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Latest CDs and DVDs
November 2008

Finished copies of the following CDs and DVDs were received in the fRoots office during November 2008. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Last month's listing

A3 Trasudando (FolkClub EthnoSuoni)
Alyth People Like Me (Navigator)
Darol Anger & Mike Marshall Woodshop (Adventure Music America)
Ólöf Arnaulds Vid Og Vid (12 Tónar)
Soumaya Baalbaki Arabtango (Forward Music)
Ghazi Abdel Baki Communiqué #2 (Forward Music)
Sayon Bamba Mod’ Vacance  (Cobalt)
Blu2 Fishin’ Blues (own label)
Bonga Bairro (Lusafrica)
Les Boukakes Marra (Atlas Music Pro)
Boys Of The Lough Midwinter Live (Lough)
Calan Bling  (Sain)
Andrea Capezzuoli E Compagnia Suonato Coi Piedi! (FolkClub EthnoSuoni)
Ceilidh Minogue There Y’are Now (The Music Kitchen)
Ablaye Cissoko + Volker Goetze Sira (ObliqSound)
D’Callaos Desde Mi Balcón (own label)
Erran Baron Cohen Songs In The Key Of Hannukkah (New Line)
Ara Dinkjian Peace On Earth (Krikor Music)
Esprit Follet Où Vont Les Vieilles Lunes (FolkClu b EthnoSuoni)
Færd, Dørge, Becker, Hjetland Kryss (Tutl)
Fingal (James Keane, Randal Bays, Dáithí Sproule) Fingal (New Folk)
Bob Fox & Stu Luckley Thirty Years On (own label)
Franco & Le TPOK Jazz Francophonic (Stern’s)
Thomas Fraser That Far Away Land (Nel Music)
Gangbe Brass Band Assiko  (Contre Jour)
Katriona Gilmore & Jamie Roberts Shadows And Half Light (own label)
The Golden Gate Quartet Hommage (Buda)
Gose Gose II (Baga-Biga)
Grannar Sofiagatan – Folk Music From Southern Sweden (Evolving Traditions)
Harem Scarem Storm In A Teacup (Vertical)
Hexacorde & Vanesa Muela Desbarates (Galileo MC)
Donald Kachamba Donald Kachamba At UCLA Fall 1999 (UCLA Ethnomusicology Publications)
Mari Kalkun Üü Tulõk (Õunaviks)
Marcel Khalife Caress (Connecting Cultures)
René Lacaille Cordéon Kaméléon (Connecting Cultures)
Elena Ledda Live At Jazz In Sardegna (Sardmusic)
Anne Lister A Twist In The Story (Hearthfire)
Luminescent Orchestrii Neptune’s Daughter (Nine Mile)
Ma’arìa Sugnari (FolkClub EthnoSuoni)
La Machine Il Est Encore Temps (Aepem)
Malinky Flower & Iron (Greentrax)
John McCusker & others Under One Sky (Navigator)
Todd Menton The Dolmen Field (New Folk)
La Moresca Antica Migrare (FolkClub EthnoSuoni)
Michael Morpurgo On Angel Wings (No Masters)
Yinon Muallem The Way It Is (Kaf Müzik)
Najma Fariyaad (Connecting Cultures)
La Pegatina Al Carrer! (own label)
Graham & Sam Pirt Dance Ti’ Thee Daddy (Fellside)
Magda Piskorczyk Magda Live (own label)
Janusz Prusinowski Trio Mazurki (Sluchaj Uchem)
Asad Qizilbash Live In Peshawar – Sarod Recital (Sub Rosa)
The Ram Company Waltzers & Wonders: The Wakes Is In Town (ADA)
Patsy Reid Bridging The Gap (Vertical)
Titi Robin Kali Sultana  (Naive)
Earl Scruggs with Family & Friends The Ultimate Collection / Live At The Ryman  (Rounder)
Márta Sebestyén I Can See The Gates Of Heaven… (own label)
Jan & Pete Shevlin BetterLate (own label)
Ian Siegal The Dust (Nugene)
Byther Smith Got No Place To Go (Fedora)
Omar Sosa, Battista Giordano, Tenores Di Oniferi Isolanos – Live At The European Jazz Expo 2007 (Sardmusic)
Malick Pathé Sow Maayo Men (Muziek Publique)
Chango Spasiuk Pynandí  (World Village)
Spaccapaese Canti Contadini E Tammurriate (own label)
Mavis Staples Live: Hope At The Hideout  (Anti)
Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko Africa To Appalachia (own label)
Sutaras Folk Music Band & Dainius Pulauskas Group Vilnius Kaip Ant Delno! Vilnius – In The Palm Of Your Hand!  (Kuku)
La Talvera & others Nadals D’Occitània (Cordae/ La Talvera)
Tarhana Mundus (RMP)
Tarleton’s Jig Elizabethan Street Songs (Shakespeare Globe Trust)
Artie Traum Thief Of Time (Roaring Stream)
Trebunie-Tutki & Twinkle Brothers Songs Of Glory - Piesni Chwaly (Indies)
U-Cef Halalwood (Crammed)
Various The All New Electric Muse: The Story Of Folk Into Rock (Universal)
Various Country & Eastern Christmas (Country & Eastern)
Various Country & Western Hit Parade 1945 (Bear Family)
Various Country & Western Hit Parade 1946 (Bear Family)
Various Country & Western Hit Parade 1947 (Bear Family)
Various Country & Western Hit Parade 1948 (Bear Family)
Various Country & Western Hit Parade 1949 (Bear Family)
Various Country & Western Hit Parade 1950 (Bear Family)
Various Dolphin Boy – Vertical Variations (Vertical)
Various Estonie – Chants Seto (Ocora Radio France)
Various Fiddling In West Africa 1950s–1990s (UCLA Ethnomusicology Publications)
Various Ibimeni: Garifuna Traditional Music From Guatemala (Sub Rosa)
Various Japan – Flower Dance: Japanese Folk Melodies (Nonesuch Explorer)
Various Japan – Koto Music (Noensuch Explorer)
Various Japan – Shakuhachi: The Japanese Flute  (Nonesuch Explorer)
Various Japan – Traditional Vocal & Instrumental Pieces  (Nonesuch Explorer)
Various Karakalpakistan – La Voix Des Ancêtres  (Buda)
Various M For Mississippi: A Road Trip Through The Birthplace Of The Blues (Broke & Hungry/ Cat Head Delta Blues/ Mudpuppy)
Various Les Maîtres Du Bélé Vol. 2 (Buda)
Various Marabi Africa 2 (Marabi)
Various The Music & Song Of Edinburgh (Greentrax)
Various Srbija Sounds Global All Stars (B92)
Various Vetettem Gyöngyöt / I Sowed Pearls – Hungarian World Music 1972-2006  (Etnofon)
Various Viêt-nam: Hanoi - Hué (Frémeaux & Associés)
Joe Louis Walker Witness To The Blues (Dixiefrog)
Robin Williamson Just Like The River And Other Songs With Guitar (Quadrant)
Zywiolak Muzyka Psychodelicznej Switezianki (Karrot Kommando)


Alison Krauss A Hundred Miles Or More: Live From The Tracking Room (Rounder)

Last month's listing