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2006 playlists for Ian Anderson's fRoots Radio Show.

January/February 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Les Boukakes Sidi H' Bibi from the CD Bledi (Mosaic Music)
  3. Kila & Oki Tóg É Go Bog É from the CD Tóg É Go Bog É (Chikar/Kila)
  4. Flook Gone Fishing from the CD Haven (Flatfish)
  5. Athena Green Eyes from the CD Snapshot (Embraceable)
  6. June Tabor The Seeds Of Love from the CD box Always (Topic)
  7. Mariem Hassan Mutamaniyat from the CD Deseos (NubeNegra)
  8. Madina N'Diaye Moussow from the CD Bimigow (Sound of World)
  9. Amadou & Mariam Mon Amour from the CD Le Meilleur Des Annees Maliennes (Because)
  10. Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate Ai Ga Bani from the CD In The Heart Of The Moon (World Circuit)
  11. Thione Seck Djirin from the CD Orientation (Stern's)
  12. Salif Keita Laban from the CD M'Bemba (Universal Jazz France)
  13. Chris Wood One In A Million from the CD The Lark Descending (R.U.F.)
  14. Stefano Saletti Tagama from the CD Stari Most (CNI/Ludos)
  15. Malicanti Sangiuvannara from the CD Tarantelle e Canzi Tradizionali della Puglia (Finisterre)
  16. L'Ham De Foc Voldrien from the CD Cor De Porc (Galileo)
  17. Maulidi Juma Yaatika from the CD Zanzibara 2 (Buda)
  18. Nathalie Natiembe Cilaos from the CD Sankèr (Marabi)
  19. Hossein Alazideh & Djivan Gasparyan Sari Galin from the CD Endless Vision (World Village)
  20. Marwan Abado Wadah from the CD Kabila (Iris Music)
  21. Bala et ses Balladins Paulette from the CD Golden Afrique Vol 1 (Network)
  22. Kisanzi Congo Soif Conjugale from the CD Congotronics 2 (Crammed)
  23. Boys Of The Lough The Tenpenny Bit set from the CD Twenty (Lough)

March 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Afrissippi Ngol Jimol from the CD Fulani Journey (Knockdown South)
  3. Ali Farka Toure Timbarma from the CD Ali Farka Toure (World Circuit)
  4. Amparanoia Me Voy Lejos from the CD La Vida Te Da (Wrasse)
  5. Aynur Eman Eman - Eman Dilo from the CD Nupel (Kalan)
  6. Aysegul Cakir Eminem from the CD Farfara (Iber)
  7. Horses Brawl Mofo from the CD Horses Brawl (Brawl)
  8. Joaquin Diaz Autentico Merengue from the CD Ola (Cinq Planetes)
  9. Julie Fowlis Biodh An Deoch Seo n Laimh Mo from the CD Mar A Tha Mo Chridhe (Macmeanmna)
  10. Athena Eden (Garden State) from the CD Snapshot (Embraceable)
  11. Marika Papagika Dervisis (The Dervish) from the CD Mortika (Arko)
  12. K Deep & Jagmohan Kaur Bara Karara Pudna from the CD Kings & Queens (Saregama)
  13. Nina Et Des Nunue's Tapiri Taua from the CD Aux Iles Sous Le Vent (Manuiti)
  14. Kosovni Odpadki Che Tempo! from the CD Bye Bye Bombe (Alfa Music)
  15. Marenostrum Fado Da Ilha from the CD Almadrava (Condado Azul)
  16. Orch. Tout Puissant Likembe Konono No.1 Mungua-Muanga from the cassette Musiques Urbaines A Kinshasa (Ocora)

