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2003 playlists for Ian Anderson's fRoots Radio Show.

January/February 2003
  1. (Sig tune) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga, from Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Besh O Drom: Pergeto (from CD Can't Make Me) Asphalt Tango CD-ATR 0203
  3. Jony Iliev: Ma Maren Ma (from CD Ma Maren Ma) Asphalt Tango CD-ATR 0102 and fRoots 21 CD
  4. Habib Koite: Forobana (from CD Desert Blues 2) Network 22.762
  5. Shemekia Copeland: When A Woman's Had Enough (from CD Talking To Strangers) Alligator ALCD4887
  6. Salif Keita: Yamore (from CD Moffou) Universal 8927
  7. Youssou N'Dour: Tan Bi (from CD Nothing's In Vain) Nonesuch 7559 796 542
  8. Orchestra Baobab: Ndongoy Daara (from CD Specialist In All Styles) World Circuit WCD064
  9. Eliza Carthy: Pretty Ploughboy (from CD Anglicana) Topic TSCD539 (also on fRoots No.20)
  10. Chumbawamba: Jacob's Ladder (from CD Readymades) Mutt 440 018 071-2 (also on fRoots No.20)
  11. Kate Rusby: The Maid Of Llanwellyn (from CD 10) Pure PRCD10
  12. Clothesline Revival: Calling Trains (from CD Of My Native Land) Paleo PAL 5001-2
  13. Bill Frisell: Single Girl, Married Girl (from CD The Willies) Nonesuch 7559-79652-2
  14. Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban: Echale Salsita (from CD Mambo Sinuendo) Nonesuch 7559-79691-2
  15. Mariza: O Gente Da Minha Terra (from CD Fado Em Mim) World Connection 43028 (also on fRoots No.19)
  16. Ojos De Brujo: Tiempo De Solea (from CD Bari) La Fabrica De Colores LFCCD 001
  17. Te Vaka: Te Hiva (from CD Nukukehe) Spirit Of Play WMCD1003
  18. Oi-Va-Voi: 7 Brothers (from CD Digital Folklore) Oi-Va-Voi 0735 0688-2
  19. Samira Said w. Cheb Mami: Youm Wara Youm (from CD Youm Wara Youm) EMI 540989-2
  20. Bijan Chemirani: Nichapour (from CD Eos) L'Empreinte Digitale ED13147
  21. Nass Marrakech w. Omar Sosa: Sandia (from CD Bouderbala) World Village 498001
  22. Polo Montanez: Yo Tengo Mi Babalao (from CD Guitarra Mia) Lusafrica 362502 (also on fRoots No.20)
  23. Pee Frois: Africa For Africans (from CD Konkerants) Africa Fete/Night & Day AFD006
  24. Bob Dylan: The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (from CD Live 1975) Columbia Legacy 510140-2
  25. Urna : Arwan Hoyor Jil (from CD Hodood) Trees Music & Art TMCD 320
  26. Arto Tuncboyaciyan: My Aunt Mari Doesn't Care About My Jacket (from CD New Apricot) Imaj/Universal 017-401-2
  27. Thierry Robin & Gulabi Sapera: Agni Sha Kshi (from CD Rakhi) Naive Y226131
  28. Patrick Street: Down By The Old Fairy Fort (from CD Street Life) Green Linnet GLCD1222

