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Latest CDs and DVDs
November 2011

Finished copies of the following CDs and DVDs were received in the fRoots office during November 2011. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Ani Difranco Which Side Are You On? (Righteous Babe)
Anoushka Shankar Traveller (Deutsche Grammophon)
Arthur Kitchener The Hobo Manifesto (HMI Records)
Basco Big Basco (Go’ Danish Folk Music)
Billy Bragg Fight Songs (own label)
Blackbeard’s Tea Party Tomorrow We’ll Be Sober (own label)
Bora Mercedes Baron (Arecords)
Brocc 13 Moons (PipeDream Music)
Buika En Mi Piel (Warner Music)
Calan Jonah (Sain)
Carwyn Tywyn Alawon o’r Stryd (CALC)
Christina Mimmocchi Rumours Of Summer (8arms)
Chuantong Orchestra China: Classical & Folk Music (Production Sunset-France)
Chuck Johnson A Struggle Not A Thought (Strange Attractors)
Cristina Branco Live In Amsterdam, Netherlands (ARC Music)
DOA A Fronda Dos Cervos (Fol Musica)
Duotone Ropes (ECC Records)
Einar Olav Larsen Trio Lysblåin (Etnisk Musikklubb)
Enzo Favata & Mario Crispi Insulae (Isola dei Suoni)
Group Inerane Guitars From Agadez Vol. 3 (Sublime Frequencies)
Hans Theessink Jedermann Remixed - The Soundtrack (Blue Groove)
Istiklal Trio Istiklal Trio (own label)
Jimmy Reed I’m Jimmy Reed (Charly)
Josep-Maria Ribelles Ondines Ballen (Armando Records)
Karandila Junior Ghetto “Hope” (Balkan Fever)
Kate Rusby While Mortals Sleep (Pure Records)
Keith B. Brown Down The Line (DixieFrog)
Kieran Fahy & Jacques Pirotton The Emigrant’s Lament (Mogno Music)
Kurash Sultan Ärkäk Su (Caprice)
Las Hermanas Caronni Baguala De La Siesta (Snail Records)
Lepistö & Lehti Radio Moskova (Aito)
Little Axe If You Want Loyalty, Buy A Dog (On-USound)
Locarno Una Mas Y Ya Nos Wamos (Jericho Beach)
Martin Weiss World Sinti Jazz Ensemble As In The Morning Sunrise (Label Ouest)
Mary Black Stories From The Steeples (3ú Records)
Michael Jerome Browne The Road Is Dark (Borealis)
Minor Empire Second Nature (World Trip Records)
Mumuvitch Disko Orkestar Wir Liefern Instrumente (Musique Estetica)
Muzsikás The Very Best Of…Fly Bird, Fly (Nascente)
N’Faly Kouyate Kora Strings featuring Mamady Keita (Namun)
Orchestre Del’s Jazz Biguine 1951-1953 (Frémeaux & Associés)
Pat Egan & Alex Caton Fiddle Tunes & Ballads (own label)
Pete Kiddle Gunpowder Tea (HayHo)
Rún Sé: Songs From The Six Celtic Nations (own label)
Sabicas & Escudero The Fantastic Guitars Of… (El Records)
Sambasunda Quintet Java (Riverboat Records)
Sevda Exclusive Collector’s Edition (Caprice)
Sons Of Joy Songs Of Joy (Antigen)
Talabarte Talabarte (Fol Musica)
Teta Fototse Racines Roots (Buda Musique)
The Bottoms Up Blues Gang Handle It (Blue Skunk Music)
The Carrborators Caffeinated Heart (own label)
The Devil’s Brides Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi (ARC Music)
The Lazy Susans One More Time (Egghouse)
The Ships King Alfred’s Cakes (own label)
The Woodbine & Ivy Band The Woodbine & Ivy Band (Folk Police)
TriBeCaStan New Deli (EverGreene Music)
Urban Tunélls Klezmerband In Der Fintster (Curling Legs)  
Various Texas Bohemia Revisited (Trikont)
Various Bénin: Yoruba Music/Voices Of Memory (Ocora/Radio France)
Various Bambara Mystic Soul (Analog Africa)
Various Czech Republic: Music From Walachia, Hornácko & Kopanice (Ocora/Radio France)
Various Ethiosonic: Noise & Chill Out (Buda Musique)
Various I Listen To The Wind That Obliterates My Traces (Dust To Digital)
Various Rough Guide To Cajun & Zydeco (World Music Network)
Various The Blues (Charly)
Various The Kankoleba Of The Batonga Vol.2 (St. Sharp Wood Productions)
Various The Rough Guide To Cajun & Zydeco (World Music Network)
Various Voices In Scotland - Folktales, Music & Ballads (BAR)
Various Whirl-Y-Gig Global Disco ((Whirl-y-Music)
Various Zomeki - Awa Grooves & Remixes (Aby Records)
Wizz Jones Huldenberg Blues (Sunbeam)
Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, Chris Thile The Goat Rodeo Sessions (Sony Masterworks)


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