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Charts and Lists

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March’s most played world music albums, compiled from returns from radio DJs all over Europe World Music Charts Europe
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  1. DJÉNÉBA & FOUSCO Kayeba Khasso (Lusafrica)
  2. MONSIEUR DOUMANI Angathin (Monsieur Doumani)
  3. OKRA PLAYGROUND Aaneni Yli Vesien (Nordic Notes)
  4. NANCY VIEIRA Manha Florida (Lusafrica) Ilmamotsan (Nordic Notes)
  5. LOYKO & OTHERS Yiddish Glory - The Lost Songs Of World War II (Six Degrees)
  6. 3MA Anarouz (Six Degrees)
  7. PARK JIHA Communion (Glitterbeat)
  8. 47 Soul Balfrom Promise (Cooking Vinyl)
  9. DIRT MUSIC Bu Bir Ruya (Glitterbeat)
  10. LUIS PEIXOTO Assimentrico (Lugre)
  11. ALBA A Parulluccia (Ma Case)
  12. SEUN KUTI & EGYPT 80 Black Times (Strut)
  13. REDI HASA & MARIA MAZZOTTA Novilunio (Ginger Sounds)
  14. BASHAVEL Hoorhay (Music Fund Slovakia)
  15. LUCIBELA Laco Umbilical (Lusafrica)t

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March’s favourite albums compiled from a different worldwide panel of broadcasters and writers.
  1. MONSIEUR DOUMANI Angathin (Monsieur Doumani)
  2. EL NAÁN La Danza De Las Semillas (El Naán)
  3. GABACHO MAROC Tawassol (10h10/Cristal)
  4. SEUN KUTI & EGYPT 80 Black Times (Strut)
  5. 3MA Anarouz (Six Degrees)
  6. CATRIN FINCH & SECKOU KEITA Soar (Bendigedig)
  7. SAMURAI ACCORDEON Te (Visage Music)
  8. DJÉNÉBA & FOUSCO Kayeba Khasso (Lusafrica)
  9. TOOTARD Laissez Passer (Glitterbeat)
  10. OKRA PLAYGROUND Ääneni Yli Vesien (Nordic Notes)
  11. SON PALENQUE Kutu Prieta Pa Saranguía (Palenque)
  12. SARA TAVARES Fitxadu (Sony Portugal)
  13. OMAR SOSA & NDR BIGBAND Es:Sensual (Otá)
  14. EVA SALINA & PETER STAN Sudbina - A Portrait Of Vida Pavlovic (Vogiton)
  15. FEMI KUTI One People One World (Knitting Factory)


March 2003 sales from Virgin Retail’s national chain computer.
  1. THE DUBLINERS The Essential Dubliners (Sanctuary)
  2. BEBEL GILBERTO Tanto Tempo (Warners)
  3. THE DIXIE CHICKS Home (Sony)
  4. IBRAHIM FERRER Buenos Hermanos (World Circuit)
  5. VARIOUS ARTISTS Awards For World Music (Manteca)
  6. THE BE GOOD TANYAS Chinatown (Nettwerk)
  7. MARIZA Fado Em Mim (World Connection)
  8. RY COODER & MANUEL GALBAN Mambo Sinuendo (Nonesuch)
  9. ORCHESTRA BAOBAB Specialist In All Styles (World Circuit)
  10. JOHNNY CASH The Man Comes Around (American)
  11. VARIOUS ARTISTS Essential Asian Flavas (Outcaste)
  12. RICHARD THOMPSON Old Kit Bag (Cooking Vinyl)
  13. VARIOUS ARTISTS Future Flamenco (Outcaste)
  14. VARIOUS ARTISTS Indestructible Asian Beats (Manteca)
  15. SINEAD O'CONNOR Sean-Nos Nua (Hummingbird)
  16. ELIZA CARTHY Anglicana (Topic)
  17. KELLY JOE PHELPS Slingshot Professional (Ryko)
  18. JANE BIRKIN Arabesque (EMI)
  19. CELSO FONSECA Natural (Ziriguiboom)
  20. SEVARA NAZARKHAN Yol Bolsin (Real World)


The favourite new albums on the fRoots player in the May 2003 issue.
  1. JOHN SPIERS & JON BODEN Bellow (Fellside)
  2. WARSAW VILLAGE BAND People's Spring (Jaro)
  3. MALOUMA Dunya (Marabi)
  4. SOUAD MASSI Deb (Wrasse/ Universal France)
  5. MASSILIA SOUND SYSTEM Occitanista (Adam/ Wagram)
  6. DAARA J Boomrang (BMG France)
  7. DUSMINGUET Go> (Virgin Spain)
  8. BATATA Y SU RUMBA PALENQUERA Radio Bakingo (Network Medien)
  9. VARIOUS ARTISTS Rough Guide To France (World Music Network)
  10. KAMER ALL-STARS Volume 1 (JPS)


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