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fRoots Reviews Index: T

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T, Moussu E Lei Jovents Forever Polida (Manivette/Le Chant du Monde) 280

T, Moussu E Lei Jovents Home Sweet Home (Manivette/Le Chant du Monde) 305

T, Moussu E Lei Jovents Mademoiselle Marseille (Manivette) 264

T, Moussu E Lei Jovents Putan De Cançon (Manivette/Le Chant du Monde) 328

T., Mark Folk Songs & Ballads (Circle of Sound) 334 ATR

T., Mark The Garden Of Love (Folksound) 110

T., Mark What's It All About (Cheap Tack) 19 (SR)

T., Mark Where Are You Going? (Circle of Sound) 283/284

T., Mark The Rising Sun Institute, Reading, Berkshire 113 L

T., Mark & The Brickbats From Middle East To Mid West (Waterfront) 53

T., Mark & The Brickbats Johnny There (Fellside) 36

T., Mark / Paul Hancock / Dave Maggs The Gift (Circle of Sound) 165

T., Mark with Tim Hill The Room (Waterfront) 83

T, Tommy see Tommy T

T & C Music Guide 1989, The (Town & Country Club) 70 P

't Kliekske Schoon Lief (Wild Boar) 249

T-Model Ford see Ford, T-Model

T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo The Kings Of Benin: Urban Groove, 1972-80 (Soundway) 263

T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo: T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou (Popular African Music) 250

T-T, Chris 9 Red Songs (Snowstorm) 271/272 ATR

Taara Lebonne Lippon (AMAD Productions) 290/291

Taarab 1 see under Ahmed, Abdullah Mussa

Taarab 2 see under Ikhwani Safaa Musical Club

Tabaamrant, Rayssa Fatima Taghlaghalt Ou L'Echo De L'Atlas (Institut du Monde Arabe) 290/291

Tabache Are You Willing? (Lochshore) 166

Tabane, Philip & Malombo Malombo (Kijima) 88

Tabanka Djaz Sperança (Sonovox) 161 ATR

Tabbush, Anna Waiting In The Wings (Reiver) 273

Tabbush Sisters, The This Close... (Reiver) 247/248

Tabor, June *see also Silly Sisters

Tabor, June A Quiet Eye (Topic) 196

Tabor, June Abyssinians (Topic) 19 (SR)

Tabor, June Against The Streams (Cooking Vinyl) 136

Tabor, June Aleyn (Topic) 170/171

Tabor, June Always (Topic) 264

Tabor, June An Echo Of Hooves (Topic) 244

Tabor, June Angel Tiger (Cooking Vinyl) 111

Tabor, June Anthology (Music Club) 125

Tabor, June Apples (Topic) 286

Tabor, June Aqaba (Topic) 60

Tabor, June Ashore (Topic) 333

Tabor, June Aspects (Conifer) 90

Tabor, June At The Wood's Heart (Topic) 269

Tabor, June On Air (Strange Fruit) 187/188

Tabor, June Rosa Mundi (Topic) 220

Tabor, June Some Other Time (Hannibal) 75

Tabor, June The Definitive Collection (Highpoint) 246

Tabor, June The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit) 45

Tabor, June & Martin Simpson A Cut Above (Topic) 4 (SR)

Tabor, June & Martin Simpson Exeter & Devon Arts Centre 58 L

Tabor, June (Martin Simpson &) Theatr Hafren, Newtown 103/104 L

Tabor, June & Sarah Maguire Riverside Bar, Walton-on-Thames 141 L

Tabor, June & Oysterband Ragged Kingdom (Topic) 338/339

Tabor, June & The Oyster Band Freedom And Rain (Cooking Vinyl) 85

Tabor, June (Andrew Cronshaw &) The West End Centre, Aldershot, Hampshire 26 L

Tabor, June: Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor, Danny Thompson Singing The Storm (Cooking Vinyl) 158/159

Tabrizi, Davood A. The Navigator - A Medieval Odyssey (Jarra Hill) 73 ATR

Tabs, The Dawn (Tabs) 151/152

Tabs, The Dreams And Fears (A New Day) 247/248

Tabs, The Good Medicine (Attitude) 180 ATR

Tabs, The Live, August '98 (Attitude) 192

Tactequeté ¿Tactequeué? (Resistencia) 268

Tacuma, Jamaalardeen (Burhan Ocal &) Groove Alla Turca (Birds & Blues) 216

Tadashi, Tajima Master Of Shakuhachi (WDR/Network) 199/200

Tadic, Miroslav (Vlatko Stefanovski &) Krushevo (MA Recordings) 228 ATR

Taff Aid Benefit Oakengates Town Hall, Telford 32 L

Taffetas Taffetas (Most) 252 ATR

Taffinder, Tony: Howden, Jones & Taffinder Room To Breathe (Unstoppable Music) 235/236

