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Latest CDs and DVDs
June 2012

Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during June 2012. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Arnaldo Antunes, Edgard Scandurra, Toumani Diabate A Curva Da Cintura (Mais Um Discos)
Artemisia Le Alpi Del Mare (A Briga)
Black Umfolosi Best of… Summertime (Arc Music)
Aziza Brahim & Gulili Mankoo Mabruk (Reaktion)
Juan Carlos Cáceres Noche De Carnaval (Mañana)
Catfish Keith Buzz (Fish Tail Records)
Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro Escales (Appel)
Yulia Charkova My Seven-Stringed Chadyghan (Pan Records)
Chemako Chemako (Ultrasound Records)
Damian Clarke Paths Of Desire (Voxpop)
Coyote Grace Now Take Flight (Mile After Mile)
Tim Eriksen Josh Billings Voyage (own label)
Fairport Convention And The Band Played On (Secret Records)
Dick Farrelly & Matt Walklake Keep It Clean (own label)
David Francey The First Set Live From Folk Alley (Greentrax)
David Francey Late Edition (Greentrax)
Geomungo Factory Metamorphosis (Synnara)
Angelina Grimshaw Almond Blossom (Village Bike Records)
Harmonia Hidden Legacy (Folk Sounds Records)
Caroline Herring Camilla (Signature Sounds)
Hiss Golden Messenger Poor Moon (Tompkins Square)
The Hot Seats Feel (own label)
Arja Kastinen The Last Gathering (own label)
Mary Humphreys & Anahta A Baker’s Dozen (Treewind)
Omar Khorshid Guitar El Chark (Sublime Frequencies)
Krar Collective Ethiopia Super Krar (Riverboat)
Paul Lamb & The King Snakes The Games People Play (Secret Records)
Lo’Jo Cinema Melundo (World Village)
Dogan Mehmet Outlandish (Hobgoblin)
Mokoomba Rising Tide (Igloo Records)
Jacky Molard Quartet Suites (Innacor)
Rachel Newton The Shadow Side (Shee Records)
Susan Palma Nidel Elegante (Flutewine Productions)
Koo Nimo Highlife Roots Revival (Riverboat Records)
Gerardo Núñez Travesía (The Act Company)
Os Cempés Tentemozo (Fol Musica)
Tom Paley’s Old Time Moonshine Revue Roll On, Roll On   (Hornbeam)
Karine Polwart Traces (Hegri)
Puzzleroot Square Pie (own label)
Random Canyon Growlers Dickey Ain’t Got All Day (The Henhouse Recording Studio)
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman Hidden People (Navigator)
Roksonaki Naurya (Mosaiqa Records)
Stefano Saletti & Piccola Banda Ikona Folkpolitik (Finisterre)
Silly Wizard Live Again (Birnam CD)
Skirdechal! Folk On The Water (own label)
Fran Smith Fran Smith EP (SnickerSneeze Records)
Chris Smither Hundred Dollar Valentine (Signature Sounds)
Rafe & Clelia Stefanini Lady On The Green - Old Time Tunes & Songs (Old Willow Tree)
Strawbs Of A Time (Witchwood Media)
Sundog Insofar/Side1 (Penguin Cafe)
Swampward Orchestra Tightrope (own label)
T.G.Collective Release The Penguins (Stoney Lane Music)
Thistledown Thistledown (own label)
Michael J Tinker Shores Of Amerikay (Regather Music)
Umoza Tumoka Voices (The Daisy Label)
Alamaailman Vasarat Valta (Nordic Notes)
Various Eat The Dream – Gnawa Music From Essaouria LP (Sublime Frequencies)
Various Gannin’ To Blaydon Races – The Songs Of George Ridley (MWM)
Various Harbour Of Songs (The Stables)
Various Jailhouse Bound John Lomax’s First Southern Prison Recordings, 1933 (Global Jukebox)
Various The New Young Fogies Vol. 1 (own label)
Various Nordic Woman (Grappa)
Various Oh Michael, Look What You’ve Done: Friends Play Michael Chapman (Tompkins Square)
Various We’re All In It Together – A Benefit For The Morning Star (Red Planet Records)
Various Weirdlore (Folk Police Recordings)
Kieran Wade Out On The Back Roads (own label)
Samuel Yirga Guzo (Real World Records)


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