Trail – A History Of Blues Guitar 1924-2001 (Indigo) 261 ATR
Various Hen Wlad Fy Mamau: Land Of My Mothers (Crai) 151/152
Various Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still (Appleseed) 204
Various Her Infinite Variety (Green Linnet) 177
Various Here Comes That Feeling – Hit Songs Jamaican Style (Trojan) 251 ATR
Various Here Is A Health – Songs, Music And Stories Of An Ulster Community collected & edited by Seán Corcoran (Arts Council of Northern Ireland [cassette & booklet]) 45
Various Here Me Talkin’ (Indigo) 181 ATR
Various Here We Are (ISG [Independent Songwriters Group]) 155 ATR
Various Here’s A Health To The Barley Mow: A Century Of Folk Customs And Ancient Ritual Games (British Film Institute/EFDSS [DVD]) 341/342
Various Here’s Luck To The Man (Musical Traditions) 242/243
Various Heritage (Six Degrees/Island) 175/176 ATR
Various Heroes (Rock ‘n’ Dole) 32
Various Het Daghet Inden Oosten: Bagpipes Of The Low Countries (PAN) 162
Various Hidden English (Topic) 138
Various High Explosion: DJ Sounds From 1970-76 (Trojan) 241 ATR
Various High Kings Of Tara (Tara) 9 (SR)
Various High Rollers: Vintage Gambling Songs 1920-52 (Chrome Dreams/Buzzola) 258
Various Highlife Time 2 (Vampisoul) 337
Various Highlights From The History Of Rhythm & Blues 1925-1942 (Rhythm and Blues) 307/308 ATR
Various Hiien Hivuksista – Jouhikko Music From Finland (Folk Music Institute) 246
Various Hi-Jivin’ – Hot Dance Sounds From The Townships Of South Africa (Kijima) 88
Various Hillbilly Blues (ASV) 214
Various Hillbilly Gospel (Flyright) 228 ATR
Various Hillbilly Jamboree (Ace) 184 ATR
Various Hillbilly Jazz (Flying Fish) 106 ATR
Various Hills Of Home: 25 years Of Folk Music On Rounder (Rounder) 148
Various Hispanic Traditions – Music Of New Mexico (Smithsonian/Folkways) 117
Various Historic Recordings By Hugh Tracey: Southern Belgian Congo 1952 & 1957 (SWP) 202
Various History Of Township Music (Wrasse) 217 ATR
Various Hit Bound: The Revolutionary Sound [Channel One] (Heartbeat) 85
Various Hit Me With A Flower (Spex) 139/140 ATR
Various Hits & Misses: Muhammed Ali And The Ultimate Sound Of Fistfighting (Trikont) 247/248 ATR
Various Hò! #1: Roady Music From Vietnam 2000 (Trikont) 189
Various Højbystævnet 2009 (GO’ Danish Folk Music) 331/332; 336
Various Hokum Blues 1924-29 (Document) 149 ATR
Various Hokum, Blues And Rags 1929-1930s (Document) 158/159
Various Hold Me Strong – Love Songs Jamaican Style 1972-1976 (Trojan) 78
Various Holding Up Half The Sky: Voices Of Asian Women (Shanachie) 199/200
Various Holding Up Half The Sky: Voices Of Celtic Women Volume 2 (Shanachie) 199/200
Various Hollerin’ (Rounder) 153 ATR
Various Homage To Mahmoud Reda – A Life For Dancing (Nesma [DVD]) 300
Various Home [Dhachaigh/Home: The Murdo Macfarlane Songbook] (An Lanntair) 304 ATR
Various Home For Christmas: Voices From The Heartland (Rounder) 295/296 ATR
Various Home On The Range (Eagle) 160 ATR
Various Homegrown (Mooncrest) 182/183 ATR
Various Homeland (Rounder) 59
Various Homeland 2: A Collection Of Black South African Music (Rounder) 89
Various Vol 1 (Home) 277 ATR
Various Hommage A Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Network) 182/183
Various Honduras: Musique Garifuna (Inedit) 247/248
Various Honeywind (Sounds From A Santal Village) (Wergo Weltmusik) 211/212
Various Hongrie: Le Dernier Passage (Ocora) 23 (SR)
Various Honor The Earth Powwow – Songs Of The Great Lakes Indians (Rykodisc) 105
Various Honor: A Benefit For The Honor The Earth Campaign (Normal) 179
Various Hoodoo Man Blues (Indigo) 158/159
Various Hoomii And Urtin Duu (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various Hootenanny (Cooking Vinyl) 86
Various Hopping Mad In Kent [credited to Various Kent Dwellers] (Open) 81
Various Horizons (Music Of The World) 110 ATR
Various Hot & Spicy Chutney (Nascente) 185
Various Hot Cookies (Cooking Vinyl) 60
Various Hot Dance Music From Cuba 1909-1937 (Harlequin) 41
Various Hot Guitars (Viper) 310 ATR
Various Hot Soca Flavas (Bright Choice) 225 ATR
Various Hot Soca Party (Manteca) 209 ATR
Various Hot Women: Exotic & Spicy (Kein & Aber) 251
Various Hotel Oriente (Oriente) 226 ATR
Various Hound Dog Taylor – A Tribute (Alligator) 179
Various House On Fire Volume 2 (Red House) 172
Various House Rockin’ And Blues Shoutin’! Live Blues From The Rhythm Room In Phoenix!(Blue Witch) 295/296 ATR
Various How Low Can You Go? Anthology Of The String Bass, 1925-1941 (Dust-to-Digital) 285
Various How To Play Blues Guitar (Shanachie Guitar Artistry Series) 96
Various Huanle De Miaojia (A Happy Miao Family) (PAN) 142
Various Huayno Music Of Peru Vol. 1 (Arhoolie) 87
Various Huayno Music Of Peru Vol. 2 (Arhoolie) 118
Various Huaynos & Huaylas (Globestyle) 95
Various Hubert Sumlin’s Blues Party [no details given] 54 ATR
Various Hula, Haka, Hoko! (Polynesian Dances) (Pan) 182/183
Various Humour The Bow, Vol. 1: A Musical Tribute To The Late Jimmy Power (Swilly) 64
Various Hungarian Music From Transylvania – Traditions Of Gyimes And The Great Plain(Inedit) 226
Various Hungarian Zither Music (Magyarországi Citeramuzsika) (Hungaroton) 15 (SR)
Various Huntington Folk – Folk From Huntington Hall (Speaking Volumes) 174 ATR
Various Huntingdon Folk 2 (Speaking Volumes) 193 ATR
Various Huntingdon Folk 4 (Speaking Volumes) 299 ATR
Various Hurricane Zouk (Earthworks) 56
Various Hurry The Jug: Classic Recordings Of Songs, Lilting And Storytelling In The Irish Tradition (GlobeStyle) 162
Various I Am Sad And Weary: Jimmie Rodgers Revisited (Bear Family) 244 ATR
Various I Am Walking: New Native Music (Narada) 177 ATR
Various I Asked For Whiskey (Indigo) 149 ATR
Various I Belong To This Band – 85 Years Of Sacred Harp Recordings (Dust-to-Digital) 285
Various I Can’t Be Satisfied: Early American Blues Singers Vol. 1 – Country (Yazoo) 172 ATR
Various I Can’t Be Satisfied: Early American Blues Singers Vol. 2 – Town (Yazoo) 172 ATR
Various I Have No Cannons That Roar (Jamal) 181 ATR
Various I Have To Paint My Face (Arhoolie) 157
Various I Love Salsa: Essential Dance Class Hits (Manteca) 204
Various I Love To Hear My Baby Call My Name: The Ego Song 1945-52 (El Toro) 270 ATR
Various I Smell A Rat – Early Black Rock’n Roll #2 1949-1959 (Trikont) 323
Various I Sowed Pearls / Vetettem Gyöngyöt (Etnofon) 309
Various I Was Born In Glasgow (Gallus) 78
Various If I Had A Song… The Songs Of Pete Seeger, Vol. 2 (Appleseed) 223/224
Various If You Ain’t Got The Do-Re-Mi (Smithsonian Folkways) 293 ATR
Various If You Just Tuned In (Awareness) 88
Various Ifi Palasa (Tongan Brass) (PAN) 142
Various Ikewan – Tuareg Memories (Long Distance) 262 ATR
Various Il Canto Di Malavita – La Musica Della Mafia (PIAS Recordings) 226
Various Ile Rodrigues: Voix Et Tambours (Takamba) 211/212
Various I’ll Dance Till The Sun Breaks Through (Ragtime, Cakewalks And Stomps 1898-1923) (Saydisc) 19 (SR)
Various I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive: Hank Williams Revisited (Trikont) 184 ATR
Various I’m A Bad, Bad Girl: Seven Dozen Dusky Divas 1939-1953 (Indigo) 256 ATR
Various I’m Gonna Let It Shine (Round River) 103/104
Various I’m Leaving Tipperary (GlobeStyle) 131
Various I’m Troubled With A Diamond (Curlew) 97
Various Imaginational Anthem (Near Mint) 270
Various Imaginational Anthem Volume Three (Tompkins Square) 302/303 ATR
Various Imagine Africa (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 323 ATR
Various Imagine Another Ireland (Keltia Musique) 160 ATR
Various Imeachd: Odyssey (Hebridean Celtic Festival) 270 ATR
Various Imene Tapu (And Other Choral Music Of The Cook Islands) (Pan) 206/207
Various Immigrés (Global Music Centre) 184 ATR
Various Impala Lounge 2 (Wagram) 244 ATR
Various Import Export A La Turka (Trikont) 302/303 ATR
Various In Aboriginal (Musica Pangaea) 196
Various In Country – Folk Songs Of Americans In The Vietnam War (Flying Fish) 106 ATR
Various In Defense Of Freedom (North Star) 118 ATR
Various In Griot Time: String Music From Mali (Stern’s) 206/207
Various In Prison – Afro American Prison Music From Blues To Hiphop (Trikont) 282 ATR
Various In Search Of Nic Jones Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 338/339 L
Various In The Beginning Tommy Steele (Secret Heart) 62
Various In The Blood Original Film Soundtrack (Rykodisc) 105
Various In The Country Of Country (Compass) 184 ATR
Various In The Name Of Love – Africa Celebrates U2 (Wrasse) 300
Various In The Pines: Tar Heel Folk Songs And Fiddle Tunes 1926-1936 (Old Hat) 305
Various In The Smoke (GlobeStyle) 146/147
Various In The Spirit (Alligator) 139/140 ATR
Various Inde Du Nord (Arion) 139/140
Various Inde Du Sud: Kutiyattam (Ocora) 202
Various Inde Du Sud : Periya Melam – Temple De Chidambaram / South India: Chidambaram Temple (Ocora) 297 E
Various Inde Rajasthan – Les Musiciens Du Désert (Ocora) 148
Various Indestructible Arabian Beats (Manteca) 241 ATR
Various Indestructible Asian Beats (Manteca) 216 ATR
Various Indestructible Asian Beats 2 (Manteca) 244
Various Indestructible Balkan Beats (Manteca) 273
Various Indestructible Latin Beats (Manteca) 269
Various India: Jewels Of The Subcontinent (Latitudes Lite) 194/195
Various India: Travelling Artists Of The Desert (Multicultural Media) 173
Various India: Travelogue (Travelogue) 246
Various Indian Folk Music Of Uttar Pradesh (Lyrichord) 298 E
Various Indian Rezervation Blues And More (Dixiefrog) 314/315
Various Indianism: Inspiration And Respiration (Apricot) 246
Various Indigenous Matter: Music From Africa And The Americas (In The Woods) 326/327 ATR
Various Indigenous Tribes (Iona) 174 ATR
Various Indigo Africa (Indigo) 178 ATR
Various Indigo Blues Collection (Indigo) 149 ATR
Various Indigo Blues Collection 3 (Indigo) 178 ATR
Various Indigo Tropical (Indigo/Label Bleu) 202
Various Indonesia: Music From The Nonesuch Explorer Series (Nonesuch) 244
Various Indonesia: Toraja (Funerals And Fertility Feasts) (Le Chant du Monde) 154
Various Indonesian Guitars (Smithsonian Folkways) 198
Various Indonesie – Madura; Musique Savante (Ocora) 154
Various Inedit Three (India – (Nagaland) – Chant Des Tribus Sema Et Zeliang) (Maison des Cultures du Monde [Limited Edition]) 41
Various Inside Afghanistan (Arc Music) 264
Various Inspiration – Japan – Ancient Court Music & Koto Melodies (EMI) 166
Various Inspired By Tradition: Kalevala Poetry In Finnish Music (Finnish Music Information Centre) 270 P
Various Instrumental Folk Music Of Greece (Topic) 169
Various Instrumental India 2 – Passage To India (Navras) 274 E
Various Instrumental Music From The Southern Appalachians (Tradition) 177 ATR
Various Instrumental Music Of Northeast Thailand [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Instrumental Music Of Rajasthan [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Instrumental Music Of The Uighurs [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Instruments (Hannibal) 122
Various Intensified! Original Ska 1962-1966 (Mango) 81
Various International Jew’s Harp Festival (4th), Rauland, Norway, 2002 (Heilo) 287
Various International Music Series – Introduction (Cooking Vinyl) 247/248
Various Invozho – Traditional Songs Of Udmurtia (Global Music Centre) 277 ATR
Various Iowa State Fare (Smithsonian/Folkways) 165
Various Iran [Anthology Of World Music Series] (Rounder) 187/188
Various Iran: Bardes Du Khorassan (Ocora) 190
Various Iraqi Music/Ud Taqsim And Pasta [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Ire Feelings – Reggae Chart Hits 1969-1976 (One Stop) 242/243 ATR
Various Ireland: Traditional Music Of Today (Auvidis/Silex) 179
Various Irish Dance Music (Topic) 153
Various Irish Festival (Mulligan) 7 (SR)
Various Irish In America 1910-1942 (Frémeaux & Associés) 256 ATR
Various Irish Music – The Rough Guide (World Music Network) 162 ATR
Various Irish Music Festival 2001 (Kaleidoscope Music) 223/224
Various Irish Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes & Airs (Acoustic Music) 328 ATR
Various Irish Traditional Music In America: Chicago (Rounder) 222
Various Irish Traditional Music In America: East Coast (Rounder) 222
Various Irish Unplugged (Aditi) 259/260 ATR
Various Irish Voices (Topic) 169
Various Is It Any Wonder (Big Beat) 62
Various Iscathamiya – Zulu Worker Choirs In South Africa (Heritage) 42
Various Ishumar 2: New Tuareg Guitars (IRL) 335 ATR
Various Island (Wild Boar) 223/224 ATR
Various Island Music Collection Vol. 2 (Respect) 256 ATR
Various Island To Island (Ossian) 242/243 ATR
Various Islands (Putumayo World Music) 166
Various Isle Of Golden Dreams – Music Of Hawai’i (Harlequin) 184
Various Israël. Vol. 2 Les Juifs D’Ethiopie (Ocora) 47
Various Istanbul 1925 (Traditional Crossroads) 150
Various Istanbul Laternasi (The Istanbul Laterna) (Kalan) 204
Various It Ain’t Over – 55 Years Of Blues (Delmark) 319/320 ATR
Various It Came From Memphis, Vol. 2 (Birdman) 227 ATR
Various It Fell On A Day, A Bonny Summer Day [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various It Was On A Market Day 2 (Veteran) 282
Various It’s A Triple Earth (Triple Earth) 149
Various Italia 2 – Roots Music Atlas (Robi Droli) 182/183
Various Italia 3: Atlante Di Musica Tradizionale (Roots Music Atlas) (Dunya/Felmay) 263
Various Italian Musical Odyssey (Putumayo) 211/212 ATR
Various Italian String Virtuosi (Rounder) 157 ATR
Various Italian Treasury – A Sampler [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 194/195
Various Italian Treasury – Calabria [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 194/195
Various Italian Treasury – Liguria: Baiardo & Imperia [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 227 ATR
Various Italian Treasury – Liguria: Polyphony Of Ceriana [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 227 ATR
Various Italian Treasury – Lombardia [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 241
Various Italian Treasury – Puglia: The Salento [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 241
Various Italian Treasury – Sicily [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 210
Various Italian Treasury – The Trallaleri Of Genoa [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 194/195
Various Italian Treasury: Piemonte & Valle D’Aosta [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 258
Various Italie: Voix De Femmes (Buda) 193 ATR
Various It’s Hard But It’s Fair – The Blues Today (Music Club) 129 ATR
Various It’s Jesus Y’All (Ace) 134/135 ATR
Various It’s Only Kraut But I Like It (Profolk) 166
Various Ivory Coast: Senufo (Music For Fodonon Funerals) (Le Chant du Monde) 154
Various Ivory Coast: Senufo Fodonon Funeral Music (Le Chant du Monde) 27
Various Jah Love Rockers: Revolutionary Sounds From The Rockers And Steppers Era 75-80(Trojan) 250 ATR
Various J’ai Été Au Bal Vols. 1 & 2 (Arhoolie) 91/92
Various Jakie Jazz ‘Em Up (Old Time Klezmer Music 1912-1926) (Global Village) 129 ATR
Various Jali House Rock (Rogue) 77
Various Jamaica (Putumayo) 218/219 ATR
Various Jamaica Box Set (Trojan) 258 ATR
Various Jamaica-Mento 1951-1958 (Frémeaux & Associés) 323 ATR
Various Jamila – Songs From A Somali City (Original Music) 56
Various Japanese Traditional Music: Gagaku, Buddhist Chant (World Arbiter) 309 E
Various Japanese Traditional Music: Noh-Biwa-Shakuhachi (World Arbiter) 325 E
Various Japon Vol 5, Musique Du Nô (Shakkyô: Pont Et Pierres) (Ocora) 26 ATR
Various Jargalant Altai (PAN) 178
Various Järviseudun Viulumestarit (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 186
Various Java – Pays Sunda; Musiques Savante 1. Musique Et Chants Classiques (Ocora) 154
Various Java – Pays Sunda Vol. 2: L’Art Du Gmelan Degung (Ocora) 170/171
Various Java: Court Gamelan (Nonesuch) 244
Various Java: Court Gamelan Volume II (Nonesuch) 244
Various Java: Court Gamelan Volume III (Nonesuch) 244
Various Java: Langen Mandra Wanara – Operá De Danuredjo VII Vols. 1 & 2 (Ocora) 76
Various Java: Palais Royal De Yogyakarta Volume 1: Les Danses De Cour (Ocora) 145
Various Java: Palais Royal De Yogyakarta Volume 2: La Musique Instrumentale (Ocora) 145
Various Java: Palais Royal De Yogyakarta Volume 3: Le Spirituel Et Le Sacré (Ocora) 145
Various Java: Palais Royal De Yogyakarta Volume 4 (Ocora) 166
Various Java: The Jasmine Isle (Nonesuch) 244
Various Jazz A Saint Germaine (Virgin France) 181 ATR
Various Jazz And Blues On Edison Vol. 1 (Document) 276 ATR
Various Jazz And Blues Piano (1934-47) (Document) 196 ATR
Various Jazz And Hot Dance In Hawaii 1929-45 (Harlequin) 83
Various Jazz Parades: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now (Vestapol Video) 186
Various Jazzin’ The Blues (1943-52) (Document) 198
Various Jazzin’ The Blues, Vol 1 (Document) 158/159
Various Jazzin’ The Blues, Vol 2, 1939-46 (Document) 162
Various Jazzin’ The Blues, Vol 5, 1930-53 (Document) 220 ATR
Various Jazz’n’World Vol. 1 (Columbia/Sony Jazz) 199/200 ATR
Various Jegog II (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various Jemblung – Narrative Traditions Of Java (Pan) 187/188
Various Jerez: Flamenco Vivo (Fiesta & Cante Jondo) 103/104
Various Jewels Of Cajun Music [Swamp Music Vol II] (Trikont) 75
Various Jit – The Movie (Earthworks) 101
Various Jitterbug Jive – Hot Texas Swing 1940-1 (Krazy Kat) 172 ATR
Various Jive Nation – The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Volume 5 (Stern’s/Earthworks) 153
Various Jive Soweto – The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Vol. 4 (Earthworks) 112
Various Jo Ann Kelly Tribute The Railway, Clapham, South London 91/92 L
Various Jockomo, Jockomo – The Sound Of New Orleans (R & B Music Club) 148
Various Joe Louis – An American Hero (Rounder) 215 ATR
Various John Armstrong Presents… Big Salsa! (Columbia) 208 ATR
Various John Armstrong Presents ¡Cuban Funk Experience! Funky Sounds From Cuba & Miami 1973-1988 (Nascente) 314/315 ATR
Various John Peel And Sheila: The Pig’s Big 78s – A Beginner’s Guide (Trikont) 276
Various John Work III: Recording Black Culture (Springfed/Arts Center of Cannon County) 294 ATR
Various Johnny’s Blues: A Tribute To Johnny Cash (NorthernBlues) 250 ATR
Various Jong Folk (Appel Rekords) 247/248 ATR
Various Jordan: Bedouin Songs, Wedding Songs, Fishermen’s Songs From Aqaba (Inedit) 182/183
Various Joyful Noise (Green Linnet) 189
Various Juice Head Baby: Vintage Songs About Booze And Bars, 1925-53 (Chrome Dreams/Buzzola) 258
Various Juju Roots: 1930s-1950s (Rounder) 27; 121
Various Juke Joint Jump (SPV) 300 ATR
Various Juke Joint Saturday Night (Yazoo) 209 ATR
Various Jump Blues And Ballads (Bullet) 333 ATR
Various Jumpin’ At The Hot Club (Shipcote) 73 ATR
Various Junior Wells & Friends (Charly) 191 ATR
Various Junkers, Jivers & Coke Fields: Vintage Songs About Drugs 1926-1952 (Buzzola) 266/267
Various Jusqu’à Tombouctou (Mondomix Editions [DVD]) 294
Various Just About As Good As It Gets! (Smith & Co Sound & Vision) 313 ATR
Various Just Another Saturday Night – Sussex 1960 (Musical Traditions) 214
Various Just Relax (Triloka) 196 ATR
Various Jüüzli/Yodel Of The Muotatal (Switzerland) (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Kaale Dzambená – Finnish Gypsies Sing (Global Music Centre) 154
Various Kaip Moku – Taip Soku – Traditional Lithuanian Dances (Sutaras) 299 ATR
Various Kairo: Sounds Of The Gambia (Arch) 209
Various Kalimba & Kalumbu Songs (Sharp Wood Productions) 190
Various Kamchatka: Dance Drums From The Siberian Far East (Buda) 139/140
Various Kan Ha Diskan Gand Loeiz Ropars (Keltia) 123
Various Kanak Songs/Feasts And Lullabies (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Kankani Songs – Music From Goa – Made In Bombay (Trikont) 314/315 ATR
Various Kansas City Blues 1924-29 (Document) 121
Various Kansas City Blues 1944-49 (Capitol Blues Collection) 222
Various Kantele Continuum (Inkoon Musiikki) 311 ATR
Various Kantiga Di Padri Sa Chang – Malaca (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Kantoler 1905-1945 (Kalan) 204
Various Karenni (PAN) 149
Various Katherine Dunham Presents The Singing Gods: Drum Rhythms Of Haiti, Cuba, Brazil(Caney) 264 ATR
Various Kazakhstan: The Kobyz (Inedit) 257
Various Kecak And Sanghyang Of Bali [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Keep It Rollin’ (Rounder Heritage) 215 ATR
Various Keep The Home Fires Burning – The Songs And Music Of The First World War From Original Recordings (Saydisc) 46
Various Keltia Musique: 30 Years – 30 Ans – 30 Vloaz (Keltia Musique) 319/320
Various Kemençe (Kalan) 266/267
Various Kentucky Gospel 1927-28 (Document) 174
Various Kenya Dance Mania (Earthworks) 101
Various Kenya: Musiques Du Nyanza (Ocora) 125
Various Kerrville 85 (from Kerrville Music Foundation) 70
Various Khomus (Pan) 151/152
Various Ki Ho’Alu – Seattle Style (North West Folklife) 151/152
Various Kickin’ Some Brass (Shanachie) 182/183
Various Kids, Cars & Campfires (Red House) 217
Various Kielibasso – Finnish Harmonica Music (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 322 ATR
Various Kindred Spirit (Keltia) 153 ATR
Various King Mackerel & The Blues Are Running (Cast Recording) (Sugar Hill) 158/159 ATR
Various Kings & Queens – The Best Panjabi Roots Music (Saregama) 275
Various Kings Of Cajun (Music Club) 111
Various Kings Of Cajun, Vol 3 (Music Club) 139/140 ATR
Various Kings Of Country Blues Vols. 1 & 2 (Arhoolie) 14 (SR)
Various Kings Of The Blues (Ace) 78
Various Kings Of Zydeco [Swamp Music Vol III] (Trikont) 75
Various Kirkelig Kulturverksted 25 År (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 201 ATR
Various Klezmer In The Galilee (Pläne) 305 ATR
Various Klezmer Music – Early Yiddish Instrumental Music – The First Recordings 1910 – 1927 (Folklyric) 18 (SR)
Various Klezmer Music (Early Yiddish Instrumental Music: The First Recordings 1908-1927)(Arhoolie Folklyric) 177
Various Klezmer Music 1910-1942 (Global Village) 167
Various Klezmer Music: A Marriage Of Heaven & Earth (Ellipsis Arts) 167
Various Klezmer Pioneers 1905-52 (Rounder Records European & American Historical Recordings) 126 ATR
Various Kneelin’ Down Inside The Gate (Rounder) 150
Various Knights Of The Blues Table (Viceroy) 170/171
Various ‘Ko E Temipale Tapu (Church Music Of Tonga) (Pan) 182/183
Various Kolyma: Songs Of Nature And Animals, Vol. 3 (Buda [not full review]) 139/140
Various Konbit – Burning Rhythms Of Haiti (MCPS/BIEM) 85
Various Könni And The Gypsies (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 186
Various Kosovo Roma (Nika/Arhefon) 227
Various Koto Music (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 309 E
Various Kroncong Moritsko Sumatra (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Kung Fu! Reggae Vs The Martial Arts (Trojan) 259/260 ATR
Various Kurbits Vol. 1 (Drone) 209
Various Kurdische Barden (Extraplatte) 190
Various Kuulas Hetki [Ensembles & Soloists Of The Folk Music Department Of Sibelius Academy, Helsinki] (Olarin Musiikki) 123
Various Kwaito (EMI South Africa) 253
Various Kwaito South African Hip Hop (Stern’s/Earthworks) 210 ATR
Various Kwanzaa Party! (Rounder) 165 ATR
Various L.H. Corrêa De Azevedo: Music Of Ceará And Minas Gerais (Rykodisc) 175/176
Various L’Accordéon En Auvergne (Silex) 158/159
Various L’Algérie En Fête (MK2 Music/UWe [DVD]) 263
Various L’Âme De La Bretagne (Philips/Mercury) 165 ATR
Various L’Âme Du Chant Tibétain (The Soul Of Tibetan Chant) (Milan) 218/219
Various L’Année De La Chine (Editions Milan Music/Warner Jazz) 257
Various L’Appel Des Oasis/The Call Of The Oases (Institut du Monde Arabe) 256
Various L’Appuntamento (Global Village) 167
Various L’Archipel – Chants De Mer Et De Marins (Keltia Musique) 319/320
Various L’Art De La Vielle A Roue (Arion) 168 ATR
Various L’Art Des Instruments (Arion) 211/212
Various L’Imaginaire Irlandais 2 (Keltia Musique) 169 ATR
Various L’Orient Des Grecs (1930s) (Budda) 163/164
