It’s Podwireless! Our regular podcast features lots of folk, root and unpop music, most of which you can’t hear anywhere on mainstream radio! There’s also an archive of recent programmes for many hours of listening pleasure. You can either listen via the player below, or by heading to Podomatic.

    1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
    2. Groupe RTD feat. Hassan Omar Houssein : Halkaasad Dhigi Magtiisa from the CD The Dancing Devils Of Djibouti (Ostinato)
    3. Qwanqwa : Ago from the CD Qwanqwa Vol 3 (FPE)
    4. Sally Anne Morgan : Wagoner’s Lad from the CD Thread (Thrill Jockey)
    5. Fay Hield : Cruel Mother from the CD Wrackline (Topic)
    6. Asa Martin : The Ship That Never Returned from the CD Wait Till The Clouds Roll By (Musical Traditions)
    7. Harry Upton : The Ship That Never Returned from the CD Wait Till The Clouds Roll By (Musical Traditions)
    8. Sandeep Das : Parvaaz E Noor (Flight Of Light) from the CD Delhi To Damascus (In A Circle)
    9. Ammar 808 : Geeta Duniki from the CD Global Control / Invisible Invasion (Glitterbeat)
    10. Emilyn Stam & John David Williams : Fern’s Hill / Hannah’s Crown from the CD Honeywood (Emilyn & John)
    11. Aquarela Oboman : Assanhado from the CD A Bela Vida (Buda/ Adlib)
    12. Maskineri : Skob Konter from the CD Hopsa 101 (Go’ Danish Folk Music)
    13. Khusugtun : Khayor Nutgiin Erkh from the CD Jangar (Buda)
    14. Sairie : The House Of The Rising Sun from the DL album (Various Artists) Isolation & Rejection Vol.2 (Front & Follow)
    15. Alden Patterson & Dashwood and The Shackleton Trio : Tom Dooley from the DL Live EP (APD Shackleton)
    16. Waterless Hills : Untidy from the DL album & Cass. Plague Road (Waterless Hills)
    17. Alula Down : Searching For Lambs from the DL album Postcards From Godley Moor, Summer 2020 (Alula Down)
    18. Cosmo Sheldrake : Nightingale Part 1 from the CD Wake Up Calls (Tardigrade)
    19. Afel Bocoum : Dakamana from the CD Lindé (World Circuit)
    20. Tidiane Thiam : Dannibe from the DL album Siftorde (Sahel Sounds)
    21. Jenny Sturgeon : The Group from the CD The Living Mountain (Hudson)
    22. Stevie Palmer : James Watt’s Perfect Engine from the CD We Become The Sunshine (Greentrax)
    23. Rakoczy : Poor Old Horse from the CD Frontrunner (Talking Cat)
    24. Pete Judge : Red Bank from the CD Piano 2 (Pete Judge)
    25. An Dro & Friends : Hieronymus Bosch Butt Music from the CD An Dro & Friends – Loose Change (Carolyn Koebel)
    26. Stick In The Wheel : Fake Away from the CD Hold Fast (From Here)
    27. Lunatraktors : 16,000 Miles from the CD EP Bonefires (TPR)
    28. Osuwa Taiko feat. Masahiko Sato : Midare No Mai-Sousoku Suwa Ikazuchi from the CD Suwa Ikazuchi (Ratspack)

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