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Latest CDs and DVDs
September 2010

Finished copies of the following CDs and DVDs were received in the fRoots office during September 2010. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Abnoba Abnormal (Kilohertz)
Angles Angles (own label)
Aurelia The Hour Of The Wolf (
Roy Bailey Tomorrow (Fuse)
Bear Creek XI (Canyon)
Beoga Live At Stockfisch Studio (Stockfisch)
Pete Berryman The Ghosts Of May (Zefredot)
The Black Twig Pickers Ironto Special (Thrill Jockey)
The Blackberry Bushes Little Bit Of Grace (own label)
The Blaydon Aces Gan Canny (own label)
Bregada Berard Bòn Nadal Occitania (Felmay)
Cara Long Distance Love (Artes)
Antonio Castrignanò Mara La Fatìa (Felmay)
Mark Chadwick All The Pieces (Stay By)
Shirley Collins Sweet England (Fledg’ling)
Cree Confederation Pakosiyimitan (Canyon)
Andrew Cronshaw The Great Dark Water (Acrobat)
Dearly & Denny Love Hurts, Dude (Canyon)
Deolinda Dois Selos E Um Carimbo (World Connection)
Joe Derrane with John McGann Grove Lane (Compass)
Girija Devi North India (Ocora)
Dhoad Gypsies Of Rajasthan Roots Travellers (World Village)
Bobby Dobson Vive La Canadienne (Bear Family)
Dva Six Four Five Eight Six Four Seven Eight (own label)
Sturla Eide Slåtter Fra Meldal Og Orkdal Vol 1 (Etnisk Musikklubb)
Ensemble Marâghî Anwâr (Felmay)
Estun-Bah From Where The Sun Rises (Canyon)
Tom Feldmann & The Get-Rites Tribute (Magnolia)
Finest Kind For Honour And For Gain (Fallen Angle)
Frigg Grannen (own label)
Gai Saber Angels Pastres Miracles (Felmay)
Gamelan Of Central Java XIV. Ritual Sounds Of Sekaten (Felmay)
Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts Up From The Deep (GR!)
The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band Scottish Country Dances – Ah’m Askin’ (Greentrax)
The Golden Gate Quartet Incredible (Dixie Frog)
Grupo Lokito Esengo Ya Ko Bina (Malecon)
Ernie Hawkins Whinin’ Boy (Corona)
Gao Hong Quiet Forest, Flowing Stream (Innova)
Huun Huur Tu Ancestor’s Call (World Village)
Andy Irvine Abocurragh (own label)
Lalgudi G Jayaraman Sublime Strings (Felmay)
Ralph Jordan Eloise (own label)
Enoch Kent Take A Trip With Me (Borealis)
Arash Khalatbari In La Chapelle – A Hedonistic Salvation (Iris)
Axel Krygier Pesebre (Crammed)
Lars-Ánte Kuhmunen, Chief Dancing Thunder, Spiridon Shishigin Rhythms Of The Tundra (Singing Frog)
Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha Poets And Lighthouses (Yat-Kha)
Layali De Tunis Tunisia – Winds From The Desert (Air Mail Music)
Tim Laycock Sea Strands (WildGoose)
Levellers A Weapon Called The Word (On The Fiddle)
Los De Abajo Actitud Calle (Wrasse)
Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies Wotcheor! (Tantobie)
Lumiere Lumiere (IRL)
Mabon Live At The Grand Pavilion (Easy On The Records)
Mamud Band feat. Bunna Opposite People – The Music Of Fela Kuti (Felmay)
Thierry Massoubre & Jefferson Louvat A Walk With You (Acoustic Music)
Chloe Matharu Next Market Day (Jonesy & Jock)
Ralph McTell Somewhere Down The Road (Leola Music)
Monoswezi Monoswezi (Parallell)
Shauna Mullin Wishing Tree (own label)
Chris & Siobhan Nelson Early Birds (own label)
Chris Newman Still Getting Away With It (Old Bridge Music)
Mairéad Ní Fhlatharta Ó Chaon Taobh / From Both Sides (Cló Iar-Chonnacht)
No Border Orchestra Arctic Cinema (iBoks)
Nordic Choro Nordic Choro (Ääniä)
Oki Dub Ainu Band Sakhalin Rock (Chikar Studio)
The Once The Once (Borealis)
John Pearse The Lost 1966 Waldeck Audition (Bear Family)
Gavin Pennycook Celtic Nyckelharpa (own label)
Piirpauke Koli (Rockadillo)
Pipestone As The Rez Turns (Canyon)
Po’ Girl Follow Your Bliss (Po’ Girl Music)
Port Isaac’s Fisherman’s Friends Farmer’s Toast (Universal)
Pratola Folk E N’Ammuina (Italian World Music)
Ben Prestage Real Music (Nugene)
John Prine In Person & On Stage (Oh Boy)
Nirmala Rajasekar Into The Raga (Innova)
Jenna & Bethany Reid Escape (Lofoten)
Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band Legacy (Compass)
Mick Ryan & Paul Downes Away In The West (WildGoose)
Christine Salem Lanbousir (Cobalt)
Willie Salomon Let Your Light Shine (Acoustic Music)
Colum Sands & MacInnes The Seedboat / Bàta An T-Sìl (Spring)
Rob Say O’er Lang At The Fair (Veteran)
Hüsnü Senlendirici & Trio Chios Both Sides Of The Aegean (Doublemoon)
Mozafar Shafii & The Râst Ensemble Iran (Ocora)
Shahkilid Nedaye Asemani (Muziekpublique)
The Shee Decadence (Shee)
Devon Sproule Live In London (Tin Angel)
Peter Stampfel & Baby Gramps Outertainment (Red Newt)
Kelompok Sunda Java – Burubudur Nights (Air Mail Music)
Syriana The Road To Damascus (Real World)
Syster Fritz Existenso (own label)
Talibah Navajo Songs For Children (Canyon)
Tatè Nsongan Trio Tatè Nsongan Trio (Kinkoba)
The Tribe Woodland Groove – Pow-wow Songs Recorded Live In Keshena (Canyon)
Various All Along The Wall (Fellside)
Various The Battle Of Prestonpans 1745 – Music And Songs Of The Campaign (Greentrax)
Various Echoes From The Mountain (Rif Mountain)
Various Højbystævnet 2009 (GO’ Danish Folk)
Various Il Sud Che Balla, Il Sud Che Canta, Il Sud Che Suona (Italian World Music)
Various More Miles Than Money (Ace)
Various Outsinging The Nightingale: Lost Treasures Of Bulgarian Music 1905-1950 (JSP)
Various The Roots Of Chicha 2 (Crammed)
Various The Rough Guide To Bollywood (World Music Network)
Various The Rough Guide To Flamenco Dance (World Music Network)
Various Trance Gamelan In Bali (Felmay)
Very Be Careful Escape Room (Barbes)
Very Be Careful Horrible Club (Downtown Pijao)
Matheu Watson Matheu Watson (Seer)
Andy White Songwriter (ALT/Floating World)
Martyn Wyndham-Read & No Man’s Band Back To You (Wynding Road Music)
Yair Yona Remember (Anova Music)
The Young’uns Man, I Feel Like A Young’un (own label)
Yr Hwntws Gwentian (Sain)
António Zambujo Guia (World Village)


Various The Arhoolie Foundation Presents Down Home Music – A Journey Through The Heartland 1963 (Arhoolie)


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