Various La Bonne Chanson Au Québec 1925-1955 (Frémeaux & Associés) 304
Various La Collection Des Plus Belles Mornas Du Cap Vert (Delabel) 132
Various La Habana Era Una Fiesta: Original Recordings From The Golden Age Of Cuban Radio (Vampi Soul) 340 ATR
Various La Linea / Future Latin Beats (Manteca) 216 ATR
Various La Notte Del Dio Che Balla (CNI) 199/200
Various La Notte Della Taranta (Ponderosa) 273
Various La Nuit Des Qawwals (Inedit) 214
Various La Paloma # 5 / La Paloma # 6 (Trikont) 307/308 ATR
Various La Planète Bleue Volume 02 (Pschent Music) 244 ATR
Various La Vie Est Belle (Sterns) 77
Various La Vielle En France (1930-1991) (Silex) 139/140
Various Labritini, Ritina (Upe) 227
Various Ladakh – Monastic And Village Music (La Chant du Monde) 97
Various Lafayette Saturday Night (Ace) 111
Various Lagos All Routes (Honest Jon’s) 268
Various Lagos Chop Up (Honest Jon’s) 268
Various Lagos Stori Plenti: Sounds From Nigeria (Out Here) 278/279 ATR
Various Lamentos Boricano: Early Puerto Rican Music 1916-1939 (Arhoolie) 216
Various Land Of The Sufis (Shanachie) 199/200
Various Landmarks (Fellside) 280
Various Lanna Thai (PAN) 211/212
Various Las Divas Cubanas (Mélodie) 206/207 ATR
Various Låtar På Nyckelharpa Från Österbybruk (Tongång) 198 ATR
Various Late Night Blues (Music Club) 189 ATR
Various Later… With Jools Holland: World (Warner Music Vision [DVD]) 268
Various Latin Dance Party (Warner) 208 ATR
Various Latin Divas 1926-1954 (Frémeaux & Associés) 263 ATR
Various Latin Lounge (Putumayo) 269 ATR
Various Latin Melt (Nascente) 244 ATR
Various Latin Quarter (Lola’s World) 264 ATR
Various Latin: The Essential Album (Manteca) 226
Various Latina Café 2 (Wagram) 221 ATR
Various Latinas (Putumayo) 210 ATR
Various Latino Fiesta (Nascente) 175/176 ATR
Various Lauluja Lannen Kultalasta: Finnish-American Recordings 1907-1938(Kansanmusiikki) 117
Various Lautari De Bucarest (Iris Music) 297
Various Le Cap Vert D’Aujourd’hui (Last Call) 184 ATR
Various Le Chant Des Enfants Du Monde (Arion) 250 ATR
Various Le Galoubet-Tambourin (Ocora) 155
Various Le Mahabharta Musiques, Chants Et Rythmes Du Kathakali (Auvidis Ethnic) 126 ATR
Various Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares *see also entries under ‘Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares’
Various Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares (4AD) 38
Various Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares Vol. 2 (4AD) 58
Various Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares Vol. 3 (Fontana) 91/92
Various Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares Vol. 3 (Philips France) 189 ATR
Various Le Nuits De Bamako (Africando) 167
Various Le Râmâyana Musiques, Chants Et Rythmes Du Kathakali (Auvidis Ethnic) 126 ATR
Various Le Rhythme De La Parole II: Conversations Musicales (Accords Croisés) 276
Various Le Sahel – Musiques Métisses (Marabi) 302/303 ATR
Various Le Variété Québécoise (Frémeaux & Associés) 299
Various Le Violon Traditionel En France (1939-1977) (Silex) 139/140
Various Leather Chaps And Lace Petticoats (Anagram) 27
Various Lebanon [Anthology Of World Music series] (Rounder) 264
Various Legacy: A Collection Of New Folk (Windham Hill) 81
Various Legends Box Set (Trojan) 270 ATR
Various Legends Of Benin [Analog Africa No. 5] (Analog Africa) 314/315
Various Legends Of Bottleneck Blues Guitar (Vestapol Videos
) 151/152
Various Legends Of Country Blues Guitar (Vestapol Videos
) 151/152
Various Legends Of Flatpicking Guitar (Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop
) 166
Various Legends Of Folklore Argentino, Flamenco & Música Do Brasil 1965-1967 (Tropical Music [DVD]) 310
Various Legends Of Gypsy Flamenco (ARC) 214
Various Legends Of Spiritual & Gospel, Folk & Country 1965-1966 (Tropical Music [DVD]) 310
Various Legends Of The American Folk Blues Festivals 1967-1969 (Tropical Music [DVD]) 310
Various Legends Of The Blues Vol. 1 (SPV) 300 ATR
Various Legends Of The Blues Vol. 1 (CBS) 95
Various Legends Of The Blues Vol. 2 (Columbia) 105
Various Legends Of The Incredible Lap Steel Guitar (Horse Rock) 242/243
Various Legends Of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar (Vestapol Videos
) 151/152
Various Les Flammes D’Enfer [Swamp Music Vol I] (Trikont) 75
Various Les Flutes Indiennes D’Amerique Du Sud Vol. 3 (Playasound) 125
Various Les Grandes Voix Du Chaabi (Buda Musique) 148
Various Les Grands Maîtres Du Salegy (Mars [France: Melodie]) 178
Various Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés (Cinq Planètes) 254/255
Various Les Harpes Du Monde (Playasound) 151/152
Various Les Maîtres De Bèlè Vol. 2 (Buda) 312 ATR
Various Les Maitres Du Chaabi (Video Loisirs) 158/159 ATR
Various Les Musiques De La Fête (Le Chasse Marée/Armen) 119
Various Les Musiques Du Ramayana Vol 1: Inde (Ocora) 98
Various Les Musiques Du Ramayana Vol 2: Cambodge (Ocora) 98
Various Les Musiques Du Ramayana Vol 3: Bali-Sunda (Ocora) 98
Various Les Precurseurs De La Bossa Nova 1948-1957 (Frémeaux & Associés) 307/308 ATR
Various Les Tambours De Brazza/Congo Drums (Playasound) 175/176
Various Les Voix Du Monde (Le Chant du Monde [CD & book]) 170/171
Various Lesotho Calling (SWP) 293
Various Let ‘Er Buck – 25 Authentic Cowboy Songs (Charly) 194/195 ATR
Various Let Me Be Your Sidetrack: The Influence Of Jimmie Rodgers (Bear Family) 302/303
Various Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon (Great Voices of the Century) 245 ATR
Various Let Scotland Flourish (Foot Stompin’) 242/243 ATR
Various Let Zion Move: Music Of The Shakers (Rounder) 204
Various Let’s Go To Louisiana! (Edsel) 198 ATR
Various Let’s Go Zydeco (Ace) 144
Various Let’s Have A Blues Ball (Ace) 157
Various Lif Up Yuh Leg An Trample: The Soca Train From Port Of Spain (Honest Jon’s) 256
Various Life In The Folk Lane (Demon) 118
Various Life Out There (Four Dots) 29
Various Lift Da Aeshins (Prophet) 170/171
Various Lightning Over The River (Nascente) 191 ATR
Various Like An Atom Bomb (Buzzola) 252
Various LILT – For The Children (Total) 91/92
Various Limonse Music Of Costa Rica [Calypso: Afro-Limonese Music Of Costa Rica] (Lyrichord) 117
Various Liogo (Upe) 249
Various Listen To The Band (EFDSS) 297
Various Listen To The Planet (Milan) 163/164
Various Lithuanie – Le Pays Des Chansons (Ocora) 187/188
Various Little Acorns (Radio Maldwyn) 118 ATR
Various Little Rock Blues: The Essential Recordings Of Country Girls (Indigo) 208 ATR
Various Lituanie – Le Pays Des Chansons (Ocora) 169
Various Live At Glastonbury’s Jazz World Stage (Songlines Publishing) 290/291 ATR
Various Live At The Cedar: Visionaries (The Cedar) 280
Various Live At The W.C. Handy Awards Vol. 1 (Rykodisc/Tone-Cool/Artemis) 259/260 ATR
Various Live From Antones: Tenth Anniversary Anthology Vol. 1 (Bedrock) 78
Various Live From El Salvador (Redwood) 106
Various Live På Halkær Kro (Halkær Kro) 215
Various Live Recordings From The William Kennedy Piping Festival (own label) 250 ATR
Various Living Is Hard: West African Music In Britain, 1927-1929 (Honest Jon’s) 301
Various Local Customs – Downriver Revival (The Numero Group) 314/315 ATR
Various Local Heroes (HeiDeck) 227 ATR
Various Located In The Record Centre Of The South (Ace) 184
Various Lockrop & Vallåtar – Ancient Swedish Pastoral Music (Caprice)
Various London Is The Place For Me 2 (Honest Jon’s) 268
Various London Is The Place For Me 4 (Honest Jon’s) 280
Various London’s Diaspora Capital (Cultural Cooperation) 258
Various Long Gone – Utah Remembers Bruce ‘Utah’ Phillips (Waterbug) 341/342 ATR
Various Long Journey Home (BMG) 180
Various Long Walk To Freedom (Wrasse) 208 ATR
Various Long Way Down (Real World) 299 ATR
Various Look A-Yonder Comin’ (State Library & Archives Of Florida) 305 ATR
Various Loose Routes One (Kissing Spell) 225 ATR
Various Loose Routes Two (Kissing Spell) 225 ATR
Various Loose: New Sounds Of The Old West (Vinyl Junkie/Rykodisc) 178
Various Los Instruments De La Musica Gascona (Menestrèrs Gascons) 222 ATR
Various Los Jovenes Flamencos – The Young Flamencos (Hannibal) 107
Various Los Jovenes Flamencos Vol III (Nuevos Medios) 139/140
Various Lotus Lantern: The Chinese Classical Orchestra (Lyrichord) 269 E
Various Louisiana Blues (Ace) 56
Various Louisiana Blues (Arhoolie) 174
Various Louisiana Blues (Frémeaux & Associés [DVD]) 273
Various Louisiana Cajun And Creole Music, 1934: The Lomax Recordings (Swallow) 55
Various Louisiana Cajun Special, Vol. 2 (Ace) 111
Various Louisiana Chanky-Chank (Zane) 95
Various Louisiana Scrapbook (Rykodisc) 117
Various Louisiana Spice – 25 Years Of Louisiana Music On Rounder Records (Rounder) 148
Various Love Songs (Unesco) 170/171
Various Lovely In The Dances (Osmosys) 179 ATR
Various Lovely In The Dances (Plant Life) 11 (SR)
Various Low Blows: An Anthology Of Chicago Harmonica Blues (Rooster) 78
Various Lullabies And Children’s Songs (Unesco) 170/171
Various Lullabies From The Axis Of Evil (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 256 ATR
Various Lullaby For The Moon (Hemisphere) 179 ATR
Various Luso Noir: Music From Portuguese-Speaking Africa (Piranha) 340
Various Lusomania (Piranha) 160
Various Madagascar: Awakening The Spirits (Music of the Earth) 175/176
Various Madagascar: Land Of The Betsimisaraka (Auvidis/Unesco) 186
Various Madagascar: Merina Country (Ocora) 226
Various Madagascar: Music Of The Coast And Tablelands 1929-31 (Frémeaux & Associes) 175/176
Various Madagascar: Musique Du Hira Gasy (Buda) 226
Various Madagascar: Pays Mikea (Ocora) 175/176
Various Madagascar: Spirit Music From The Tamatave Region (Naive/Unesco) 226
Various Madagascar: Vocal Anthology (Inedit) 167
Various Madagasikara One – Current Traditional Music Of Madagascar (Globestyle) 42
Various Madagasikara Two – Current Popular Music Of Madagascar (Globestyle) 42
Various Madagaskar 1 – Musik Aus Antananarivo (Feur Und Eis) 87
Various Madagaskar 2 – Music Of The South (Feuer & Eis) 94
Various Madagaskar 3 – Valiha (Feuer & Eis) 117
Various Madagaskar 4 – Music Of The North (Feuer & Eis) 175/176
Various Made In Greece (Lola’s World) 269 ATR
Various Made In India – The World Of Indian Grooves (Lola’s World) 274 ATR
Various Made In Turkey (Soulstar) 278/279
Various Made In Turkey 2 – The World Of Turkish Grooves (Lola’s World) 276 ATR
Various Mademoiselle, Voulez-Vous Danser? (Smithsonian Folkways) 197
Various Maghreb Soul – Rai Story 1986-1990 (Because Music) 288
Various Magic & Mystery (Temple) 165 ATR
Various Magie Des Voix Cosaques (Planett) 139/140
Various Maiteí América: Harps Of Paraguay (Smithsonian Folkways) 322
Various Make The Most Of Your Time On Earth (World Music Network) 295/296 ATR
Various Makwayela – Mocambique (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Male Blues Of The Twenties Vol. 1 (Document) 162 ATR
Various Male Blues Of The Twenties Vol. 2 (Document) 169 ATR
Various Mali – Les Dogon (Inedit) 199/200
Various Mali Compil [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Mali Lolo! Stars Of Mali (Smithsonian Folkways) 245 ATR
Various Mali Music – Legendary Bands Of Mali (Sterns) 65
Various Mali: The Fulani Hoddu (Ocora) 283/284 E
Various Mali To Memphis (Putumayo) 189 ATR
Various Málie! (Dance Music Of Tonga) (PAN) 126
Various Malta’s Lost Voices – Recordings Of Maltese Music From The Early 1930s (Filfla) 335
Various Mama Don’t Allow No Easy Riders Here (Yazoo) 180
Various Mama’s Hand (Rounder) 230/231 ATR
Various Mambo À Paris 1949-1953 (Frémeaux & Associés) 297 ATR
Various Mambo Big Bands 1946-1957 (Frémeaux & Associés) 319/320 ATR
Various Mammyk Ker: All The Best From Cornwall (Kesson) 238 ATR
Various Män Näppipeliks – Folk Music From Rääkylä (Mipu) 163/164 ATR
Various Mandekalou II (Syllart/Discograph) 278/279
Various Mandela – The Soundtrack (Mango/Island) 167
Various Mangala, Filles Des Indes (Club du Disque Arabe) 166
Various Many A Good Horseman (Veteran) 322
Various Many Lessons – Hip-Hop, Islam, West Africa (Piranha) 300 ATR
Various Mapuches/Chili (Buda) 283/284 E
Various Marabi Africa 2 (Marabi) 307/308 ATR
Various Marcel Cellier Presents Mysterious Albania (ARC) 235/236 ATR
Various Mardi Gras In New Orleans (Rounder Heritage) 215 ATR
Various Mardi Gras Time (Easydisc) 179 ATR
Various Mariachi: The Sound Of Hysteria And Heartache (Trikont) 300
Various Mariposa (from Mariposa Foundation) 126 ATR
Various Mark Lamarr Presents Duke Reid The Trojan – Nuclear Weapon (Trojan) 241
Various Marketape 1 [credited to Various Buskers] (Trigger) 75
Various Maroc: Anthologie Des Rwâyes (Inedit/Maison des Cultures du Monde) 105
Various Maroc: Hadra Des Gnaoua D’Essaouira (Ocora) 133
Various Maroc: Musiques De La Haute Montagne (Buda) 133
Various Marockin’ Antwerp (Koch International) 123
Various Martinique (Rounder) 216
Various Marvellous Boy – Calypso From West Africa (Honest Jon’s) 314/315
Various Mas! A Caribbean Christmas Party (Rykodisc) 129 ATR
Various MASA: Music From Africa (Indigo/Label Bleu) 187/188
Various MASA: Musics From Africa Vol 2 (Indigo) 208 ATR
Various Masikoro Country: The Accordeon (Ocora) 209
Various Masques Dan (Ocora) 133
Various Master Craftsmen (Nico Polo) 85
Various Master Fiddlers Of Dagbon [Master Drummers Of Dagbon, Vol. 3] (Rounder) 240
Various Master Musician Meeting Club (Saraswati) 242/243
Various Masters Of Flamenco Guitar (Hemisphere) 179 ATR
Various Masters Of Old Time Country Autoharp (Smithsonian Folkways) 278/279 ATR
Various Masters Of Sri Lanka (Frémeaux & Associés) 298 E
Various Masters Of The Banjo (Arhoolie) 134/135
Various Masters Of The Delta Blues: The Friends Of Charlie Patton (Yazoo) 106
Various Masters Of The Folk Guitar (Autogram) 16 (SR)
Various Masters Of The Folk Violin (Arhoolie) 93; 150
Various Masters Of The Irish Guitar (Shanachie) 276 ATR
Various Masters Of The Irish Harp (RTÉ Lyric) 337 ATR
Various Masters Of Turkish Music (Uzelli) 274
Various Masters Of Turkish Music (Rounder) 98
Various Masters Of Turkish Music Vol.2 (Rounder) 163/164
Various Masters Of Zen (Playasound) 170/171
Various Matanzas, Cuba, ca. 1957: Afro-Cuban Sacred Music (Smithsonian Folkways) 227
Various Matchbox Days (Big Beat) 166
Various Matchbox Days (Rogue) 67
Various Mauritania: Songs By Memadi Women (Buda) 187/188
Various Maverick Country (Chrome Dreams) 256 ATR
Various MaxiAfrique (Dèclic) 204 ATR
Various Mbube – Zulu Men’s Singing Competition (Rounder) 55
Various Mbube Roots (Rounder) 55
Various Mbuki Mvuki (Original Music) 122
Various McCalman Singular (Greentrax) 261
Various Me And The Devil/I Asked For Water, She Gave Me Gasoline (BGO) 190
Various Medej – Cantos Antiguos Saharauis (NubeNegra) 261 ATR
Various Meditations On China (Gumbo) 283/284 E
Various Mediterranean Café Songs (Nascente) 206/207
Various Mediterranean Travelogue (Manteca) 247/248
Various Méditerranée (Iris Music) 304 ATR
Various Meeting’s A Pleasure: Folk-Songs Of The Upper South Vols 1 & 2 (Musical Traditions) 288
Various Meeting’s A Pleasure: Folk-Songs Of The Upper South Vols 3 & 4 (Musical Traditions) 288
Various Mega Rai (Wagram) 197 ATR
Various Mega Rai 2 (Wagram) 216 ATR
Various Megin (Fflach Tradd) 203
Various Mehala – The Palace Music Of Rajasthan (Navras) 211/212
Various Mehala The Palace (Volume 2) – Dance Music Of Rajasthan (Navras) 264
Various Mehanata: New York Gypsy Mania (Bulgarian Culture Center) 273
Various Meisterspel (Heilo) 185
Various Melbourne Millennium Chorus (The Boîte) 202
Various Mellout (IDSpiral) 232 ATR
Various Melodeon Greats (Topic) 150
Various Melodeon Players From East Anglia (Veteran Tapes) 173
Various Meltdown The Album (Chariot) 85
Various Memories Of Jimmie Rodgers (Bear Family) 177
Various Memphis Blues 1927-38 (Document) 123
Various Memphis Country Blues Recordings Vol 1 (JSP) 133
Various Memphis Gospel 1927-29 (Document) 112
Various Memphis Masters 1927-34 (Yazoo) 143
Various Memphis Sanctified Jug Bands 1928-30 (Document) 143
Various Men Folk (Fellside) 269 ATR
Various Men With Guns (Rykodisc) 186 ATR
Various Mento Madness: Motta’s Jamaican Mento, 1951-56 (V2 Music) 252
Various Merdeka (Dancing Turtle) 292
Various Merengue Mania! (Nascente) 190
Various Mestizo Music: Rebelion En America Latina (Trikont) 270
Various Metropolis Shanghai – Showboat To China (Wnter & Winter) 271/272 ATR
Various Mexican Boleros: Songs Of Heartbreak, Passion And Pain 1927-1957 (Trikont) 289 ATR
Various Mexico: Brass Band & Marimba Music From The Coast And Isthmus Of Oaxaca(Humming Bird) 57
Various Mexico: Fiestas Of Chiapas And Oaxaca (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Mexico: The Real Mexico In Music And Song (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Mexique: Fêtes De San Miguel Tzinacapan (Ocora) 173
Various Mexique: La Huasteca (Ocora) 252
Various Michael Chapman: The Birthday Album (Rural Retreat) 336 ATR
Various Midnight In Mali (Stern’s) 277
Various Midnite Blues Party (Electro-Fi) 229
Various MidWinter (Free Reed) 282
Various Mighty Session (Kells) 173
Various Migrating Bird: The Songs Of Lal Waterson (Honest Jon’s) 293
Various Mike Harding’s Yorkshire Christmas (Jayjay Media/Beautiful North [DVD]) 331/332 ATR
Various Miliki Music: Society Sounds Of 60s Lagos (Re-grooved) (Mulatta) 304
Various Minstrel Banjo Style (Rounder) 142
Various Miracle Of Kaustinen (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti) 306
Various Miras/Heritage (Kalan) 225 ATR
Various Miskin At Easter 2006 – A Film By Paul Seligman [DVD – no label or number] 310
Various Mississippi Blues (Putumayo) 228
Various Mississippi Blues And Gospel Field Recordings 1934-42 (Document) 144
Various Mississippi Blues Jam In Memphis Vols 1 & 2 (Arhoolie) 123
Various Mississippi Blues Vols 1 & 2 (Document) 123
Various Mississippi Delta Blues Vols 1 & 2 (Arhoolie) 133
Various Mississippi Masters 1927-35 (Yazoo) 143
Various Mississippi String Bands Volume 1, 1928-1935 (Document) 172
Various Mississippi String Bands Volume 2 (Document) 182/183
Various Mistakes Were Made (Broke & Hungry) 341/3i42 ATR
Various Misurgia (‘Making Music Perfect’) (Lyra) 202
Various Mithila – Chants D’Amour De Vidyapati (Ocora) 142
Various Mod Reggae Vol 2 (Trojan) 270 ATR
Various Modern Chicago Blues (Testament) 139/140
Various Mojo Working – The Best Of Ace Blues (Ace) 142
Various Monarch Of The Glen (BBC Music) 214 ATR
Various Mondo Celtic (Mondo Melodia) 227
Various Mondo Latino (Mondo Melodia) 229 ATR
Various Mondo Samba (Mondo Melodia) 232 ATR
Various Mondo Soca (Mondo Melodia) 227
Various Mondo Soukous (Mondo Melodia) 225 ATR
Various Money No Be Sand (Original Music) 153
Various Mongolia: Living Music Of The Steppes (Multicultural Media) 173
Various Mongolian Epic Song: Zhangar [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Mongolian Instrumental Music [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Mongolie (Chants Kazakhs Et Tradition Épique De L’Ouest) (Ocora) 47
Various Moo Wanga Starring Jivacort Kathumba (Pamtondo) 127/128
Various Moonshine, Murder, Mountains & Mudflats (Thames Delta Recording Company) 304 ATR
Various More Cajun Classics (Ace) 139/140 ATR
Various More Devil’s Music (Red Lightning) 22 ATR (SR)
Various More Dirty Laundry: The Soul Of Black Country (Trikont) 300
Various More Great Moments Of Vinyl History (Wrasse) 254/255
Various More I Love Salsa (Manteca) 238 ATR
Various More Intensified! Vol. 2 Original Ska 1963-1967 (Mango) 81
Various More Miles Than Money (Ace) 331/332
Various More Pickings (Folknet) 162 ATR
Various More Voices From Past & Present (Jaro) 215 ATR
Various Moroccan Gypsies (ARC) 240 ATR
Various Morocco: Crossroads Of Time (Ellipsis Arts) 150
Various Morocco: The Aïssawa Confraternity (Ocora) 240
Various Morris On (Fledg’ling) 234; 326/327
Various Mortika: Rare Vintage Recordings From A Greek Underworld (Arko) 273
Various Mother Volga (Music Of The Volga Ugrians) (PAN) 125
Various Mountain Music Bluegrass Style (Smithsonian/Folkways) 101
Various Mountain Music Of Peru Vol 1 (Smithsonian/Folkways) 103/104
Various Mountain Music Of Peru Vol 2 (Smithsonian/Folkways) 138
Various Mountain Tale (Jaro) 181; 185
Various Mourmourika: Songs Of The Greek Underworld 1930-1955 (Rounder) 191
Various ¡Mo’ Vida! (Putumayo) 208 ATR
Various Mozambique 1 (GlobeStyle) 136
Various Mozambique 2 (GlobeStyle) 142
Various Mozambique Relief (Naxos World) 210
Various Mr Straw’s Hallway (Terra Nova) 209 ATR
Various Muddy Waters: Steppin’ Stone (Proper) 314/315
Various München – Volkssänger/Rare Schellacks 1902-1948 (Trikont) 143
Various Mundenge: Bush-Rock From D.R. Congo (New Samarkand) 271/272
Various Murder: Songs From The Dark Side Of The Soul (Trikont) 321 ATR
Various Music According To Deben Bhattacharya (Frémeaux & Associés) 297 E
Various Music & Rhythm: A Benefit For The W.O.M.A.D. Festival (WEA) 14 (SR)
Various Music & Rhythm: Womad 1982-2007 (Womad) 293
Various Music And Song Of Mongolia [credited to Various Mongolians] (Global Arts) 75
Various Music And Song Of Scotland (Greentrax) 83
Various Music Deli – In The Can (Phonogram) 110 ATR
Various Music Explorer series [Sony] see Various: National Geographic: Music Explorer
Various Music For A Changing World (Xenophile) 149
Various Music For Turkish Oriental Dance (Gumbo) 233 ATR
Various Music From Albania (Rounder) 194/195
Various Music From Colombia – Cumbia Merengue… (ARC) 132
Various Music From Ethiopia (Caprice) 112
Various Music From IV Continents (Jaro Jaro) 122
Various Music From Guatemala, Vols 1 & 2 (Caprice) 202
Various Music From Honduras 1 (Caprice) 216 ATR
Various Music From Honduras 2 (Caprice) 214
Various Music From Japan (Gumbo/Cooking Vinyl) 269 E
Various Music From Latvia (Cooking Vinyl International Music Series) 227
Various Music From Madagascar (Buda Musique) 112
Various Music From Mozambique (Caprice) 228 ATR
Various Music From Santiago De Cuba: The Cradle Of Son (Floridita) 293 ATR
Various Music From Tanzania & Zanzibar Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (Caprice) 181
Various Music From The Chocolate Lands (Putumayo) 259/260 ATR
Various Music From The Coffee Lands (Putumayo World Music) 177
Various Music From The Edge Of Europe – Portugal (EMI Hemisphere) 180; 184 ATR
Various Music From The Film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” (Mercury) 210
Various Music From The Tea Lands (Putumayo) 223/224
Various Music From The Zydeco Kingdom (Rounder) 202
Various Music From Uganda 3: Modern Echoes Of Kampala (Caprice) 166
Various Music From Vietnam (Caprice) 105
Various Music From Vietnam 2: The City Of Huê (Caprice) 178
Various Music From Vietnam 3 – Ethnic Minorities (Caprice) 199/200
Various Music In Bali [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Azerbaijan [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Bali: Barong And Keris Dance (Interra) 145
Various Music Of Bali: Gamelan Gendèr Wayang (Lyrichord) 27
Various Music Of Bulgaria [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Central Asia 1925-48 (Yazoo) 160
Various Music Of Central Asia, Uzbekistan [World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Central Asia Vol. 7: In The Shrine Of The Heart – Popular Classics From Bukhara And Beyond (Smithsonian Folkways) 324
Various Music Of Central Asia Vol. 9: In The Footsteps Of Babur – Musical Encounters From The Lands Of The Mughals (Smithsonian Folkways) 324
Various Music Of Chinese Minorities [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Greece [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Indonesia 1: Songs Before Dawn: Gandrung Banyuwangi(Smithsonian/Folkways) 110
Various Music Of Indonesia 2: Indonesian Popular Music (Smithsonian/Folkways) 110
Various Music Of Indonesia 3: Music From The Outskirts Of Jakarta (Smithsonian/Folkways) 110
Various Music Of Indonesia 7: Music From The Forests Of Riau And Mentawai(Smithsonian/Folkways) 161
Various Music Of Indonesia 16: Music From The Southeast (Smithsonian Folkways) 189