Tagaq Auk / Blood (Jericho Beach) 305 ATR

Tagaq Sinaa (Ugarte Anaiak) 271/272

Taggart, Blind Joe Complete Recorded Works Vol 1 (Document) 122

Taggart, Blind Joe, Rev Edward Clayborn, Blind Gussie Nesbit Complete Recorded Works Vol 2 (Document) 122

Taha, Rachid Diwan (Barclay) 180

Taha, Rachid Diwan 2 (Wrasse) 282

Taha, Rachid Diwan/Live (Wrasse) 265

Taha, Rachid Live (Barclay) 234 ATR

Taha, Rachid Made In Medina (Apartment 22 / Barclay [France]) 213

Taha, Rachid Olé Olé (Barclay) 158/159

Taha, Rachid Olé Olé/Made In Medina (Wrasse) 265

Taha, Rachid Tekitoi (Wrasse) 257

Taha, Rachid The Definitive Collection (Wrasse) 288

Taha, Rachid Et Carte De Sejour Taha - Carte Blanche (Barclay) 179

Taha, Rachid: Rachid Taha / Khaled / Faudel 1, 2, 3 Soleils (Barclay) 191

Taheny, Brian (Loretto Reid &) Celtic Mettle (Iona) 172 ATR

Taheny, Brian (Loretto Reid &) Celtic Mettle (Reata Ceol) 167 ATR

Taiga8 Taiga8 (NRW) 262 ATR

Tail Dragger Live At Rooster's Lounge (Delmark) 328 ATR

Taiko Drummers (Joji Hirota & The) Japanese Taiko (ARC Music) 283/284 E

Tail Gators, The Mumbo Jumbo (Zippo) 48

Taildraggers (Too Slim & The) Swamp Opera (Burnside) 163/164 ATR

Taith Now & Then (Taith) 275

Takahashi, Ayuo Private Tapes 1985-1995 (Modern Music) 151/152 ATR

Takahashi, Masanori see Kitaro

Take 6 Join The Band (Warner Alliance) 139/140 ATR

Take 6 Take 6 (Reprise) 60

Takel, Mark Half And Half (Steam Pie) 51

Taken Peskàn Anagrumba [GDL 13184] 223/224 ATR

Taken Volcano (Anagrumba) 178 ATR

Takeshita, Kazuhira Folk Songs Of Amami (JVC 'World Sounds') 142

Takfarinas Honneur Aux Dames (RCA France) 261 ATR

Takfarinas Quartier Tixeraïne (BMG France) 220 ATR

Takfarinas Salamet (Night & Day) 153

Takfarinas Yal (BMG France) 203 ATR

Takio / Takio Band see Ito, Takio

Taksim Trio Taksim Trio (Doublemoon) 295/296

Tala, André Marie Bend Skin Beats (RetroAfric) 322

Tala'i, Daryoush, Ali Reza Ghorbani [&] Djamchid Chemirani Calligraphies Vocales (Accords Croisés) 262

Talbot, Heidi In Love And Light (Navigator) 306

Talbot, Heidi The Last Star (Navigator) 331/332

Talèh Ratapuntu (Folk Club EthnoSuoni) 323

Talking Drums Some Day Catch Some Day Down (Shanachie) 89

Talking Trees Talking Trees (September Gurls) 235/236 ATR

Tall, Al & Mulur El-Hwa Xarq al-Andalus (Erde) 97

Tallahassie Tight (Spark Plug Smith &) Complete Recorded Works 1933-34 (Document) 158/159

Tallari 15 Years Of Finnish Folk (Laika) 229 ATR

Tallari Komiammasti (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 160

Tallari Konsta (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 136

Tallari Kymmenen Pennin Ryyppy (Kansanmusiiki-Instituutti) 109

Tallari Lunastettava Neito (Kansanmusiikki-Instituutti) 103/104

Tallari Virtaa (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 202 ATR

Taller Campesino [Edwin Colón Zayas Y Su Taller Campesnio] ¡Bien Jabaro! - Country Music Of Puerto Rico (Rounder) 139/140

Taller De Compás De Almanjáyar Calé-Calé (own label) 230/231 ATR

Talley, James Got No Bread/Tryin' Like The Devil (Bear) 91/92

Talley, James Love Songs And The Blues (Bear) 78

Talmadge, Jeff Secret Anniversaries (Bozart) 201

Talmadge, Jeff The Spinning Of The World (Bozart) 204

Talroth, David: Eriksson Nygårds Tallroth Klacklek (Giga) 225

Talvisovat (Santtu Karhu &) Airotoi Veneh/Syvysharmavus (EiNo [single]) 101

Talvisovat (Santtu Karhu &) Hyvästit Karjala (Hot Igloo) 244

Talvisovat (Santtu Karhu &) Omien Aigoin Legendat (from Oy EiNo Ab [single]) 106

Tam 'Echo' Tam A Cappella (Lyrae) 160 ATR

Tam Lin Back On The Road Again (Mad Nanny Music) 225 ATR

Tam Nà Vulinn Vestibule ( 298 ATR

Tam Tam Sene Canta Gi (Alma Music/Rasta Snob) 241 ATR

Tam Tamu Tam Tamu (Freshwater) 100

Tama Espace (Real World) 232

Tama Nostalgie (Real World) 196

Tama Walo Keepers Of The Talking Drum (Village Pulse) 184 ATR

Tamalin Rhythm & Rhyme (Grapevine) 169

Tamarack A Pleasant Gale (SGB) 23 (SR)