March 2003
  1. (Sig tune) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga, from Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros: Bhindi Bhagee from CD Global A Go-Go (Hellcat 0440-2)
  3. Kristi Stassinopoulou: Close My Eyes from CD The Secrets Of The Rocks (Hitch-Hyke LIFT 082)
  4. Kardes Turkuler: Sah-i Merdan from CD Hemavaz (Kalan CD263)
  5. Nuova Agricola Associazione: Vacri 'from CD Shta Vite Gne Nu Teatrine (Riflessi) and fRoots 21 CD.
  6. Luigi Cinque & Tarantula Hypertext O'rchestra: Niente Senza 'E Te from CD Tangerine Café (Forrest Hill FHME 19)
  7. Lasairfhiona Ni Chonaola: The Beautiful Comb from CD An Raicin Alainn (LNC LNC001)
  8. Ulla Pirttijarvi: De Juoiggas from CD In Our Foremothers Arms (Warner Innovator 0927-44256-2) and fRoots 21 CD. Finlandia Records
  9. Ricky: Te Hifangaro from cassette Zaraiko (Do Sol 002 DSL)
  10. Ojos de Brujo: Ventilaor R-80 from CD Bari (La Fabrica De Colores LFCCD 001) and fRoots 21 CD
  11. Samira Said: Kan Mali from CD Youm Wara Youm (EMI 540989-2)
  12. Ellika & Solo: Mambore/Tradgardsvalsen from CD Tretakt Takissaba (Xource XOUCD 133)
  13. Inle Mint Maung & Yi Yi Thant: Longing In A Forest Glade from CD Mahagita (Smithsonian Folkways SFWCD40492)
  14. John McCusker: Wiseman's from CD Goodnight Ginger (Pure PRCD09)

April 2003
  1. (Sig tune) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga, from Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Mariem Hassan con Leyoad: Id Chab from CD Mariem Hassan con Leyoad (NubeNegra INN 1114-2) and fRoots 21 CD
  3. Wafir: Lluvia from CD Nilo Azul (NubeNegra INN 1115-2)
  4. John Spiers & Jon Boden: Courting Too Slow from CD Bellow (Fellside)
  5. Swåp: Mosquito Hunter from CD Mosquito Hunter (Amigo AMCD 750)
  6. Paban Das Baul & Jonny Wartel: Elo Prem Rosher Kashan from CD Paban Das Baul & Jonny Wartel (Gravitation)
  7. Faltriqueira: Palmira from CD Faltriqueira (Resistencia RESCD 140)
  8. Bobi Cespedes: Obatala from CD Rezos (Six Degrees 657036 10672)
  9. Bill Frisell: Eli from CD The Intercontinentals (Nonesuch 79661)
  10. Lo'Jo: Armanguié from CD Au Cabaret Sauvage (World Village 468007)
  11. Rene Lacaille & others: La Rosée Si Feuilee Songe from CD Hommage à Alain Péters (Cobalt 09356-2)
  12. Otha Turner & The Afrossippi Allstars: Station Blues from CD From Senegal To Senatobia (Birdman BMR025)
  13. Super Mama Djombo: Seiango from CD Super Mama Djombo (Cobiana COB 02)
  14. Ross Daly: Houdetsanes Kontylies from CD Beyond The Horizon (MBI MBI 16563 1)

May 2003
  1. (Sig tune) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga, from Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Daara J: Boomrang from CD Boomrang (BMG France 43219 83932) and fRoots 21 CD
  3. Clotaire K: Maqam from CD Lebanese (Nocturne NTCD 325)
  4. Souad Massi: Ghir Enta from CD Deb (Wrasse WRASS 96)
  5. Malouma: Mremnide from CD Dounya (Marabi) Also on fRoots 22
  6. Djamel Laroussi: Aho from CD Etoile Filante (Dadoua/Night & Day DAD001)
  7. Warsaw Village Band: To You Kasiunia from CD People's Spring (Jaro JARO 4247-2) and fRoots 21 CD
  8. Toto La Momposina: Cosas Pa Pensar from CD Drop The Debt (Wrasse WRASS 095)
  9. Dusminguet: El Cami from CD Go> (Virgin Spain 5808052)
  10. Scotty: Clean Race from CD High Explosion: DJ Sounds 1970-1976 (Trojan TJDDD085)
  11. Kamer All Stars: Juventus from CD Volume 1 (JPS 700027 001901)
  12. Danyel Waro, Loy Ehrlich etc: Mange Pou Le Coeur from CD Hommage a Alain Peters (Cobalt 09356-2)
  13. La Talvera: O Madama from CD Rough Guide To The Music Of France (World Music Network RGNET1111)
  14. Massilia Sound System: Toute Petite Danse from CD Occitanista (Adam/Wagram WAG 331)
  15. Pecheurs De Perles: Danwadana from CD Madad (Esengo MDS753001) Email Esengo

