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October 2016 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Kristi Stassinopoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis Ouden Oida (I Know Nothing) from the CD NYN (Riverboat)
  3. Kaia Kater Little Pink from the CD Nine Pin (Kaia Kater)
  4. Alsarah & The Nubatones Eroos Elneel from the CD Manara (Wonderwheel)
  5. Orkestra Mendoza Redoble from the CD Vamos A Guarachar (Glitterbeat)
  6. Stick In The Wheel Cryes from the single Tales From St Judes, Bethnal Green (Stick In The Wheel)
  7. Jim Moray William Of Barbary from the CD Upcetera (NIAG)
  8. Vieux Kanté Sinamon from the CD The Young Man's Harp (Stern's)
  9. Noura Mint Seymali Mohammedoun from the CD Arbina (Glitterbeat)
  10. Ewan McLennan & George Monbiot Such A Thing As Society from the CD Breaking The Spell Of Loneliness (Fellside)
  11. The Gentle Good Suffer The Small Birds from the CD Ruins/Adfeilion (Bubble Wrap)
  12. Piccola Orchestra Gagarin Piaghesa from the CD Vostok (Whatabout Music)
  13. Paride Peddio & Jonathan Della Marianna Femminas Bellas from the CD Brinca (Brincamus/Felmay)
  14. Conor Caldwell & Danny Diamond The Irish Washerwoman from the CD North (Danny Diamond)
  15. Trio Dhoore Chameleon from the CD Contemporary Folk From Flanders 2016 (Flanders Arts Institute)
  16. The Shee Lady Gray from the CD Continuum (Shee)
  17. Kauma Boys Band Rose Atieno from the CD Urgent Jumping! (Stern's)
  18. Broadway Dance Band Go Modern from the CD Pat Thomas: Coming Home (Strut)
  19. Phoenix Dance Band Tanner/ Kentish/ Tip Top from the CD All Fired Up (Firebird)

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This month’s issue  Subscribe!  Shop  Home  Come Write Me Down Basket/Checkout