Tamarack Frobisher Bay (Folk Era) 126 ATR; 131

Tamarack Leaving Inverarden (Folk Era) 156 ATR

Tamarack Shave The Bear (own label) 77

Tamarack Spirit & Stone (Wind River) 221

Tamarack Thirteen (Folk Era) 182/183

Tamayo, Edith Patita Salada (Snail) 336

Tambor De Firmin: Sin Palabras featuring Tambor De Firmin & Proyecto F House Of Drums (Piranha) 191

Tambourinis (Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis) The Syliphone Years (Stern's) 316

Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli Taranta Taranta (Italian World Music) 336

Tamburi Del Vesuvio (Nando Citarella &) Magna Mater [CD] / Ut Alle Radici Della Nostra Musica [DVD] (Alfa Music) 341/342

Tamikrest Adagh (Glitterhouse) 324 ATR

Tamikrest Toumastin (Glitterhouse) 336

Tamlin Changing Socks And Underwear [HH890294] 75

Tammerlin *see also Tory Voodoo

Tammerlin No Small Thing (Birds Tale) 300 ATR

Tammerlin One Kind Favor (BirdsTale) 265 ATR

Tammerlin Wind Horses (Binky) 227 ATR

Tammles Embarquement Immediat (Escalibur) 35

Tammles Tammles (Escalibur) 27

Tampa Red & Big Maceo Guitar And Piano Duets (Indigo) 202 ATR

Tampa Red Bottleneck Guitar (Yazoo) 118

Tampa Red Complete Recorded Works Vols 1-4 (Document) 108

Tampa Red Complete Recorded Works 1934-1953 Vols 6-15 (Document) 130

Tampa Red It Hurts Me Too (Indigo) 137

Tampa Red The Bluebird Recordings 1934-36 (RCA) 167

Tampa Red The Guitar Wizard (Columbia) 134/135

Tampa Red Voice Of The Blues (Catfish) 192 ATR

Tampa Red Vol 5 1931-34 (Document) 112

Tams, John Home (Topic) 233

Tams, John The Reckoning (Topic) 269

Tams, John Unity (Topic) 202

Tams, John & Dominic Muldowney Over The Hills And Far Away - The Music Of Sharpe (Virgin) 158/159

Tams, John: No 47 Music Of The Good Hope (T2) 232

Tan Ba'n Ti Tomm Ruz (Ar Villin) 174

Tananas Time (Flame Tree) 121

Tanase, Maria Ciuleandra (Oriente) 229 ATR

Tanase, Maria Malédiction D'Amour (Oriente) 223/224 ATR

Tanbou Bo Kannal (Wofa/Tanbou Bo Kannal) Guinée-Martinique: The Encounter (Buda) 163/164 ATR

Tancaruja: TancaRuja In Terra E In Chelu (CNI/Ludos) 199/200

Tancaruja Isettande (Ludos) 223/224

Tandarandan Dalla Cisa Al Mare - Tandarandan (own label) 197 ATR

Tandarandan Èpata: La Musica Delle Stagione (FolkClub EthnoSuoni) 269

Tandoori Hill Brave Shyness (Playing With Music) 316 ATR

Tandy Lichtenstein's Oriole (Yellow Slipper Recordings) 209 ATR

Taner, Özlem Türkmen Kizi (Kalan) 290/291

Tang Liangxing High Mountain, Flowing Water (Shanachie) 142

Tanga, Bibi & Le Professeur Inlassable Yellow Gauze (L'Inlassable Disque) 299

Tangata Kick The Bucket (own label) 285 ATR

Tangeri Café Orchestra Tingitana (Promo Music) 298

Tangle Eye Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed (Zoe/Rounder) 250