April 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Ojos De Brujo: Runali from the CD Techari (Diquela)
  3. Think Of One: Tirar Onda from the CD Trafico (Crammed)
  4. Cheika Rimitti: Kijani from the CD N'ta Goudami (Because)
  5. Romica Puceanu & The Gore Bros: Doi Tovarisi Am La Drum from the CD Sounds From A Bygone Age Vol 2 (Asphalt Tango)
  6. Katerina Papadopoulou: Oh My Heart from the CD Anatoli, Anatoli Mou (Polytropon)
  7. Shirley & Dolly Collins: The Banks Of Sweet Primroses from the CD Snapshots (Fledg'ling)
  8. Lou Rhodes: Treat Her Gently from the CD Beloved One (Infinite Bloom)
  9. Mojmir Novakovic i Kries: GEA - unreleased - (Kopito)
  10. Pecheurs De Perles: Abaida from the CD Wahed (Buda)
  11. Toumani Diabate & The Symmetric Orchestra: Mamadou Diaby from the CD Boulevard De L'Independance (World Circuit)
  12. Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyateh & The Jali Roll Orchestra: Alla L'aa Ke from the CD Jali Roll (revisited + 1) (Weekend Beatnik)
  13. Babar Luck: War Fever from the CD Care In The Community (Rebel Music)
  14. Ernie Payne: Coercion Street from the CD Coercion Street (Crossroads)
  15. Lord Buckley: On A Cocoanut Island from the 1949 10" LP Comic Novelties (Solitaire)
  16. Sam Ku West: Hue Hue, Hue Hue (Hawai'ian Hula) from the CD Hawaiian Hula Blues (Grass Skirt)
  17. Anouar Brahem: Le Voyage De Sahar from the CD Le Voyage De Sahar (ECM)

May 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Gotan Project Mi Confesion from the CD Lunatico (XL/Ya Basta!)
  3. Cheikha Rimitti Dabri from the CD N'ta Goudami (Because)
  4. Lou Rhodes Save Me from the CD Beloved One (Infinite Bloom)
  5. Jon Boden Get A Little Something from the CD Painted Lady (Soundpost)
  6. The Gloworms Barham Down/The Yellow Joak from the CD Beam (Necta Arts)
  7. The Boat Band Keswick Bonny Lasses etc from the CD A Trip To The Lakes (Harbourtown)
  8. Kathryn Tickell & Corinna Hewat Brig Set from the CD The Sky Didn't Fall (Park)
  9. Makam Sarga A Repce Viraga from the CD Almanach (Folk Europa)
  10. Kal Dvojka from the CD Kal (Asphalt Tango)
  11. West African Rhythm Brothers Mofi Ajobi Seyin from the CD London Is The Place For Me 3 (Honest Jon's)
  12. Lydia Mendoza Invierno En Abril from the CD La Alondra De La Frontera (Arhoolie)
  13. Pedro Luis Ferrer Fundamento from the CD Rustico (Escondida Music)
  14. Keyvan Chemirani, Nahawa Doumbia etc Terik'e from the CD Le Rhythme De La Parole 2 (Accords Croises)
  15. Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga Nyam Choma from the CD Song & Dance (Virunga)
  16. Nguyen Le & Paulo Fresu Thang Long from the CD Duos: Homescape (ACT)

June 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Thomas Mapfumo Zvakuwana from the CD Rise Up (Real World)
  3. The Master Musicians Of Tanzania Lukunzi from the CD The Rough Guide To The Music Of Tanzania (WMN)
  4. Son House Mississippi County Farm Blues from the CD The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (Yazoo)
  5. Dick Gaughan The Devil And Pastor Jack from the CD Lucky For Some (Greentrax)
  6. Tim Van Eyken Fair Ellen Of Ratcliffe from the CD Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves (Topic)
  7. Guo Yue My First Flute from the CD Music, Food And Love (Real World)
  8. Liu Fang & Ballake Sissoko Premiere Rencontre from the CD Silk Sound (Accords Croises)
  9. Madina N'Diaye/Various Farafina (Africa) from the CD Midnight In Mali (Stern's)
  10. Lo'Jo Un Grand Voyage from the CD Bazar Savant (Emma)
  11. Baka Gbiné Hélène from the CD Gati Bongo (March Hare)
  12. Hasan Yarimdünia Damimizi Boyadik Sariya from the CD Dardanelles, Turquie, Gelibolu (Innacor)
  13. Kala Ramnath Raag Rageshri - Gat In Teental from the CD Nectar (Sense)
  14. Natacha Atlas Wahashni from the CD Mish Maoul (Mantra)
  15. Tim Van Eyken The Pearl Wedding/Nancy Taylor's from the CD Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves (England)

