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February 2013 Edition
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  1. (Sig) English Country Blues Band The Italian Job from the CD Unruly (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Mwezi MwaQ Experimental Blues Of Moroni from the CD Chants De Lune Et d'Esperance (Buda)
  3. Miroslav Evacic Grabo Kopam from the CD N.E.W.S. Blues (Croatia Records)
  4. Olivia Chaney The King's Horses from the CD EP Olivia Chaney (Olivia Chaney)
  5. Jackie Oates Little Fishes/ The Rainy Day Fisherman from the CD Lullabies (ECC)
  6. The Dancing Did Squashed Things from the CD And Did Those Feet (Cherry Red)
  7. The Mekons The Olde Trip To Jerusalem from the CD OOOH! (Quarterstick)
  8. Blyth Power Father O'Brien from the CD Out From Under The King (Downwarde Spiral)
  9. Bongo Botrako Invierno from the CD Revoltosa (Kasba)
  10. Ondatropica Libya from the CD Ondatropica (Soundway)
  11. Mike Vass North from the CD DecemberWell (Rusty Squash Horn)
  12. The Shee Strut from the CD Murmurations (The Shee)
  13. Dick Farina & Eric Von Schmidt Xmas Island from the CD Dick Farina & Eric Von Schmidt (Solano)
  14. Walter Rhodes with 'Pet' & 'Can' The Crowing Rooster from the CD Cluck Old Hen (Old Hat)
  15. Diabel Cissokho Samfall from the CD World City Music Village 2012 (Cultural Co-operation)
  16. Bassekou Kouyate Sinaly from the CD Jama Ko (Out Here)
  17. The Owl Service The North Country Maid from the CD Garland Sessions (Stone Tape Recordings)
  18. Jumbo Brightwell The Drowned Lovers from the CD Musical Traditions Records 2nd Sampler (Musical Traditions)
  19. Martha Tilston Survival Guide from the CD Machines Of Love And Grace (Squiggly)
  20. Ralph McTell Barnes Morris from the CD Sofa Noodling (Leola Music)

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