Tangled Web Forbidden Dreams (own label [single]) 201

Tanglefoot Captured Alive (Borealis) 275 ATR

Tanglefoot Dance Like Flames (Borealis) 283/284 ATR

Tanglefoot Edge Of The Land (own label) 163/164 ATR

Tanglefoot The Music In The Wood [TML 14-089CD] 167 ATR

Tangleweed Most Folk Heroes Started Out As Criminals (Squatney) 309 ATR

Tango Argentino Aldwych Theatre, London 98 L

Tango Band, The Berlin Nights (own label) 192 ATR

Tango Crash Baila Querida (Galileo) 307/308 ATR

Tango Crash Otra Sanata (Galileo) 275

Tango For 3 Soledad (MajorStudio) 146/147

Tango Negro Trio La Vuelta Del Malon (Felmay) 300 ATR

Tango Negro Trio Ni Me Rompas Las Bolas (Felmay) 338/339 ATR

Tango Negro Trio Tango Negro Trio (Dunya/Felmay) 264

Tango-Orkesteri Unto Finnish Tango (ARC Music) 256 ATR

Tango-Orkesteri Unto Kylmä Rakkaus - Cold Love (ARC Music) 331/332

Tango Real (Pablo Banchero &) Tiempos Viejos (WeltWunder) 179

Tango Real: Tango Real Quartett Inspiración (WeltWunder) 198 ATR

Tango Siempre Nocturno (Tango 5) 238 ATR

Tango Siempre Only Human (Galileo) 311 ATR

Tangoneon Tangoneon (Silex) 106 ATR

Tania Elizabeth see Elizabeth, Tania

Tania Maria The Very Best Of... (Manteca) 246 ATR

Tankian, Serj: Serart Serjical Strike (Columbia) 242/243

Tannahill Weavers, The Alchemy (Green Linnet) 215

Tannahill Weavers, The Arnish Light (Green Linnet) 251

Tannahill Weavers, The Capernaum (Green Linnet) 142

Tannahill Weavers, The Choice Cuts 1987-1996 (Green Linnet) 173 ATR

Tannahill Weavers, The Cullen Bay (Green Linnet) 96

Tannahill Weavers, The Dancing Feet (Green Linnet) 59

Tannahill Weavers, The Land Of Light (Green Linnet) 43

Tannahill Weavers, The Leaving St Kilda (Green Linnet) 166

Tannahill Weavers, The Live & In Session (Compass) 292 ATR

Tannahill Weavers, The Passage (Stoof) 18 (SR)

Tannahill Weavers, The Tannahill Weavers IV (Plant Life) 9 (SR)

Tannahill Weavers, The The Best Of The Tannahill Weavers 1979-1989 (Green Linnet) 93

Tannahill Weavers, The The Mermaid's Song (Green Linnet) 115/116

Tannas Oighreachd (Heritage) (Lochshore) 142 ATR

Tannas rù rà (Lochshore) 156

Tannen, Holly & Pete Cooper Frosty Morning (Plant Life) 3 (SR)

Tannen, Holly Invocation (Kicking Mule) 19 (SR)

Tannen, Holly Rime Of The Ancient Matriarch (own label) 193

Tanner, Adam & The Dirty Rag Mob Rare Rags & Stringband Blues (Old 97) 250 ATR

Tanner, Gid & Gordon Tanner Skillet Licker Music 1955-1991: The Tanner Legacy (Global Village) 115/116

Tanner, Phil The Gower Nightingale (Veteran) 246

Tanner, Phil: Phil Tanner's Skillet Lickers The Tanner Legacy Now (Global Village) 115/116; 178 ATR

Tanrikorur, Cinuçen Turquie (Ocora) 47

Tansads, The Band On The Rainbow (Transatlantic II [single]) 139/140

Tansads, The Brian Kant (Musidisc [single]) 111

Tansads, The Drag Down The Moon (Transatlantic) 151/152

Tansads, The Flock (Transatlantic) 139/140

Tansads, The I Know I Can (But I Won't) (Transatlantic [single]) 144

Tansads, The Rough & Ready - The Early Tapes (Voice Of Reason) 333

Tansads, The Shandy Land (Probeway) 105

Tansads, The The English Rover (Musidisc [single]) 123

Tansads, The Up The Revolution/John, John (Musidisc [single]) 120

Tansads, The Up The Shirkers (Musidisc) 115/116

Tansey, Seamus (Jim McKillop &) To Hell With The Begrudgers (Sound) 186

Tansey, Seamus Easter Snow (Temple) 170/171

Tansey's Fancy Tansey's Fancy (EMI-Custom - Australia) 20 (SR)

Tant Pluck (Wide Music) 256 ATR

Tant Tant (own label [single]) 201

Tanteeka A New Tradition (Osmosys) 173

Tantra Tantra (Tantra) 274

Tany Manga Soa (Marabi/Melodie) 241 ATR

Tanz & Folkfest see Various: Tanz & Folkfest

Tap Room Trio, The The Tap Room Trio (Phaeton) 245

Tapia, Joseba: Ruper Ordorika, Joseba Tapia, Bixente Martinez Hiru Truku (Nuevos Medios) 149 ATR

Tapia, Joseba: Tapia Eta Leturia 1998 (Triki Elkarlanean) 184

Tapia, Joseba: Tapia Eta Leturia Dultzemeneos - Canadian Tour 1996 [PM 6604] 169

Tapia, Joseba: Tapia Eta Leturia & Amuriza Bizkaiko Kopla Zaherrak (Elkarlanean) 204

