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Latest CDs and DVDs
December 2014/January 2015

Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during December 2014/January 2015. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Slim Ali & The Hodi Boys 70s Pop! (Arc Music)
Arlet Quartet (own label)
Steve Ashley This Little Game (Market Square)
Francoise Atlan & En Chordais Aman! Sefarad (Buda Records)
Salwa Azar Black Feather Wooden Chair (own label)
Qristina & Quinn Bachand Little Hinges (Beacon Ridge Productions)
Borja Baragano Where I Could Go (GEMA)
Bazseva Elsö Bekezdés (Fono)
Srdjan Beronja The Sounds Of Varanasi (Arc Music)
Deben Bhattacharya Murshidi & Sufi Songs (Arc Music)
Blueflint Stories From Home (JRR)
Ryan Boldt Broadside Ballads (Dahl Street Records)
Duo Bottasso Crescendo (own label)
Jim Boyes Sensations Of A Wound (No Masters)
Daire Bracken & Lorcán MacMathúna Preab Meadar (own label)
Sandy Brechin & Ewan Wilkinson Hard Times Come & Go (Brechin All Records)
Steve Brookes Vintage Troubadour (own label)
Bube Dame König Traumländlein (CPL Music)
Bully’s Acre The Twelve Pins (Big Beat Music)
Martha Burns Old-Time Songs (own label)
Caladh Nua Honest To Goodness (own label)
Camarón de la Isla Fiesta Gitana Con Camaron Y Sus Amigos (Vox)
Kyle Carey North Star (Americelta Records)
Ian Carmichael Ten Years On (SplitRock Music)
Ian Carr & The Various Artists Who He? (Reveal Records)
Cimbaliband Vidámpark (Fono)
Bob & Ron Copper Traditional Songs From Rottingdean (Fledg’ling)
Aodán Coyne If We Only Knew (own label)
Criolo Convoque Seu Buda (Sterns Brasil)
Cúig Cúig (own label)
Dapper’s Delight Disguisings (Karnatic Lab Records)
Jenny Wren & Her Borrowed Wings Dead Man’s Hat (Creature Records)
Dengue Fever The Deepest Lake (Tuk Tuk)
Bonnie Dobson She’s Like A Swallow (Big Beat Records/Ace Records)
Eesti Parmupill Estonian Jew’s Harp (Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum)
OstadElahi Éveil (Le Chant Du Monde)
Ensemble Moshtaq Tambour Inopine (Buda Musique)
Estbel Tähtede Poole (Appel Rekords)
Pál Eszter Napot Holdat Csillagot (Fono)
Anna Falkenau Féileacán na Saoirse (Scroll Music)
False Lights Salvor (Wreckord Label)
Tom Feldmann Delta Blues & Spirituals (Magnolia Recording Company)
Finno-Balkan Voices Finno-Balkan Voices (Kansanmusikki-Instituutti)
The Gaslight Tinkers The Gaslight Tinkers (own label)
Katia Guerreiro Até Ao Fim (Uau)
The Ghana Bigshots Tu Na Me Nsa (Goethe-Institut Ghana)
Rhiannon Giddens Tomorrow Is My Turn (Nonesuch)
Hector Gilchrist with Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer Days O’Grace (WildGoose Recordings)
Grazztrio Three Sheets To The Wind (Red Pig)
Grouyan Gombo & Amis Pooyie, J’Te Dis! (own label)
Dorsaf Hamdani Barbara Fairouz (Accords Croises)
Bella Hardy With The Dawn (Noe Records)
Darren Hayman Chants For Socialists ( Wiawiya)
Heed The Thunder Cockayne (own label)
Ágnes Herczku Bandázom (Fono)
Hog-eyed Man 1 (Yodel-Ay-Hee)
Cätlin Jaago Soolo (own label)
G.Jacquet / P. Comelade Pop Songs Del Rosselo (Discmedi Blau)
Chris Jagger ’s Acoustic Roots (Latent)
Jaume Compte Nafas Ensemble Tariq (Arc Music)
Joglaresa Nuns & Roses (own label)
Wizz Jones A Life On The Road 1964-2014 (Sunbeam)
Kepa Junkera & Sorginak Trikitixaren Historia Txiki Bat (Folmusica)
Karavan Familia Asvin (Fono)
Kedem Ensemble La Yave De Ni Kaza (CPL Music)
Robert Earl Keen Happy Prisoner: The Bluegrass Sessions (Dualtone)
Sam Kelly Spokes (Hairpin Records)
Kila Suas Síos (Kila Records)
Kings & Folk Branching Out (own label)
Tom Kitching Interloper (Fellside Recordings)
Sam Larner Cruising Round Yarmouth (Musical Traditions)
Sam Lee The Fade In Time (Nest Collective Records)
