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July 2016 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Stick In The Wheel White Copper Alley from the single From Here: Then to Now (From Here)
  3. Rory McLeod & The Familiar Strangers A Cut In Pay from the CD The Glee And The Spark (Talkative)
  4. Bitori Bitori Nha Bibinha from the CD Legend Of Funana (Analog Africa)
  5. Roberto Tombesi Tarantella Agordina from the CD In ‘Sta Via (Calicanto/Felmay)
  6. Golfam Khayam & Mona Matbou Riahi Sospiro from the CD Narrante (ECM)
  7. Fairport Convention Crazy Man Michael from the CD Liege And Lief (Island)
  8. Christy Moore Green Grows The Laurel from the CD Lily (Columbia)
  9. The Breath Carry Your Kin from the CD Carry Your Kin (Real World)
  10. Julian Gaskell & His Ragged Trousered Philanthropists The Murdered Brother from the CD Carvery Of Blight (Carvery Of Sound)
  11. E-Do Bohoeja from the CD Yeominrok (Ponycanyon Korea) available via Far Side Music
  12. Jali Fily Cissokho Miniyamba from the CD Diatakendiya (Kaira Arts)
  13. DelaParo Yialenia (The Girl On The Shore) from the CD Deep Into The Light, Into The Sea (Violins Productions)
  14. Gadarene The Triumph from the CD Volume 2: Live In 2016 (Gadarene)
  15. Goitse Banjoman Button from the CD Inspired By Chance (Goitse)
  16. Uncle Sinner Wolves A-Howling from the CD Let the Devil In (Uncle Sinner)
  17. Rusalnaia Driving from the CD Time Takes Away (Cambrian)
  18. Iyatra Quartet Salutaris from the CD This World Alone (Iyatra Quartet)

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This month’s issue  Subscribe!  Shop  Home  Come Write Me Down Basket/Checkout