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September 2016 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Vaudou Game La Vie C’est Bon from the CD Kidayu (Hot Casa)
  3. Banda Nella Nebbia Diamond Disco from the CD Banda Nella Nebbia (Unzipped Fly)
  4. Lou Rhodes Hope & Glory from the CD Theyesandeye (Nude)
  5. Coope Boyes Simpson Napoleon's Dream from the CD Coda (No Masters)
  6. John Renbourn & Wizz Jones In Stormy Weather from the CD Joint Control (Riverboat)
  7. Billy Bragg & Joe Henry Waiting For A Train from the CD Shine A Light (Cooking Vinyl)
  8. Martin Simpson & Dom Flemons Coalman Blues from the CD A Selection of Ever Popular Favourites (Fledg'ling)
  9. Lady Maisery Honest Work from the CD Cycle (RootBeat)
  10. Nancy Kerr & The Sweet Visitor Band Seven Notes (Adieu My Love) from the CD Instar (Little Dish)
  11. Blind Boy Fuller Twelve Gates To The City from the CD Rough Guide To Gospel Blues (World Music Network)
  12. Bertha Lee Mind Reader Blues from the CD Rough Guide To Blues Women (World Music Network)
  13. Fara Whisky You're The Devil from the CD Cross The Line (Fara)
  14. Connla River Waiting from the CD River Waiting (Connla)
  15. Tannara Two Birds, No Stones from the CD Trig (Braw Sailin' Records)
  16. Tanga Avy Agnay from the CD Le Trésor Des Ancêtres (Buda)
  17. Refugees For Refugees Fawq Alna Khel from the CD Amerli (Muziek Publique)
  18. Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maids from the CD Before The Sun (Sungrazing)
  19. Jackie Oates & Megan Henwood Setting Of The Sun from the CD EP Wings (Dharma)
  20. Sproatly Smith The Land Of Green Ginger from the CD Fractures (A Year In The Country)

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This month’s issue  Subscribe!  Shop  Home  Come Write Me Down Basket/Checkout