Various Music Of Indonesia 17: Kalimantan – Ritual & Festival Music (Smithsonian Folkways) 189
Various Music Of Indonesia: Maluku & North Maluku (Celestial Harmonies) 259/260
Various Music Of Iran I & II [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Iraq [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Ireland – Airs, Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes And Marches Arranged For The Fingerpicking Guitar (Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop) 82
Various Music Of Laos: Khmou’, Oi, Brao, Lao, Phou-noi, Kui, Akha, Hmong And Lantene Traditions (Inedit) 278/279 E
Various Music Of Laos: The Buddhist Tradition (Celestial Harmonies) 278/279 E
Various Music Of Makran (Topic) 214
Various Music Of Man Archive, Zimbabwe, The Nbele People (Jecklin Disco) 106 ATR
Various Music Of Myanmar [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of Shope Country (Le Chant de Monde) 134/135
Various Music Of South-East & East Asia (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various Music Of Tanzania [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Music Of The Andes (Hemisphere) 132
Various Music Of The Andes And Argentina (Music of the World) 118
Various Music Of The Gods (Rykodisc) 145
Various Music Of The Kalahari (K1) 120
Various Music Of The Nile (Arc Music) 247/248
Various Music Of The Ottoman Empire (ARC)
Various Music Of The Ovimbundu (Acoustic Music) 180
Various Music Of The Sakalave Menabe (Inedit) 209
Various Music Of The Shakuhachi (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various Music Of The Silk Road (Arc Music) 257
Various Music Of The Tatar People (Topic) 154
Various Music Of The Tukano And Cuna Peoples Of Colombia (Rogue/National Sound Archive) 54
Various Music Of Uganda, Vol. 1: Traditional (Caprice) 173
Various Music Of Uganda, Vol. 2: Modern Traditional (Caprice) 173
Various Music To Move You (Rhiannon) 154
Various Music! – The Berlin Phonogram-Archiv 1900-2000 (Wergo) 217
Various Música Chope De Moçambique (Music & Words) 206/207
Various Musica De Ecuador (Caprice Records Sweden) 129
Various Musica De La Tierra Vol. 2 (Music of the World) 125
Various Musica En Roergue (La Talvera) 249
Various Música Floridita Volumes I & II (Havana Masters) 274 ATR
Various Música Galega Hoxe (Fol Música) 333 ATR
Various Musica Negra In The Americas (Network) 208
Various Musica Tradicional, Vol.6 – Terra De Miranda (Tecnosaga) 184 ATR
Various Musical Traditions Of Portugal (Smithsonian/Folkways) 148
Various Musical Traditions of St Lucia, West Indies (Smithsonian/Folkways) 130
Various Musical Traditions: A Catalogue Sampler (Musical Traditions) 232
Various Musical Travel – Portugal (Auvidis/Silex) 141
Various Musical Travel Madagascar (Silex/Auvidis) 142
Various Musical Travel: Ireland (Silex) 142
Various Musical Travel: Québec (Silex) 142
Various Musiche Tradizionali Del Molise 1: La Raccolta 23 Degli Archivi Di Etnomusicologia(FinisTerre) 237
Various Musicians And Poets Of Rajasthan (Long Distance) 142
Various Musics Of The Soviet Union (Smithsonian/Folkways) 100
Various Musiki Wa Dansi (Africassette) 158/159
Various Musique Antanosy (VDE-GALLO) 169
Various Musique Du Canton: Murat (AMTA) 59
Various Musique Du Monde – Italy: Instruments Of Italian Folk Music (Buda) 244
Various Musiques Métisses: Océan Indien (Marabi) 278/279
Various Musique Paysanne Betsileo Lalangina (Buda) 167
Various Musique Populaire Africaine (Buda) 254/255
Various Musique Populaires De Chile (Playasound) 118
Various Musique Traditionnelle De Corée (Buda) 257
Various Musiques À Danser D’En France (Modal Pleinjeu) 245
Various Musiques Chants Et Danses De Bretagne (Keltia Musique) 319/320
Various Musiques De L’Afrique Traditionelle Vol. 1: Percussions Du Senegal (Playa Sound) 30
Various Musiques De Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée (Buda) 142
Various Musiques Des Anciennes Cours Bandia (Le Chant du Monde) 175/176
Various Musiques Du Kirghizstan (Buda) 163/164
Various Musiques Du Mali, Sira Mory (Syllart/Melodie) 155
Various Musiques En Cuivre: Fanfares De La Réunion (Frémeaux & Associés) 251
Various Musiques En France – Discovering France (Auvidis Ethnic) 179
Various Musiques Khmères (Arion) 230/231
Various Musiques Métisses: Afrique Atlantique (Marabi) 317/318 ATR
Various Musiques Métisses: Le Mandingue (Marabi) 292 ATR
Various Musiques Populaires Des Iles Seychelles (Buda) 226 ATR
Various Musiques Traditionelles D’Ukraine 1 (Silex) 139/140
Various Musiques Traditionelles D’Ukraine 2 (Silex) 154
Various Musiques Traditionnelles Bali-Java (Playasound) 133
Various Muslim Music From Europe & Asia [1955-1970] (Fremeux) 180
Various Muzica Veche Din Moldova De Sus – Old Music From North Moldavia (Ethnophonie) 259/260
Various Mvet Ai Mendzang (Wergo) 278/279 E
Various Mwe Bana Bandi – Lasten Lauluja – Children’s Songs, Wapamesa, Zambia (Proppu) 83
Various My Father’s The King Of The Gypsies [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various My Only Consolation: Classic Pireotic Rembetica 1932-46 (Rounder) 191
Various My Rough And Rowdy Ways Vols 1 & 2 (Yazoo) 191
Various My Ship Shall Sail The Ocean [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Mzansi Music – Young Urban South Africa (Trikont) 253
Various Nada World Music Compilation (Nada) 223/224
Various Nadals D’Occitània (Cordae/La Talvera) 313
Various Nagore Sessions (EarthSync) 319/320 E
Various Naktisokiai (Kuku) 295/296 ATR
Various Namibia: Bushmen And Himba (Buda) 218/219
Various Namibia: Songs Of The Ju’hoansi Bushmen (Ocora) 218/219
Various Narada Showcase Collection (Narada) 181 ATR
Various Narodna (Touch) 60
Various Nascente 10th Anniversary (Nascente) 218/219 ATR
Various Nashville 1928 (Document) 187/188
Various Nashville Bluegrass (Stomper Time) 244 ATR
Various National Geographic: Music Explorer – Classic India (Sony Music) 281 E
Various National Geographic: Music Explorer – Roots Of Australia (Sony) 264
Various National Geographic: Music Explorer – The Electric Blues (Sony) 259/260 ATR
Various National Geographic: Music Traveller Mexico (Sony Music) 259/260 ATR
Various Native American (Union Square) 302/303 E
Various Native American Currents (Silver Wave) 190
Various Native American Traditions – Music Of New Mexico (Smithsonian/Folkways) 117
Various Native Music – Latvia: Traditional/Folk/World-Music (Latvian Music Information Centre) 285 ATR
Various Natives (FNAC) 125
Various Navajo Songs (Smithsonian/Folkways) 118
Various Naxi Music From Lijiang (Nimbus) 211/212
Various Ne Me Quitte Pas/Brel Songs (Irregular) 186 ATR
Various Negro Blues And Hollers (Rounder) 169 ATR
Various Negro Religious Field Recordings 1934-42 (Document) 143
Various Negro Religious Songs And Services (Rounder) 197 ATR
Various Negro Work Songs And Calls (Rounder) 202
Various Never The Same (Honest Jon’s) 271/272
Various New Africa (Streetsounds) 29
Various New African Composers Vol. 1 (Limitless Sky) 245
Various New Blues Hits (Bullseye Blues) 172 ATR
Various New Celtic Dimensions (KRL/Lochshore) 191
Various New Electric Muse (Essential) 163/164
Various New England Christmastide (North Star) 54
Various New Folk, Roots And Traditional Music From Northern Ireland (NIMIC) 276 ATR
Various New Folk Routes (Rev-Ola/Cherry Red) 300 ATR
Various New Folk Wave 1 (Wild Boar Music) 196
Various New Highway (abokadisc) 191
Various New Orleans Blues (ABM) 202 ATR
Various New Orleans Blues (EMI Plus) 226 ATR
Various New Orleans Blues 1940-1953 (Frémeaux & Associés) 261 ATR
Various New Roots (Stylus) 69
Various New Stars From The Heartland (EMI) 109
Various New Trail Riders (Trikont) 146/147
Various New World Party (Putumayo) 201 ATR
Various New York Barrio Beats (Charly) 201
Various New York City Blues 1949-50 (Fremeaux & Associates) 227
Various New York City: Global Beat Of The Boroughs (Smithsonian Folkways) 218/219 ATR
Various New York Descarga (Salsa International) 218/219 ATR
Various New York Guaguanco (Salsa International) 218/219 ATR
Various Newport Folk Festival – Best Of The Blues 1959-68 (Vanguard) 218/219 ATR
Various Newport Folk Festival: Best Of Bluegrass (Vanguard) 222
Various News And The Blues – Telling It Like It Is (CBS) 95
Various Ngoma – Music From Uganda (Music of the World) 169
Various Nias: Epic Songs And Instrumental Music (PAN) 161
Various Nicaraguan Folk Music From Masaya (Flying Fish) 71
Various Nigeria 70 – The Definitive Story Of 1970s Funky Lagos (Afrostrut) 223/224
Various Nigeria: Hausa Music (Inedit) 283/284 E
Various Nigeria Rock Special (SoundWay) 300 ATR
Various Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Nigerian Blues 1970-76 (Sound Way) 298
Various Night Music Of West Sumatra (Smithsonian/Folkways) 149
Various Night Train (Rounder) 187/188 ATR
Various Nirvana Lounge (Challé Music/Wagram) 213 ATR
Various No. 1 Scottish: Traditional Music From The RSAMD (Greentrax) 288 ATR
Various No Child Soldiers (O+ Music) 280 ATR
Various No Easy Walk To Freedom (Nascente) 184 ATR
Various No Jive – Authentic Southern Country Blues (Ace) 169
Various No Make Palaver (Piranha) 130
Various No Masters Voice (No Masters) 138
Various No Nukes (Asylum) 4 (SR)
Various No Song No Supper (Sugar Hill) 239 ATR
Various Noé Mondta / Noah Once Said (Etnofon) 292 ATR
Various Noite De Cabo Verde No Zénith (Lusafrica [DVD]) 263
Various Nomad Christmas (Nomad) 172 ATR
Various None But The Righteous: The Masters Of Sacred Steel (Ropeadope) 233
Various Nordeste Contemporain: North-East Brazilian Music 1997-2004 (Frémaux & Associés) 321 ATR
Various Nordic Folk Instruments (Caprice) 166
Various Nordic Nights: A Late Junction Compilation #2 (Late Junction) 234
Various Norteno & Tejano Accordion Pioneers (Arhoolie Folklyric) 158/159 ATR
Various North African Essentials (Universal France) 256 ATR
Various North African Groove (Putumayo) 266/267 ATR
Various North by North East (North Eastern) 103/104
Various North Cameroon – Music Of The Ouldeme (Inedit) 240
Various North Indian Classical Music [Anthology Of World Music Series] (Rounder) 187/188
Various Northern And Central Malawi (SWP) 226
Various Northumbrian Pipers (New Horizon) 65
Various Nostalgia In A Denuded Rainforest: Iraya-Mangyan Music From Mindoro, Philippines(own label) 251
Various Not In Our Name (Songs For Change) 299
Various Not The Same Old Blues Crap 2 (Fat Possum) 218/219 ATR
Various Not The Same Old Blues Crap 3 (Fat Possum) 259/260
Various Nothing Seems Better To Me (Appleseed) 210
Various Novas Vos Trago (Tradisom) 203
Various Now And In Time To Be (Grapevine) 165
Various Nowt So Funny As Folk, Vol. 1 (ADA) 250 ATR
Various Nu Afrobeat Experience (Eko Star) 233 ATR
Various Nu Europe (Manteca) 252
Various Nu Latin (Manteca) 259/260 ATR
Various Nu Tango (Manteca) 253 ATR
Various Nubia: Escalay (The Water Wheel) (Nonesuch) 233
Various Nuclear Power – No Thanks (The Plane Label) 11 (SR)
Various Nuevo Flamenco – 18 Hot New Sounds From The Streets Of Spain (Nascente) 170/171
Various Nuit De La Saint Patrick (Keltia) 294; 331/332
Various Nuit Des Etoiles Celtiques – Le Concert (Keltia [DVD]) 322
Various Nuit Tsigane – Gypsy Night At Le Divan Du Monde (Crammed Discs) 294
Various Number Nine Bread Street (Kissing Spell) 278/279 ATR
Various Nyabole: Hamar – Southern Ethiopia (Wergo) 247/248
Various Nyahbinghi Box Set (Trojan) 241 ATR
Various Nyon Folk Festival 1979 [Cat (Switzerland) 81004/5]
Various O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Mercury) 210
Various O Love Is Teasin’ (An Anglo-American Mountain Balladry) (The Jac Holzman Years)(Elektra) 35
Various Oak Ash Thorn (Folk Police) 333
Various Oberösterreich-Salzburg – Volksmusik/Rare Schellacks 1910-1949 (Trikont) 143
Various Occitania Qu’es Aquó? (Daquí) 259/260
Various O’er His Grave The Grass Grew Green [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Official Retrospective Of Cuban Music (Tonga Productions) 203
Various Oh Brothers (Living Era) 240
Various Oh Sister: The Women’s Bluegrass Collection (Rounder) 225 ATR
Various Oh Sister 2 (Rounder) 237
Various Ola Latina: Grandes Discos Fuentes 1, 2, 3 (Bonnier Amigo) 285 ATR
Various Old Believers (Songs Of The Nekrasov Cossacks) (Smithsonian/Folkways) 154
Various Old Friends (Earwig) 131 ATR
Various Old Glory & The Cutty Wren (Gruff) 250 ATR
Various Old Rattler Can’t Hold Me (Curlew) 97
Various Old Ship Sailing For The Promised Land: White Gospel Music 1926-38 (Musical Traditions) 136
Various Old Time Music From West Virginia 1927-29 (Document) 168
Various Old Time Music: The Essential Collection (Rounder Heritage) 242/243 ATR
Various Old Town Blues Vol 1: Downtown Sides (Ace) 129
Various Old Town Blues Vol 2: The Uptown Sides (Ace) 134/135
Various Old Town School Of Folk Music – Songbook Vol. 1 (Bloodshot) 282 ATR
Various Old Town School Of Folk Music – Songbook Vol. 2 & 3 (Bloodshot) 293 ATR
Various Old Town School Of Folk Music – Songbook Vol. 4 (Bloodshot) 298 ATR
Various Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh And All (Veteran) 263
Various Old Wine/New Skins (Dusk Fire) 300
Various On A Coconut Island – The Music Of Hawaii (Harlequin) 142
Various On One Accord – Singing And Praying Bands Of Tidewater, Maryland And Delaware(Global Village Music) 119
Various On The Beach At Waikiki (Harlequin) 151/152
Various On The Beat At The Tall Ships (BBC Radio Merseyside) 115/116 ATR
Various On The Border (Long Journey Home) 281 ATR
Various On The Edge Of The Ituri Forest (Sharp Wood Productions) 190
Various On The Road Again – Country Blues 1969-74 (Flyright) 178
Various On This Delightful Morn: Village Carols From Foolow In The Peak District (Village Carols) 150
Various Onda Sonora (Movie Play) 184
Various One Day On Radio Mali (Discograph/Syllart) 283/284
Various One More Song (Philo) 161 ATR
Various One Step Beyond – 45 Classic Ska Hits (Virgin) 246 ATR
Various One Voice (World Music Network) 179
Various One World (Global Television) 177 ATR
Various One World (Putumayo) 161
Various One World: Music From Around The World (Rounder) 139/40
Various Only The Poor Man Feel It (Hemisphere)
Various Operators’ Specials (String) 2 (SR)
Various O’r Gad – No Translation (ANKST) 110 ATR
Various Orain Nan Gaidheal (The Song Of The Gael) (Greentrax) 199/200
Various Órchiste Ceoil: Amhránaíocht (A Treasury Of Irish Music: Singing) (Gael Linn) 150
Various Órchiste Ceoil: Aonreid (A Treasury Of Irish Music: Solo Playing) (Gael Linn) 150
Various Órchiste Ceoil: Diséid (A Treasury Of Irish Music: Duet Instruments) (Gael Linn) 150
Various Ordinary Angel (Macmeanmna) 273
Various Oriental Garden: The World Of Oriental Grooves Vol. 2 (Soul Star) 245 ATR
Various Oriental Garden: The World Of Oriental Grooves Vol. 3 (Soul Star) 261 ATR
Various Oriental Garden: The World Of Oriental Grooves Vol. 4 (Lola’s World) 275 ATR
Various Oriental Garden: The World Of Oriental Grooves Vol. 5 (Lola’s World) 290/291 ATR
Various Oriente De Cuba (Nimbus) 204 ATR
Various Original Blues Standards (Indigo) 184 ATR
Various Original Calypso @ Dirty Jim’s (EMI Music) 277 ATR
Various Original Jukebox Hillbillies: Rompin’ And Stompin’ (Cotton Town) 250 ATR
Various Original Riddims: 24 Of Reggae’s Most Sampled Classic Cuts (Trojan) 282 ATR
Various Origins Of Guitar Music (SWP) 226
Various Orkney: Land, Sea & Community – Scottish Tradition 21 (Greentrax) 261 ATR
Various Orkney Folk – Traditional Music From The Islands (Orkney Folk Festival) 292 ATR
Various Orquestas De Cuerdas (Arhoolie) 165 ATR
Various Orquestas Tipicas (Arhoolie) 165 ATR
Various Orquestras Tejanas (Arhoolie) 117
Various Osmanli Marslari (Ottoman Military Music On 78 rpm Reords) (Kalan) 204
Various Other Musics From Zimbabwe (SWP) 226
Various Otro Ratito No’Mas (Corason) 227
Various Ouaga Affair: Hard Won Sound Of The Upper Volta 1974-78 (Savannahphone) 321 ATR
Various Ouganda – Aux Sources Du Nil (Ocora) 118
Various Our Own Voices (Trikont) 299 ATR
Various Our Side Of Town (Red House) 299 ATR
Various Out Of Cuba: Latin American Music Takes Africa By Storm (Topic) 265
Various Out Of The Mountains (The Essential Bluegrass Collection) (Nascente) 186 ATR
Various Out Of The Stones (Orkney Museum) 278/279 ATR
Various Out On The Rolling Sea – A Tribute To The Music Of Joseph Spence (Hokey Pokey) 138
Various Outernational Meltdown – Free At Last (B&W Music) 153
Various Outernational Meltdown – Healers Brew (B&W Music) 153
Various Outernational Meltdown – Jazzin’ Universally (B&W Music) 153
Various Outlaw Blues (Imaginary) 112 ATR
Various Outro Flamenco (Hsquared/AMD) 259/260 ATR
Various Outside The Law: Gangsters, Racketeers & The Feds, Vintage Songs 1922-1947(Buzzola) 266/267
Various Outsinging The Nightingale: Lost Treasures Of Bulgarian Music 1905-1950 (JSP) 331/332
Various Overcome Vols 1 And 2 (Trikont) 215 ATR
Various Oxfam Africa (World Music Network) 220
Various Oxfam Arabia (World Music Network) 247/248 ATR
Various ¡Oye Listen! (Globestyle) 47
Various Ozark Folksongs (Rounder) 226
Various Pachuco Boogie (Arhoolie) 232 ATR
Various Pachuco-Soul! (Vampi Soul) 254/255 ATR
Various Pacific Hotel (Oceania) 235/236
Various Pacifico Colombiano: Music Advertures in Afro-Colombia (Otrabanda) 310
Various Paddy In The Smoke (Topic) 175/176
Various Paint It Blue (Ruf) 177
Various Paisaxes – Galicia En Música (Boa Do Fol) 204 ATR
Various Pakistan: Folk And Pop Instrumentals 1966-1976 (Sublime Frequencies) 334
Various Pakistan/Sindh: Sindhi Soul Session (WDR/World Network) 199/200
Various Pakistan: The Music Of The Qawwal (Auvidis/Unesco) 103/104
Various Pale Rainbow: An Dubh Ina Bhan 1 & 2 (Camus) 68
Various Palestine – Music Of The Intifada (Venture) 72
Various Paljetti:2-Rivismusiikkia (Finnish Accordeon Institute) 110
Various Palop Africa! (Stern’s/Earthworks) 221
Various Panama! Latin, Calypso and Funk On The Isthmus 1965-75 (Soundway) 313
Various Panama! 2: Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical And Calypso Funk On The Isthmus 1967-77 (Soundway) 313
Various Panama! 3: Calypso Panameño, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia Típica On The Isthmus 1960-75 (Soundway) 321
Various Papua New Guinea – The Coast Of The Western Province (Jecklin-Disco) 142
Various Paraguay: Guaraní Songs And Dances (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Paraguay: Guarani-Nandeva Et Ayoreo (Ocora) 252
Various Paranda: Africa In Central America (Detour) 202
Various Parfum Des Iles (1946-1950) (Frémeaux & Associés) 253
Various Paris Musette (Label La Lichere) 110
Various Partisans Of Vilna (The Songs Of World War 2 Jewish Resistance) (Flying Fish) 97
Various Pass The Jug Round: Traditional Songs And Music From Cumberland, Recorded In The 1950s (Veteran) 232
Various Passage To India [Series] see under individual titles
Various Passion Fish (Soundtrack) (Daring) 129 ATR
Various Passion Planet (Juna) 192 ATR
Various Passion Sources (Real World) 73
Various Past Masters Of Irish Dance Music (Topic) 214
Various Pastures Of Plenty: An Austin Celebration Of Woody Guthrie (Deja) 132
Various Patterns Of Jewish Life (Wergo) 134/135
Various Pays Antanosy: Sarandra (Ocora) 298 E
Various Pays-Bas: Chansons Oubliées (Ocora) 170/171
Various Peace And Freedom In South America (Greenwich Village) 55
Various Peace Tape No. 1 [no label or number given] 101
Various Peacock Chicks And Duchesses (Ace) 60
Various Pearls For A New Century (Profolk Heideck) 206/207 ATR
Various Penny Arcade (Big Beat) 67
Various People And Songs Of The Sea (Greentrax) 316 ATR
Various People On The Highway (Market Square) 211/212
Various Percussions D’Asie (Playasound) 76
Various Percussions Du Monde (Arion) 263
Various Percussions Polynesiennes (Playasound) 103/104
Various Perou – Huayno, Valse Creole Et Marinera (Playasound) 163/164
Various Perou: Taquile, Ile Du Ciel. Musique Quecha Du Lac Titicaca (Ocora) 24 ATR (SR)
Various Peru – Taquile, Ile Du Ciel (Ocora) 118
Various Peru And Bolivia: The Sounds Of Evolving Traditions (Multicultural Media) 173
Various Peru: A Mi Patria (WDR/Network) 194/195
Various Peru: Callejón De Huaylas (Frémeaux & Associés) 322
Various Peru: Fiestas: Music Of The High Andes (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Peru: Kingdom Of The Sun: The Inca Heritage (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Peter Bellamy’s The Transports *see also Various The Transports
Various Peter Bellamy’s The Transports: Silver Edition (Free Reed) 251
Various Peter Was A Fisherman: Trinidad Field Recordings Vol. 1 (Rounder) 181
Various Petites Musiques Du Zaire (Buda) 133
Various Peuls Wodaabe – Chants Du Worso (Inedit) 182/183
Various Phat Global #2 (Palm) 239 ATR
Various Phat Global (Palm Pictures) 199/200
Various Philo So Far – 20th Anniversary Folk Sampler (Rounder) 134/135 ATR
Various Piano Blues And Boogie (Indigo) 157 ATR
Various Piano Blues Vol. 1 1927-36 (Document) 132
Various Piano Blues Vol. 2 (Document) 132
Various Piano Blues Vol. 3 1924-1940s (Document) 143
Various Piano Blues Vol. 4 (Document) 146/147
Various Piano Blues Vol. 5 (Document) 146/147
Various Piano Blues Vol. 6 (1933-38) (Document) 198
Various Piano Discoveries (Blues Document) 132
Various Pickin’ The Blues: Original Guitar Wizards (Indigo) 184 ATR
Various Picking The Blues (Document) 280 ATR
Various Pinareno Cuban Music From Pinar Del Rio (Piranha) 113
Various Piper’s Choice, Volume 3 (Na Piobairí Uilleann [DVD]) 331/332 ATR
Various Pipes Of Three Nations Concert Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum 85 L
Various Piranha Allstars (Piranha) 203 ATR
Various Plains Chippewa/Metis Music From Turtle Mountain (Smithsonian/Folkways) 118
Various Planet Soup (Ellipsis Arts) 153
Various Planet Squeezebox (Ellipsis Arts) 153
Various Planete – Le Meilleur Des Musiques Du Monde (Déclic) 130
Various Planete Blues (Gumbo) 118 ATR
Various Planète Celtique (Dèclic) 144
Various Planète Mer (Dèclic) 144
Various Planete Raï (Gumbo) 118
Various Planètes Musiques: Les Nouvelles Musiques Traditionnelles (Modal Pleinjeu) 278/279 ATR
Various Play Another Before You Go (Topic) 24 (SR)
Various Playing With Fire (Green Linnet) 93
Various Playpen (Playpen) 197 ATR
Various Poet – A Tribute To Townes Van Zandt (Catfish) 229
Various Poetry And Languid Charm: Swahili Music From Tanzania And Kenya From The Late 1920s To The 1950s (Topic) 290/291
Various Pofolkuj Sobie! (Polskie Radio) 214
Various Polish Spirit (Jaro) 275 ATR
Various Polish Village Music 1927-1933 (Arhoolie Folklyric) 149
Various Polisses And Candymen: The Complete Works Of Tommy Armstrong: The Pitman Poet [cassette to accompany book edited by Ross Forbes] (Redrow) 57
Various Polkas D’Oro (Rounder) 139/140
Various Polke In Valcki – Po Slovensko (Slovenian Way) (Sraka) 124
Various Pologne: Instruments Populaires (Ocora) 170/171
Various Polska Rootz (Eastblok) 317/318 ATR
Various Polskie Tango 1929-1939 (Orient) 269 ATR
Various Polynesie (FNAC ‘Musiques Autour du Monde’ series) 130
Various Polyphonies De Sardaigne (Le Chant du Monde) 25
Various Polyphonies Of The Solomon Islands (Guadalcanal And Savo) (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various Pontus Sarkilari 1930 Ses Kayitlari (Songs Of Pontus – Recordings Of 1930) (Kalan) 264
Various Poor Man, Rich Man (Rounder) 9 (SR)
Various Pop – Rai And Rachid Style; Rai Rebels Vol 2 (Earthworks) 85
Various Pop Caliente (Egrem) 263
Various Poppies (Dressed For Peace) 175/176
Various Popular Music Of Rajasthan (Playasound) 173
Various Por Los Campos De Cuba: 25 Guajiras Inmortales (Tumbao) 316 ATR
Various Port Of Spain Shuffle (New Cross) 50
Various Portugal – Musique De L’Alentejo (Ocora) 211/212
Various Powerhouse Gospel (JSP) 333
Various Praise The Lord: Gospel Music In Washington DC (Smithsonian Folkways) 190 ATR
Various Prayers From Hell – White Gospel And Sinners Blues 1927-40 (Trikont) 201 ATR