Liana Embalo (own label)
Anna Lindblad Med Vänner (own label)
Annie Lou Tried And True (own label)
Hugh Lupton, Nick Hennessey, John Diper, James Patterson Barbed Wire For Kisses: A Village At War 1914-1918 (own label)
Mantega Latin Grooves Oye (own label)
Massilia Sound System Despuel 1984 (Le Chant Du Monde)
Martin Matthews Wall To Wall...Lindisfarne To Walltown (Cúig Music)
Noel McLoughlin 20 Best Irish Songs (Arc Music)
Rich McMahon Songs Of Exile, Love & Dissent (Knotted Oak Productions)
Neon Fields Transkapela (own label)
No Go Stop Agbara Orin (Bristol Afrobeat Records
Open String Department Fringe Music (Just For The Records)
Tom Pacheco Boomtown (Grammofon)
Jon Palmer Acoustic Band Where The Mountains Meet The Sea (own label)
Peter Paul & Mary Debut Album / Moving (Hoodoo Records)
Stelios Petrakis Quartet Avgi (Buda Musique)  
Shawn Phillips Faces (Talking Elephant Records)
Punch Brothers The Phosphorescent Blues (Nonesuch)
Dory Previn Mythical Kings & Iguanas (Wrasse Records)
The Ragtime Skedaddlers The Latest Popular Mandolin & Guitar Music (Mandophone)
Jenna Reid Live In Shetland (own label)
John Reischman & The Jaybirds On A Winter’s Night (Corvus Records)
Ailie Robertson Little Lights (Lorimer Records)
Romano Drom Colors (Fono)
Ruaille Buaille Bon Temps Ruaille? (own label)
Salao Jara En El Camino (Taller De Músics)
Samba Touré Gandadiko (Glitterbeat)
Hannah Sanders Charms Against Sorrow (Sungrazing Records)
Yannis Saoulis Music For Shows (Eastern Gate)
Serpentyne Myths & Muses (own label)
Adel Shams El-Din / Tarek Abdullaj Wasla (Buda Records)
Skipper’s Alley Skipper’s Alley (own label)
Songhoy Blues Music In Exile (Transgressive Records)
Spontus An Huneour (Klam Records)
Eilidh Steele & Mark Neal Imprints (own label)
Gerda Stevenson Night Touches Day (Gean Records)
Struileag Children Of The Smoke (La Banda)
Sudan Dudan Inntil i Dag (Ta:Lik)
Sväng Karaja-la (Galileo)
Tadusak Bide Luzea Ternuarat (Agorila)
La Talvera Solelh Solelhaire (own label)
Anna TeixeiraWild One (own label)
Temenik Electric Ouesh Hada? (Nomad Cafe Productions)
Inge Thomson Da Fishing Hands (own label)
Torupilli Jussi Trio Mengin Nagu Taevatitt (own label)
Samba Touré Gandadiko (Glitterbeat)
Boubacar Traoré Mbalimaou (Lusafrica)
Two Straylarkers Straydance Outbreak (Stick)
The Unthanks Mount The Air (Rabble Rouser Music)
Various Another Day, Another Time: Celebrating The Music Of ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ (Nonesuch Records)
Various Discover World Music (Arc Music)
Various Favourite Scottish Songs (Greentrax)
Various Folk Music Of The Sahel (Sublime Frequencies)
Various Link Of Chain: A Songwriters’ Tribute To Chris Smither (Signature Sounds Recording Company)
Various Mayas, Révélation D’Un Temps Sans Fin (Frémeaux & Associés)
Various Le Mississippi (Accords-Croises)
Various Slavery In America / Redemption Songs 1914 – 1972 (Fremeaux & Associés)
Various Sons Of The Wind (Asphalt Tango Records)
Various Speak Easy - The RPM Records Story (Ace Records)
Various Street & Ceremonial Recordings: A Distant Invitation (Sublime Frequencies)
Various The Travelling Archive Folk Music From Bengal (Sublime Frequencies)
Dan Walsh Incidents & Accidents (Rooksmere Records)
Junior Wells Southside Blues Jam (Delmark)
White Wave Chapel I Draw Slow (own label)
Kim Wol-ha Gagok Lyrical Songs (Ocaro/Radio France)
Wookalily All The Waiting While (One-A-Chord Records)
Yiddish Twist Orchestra Let’s (Bergmanton Twist Series)
The Young’Uns Another Man’s Ground (own label)
António Zambujo Rua Da Emenda (World Village)
Csík Zenekar Amit Svívedbe Rejtesz (Fono)
Zivania Ensemble Zivania & Tsamarella (Eastern Gate)


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