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September 2014 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Richard Thompson Down Where the Drunkards Roll from the CD Acoustic Classics (Proper)
  3. Keston Cobblers Club Spring from the CD EP A Pocket Guide To Escaping (Cobblers)
  4. Sandaly & Nmawa Kante with Les Ambassadeurs Foudou from the LP Foudou: Le Mariage (Maikano)
  5. Mangala Camara Yiri Doulen from the CD Bogolan Music (Wrasse)
  6. The Elizabethan Session London from the CD The Elizabethan Session (Quercus)
  7. Dave & Phil Alvin I Feel So Good from the CD Common Ground (Yeproc)
  8. Sam Sweeney Rose Howard from the CD Made In The Great War (Root Beat)
  9. National Youth Folklore Troupe of England Two Sisters from the CD Nyfte (Wild Goose)
  10. Crag Road Joe Banne's Scottishe/ The Good Natured Man from the CD Crag Road (Crag Road)
  11. Alexis Zoumbas Gaitanaki (Maypole Dance) from the CD A Lament For Epirus 1926-1928 (Angry Mom)
  12. Mita Stoicheva Stori Se Horo Golyamo from the CD Vintage Balkan Beats (JSP)
  13. Hank Bradley Lonesome Cowboy's Breakfast from the CD Music Of The Poison Coyote Kid (Sage Arts)
  14. Peter Stampfel & The Ether Frolic Mob Drunken Banjo Waltz from the CD The Sound Of America (Red Newt)
  15. Mokhtar Mezhoud Salamat from the CD Maghreb-Lyon 1972-1998 (Fremeaux & Associés)
  16. Fofoulah Hook Up from the CD Fofoulah (Glitterbeat)
  17. The Magic Lantern No One's Fault from the CD Love Of Too Much Living (Smugglers)
  18. Lori Campbell Johnny Malone from the CD EP Seeds (Own label)
  19. Spiro The Lily/The Grouse Was Dead (When It Hit The Queen) from the CD Pole Star (Real World)

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