Tapia, Joseba: Tapia Eta Leturia Band Ero (Elkar) 173

Tapia, Joseba: Tapia Eta Leturia Band Tapia Eta Leturia Band (Elkar) 160

Täpp, Jenny: Täpp Ida Almlöf, Jenny Täpp & Jenny Bergman Gässbikôllor (Giga) 283/284 ATR

Tapper, Gayle Here The Tides Flow (own label) 189 ATR

Tapsi Turtles Nobody Like(s) Us (We Bite) 177

Tara Reeds, Strings, Skins (In Adversity) (Black Rat Music) 187/188 ATR

Tarab: Arab Music Festival Udine, Italy 125 L

Taraf De Carancebes Musiciens Du Banat (Silex) 122

Taraf De Haïdouks Band Of Gypsies (Crammed Discs) 218/219

Taraf De Haïdouks Dumbala Dumba (CramWorld) 181; 185

Taraf De Haïdouks Honourable Brigands, Magic Horses And Evil Eye (Cramworld) 139/140

Taraf De Haïdouks Maskarada (Crammed Discs) 294

Taraf De Haïdouks Musique Des Tziganes De Roumanie (Cramworld) 103/104

Taraf De Haïdouks The Continuing Adventures Of Taraf De Haïdouks (Crammed Discs [DVD]) 271/272

Taraf De Haïdouks & Kocani Orkestar Band Of Gypsies 2 (Crammed Discs) 336

Taraf De Soporul De Cîmpe Roumanie: Quatuor A Cordes De Translyvanie (Buda) 149

Taraf Doïna Botoca Taraf Doïna Botoca (Label Ouest) 259/260 ATR

Taran Catraeth (Ynys) 314/315

Taran Hotel Rex (Ynys) 338/339

Taran Kost'ar Mor (Le Chasse-Marée/ArMen) 126

Taranta Power (Eugenio Bennato &) Che Il Mediterraneo Sia (Rai Trade) 230/231

Tarantism Last Band Standing (Shurely Bassey) 285

Tarantism The Cutting Edge Of The Fluff Zone (Shirley Bassey Records) 229 ATR

Tarantula Hypertext Orchestra (Luigi Cinque [& The]) Tangerine Café (Forrest Hill) 237

Tarbox Ramblers, The Tarbox Ramblers (Rounder) 203

Tarducci Edi (Pan) 186 ATR

Tarentule Tarentule (Ethnea) 191

Tarhana Mundus (Rein Music) 309 ATR

Tariful Olanilor: Costica Olan Costica Olan Si Tariful Olanilor (Cinq Planètes) 239

Tarika 10: Beasts, Ghosts & Dancing With History (Triloka/Artemis) 253

Tarika Avelo (Ghost Mixes) (Xenophile [single]) 166

Tarika Bibiango (Xenophile/Green Linnet) 138

Tarika D (Sakay) 185

Tarika Key Largo, Portland, Oregon 143 L

Tarika Koba / Malalako / Aloka (Sakay [single]) 230/231

Tarika Raitra (Sakay [single]) 192

Tarika Son Egal (Xenophile) 163/164

Tarika Soul Makassar (Sakay) 213

Tarika: Tarika Sammy Balance (Rogue) 127/128

Tarika: Tarika Sammy Beneath Southern Skies (Shanachie) 160

Tarika: Tarika Sammy Fanafody (Rogue) 110

Tarika: Tarika Sammy Jereo! (Tolimana) 273

Tarkkanen, Jussi Viipurista Itään (own label) 209 ATR

Tarleton's Jig A Fit Of Mirth For A Groat (Nun's Meadow) 76

Tarleton's Jig Elizabethan Street Songs (Globe Editions) 313

Tarleton's Jig For King And Parliament! (Nun's Meadow) 44

Tarlton, Jimmie: Darby & Tarlton Complete Recordings (Bear Family) 151/152

Tarnation Gentle Creatures (4AD) 160 ATR

Tarnation Mirador (4AD) 168 ATR

Tarneybackle Distant Dreams (own label) 240 ATR

Tarneybackle The Diamond (Tarneybackle Music) 259/260 ATR

Tarneybackle Winds Of Freedom (Tarneybackle Music) 297 ATR

Tarquin, Gérard & Coeur De Chauffe Couleur Cachée: Biguines & Mazurkas Créoles Today (Frémeaux & Associés) 270

Tarras Rising (Topic) 190

Tarras Walking Down Main Street (Topic) 215

Tarras, Dave Freilach Yidelach (Vol. 2, Master Of Klezmer Music) (Global Village) 173

