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Latest CDs and DVDs
May 2015

Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during May 2015. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Alma Transalpin (Col Legno)
Daymé Arocena Nueva Era (Brownswood Recordings)
Blick Bassy Akö (No Format)
Peter Bellamy with Louis Killen Won’t You Go My Way? (Talking Elephant Records)
Harry Bird & The Rubber Wellies Bricks & Feathers (Hot Drop Records)
The Blossom The Shepperd’s Calendar (Medieval Records)
Niamh Boadle Maid On the Shore (WildGoose Studios)
Barbecue Bob The Rough Guide To Blues Legends (World Music Network)
Broes Route Du Soleil (Appel Rekords)
Kirsty Bromley Time Ashore (own label)
Buika Original Album Series (Warner Music)
Calan Dinas (Sain)
Celenka Celenka (Kuu Records)
Michael Chapman Deal Gone Down (Secret Records)
The Crossings Band The Crossings Band (own label)
Xanthoula Dakovanou & L’Ensemble Anassa La Dame Et La Barque (Musiques et Interpretes)
Bert Deivert & Copperhead Run Blood In My Eyes For You (Rootsy)
Della Mae Della Mae (Rounder Records)
Grant Dermody Sun Might Shine On Me (own label)
The Deslondes The Deslondes (New West Records)
The Fisherman’s Friends Proper Job (own label)
Carlos Gardel The Rough Guide To Tango Legens: Reborn & Remastered (World Music Network)
Paul Goodman Strangely Familiar (own label)
Päkkos Gustaf & Ellika Frisell Evening At Pekkosgården 1988 (Country & Eastern)
Haiku Salut Etch & Etch Deep (How Does It Feel?)
Seán O HEanaigh The Tides That Bind (Einniuc)
Ilkka Heinonen Trio Savu (RockAdillo Records)
Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry Texas & Tennessee Sessions 1964-1974 (Ace Records)
The Henrys Quiet Industry (own label)
Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble Fire, Sweat & Pastis (No Problem! Music)
Hohka Mailla / Halmeilla (own label)
The Honey Dewdrops Tangled Country (own label)
Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin Adana (Muziekpublique)
Hüsch Bann Dr Morche Grauit (SoulFolkRecords)
Ustad Dildar Hussain Khan & Abrar Hussain Sur Sangeet (Kanaga System Krush)
Jansberg Terra Nova (Go’ Danish)
George Jones The Crown Prince Of Country Music (Hoodoo Records)
JPP Skywire/Taivaankansi (own label)
Mari Kalkun & Runorun Tii Ilo (Rockadillo Records)
Fatau Keita & The Naawuni Bie Band Selina (Goethe Institut)
Barry Kerr Boy In A Boat (own label)
Kila Suas Sios (Kila Records)
Andy Kirkham Not One But Another (Bijou CD)
Stathis Koukoularis & Martha Mavroidi Agiorgitiko (Violins Productions)
Pokey LaFarge Something In The Water (Rounder)
The Lasses Daughters (own label)
Amy Lavere & Will Sexton Halleluja I’m A Dreamer (Archer Records)
Anne Lindsay Soloworks (own label)
London Afrobeat Collective Food Chain (own label)
Lonxe Folk On Crest (Several Records)
Jami Lynn Fall Is A Good Time To Die (own label)
The Lyre Ensemble The Flood (own label)
Eden Macadam-Somer My First Love Story (A-Side Records)
Majorstuen Kvitre (own label)
Miriam Makeba Mama Africa (Milan)
Yorgos Mavromanolakis Karpos (Votias)
Mawkin The Ties That Bind (God Form Records)
Brian McNeill & Friends The Falkirk Music Pot (Greentrax)
Mek Yek Super Diver City (Choux De Bruxelles)
Moana & The Tribe Rima (Black Pearl)
Moirai Sideways (WildGoose Studios)
Enrique Morente Original Album Series (Warner Music)
Moriarty Epitaph (Air Rytmo)
Eddy Morton The Rainbow Man (New Mountain Music)
Mosquera Celtic Band Outlander (Several Records)
Anna Mudeka Band Dendende (Tontena Music)
Muzicka Destilét (Pavian Records)
Na-Mara Navajos & Pirates (own label)
Ola Frecsa Elixir (Pipiki Records)
Antii Paalanen Meluta (Rockadillo Records)
Peatbog Faeries Blackhouse (Peatbog Records)
Fred Piek Ballads (Ty Fred)
Plaza Francia A New Tango Songbook (Because Music)
James “Yank” Rachel Complete Recorded Works Vol. 1 (Wolf Records)
James “Yank” Rachel Complete Recorded Works Vol. 2 (Wolf Records)
The Railsplitters The Faster It Goes (own label)
The Resonant Rogues Here & Gone Again (own label)
The Revelers Get Ready (own label)
Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys Voyageurs (own label)
Rönsy Wandering Tales (Aania Records)
Darrell Scott Songs Of Ben Bullington (Full Light Records)
Compay Segundo Original Album Series (Warner Music)
The Shoeless The Shoeless (own label)
Shooglenifty The Untied Knot (own label)
Dana Sipos Roll Up The Night Sky (Muddy Roots Music)
Solo & Indré Solo & Indré (One Root Music)
Lindsay Straw My Mind From Love Being Free (own label)
G D Sweeney The Truth About Lies (Greenville Records)
Richard Thompson Still (Proper Records)
Daby Touré Amonafi (Cumbancha)
Modou Touré & Ramon Goose The West African Blues Project (Arc Music)
Tritonus Urbanus (Zytlogge-Verlag)
Twelfth Day Shell Story (Orange Feather Records)
Two Man Ting Say What? (own label)
UCLU Folk & World Music Society Compilation Album Volume One (own label)
UFQ The Escape (SAE Records)
Vera van Heeringen Proper Brew (Wood & Steel Records)
Hindi Zahra Homeland (Parlaphone / Warner Music France)


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