June 2003
  1. (Sig tune) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Oi-Va-Voi: 7 Brothers from the CD Digital Folklore (Own 0-7535-0688-2)
  3. Sidestepper: Mas Papaya from the CD 3 am: In Beats We Trust (Palm Beats PALMBEAT 1000-2)
  4. Shirley Collins: Lost In A Wood from the CD Song Links (Fellside FECD176D) and fRoots 21 CD
  5. Alasdair Roberts: Down Where The Willow Wands Weep from the CD Farewell Sorrow (Rough Trade RTRADECD094) and fRoots 21 CD
  6. Jalikunda Cissokho: Bamba from the CD Lindiane (Jalikunda JAL 0001)
  7. JJC & 419 Squad: Atide from the CD Atide (Biba BIBACD001)
  8. Lord Kitchener: If You're Not White You're Black from the CD London Is The Place For Me (Honest Jon's HJRCD2)
  9. Derby Smith: Will There Be Any Travellers In Heaven from the CD Here's Luck To A Man (Musical Traditions MTCD320)
  10. Francoise Guimbert: Sak La Point from the CD Paniandy (Pomme d'Aco CD H-I 01-01)
  11. Mariza: Primavera from the CD Fado Curvo (Virgin 584 2372)
  12. The Henrys w. Mary Margaret O'Hara: God Moves On The Water from the CD Dark Was The Night (Deep Sea SeaD 8002)
  13. Blind Willie Johnson: God Moves On The Water from the CD Dark Was The Night (Columbia Legacy 489892-2)
  14. La Talvera: La Drolla d'Avairon from the CD Pampaligossa (Crash CRASH CD25) and fRoots 21 CD. Email
  15. Warsaw Village Band: I Had A Lover from the CD People's Spring (Jaro JARO 4247-2)

July 2003
  1. (Sig tune) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Super Rail Band De Bamako: Dakan from the CD Kongo Sigui (Indigo LBLC2581)
  3. Manecas Costa: Broska from the CD Paraiso Di Gumbe (Late Junction BBCLJ3007-2)
  4. Bampton Morris: Constant Billy from the CD fRoots 19 (fRoots FROOTCD019)
  5. Batata Y Su Rumba Palanquera: Ataole from the CD Radio Bakongo (Network 24.127)
  6. Frifot: Sluring from the CD Sluring (Amigo AMCD751)
  7. Trio DCA: Polka a Alfred Mouret from the CD Music Of Auvergne (Modal Pleinjeu MPJ 111026) Also on fRoots 22
  8. Diplomaticos: Deixxa-me Subir O Alto from the CD Komunikando (Boa BOA 05002018)
  9. Getachew Mekurya: Muziqa Heywete from the CD Negus Of Ethiopian Sax (Buda 82256-2)
  10. Susheela Raman: Sarasa from the CD Love Trap (Narada 70876-17862-2-4)
  11. Ben Mandelson: The Streets Of Delhi (unreleased)
  12. Sevara Nazarkhan: Soqinomai Bayot from the CD Yol Bolsin (Real World CDRW109)
  13. Athena Andreadis: Ela Pare Me from the CD Athena (own label)
  14. Bosphorus & Mode Plagal: Ey Zahit from the CD Beyond The Bosphorus (Hitch-Hyke LIFT089)
  15. Kaba Mane: Chefo Mae Mae from the CD Best Of Kaba Mane (Melodie WCCM-1)