Tarras, Dave Yiddish-American Klezmer Music 1923-1956 (Shanachie) 109

Tartan Amoebas Evolution (Iona) 173

Tartan Amoebas Giant (Iona) 197

Tartan Amoebas Imaginary Tartan Menagerie (Iona) 151/152

Tartan Amoebas Tartan Amoebas (Greentrax) 172 ATR

Tartit Abacabok (Crammed Discs) 280

Tartit Ichichila (Network) 211/212

Tasby, Finis People Don't Care (Shanachie) 145

Tashian, Barry & Holly Live In Holland (Strictly Country) 110 ATR

Tashian, Barry & Holly Ready For Love (Rounder) 121

Tashian, Barry & Holly Straw Into Gold (Rounder) 139/140

Tashian, Barry & Holly Trust In Me (Request) 79/80 ATR

Tata Dindin: Tata Dindin Jobarteh Kanaké (Sam Productions) 301 ATR

Tata Dindin & Hans Lüdeman Piano Meets Kora - African Dialogues (RISM-Edition) 203

Tati, Cheb Dans La Vie (JVC) 162

Tatou, Moussu see T, Moussu

Tatouages Kasaï (Zimbraz) 251 ATR

Tatters, The The Tatters (knottygirl) 218/219 ATR

Tattie Jam Jam (Ruansey) 322 ATR

Tatunane Bongoland (Amanda Music) 149

Tau Ea Linare: Puseletso Seema & Tau Ea Linare He O Oe Oe! - Music From Lesotho (Globestyle) 29

Tau Moe Family (The) with Bill Brozman Ho'omana'o I Na Mele O Ka Wa U'i - Remembering The Songs Of Our Youth (Rounder) 75

Taubkin, Benjamin & Abaçai Músical Núcleus Cantos Do Nosso Chão (Connecting Cultures) 299 ATR

Taufiq Rhydhun (CMP/Free Spirit) 216

Tauring, Kari Völva Songs EP (Omnium) 314/315 ATR

Taussig, Harry Fate Is Only Once (Tompkins Square) 286 ATR

Tavares, Raquel Raquel Tavares (Movieplay) 299 ATR

Tavares, Sara Balancê (World Connection) 277 ATR

Tawney, Cyril Down The Hatch - Songs About Drink & Drinkers (Neptune) 138

Tawney, Cyril Grey Funnel Lines(Routledge & Kegan Paul) 53 P

Tawney, Cyril In Every Port (Neptune Tapes) 110 ATR

Tawney, Cyril Little Boy Billee (Neptune) 118 ATR

Tawney, Cyril Man Of Honour: The Non-Maritime Songs (Neptune) 174

Tawney, Cyril Nautical Tawney: Songs Of The Old Seafarers (ADA) 245 ATR

Tawney, Cyril Navy Cuts - The Songs Of Cyril Tawney (ADA) 223/224

Tawney, Cyril Sailor's Delight (Neptune Tapes) 106

Tawney, Cyril Sally Free And Easy (Neptune) 88

Tawney, Cyril Seamen Bold (Neptune) 118 ATR

Taxi Chain Smarten Up (Northernblues) 251 ATR

Taxi Mauve Far Off Fields (Keltia Musique) 131

Taxi Pata Pata (Nsimba Foguis &) Aimé Bébé (Nyirangongo Music) 58

Taylor, Allan Circle Round Again (Black Crow) 18 (SR)

Taylor, Allan Colour To The Moon (Stockfisch) 214

Taylor, Allan Faded Light (T Records) 153

Taylor, Allan Hotels And Dreamers (Stockfisch) 251

Taylor, Allan Leaving At Dawn (Stockfisch) 314/315

Taylor, Allan Lines [T002] 62

Taylor, Allan Out Of Time (T Records) 99; 232

Taylor, Allan Roll On The Day (Rubber) 7 (SR)

Taylor, Allan Sometimes / The Lady (BGO) 186

Taylor, Allan The Endless Highway (Stockfisch [DVD]) 324

Taylor, Allan We Must Journey On: The Songs Of Allan Taylor (T Records) 179 P

Taylor, Allan Win Or Lose (own label) 23 (SR)

Taylor, Allan Cross Keys, Saddleworth, Yorks 73 L

Taylor, Becky Becky Taylor (own label) 240

Taylor, Becky Ireland Bridge (own label) 300 ATR

Taylor, Bram Bide A While (Fellside) 24 (SR)

Taylor, Bram Dreams And Songs To Sing (Fellside) 47

Taylor, Bram Fragile Peace (Fellside) 223/224 ATR

Taylor, Bram Further Horizons (Fellside) 130

Taylor, Bram Pick Of The Grinner (Fellside) 174

Taylor, Bram Singing! The Bram Taylor Collection (Fellside) 202 ATR

Taylor, Bram Song Singer (Fellside) 294 ATR

Taylor, Bram Taylor Made (Fellside) 87

Taylor, Bram The Night Is Young (Fellside) 257 ATR

Taylor, Charley (Ishman Bracey &) Complete Recordings 1928-29 (Document) 105

Taylor, Chip Hit Man (Gadfly) 162

Taylor, Chip Seven Days In May (Train Wreck) 184

Taylor, Eddie Long Way From Home (Blind Pig) 153 ATR

Taylor, Eddie Still Not Ready For Eddie (Bedrock) 77

Taylor, Eddie Stormy Monday (Blues Beacon) 139/140 ATR

Taylor, Eric Eric Taylor (Watermelon) 156

Taylor, Eric Resurrect (Munich) 184

Taylor, Eric The Great Divide (Blue Ruby) 274

Taylor, Eva In Chronological Order 1922-32 Vols 1-3 (Document) 157

Taylor, Graeme: John Spencer, Graeme Taylor & Jon Davie The Sun, Richmond, Surrey 39 L

