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  fRoots 64
There was another of our special FREE and exclusive download compilation albums with the June issue. 16 great tracks from Luke Daniels, Trad.Attack!, Lisa Knapp, Ani Cordero, Rosie Hood, Owl Light Trio, Ulas Özdemir, Dálava, Sharon Shannon, Mamadou Kelly, Yorkston Thorne Khan, Jones Berryman & Jones, Toby Hay, Dona Onete, Sabil and Martha Tilston. The download includes booklet and label artwork and sleeve notes for those who want to burn to CD.

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Leveret, focus of this issue’s English instrumental music feature:

he Incredible String Band from the 5000 Spirits album, whose 50th anniversary of release is celebrated this issue.

Joan Shelley (with Nathan Salsburg), as reviewed this issue.

Rebetiko guitar from Dimitris Mystakis’ album Amerika, reviewed this issue.

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  Ian Anderson
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  Elizabeth Kinder
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  Tim Chipping
Ranting And Reeling

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Mekonville: the art school punk band who became one of England’s finest roots rock institutions celebrate their 40th anniversary with a boutique festival deep in the Suffolk countryside.

Priddy Folk Festival
Priddy Folk Festival is a small but adventurous event held in and around a lovely Mendip village in easy reach of Bristol, Bath and Glastonbury.

Sidmouth Folk Week
Sidmouth Folk Week is the grandmother of all UK festivals, a week-long event in a small seaside town where anything can happen - and sometimes does!

Manchester Folk Festival
Manchester Folk Festival: the successor to Bury’s Homegrown, focussing on music found in England that runs alongside English Folk Expo.

WOMEX is the world music expo, the biggest professional conference, showcase and trade fair event exclusively dedicated to world, roots, ethnic, traditional and local music.

Sauti Za Busara
Sauti Za Busara - "sounds of wisdom" - is an annual festival of Swahili Culture held in the heart of Stone Town, Zanzibar, the historic Indian Ocean gateway to Africa (skipping 2016 and returning in 2017).

Association of Festival Organisers

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Spiral Earth The online hub for UK folk & roots music

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