Various Preachers & Congregations Vols 1 & 2 (Document) 169 ATR
Various Preachin’ The Blues (Sequel) 110 ATR
Various Preachin’ The Blues: The Music Of Mississippi Fred McDowell (Telarc) 249 ATR
Various Preachin’ The Gospel: Holy Blues (Columbia) 98
Various Preaching And Congregational Singing 1927 (Document) 151/152 ATR
Various Pressure Drop (Mango) 71
Various Primal Twang: The Legacy Of The Guitar (Adams Entertainment [DVD]) 306
Various Prime Cuts 1998: Folk Song World Music In Germany (Heideck) 175/176 ATR
Various Princes Amongst Men (Asphalt Tango) 305
Various Prison Songs Vol 1: Murderous Home (Rounder) 173
Various Prison Songs Vol 2: Don’tcha Hear Poor Mother Calling (Rounder) 173
Various Prison Worksongs (Arhoolie) 178
Various Profolk-Festival Nov ’89 (Profolk) 87
Various Prophet 01: Tchad (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 02: Senegal (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 03: Papua New Guinea (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 04: Niger (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 05: Mauritanie (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 06: Madagascar (Philips/Kora Sons) 191; 209
Various Prophet 07: Congo (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 08: Centrafrique (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 09: Burkina Faso (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 10: Benin (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 16: Valiha Malagasy (Philips/Kora Sons) 209
Various Prophet 25: Madagascar Côte Ouest: Antandroy, Maikoro, Vezo (Philips/Kora Sons) 233
Various !Protest! (Viper) 282
Various Psych Folk 10 (Rough Trade) 331/332 ATR
Various Puerto Rican Music In Hawaii: Kachi-Kachi (Smithsonian/Folkways) 100
Various Puerto Rico (Putumayo) 208 ATR
Various Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey (Six Degrees) 240 ATR
Various Punky Reggae Party – New Wave Jamaica 1975-1980 (Trojan) 233 ATR
Various Pure Celtic Chill (Virgin) 228 ATR
Various Pure Purepecha (Corason) 139/140
Various Push Them Clouds Away: Old Time Country Music 1924-38 (Musical Traditions) 136
Various Putumayo Kids Presents African Dreamland (Putumayo) 301 ATR
Various Putumayo Kids Presents Celtic Dreamland (Putumayo) 301 ATR
Various Putumayo Presents Africa (Putumayo) 196 ATR
Various Putumayo Presents African Party (Putumayo) 301 ATR
Various Putumayo Presents American Blues (Putumayo) 244 ATR
Various Putumayo Presents Asian Lounge (Putumayo) 274 ATR
Various Putumayo Presents Cuba (Putumayo) 194/195 ATR
Various Putumayo Presents Mali (Putumayo) 266/267 ATR
Various Putumayo Presents Mexico (Putumayo) 225 ATR
Various Putumayo Presents The Best Of World Music African (Rhino) 129
Various Putumayo World Music 10th Anniversary Collection 1993-2003 (Putumayo) 250 ATR
Various Putumayo World Party (Putumayo) 290/291 ATR
Various Pygmies In The Congo (Frémeaux & Associés) 278/279 E
Various Q The Blues (Hit Label) 112 ATR
Various Q’ero: In Search Of The Last Incas (TUMI Music [DVD]) 306
Various Qilaash: How The West Was Won (Nation) 202
Various ¡Que Viva Venezuela! Maestros Del Joropo Oriental (Smithsonian Folkways) 322
Various Québec (Putumayo World Music) 304
Various Québec: Violon Et Accordéon (Auvidis Ethnic) 163/164 ATR
Various Queens Of African Music (Nascente) 184 ATR
Various Quisqueya En El Hudson: Dominican Music In New York City (Smithsonian Folkways) 257
Various R&B Hits Of 1953 (Indigo) 250 ATR
Various Racubah – A Collection Of Modern Afro Rhythms (Comet) 189 ATR
Various Raddir/Voices (Smekkleysa) 247/248
Various Radio 2 Folk Awards see Various Folk Awards
Various Radio 3 Awards For World Music 2006 (Manteca) 276
Various Radio 3 Awards… see also Various BBC Radio 3 Awards…
Various Radio Cuba (Universal Music) 213 ATR
Various Radio Freedom: Voice Of The African National Congress & Umkonto We Sizwe(Rounder Europa) 40
Various Radio Transit (Choux de Bruxelles) 280
Various Raga – An Interactive Guide Into Indian Classical Music (Navras) 228
Various Raggin’ The Blues (Indigo) 167 ATR
Various Ragtime Blues Guitar (Document) 103/104
Various Ragtime Blues Guitar 1928 (Matchbox) 15 (SR)
Various Rai Rebels (Earthworks) 59
Various Rai Rebels (Stern’s/Earthworks) 232
Various Railroad Songs And Ballads (Rounder) 174
Various Rain Dropping On The Banana Tree (Rounder) 155
Various Rainbow Sign (Rounder) 118 ATR
Various Raindrops Pattering On Banana Leaves And Other Tunes (WOMAD) 23 (SR)
Various Rainforest Soundwalks: Ambiences Of Bosavi (Earth Ear) 218/219
Various Raise The Roof! (own label – Deddingon Parish Church Restoration Appeal) 179 ATR
Various Raise The Standard [COROO2C] 63
Various Rajasthan: Fiddles And Jew’s Harps (Le Chant du Monde) 27
Various Rajasthan: Musiciens Professionnels Populaires (Ocora) 139/140
Various Rajasthani Folk Music – Traditional Music Of The Langas And The Manganiyars(Saydisc) 118
Various Ramayana – A Journey (Keda) 186 ATR
Various Ramble To Cashel – Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Vol 1 (Rounder [CD] / Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop
) 185
Various Ranking Miss P Presents Sweet Harmony (Trojan) 245 ATR
Various Ransätersstämman 25 År (Cinnober) 158/159 ATR
Various Ranting & Reeling [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Rapa Iti – The Tahitian Choir (Triloka) 113
Various Rapso (Moonshine) 139/140 ATR
Various Rare 1920s Blues & Jazz (Document) 186 ATR
Various Rare 1930s & 1940s Blues Vol 3 1937-48 (Document) 157
Various Rare 1930s Blues (Document) 146/147
Various Rare 1930s Blues Vol 2 (Document) 158/159
Various Rare Country Blues 1928-37 (Document) 129
Various Rare Country Blues Vols 2, 3 & 4 (Document) 198
Various Rare Jazz And Blues Piano 1927-37 (Document) 158/159
Various Rare Live Cuts 1939 and 1943 (Document) 168 ATR
Various Rare Paramount Blues 1926-29 (Document) 141
Various Rare Reggae Grooves From Studio One (Heartbeat) 203
Various Rare Schellacks 1901-53: 5 Vols (Trikont) 202 ATR
Various Rare Sounds From Addis Abeba (Acoustic) 199/200
Various Ras Reggae Box Set (Trojan) 251 ATR
Various Rasez Le Puy De Dôme Qu’on Voie La Mer – Musiques Traditionnelles En Auvergne(AMTA) 245
Various Rastlin’ Jacob – The Music Of The Spiritual Baptists Of Trinidad (Rounder) 246
Various Raunchy Business (SPV) 300 ATR
Various Raunchy Business: Hot Nuts And Lollypops (Columbia) 98
Various Rave On (Edsel) 218/219 ATR
Various RAW (Respect At Work) (TGWU) 237
Various Raw Fiddle (Rounder Select) 257
Various Reaganomics Blues (Fuse) 23 (SR)
Various Real Earth Volume 1 (Amabala) 269 ATR
Various Real Mambo Magic! 100% Lean Latin [RMM 5601812] 210 ATR
Various Real – The Scottish Borders (Real Scotland) 217
Various Real World Presents… (Real World) 136
Various Rebel Music – A Reggae Anthology (Trojan) 233 ATR
Various Rebetika: Songs Of The Greek Underground 1925-1947 (Trikont) 225 ATR
Various Red Hot + Riot (MCA) 234
Various Red Hot And Blue (Chrysalis) 90
Various Red Hot Mamas (Blue Chicago) 185 ATR
Various Rediscovered Blues (Capitol Blues Collection) 148
Various Reefer Madness (Buzzola) 252
Various Reeling About In Mulligans [C. C 6325] 154 ATR
Various Refugee Voices – Building Bridges (Refugee Voices) 220
Various Regal Records In New Orleans (Ace) 107 ATR
Various Reggae Africa (Hemisphere) 132
Various Reggae Around The World (Putumayo) 186 ATR
Various Reggae Love Songs: 50 Jamaican Lovers Classics (Trojan) 237 ATR
Various Reggae Over Africa (Nascente) 209 ATR
Various Reggae Rarities Box Set (Trojan) 259/260 ATR
Various Reggae Times In Africa [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Reggae: I Am King (Ocho) 218/219 ATR
Various Religious Music Vol. 2 – Remaining Titles, Supplements And Alternate Takes(Document) 196 ATR
Various Rembetica In Piraeus 1933-1937 (Heritage) 134/135
Various Rembetica In Piraeus II (Heritage) 160 ATR
Various Rembetica: Historic Urban Folk Songs From Greece (Rounder) 110
Various Rembetika: Greek Music From The Underground (JSP) 278/279
Various Rembetika 2: More Of The Secret History Of Greece’s Underground Music (JSP) 297
Various Rendez Vous Series (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various ¡Repentistas! Gardiens De Verbes Et De Vaches (Accords Croisés) 270
Various Repentistas Nordestinos: Troubadours Actuels Du Nordeste Du Brésil (Assocation CORDAE/La Talvera) 288
Various Republica Dominicana (Putumayo) 208 ATR
Various Republicafrobeat (BOA/Suristan) 242/243
Various Re-rooted, Beatz From Da Ground Up (Fresh Music) 210 ATR
Various Resting Place Of The Mists (Shanachie) 167
Various Return Of The Grievous Angel – A Tribute To Gram Parsons (Almo Sounds) 194/195
Various Return To The Source: Ambient Meditations (Pyramid) 187/188 ATR
Various Revenge Of The Folksingers (Delphian) 341/342
Various Revival In Britain – Volume 1 (Greentrax) 83
Various Revolucion! Original Cuban Funk Grooves 1967-1978 (Freestyle) 319/320 ATR
Various Revolution En La Casa (Putumayo) 198 ATR
Various Rhythm & Blues All Stars Vol 1 (Indigo) 187/188 ATR
Various Rhythm & Blues All Stars Vol 2 (Indigo) 190 ATR
Various Rhythm ‘N’ Blues Vols I & II (BGO) 204 ATR
Various Rhythm Of Cuba (EMI) 257 ATR
Various Rhythm Of Resistance: Beats Of The Heart (Digital Classics [DVD]) 290/291
Various Rhythm Of The Islands: Music Of Hawaii 1913-52 (Harlequin) 170/171
Various Rhythms Del Mundo – Cuba (Ape Vision Universal) 283/284
Various Rhythms Of Africa (Cooking Vinyl) 204 ATR
Various Rhythms Of Life, Songs Of Wisdom (Smithsonian Folkways) 175/176
Various Rhythm-Time: World Percussion (World Music Network) 202
Various Riba Dempel: Popular Music Of Curaçao 1950-54 (Otrabanda) 245 ATR
Various Richard M. Jones And The Blues Singers (Document) 158/159
Various Ride, Daddy Ride: Vintage Songs About Sex 1927-1953 (Buzzola) 266/267
Various Rig-A-Jig-Jig [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Riga Dimd (UPE) 277 ATR
Various Rimijmara (Larrikin) 114
Various Ripest Apples [Sussex Traditional Singers] (Veteran Tapes) 57
Various Rites, Fêtes Et Danses Autour Du Lac Baikal (Buda) 271/272 E
Various Ritmo Caliente Salsa Greats Vol 1 (Fania/Caliente) 67
Various Ritmos De La Selva [De Lo Profundo De La Madre Tierra series] (Instituto de Cultura Indigena Argentina) 298
Various Ritual Chant And Music (Unesco) 170/171
Various Ritual Mouth-Organs Of The Murung (Inedit) 187/188
Various River Of Song – A Music Journey Down The Mississippi (Smithsonian Folkways) 190
Various River Songs Of Bangladesh (ARC Music) 223/224
Various Road Of The Gypsies (Network) 165
Various Robert Burns: My Heart’s In The Highlands (Linn) 275 ATR
Various Robert Burns: The Complete Songs Vol. 1 (Linn) 157
Various Robert Burns: The Complete Songs Vol. 2 (Linn) 162
Various Robert Burns’ The Merry Muses (Fat Puddock/Iona) 157
Various Rock & Water (Eclectic) 139/140 ATR
Various Rock ‘n’ Roll 1952 (Frémeaux & Associés) 242/243 ATR
Various Rock The Kasbah (EMI) 259/260
Various Rockin’ The Joint Tonight (JSP) 215 ATR
Various Rockin’ Trikitixa (Triki-Elkarlanean) 189 ATR
Various Rocksteady Rarities Box Set (Trojan) 277 ATR
Various Rocksteady: The Roots Of Reggae (Moll-Selekta) 324
Various Rodigan’s 25th Anniversary (EMM) 241 ATR
Various Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys (Anti Inc.) 280
Various Rolas De Aztlán: Songs Of The Chicano Movement (Smithsonian Folkways) 274
Various Roll ‘Em Pete – 25 years Of Piano Blues & Boogie (Indigo) 253
Various Roll Your Moneymaker (Trikont) 309 ATR
Various Rollin’ And Tumblin’ (Indigo) 149 ATR
Various Romania – Wild Sounds From Transylvania, Wallachia & Moldavia (Network/WDR) 182/183 ATR
Various Romania (Silex) 184 ATR
Various Romania: Music For Strings From Transylvania (Le Chant du Monde) 118
Various Romská Balada (Indies Scope) 334
Various Roosevelt In Trinidad – Calypsos Of Events, Places And Personalities 1933-1939(Rounder) 194/195
Various Root & Branch: A New World (EFDSS/Unknown Republic) 201
Various Roots – 20 Years Of Essential Folk, Roots & World Music (Nascente) 193
Various Roots & Culture Box Set (Trojan) 263 ATR
Various Roots & Wings: From The Hemispheres To The Real World (EMI Music Canada) 177 ATR
Various Roots, All Over The Place (Twah!) 139/140 ATR
Various Roots Music: An American Journey (Rounder) 228
Various Roots ‘n’ Blues: The Retrospective (1925-50) (Columbia) 113
Various Roots Of Chicha 2: Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru (Barbès/Crammed Discs) 329/330
Various Roots Of Mambo 1930-1950 (Frémeaux & Associés) 277 ATR
Various Roots Of OK Jazz: Congo Classics 1955-1956 (Crammed Discs) 328
Various Roots Of Reggae (Charly) 204
Various Roots Of Rhythm And Blues: A Tribute To The Robert Johnson Era (Columbia) 121
Various Roots Of Rock (ABM) 203 ATR
Various Roots Of Rumba Rock (Crammed) 283/284
Various Roots Of Rumba Rock: Zairean Classics 1953-1954 (Crammed Discs) 106
Various Roots Of Rumba Rock 2, 1954-55 (Crammed) 151/152
Various Roots Piranha Sound Tracks Into Worldmusic (Piranha) 115/116
Various Roots, Reels & Rhythms – A Scots Fusion Experience (Nascente) 204 ATR
Various Roots Reggae Box Set (Trojan) 273 ATR
Various Roots Rock Guitar Party: Zimbabwe Frontline 3 (Stern’s/Earthworks) 194/195
Various Roots, Rock, Reggae: Beats Of The Heart (Digital Classics [DVD]) 290/291
Various Rough And Tough – The Story Of Ska 1960-1966 (Trojan) 229 ATR
Various Rough Guide To… filed under Various The Rough Guide To…
Various Roumanie: Musiques De Mariage Du Maramures (Ocora) 149
Various Rounder Banjo Extravaganza ‘Live’ (Rounder) 119
Various Rounder Bluegrass Guitar (Rounder) 167 ATR
Various Rounder Fiddle (Rounder) 94
Various Rounder Folk Vols 1 & 2 (Rounder) 31
Various Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert (Rounder [DVD]) 325
Various Rounder Records 40th Anniversary Concert (Rounder) 325 ATR
Various Rouse Rouse – Traditional Christmas Carols From Padstow (Veteran Tapes) 84
Various Route 50 (Vanguard) 209 ATR
Various Routes – 20 Years Of Essential Folk, Roots & World Music (Nascente) 193
Various Royal Court Music From Uganda (Sharp Wood Productions) 190
Various Royal Court Music Of Thailand (Smithsonian/Folkways) 149
Various Royaume Du Mande [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Rromano Suno: Gypsy Music From The Balkans (B92) 252 ATR
Various Rubáiyát (Elektra) 90
Various Rubber Folk (Gott Discs) 286
Various Rumania: Vocal Polyphony Of The Arumanians (Le Chant du Monde) 27; 96
Various Rumba Africa – Les As De La Rumba (Dèclic) 149
Various Rumba Blues – How Latin Music Changed Rhythm & Blues, Volume One: 1940-1953(Rhythm & Blues) 323
Various Rumba Blues – The Mambo Years (Rhythm & Blues) 335 ATR
Various Rumba Flamenco (Putumayo) 238 ATR
Various Rural Blues – Volumes 1 & 2 (BGO) 190 ATR
Various Rural Blues – Volume 3: Down Home Stomp (BGO) 204 ATR
Various Rural Blues Vol 1 (Document) 131
Various Rural Blues Vol 2 (Document) 189
Various Russen Soul (Trikont) 254/255 ATR
Various Russendisko Hits (Trikont) 241
Various Russian Gypsy Soul (Network) 214 ATR
Various Ruths And More … 2003: Folk Song And World Music In Germany (Heideck) 251 ATR
Various Ruths And More… Folk, Song And World Music In Germany (own label) 262 ATR
Various ¡Sabroso! (Earthworks/Virgin) 75
Various Sacred Ceremonies (JVC) 166
Various Sacred Dance – Pow Wows Of The Native American Indians (Arc Music) 252
Various Sacred Harp Singing In Western Massachusetts 2000-2001 (Western Massachusetts Sacred Harp Convention) 232 ATR
Various Sacred Land: Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Music Of Himalayan Nepal (Bona-fi/Canyon) 247/248
Various Sacred Music Of The Moroccan Jews (From The Paul Bowles Collection) (Rounder) 209
Various Sacred Planet (Amiata) 191 ATR
Various Sacred Souls (Manteca) 218/219
Various Sacred Steel – Live (Arhoolie) 196
Various Sacred Steel: Traditional Sacred African-American Steel Guitar Music In Florida(Arhoolie) 170/171
Various Sacred Voices (Sugar Hill) 202 ATR
Various Sacrificed: On An Altar Of Profit And Lies (Artists For Animals) 67
Various Safarini In Transit (Smithsonian Folkways) 209
Various Sahara – Blues Of The Desert (Manteca/Union Square) 262
Various Sahara Groove (ARC) 233 ATR
Various Sahara Lounge (Putumayo) 250 ATR
Various Sahraouis: The Music Of The Western Sahara (Intuition) 189
Various Sail Away – The Songs Of Randy Newman (Sugar Hill) 278/279 ATR
Various Salm Volume 1 (Ridge) 256 ATR
Various ¡Salsa! (Putumayo) 313 ATR
Various Salsa Nation Volume I (JFC/Method) 275
Various Salon Oriental (Inca Production) 232 ATR
Various Salsa: Beats Of The Heart (Digital Classics [DVD]) 290/291
Various Salsa: Cuba, New York And The Latin Dance Explosion (World Music Network) 211/212 ATR
Various Salsa Cubana (Iris Music) 297 ATR
Various Salsa Dance Class: The Real Deal (Palm Pictures) 210 ATR
Various Salsa, Merengue, Mambo! (Hemisphere) 151/152
Various Salsa Moderna, A Taste Of New Wave Latin Flavours (Nascente) 189 ATR
Various Salsa Moderna, Volume 2: A Taste Of New Wave Colombian Flavours (Nascente) 252 ATR
Various Salsa Party: The Legendary Fania Recordings (Union Square) 293
Various Salsa: The Essential Album (Manteca) 244 ATR
Various Salsa This Is Latin Music (Caliente) 67
Various Salsa Timba: The Hot New Sound Of The Latin Dance Floor (Manteca) 230/231 ATR
Various Samba Bossa Nova (Putumayo) 234 ATR
Various Samba Con Salsa [WAVE 31] 54 ATR
Various Sambe-Comores: Modern Traditions From Grand Comore (Dizim) 209
Various Sambistas (own label) 307/308 ATR
Various Sampa Nova (Stern’s Brasil) 245
Various San Antonio Blues 1937 (Document) 136
Various San Antonio Saturday Night (Sonet) 36
Various San Francisco 1993 (Heyday) 126 ATR
Various Sanctified Jug Bands 1928-30 (Matchbox) 51
Various Sandra Kerr’s Sidmouth Festival Choir 1998 (Shamrock) 189 ATR
Various Sang O The Solway (own label) 222 ATR
Various Sanscapes 1 (Electric MELT) 216
Various Sanscapes 2: Future Visions Of The Bushmen (Electric MELT) 237
Various Santa Fé [Sampler] (MTI) 151/152 ATR
Various Santeros Y Salseros: The World Of Cuban Music (Real Rhythm) 213 ATR
Various Sarafina (Sonet) 94
Various Sark Voices (La Societé Sercquaise) 321
Various Saudade Em Samba (Kardum) 187/188
Various Saudi Arabia – Music Of Unayzah (Inedit) 190
Various Scarborough Fair: The Best Of English Folk (Castle) 280 ATR
Various Scennenno D’a Muntagna – Paranza Di Somma Vesuviana (Newtone) 134/135
Various Scotland (32) (World Network) 153
Various Scotland Now – The Music And The Song (Greentrax) 121
Various Scotland The Real (Smithsonian Folkways) 244 ATR
Various Scots Women (Greentrax) 223/224
Various Scottish Folk At Its Best (ARC Music) 302/303 ATR
Various Scottish Harps (Greentrax) 187/188
Various Scottish Tradition 1 – Bothy Ballads (Greentrax) 123
Various Scottish Tradition 2 – Music From The Western Isles (Greentrax) 118
Various Scottish Tradition 3 – Waulking Songs From Barra (Greentrax) 130
Various Scottish Tradition 4 – Shetland Fiddle Music (Greentrax) 130
Various Scottish Tradition 5 – The Muckle Sangs (Greentrax) 118
Various Scottish Tradition 6 – Gaelic Psalms From Lewis (Greentrax) 139/140 ATR
Various Scottish Tradition 9 – The Fiddler And His Art (Greentrax) 123
Various Scottish Tradition 9 – The Fiddler And His Art (Tangent) 76
Various Scottish Tradition 20 – The Carrying Stream (Greentrax) 270 ATR
Various Scottish Traditional Tales (Greentrax) 206/207
Various Scottish Voices (Topic) 167 ATR
Various Scottish Women (Greentrax) 261
Various Scratchy Sounds: Ska, Dub, Roots & Reggae Nuggets (Trojan) 259/260 ATR
Various Scrubs Sessions (own label) 300 ATR
Various Sea Songs & Shanties – From The Last Days Of Sail (Saydisc) 132
Various Seachrán Sí (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 193
Various Second Grand Concert Of Piping (Greentrax) 175/176
Various Second Sacred Steel Convention (Arhoolie) 233
Various Secret Museum Of Mankind: Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48, Vol. 3 (Yazoo) 160
Various Secret Museum Of Mankind: Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48, Vol. 4 (Yazoo) 174
Various Secret Museum Of Mankind: Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48, Vol. 5 (Yazoo) 185
Various Secret Museum Of Mankind: Ethnic Music Classics: Music Of North Africa (Yazoo) 174
Various Secret Museum Of Mankind: Music Of East Africa (Yazoo) 185
Various Secular Music From Uganda (SWP) 256
Various Secular Vocal Groups Vol 4 1926-47 (Document) 185 ATR
Various Seeds For Life – Music & Conservation In Kenya (Kew Millennium Seed Bank Partnership) 309 ATR
Various Sega Dance Volume 1 (Tambour Music) 138
Various Sega Dance Volume 2 (Tambour Music) 156
Various Seka [Sister] (Twah!) 191
Various Seka [Sister] Vol. 2 (Twah!) 203
Various Sekunjalo – Now Is The Time (Mango) 134/135
Various Select Cuts From Blood & Fire – Chapter 2 (Select Cuts) 221
Various Sénégal (Air Mail Music) 175/176 ATR
Various Senegal Afro Cubano 1978-1997 (Dakar Audio Diffusion/Melodie) 208 ATR
Various Senegal Compil [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Senegal Flash: Banjul (Syllart/Melodie) 155
Various Senegal Flash: Dakar (Syllart/Melodie) 155
Various Senegal Flash: Kaolack (Syllart/Melodie) 155
Various Senegal Flash: Louga (Syllart/Melodie) 155
Various Senegal Flash: N’Dar (Syllart/Melodie) 155
Various Senegal Flash: Ziguinchor (Syllart/Melodie) 155
Various Senegal: Musique Des Peul Et Des Tenda (Ocora) 133
Various Senegal: The Teranga Spirit (Discograph/Syllart) 286
Various Senegal – Wolof Music (Ocora Radio France) 285 ATR
Various Seoltaí Séidte/Setting Sail (Gael Linn) 256
Various Septetos Cubanos/Sones De Cuba (Musica Tradicional Mexico) 121
Various Serenity Dub Volumes 1/2 (Incoming) 146/147
Various Setu Songs (Mipu) 123; 154
Various Seventies Box Set (Trojan) 256 ATR
Various Sextetos Cubanos: Sones: Vol. I (Arhoolie) 113
Various Sextetos Cubanos: Sones: Vol. II (Arhoolie) 150
Various Shades Of Political Song (Poke) 101
Various Shake ‘Em On Down – The Real Country Blues (Ace) 139/140
Various Shake Your Wicked Knees (Yazoo) 180
Various Shalom, Comrade! (Wergo) 274 ATR
Various Shaman Jhankri & Néle (Ellipsis Arts) 199/200
Various Shamanic And Narrative Songs Of The Siberian Arctic, Vol. 1 (Buda [not full review]) 139/140
Various Shangaan Electro (Honest Jon’s) 329/330
Various Shani – The Sounds Of Zambia (WOMAD) 63
Various Shebeen Queen – Hot Jive Sounds Of South Africa (Kijima) 77; 88
Various Sheng Music From China (Lyrichord) 21 (SR)
Various Sheshwe: The Sound Of The Mines (Rounder) 70
Various Shetland Callling – The Sound Of Young Shetland (Hjaltland Phonographic Industries) 66
Various Shine Eye Gal – Brukdon From Belize (Corason) 133
Various Shining Bright (Topic) 230/231
Various Shivering Sands & Scavenging Birds: Songs & Tunes From The Leigh Folk Festival 2009 (Thames Delta) 316 ATR
Various Shomyo (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various Short Sharp Shanties, Vol. 1: Sea Songs Of A Watchet Sailor (WildGoose) 341/342
Various Shout Boy Shout (Alligator) 139/140 ATR
Various Shouting The Blues (Ace) 119
Various Shtetl Superstars (Trikont) 282
Various Shteygers (Ways): New Klezmer Music 1991-1994 (Trikont) 149
Various Shüüdüngüt’s Road: Music Of The Kyrgyz Of Central Asia (Frequency Glide) 223/224
Various Sicile: Musiques Populaires/Sicily: Folk Music (Ocora) 263
Various [Sidmouth] Folk Festival: A Celebration Of Music Recorded At The Sidmouth International Festival (Gottdiscs) 257 *see also entries under ‘S’: Sidmouth Folk Festival [Sidmouth Folk Week]
Various Sierra Leone Music (West African Gramophone Records Zensor Musikproduktion) 122
Various Sierra Leone Music (Zensor) 60
Various Sif Safaa: New Music From The Middle East (Hemisphere) 144
Various Silver Heart Country Volume One (no details given) 67 ATR
Various Silver Meteor (Sierra Briar) 7 ATR (SR)
