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Latest CDs and DVDs

March 2008

Finished copies of the following CDs were received in the fRoots office during March 2008. Please note that we do not list or review from advance CDRs or music outside fRoots' remit (see FAQ pages). Inclusion in these listings does not automatically mean that a printed review will follow, though it is more likely.

Last month's listing

Les Amazones De Guinée Wamato (Stern’s)
Sarah Aroeste Band Puertas (Aroeste Music)
Scott August Lost Canyons (Cedar Mesa Music)
Badakhshan Ensemble Song And Dance From The Pamir Mountains: Music Of Central Asia Vol. 5 (Smithsonian Folkways)
Félix Baloy Y Su Cuban Son All Stars Un Solo Amor (Tumi)
Bantu, Docta, Sister Fa & More Many Lessons: Hiphop – Islam – West Africa (Piranha)
Bass Instincts Black To Bassics (Glenthorn)
Chris Beirne Freezerburn (own label)
Beoga A Lovely Madness (Compass)
Debashish Bhattacharya Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey (Riverboat)
Eric Bibb Get Onboard (Telarc)
Mary Black Twenty-Five Years – Twenty-Five Songs (3ú)
Black Twig Pickers Hobo Handshake (VHF)
Blocoelectro Global Beatbox Part 1 (Earth Connection)
BluesMix Biding My Time (Bluedust)
Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol. 2 (Inside)
Capercaillie Roses And Tears (Vertical)
Juan Carmona Borboreo (Le Chant Du Monde)
Cazyapjazz Latife (Konnex)
Paco Cepero Abolengo (Bujío Producciones)
Chatham County Line IV (Yep Roc)
Kathy Chiavola Somehow (My Label)
The Children Of Agape Choir We Are Together (EMI)
Nando Citarella Mozart… Al Chiaro Di Luna  (Radici Music)
Corou De Berra Au Fil De Temps… (own label)
Daddo The Ladino Voice (FA Music)
Remi Decker & Maarten Decombel Fil d’Air (Appel)
DeVotchKa A Mad & Faithful Telling (Anti-)
Barbara Dickson Time & Tide (Chariot Music)
Sjahin During Afro Anatolian Tales (Rein Music)
Ember Open All the Doors (Salt & Slate)
Ensemble Al-Asdeka Ensemble Al-Asdeka (own label)
Enter The Haggis Soapbox Heroes (United For Opportunity)
Fanfara Populara Vita Da Coni (Bama)
Faraulla Sospiro (Felmay)
David Ferrard Broken Sky (Flamingo West)
Fox & Branch Hot Time (Doodleywag)
French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf  (Fledg’ling)
Frifot Flyt (Amigo)
Ghost Bees Tasseomancy (Youth Club)
The Giving Tree Band Unified Folk Theory (Crooked Creek)
Bob Hall What Goes Round (SPV Blue)
Dick Hensold Big Music For Northumbrian Smallpipes (Ten Thousand Lakes)
I Suoni Del Pollino Sonate Calabresi (Radici Music)
La Jambre Las Lunas De Astarté (Bujío Producciones)
John Jorgenson Quintet Ultraspontane (J2)
C Joynes God Feeds The Ravens (Bo’Weavil)
Kanda Bongo Man Soukous Time (Gallo)
Mor Karbasi The Beauty And The Sea (Mintaka Music)
B.B. King Live At The BBC (Universal)
Kirkwall City Pipe Band Anthems Of A Peedie Nation (own label)
Niladri Kumar Zitar (Disques Dreyfus)
Lava Taraba (PaLava Music)
Bob Long & Keith Miller I Wonder To Myself (BL Music)
Longview Deep In The Mountains (Rounder)
Unni Løvlid Rite (Grappa)
John-Alex Mason Town And Country  (Naked Jaybird Music)
May Monday (Karen Tweed, Timo Alakotila, Roger Tallroth, Emma Reid) Midnight May Monday (May Monday Adventures)
Milagro Acustico Ensemble Siqiliah – Terra D’Islam (Compagnia Nuove Indye)
Ale Möller Band Djef Djel (Amigo)
