It’s Podwireless! Our regular podcast features lots of folk, root and unpop music, most of which you can’t hear anywhere on mainstream radio! There’s also an archive of recent programmes for many hours of listening pleasure. You can either listen via the player below, or by heading to Podomatic.

  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band : The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Mekons : Buried Treasure from the CD Exquisite (Mekorpse)
  3. Bab L’ Bluz : Oudelali from the CD Nayda! (Real World)
  4. Jackie Oates & John Spiers : Death And The Lady from the CD Needle Pin, Needle Pin (Oates & Spiers)
  5. The Wilderness Yet : A Bruton Farmer from the CD The Wilderness Yet (The Wilderness Yet)
  6. Fiolministeriet : Kan Du Drømme Med Mig from the CD Et Nyt Liv (Go’ Danish Folk Music)
  7. Trio Bacana : Transatlântikèr from the CD Transatlântikèr (Klam)
  8. Caroline Keane : The Nightingale / The Rock On The Clyde / The Jig Of Port Fleadh from the CD Shine (Caroline Keane)
  9. Kevin Henderson & Neil Pearlman : Sjovald from the CD Burden Lake (Sungaet)
  10. La Gallera Social Club : Mariposa De Mucubaji from the CD Tropico Salvaje (Tortuga)
  11. The Mavericks : Poder Vivir from the CD En Español (Mono Mundo)
  12. La Banda Morisca : Tres Morillas from the CD Gitara Mora (Producciones Monfíes)
  13. Twelfth Day : Deep Dark Beast (Radio Edit) from the single (Twelfth Day)
  14. Chalk Horse Music : Hegemony from the CD Hegemony (Chalk Horse Music)
  15. Kalasfolket : Kallkällspolska from the CD Kalasfolket (Branda Taket)
  16. Evritiki Zygia : Nuxtec from the CD Ormenion (Teranga Beat)
  17. Menace d’Éclaircie : Kenavo Tino from the CD Finish Your Patates And Take Your Converses (Klam)
  18. The Silver Field : Day Flowers from the CD Sing High! Sing Low! (Crossness)
  19. The Rowan Amber Mill : Black Is The Colour (Single Edit) from the CD Among The Gorse To Settle Scores (Miller Sounds)
  20. Brendan Ring & Bernard O’Neill The Way from the CD An tSli (Long Tale Recordings)
  21. Green Gartside : The Tangled Man from the CD The Tangled Man (Rough Trade)
  22. Z Cercis Nesim : Ballet Me Sadefe Korçarçe from the CD Songbirds – Albanian Music From 78s, 1924-1948 (JSP)
  23. Riza Bylbyli : Korba O Çeço from the CD Songbirds – Albanian Music From 78s, 1924-1948 (JSP)
  24. Tirana-Tirona AllStars : Ulu Mal Te Dali Hone from the LP Tirana 100 (Arte Foundation)
  25. George Sansome : Gown Of Green from the CD George Sansome (Grimdon)
  26. Jon Wilks : Tell Old Bill from the single (Grizzly Folk)
  27. Mascarimiri : Zimba Revoluction from the CD NOU? (Mascarimiri)
  28. Teres Aoutes String Band : La Nite Di Sourchire from the CD Courenta Cadillac (W Music)
  29. Fiddlin’ John Carson : The Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane from the CD Wait Till The Clouds Roll By (Musical Traditions)
  30. Walter Pardon The Little Old Log Cabin Down The Lane from the CD Wait Till The Clouds Roll By (Musical Traditions)
  31. 3’Ain Yana Bikes from the CD 3’ain (Choux De Bruxelles)
  32. Collectress : Landing from the CD Different Geographies (Peeler)
  33. Siti Muharam : Sikitiko from the CD Siti Of Unguja (On The Corner)
  34. Karkum Project : Earth Mother (Song For A New World) from the single (Karkum Project)
  35. The Rolling Ramshackle Revue : Lily, Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts from the single (We Shall Overcome)
  36. Dirk Powell : Ain’t Never Fell from the CD When I Wait For You (Vertical)
  37. Marie Fielding : Aran Islands from the CD The Spectrum Project (Rumford)

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