Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during December 2016/January 2017. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots’ remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Last month’s listing

Adrian & Meredith More Than A Little (Vertigo Productions)
Albaluna Nau Dos Corvos (Albaluna)
Armas Metsästä Kuuluu (Armas)
Auli Gadalokos (Lauska)
Aurelio Darandi (Real World)
Baba Zula XX (Glitterbeat)
Bailsda United States Of Balkans (U.S.B)
Bargou 08 Targ (Glitterbeat)
Sally Barker Ghost Girl (Old Dog)
Debashish Bhattacharya Hawaii To Calcutta: A Tribute To Tau Moe (Riverboat Records)
Black Flower Artifacts (Sdban Ultra)
John Blake, Mairéad Hurley, Nathan Gourley The Truckley Howl (The Truckley Howl)
Boreas Stones (Sabam)
Ronnie Baker Brooks Times Have Changed (Provogue)
Girma Beyene & Akale Wube Mistakes On Purpose (Buda)
Le Bour-Bodros Chadenn (CD Paker Prod)
The Bookshop Band Accidents & Pretty Girls (The Bookshop Band)
The Bookshop Band Before I Crack (The Bookshop Band)
Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell Resolved (On The Fiddle)
Julie Byrne Not Even Happiness (Basin Rock)
The Carrivick Sisters 10 Years Live (The Carrivick Sisters)
Chalama Project Agitator (Chalama Project)
Michael Chapman 50 (Paradise Of Bachelors)
Keith Christmas Crazy Dancing Days (Keith Christmas)
Guy Clark The Very Best Of The Dualtone Years (Dualtone)
Comor Un Lunar Boleros De La Costa Chica (Corason)
Laura Cortese All In Always (Cortese Music)
Various Artists/Tony Deane Last Orders (Tony Deane)
Eddie & Luc Tirade (Brig)
Elfin Bow Elfin Bow (Elfin Bow)
Fanga Kaleidoscope (Fanga)
Stephen Fearing Every Soul’s A Sailor (LowdenProud)
Fendika Birabiro (Terp)
Fionia Stringband Rough N’ Ready (Go’)
Floating Sofa Quartet The Moon We Watch Is The Same (Go’ Danish)
Rayna Gellert Workin’s Too Hard (Storysound)
Rhiannon Giddens Freedom Highway (Nonesuch)
Groupa Kind Of Folk Vol. 1 Sweden (All Ice)
The Gypsy Cuban Project Havana Night Sessions at Abdala Studios (Universal Romania)
The Rachel Hamer Band Hard Ground (Rachel Hamer Band)
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro Static In The Wires (Del Mundo)
Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble The Road Is Long – Live At The Savoy (No Problem!)
Las Hermanas García Que Sepan Todos (Corason)
The Heydown Treaders A I Walked Out (HDT)
Rosie Hodgson Rise Aurora (Rosie Hodgson)
Efter Horisonten Trias (Go’ Danish)
Hurray For The Riff Raff The Navigator (ATO)
The Hut People Routes (Fellside)
Ímar Afterlight (Ímar)
Inlay Forge (Inlay Music)
Jackalope Tales Let Me Tell You A Story (Jackalope Tales)
Bert Jansch Live In Australia (Earth)
Bert Jansch Living In The Shadows (Earth)
Kate & Corwen Fishe Or Fowle (Ancient Music)
Kaustisen Purppuripelimannit Juhlalaulu (Kansanmusikki-Instituutti)
Hans P.Kjorstad & Rasmus Kjorstad Pusinshi Ulla (Ta:Lik)
Bilja Krstic & Bistrik Orchestra Traditional Songs From Serbia & The Balkans – Svod (Arc)
Daria Kulesh Long Lost Home (Daria Kulesh)
Geoff Lakeman After All These Years (Geoff Lakeman)
Lasairfhíona One Penny Portion (Lasairfhíona Ni Chonaola)
LAUT Yodeln (Trikont)
Nguyên Lê & Ngô Hông Quang Ha Nôi Duo (ACT)
Light In Babylon Yeni Dunya (Light In Babylon)
The Macalla Orchestra The Macalla Suite Live In Monaghan (Draiocht Music)
