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Here is a basic index of all the features that have appeared in fRoots (or its earlier title Southern Rag) since it started in July 1979. They are listed alphabetically under artist surname, band name or genre (country, music style etc). The number which follows the entry is our Issue Number in which the feature appeared.

The suffix (RS) means it was one of our shorter Root Salad features which we introduced after issue 100; the suffix (SR) indicates that this was published when we were originally quarterly and called Southern Rag. Folk Roots monthly issue numbers ran consecutively from Southern Rag ones: the changeover took place at issue 25, July 1985. A * after the issue number indicates that this was the main cover feature.

Please note that:

  • It has not yet been possible to index individual artists who appear in country or genre features (e.g. Malian Women, Madagascar Guitarists, Rembetika, Peru)
  • We also have a Reviews Index.


The only issues of fRoots that are available to purchase are listed hereAll prices are in British Pounds Sterling.

Alternatively, hundreds of Libraries receive copies of fRoots, where we assume they are archived for research purposes. These include the British Library, the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library at Cecil Sharp House, the National Sound Archive and SOAS (the School of Oriental & African Studies) in London, England; the Central Public Library in Edinburgh and the Mitchell Library in Glasgow, Scotland; the Central Library in Belfast, Northern Ireland; the Library Of Congress in Washington DC, the New York Public Library and Chicago Public Library in the USA; Vancouver Public Library in Canada; the Federal Reference Library of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Sydney, Australia.

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