Various Simchongga (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various Simply World (Union Square) 269 ATR
Various Sing For Freedom (Smithsonian/Folkways) 94
Various Sing Sing So (Songs Of The Batak People) (JVC) 149; 161
Various Sing Till The Sun Sets (Global Village) 240
Various Singin’ The Gospel 1933-36 (Document) 144
Various Singing In The Streets: Scottish Children’s Songs (Rounder) 262 ATR
Various Sínjie Lipjagí (Village Of Blue Linden Trees) (Pan) 187/188
Various Sinner’s Death (Rounder) 307/308 ATR
Various Sinners And Saints 1926-31 (Document) 114
Various Sisters Of The South (DixieFrog) 317/318 ATR
Various Six Degrees 100 (Six Degrees) 253 ATR
Various Six String Boogie (Music Club) 131 ATR
Various Six The Hard Way (Heartbeat/Rounder) 288 ATR
Various Sixties Box Set (Trojan) 256 ATR
Various Sixty Great Blues Recordings (Cascade) 107
Various Siya Hamba! South African Country And Small Town Sounds (Original Music) 76
Various Sizhu (Silk Bamboo) (PAN) 141
Various Sjungande Tornedalen (Caprice) 166 ATR
Various Ska All Mighty (Heartbeat) 229 ATR
Various Ska Bonanza (Heartbeat) 107
Various Ska Bonanza: The Studio One Ska Years (Heartbeat/Rounder) 282 ATR
Various Ska Cubano (Casino Sounds) 253
Various Ska Rarities Box Set (Trojan) 266/267 ATR
Various Ska Revival Box Set (Trojan) 250 ATR
Various Ska Scandal (Island) 73
Various Ska Stars Of The 90s (Gaz’s Rockin’ Records) 192 ATR
Various Skagen Festival 25 År (Danmarks Radio) 150
Various Skaistakis Dziesmas (Upe) 227
Various Skillet Lickers Music 1955-91 – The Tanner Legacy (Global Village) 178 ATR
Various Skye: The Island (Macmeanmna) 169 ATR
Various Slide Crazy (Skyranch) 126 ATR
Various Slide Guitar Blues (Indigo) 150
Various Slide Guitar Gospel (Document) 131
Various Slide Guitar Vol 2 (Columbia) 122
Various Slide Guitar: The Streamline Special (Columbia) 187/188
Various Slidin’… Some Slide (Bullseye Blues) 131
Various Sliding On The Strings (Yazoo) 208 ATR
Various Slovak Csardas: Dance Tunes From The Pennsylvania Coal Mines (Heritage) 178
Various Slovaquie: Musiques De Polana: Fujara, Cornemuses, Ensemble À Cordes (Inedit) 216
Various Slovenie – Musiques Et Chants Populaires (Ocora) 184 ATR
Various Smithsonian Folkways Children’s Music Collection (Smithsonian Folkways) 180 ATR
Various Smoky Mountain Gospel (Brentwood) 139/140 ATR
Various Smoky Mountain Singin’ (Brentwood) 139/140 ATR
Various So Why? (Red Cross/Sonodisc) 175/176
Various Soca Carnival 94 (Ice) 138
Various Soffi D’Ancia: Decennale Del Festival “Pifferi, Muse E Zampogne” (Radici Music) 278/279
Various Soinari: Folk Music From Georgia Today (Wergo) 133
Various Solid South: Western Swing On Los Angeles Radio In The 1950s (Country Routes) 210
Various Some Love (all lyrics by Les Barker) (Mrs Ackroyd) 113
Various Somebody Owe Me A Dime (Indigo) 158/159
Various Something Is Wrong: Vintage Recordings From East Africa (Honest Jon’s) 335
Various Son Cubano NYC: Cuban Roots New York Spices 1972-82 (Honest Jon’s) 259/260 ATR
Various Son Of Morris On (EMI) 138
Various Son Of Morris On (Talking Elephant) 241 ATR
Various Son Of Redneck (MCA) 101
Various Son Of Rounder Banjo (Rounder) 114 ATR
Various Son Vuäinn – She Sees: Skolt Sámi Leu’dd From The Kola Peninsula (Global Music Centre) 305 ATR
Various Sones Y Huapangos: Musiques De La Huasteca Et De Veracruz Mexique (Mémoires Sonores/CORDAE/La Talvera) 338/339 ATR
Various Song Creators In Eastern Turkey (Smithsonian/Folkways ‘Traditional Music of the World’ series, Vol. 6) 130
Various Song Links: A Celebration Of English Traditional Songs And Their Australian Variants(Fellside) 241
Various Song Links 2: A Celebration Of English Traditional Songs And Their American Variants (Fellside) 265
Various Song Of America (31 Tigers) 297 ATR
Various Song Of The Crooked Dance: Early Bulgarian Traditional Music 1927-42 (Yazoo) 185
Various Songbirds – The Essential Album (Manteca) 225 ATR
Various Songcatcher (Vanguard) 218/219
Various Songcatcher II (Vanguard) 237
Various Songlines Music Awards 2010 (Songlines Publilshing) 324 ATR
Various Songlines Presents World Music (Manteca) 211/212 ATR
Various Songlines – The Essential African Album (Songlines) 265 ATR
Various Songs Across Walls Of Separation (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 312 ATR
Various Songs & Ballads From Perthshire Field Recordings Of The 1950s – Scottish Tradition Series Vol. 24 (Greentrax) 338/339 ATR
Various Songs & Ballads Of American History And Of The Assassination Of Presidents(Rounder) 190
Various Songs And Dances Of The Eastern Indians From Medicine Spring & Allegany (New World) 125
Various Songs And Rhythms Of The Coastal Region Of Guinea (Buda) 106 ATR
Various Songs For Peace (Folk Freak) 18 (SR)
Various Songs For Political Action: Folk Music, Topical Songs & The American Left 1928-1953(Bear Family) 161
Various Songs From Rajasthan (ARC Music) 218/219
Various Songs From The Golden Fleece (Musical Traditions) 273
Various Songs From The Steppes: Kazakh Music Today (Topic) 273
Various Songs From The Acoustic Ground (Continental Drifts) 178 ATR
Various Songs From The Smoke – 15 New Songs About London (Cycle) 180
Various Songs Of Defiance: Music Of Chechnya & The North Caucasus (Topic) 289
Various Songs Of Greece’s Gypsies (FM) 165
Various Songs Of Sailors & Navvies (Caprice) 184
Various Songs Of Seduction (Rounder) 204
Various Songs Of Survival: Traditional Music Of Georgia (Topic) 289
Various Songs Of The African Coast: Café Music Of Liberia (Yarngo Music) 294 ATR
Various Songs Of The Earth: Astonishing And Rare Instruments (UNESCO) 187/188
Various Songs Of The Earth: Astonishing And Rare Voices (UNESCO) 187/188
Various Songs Of The Inuit (JVC World Sounds Series) 139/140
Various Songs Of The Louvin Brothers (Easydisc) 172 ATR
Various Songs Of The Mormons & Songs Of The West (Rounder) 247/248
Various Songs Of The Peoples Of Russia (Le Chant du Monde) 154
Various Songs Of The Radio Ballads (Gott Discs) 289
Various Songs Of The Spirit (Triloka) 172
Various Songs Of The Spirit: Volume 2 (Triloka) 206/207
Various Songs Of The Taverna 1933-1939 (FM) 158/159
Various Songs Of The Travelling People (Saydisc) 141
Various Songs Of The Volga (Auvidis Ethnic) 187/188
Various Songs Of The Working People From The American Revolution To The Civil War(Flying Fish) 73 ATR
Various Songs Of Witchcraft And Magic (WildGoose) 292
Various Songs Sung In Suffolk – Popular Folk Songs, Old Songs & Ballads (Veteran) 217
Various Songs Sung In Suffolk Vol. 1: A Collection Of Comic Songs (Veteran Tapes) 57
Various Songs Sung In Suffolk Vol. 2: Popular Folk Songs (Veteran Tapes) 66
Various Songs Sung In Suffolk Vol. 3: Old Songs And Ballads (Veteran Tapes) 66
Various Songs Sung In Suffolk Vol. 4: Sentimental Songs (Veteran Tapes) 84
Various Songs Sung In Suffolk Vol. 5: Bargemen, Fishermen And Sailors (Veteran Tapes) 84
Various Songs Sung In Suffolk Vol. 6: ‘More Comic Songs And Parodies’ [credited to Traditional Singers From Suffolk (Veteran Tapes) 99
Various Songs That Dylan Loved (Chrome Dreams) 256 ATR
Various Songsmith Two [from Pete Coe] 119
Various Songsters & Saints Vol. 1 (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 23 (SR)
Various Songsters & Saints Vol. 2 (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 26
Various Sonidos De La Quebrada [De Lo Profundo De La Madre Tierra series] (Instituto de Cultura Indigena Argentina) 298
Various Sonneurs D’Accordéon En Bretagne (Le Chasse-Marée/Armen) 142
Various Sonneurs De Clarinette En Bretagne (Dastum) 42
Various Sonneurs De Veuze En Bretagne (Dastum) 63
Various Sonneurs De Vielle En Bretagne (Chasse Marée/ArMen) 123
Various Sonneurs De Violon En Bretagne (Le Chasse Marée/Armen) 129 ATR
Various Sonneurs Traditionnels De Bretagne (Le Chasse-Marée/Armen) 162
Various Sono Maison Mere Vol 1 (Naïve) 333 ATR
Various Sonrisas De Texas (Munich) 139/140
Various Soolojen Yo: Solos In The Night – Live At The Kaustinen Folk Music Festival(Kansanmusiikki) 117
Various Sosabi – Cape Verdean Music From New England (Rounder) 194/195 ATR
Various Souffle/Breath (Buda) 182/183 ATR
Various Souffles De L’Âme – Balkan Blues (Network) 198
Various Soukouss Paris [Rendez Vous series] (Sono Africa/Syllart) 192
Various Soul Power: Funky Kingston 2 (Trojan) 270 ATR
Various Sound Of The Shebeen Vol 1 (Virgin) 270 ATR
Various Sound Of The World (Wrasse) 269
Various Sound Of The World 2007 (Warner Classical Jazz) 290/291
Various Sound Of The World Presents Anywhere On This Road (Warner Classics & Jazz) 326/327
Various Sound Of The World Presents Beyond The Horizon (WCJ) 302/303
Various Sound Of The World Presents Otro Mundo (Another World) (Warner Classics & Jazz) 314/315
Various Sounds From The Acoustic Ground – Remixed (Continental Drifts) 193
Various Sounds Of Soweto (EMI) 47
Various Sounds Of The Far East (Arc Music) 247/248
Various Sounds Of West Africa (Lyrichord) 97
Various Sounds Of WOMAD 2 (WOMAD) 150
Various Sounds Of Wood & Steel: A Windham Hill Collection (Windham Hill) 181
Various Sous Les Tropiques Exactement (Festival Les Escalles) 226 ATR
Various South African Freedom Music (War On Want) 45
Various South African Funk Experience (Nascente) 326/327 ATR
Various South African Legends (Putumayo) 205
Various South African Rhythm Riot (Stern’s) 199/200
Various South America (Travelogue) 230/231
Various South America: Black Music In Praise Of Oxalá And Other Gods (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various South India – Anthology Of Classical Music (Ocora) 292
Various South India: Chidambaram Temple / Inde Du Sud : Periya Melam – Temple De Chidambaram (Ocora) 297 E
Various South India/Ritual Music And Theatre Of Kerala (Le Chant du Monde) 96
Various South Pacific: Island Music (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 259/260
Various South Texas Polka Party (Arhoolie) 174
Various Southern And Central Malawi (SWP) 226
Various Southern Blues Vol. 1 (AB) 201 ATR
Various Southern Country Gospel (Vanguard) 227
Various Southern Journey Vol 1: Voices From The South (Rounder) 167
Various Southern Journey Vol 2: Ballads And Breakdowns (Rounder) 167
Various Southern Journey Vol 3: Highway Mississippi (Rounder) 167
Various Southern Journey Vol 4: Brethren We Meet Again (Rounder) 167
Various Southern Journey Vol 5: Bad Man Ballads (Rounder) 167
Various Southern Journey Vol 6: Don’tcha Know The Road (Rounder) 167
Various Southern Journey Vol 7: Ozark Frontier (Rounder) 173
Various Southern Journey Vol 8: Velvet Voices (Rounder) 173
Various Southern Journey Vol 9: Harp Of A Thousand Strings (Rounder) 179
Various Southern Journey Vol 10: And Glory Shone Around (Rounder) 179
Various Southern Journey Vol 11: Honour The Lamb (Rounder) 179
Various Southern Journey Vol 12: Georgia Sea Islands (Rounder) 179
Various Southern Journey Vol 13: Earliest Times (Rounder) 179
Various Southern Mozambique (SWP) 256
Various Southern State Sounds (Music Club) 129 ATR
Various Southern Style – Western Swing (EMI Plus) 230/231 ATR
Various Southern Style: Zydeco (EMI Plus) 230/231 ATR
Various Sowing The Seeds – The 10th Anniversary (Appleseed) 299
Various Space Guitar & Deathray Boogie: Vintage Science Fiction Songs 1930-1954(Buzzola) 266/267
Various Spain In My Heart: Songs Of The Spanish Civil War (Appleseed) 246
Various Speciality Legends Of Boogie Woogie (Ace) 114
Various Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness (Glitterhouse) 139/140 ATR
Various Speranze Perdute (Global Village) 167
Various Spirit Of Africa (Real World) 222
Various Spirit Of Africa (Wagram) 197 ATR
Various Spirit Of African Sanctus: The Original Recordings By David Fanshaw (Saydisc) 103/104
Various Spirit Of Brazil (Wagram) 211/212 ATR
Various Spirit Of India II (Wagram) 216
Various Spirit Of Melanesia (Saydisc) 187/188
Various Spirit Of Polynesia (Saydisc) 126
Various Spirit Of The Border: Northumbrian Traditional Music (Nimbus) 199/200
Various Spirit Of The Eagle: Zimbabwe Frontline Vol 2 (Earthworks) 85
Various Spirit Of The Outback (Manteca) 206/207
Various Spirit – Peoples Of The Desert (Palm World Voices [DVD]) 285
Various Splendour Of The Koto (Playasound) 142
Various Splendour Of The Shakuhachi (Playasound) 142
Various Sprigs Of Time: 78s From The EMI Archive (Honest Jon’s) 307/308
Various Squashbox (Silex Memoire) 130
Various Squeeze Play (Rounder) 172
Various Srbija: Sounds Global (KVS/FreeB92) 214
Various Srbija: Sounds Global 2 (B92) 238
Various Srbija Sounds Global: All Stars (B92) 311
Various Sri Lanka – Buddhist Chant 1 (Jecklin Disco) 113
Various Sri Lanka: Musique Rituelles Et Religieuses (Ocora) 125
Various St Louis 1927-33 (Document) 129
Various St Louis Barrelhouse Piano (Document) 113
Various St Louis Country Blues 1929-37 (Document) 120
Various St Louis Girls 1927-34 (Document) 129
Various St Patrick’s Day Celebration Festival, 9th (Magnetic Music) 187/188
Various Stars, Stars… see Various Csillagok, Csillagok…
Various State Of The Nation (Nation) 251 ATR
Various Statement Of Intent (Electric M.E.L.T.) 182/183 ATR
Various Staying Home With The Blues (Spectrum) 180
Various Steele The Show (Greentrax) 335
Various Steelin’ It – The Steel Guitar Story (Proper) 304
Various Steeling Around The World (Harlequin) 257
Various Steeple On The Common Vols 1&2 (North Star) 106 ATR
Various Step Into The Park (Park) 251 ATR
Various Stepping It Out: Traditional Folk Music, Songs And Dances From England (Veteran Tapes) 126
Various Stepping Up (Topic) 249
Various Still Amazing After All These Years (ROM) 79/80
Various Stilling Time: The Traditional Music Of Vietnam (Innova) 151/152
Various Stir It Up (Triloka/Artemis) 259/260 ATR
Various Stomp Down Zydeco (Rounder) 121
Various Stompin’ At The Honky Tonk (President) 173 ATR
Various Stompin’ Singers & Western Swingers (Proper) 264
Various Stomping Western Swing (President) 168
Various Storefront And Street Corner Gospel 1927-29 (Document) 105
Various Storytellers: An Album Of Classic Folk Songs (Grapevine) 214
Various Stranded In The USA (Trikont) 261 ATR
Various Streets Of Dakar: Generation Boul Falé (Stern’s) 197
Various Strictly Worldwide X 5 (Piranha) 160
Various Strictly Worldwide! (Eurostar) 121
Various String Bands 1926-29 (Document) 129
Various String Instruments Of Vietnam [by members of the Hanoi University of Music; reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Strong Hand Of Love (Fingerprint) 139/140 ATR
Various Struggle: Songs Of Protest And Resistance From Around The World (Ellipsis Arts) 257 ATR
Various Strutting At The Bronze Peacock (Ace) 56
Various Style Scott Presents RAS Showcase (Lion & Roots) 214
Various Sucker Punch: Jamaican Boxing Tributes (Trojan) 256 ATR
Various Sud (Italian World Music) 333 ATR
Various Suede – Musique Populaire (Ocora) 187/188
Various Suedehead (Trojan) 254/255 ATR
Various Sueño Colombiano (Mango) 87
Various Sufi Soul – Echoes Du Paradis (Network) 172
Various Sufis At The Cinema – 50 Years Of Bollywood Qawwali & Sufi Song 1958-2007(Saregama) 341/342 E
Various Sufi’s Secret (Lola’s World) 286 ATR
Various Sugar Hill Records – A Retrospective (Sugar Hill) 287
Various Sugar In My Bowl (Buzzola) 252
Various Suisse: Paysages Musicaux (Ocora) 269 E
Various Süleyman The Magnificent – Original Soundtrack (Celestial Harmonies) 72
Various Sult: Spirit Of The Music (Hummingbird) 218/219
Various Sulukule – Rom Music Of Istanbul (Traditional Crossroads) 187/188
Various Sumatra: Musiques Des Batak (Inedit) 161
Various Summoning The Spirit – Music In The T’boli Heartland (Rykodisc) 175/176
Various Sun (Chall’Omusic/Wagram) 220 ATR
Various Sun Records – The Blues Years 1950-1956 (Sun [boxed set]) 33
Various Sun Sea & Salsa (Nascente) 169 ATR
Various Sundanese Classical Music [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Sundanese: Degung – Mojang Priangan (Interra) 145
Various Sundanese: Degung – Sabilulungan (Interra) 145
Various Sunday Morning Sessions (Munich) 151/152 ATR
Various Sunshine Reggae Box Set (Trojan) 256 ATR
Various Super Guitar Soukous (Hemisphere) 132
Various Super Veselic (Sraka) 118 ATR
Various Supuldziesmas (Upe) 217
Various Süryaniler (Kalan) 234
Various Sviests 2 (Lauska) 295/296 ATR
Various Sviests 3 (Lauska) 322 ATR
Various Swallow Records Louisiana Cajun Special No. 1 (Ace) 28
Various Swallow Records Louisiana Cajun Special No. 2 (Ace) 35
Various Swamp Blues (Ace) 174
Various Swamp Music Vols I, II, III: Les Flammes D’Enfer; Jewels Of Cajun Music; Kings Of Zydeco (Trikont) 75
Various Swaraj: Future Asian Beat (X-Squared) 218/219 ATR
Various Sweden – Between Triol And Sextondel (Ocora/Radio France) 321 ATR
Various Sweet Home Chicago (Indigo) 242/243 ATR
Various Swing Accordion (Iris Music) 253 ATR
Various Swinging Gospel Sounds 1935-42 (Document) 151/152 ATR
Various Swinging Hollywood Hillbilly Cowboys (Proper) 262
Various Swinging The Blues (Document) 149 ATR
Various Syrie – Muezzins D’Alep (Ocora) 118
Various Ta Mikrasiatika & Ena Thrakiotiko (Songs Of Asia Minor Plus One From Thrace(Saraswati) 233
Various Taarab 3: The Music Of Zanzibar (Globestyle) 98
Various Tabaco Y Ron: Cuban Compilation Volume 2 (Tumi) 197 ATR
Various Tahiti: The Gauguin Years – Songs And Dances (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 259/260
Various Tài Tu Nam Bô: Saigon: Masters Of Traditional Music (Wergo) 206/207
Various Taiwan: Music Of The Aboriginal Tribes (Jecklin Disco) 113
Various Taiwan: The Confucius Temple Ceremony (Jecklin Disco) 113
Various Take Cover – Zimbabwe Hits (Discafrique) 33
Various Take Me To The Water – Immersion Baptism In Vintage Music And Photography 1890-1950 (Dust-To-Digital) 314/315
Various Takoma Blues (Takoma/Ace) 190
Various Takoma Eclectic Sampler (Takoma) 173 ATR
Various Takoma Eclectic Sampler Volume 2 (Takoma) 191
Various Tales From A Golden Age: Bob Dylan 1941-1966 (Chrome Dreams [DVD]) 258
Various Tales Of Afrojazz S.A. (Sheer Sound) 258
Various Tales Of Gospel S.A. (Sheer Sound) 258
Various Tales Of The Kora (Sheer Sound) 264
Various Tales Of The Marimba (Sheer Sound) 264
Various Tales Of The Mbira (Sheer Sound) 264
Various Tales Of Urban S.A. (Sheer Sound) 258; 264
Various Talking Spirits (Music of the World) 118
Various Tamburitza! From The Balkans To America 1910-1950 (Arhoolie) 289 ATR
Various Tango (Soho) 263 ATR
Various Tango & Tangueros (Iris Music) 249 ATR
Various Tango Argentina (Gumbo) 288 ATR
Various Tango Club (Outcaste) 257 ATR
Various Tango Ladies: El Tango Hecho Carne (Harlequin) 138
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt ’92 (HeiDeck) 124
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt ’94 (HeiDeck) 142
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt ’95 (HeiDeck) 160
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt ’97 (HeiDeck) 182/183
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt [’98?] (HeiDeck) 191 ATR
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt ’99 (HeiDeck) 202 ATR
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt 2000 (HeiDeck) 214 ATR
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt 2001 (Loewenzahn/HeiDeck) 233 ATR
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt [TFF Rudolstadt] 2003 (Loewenzahn/HeiDeck) 251
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt [TFF Rudolstadt] 2005 (Loewenzahn/HeiDeck) 275
Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt, Germany 99 L
Various Tanzania Dance Bands Vol.2 (Monsun/Line) 105 ATR
Various Tanzania Instruments (SWP) 256
Various Tanzania Vocals (SWP) 256
Various Tanzania Yetu (Triple Earth) 25
Various Tapper Zukie Presents… Proud To Be Black (Trojan) 258 ATR
Various Taquachito Nights: Conjunto Music From South Texas (Smithsonian Folkways) 197
Various Taraf: Romanian Gypsy Music (Music of the World) 158/159
Various Tarantella Del Gargano: I Cantori Di Carpino (Taranta Power) 247/248
Various Taster (Park) 174 ATR
Various Tata-Hateke Ba Dok – Timor (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Tautoga [Anthology of Pacific Music series] (Pan) 235/236
Various Tchilou – Sao Tome (Tradisom [A Viagem dos Sons/The Voyage of Sounds series]) 206/207
Various Te Invoca Mi Sueno Herido: Decimas Y Punto Cubano (Discos Alebrije) 238
Various Te Kuki ‘Airani (The Cook Islands: Songs, Rhythms And Dances) (Pan) 206/207
Various Tea In Marrakech (Stern’s/Earthworks) 221
Various Tejano Roots – Classic Tejano Music (Arhoolie) 117
Various Tejano Roots – The Women (Ideal Arhoolie) 117
Various Telephone Lobi – Telephone Love (Original Music) 153
Various Telling Stories To The Sea (Luaka Bop) 154
Various Telluride Bluegrass Festival 30 Years (Rounder) 269 ATR
Various Telyn Y Celt (Sain) 259/260 ATR
Various Temple Sampler (Temple) 115/116
Various Ten Years Face Music (Face Music) 178
Various Tennessee Mountain Home (Warner) 237
Various Terre-Neuvas Et Islandais (Le Chasse-Marée/Armen) 142
Various Territorial Airwaves (Cord International/Hana Ola) 257
Various Territory Singers Vols 1 & 2 1922-30 (Document) 162
Various Testament Records (Testament) 150
Various Texas Black Country Dance Music (Document) 123
Various Texas Blues (Arhoolie) 118
Various Texas Blues (Document) 123
Various Texas Blues (Indigo) 163/164 ATR
Various Texas Blues (JSP) 181 ATR
Various Texas Blues Guitar (Easydisc) 172 ATR
Various Texas Blues Party (Easydisc) 172 ATR
Various Texas Bohemia (Trikont) 142 ATR
Various Texas Czech-Bohemian Bands (1928-1958) (Folklyric) 20 (SR)
Various Texas Down Home Blues 1949-52 (Frémeaux & Associés) 251
Various Texas Fiddle Bands Vol 1 (1925-30) (Document) 192
Various Texas Field Recordings 1934/1939 (Document) 136
Various Texas Folk & Outlaw Music (Edsel) 114
Various Texas Girls (Document) 123
Various Texas Guitar Killers (Capitol Blues Collection) 156; 222
Various Texas Piano 1923-38 Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 136
Various Texas-Mexican Border Music Vol. 17 – The First Women Duets (Folklyric) 24 (SR)
Various Tex-Mex (EMI Plus) 230/231 ATR
Various Tex-Mex Fiesta (Ace) 139/140
Various TFF Rudolstadt see Various Tanz & Folkfest Rudolstadt
Various Tha Na Laithean A’Dol Seachad/The Days Flash Past (An Lanntair) 283/284 ATR
Various That High Lonesome Sound (Nectar) 155
Various That’s Why We’re Marching (Smithsonian/Folkways) 157
Various The 1994 Jersey Tipsy Toad World Music Festival (Hammerhead) 145
Various The 20th Anniversary Collection (Green Linnet) 160
Various The 7 Veils Dance & Other Veil Dances (Nesma) 304 ATR
Various The Ace & Deuce Of Pipering (Heritage) 127/128
Various The Acoustic Folk Box (Topic) 227
Various The African Ballet Of The Republic Of Guinea (Buda) 106 ATR
Various The Alabama Blues Showcase (Vent) 157
Various The Alan Lomax Collection – Italian Treasury [series] see Various Italian Treasury
Various The Alan Lomax Collection – The Spanish Recordings [series] see Various The Spanish Recordings
Various The Alan Lomax Collection Sampler (Rounder) 168 ATR
Various The Alex Campbell Tribute Concert (T Records) 180
Various The All New Electric Muse (Universal/Island/Transatlantic) 311
Various The Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Collection (Alligator) 97
Various The Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Tour (Alligator) 123
Various The American Fogies Vol 1 (Rounder) 155
Various The American Fogies Vol 2 (Rounder) 158/159 ATR
Various The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966 [Vols 1 & 2] (Hip-O [DVD]) 247/248
Various The American Folk Blues Festival – The British Tours 1963-1966 (Reelin’ in the Years/Universal [DVD]) 290/291
Various The Andes: Songs Of The Highlands (Latitudes Lite) 194/195
Various The Angels Are Singing (Rounder) 237
Various The Animals Song EP (Artists For Animals [EP]) 72
Various The Appalachian String Band Music Festival, Clifftop, West Virginia (Chubby Dragon) 168
Various The Art Of Fingerstyle Guitar (Shanachie) 105