La Mambanegra El Callegüeso Y Su Mala Mana (Movimientos)
Dama & Erick Manana Vaonala (Acoustic Music)
Manran An Da La – The Two Days (Manran)
Osman Martins & Quatuor Vontade Saudade (Home)
Martha Mavroidi Thread & Needle (Violins Productions)
Fintan McHugh Wait Til The Clouds Roll By (Fintan McHugh)
Katie McNally Trio The Boston States (Katie McNally)
Neil McSweeney A Coat Worth Wearing (Hudson)
Maurice McGrath Winsome Ways (Maurice McGrath)
Dave Luke & Chuck Micallef Shadows & Light (Blue Crystal Music)
Siobhan Miller Strata (Songprint)
Mokoomba Luyando (Outhere Records)
Mountain Thyme It’s About Thyme (Mountain Thyme)
Geoff Muldaur Is Having A Wonderful Time/Motion (Beat Goes On)
Chris Murphy The Tinker’s Dream (Teahouse)
The Nightjar Objects (The Nightjar)
Martin Newell with The Hosepipe Band The Green Children & Other Poems (Martin Newell and The Hosepipe Band)
Rab Noakes The Treatment Tapes EP (Neon)
Noble Jacks What The Hammer (Union Music Store)
Ondatropica Baile Bucanero (Soundway)
Ostinat Expressen Spor 2 (Go’ Danish)
Patch & The Giant All That We Had, We Stole (Absolute)
Les Penning Belerion (Tigermoth)
Celina Da Piedade Sol (Sons Vadios)
Benjamin William Pike A Burdensome Year (Gin House)
Piva Morisco! Italian Dance & Song Music From The Renaissance (La Roque)
Police Dog Hogan Wild By The Side Of The Road (Major Tom)
Rainbrother Tales From The Drought (General Bird)
Katherine Rhoda Joyful Confluence (Hiram Hill)
Alasdair Roberts Pangs (Drag City)
Tad Sargent Loïc Bléjean (Aïta)
Saucéjas Trico, Muni Ustabeni! (Lauska)
Sgoil Chiuil na Gaidhealtachd The Right Path (SCG)
Angus Smith & North 56 One Day (Angus Smith)
Omar Sosa & Seckou Keita Transparent Water (World Village)
John Cee Stannard & Blues Horizon To The River (Cast Iron Music)
Cliff Stapleton & Friends The Tumbling Of Creatures: Music For The Hurdy Gurdy (Cliff Stapleton)
Robyn Stapleton Songs Of Roberts Burns (Laverock)
Startijenn Paker Tour – Live (CD-Paker Prod-22)
Steamchicken Look Both Ways (Steamchicken)
Jason Steel Crucible Songs (Rif Mountain)
The Straw Bear Band Eccentric Heart (Rif Mountain)
Subsonic Trio Sonic Migration (Bafe’s Factory)
Robert Sunday Halcyon Bloom (Rif Mountain)
Paulina Syrjälä Lunkula (Kansanmusikki-Instituutti)
Tallari 30 (Kansanmusikki-Instituutti)
Teannaich Energised (EHC)
Thursday’s Band All We Have In Common (Clunk & Rattle)
Steve Tilston & Jez Lowe The Janus Game (Tantobie)
Tjane Brabantlied (Erfgoed Brabant)
Trejdevini Kokletaji Trejdevini Kokletaji (Lauska)
Trio Mandili With Love (El Italia)
Trolska Polska Untold Tails (Go’)
Twelfth Day Cracks In The Room (Orange Feather)
Caoimhín Vallely Caoimhín Vallely (Crow Valley Music)
Various Guises Tide Take Him (Various Guises)
Various An Anthology Of Mongolian Khöömii (Musique Du Monde/Buda)
Various The Original Sound Of Mali (Mr Bongo)
Various Pan! The Steeldrum Odyssey (World Village)
Various Rhythm On The Radio: Oval Records Singles 1974-1987 (Ace)
Various The Rough Guide To Hillbilly Blues: Reborn & Remastered (World Music Network)
Various Stick In The Wheel present From Here: English Folk Fields Recordings (From Here Records)
Warsaw Village Band Sun Celebration (Jaro)
The Watergrain Band Where The Sunset Meets The Sea (Sweep)
Xamanek Y Se Fue La Bolita (Xamanek)