When the download is completed, double-click that Zip file to unpack it. Inside the resulting folder you’ll find sixteen mp3 files which you can play on your computer or load onto your iPod or other mp3 player.

You can use use your computer’s disc-­burning software like iTunes or Windows Media Player to burn them to a standard audio CDR. You’ll also find PDF artwork in the unzipped folder so that you can print a booklet for a slimline jewel case, and label artwork to use where your printer has the facility to print onto the face of CDs.

Note: some Windows PC systems produce apparently duplicated files in the unzipping process. Any with their file names commencing ._  can be safely ignored or deleted by Windows users. And unlike Macs, some PCs require you to download an extra app or bit of software like Winzip to do the unzipping.

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  1. Eliza Carthy & Tim Eriksen Logan’s Lament
  2. Spiro Burning Bridge
  3. Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino Rirollalla
  4. Telling The Bees Windflower
  5. Mbongwana Star Shégué
  6. Monsieur Doumani That’s What The Kitten Wants
  7. Kelly Thoma Hamsi
  8. Emily Portman A Grief
  9. This Is The Kit Spores All Settling
  10. Trio Dhoore The Offbeat Jig/Keep Dreaming
  11. Khiyo O Ke Udashi Benu Bajayey
  12. Ayub Ogada & Trevor Warren Dero
  13. Foghorn Stringband Henry Lee
  14. Lau The Death Of The Dining Car
  15. Le Vent Du Nord Le Rosier
  16. Bamba Wassoulou Groove Gonifo Bourama