Various The Art Of Fingerstyle Guitar (Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop
) 145
Various The Art Of The Harp – International Harp Festival Vol. 1 (Shamrock) 160
Various The Art Of The Valiha (Arion) 209
Various The Art Of Traditional Fiddle (Rounder) 220 ATR
Various The Arthur S Alberts Collection [The Library Of Congress Endangered Music Project] (Rykodisc) 189
Various The Bahamas – Islands Of Song (Smithsonian Folkways) 175/176
Various The Bali Sessions (Rykodisc) 196
Various The Ballad Operas: The Martins And The Coys (Rounder) 208 ATR
Various The Banburyshire Music Box Volumer 7 (Clockwork Data) 270 ATR
Various The Band Room Masters Solo Drumming Championship 1997 (Temple) 173 ATR
Various The Battle Of Prestonpans 1745 (Greentrax) 333 ATR
Various The Beat Of Brazil (Warner) 228 ATR
Various The Beauty Of The Blues (Columbia) 105
Various The Bells Of Paradise: Village Carols From Castleton, Derbyshire (Village Carols) 102
Various The Best Arabian Nights Album In The World… Ever! Vol. 4 (EMI) 263
Various The Best Arabian Nights Album In The World… Ever! Vol. 7 (EMI Music Arabia) 302/303 ATR
Various The Best Arabic Album In The World…Ever! (EMI Virgin Middle East) 179 ATR
Various The Best Ever Scottish Compilation (REL) 189 ATR
Various The Best Folk Album In The World… Ever! (EMI) 261 ATR
Various The Best Of 18 Eritrean Singers In Europe (Rags Productions) 180
Various The Best Of Both Worlds (Rykodisc/Hannibal) 138
Various The Best Of British Folk Rock (Park) 163/164
Various The Best Of Broadside 1962-1988 (Smithsonian Folkways) 211/212
Various The Best Of English Folk (Essential) 202
Various The Best Of Folk Music – Contemporary Folk (Rhino) 129 ATR
Various The Best Of Irish Folk (Essential) 202
Various The Best Of Lounge Music (Atoll Music) 240 ATR
Various The Best Of MC Records 1996-2002 (MC) 239 ATR
Various The Best Of Mountain Stage, Volumes 1 and 2 (This Way Up) 119
Various The Best Of Mountain Stage, Volume 3 (This Way Up) 122
Various The Best Of Mountain Stage, Volume 4 (This Way Up) 122
Various The Best Of Mustique Blues, Volume 1 (Wolf) 341/342 ATR
Various The Best Of New Welsh Folk Music (Sain) 172
Various The Best Of Ross And Cromarty Vols. 1 & 2 [RCDC 1&2] 89
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Various The Big Gundown – Reggae Inspired By Spaghetti Westerns (Trojan) 258 ATR
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Various The Bird In The Bush – Traditional Songs Of Love And Lust – Erotic Folk Song (Topic) 160
Various The Birds Upon The Tree (Musical Traditions) 263
Various The Birth Of Ska (Trojan) 78
Various The Birth Of Trojan – Duke Reid Rocksteady 1967 (Trojan) 233 ATR
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Various The Blair Tapes (Ericht Trust) 206/207 ATR
Various The Blarney Pilgrim – Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Vol 2 (Rounder [CD] / Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop
) 185
Various The Bluegrass Album Vol. 3 – The California Connection (Rounder) 114 ATR
Various The Blues According To… (Valve) 121
Various The Blues Box (Storyille) 313
Various The Blues Guitar Box (Sequel

) 93
Various The Blues Guitar Box Vol. 2 (Sequel) 105
Various The Blues Ladies (Indigo) 163/164 ATR
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Various The Bothy Songs And Ballads Of North East Scotland, Volume 3 (Sleepytown) 226
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Various The Bristol Sessions 1927-1928: The Big Bang Of Country Music (Bear Family) 334
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Various The Celtic Heartbeat Collection (Celtic Heartbeat) 145
Various The Celts Rise Again (Green Linnet) 93
Various The Century’s People: The Stories Of Fleetwood, Wyre, Fylde & Blackpool In Music & Song (Fylde Folk Festival) 244 ATR
Various The Champion Records Story Vol. 2: Rockin’ R&B (SPV Blue Label) 289 ATR
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Various The Chess Story Vol. 2 From R&B To Soul (Instant) 91/92
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Various The Co-operative Cambridge Folk Festival see Various Cambridge Folk Festival
Various The Corner Of Bleeker & The Blues (Tradition) 242/243 ATR
Various The Cornshucker’s Frolic, Vols 1 & 2 (Yazoo) 197
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Various The Cutting Edge (Cooking Vinyl) 49
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Various The Empresses Of Africa (Wrasse) 210 ATR
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Various The Essential Guide To Arabia (Union Square Music) 270
Various The Essential Guide To Brazil (Union Square) 269 ATR
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Various The Essential Guide To Country (Union Square Music) 293 ATR
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Various The Essential Guide To Latin (Union Square) 294
Various The Essential Guide To New Orleans (Union Square Music) 305 ATR
Various The Essential Guide To South Africa (Union Square) 328 ATR
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Various The Fellside Song Sampler (Vol. 1) (Fellside) 49
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Various The Festival In The Desert (Wrasse/Triban Union [DVD]) 254/255
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Various The Gamelan Of Cirebon [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
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Various The Gathering (Realworld) 170/171
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Various The Goldwax Story, Vol. 2 (Ace) 250 ATR
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Various The Gospel Ship (New World) 47
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Various The Great Gospel Women (Shanachie) 124
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Various The Great Race Record Labels Volume 2: Columbia (Catfish) 211/212 ATR
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Various The Gypsy Jazz Guitar Festival, ’98 (Fret) 197 ATR
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Various The Hangman’s Beautiful Grand Daughter (Misty Twisty Tapes) 158/159
Various The Hardy Sons Of Dan (Musical Traditions) 256
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Various The Hear And Now (Highland Music) 218/219 ATR
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Various The History Of Rhythm & Blues 1925-1942 (Rhythm & Blues) 336 ATR
Various The History Of Rhythm & Blues Part One: 1925-1942 (Rhythm and Blues) 299
Various The History Of Rhythm & Blues Part Two: 1942-1952 (Rhythm & Blues) 313 ATR
Various The History Of Slack Key Guitar (Cord/HanaOla) 160
Various The Hit Sound Of The Dub Pistols At Midnight Rock (Roots) 340 ATR
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Various The Imagined Village (Real World) 292
Various The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto (Island Visual Arts
) 72
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Various The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto – Zulu Jive Vol. 2 (Earthworks) 29
Various The Inner Octave (Rif Mountain) 338/339
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Various The International Guitar Festival (Acoustic Music) 139/140 ATR
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Various The JVC/Smithsonian Folkways Video Anthology Of Music & Dance Of The Americas Volumes 1-6 (via Koch International
) 154
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Various The Land Where The Blues Began (Vestapol Video) 186
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Various The Lark In The Morning (Tradition) 158/159
Various The Last Pound? (Pamtondo) 169
Various The Last Of The Lost Blues Survivors (Dixiefrog) 275 ATR
Various The Last Thing On My Mind (Kissing Spell/Holyground) 215 ATR
Various The Launeddas: The Music Of Sardinia (Iscandula [DVD]) 300
Various The Legacy Of The Blues (Sonet [14 CD set]): Bukka White / Snooks Eaglin / Champion Jack Dupree / Mighty Joe Young / Juke Boy Bonner / Big Joe Williams / Memphis Slim / J.D. Short / Robert Pete Williams / Eddie Boyd / Sunnyland Slim / Lightnin’ Hopkins / Various Sampler / Maxi Sampler 70
Various The Leitrim Equation (Leitrim County Council) 314/315
Various The Leu’dds Of The Ancestors (Folk Music Institute) 297 ATR
Various The Library Of Congress Endangered Music Project: The Arthur S Alberts Collection(Rykodisc) 189
Various The Library Of Congress Endangered Music Project: The Yoruba/Dahomean Collection (Rykodisc) 189
Various The Lismor 21st Anniversary Album (Lismor) 137
Various The Little Red Box Of Protest Songs (Proper) 312
Various The Loving Time (Dara) 173 ATR
Various The Magic Of Morris (Talking Elephant) 270
Various The Maori Music Collection (Jayrem) 235/236
Various The Maroni River Caribs Of Surinam (Pan) 182/183
Various The Marovany Of Madagascar (Silex) 149
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Various The Mexican Revolution (Arhoolie) 168 ATR
Various The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Volume 1 – Arkansas & Mississippi 1951-52(Ace) 241
Various The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Volume 2 – Mississippi & Arkansas 1952(Ace) 249
Various The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Volume 3 – Memphis On Down (Ace) 262
Various The Modern Downhome Blues Sessions Volume 4 – The Southern Country Blues Guitarists 1948-1952 (Ace) 270
Various The Modern Records Story (Ace) 218/219 ATR
Various The Moken: Sea Gypsies Of The Andaman Sea (Topic) 218/219
Various The Monastery Of Gyuto – Voice Of The Tantra (Ocora) 218/219
Various The Moon & The Banana Tree (Shanachie) 167
Various The Mother Of All Morris (Talking Elephant) 295/296
Various The Multi-Party Nineties (Pamtondo) 262
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Various The Music & Song Of Greentrax (Greentrax) 160 ATR
Various The Music And Song Of Edinburgh (Greentrax) 150
Various The Music In My Head (Stern’s Africa) 180
Various The Music In My Head 2: Guitars Are From Mars, Balafons Are From Venus (Stern’s) 234
Various The Music Maker Revue Live! In Europe (Dixiefrog) 337
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Various The Music Of Arab Americans (Rounder) 177
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Various The Music Of Armenia, Volume 6: Nagorno-Karabakh (Celestial Harmonies) 194/195
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Various The Music Of Bali Vol. 3: Kecak & Tektekan (Celestial Harmonies) 178
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Various The Music Of Cape Verde (ARC) 230/231 ATR
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Various The Music Of Kentucky, 1927-37 Vol.I & 2 (Yazoo) 150
Various The Music Of Laos (Rounder) 199/200
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Various The Music Of Mali (Nascente) 218/219 ATR
Various The Music Of North Africa (World Music Network) 179
Various The Music Of NubeNegra (Intuition/NubeNegra) 186 ATR
Various The Music Of NubeNegra 2 (NubeNegra) 246
Various The Music Of O’Carolan (Shanachie Guitar Artistry Series) 120
Various The Music Of Puerto Rico 1929-1947 (Harlequin) 82; 129
Various The Music Of Sunda (JVC ‘World Sounds’ series) 161
Various The Music Of Tibetan Buddhism (Rounder [Anthology of World Music Series]) 206/207
Various The Music Of Venezuela (Zu-Zazz) 98
Various The Music Of Vietnam (Rounder) 199/200
Various The Music Of Wales – The Folk Collection (Sain) 254/255 ATR
Various The Musical Silk Road (Accords Croisés) 257
Various The Nairobi Beat (Rounder) 72
Various The Naked Prey (Latitude) 269 E
Various The National: 35 Years Of The Australian National Folk Festival (Screen-Sound Australia) 264
Various The Nauka Charitram – Tyagaraja’s Krishna Opera (Navras) 265 E
Various The New Acoustic Music Sampler (Rounder) 25
Various The New Bluebloods (Sonet) 50
Various The Nguni Sound (SWP) 256
Various The Northumbrian Small Pipes (Topic) 163/164
Various The Nuyorican Salsa Experience (Nascente) 192 ATR
Various The Okeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957 Vols 2 & 3 (SPV Blue) 300 ATR
Various The Old Home Place (Rounder) 244 ATR
Various The Old Songs (Greenwich Village) 22 (SR)
Various The Old Vienna Tapes Vol. 1 (from Crow Collaborative) 126 ATR
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Various The Open Road (EMI [Australia]) 168
Various The Oriente Navigator 2000 (Oriente) 201 ATR
Various The Original Afro-Beat (Aladdin) 197 ATR
Various The Original Memphis Blues Brothers (Ace) 76; 205 ATR
Various The Original Pound – Pamtondo’s Greatest Hits (Pamtondo) 202
Various The Original Transatlantic Sessions With Aly Bain & Jay Ungar, Volume One (Whirlie) 312 ATR
Various The Original Transatlantic Sessions 1 With Aly Bain & Jay Ungar, Volume Two(Whirlie) 321 ATR
Various The Original Transatlantic Sessions 1 With Aly Bain & Jay Ungar, Volume Three(Whirlie) 321 ATR
Various The Outernationalists Present Ethnomixicology (Six Degrees) 251 ATR
Various The Pacific Rim Dulcimer Project (Flying Fish) 20 (SR)
Various The Painful Plough (Songs And Ballads Of The Agricultural Labourer) (from Folk in Education Services) 126 ATR
Various The Park Collection (Westbury Park School) 166 ATR
Various The Paul Jones Rhythm & Blues Show (JSP) 63
Various The Paul Jones Rhythm & Blues Show – The American Guests Vol 3 (JSP) 88
Various The Percussionists Of Guinea (Buda) 106 ATR
Various The Pigeon On The Gate: Melodeon Players From East Anglia (Veteran) 305
Various The Piper & The Maker (Greentrax) 261 ATR
Various The Piping Centre 1996 Series – Volumes 1 & 2 (Temple) 173 ATR
Various The Piping Concert (Celtic Connections) (Lochshore) 180 ATR
Various The Pocket WOMAD (WOMAD) 60
Various The Portraits And The Music (Temple) 246 ATR
Various The Prestige Folklore Years: Vol 1: All Kinds Of Folks (Big Beat) 142
Various The Prestige Folklore Years: Vol 2: The New City Blues (Big Beat) 142
Various The Prestige Folklore Years: Vol 3: Roots & Branches (Big Beat) 142
Various The Prestige Folklore Years: Vol 4: Singing Out Loud (Big Beat) 142
Various The Prewar Blues Story 1926-43 (Best Of Blues) 141
Various The Prime Meridian (Cascades) 162 ATR
Various The Psychedelic Years 1966-1969 (Knight [3xCD set]) 91/92
Various The R&B Hits Of 1952 (Indigo) 239 ATR
Various The R&B Hits Of 1995 (Castle) 275 ATR
Various The R&B Years Vol 1 (ABM) 205 ATR
Various The R&B Years 1952 (Boulevard Vintage) 251 ATR
Various The R&B Years 1953 (Boulevard Vintage) 251 ATR
Various The R&B Years 1955 (Boulevard Vintage) 293
Various The R&B Years 1955 Vol. 2 (Secret/Boulevard Vintage) 297 ATR
Various The R&B Years 1956 Vol. 1 (Secret/Boulevard Vintage) 294 ATR
Various The Radio Ballads: Swings And Roundabouts (Gott Discs) 289
Various The Radio Ballads: The Ballad Of The Big Ships (Gott Discs) 289
Various The Radio Ballads: The Enemy That Lives Within (Gott Discs) 281
Various The Radio Ballads: The Horn Of The Hunter (Gott Discs) 289
Various The Radio Ballads: The Song Of Steel (Gott Discs) 281
Various The Radio Ballads: Thirty Years Of Conflict (Gott Discs) 289
Various The Raga Guide (Nimbus) 192
Various The Real Bahamas Vols I & II (Nonesuch Explorer) 181
Various The Real Music Box: 25 Years Of Rounder Records (Rounder) 155
Various The Revenge Of King Jammy’s Super Power All Stars Vol 1 (Jahmin) 214
Various The Revenge Of King Jammy’s Super Power Allstars Vol 3 (Jahmin’) 225 ATR
Various The Road From Erin: Ireland’s Musical Legacy (Dorian) 234 ATR
Various The Road To Nashville: A History Of Country Music 1926-1953 (Indigo) 259/260 ATR
Various The Rocky Road To Dublin: The Best Of Irish Folk (Castle Music) 280 ATR
Various The Roots Of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru (Barbès) 301
Various The Roots Of Chuck Berry (Catfish) 221 ATR
Various The Roots Of Led Zeppelin (Proper) 312
Various The Roots Of Lonnie Donegan (Catfish) 249 ATR
Various The Roots Of Nick Cave (Snapper Music) 312
Various The Roots Of Robert Johnson (Yazoo) 40
Various The Roots Of Rockabilly 1940-1953 (Indigo) 254/255 ATR
Various The Roots Of Ry Cooder (Catfish) 228
Various The Roots Of Taj Mahal (Catfish) 203
Various The Roots Of The Black Crowes (Snapper Music) 312
Various The Roots Of The Byrds (Snapper Music) 312
Various The Roots Of The Narcocorrido (Arhoolie) 259/260 ATR
Various The Roots Of The White Stripes (Snapper Music) 312
Various The Roots Of Van Morrison (Catfish) 228
Various The Rose Grew Round The Briar: Early American Rural Love Songs Vols 1 & 2(Yazoo) 177
Various The Rough Guide Music Sampler (World Music Network) 196 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To African Blues (World Music Network) 289
Various The Rough Guide To African Guitar Legends (World Music Network) 336 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To African Music For Children (World Music Network) 273 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To African Rap (World Music Network) 250
Various The Rough Guide To African Street Party (World Music Network) 300 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Afro-Peru (Rough Guides) 228 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Afrobeat Revival (World Music Network) 312 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Afrobeat Revolution (World Music Network) 317/318 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To American Roots (World Music Network) 247/248 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Americana (World Music Network) 222 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Arabesque (World Music Network) 232 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Arabic Café (World Music Network) 304 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Australian Aboriginal Music (World Music Network) 196
Various The Rough Guide To Bachata (World Music Network) 278/279 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Bellydance (World Music Network) 229 ATR; 336
Various The Rough Guide To Bhangra (2nd edition) (World Music Network) 341/342 E
Various The Rough Guide To Bluegrass (World Music Network) 215 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Blues And Beyond (World Music Network) 317/318 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Blues Revival (World Music Network) 313 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Bollywood (World Music Network) 228
Various The Rough Guide To Bollywood Legends [series] filed under name of artist
Various The Rough Guide To Bottleneck Blues (World Music Network) 264 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Brazilian Café (World Music Network) 340 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Brazilian Hip-Hop (World Music Network) 257
Various The Rough Guide To Cajun & Zydeco (World Music Network) 184 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Cajun Dance (World Music Network) 254/255
Various The Rough Guide To Calypso And Soca (World Music Network) 199/200
Various The Rough Guide To Calypso Gold (World Music Network) 302/303 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Celtic Music (World Music Network) 268 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Central America (World Music Network) 226
Various The Rough Guide To Colombian Street Party (World Music Network) 310
Various The Rough Guide To Congo Gold (World Music Network) 298
Various The Rough Guide To Cuban Son (World Music Network) 206/207
Various The Rough Guide To Cuban Street Party (World Music Network) 300 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Cumbia (World Music Network) 208 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Delta Blues (World Music Network) 228
Various The Rough Guide To Dub (World Music Network) 263 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To English Folk (World Music Network) 337
Various The Rough Guide To English Roots Music (World Music Network) 184
Various The Rough Guide To Fado (World Music Network) 256 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Flamenco (World Music Network) 175/176 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Flamenco Dance (World Music Network) 334
Various The Rough Guide To Flamenco Nuevo (World Music Network) 275 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Global Dance (World Music Network) 209
Various The Rough Guide To Gospel (World Music Network) 235/236 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Gypsy Revival (World Music Network) 322 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Gypsy Swing (World Music Network) 253 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Highlife (World Music Network) 240
Various The Rough Guide To Hungarian Music (World Music Network) 235/236 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Irish Music [Irish Music – The Rough Guide] (World Music Network) 162 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Irish Folk (World Music Network) 198; 326/327 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Italia Nova (World Music Network) 254/255 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Klezmer (World Music Network) 336
Various The Rough Guide To Klezmer Music (World Music Network) 210
Various The Rough Guide To Latin Funk (World Music Network) 294 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Latin Jazz (World Music Network) 242/243 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Latin Music For Children (World Music Network) 276 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Latin Street Party (World Music Network) 306
Various The Rough Guide To Mambo (World Music Network) 251 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Marrabenta Mozambique (World Music Network) 216
Various The Rough Guide To Mediterranean Café Music (World Music Network) 259/260 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Merengue (World Music Network) 277 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Merengue And Bachata: Latin Beats From The Dominican Republic Streets (World Music Network) 214 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Merengue Dance (World Music Network) 316 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Morocco (World Music Network) 250
Various The Rough Guide To Native American Music (World Music Network) 190
Various The Rough Guide To North African Café (World Music Network) 298
Various The Rough Guide To Paris Café (World Music Network) 329/330 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Paris Café Music (World Music Network) 228
Various The Rough Guide To Passion (World Music Network) 233 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Planet Rock (World Music Network) 280
Various The Rough Guide To Rai (World Music Network) 235/236 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Rebetika (World Music Network) 265
Various The Rough Guide To Reggae (World Music Network) 178
Various The Rough Guide to Salsa (World Music Network) 178
Various The Rough Guide To Salsa Clandestina (World Music Network) 294 ATR
Various The Rough Guide to Salsa Colombia (World Music Network) 247/248 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Salsa Dance (World Music Network) 196 ATR; 333 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Salsa Dance 2 (World Music Network) 270
Various The Rough Guide To Salsa De Puerto Rico (World Music Network) 242/243 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Salsa Divas (World Music Network) 326/327 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Salsa Dura NYC (World Music Network) 287 ATR
Various The Rough GuideTo Salsa Gold (World Music Network) 306
Various The Rough Guide To Samba (World Music Network) 215
