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International Pop Label Meeting Agenda

List of suggested points for meeting to be held at 7.00 p.m. Empress of Russia, St. John Street on Monday 29.6.87.
  1. The main aim is to broaden the appeal of our repertoire.
  2. Who is our target audience?
    1. Those that already know.
    2. Potential new customers.
    How do we reach them?
    1. Via retail outlets.
    2. Advertising in non-specialist journals.
    3. Advertising on radio/TV.
    4. Radio promotion.
    5. Press.
  3. If we use retail outlets.
    1. In-store poster.
    2. In-store browser card.
    3. Counter leaflets for all labels.
    4. Other ideas?
  4. Should we target the trade more?
    1. Mail-outs.
    2. Music week supplement.
    3. Offer some kind of SOR deal.
    4. A combined label catalogue/leaflet.
  5. Timing for the campaign.
  6. Should we invite participation from majors like EMI?
  7. Use specialist distribution only?
  8. Standard Inner bag/Giveaway leaflet for all releases on all labels.
  9. Adoption of a campaign/media title (e.g. WORLDBEAT/ETHNOBEAT/WORLDMUSIC etc.).
  10. NME cassette being prepared - contents need to be decided.
  11. Regular meetings like this one!?
  12. Pressure someone for an "International chart" (or do it ourselves).
  13. Funding.
    1. Appoint treasurer to control central fund.
    2. Ad Hoc.


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