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December 2015 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Andy Irvine & Paul Brady Plains Of Kildare from the CD Andy Irvine & Paul Brady (Mulligan)
  3. John Doyle Liberty's Sweet Shore from the CD The Ballads Of Child Migration (Delphonic)
  4. Czernowitzer Civilkalle Masel Tow Der Schweiger from the CD Chekhov's Band (Renair)
  5. A. Kostis Kaike Ena Scholeio from the LP The Jail's A Fine School (Olvido)
  6. The Rheingans Sisters Cuckoo from the CD Already Home (RootBeat)
  7. Heg & The Wolf Chorus The White Witch from the CD Raising The Fires (Heg & The Wolf Chorus)
  8. Leveret The Good Old Way from the CD RootBeat Records Sampler (RootBeat)
  9. United Bible Studies Twa Corbies from the LP The Ale's What Cures Ye (MIE)
  10. Ola Belle Reed Undone in Sorrow from the CD Southern Mountain Music On The Mason-Dixon Line (Dust To Digital)
  11. Kacy & Clayton The Rio Grande from the CD Strange Country (Big White Cloud)
  12. Tinariwen Toumast Tincha from the CD Live In Paris (Wedge)
  13. Sahra Halgan Trio Naftaydaay Raali Noqo from the CD Faransiskiyo Somaliland (Buda)
  14. Orchestre Laye Thiam Massani Cicé from the CD Senegal 70 (Analog Africa)
  15. Archie Fisher Waltz Into Winter from the CD A Silent Song (Greentrax)
  16. Tom Robinson ft. Martin Carthy In My Life from the CD Only the Now (Castaway NorthWest)
  17. Bert Jansch Oh My Father from the CD Moonshine (Earth)
  18. The Gurdjieff Ensemble Hov Arek from the CD Komitas (ECM)
  19. Vesevo Tarantamara from the CD Vesevo (Agualoca)
  20. Mairearad And Anna Musical Flowers from the CD Best Day (Shouty)

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