Various The Rough Guide To Scottish Folk (World Music Network) 204 ATR; 328 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Scottish Music (World Music Network) 165 ATR; 240 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Ska (World Music Network) 241
Various The Rough Guide To South African Gospel (World Music Network) 245
Various The Rough Guide To South African Jazz (World Music Network) 210
Various The Rough Guide To Sufi Music (World Music Network) 223/224; 341/342 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Tango (World Music Network) 199/200; 311 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Tango Revival (World Music Network) 317/318 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Tex-Mex (World Music Network) 199/200
Various The Rough Guide To The Asian Underground (World Music Network) 239 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Blues (World Music Network) 287 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Congolese Soukous (World Music Network) 209 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Afghanistan (World Music Network) 331/332
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Africa (World Music Network) 199/200 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Argentina (World Music Network) 252 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Balkan Gypsies (World Music Network) 273
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Brazil – Rio De Janeiro (World Music Network) 268 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Canada (World Music Network) 242/243 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Cape Verde (World Music Network) 217 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Central Asia (World Music Network) 264
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of China (World Music Network) 247/248
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Cuba (World Music Network) 179; 316 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Eastern Europe (World Music Network) 186
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Egypt (World Music Network) 254/255 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Ethiopia (World Music Network) 252
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of France (World Music Network) 240
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Greece (World Music Network) 222
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Haiti (World Music Network) 227 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Hawaii (World Music Network) 206/207
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Hungarian Gypsies (World Music Network) 304
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of India (World Music Network) 230/231
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Indonesia (World Music Network) 213
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Iran (World Music Network) 282
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Israel (World Music Network) 276 ATR
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Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Jamaica (World Music Network) 214 ATR
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Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Kenya (World Music Network) 252
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Kenya & Tanzania (World Music Network) 163/164
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Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Madagascar (World Music Network) 268
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Malaysia (World Music Network) 280
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Mali (World Music Network) 302/303
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Mexico (World Music Network) 237 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Nigeria And Ghana (World Music Network) 226 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Okinawa (World Music Network) 220
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Paris (World Music Network) 298
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Romanian Gypsies (World Music Network) 304
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Russia (World Music Network) 235/236 ATR
Various: Various Artists + Kolpakov Duo The Rough Guide To The Music Of Russian Gypsies (World Music Network) 331/332
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Scandinavia (World Music Network) 210 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Senegal And Gambia (World Music Network) 210 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of South Africa (World Music Network) 185
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Sudan (World Music Network) 265
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Tanzania (World Music Network) 276
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Thailand (World Music Network) 247/248
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Alps (World Music Network) 230/231
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Appalachians (World Music Network) 244 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Balkans (World Music Network) 242/243 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Gypsies (World Music Network) 198 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Himalayas (World Music Network) 230/231
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Indian Ocean (World Music Network) 233
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of The Sahara (World Music Network) 265 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of South Africa (World Music Network) 286
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Turkey (World Music Network) 239
Various The Rough Guide To Urban Latino (World Music Network) 275 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Wales (World Music Network) 213 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of Zimbabwe (World Music Network) 163/164
Various The Rough Guide To The Rough Guides (World Music Network) 218/219 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To West African Music (World Music Network) 155
Various The Rough Guide To West African Gold (World Music Network) 280
Various The Rough Guide To Yodel (World Music Network) 282 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To World Music (World Music Network) 139/140 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To World Music. Vol. 1: Africa, Europe And The Middle East (World Music Network) 201 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To World Music Vol. 2 (World Music Network) 209 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To World Music: Africa & Middle East (World Music Network) 287
Various The Rough Guide To World Music For Children (Riverboat) 324 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To World Roots (World Music Network) 196 ATR
Various The Rough Guide To Zydeco (World Music Network) 265 ATR
Various The Rough With The Smooth (Songsearch) 55
Various The Rounder Records Story (Rounder) 335
Various The Royal Scottish Piper’s Society Recital (Greentrax) 253
Various The Sabouna Of Mykonos (Lyra) 221
Various The Scottish Folk Festival ’95 (FMS) 145
Various The Season Round: Traditional Carols & Celebrations For The Whole Year (Topic) 180 ATR
Various The Second Jimmy McHugh Memorial Concert (Glenfinn) 223/224
Various The Secret Museum Of Mankind 1925-48, Vol. I & 2 (Yazoo) 150
Various The Set – Two (Ossian) 234 ATR
Various The Seville Suite (Tara [single]) 144
Various The Shetland Sessions, Volumes 1 And 2 [Aly Bain etc.] (Lismor)
Various The Shrine Afrobeat (Ocho) 210 ATR
Various The Shrine Afrodigital – Future Sounds From The Motherland (Ocho) 215
Various The Shrine Presents Indestructible African Beats (Manteca) 266/267
Various The Silk Road: A Musical Caravan (Smithsonian Folkways) 230/231; 257
Various The Silverwolf Homeless Project (Silverwolf) 167 ATR
Various The Sizzling Seventies (Pamtondo) 262
Various The Slide Guitar (SPV) 300 ATR
Various The Slide Guitar – Bottles, Knives And Steel (CBS) 95
Various The Smithsonian Folkways World Music Collection (Smithsonian Folkways) 178
Various The Solomon Islands: The Sounds Of Bamboo (Multicultural Media) 187/188
Various The Songs Of Bob Dylan (Start) 72
Various The Songs Of Bob Dylan Vol. 2 – May Your Song Always Be Sung Again (BMG/Ariola) 218/219
Various The Songs Of Christmas (Rounder) 189 ATR
Various The Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers: A Tribute (Egyptian/Columbia) 173
Various The Songs Of Sandy Wright (Navigator) 321 ATR
Various The Songs Of The Distant Sands (Navras) 166
Various The Songs Of The Finnish Kaale (Pilfink) 333 ATR
Various The Songster Tradition 1927-35 (Document) 105
Various The Soul Of Cape Verde (Melodie) 165
Various The Soul Of Klezmer (Rêve Et Passion) (Network) 187/188
Various The Soul Of Percussion (WeltWunder) 184
Various The Soul Of R And B Revue – Live At The Lonestar Roadhouse (Shanachie) 126 ATR
Various The Soulful Women Duets Of South Texas (Arhoolie) 213
Various The Sound Of Senegal (Nascente) 204 ATR
Various The Sound Of Siam: Leftfield Luk Thung, Jazz And Molam From Thailand 1964-1975(Soundway) 333
Various The Sound Of Stone: Artists For Mullaghmore (Burren Action Group, via Claddagh) 123
Various The Sound Of The Beat (The Right Stuff) 163/164
Various The Sound Of The City – Chicago (EMI) 233
Various The Sound Of The City – Los Angeles (EMI) 233
Various The Sound Of The City – Memphis (EMI) 233
Various The Sound Of The City – New Orleans (EMI) 233
Various The Sound Of The City – New York (EMI) 233
Various The Sound Of The Delta (Testament) 141
Various The Sounds Of Brittany (Keltia Musique) 105
Various The Sounds Of The West Sahara – Mauritania (Arc Music) 256
Various The Spanish Recordings – Aragón & València [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 233
Various The Spanish Recordings – Basque Country: Biscay And Guipuzcoa [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 257
Various The Spanish Recordings – Basque Country: Navarre [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 257
Various The Spanish Recordings – Extremadura [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 233
Various The Spanish Recordings – Galicia [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 233
Various The Spanish Recordings – Ibiza & Formentera [The Alan Lomax Collection] (Rounder) 286 ATR
Various The Spirit Cries: Music From The Rainforests Of South America And The Caribbean(Rykodisc) 123 ATR; 125
Various The Spirit Of Cape Verde (Lusafrica) 191
Various The Spirit Of Fes (Le Chant du Monde) 257
Various The Spirit Of The Steppes: Throat Singing From Tuva And Beyond (Nascente) 202 ATR
Various The Stained Glass Hour (Rounder) 106
Various The Stanley Gospel Tradition: Songs About Our Saviour (Doobie Shea) 184
Various The Stanley Tradition (Doobie Shea) 169 ATR
Various The Stars Of The Buena Vista (Tumi Music) 204
Various The Stones Of Callanish (Mrs Ackroyd) 74; 167
Various The Story Of Arabic Song (Hemisphere) 203
Various The Story Of Bossa Nova (Hemisphere) 209 ATR
Various The Story Of Chanson (EMI Hemisphere) 203
Various The Story Of Cuba (EMI Hemisphere) 204
Various The Story Of Fado (EMI) 168
Various The Story Of Flamenco (EMI) 168
Various The Story Of Greece (EMI Hemisphere) 202 ATR
Various The Story Of Tango (EMI) 168
Various The Story Of Tango Vol 2 (Hemisphere) 187/188 ATR
Various The Story Of The Blues (Columbia) 113; 242/243 ATR
Various The Story That The Crow Told Me, Vols 1 & 2 (Yazoo) 205
Various The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (Yazoo) 276
Various The Sun Country Years 1950-9 (Bear Family) 48
Various The Sword Dance And Other Mysterious Pieces (Nesma Music) 314/315 ATR
Various The Tale Of Ale (Free Reed) 129
Various The Tanzania Sound (Original Music) 52; 122
Various The Texas-Czech, Bohemian & Moravian Bands 1929-1959 (Arhoolie) 130
Various The Texas-Mexican Conjunto – History Of A Working-Class Music (Folklyric) 30
Various The Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton: Volume 1, Mabou Coal Mines(Rounder) 238
Various The Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton: Volume 2, The Rover’s Return(Rounder) 238
Various The Transatlantic Folk Box Set (Sanctuary) 262 ATR
Various The Transatlantic Story (Essential) 187/188
Various The Transports *see also Various Peter Bellamy’s The Transports
Various The Transports (Topic) 112
Various The Transports – 1977 [reviewed as Peter Bellamy et al. The Transports – 1977] (Free Reed) 302/303 ATR
Various The Travelling Record Man (Ace) 220 ATR
Various The UK Sue Label Story: The World Of Guy Stevens (Ace) 252
Various The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage Of The Carter Family (Dualtone) 256 ATR
Various ‘The Usual Suspects’ see Usual Suspects, The
Various The Vanguard Folk Rock Album (Big Beat) 264 ATR
Various The Very Best Of Africa (Nascente) 225 ATR
Various The Very Best Of Africa Vol. 2 (Nascente) 254/255 ATR
Various The Very Best Of British Folk (Nectar Masters) 173 ATR
Various The Very Best Of Cajun (Dino) 163/164
Various The Very Best Of Celtic (Nascente) 258 ATR
Various The Very Best Of Éthiopiques (Manteca) 290/291
Various The Very Best Of Hugh Tracey (SWP) 301
Various The Very Best Of Japanese Music (Arc Music) 259/260
Various The Very Best Of Macedonia (Arc Music) 247/248
Various The Very Best Of North Africa (Nascente) 270
Various The Very Best Of Reggae (Nascente) 245 ATR
Various The Very Best Of Salsa (Nascente) 270
Various The Very Best Of The Blues (Nascente) 241 ATR
Various The Very Best Of The Far East (Nascente) 259/260 ATR
Various The Very Best Of World Divas (Nascente) 249 ATR
Various The Victory Bands (1928-31) Parts 1 & 2 (Poppy) 136
Various The Village (429 Records) 321 ATR
Various The Village Green [credited to Various New England Artists] (North Star) 108 ATR
Various The Virgin Directory Of World Music (Virgin Records) 105
Various The Voice Of Folk (Topic) 162 ATR; 163/164 ATR
Various The Voice Of The People Series (Topic) 187/188
Various The Voice Of The People: A Selection From The Series Of Anthologies (Topic) 206/207
Various The Voyage (Wild Goose) 192
Various The Wassoulou Sound – Women Of Wassoulou (Sterns) 99
Various The Wassoulou Sound Vol. 2 (Stern’s Africa) 132
Various The Water Is Wide (Celtic Songs Of The Sea) (Dolphin) 185 ATR
Various The Wheels Of The World Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Yazoo) 170/171
Various The Wildlife Album (Market Square) 261
Various The Wind In The Reeds: The Northumbrian Pipes (Topic) 222
Various The Wings Of Butterflies (Mrs Ackroyd) 191
Various The Women Of Kerrville (Silverwolf/Kerrville) 167 ATR
Various The World According To Crammed (Crammed) 129 ATR
Various The World At Your Fingertips (Hemisphere) 194/195 ATR
Various The World In A Square Mile (Transcultural) 191 ATR
Various The World In Our Backyard: Ethnic Music Of Our Neighbourhoods (Chubby Dragon) 192
Various The World Is Shaking – Cubanismo From The Congo (Honest Jon’s) 314/315
Various The World Pipe Band Championships (Monarch) 174 ATR
Various The Yemen Tihama (Topic) 240
Various The Yoruba/Dahomean Collection [The Library Of Congress Endangered Music Project] (Rykodisc) 189
Various The Young Fogies Vol II (Rounder) 158/159
Various Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan (Ace) 299
Various Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan – Season 2 (Ace) 316
Various Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan – Season 3 (Ace) 331/332
Various There Is A Man Upon The Farm [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various There Is No Eye: Music For Photographs (Smithsonian Folkways) 228
Various There’s A Griot Going On… (Rogue) 127/128
Various These Times We’re Living In (Red House) 263 ATR
Various They Ordered Their Pints & Bottles Of Sherry [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various They’ll Never Keep Us Down (Women’s Coal Mining Songs) (Rounder) 26
Various Think Global: Native America (World Music Network/Oxfam) 302/303 E
Various Think Global: Salsa (World Music Network) 294 ATR
Various Think Global: Tango (World Music Network) 293
Various Think Global: Women Of Africa (World Music Network) 294 ATR
Various Think Global: World Christmas (Oxfam/World Music Network) 295/296 ATR
Various Think Global Presents Fiesta Latina (Think Global) 300 ATR
Various Third Grand Concert Of Piping (Greentrax) 253
Various This Is Black Top (Demon/Black Top) 82
Various This Is Boston, Not Austin (Black Wolf) 149 ATR
Various This Is Boston… Not Austin Vol. 2 (Eastern Front) 166 ATR
Various This Is Brazil (Union Square Music) 305 ATR
Various This Is Cuba: Boleros De Cuba (Columbia) 209 ATR
Various This Is Cuba: Cuba Tropical (Columbia) 209 ATR
Various This Is Cuba: Salsa Cubana (Columbia) 209 ATR
Various This Is Cuba: The Best Of The 50s-90s (Columbia) 209 ATR
Various This Is Folk (Cooking Vinyl) 182/183 ATR
Various This Is Folk (MetroTriples) 283/284 ATR
Various This Is Modern Folk (Cooking Vinyl) 182/183 ATR
Various This Is Reggae Music – The Golden Ear 1960-1975 (Trojan) 268 ATR
Various This Is Ska (Island Visual Arts
) 72
Various This Is Soca (London) 55
Various This Is Soca (Nascente) 179 ATR
Various This Is WOMAD (WOMAD) 52
Various This Label Is Not Removable (Free Reed) 228
Various This Land Is Your Land – Songs Of Freedom (Vanguard) 230/231 ATR
Various Thistle Do Too: The Soft Fluffy Bit (Iona) 257 ATR
Various Thistle Do: The Right Sharp Jaggy Bit (Iona) 257 ATR
Various Thomas Hardy & Music [THE 587] 33
Various Three Score & Ten: A Voice To The People (Topic) 316
Various Thunder Before Dawn – The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Vol. 2 (Earthworks) 56
Various Thurso Berwick : Aa Breenge In! (Gallus) 98
Various Tibet – Sacred Voice (Tibet Foundation) 206/207
Various Tibet: Musiques Sacrées (Ocora) 76
Various Tibet: Sacred Ceremonies (Air Mail Music) 257
Various Tibet: The Heart Of Dharma (Ellipsis Arts) 175/176
Various Tibet: Traditions Rituelles Des Bonpos (Ocora) 125
Various Tibetan Buddhist Rites From The Monasteries Of Bhutan (Lyrichord) 139/140
Various Tibetan Folk Music (Saydisc) 206/207
Various Tibetan Incantations (Nascente) 182/183
Various Tibetan Music From Ladakh And Zanskar (Lyrichord) 23 (SR)
Various Tibetan Ritual Music (Lyrichord) 97
Various Tickling The Strings: Music Of Hawaii 1929-52 (Harlequin) 127/128
Various Tidewater Blues (Global Village Music) 172 ATR
Various Tighten Up Vol. 4 (Trojan) 234 ATR
Various Tighten Up: Trojan Reggae Classics 1968-74 (Trojan) 229
Various Time Between (Imaginary) 75
Various Times Ain’t Like They Used To Be, Vols 1&2 (Yazoo) 174
Various Times Ain’t Like They Used To Be, Vols 3&4 (Yazoo) 203
Various Tino Reka: Contemporary Maori Beats Vol. 1 (Hot) 237 ATR
Various Tinsel Tunes (Sugar Hill) 163/164 ATR
Various Tiny Parham And The Blues Singers 1926-28 (Document) 146/147
Various Tipu Pa Acholi (The Spirit Of Acholi) (Pan) 187/188
Various Tjak Ancien Et Jogèd Gandrangan Du Village D’Abianbasé Gianyar (Arion) 145
Various To Be The Nation Again (Ceol-Mor Productions) 202
Various To Catch A Fine Buck Was My Delight [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various To Celebrate Christmas – Village Carols From The Travellers’ Rest, Oughtibridge(Village Carols) 139/140
Various To Scratch Your Heart: Early Recordings From Istanbul (Honest Jon’s) 326/327
Various Tobaco Y Ron, Vol. 1 (Tumi) 189 ATR
Various Together Again: Legends Of Bulgarian Wedding Music (Traditional Crossroads) 281
Various Tombstone After Dark (Demon) 108
Various Tombstone Feast: Funerary Music Of The Carriacou (Rounder) 216
Various Tommy Armstrong Of Tyneside (Topic) 177 ATR
Various Tommy Bradley-James Cole Groups 1928-32 (Document) 129
Various Tønder Festival 2002 (Millstream) 232 ATR
Various Tonga – Sounds Of Change [Anthology of Pacific Music series] (Pan) 235/236
Various Tonight I’ll Make You My Bride [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Too Hot For Me (JSP) 168 ATR
Various Too Late, Too Late Blues, Vol 1 1926-44 (Document) 120
Various Too Late, Too Late Blues, Vol 2 (Document) 132
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 3 (Document) 141
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 4, 1892-1937 (Document) 144
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 5 (Document) 154
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 6 (Document) 158/159
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 7 (Document) 169 ATR
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 8, 1895-1942 (Document) 174
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 9, 1922-45 (Document) 180
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 10, 1926-51 (Document) 184
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 11, 1924-1939 (Document) 193
Various Too Late, Too Late, Vol 12, 1917-48 (Document) 201 ATR
Various Top Cat, White Tie And Tails: Guide Cats For The Blind Volume 3 (Osmosys) 294 ATR
Various Top Of The Hill Bluegrass (Sugar Hill) 155
Various Topeng Cirebon – Tarawangsa (Wergo Weltmusik) 170/171
Various Tortilla Soup – The Soundtrack (Narada World) 246 ATR
Various Tougher Than Tough (Mango) 126
Various Tour D’Afrique (ARC) 226 ATR
Various Township: A Compilation Of South African Township Music From The 1950s To 1970s (Trojan World) 91/92
Various Tra Ochju E Mare – Entre La Source Et La Mer [David Rueff & Various Artists] (Silex) 106
Various Traces De Lumière – Festival De Fès Des Musiques Sacrées Du Monde (Buda) 269
Various Track 16 – A Selection Of The Best Of Modern Blues (JSP) 206/207 ATR
Various Trades Roots – Live (Trades Club) 316 ATR
Various Tradi-Mods vs. Rockers (Crammed Discs) 333
Various Tradition Chantée De Bretagne (Les Sources Du Barzaz Breiz Aujourd’Hui) Vol. 1(ArMen-Dastum) 82
Various Traditional And Contemporary Music From Italy (Arc Music) 256 ATR
Various Traditional Andean Folk Songs (Nascente) 182/183
Various Traditional Dance Music Of Ireland (Saydisc) 169
Various Traditional Fiddle Music Of The Ozarks, Vol. 1 (Rounder) 201 ATR
Various Traditional India 2 – Passage To India (Navras) 274 E
Various Traditional Lithuanian Dances [Kaip Moku – Taip Soku – Traditional Lithuanian Dances] (Sutaras) 299 ATR
Various Traditional Music and Beyond (Green Linnet) 45 ATR
Various Traditional Music From Cape Breton Island (Nimbus) 130; 198
Various Traditional Music From The Eastern Carpathians (Harmonia Mundi/Quintana) 103/104
Various Traditional Music In The Faroe Islands 1950-1999 (Frémeaux & Associés) 247/248
Various Traditional Music Of Ethiopia (Playasound) 103/104
Various Traditional Music Of Peru 1: Festivals Of Cusco (Smithsonian/Folkways) 163/164
Various Traditional Music Of Peru 2: The Mantaro Valley (Smithsonian/Folkways) 163/164
Various Traditional Music Of Peru 6: The Ayacucho Region (Smithsonian Folkways) 229 ATR
Various Traditional Music Of Peru 7: The Lima Highlands (Smithsonian Folkways) 229 ATR
Various Traditional Music Of Peru 8: Piura (Smithsonian Folkways) 240 ATR
Various Traditional Music On Rounder (Rounder) 12 (SR)
Various Traditional Songs And Dances Of Sardinia (Saydisc) 190
Various Traditional Songs Of Ireland (Saydisc) 146/147
Various Train 45 (Rounder) 187/188 ATR
Various Train Don’t Leave Me: 1st Annual Sacred Steel Convention (Arhoolie) 216
Various Trance 1 (Ellipsis Arts) 150
Various Trance 2 (Ellipsis Arts) 150
Various Trance Mission – Meanwhile (City of Tribes) 145
Various Trance Planet Volume 2 (Wordly Music) 145
Various Trance Planet Volume 3 (Triloka) 162 ATR
Various Trance Planet Volume 5 (Triloka) 213 ATR
Various Trance Planet Volume 6 (Triloka) 237
Various Transatlantic Sampler (Transatlantic) 139/140 ATR
Various Transatlantic Sessions 2: Vols 1 & 2 (Iona) 189
