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May 2016 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. 9Bach Anian from the CD Anian (Real World)
  3. Edward II Ragbag from the CD Manchester's Improving Daily (Cadiz)
  4. The Furrow Collective Many's The Night's Rest from the CD single Wild Hog In The Woods (Furrow)
  5. Kris Drever When We Roll In The Morning from the CD If Wishes Were Horses (Reveal)
  6. Lone Piñon El Gallo from the CD Trio Nuevomexicano (Lone Piñon)
  7. Katerina Tsiridou Zoula i Mariori from the CD Aman Katerina A Tribute To Panayiotis Toundas (Protasis)
  8. The Ninetree Stumblers Ladies' Quadrille from the CD Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol 1 (Nanny State)
  9. Billy Bennington In And Out The Windows from the CD I Thought I Was The Only One! (Veteran)
  10. Robbie Fulks Aunt Peg's New Old Man from the CD Upland Stories (Bloodshot)
  11. M' Toro Chamou Tsa Rora from the CD Punk Islands (Le Crie De L'Ocean Indien)
  12. La Banda Morisca Rumaiquiya Y Mutamid from the CD Algarabya (Fol Musica)
  13. Rowan Amber Mill Separations from the CD The Quietened Village (A Year In The Country)
  14. Firefay Long Lankin from the CD The King Must Die (Firefay)
  15. Josephine Foster Oh Bright Eyed One from the CD EP A Diadem (Josephine Foster)
  16. The Wainwright Sisters Hobo's Lullaby from the CD Songs In The Dark (PIAS)
  17. Rant Willie Cumming's Rant from the CD Reverie (Make Believe)
  18. Volosi Gajdosz from the CD Nomadism (Unzipped Fly)
  19. Damir Imamovic's Sevdah Takht Lijepi Meho from the CD Dvojka (Glitterbeat)
  20. Faith i Branko Cekajuci Stribora from the CD Gypsy Lover (Riverboat)
  21. Fanfare Ciocarlia Cucuritza from the CD Onwards To Mars! (Asphalt Tango)
  22. Konono No.1 Tokolanda from the CD Konono No.1 Meets Batida (Crammed)

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