July 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Gigi Salam from the CD Gold & Wax (Palm Pictures)
  3. Blue Asia Casablanca from the CD Hotel Morocco (King)
  4. Anghjula Potentini Francesca Maria from the CD A Lettera d'Amore (Buda)
  5. Ali Farka Toure Savane from the CD Savane (World Circuit)
  6. Etran Finatawa Iledeman from the CD Introducing (World Music Network)
  7. Dengue Fever Sni Bong from the CD Escape From Dragon House (M80/Birdman)
  8. The Devil's Interval The Cuckoo from the CD Blood And Honey (Wild Goose)
  9. Lisa Knapp Blacksmith (Youth Mix) (unreleased)
  10. Alexis Korner See See Rider from the CD Kornerstoned (Castle)
  11. Mississippi Fred McDowell Red Cross Store from the CD London Calling (Snapper)
  12. Saniyyah Hassaneyn 'Ataftu Wardah Hamra from the CD Women Of Egypt (Topic)
  13. Rosa Eskenazi Ime Prezakias from the CD Rembetika (JSP)
  14. Lo Cor De La Plana L'enfant De Dieu from the CD Es Titre (Nordsud)
  15. Mascarimiri Triciu from the CD Triciu (Ishtar/Family Affair)
  16. NDer & Le Setsima Courage from the CD Courage (Africa Fete)

August 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Los De Abajo De Marcha from the CD LDA vs The Lunatics (Real World)
  3. Akli D C'Est Facile from the CD Ma Yela (Because)
  4. Natacha Atlas Hayati Inta from the CD Mish Maoul (Mantra)
  5. Nathalie Natiembe Cilaos from the CD Musiques Metisses: Ocean Indien (Marabi)
  6. Regis Gizavo, Louis Mhlanga, David Mirandon Mari Hakuna from the CD Stories (Marabi)
  7. The Memory Band Come Write Me Down from the CD Apron Strings (Peacefrog)
  8. The Devil's Interval Long Lankin from the CD Blood & Honey (Wild Goose)
  9. Strange Creek Singers No Never No from the CD Strange Creek Singers (Arhoolie)
  10. Kristi Stassinopoulou Jaffa from the CD Travels (unreleased)
  11. Gabi Lunca Doua mame pentru-o fata from the CD Doua mame pentru-o fata (Electrecord)
  12. Soul Flower Mononoke Summit Otomi San from the CD Deracine Ching Dong (Soul Flower)
  13. Las Gitanas Grey Haired Horses from the CD If I Were A Rose (Las Gitanas)
  14. Toubab Krewe Djarabi from the CD Toubab Krewe (Upstream)
  15. Mandekalou Fakoli from the CD Mandekalou II (Ayllart/Discograph)
  16. Mercan Dede Napas from the CD Breath (Doublemoon)

September 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Bryan Ferry & Antony Lowlands Low from the CD Rogues Gallery (Anti/Epitaph)
  3. Bellowhead Fire Marengo from the CD Burlesque (Westpark)
  4. Sting Shallow Brown from the CD Rogues Gallery (Anti/Epitaph)
  5. Balla et ses Balladins Moi Je Suis Decourage from the CD Rough Guide To West African Gold (World Music Network)
  6. K'Naan Hoobaale from the CD World 2006 (Korova/Rhino)
  7. Dora Petridi Taxidia from the CD Taxidia (Artion)
  8. Christos Tsiamoulis Anespera from the CD Anespera (Libra Music)
  9. Kelly Joe Phelps Tight To The Jar from the CD Tunesmith Retrofit (Rounder)
  10. The Crooked Jades Goodbye Trouble, The Soul Of A Man from the CD World's On Fire (Jade Note Music)
  11. Laxula (A.M.A.) La Boulette from the CD In X-Ile (Laxula)
  12. Baba Zula Kisaltmalar from the CD Beyond Istanbul (Trikont)
  13. Uiscedwr Escobar from the CD Circle (Yukka)