August/September 2003
  1. (Sig tune) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga, from Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Faltriqueira: Labrada de Cortellas from the CD Faltriqueira (Resistencia RESCD140)
  3. Hedningarna: Vettoi from the CD 1989-2003 (Northside NSD 6075)
  4. Luigi Cinque: Tangerine Cafe from the CD Tangerine Cafe (Forrest Hill FHME19)
  5. Les Escrocs: Pirates from the CD Mali Lolo (Smithsonian/ Folkways SFWCD 40508)
  6. Ben Mandelson: The Streets Of Delhi from the CD fRoots 21 (fRoots FROOTSCD 021)
  7. Debashish Bhattacharya & Bob Brozman: Bana Mali from the CD Mahima (Riverboat TUGCD 1029)
  8. Kora Jazz Trio: Now Is The Time from the CD Kora Jazz Trio (Celluloid 67048.2)
  9. Think Of One: Te Vie from the CD NAFT 2 (Zonk ZONK 005)
  10. Think Of One: Sidi Moussa from the CD Marrakech Emballages Ensemble 3 (Zonk ZONK 007)
  11. Jim Moray: Gypsies from the CD Sweet England (Niblick Is A Giraffe NIBL003)
  12. The London Lasses & Pete Quinn: William McGonigal's etc from the CD Track Across The Deep (Lo La LL002)
  13. GiveWay: Leith Central from the CD Full Steam Ahead (Greentrax CDTRAX 245)
  14. Salem Tradition: Waliwa from the CD Krie (Cobalt 09358-2) Also on fRoots 22
  15. Granmoun Lele: Angalakanou from the CD Zelvoula (Marabi 46807.2)
  16. Hommage a Alain Peters: Caloubadia from the CD Rest' La Maloya (Cobalt 09356-2)
  17. Nigel Kennedy & Kroke: Tribute to Maria Tanase from the CD East Meets East (EMI Classics 7243 5 57512 2 5)
  18. Jony Iliev: Godzila from the CD Ma Maren Ma (Asphalt Tango CD-ATR 0102)
  19. Shiyani Ngcobo: uJesu from the CD fRoots 21 (fRoots FROOTSCD 021)
  20. Nadala Kasheba: Marashi Ya Pemba from the CD Yellow Card (Limitless Sky 6 60662 24092 5)
  21. Idrissa Soumaoro N'Taki from the CD Koye (Wrasse WRASSE 101)
  22. Shooglenifty: The Nordal Rumba from the CD The Arms Dealer's Daughter (Shoogle SHOOGLE 03 001)
  23. Whapweasel: The Tinted Quiff from the CD Relentless (Whapweasel CDWW05) Also on fRoots 22
  24. Terry Hall & Mushtaq: A Gathering Storm from the CD The Hour Of Two Lights (Honest Jon's HJRCD015)
  25. Radio Tarifa: Bulerias Turcas from the CD Fiebre (World Circuit WLWCD066)
  26. Cesaria Evora/ DJ Rork & Demon Ritchie: Sodade from the CD Club Sodade (Lusafrica 82876527542)

October 2003
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Abyssinia Infinite: Gela from the CD Zion Roots (Network 24.971) Also on fRoots 22
  3. Jean Noel: Ela Ilia from the CD Tulear Never Sleeps (Earthworks STEW49)
  4. Rokia Traore: Mariama from the CD Bowmboi (Tama LBLC2594)
  5. Oumou Sangare: Yala from the CD Oumou (World Circuit WLWCD067)
  6. Boka Halat: The Rose Tree from the CD Tides (TAPS TAPS031)
  7. Whapweasel: Badunga from the CD Relentless (Whapweasel CD WW05)
  8. Kristi Stassinopoulou: Waves from the CD The Secrets Of The Rocks (Wrasse WRASS 103)
  9. Eugenio Bennato: Taranta Sound from the CD Che Il Mediterraneo Sia ( Rai Trade ERE 0141052)
  10. Cantodiscanto: Malmediterraneo from the CD Malmediterraneo (Forrest Hill FHME 35) Also on fRoots 22
  11. Oi-Va Voi: Ladino Song from the CD Laughter Through Tears (Outcaste)
  12. June Tabor: The Duke Of Athole's Nurse from the CD An Echo Of Hooves (Topic TSCD543)
  13. Alasdair Roberts: I Went Hunting from the CD Farewell Sorrow (Rough Trade RTRADECD094)
  14. Sedoum Ehl Aida: Ya Moulana from the CD The Festival In The Desert (Wayward/IRL IRL002)
  15. Malouma: Jraad from the CD Dunya (Marabi 46806.2)
  16. Victor Gama: Viagem Sem Retorno from the CD Pangeia Instrumentos (Pangeia CAT 135 CD)
  17. Mahwash: Mola Mamad Djan from the CD Radio Kaboul (Accords Croises ACC100) Also on fRoots 22
  18. Grand Union: Queen Of The May/Watson's Hornpipe from the CD Union Specific (Grand Union GUCD003-10)

