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February 2016 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band You Know Me from the CD single You Know Me (Convent Records)
  3. Lila Downs Balas Y Chocolate from the CD Balas y Chocolate (Sony Mexico)
  4. Glue Pot feat. Lucy Farrell Back From The Mountain from the CD EP Lulu The Bear And Other Stories (Harbour Song)
  5. Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin Letter (Unsent) from the CD Watershed (Dragonfly Roots)
  6. Sally Timms With The Mini Mekons Go From My Window from the CD Shirley Inspired (Earth)
  7. Tony, Caro & John There Are No Greater Heroes from the CD Dust On The Nettles (Grapefruit)
  8. Tucker Zimmerman The Wind Returns Into The Night from the CD Ten Songs By Tucker Zimmerman (RPM)
  9. Ricardo Tesi, Elena Ledda & others Bella Ciao Partigiana from the CD Bella Ciao (Buda)
  10. Dog Faced Hermans Bella Ciao from the CD Humans Fly/Every Day Timebomb (Konkurrel)
  11. Kalàscima Psychedelic Trance Tarantella from the CD Psychedelic Trance Tarantella (Ponderosa)
  12. Damily Tany Antsimo from the CD Very Aomby (Helico)
  13. Catherine Velienne Mo Mari Fini Allé from the CD Soul Sok Séga (Strut)
  14. Jules Allen Long Side The Santa Fe Trail from the CD Complete Recordings 1928-1929 (BACM)
  15. Alex Caton Close The Coal House Door, Lad from the CD Never Take A Daisy Down The Mine (Alex Caton)
  16. Marilis Orionaa La Tor Moncada from the CD La Destinada (Darenla)
  17. Dunja Knebl & Kololira Svekrve from the CD I Mara I Cvetje (Kopito)
  18. Last Forever Lonesome Day from the CD Acres Of Diamonds (StorySound)
  19. Slow Moving Clouds Os from the CD Os (Paper Palace)
  20. The Casey Sisters The Mealagh Valley Polkas from the CD Sibling Revelry (Old Bridge Music)

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