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The Legendary Lost Feb/March 2001 Edition
This one was made for our previous hosts, who went belly up before it could be netcast.

  1. (Sig tune) Tiger Moth: Sloe Benga, from Mothballs (Omnium OMM 2012D)
  2. Yat-Kha: Tyva-Kyztar, from Aldyn Dashka (Yat-Kha YAT 001)
  3. Jaune Toujours: Maravilloso, from Brusk (ALEA WBM 21014)
  4. Djollof: Dieufoumame, from Lawane (Emma 159 498-2)
  5. Jimmy Shand: Petronella, from The King Of The Melodeon Men (EMI 8 29898 2)
  6. e2K: Fair And Tender Ladies, from Shift (Topic TSCD522)
  7. Mercedes Peón: Serea, from Isué (Resistencia RESCD106)
  8. Novalia: Karalarasi (Mediterraneo), from Novalia 10 (CNI/Ludos LDL12182)
  9. Mau Mau: Temporale, from Safari Beach (Mescal 542-732-2)
  10. Culture Musical Club: Wacha Yakufike, from Bashraf (Dizim 4509)
  11. Alain Peters: Mangé Pou Le Coeur, from Paraboler (Takamba TAKA 9802)
  12. Tarika: Allô Cheri, from Soul Makassar (Sakay SAKD 7037)
  13. Shelagh McDonald: Silk And Leather, from Album (Mooncrest CRESTCD 059)
  14. Mike Cooper: Paper And Smoke, from Paper And Smoke (Essential CMDDD073)
  15. Georgos Tzortsis & Nikolas Syros: Minx From Trikala, from Our Old Home (Motivo NM1058)
  16. The Transylvanians: Tulipan, from Denevér (Mega Phon MEGA 758.0067.2)
  17. Uyghur Musicians From Xinjiang: Mudan Khan, from Music From The Oasis Towns (GlobeStyle CDORBD 098)
  18. An Chang Project: You And I, from Monkey Harmonizing Songs (Nektar 68.815)
  19. Takashi Hirayasu & Bob Brozman: Mensoreyo - Toshin Doi, from Nankuru Naisa (Riverboat TUGCD1023)
  20. Elle Osborne: Still I Love Him, from fRoots 17 (fRoots FROOTCD 017)
  21. Gordon Hall: A Dream Of Napoleon, from fRoots 17 (fRoots FROOTCD 017)
  22. Jane & Amanda Threlfall: Young & Single Sailor, from Morning Tempest (Beehive WBCD 001)
  23. Sidiki Diabate & Batourou Sekou Kouyate: Toutou, from Cordes Anciennes (Buda 1977822)
  24. Ballaké Sissoko: Déli, from Déli (Indigo LBLC 2576)
  25. Mahotella Queens: Sebai Bai, from Sebai Bai (Indigo LBLC 2571)
  26. Sawt El Atlas feat. Natacha Atlas: Ness, from Donia (Sony France SMA 495482-2)
  27. Kassav': Tonbé Léta, from Nou La (Columbia COL 498645 2)
  28. Las Dos Marias: Nada Perdi, from Soulful Women Duets Of South Texas (Arhoolie 486)
  29. Eliades Ochoa: Que Murmuren, from Tributo Al Cuarteto Patria (Virgin Espana 8496350)
  30. Kila: The Compledgegationist, from Lemonade & Buns (Kila KRCD006)

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