October 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Mamani Keita w. Nicolas Repac Djekafo from the CD Yelema (No Format)
  3. Danyel Waro Labatwar from the CD Grin n Syèl (Cobalt)
  4. Blue Asia Sao Chumpae Pae Rak from the CD Hotel Bangkok (King/Seven Seas)
  5. Gjallarhorn Kokkovirsi (Bonfire Song) from the CD Rimfaxe (Westpark/Vindauga)
  6. Eliza Carthy Rolling Sea from the CD Rogue's Gallery (Anti/Epitaph)
  7. Tim Van Eyken Gypsy Maid from the CD Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves (Topic)
  8. Bellowhead London Town from the CD Burlesque (Westpark)
  9. Baaba Maal Baayo from the CD Live At The Cedar: Visionaries (The Cedar)
  10. Orchestra Baobab Diarabi from the CD A Night At Club Baobab (Oriki Music)
  11. The Memory Band Why from the CD Apron Strings (Peacefrog)
  12. Nic Jones Billy Don't You Weep For Me from the CD Game Set Match (Topic)
  13. Koerner, Ray & Glover What's The Matter With The Mill from the CD Live At The Cedar: Visionaries (The Cedar)
  14. Moussu T e lei Jovents Mon Escarrida from the CD Forever Polida (Le Chant due Monde/Manivette)
  15. Mustafa Kandirali Haydar Haydar from the CD Mustafa Kandirali (Uzelli)

November 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Rachid Taha Kifache Rah from the CD Diwan 2 (Wrasse)
  3. Akli D Barman from the CD Ma Yela (Because)
  4. Dock Boggs The Country Blues from the CD Friends Of Old Time Music (Smithsonian Folkways)
  5. Desert Slide Mhari Mendhi Ro Rang from the CD Desert Slide (Sense World Music)
  6. Hoven Droven Petruchka A Je from the CD Jumping At The Cedar (Home Records)
  7. Brina Neza from the CD Pasja Legenda (DruGod)
  8. Ivo Papasov Fairground from the CD Fairground (Kuker Music)
  9. Robert Harbron & Emma Reid The Rose Tree/Getting Upstairs from the CD New Dogs, Old Tricks (Rob Rec)
  10. Jackie Oates Banks Of Green Willow from the CD Jackie Oates (Hands On Music)
  11. Seckou Keita Quartet Djula Djekere from the CD Afro-Mandinka Soul (ARC)
  12. Msondo Ngoma Hamida from the CD The Best Of Msondo Ngoma (Ujamaa)
  13. Johnny Clegg Makhabeleni from the CD One Life (Marabi)
  14. Caravasar Chargah Sirto from the CD Alminares Mediterraneos (Resistencia)

December 2006
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth Sloe Benga, from the CD Mothballs plus (Weekend Beatnik)
  2. Jaune Toujours Demain Peut-Etre from the CD CluB (Choux De Bruxelles)
  3. Ulman Fitz from the CD Vibes (HeiDeck)
  4. Ba Cissoko Allah Lake from the CD Electric Griot Land (Totolo)
  5. Dembo Konte & Kausu Kuyateh Alla L'aa Ke from the CD Jali Roll (Weekend Beatnik)
  6. Waterson:Carthy Reaphook & Sickle from the CD Holy Heathens & The Old Green Man (Topic)
  7. Kris Drever Poor Man's Son from the CD Black Water (Reveal)
  8. Kila & Oki Topattumi from the CD Kila & Oki (Kila Records)
  9. Kayhan Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan Part II from the CD The Wind (ECM)
  10. Christos Govetas San Apokliros Yirizo from the CD Pasatempo (Kyklos Music)
  11. Selim Sesler Daglar Kizi Reyhan from the CD Anatolian Wedding (Doublemoon)
  12. Lord Buckley The Hip Ghan from the CD The Royal Court Of Lord Buckley (Él/Cherry Red)
  13. Fanta Damba Miniyamba from the CD Mali: One Day On Radio Mali (Syllart/Discograph)
  14. African Virtuoses Kankan Diaraby from the CD Guinea: Cultural Revolution (Syllart/Discograph)
  15. Andrew Cronshaw & Tigran Aleksanyan She Sleeps from the forthcoming CD fRoots 28 (fRoots)

• 2005 playlists


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