Moving Cloud Welcome: Who Are You? (Go’ Danish Folk Music)
Naughty Jack Good Times (Wang Dang Doodle)
El Hadj N’Diaye Géej (Marabi)
Nelsons Wake Ebb And Flow (own label)
Elizabeth Nicholson & Stringed Migration Fly Not Yet (Waterbug)
The Northside Southpaws Stomp Glide Wobble (Ruthless Rabbit)
Siobhán O’Brien Songs I Grew Up To (own label)
Oriental Mood feat. Fatma Zidan Muktalef/ Different (own label)
The Original Trevor Watts Drum Orchestra Drum Energy! (Hi4head)
Konstantina Pappas & Petroloukas Halkia Ipirotiko Apanthisma  (Affi)
Les Pommes De Ma Douche Swing From Paris (Le Chant Du Monde)
Alim & Fargana Qasimov Spiritual Music Of Azerbaijan: Music Of Central Asia Vol. 6 (Smithsonian Folkways)
Hector Qirko Wherever You Go (Blind Guru)
Hunter Robertson Sings Songs For The Masses (own label)
Alfredo Rodriguez Live – Oye Afra (O+)
Jack Rose Dr Ragtime & Pals/ Self Titled  (Beautiful Happiness)
Cheb I Sabbah Devotion (Six Degrees)
Anna Saeki Tango Clásico Y Moderno (Oriente Musik)
Lissa Schneckenburger Song (Footprint)
Shastriya Syndicate Syndicated (Sense World Music)
Olaf Sickmann New Celtic Guitar (Wonderland)
Ska Cubano Ajiaco! The Remix Album (Casinosounds)
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder Honoring The Fathers Of Bluegrass: Tribute To 1946 And 1947 (Skaggs Family)
Skyhook Skyhook (Skyhook Music)
Emily Smith Too Long Away (Spit & Polish)
Cora Smyth Are We There Yet? (own label)
Carmen Souza Verdade (Connecting Cultures)
The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock (Transduction)
Adam Summerhayes & Emil Chakalov with London Concertante Gypsy Strings (Chandos)
Svanevit Rikedom Och Gåvor (Nordic Tradition)
Les Tambours De Brazza & Emile Biayenda Brazza (Marabi)
Tammerlin No Small Thing (BirdsTale)
Becky Taylor Ireland Bridge (own label)
Terrasonora Core E Tamburo (Terre in Moto)
Riccardo Tesi PresenteRemoto (Felmay)
Tumult Aldrig Får Jeg Fred (Go’ Danish Folk Music)
Various African Scream Contest (Analog Africa)
Various African Street Party (World Music Network)
Various Bardic Divas – Women’s Voices In Central Asia: Music Of Central Asia Vol. 4 (Smithsonian Folkways)
Various Cuban Street Party (World Music Network)
Various Dema – Music Of The Marind Anim, The Verschueren Collection 1962: Anthology Of Music From West Papua #2 (Pan)
Various Dutch Rare Folk: 43 Lost Classics From The Golden Age Of Nederfolk 1967-1987 (Food For Thought)
Various Egyptian Taqasim (Nesma)
Various Euro Groove (Putumayo)
Various Juke Joint Jump: A Boogie Woogie Celebration (SPV Blue)
Various Miliki Music – Society Sounds Of 60s Lagos  (Mulatta)
Various New Folk Routes (Rev-Ola)
Various The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949 – 1957 Vol. 2 (SPV Blue)
Various Our Side Of Town: A Red House Records 25th Year Collection (Red House)
Various The 7 Veils Dance & Other Veil Dances (Nesma)
Various The Slide Guitar: Bottles, Knives & Steel (SPV Blue)
Various Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan (Ace)
Various Think Global: Native America  (World Music Network)
Various What The Folk Volume II (Butterfly)
Various With My Little Ukulele In My Hand (Proper)
The Waifs SunDirtWater (Jarrah)
Garry Walsh Penny Trumpets (Phaeton/ Claddagh)
The Waybacks Loaded (Compass)

Last month's listing