Evening all, and welcome to this month’s #fRootsLive. I guess you know how this works by now, but if you don’t, it’s this simple. If you’re a folk musician, promoter or rabid fan plying your trad trade here in the UK, go on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and post your most important news for June. If you do this between 8pm and 10pm tonight, and you tag it #fRootsLive, I’ll try to pick it up and embed it here so that everyone can see it. Make sure you share the page if you find yourself in it. That way, word spreads and everyone walks away with a prize.

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Ready? Set? Go!

9:40pm: It looks like the month’s news might be drying up now, so we’ll prepare to leave you with a reminder to keep your eyes peeled for the 40th Anniversary Edition of fRoots, which will land on your doorstep in the next week or so. Make sure you’re permanently glued to the Facebook page for news of when the postman might come a’callin!

9:24pm: “Some stuff from Croydon,” says Carol. On closer inspection, it’s Oysland + Geoff Berner and the Klezmer Fest, all at The Oval Tavern.

She also adds…

(And this!)

9:11pm: This is what we do #fRootsLive for. It’s the crowdsourced info that we love. Here’s Andy Turner with news about a festival run by the Musical Traditions Club in London. Click on the Facebook link within the tweet to find out more.


9:08pm: Looks like Nicola Beazley and Thom Ashworth are reprising their recent Cecil Sharp House show, this time in Sheffield. Go, go, go!

9:03pm: Here comes Nancy Kerr, asking so sweetly, how can we possibly deny her? They know now, Nancy! Huzzah!

9:00pm: Eliza’s up! And you’d better listen, or she may taunt you a second time.

8:54pm: As we near the end of tonight’s first hour of #fRootsLive, this news fresh in. It turns out that Jim Moray will not be spending the month eating a chocolate orange, as mentioned earlier. Instead… this!

8:49pm: Speaking of bragging, here’s the good folks at Folkroom with a coming lineup to make any would-be promoter properly envious!

(And a bit more…)

8:45pm: As if to prove just how quiet things are, here’s Jim Moray with what seems like a brag…

8:38pm: Getting out and about throughout the month of June you’ll find Harp & a Monkey (that’s a band name in this case, rather than two indiscriminate objects). Take a look at their schedule right here.

8:31pm: Praise the lord!

8:30pm: It’s an incredibly quiet night on #fRootsLive tonight. So much so that I’ve had to resort to this tweet. Are we going to have to go to bed early?

8:06pm: The legendary Twang Master General, Ian A Anderson, takes to the road again this month. Keep an eye open at the following locations…

8pm: A great place to start. Here’s an #fRootsLive exclusive from River Lea Records.

Here’s Brìghde Chaimbeul (@brichaimbeul) filmed live at Cafe OTO during her set opening for Lankum last week.

See Brìghde live this month:

21st King’s Place, London
26th Campfire Club, Machynlleth
27th Campfire Club, Bristol
28th The Fleece Inn, Bretforton
29th Campfire Club, Sheffield

Fare thee well

This week we’ve had to say a fond farewell to the following legends.