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Latest CDs and DVDs
May 2013

Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during May 2013. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Jarek Adamow Fall In The Mountains (Folken Music)
Simone Alves & Yann Gourvil Astrakan Project (Astrakan Project);
Khaled Aljaramani Athar (Institut Du Monde Arabe)
The Bills Yes Please (Red House Records)
Budino Sotaque (Fol Musica)
The Cat Empire Steal The Light (Two Shoes Records)
Michael Chapman Wrecked Again (reissue) (Light In The Attic)
Michael Chapman Rainmaker (reissue) (Light In The Attic)
Michael Chapman Fully Qualified Survivor (Light In The Attic)
Guy Clark My Favourite Picture Of You (Dualtone Records)
Ceolbeg Collected (Greentrax)
Dalinda Waternixie (Big Vocal Poet Record)
Amadou Diagne Yakar (Waulk Records)
Dirtmusic Troubles (Glitterbeat)
Etran Finatawa The Sahara Sessions (Riverboat Records)
David Evans Live At Alte Post (Blind Lemon Records)
The False Beards Ankle (Ghosts From The Basement)
The Good Lovelies Live At Revolution (own label)
Ugo Guizzardo & Angelo Palma Cancion Nueva (Omaggio A Victor Jara) (Felmay)
Guo Gan Trio Jasmine Flower (Felmay)
Darren Hayman Bugbears ((Fika Recordings)
Tim Holehouse Fighter (Aaahh!!! Real Records)
Jimmy “Duck” Holmes All Night Long (Dixiefrog)
Jaipur Kawa Brass Band Dance Of The Cobra (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)
Bert Jansch Heartbeak (Omnivore Recordings)
Diana Jones Museum Of Appalachia Recordings (Proper Records)
Lady Maisery Mayday (Rootbeat)
Simo Lagwani Gnawa London (Waulk Records)
Light In Babylon Life Sometimes Doesn’t Give You Space (own label)
Angus Lyon 3G (ElTen97)
Mamud Band Afro Future Funk (Felmay)
Stuart Masters & Rishi Ranjan Agam (Hi4Head Records)
Melrose Quartet Fifty Verses (own label)
Merry Hell Head Full Of Magic, Shoes Full Of Rain (Mrs Casey Records)
Olga Mieleszczuk Jewish Folk Songs From The Shtetl (own label)
Monks From The Spituk Monastery Blessing (Felmay)
Ambuya Nyati Zimbabwe/Shona Ritual Music (Ocora/Radio France)
Colm Naughton The Space Between The Notes (own label)
Orchestra Bailam E Compagnia Di Canto Trallalero Galata (Felmay)
Out Of Reach Folk Music From Cambridgeshire Pub Sessions (Treewind)
The Penny Black Remedy Inhale...Exhale...OK, Now You Can Panic! (Soundinistas)
Radio Cos Radio Cos (Fol Musica)
Rich & Famous Beginner’s Luck (Yeti Boy Records)
The Duke Robillard Band Independently Blue (Dixiefrog)
Round Mountain The Goat (Red Shield Music)
Peter Rowan The Old School (Compass Records)
RSVP Keeping It Alive (own label)
Thomas Schleiken Beech Mountain Hill (Blind Lemon Records)
Tom Shaka Delta Thunder: The Field Recordings (Blind Lemon Records)
Jyotsna Srikanth Call Of Bangalore (Riverboat Records/World Music Network)
Martin Simpson Vagrant Stanzas (Topic)
State Of The Union Snake Oil (Reveal)
Simon Thacker’s Svara Kanti Rakshasa (Slap The Moon Records)
Sanubar Tursun Argu/Songs Of The Uyghurs (Felmay)
Various Electric Blues Volume 1 (Freshly Squeezed)
Various Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings From The 1970s & ‘80s (Soundway)
Various Poetry & Music Of Ashiqs/Traditional Music Of Azerbaijan (Felmay)
Various The Liberty To Choose/A Selection Of Songs From The New Penguin Book Of English Folk Songs (Fellside)
Various Women Of Brazil (Putumayo)


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