Taylor, Hound Dog Release The Hound (Alligator) 254/255 ATR

Taylor, Hound Dog & The Houserockers Deluxe Edition (Alligator) 191 ATR

Taylor, Hound Dog: Various Hound Dog Taylor - A Tribute (Alligator) 179

Taylor, James & The Original Flying Machine 1967 (Gadfly) 163/164

Taylor, James Classic Songs (CBS/WEA) 49 ATR

Taylor, Jeremy The Very Best Of Jeremy Taylor (Prism) 166 ATR

Taylor, Jeremy & Spike Milligan Live At Cambridge University 1973 (Folksound) 304 ATR

Taylor, Johnny see Taylor, Little Johnny

Taylor, Jon T-Bone Bop Brothers... And Sisters (Abacabe) 215 ATR

Taylor, Julienne Celtic Mantra (Virgin [single]) 218/219

Taylor, Koko Deluxe Edition (Alligator) 225 ATR

Taylor, Koko Force Of Nature (Alligator) 131 ATR

Taylor, Koko Jump For Joy (Alligator) 88; 97

Taylor, Koko Royal Blue (Alligator) 208 ATR

Taylor, Larry & His Chicago West Side Blues & Soul Band They Were In This House (Wolf) 336 ATR

Taylor, Little Johnny Part Time Love (Ace) 60

Taylor, Little Johnny The Galaxy Years (Ace) 100

Taylor, Louise Ruby Shoes (Signature Sounds) 165

Taylor, Malcolm: Steve Roud, Eddie Upton & Malcolm Taylor (eds) Still Growing: English Traditional Songs & Singers From The Cecil Sharp Collection (EFDSS, in association with Folk South West) 246 P

Taylor, Malcolm: Yates, Bradke, Taylor (eds) Dear Companion: Appalachian Traditional Songs From The Cecil Sharp Collection (EFDSS) 262 P

Taylor, Martin: Juan Martín, Martin Simpson, Martin Carthy, Martin Taylor The Four Martins (P3 Music [DVD]) 247/248

Taylor, Mary Victim Of Love (JSP) 205

Taylor, Otis Blue Eyed Monster (Shoelace) 189 ATR

Taylor, Otis Definition Of A Circle (Telarc) 292

Taylor, Otis Recapturing The Banjo (Telarc) 298

Taylor, Otis When Negroes Walked The Earth (Shoelace) 192

Taylor, Richard Girls n' Cows (Gadfly) 168 ATR

Taylor, Rogan The Death And Resurrection Show (Frederick Muller) 59 P

Taylor, Ron & Jeff Gillett Take Off Your Old Coat (Red Tape) 114

Taylor, Scott Laughing With Myself (own label) 167

Taylor, Scott My Favourite Things (own label) 182/183

Taylor, Steve Squint (Warner Alliance) 131 ATR

Taylor, T-Bone see Taylor, Jon T-Bone

Taylor, Terry Earl Another Time (Dark Holler) 247/248 ATR

Taylor, Theodore Roosevelt see Taylor, Hound Dog

Taylor, Tony Writer Man (own label) 110 ATR

Taylor, Tut, Norman & Nancy Blake Shacktown Road (Dualtone) 285 ATR

Taylor, William (Rob MacKillop &) Graysteil (Dorien Discovery) 172 ATR

Taylor, Willy: Alistair Anderson, Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor, Will Atkinson, Kathryn Tickell The Star, Guildford 25 L

Taylor, Willy: Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor & Willy Atkinson Harthope Burn (Music From Northumberland And The Border Country) (MWM) 18 (SR)

Tayorault, David La Ru Zabim (Harmony/Forrest Hill) 227 ATR

Tayoro, Dogba Jean (Okou Yeves Zekou &) Tribal Song (Vibey Library) 199/200

Taz Taz (own label) 102

Tazenda Tazenda (Dischi Ricordi) 83

Tazzad Tazzad (Jarra Hill) 73

Tchaka (Eval Manigat &) Creolite (Tropical Music) 184 ATR

Tchala Aló Aló Mindelo (Docura) 252 ATR

Tchamitchian, Claude (Gaguik Mouradian &) Le Monde Est Une Fenêtre (Émouvance) 242/243