Various Transatlantic Sessions 3: Volume One (Whirlie) 298 ATR
Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain, Volume 1 (Whirlie) 321 ATR
Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain, Volume 2 (Whirlie) 328 ATR
Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain (Whirlie [DVD]) 322
Various Transilvania – Erdély – Siebenbürgen Summer 2003: A Musical Diary By Wim Bosmans [no details given] 259/260
Various Transkei Special: Accordion Mbaqanga From The Early 1970s (Trojan World) 91/92
Various Travel The World With Putumayo (Putumayo) 173 ATR
Various Travel With The Global Beat (Erdenklang) 153 ATR
Various Travel With Your Ears (Piranha) 199/200
Various Traveller Piper: A Celebration Of The Piping Tradition Of Johnny & Felix Doran (Na Píobairí Éireann [DVD]) 317/318 ATR
Various Travellers And Fellow Travellers (Pavee Point) 286
Various Travellers – Songs, Stories & Tunes From English Gypsies (Topic) 36
Various Travellers’ Tales Vol. 1 (Kyloe) 235/236
Various Travellers’ Tales Vol. 2 (Kyloe) 235/236
Various Travellin’ Companion 2: A Musical Journey To Italy (WeltWunder) 209
Various Travellin’ Companion 3: A Musical Journey To Germany (WeltWunder) 235/236
Various Treasure Of My Heart (GlobeStyle Irish) 125
Various Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf (Red House) 185
Various Trésors De La Musique Algérienne (Institute du Monde Arabe) 249
Various Tribal Drums [‘Anonymous’] (Vibey Library) 153 ATR; 196 ATR
Various Tribal Drums Vol. 2 [‘Anonymous’] (Vibey Library) 196 ATR
Various Tribal Futures: The Way Ahead (Survival International) 210 ATR
Various Tribal Gatherings (Music of the World) 194/195
Various Tribal Voices (Songs From Native Americans) (Earthbeat) 172
Various Tribute To Steve Goodman (Red Pajamas) 35
Various Triki 1 – Diatonic Dynamite (Elkar Triki) 160
Various Trikitixa! (Triki-Elkarlanean) 189 ATR
Various Trikitixa! (An Introduction) (Erde) 110
Various Trinidad Carnival Roots – 1962 Field Recordings (Rounder) 210
Various Trinidad, Le Cri Qui Danse (Blue Silver) 144 ATR
Various Trinidad: The Sound Of The Sun (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Trip To Harrogate (Fellside) 199/200
Various Trojan 12″ Box Set (Trojan) 242/243 ATR
Various Trojan Calypso Box Set (Sanctuary) 234 ATR
Various Trojan Originals Box Set (Trojan) 242/243 ATR
Various Troubadours (Nascente) 189
Various Troubadours Of British Folk Vols 1, 2 & 3 (Rhino) 153
Various Troubadours Of Folk: The 60s Acoustic Explosion (Castle) 238 ATR
Various Troubadours Of The Folk Era Volumes 1-3 (Rhino) 110
Various Troubled Grass & Crying Bamboo – The Music Of Roti (Indonesian Arts Society) 181
Various Troubled Paradise (Flying Fish) 118
Various Troubles They Are But Few [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various True Bluegrass (Rounder) 230/231 ATR
Various True Life Blues: The Songs Of Bill Monroe (Sugar Hill) 163/164
Various True Voices (Demon) 89
Various Tsapiky – A Panorama From Tulear (Arion) 258
Various Tsikaya – Músicos Do Interior (PangeiArt) 321
Various Tsisi Ka Noomga – Songs For Healing (Kalahari Music) 184 ATR
Various Tswana And Sotho Voices (SWP) 226
Various Tuff Enuff – Ace Blues Masters Vol 3 (Westside) 185 ATR
Various Tulare Dust – A Songwriters’ Tribute To Merle Haggard (Hightone) 141
Various Tulear Never Sleeps (Stern’s/Earthworks) 244
Various Tulikulkku (Kansanmusiikki-instituuttii) 129
Various Tumbélé: Biguine, Afro & Latin Sounds From The French Caribbean 1963-74(Soundway) 319/320
Various Tumi Cuba Classics Volume One: Son (Tumi) 150
Various Tumi Cuba Classics Volume Three: Rumba (Tumi) 150
Various Tumi Latin American Music Sampler (Tumi) 175/176 ATR
Various Turkestan Chinois/Xinjiang. Musiques Ouigoures (Ocora) 98
Various Turkish Folk Songs And Instrumental Music [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Turkish Groove (Putumayo) 276 ATR
Various Turquerie – Turkish Popular Music From The Netherlands (Stitching Popmuziek Netherland) 139/140 ATR
Various Turquie: Archives De La Musique Turque (1) (Ocora) 150
Various Turquie: Cérémonie Du Djem Alevi (Ocora) 194/195
Various Turquie: Le Sipsi Des Yayla (Ocora) 194/195
Various Turtle People (Turtle) 81
Various Turtle Records Present 13 Acoustic, Folk, Roots And Blues Artists For The Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund For Children (Turtle) 79/80
Various Tuva, Among The Spirits (Smithsonian Folkways) 191
Various Tuva: Echoes From The Spirit World (PAN) 125
Various Tuva: Voices From The Centre Of Asia (Smithsonian/Folkways) 103/104
Various Tværs (DGI) 150
Various Twilight Of The Dogs – Songs Of Les Barker (Mrs Ackroyd) 283/284
Various Two Cries Of Freedom: Gypsy Flamenco From The Prisons Of Spain (ROIR USA) 191
Various “Two Girls Started To Sing…” – Bulgarian Village Singing (Rounder) 91/92
Various Uganda And Other African Nations: Feasts Of The Savanna (Multicultural Media) 173
Various Uhuru World Music Festival (Blue Flame) 163/164 ATR
Various Ukrainian Voices (Playasound) 139/140
Various Umalali: The Garifuna Women’s Project (Cumbancha/Stonetree) 298
Various Unblocked: Music Of Eastern Europe (Ellipsis Arts) 175/176
Various Undefeated (Fuse) 130
Various Under African Skies (BBC) 79/80
Various Under Canvas (Shetland Arts Trust) [credited as Shetland Musicians] 199/200 ATR
Various Under One Sky (Navigator) 307/308
Various Under The Moroccan Sky (Sounds True) 223/224
Various Unheard Ofs & Forgotten Abouts: Rare And Unheralded Gramophone Recordings From Around The World, 1916-1964 (Tompkins Square) 329/330 ATR
Various Unwired: Acoustic Music From Around The World (World Music Network) 194/195 ATR
Various Unwired: Africa (World Music Network) 210 ATR
Various Unwired: Europe (World Music Network) 246
Various Unwired: Latin America. Acoustic Latin Roots: Tango, Son & Samba (World Music Network) 226
Various Up Jumped The Blues (Music Club) 158/159
Various Up The Town (Rubber) 6 ATR (SR)
Various Uprising! Reggae On The March (Music Club) 209 ATR
Various Uptown Blues 1927-37 (Yazoo) 124
Various Uptown Boogie – The Great Unheard Performances (Catfish) 199/200 ATR
Various Ural (Pan) 151/152
Various Urban Africa Club (Out Here) 285 ATR
Various Urban Africa: Jive Hits Of The Townships (Polydor) 82
Various Urban Africa Now (Trace) 213 ATR
Various Urban Blues Vols I & II (BGO) 204 ATR
Various Urban Brazil (Stern’s) 252 ATR
Various Urban Desi – Sounds From The Real Asian Underground (India Sound) 244
Various Ustad Vilayat Khan 1928-2004: A Tribute Royal Festival Hall, London 263 L
Various Uzbekistan – From Samarkand To Bukhara (Long Distance) 166
Various Uzbekistan – Music Of Khorezm (Auvidis/UNESCO) 166
Various Uzbekistan – The Great Voices Of The Past 1940-65 (Ocora) 198
Various Uzlyau (Pan) 151/152
Various Valencia: Cant D’Estil (Ocora) 271/272 E
Various Vall- Trall- & Lapp-Nils Låtar (Caprice) 166 ATR
Various Valley Lights – Folk Songs Of Wales Today (Sain/Cambrian) 45
Various Vancouver Audio Profile (Aural Tradition) 115/116
Various Vanguard Folk Sampler (Vanguard) 155 ATR; 166
Various Vanguard Newport Folk Festival (Vanguard) 155 ATR
Various Vanuatu: The Music Tradition Of West Futuna (Auvidis Unesco) 187/188
Various Vaya Rumba! Fiery Rhythms From The Heart Of Catalonia (Nascente) 189 ATR
Various Veija Guarda Cubana 1920-1930 (Kardum) 192 ATR; 193 ATR
Various Veiled Visions: Classics Of Belly Dance Music (Global Village) 254/255
Various Venendo Giù Dai Monti Sento Una Voce Cantare: Le Tradizioni Musicali Nel Veronese Vol 3 & 4 (Comune Di Verona) 265
Various Venerated Patterns Of China And Japan (Lyrichord) 269 E
Various Venezuela (World Network) 178
Various Venezuela: Chants Et Tambours Des Confreries Noires (Ocora) 163/164
Various Vereda Tropical: 36 Masterpieces Of South America 1933-1956 (Frémeaux & Associés) 292 ATR
Various Vermont – Kitchen Tunks & Parlor Songs (Multicultural Media) 251 ATR
Various Version Dread: 18 Dub Hits From Studio One (Heartbeat/Rounder) 282 ATR
Various Very Best Bollywood Songs (Outcaste) 228
Various Very Best Bollywood Songs II (Outcaste) 228
Various Vetettem Gyöngyöt / I Sowed Pearls (Etnofon) 309
Various Via Campesina (Daqui) 290/291 ATR
Various Vibrant Zimbabwe (Zimbob) 142
Various Victrola Favorites – Artifacts From Bygone Days (Dust-to-Digital) 301
Various Vietnam – Buddhist Music From Hué (Inedit) 199/200
Various Vietnam – Improvisations (Ocora) 199/200
Various Viêt-Nam: Instruments And Ensembles De Musique Traditionelle (Arion) 151/152
Various Viêt-Nam – Musiques De Huê (Inedit) 178
Various Vietnam – Tradition Du Sud (Ocora) 118
Various Viet Nam: Traditions Of The South (Unesco/Auvidis) 178
Various Vietnam: Une Tradition Rénoveé (Reviving A Tradition) (Playasound) 133
Various Vietnamese Folk Theatre: Hat Cheo [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Vietnamese Ritual & Chamber Music The Purcell Room, London 181 L
Various Vintage Hawaiian Music 1928-1934: Steel Guitar Masters (Rounder) 81
Various Vintage Hawaiian Music 1928-1934: The Great Singers (Rounder) 81
Various Vintage Music From India (Rounder) 137
Various Vintage Palmwine (Otrabanda) 240
Various Vinyl Junkie Country (Vinyl Junkie) 143
Various Violin, Sing The Blues For Me (Old Hat) 198
Various Virginia And The Piedmont (Rounder) 209 ATR
Various Virginia Roots – The 1929 Richmond Sessions (Outhouse) 240
Various Virginia Traditions: Ballads From British Tradition (Global Village Music) 177
Various Virginia Traditions: Native Virginia Ballads And Songs (Global Village) 118
Various Virginia Traditions: South West Virginia Blues (Global Village Music) 169
Various Virginia Traditions: Virginia Worksongs (Global Village Music) 184 ATR
Various Virginia Traditions: Western Piedmont Blues (Global Village) 118
Various Viser På Vandring I Norden (Etnisk Musikklubb) 297 ATR
Various Viva! El Ritmo – Cuba Baila/Cuban Dance Music (Earthworks International) 30
Various Viva La Musica De Cabo Verde (Doçura/Lusafrica) 265 ATR
Various Viva La Musica De Cuba (Doçura/Lusafrica)
Various Vocal Blues & Jazz (Document) 169 ATR
Various Vocal Blues & Jazz Vol 2 (Document) 184
Various Vocal Blues & Jazz – Remaining Titles Vol 3 (Document) 189 ATR
Various Vocal Blues & Jazz Vol 4 (1938-49) (Document) 220 ATR
Various Vocal Duets (Document) 169 ATR
Various Vocal India 2 – Passage To India (Navras) 274 E
Various Vocal Music In Crete (Smithsonian Folkways) 217
Various Vocal Music Of Rajasthan [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Vocal Music Of The Uighurs [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113
Various Vocal Traditions Of Albania (Saydisc) 174
Various Vocal Traditions Of Bulgaria (Saydisc) 118 ATR
Various Voce – Music From Women Of The World (Rhino) 194/195 ATR
Various Voces Y Kultrunes [De Lo Profundo De La Madre Tierra series] (Instituto de Cultura Indigena Argentina) 298
Various Voice Of Spain: Spanish Regional Music 1927-31 (Heritage) 178
Various Voice Of The Ghetto: Warsaw 1943 (7 Productions) 126 ATR
Various Voices (Hannibal) 86
Various Voices – English Traditional Songs (Fellside) 111
Various Voices For Humans, Ancestors And Gods (Topic) 277
Various Voices In Harmony (Fellside) 218/219 ATR
Various Voices Of Asian Women [Holding Up Half The Sky series] (Shanachie) 199/200
Various Voices Of Celtic Women Volume 2 [Holding Up Half The Sky series] (Shanachie) 199/200
Various Voices Of Euskadi (Erkarlanean) 189 ATR
Various Voices Of Forgotten Worlds (Ellipsis Arts) 133
Various Voices Of South Africa (Sony/National Geographic) 262 ATR
Various Voices Of The Rainforest (Rykodisc) 101
Various Voices Of The Real World (Real World) 203
Various Voix Celtiques (Keltia) 177 ATR
Various Voix De Bretagne (Al Leur Nevez, via Keltia) 123
Various Voix Des Pays Baltes (Inedit) 154
Various Vox Humana (Nascente) 193 ATR
Various Voyage En URSS (A Voyage Through The USSR) (Le Chant du Monde [set of 10 records, each covering different different areas]) 36
Various Vozes Do Sul (Capella) 217 ATR
Various Wagogo Songs (Ocora) 217
Various Waifs And Wenches (Scallywag Music) 298 ATR
Various Wake Up (Wake Up) 172 ATR
Various Walk Right In: Memphis Blues (Indigo) 170/171 ATR
Various Walking On The Moon (Mooncrest) 96
Various Warehouse Tracks (Western Jubilee) 297 ATR
Various Wassail! (Fellside) 186 ATR
Various Waza: Blue Nile – Sudan (Wergo) 247/248
Various We Ain’t Down Yet [credited to ‘Woody Guthrie’s Friends’] (Diabolo) 141
Various We Are One, In The Sun: A Tribute To Robbie Basho (Important) 336 ATR
Various We Got Latin Soul Vol. 2 (Fania/Caliente) 67
Various We Have A Dream (One World Peace Songs) 27
Various We Won’t Move (Folkways) 23 (SR)
Various Wedding At Méra (FolkEurópa) 273 ATR
Various Welcome To The People Tree (People Tree) 280 ATR
Various West Africa: Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music (Nonesuch) 233
Various West Africa Unwired (World Music Network) 283/284
Various West Coast Down Home Blues (ABM) 202
Various West Country Christmas (FSW/Halsgrove) 199/200
Various West Indies: An Island Carnival (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 249
Various Western Swing, Blues, Boogie & Honky Tonky Vols 6-8 (Old Timey) 14 (SR)
Various Western Swing, New Hillbilly Jazz & Blues 1935-47 (Living Era) 210
Various We’ve Received Orders To Sail [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various What Summer Is Made For (Real World) 170/171
Various What The Folk, Volume 2 (Butterfly) 300 ATR
Various What’s Happening In Pernambuco? (Luaka Bop) 288
Various What’s Shakin’ (Edsel) 60
Various What’s That I Hear? The Songs Of Phil Ochs (Sliced Bread) 180
Various What’s Your Name (El Toro) 270 ATR
Various When I Was Young (Fonn) 180
Various When The May Is All In Bloom (Veteran Tapes) 149
Various When The Sun Goes Down Vol. 1 – Walk Right In (Bluebird) 235/236
Various When The Sun Goes Down Vol. 2 – The First Time I Met The Blues (Bluebird) 235/236
Various When The Sun Goes Down Vol. 3 – That’s Chicago’s South Side (Bluebird) 235/236
Various When The Sun Goes Down Vol. 4 – That’s All Right (Bluebird) 235/236
Various When The Time Comes – Rebel Soca (Shanachie) 78
Various When The Wind Blows (Veteran) 223/224
Various Where Have All The Flowers Gone: The Songs Of Pete Seeger (Appleseed) 178
Various Where The Parrett Winds Peaceful – Traditional Songs From Somerset (Folk South West) 172 ATR
Various Where The Southern Crosses The Dog: Mississippi Fiddle Music 1928-35 (Musical Traditions) 136
Various Where Would You Rather Be Tonight? (Sunrise) 43
Various Whirl-Y-Waves (Whirl-y-Music) 167 ATR
Various Whirl-Y-Waves Vol. 2 – Global Grooves (Whirl-y-Music) 211/212 ATR
Various Whirl-Y-Waves Vol. 3 – Sounds Imported (Whirl-y-Music) 274 ATR
Various White Dove: The Bluegrass Gospel Collection (Rounder) 247/248 ATR
Various White Elephants & Golden Ducks (Shanachie) 175/176
Various White Gospel (Krazy Kat) 58
Various White Moon (PAN) 125
Various White Roots – From American Folk To Country Rock (BMG) 158/159 ATR
Various White Roots 2 – From American Folk To Psychedelia (BMG) 158/159 ATR
Various Who Owns The Game? (Home Made Music) 28
Various Who’s That At My Bed Window? [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Wien – Volksmusik/Rare Schellacks 1906-1937 (Trikont) 143
Various Wijdan (Possible Pictures/Mondomix [DVD]) 300
Various: Windham Hill Artists A Winter’s Solstice Vol. 3 (Windham Hill) 91/92
Various Windham Hill Records Sampler ’96 (Windham Hill) 160 ATR
Various Windham Hill – The First Ten Years (Windham Hill) 91/92
Various Wine, Women And Whisky (Indigo) 185 ATR
Various Winfield Winners: The National Fingerpicking Champions 1979-1994 (Mel Bay) 161 P [Tutorials]
Various Winged We Were: A Tribute To The Incredible String Band (ArgoKnot Family) 198 ATR
Various Winter Festival 1999 (The Boîte) 202
Various Winter Kolednica – Seasonal Carols From Slovenia (Naxos World) 253 ATR
Various Witchcraft – Black Magic For Beginners (Munich) 190 ATR
Various With My Little Ukulele In My Hand (Proper) 300 ATR
Various Within A Mile Of Kilty (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 274
Various Womad Live At The Carnival Of Venice (Womad) 158/159 ATR
Various WOMAD Talking Book – Asia 1 (WOMAD) 51
Various WOMAD Talking Book Vol. 1: An Introduction (WOMAD) 25
Various WOMAD Talking Book Vol. 2: An Introduction To Africa (WOMAD) 32
Various WOMAD Talking Book Vol. 3: An Introduction To Europe (WOMAD) 43
Various Women Artists Of Lake Sebu (Buda) 298 E
Various Women Care (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 271/272 ATR
Various Women Folk (Fellside) 269 ATR
Various Women In Country (The Hit Label) 180 ATR
Various Women In Country II (The Hit Label) 175/176
Various Women In Folk (Park) 238 ATR
Various Women Of Africa (CSA World Series) 79/80
Various Women Of Egypt 1924-31: Pioneers Of Stardom And Fame (Topic) 278/279
Various Women Of Gospel’s Golden Age Vol 1 (Ace) 134/135
Various Women Of Istanbul (1928-1953) (Traditional Crossroads) 182/183
Various Women Of Mali: The Wassoulou Sound (Stern’s) 239
Various Women Of Tango (Hemisphere) 187/188
Various Women Of The Po Valley (Auvidis Ethnic) 172
Various Women Of The World (Manteca) 213 ATR
Various Women Of The World (Realworld) 213 ATR
Various Women With Voices (Slam) 129 ATR
Various Women’s Love And Life (Pan) 194/195
Various Women’s Songs From India (Rounder) 211/212
Various Women’s Voices Of Portugal (Auvidis Ethnic) 154
Various Women’s World Music (Cod-tuxedo) 157 ATR
Various Women’s World Voices Vol. 5 (Blue Flame) 264 ATR
Various Wood That Sings: Indian Fiddle Music Of The Americas (Smithsonian Folkways) 180
Various Wooden Flute Obsession (International Traditional Music Society) 250 ATR
Various Woody Lives! (Black Crow) 57
Various Wooed And Married And Aa: Songs, Tunes & Customs (Greentrax) 305 ATR
Various Wor Nanny’s A Mazer (Phonograph) 206/207
Various Work & Pray – Historic Negro Spirituals & Work Songs From West Virginia (WVU Press) 246
Various World 2000 (Hemisphere) 208
Various World 2001 (Virgin) 222
Various World 2002 (Hemisphere) 232
Various World 2003 (Hemisphere) 244
Various World 2004 (Wrasse) 254/255
Various World 2006 (Korova/Warner) 280
Various World And Music (Iris Musique) 196 ATR
Various World Ballads (Network) 319/320
Various World Beat Vol 7 – Madagascar (Celluloid) 118
Various World Chill 2 (Manteca) 222 ATR
Various World Circuit Presents…(World Circuit) 282
Various World City Music Village 2010 (Cultural Co-operation) 328
Various World Drum: Tribal Drums Vol. 2 [listed as ‘Anonymous’] (Vibey Library) 196 ATR
Various World Grooves (Putumayo) 257 ATR
Various World In Motion (Cooking Vinyl) 182/183 ATR
Various World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music: England (Rounder) 185
Various World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music: France (Rounder) 228
Various World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music: Ireland (Rounder) 185; 228
Various World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music: Scotland (Rounder) 185
Various World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music – Vol. IV: Spain (Rounder) 198; 240
Various World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music – Vol. V: Yugoslavia (Rounder) 216
Various World Library Of Folk & Primitive Music – Vol. XVII: Romania (Rounder) 216
Various World Lounge (Putumayo) 230/231 ATR
Various World Meditation (Nascente) 247/248 ATR
Various World Music (Nimbus) 109
Various World Music Café Vol. 02, Mixed By DJ Red Buddha (Blue Flame) 237 ATR
Various World Music From Denmark ’97 (MXP) 170/171
Various World Music Library (King) 113
Various World Music Sampler – Volume 3 (Nimbus) 199/200
Various World Of Gnawa (Rounder) 223/224
Various World Of Gypsies (ARC) 214 ATR
Various World Of Gypsies Vol. 3 (Arc Music) 251
Various World Playground (Putumayo) 203 ATR
Various World Playground 2 (Putumayo) 222 ATR
Various World Reggae (Putumayo) 254/255 ATR
Various World Rhythms: 50 Months Of United One Records (United One) 196 ATR
Various World Roots Live 92/93 (Music & Words) 139/140 ATR
Various World Space: Les Musiques Du Rêve (Delabel) 138
Various World Wider, Your Guider (GlobeStyle) 78
Various World Wildest Your Guidest (GlobeStyle) 111
Various Worldwide Your Guide (Globestyle) 46
Various Xourcism! – Xourcise Your Mind 2 (Xource) 169
Various Xylophones De L’Ouham Pendé (Ocora) 175/176
Various Yakinthia: The Dance Of The Stone (Lyra) 233 ATR
Various Yakutia: Epics And Improvisations Vol. 2 (Buda [not full review]) 139/140
Various Yayla (Kalan) 297
Various Yearlings In The Canebrake: Texas Fiddle Music 1924-30 (Musical Traditions) 136
Various Yele Brazil (EMI Hemisphere) 143
Various Yézémèd Yébaèd/Ethio Experience (La Huit Production/Buda Musique [DVD]) 336
Various Yiddish: New York – Paris – Warsaw 1910-1940 (Fremeaux & Associes) 145
Various Yn Chruinnacht (limited issue) 340 ATR
Various Yodelling Crazy (EMI) 107
Various Yoruba Drums From Benin, West Africa (Smithsonian Folkways) 175/176
Various You Ain’t Talkin’ To Me [credited to Charlie Poole / Various] (Columbia Legacy) 266/267
Various You Better Do The Samba! (Weltwunder) 158/159
Various You Can Tell The World About This – Classic Ethnic Recordings From The 1920s(Morning Star) 44
Various You Done Me Wrong (Buzzola) 252
Various You Lazy Lot Of Bone-Shakers [The Voice Of The People Series] (Topic) 187/188
Various Yougoslavie 3 (Macedoine: Monodies Guegues) Bessa Ou La Parole Donnée (Ocora) 49
Various You’ll Never Know – 18 Caribou Ska Selection (Rock A Shacka) 335 ATR
Various Young Gifted And Black – 50 Classic Reggae Hits! (Trojan) 233 ATR
Various Young Gifted And Black 2 (Trojan) 256 ATR
Various Young Pipers Of Scotland (Greentrax) 175/176
Various Young Zydeco Desperados (Trikont) 146/147
Various Younger Than That Now (Circuit Music) 336
Various Your Struggle Is Your Glory (Songs Of Struggle, Huayno And Other Peruvian Music) collected by John Cohen (Arhoolie) 81
Various Youssou N’Dour & His Friends (Editions Jade/Warner Jazz) 244 ATR
Various Yugoslavie: (Serbie Orientale) – Les Bougies De Paradis (Ocora) 118
Various Yuletracks (Greenwich Village) 54
Various Zaire: Polyphonies Mongo (Ocora) 125
Various Zambia! – An Introduction To Shalawambe, Ameyenge And More (Mondeca) 79/80
Various Zambia: The Songs Of Mukanda (Multicultural Media) 173
Various Zambian Roadside (SWP) 240
Various ¡Zambiance! (Globestyle) 70
Various Zambush Vol. 1 (Sharp Wood Productions) 262
Various Zambush Vol. 2 (Sharp Wood Productions) 264
Various Zanzibar: Music Of Celebration (Topic) 214
Various Zanzibar: Soul & Rhythm De L’Âme À La Danse (Jahazi) 251
Various Zanzibar Festival Classics (Fourth World) 298
[Various] Zanzibara 1 [credited to Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club rather than Various Artists] see Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club
Various Zanzibara 2: 1965-1975, Golden Years Of Mombasa Taarab (Buda) 271/272
Various Zanzibara 3: Ujamaa – The 1960s Sound Of Tanzania (Buda) 294
Various Zanzibara 5: Hot In Dar (Buda) 314/315
Various Zen And The Art Of Chilling Volume One (Ark 21/Mondo Rhythmica) 228
Various Zimbabwe Frontline (Earthworks/Virgin) 64
Various Zimbabwe: Shona Mbira Music (Nonesuch) 233
Various Zimbabwe: The Ndebele People (Jecklin Disco) 113
Various Zimbabwe: The Soul Of Mbira – Traditions Of The Shona People (Nonesuch) 233
Various Zonse ndi Moyo – Health Is The Key (Pamtondo) 202
Various Zubigainekoa – Festival Music Of The Basques Of Navarra And Hasparren (PAN Ethnic Series) 245
Various Zydeco – The Early Years (Arhoolie) 85
Various Zydeco Blues’n’Boogie (Gumbo) 83
Various Zydeco Champs (Arhoolie) 121
Various Zydeco Fever (Nascente) 187/188 ATR
Various Zydeco Hotsteppers (Nectar Masters) 158/159
Various Zydeco Shootout At El Sid O’s (Rounder) 103/104
Various Zydeco: The Essential Collection (Rounder Heritage) 242/243 ATR