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Latest CDs and DVDs
April 2014

Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during April 2014. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Aynur Hevra/Together (Sony Turkey)
Robbie Basho The Voice Of The Eagle (Vanguard Masters/Ace)
BivOAc BivOAc (Buda Musique)
Jim Byrnes St. Louis Times (Black Hen Music)
Calaita Flamenco Son (World Music Network)
Laura Cannell Quick Sparrows Over The Black Earth (Brawl)
Martin & Eliza Carthy The Moral Of The Elephant (Topic)
CherryGrove No Time Like Now (own label)
Valeria Cimo Terramadonna (own label)
Anansy Cissé Mali Overdrive (Riverboat)
Donal Clancy Songs Of A Roving Blade (own label)
Crossharbour Crossharbour (Higlet Recordings)
Steve Dawson Rattlesnake Cage (Black Hen Music)
Cara Dillon A Thousand Hearts (Charcoal)
Bonnie Dobson Take Me For A Walk In The Morning Dew (Hornbeam)
Jorge Drexler Bailar En La Cueva (Warner Music Spain)
The Driftwood Manor Of The Storm (Stone Tape Recordings)
Ensemble Tirana The Bridge That Links Time (Frea)
Frank Etienne & Mark Mulholland Chaophonies (Cannery Row)
Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson Do Tell (Manhaton)
Bradford Lee Folk & The Bluegrass Playboys Somewhere Far Away (own label)
Fate The Juggler One Eye Open (Red Admiral)
The FB Pocket Orchestra with Mike Deighan Boot That Thing (own label)
Forabandit Port (Buda)
Kareyce Fotso Mokte (Contre Jour)
Steve Gifford Beaudesert (own label)
Green Rocket River Band Rhinoceros (Hand Clap)
The Warren G. Hardings Get A Life (own label)
Hatful Of Rain The Morning Key (Union Music Store)
Kacy & Clayton The Day Is Past And Gone (Sasko Music)
Kathy Kallick Cut To The Chase (Live Oak)
The Knights Of Mentis New Pound Coin (own label)
Kronos Quartet A Thousand Thoughts (Nonesuch)
Laurie Lewis with Tom Rozum & Nina Gerber One Evening in May (Spruce & Maple Music)
Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys Here Between (Earthwork Music)
Benedicte Maurseth & Asne Valland Nordli Over Tones (ECM)
Tommy McCarthy & Louise Costello Grace Bay (own label)
Arthur Migliazza Laying It Down (Hobemian)
Mishaped Pearls Thamesis (own label)
Mórga For The Sake Of Auld Decency (own label)
Moulettes Constellations (Navigator)
Ninebarrow While The Blackthorn Burns (own label)
The New Line Can’t Hold The Wheel (own label)
Olion Byw Mudo (own label)
Johnny Pacheco Y Su Charanga Vol. II (Malanga Music)
Pennyless Hanging Moon (Rowdy Farrago)
Phønix Nu (GO’)
J-P Piirainen First Steps (Pilfink)
PolkaWorks Borrowed Shoes (G&T)
The Railsplitters The Railsplitters (own label)
Naomi Randall with Tom Gaskell Naomi Randall with Tom Gaskell (Aaahh!!! Real)
Linda Ronstadt Duets (Rhino)
Roving Crows Live Distractons (own label)
Salamander Salamander (Liljans antivariat HB)
SANS SANS Live (Cloud Valley Music)
Colum Sands Turn The Corner (Spring)
Guy Schalom Baladi Blues Reloaded – Urban Egyptian Dance Music Remixed (Ethnomusic)
Cory Seznec Beauty In The Dirt (Captain Pouch)
Ian Siegal Man & Guitar (Nugene)
Soneros All Stars Lolo (Soneros)
Sonido Gallo Negro Sendero Mistico (Glitterbeat)
Twelfth Day The Devil Makes Three (Orange Feather)
Gordon Tyrrall Mumonkan (own label)
Various Gipsy Rhumba – The Original Rhythm Of Gipsy Rhumba In Spain 1965-1974 (Soul Jazz)
Various Les Esprits Ecoutent/The Spirits Are Listening (Musique Du Monde)
Various The Rough Guide To African Blues (World Music Network)
Various The Rough Guide To Celtic Music (World Music Network)
Various The Rough Guide To Indian Classical Music (World Music Network)
Various The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Cambodia (World Music Network)
Various Swamp Pop Bayou (Ace)
Various For The Love Of The Music: The Club 47 Folk Revival CD & DVD (Kingswood)
Various You Are There…with Country Music Pioneers: Classic Early Films Of Legendary Performers 1952-1954 DVD (Shanachie)
Volga Kumshki Pjut (Asphalt Tango)
Melody Walker & Jacob Groopman We Made It Home (Maker/Mender)
Whiskey Moonface One Blinding Dusky Dusk (Smugglers)
Zef Just Merlot (Appel Rekords)
Thomas Yates Second City Spiritual (Epona)


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