November 2003
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Rokia Traore: Nienafing from the CD Bowmboi (Tama LBLC2954)
  3. Joe Strummer: Get Down Moses from the CD Streetcore (Hellcat 0454-2)
  4. Lightning Head v. Kocani Orkestar: L'Orient Est Rouge from the CD Electric Gypsyland (Crammed CRAW 32)
  5. 3 Mississippistaphas 3: When The War Was On from the CD Dark Was The Night (Deep Sea SeaD 8002)
  6. Simbi: Gade Moun-Yo from the CD Kalalou (Xource XOUCD 139)
  7. Phil Tanner: Sweet Primroses from the CD The Gower Nightingale (Veteran VT145CD)
  8. June Tabor: Hughie Graeme from the CD An Echo Of Hooves (Topic TSCD 543) Also on fRoots 22
  9. La Talvera: Lo Borrilh from the CD Pampaligossa (Crash CRASHCD 25)
  10. Elena Ledda: Incanti from the CD Incanti (Dunya 21750 8061) Also on fRoots 22
  11. Pietra Montecorvino: Guaglione from the CD Napoli Mediterranea (Taranta Power) Also on fRoots 22
  12. Feliciano Gomes: Wukati Lakukawa Hinenge from the CD Forgotten Guitars From Mozambique (SWP 025)
  13. Chebli: Shababi from the CD Promesses (Sono/Next CDS 8934)
  14. Kékélé: Bebe Yaourt from the CD Congo Life (Stern's STCD 1097) Also on fRoots 22
  15. Taffetas: Sandade Do Men Amor from the CD Taffetas (Asmia 10403) Also on fRoots 22

December 2003
  1. (Sig) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga from the CD Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Think Of One: Ni Na from the CD NAFT 2 (Zonk) Also on fRoots 22
  3. Think Of One: Grito Grande from the CD Chuva Em Po (Zonk)
  4. Carlinhos Brown: Cumbiamoura from the CD Carlito Marron (BMG)
  5. Lucky Dube: Number In The Book from the CD The Other Side (Heartbeat)
  6. Margret Hjalmarsdottir: The Quatrain from the CD Raddir/ Voices (Arni Magnusson Institute)
  7. Vranisht: Ago Ago Ymer Ago from the CD Kenge Polifonike Labe (Daqui)
  8. Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart: Unquiet Grave from the CD English Roots Music (30 Hertz)
  9. Xylouris Ensemble: Kontyliez from the CD Antipodes (Seistron)
  10. Marcello Vitale: Ballo di San Rocco from the CD Chitarra Battente (Taranta Power)
  11. Maria De Barros: Regresa from the CD Nha Mundo (Narada World)
  12. Sandra Luna: Que Nadie Sepa Mi Sufrir from the CD Tango Varon (World Connection) Also on fRoots 23
  13. New Lost City Ramblers: Colored Aristocracy from the CD The Early Years 1958-62 (Smithsonian Folkways)
  14. Abdul Tee-Jay: A Nor Nem You from the CD Palm Wine A Go-Go (Far Side Music) Also on fRoots 22
  15. Amparanoia: La Fiesta from the CD Somos Viento (EMI Spain) Also on fRoots 23
  16. Sudani: Marhaba Ya Marhaba from the CD Sudani (Deep Dish)

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