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9:55pm – Last post of the night? Possibly, and also one of the most promising tours of the year so far…

9:45pm – As things come to a close for this month, here’s a lovely bit of news we heard earlier today. We do love our Shirley.

9:40pm – This’ll make a very fine gift/collection piece for anyone interested in the folk scene since the 1960s. It’s by our very own Ian A Anderson, and it’s an absolute delight.

9:35pm – Londoners, take note, for Notman & Kelly are in the area tomorrow night!

…and you’ll catch Mairearad Green and Anna Massie a little later in the month.

9:30pm – If you’re in the mood for some young folk (sorry… that sounds wrong!) this Thursday, make your way to Cecil Sharp House and have a listen to the National Youth Folk Ensemble. They’re the future, don’t you know.

9:28pm – There’s only one Matt Quinn, but his news comes in two instalments. Part one…

…and part 2…

9:21pm – Here we go! A flurry of activity all of a sudden. Neal Heppleston has an album called Folk Song for Double Bass out, and here he is playing one of my all time favourite traditional songs, “Willie of Winsbury”, beneath what can only be described as a nightmarish soundscape. But wait for it, the clouds do break eventually. Fascinating stuff!

9:20pm – There’s news of Catalan music and all sorts heading this way. Big thanks to Trad Dad (AKA Michael Walsh) for getting in touch!

9:15pm – It’s a quiet night, tonight. So thank the heavens that Nick Hart has taken a break from replastering to entertain us all…

8:43pm – It seems there’s a dearth of news this month. While you’re waiting for the next breaking headline, here’s something that could be of use to the folk community at large. Click the Bitly link below the map to see the survey.

8:30pm – I’m not sure how he’s doing this, given that he’s currently mid-song on stage, but Jim Moray says…

“Greetings from Gateshead! My tour dates which continue at Kings Place, London on April the 17th and Liverpool Philharmonic On April the 19th. We’ll also be in session on In Tune for Radio 3 on Monday the 15th!” 

8:25pm – Eliza C has been in touch with loadsa news. Firstly, this…

“I’m delighted to tell you all that Restitute made its goal, and we’re blown away and excited that the “folky tee” company has taken up the sticky thing and run with it, making fashionable hoodies and tees in aid of the Wayward cause.” 

Also, here’s some news about Normafest (click “see more”).We wish Norma a speedy recovery.

8:20pm – Is there an award for album sleeve of the year? I feel there really ought to be, and that Ben Walker has just won it.

8:18pm Flook have an Ancora in the offing. You can hear it/them towards the end of the month.

8:15pm – Not content with being Scots Singer of the Year, Iona Fyfe is also aiming for the Sickest Folkie 2019 award. And I don’t mean “sick” in any cool young way, either. Coughing up your abs, Iona? See a doctor!

8:10pm – Those fine people down at Bodmin Folk Club are brewing up quite a month. Take a look at all these riches!

8:05pm – There’s news coming in from the wilds of Bury, where those Askew Sisters are ensconced in a tour. They write to tell us…

“We’re in Bury tonight, halfway through the launch tour for our new album ‘Enclosure’ which is out in May. We’ll be touring til the end of April, full dates here: 

12 DERBYSHIRE: Spring Bank Arts Centre, New Mills
16 FAREHAM: Ashcroft Arts Centre
17 DEVON: The Plough @ The George, South Molton
18 CORNWALL: Calstock Arts
19 BRISTOL: Downend Folk Club
24 LONDON ALBUM LAUNCH: Cecil Sharp House
27 CAMBRIDGE: Fitzwilliam College

Here’s a sneak preview of the album too…”

8:03pm – If you’re looking for a soundtrack for this month’s #fRootsLive, why not take a listen to this month’s fRoots Radio show? Strap on your ear goggles and click on the player below.

8pm – Hi everyone. We’d like to get things underway by paying our respects to Alan James, a great friend of the folk and world music scene who very sadly departed this morning.

This month’s featured image is by Gaelle Marcel and can be found here.