Tchando Nation (Mélodie) 115/116

Tcheka Lonji (Lusafrica) 297 ATR

Tcheka Nu Monda (Lusafrica) 281 ATR

Tchico & Les Officiers Of African Music Full Steam Ahead (Globestyle) 34

Tchikounzi, Fernand see Sukali, Coco

Tchinar, Ashik Feyzullah Chants Sacrés D'Anatolie (Ocora) 163/164

Tchink System (Stan Tohon & The) Tchink Attack (Blue Silver) 149 ATR

Te Vaka Ki Mua (Creative) 199/200

Te Vaka Live At Apia Park (Warm Earth [DVD]) 242/243

Te Vaka Nukukehe (Spirit of Play/Warm Earth) 235/236

Te Vaka Olatia (Warm Earth) 298 ATR

Te Vaka Original Contemporary Pacific Music (ARC) 168 ATR

Te Vaka Tutuki (Warm Earth) 256

Téada Inné Amárach (Gael Linn) 281 ATR

Téada Lá An Dreoilín (Gael Linn) 254/255

Téada Téada (Ceol) 230/231 ATR

Teagrass Cestou Na Vychod - Eastbound (G-Music) 158/159

Teagrass Moravian Love Songs (Gnosis Brno) 203

Teagrass Vecírek (Indies) 241

Teague, Curtis: Curtis & Loretta Gone Forever (Haymarket Music) 193 ATR

Teague, Curtis: Curtis & Loretta It's Where you Hang Your Hat (Haymarket Music) 151/152 ATR

Teague, Curtis: Curtis & Loretta Just My Heart For You (Haymarket Music) 282 ATR

Teague, Niall & The Fast Company Niall Teague & The Fast Company (own label) 333

Teak Project, The The Teak Project (First Hand) 306

Teape, Ronnie One Way Ticket (Blue Rascal) 165 ATR

Tearano Androy Beat From The South Of Madagascar (Mars) 167

Teardrops (Magic Slim & The) Blue Magic (Blind Pig) 233 ATR

Teardrops (Magic Slim & The) Raising The Bar (Dixiefrog) 331/332 ATR

Teardrops, The: Magic Slim & The Teardrops with Lefty Dizz The Bear Tavern, Birmingham 121 L

Teardrops (Ray Camacho & The) The Best Of... (Freestyle) 312 ATR

Techno Roman Project Feleque (Elec-Trip) 269 ATR

Técsöi Band Rusin Folk Music (Etnofon) 256 ATR

Teds, The You, Me & The Sea Between Us (Knotted Oak Music) 329/330 ATR

Tee-Jay, Abdul Palm Wine A Go-Go (Far Side Music) 247/248

Tee-Jay, Abdul Rokoto Make Me Dance-Dance (Weekend Beatnik) 234

Tee-Jay, Abdul: Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto E'Go Lef Pan You (Tee-Jay Disque) 163/164

Tee-Jay, Abdul: Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto Fire Dombolo (Rogue) 113

Tee-Jay, Abdul: Abdul Tee-Jay's Rokoto Kanka Kuru (Rogue) 75

Teifi, Ryland Under The Blue (Kissan) 297 ATR

Teigland, Åse Dansarsteinen (NOR-CD) 196 ATR

Tejedor Llunáticos (Arís Música) 250 ATR

Tejedor Música Na Maleta (Aris) 290/291 ATR

Tejedor Texedores De Suaños (Resistencia) 199/200 ATR

Tekameli Escolteu (Jade) 302/303

Tekameli Ida Y Vuelta (Epic) 203 ATR

Tekbilek, Omar Faruk (Brian Keane &) Beyond The Sky (TM) 114 ATR

Tekbilek, Omar Faruk One Truth (Worldclass) 198

Tekin, Ertan: Mathias Eick, Pasha Hanjani, Ertan Tekin Three Wise Men (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 329/330

Telek, George Telek (Origin) 172

Telek, George: Telek Serious Tam (Real World) 208

Telemark Folk Music Festival Norway 137 L

Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators Final Reminder (Kissing Spell) 222

Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators Lounge Music (Smooth) 6 ATR (SR)

Telephone Bill & The Smooth Operators Manhattan Roll (Dingles) 13 ATR (SR)

Telham Tinkers, The Hot In Alice Springs (Eron) 22 ATR (SR)

Telham Tinkers, The Marrowbones (Eron) 6 ATR (SR)

Tellander, Zara Himmelens Hatt (Caprice) 275 ATR

Telletxea, Alaitz: Alaitz Eta Maider Alaitz Eta Maider (Triki-Elkar) 173

Telletxea, Alaitz: Alaitz Eta Maider Auskalo (Elkar Triki) 232

Telling The Bees An English Arcanum (Black Thrustle) 321

Tellu Suden Aika (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 160

Telynor 2 (own label) 95

Telynor Sprig Of Thyme (Telynor) 186

Tembo Brothers (John Chibadura & The) More Of The Essential... (CSA) 89

Tembo, Biggie Out Of Africa (Cooking Vinyl) 106

Tembo, Mathew & The Dark Black Anthem (Urban Sedated) 310 ATR

Temiz, Muharrem Firkat (Arda Müzik) 280

Temiz, Okay Green Wave (Flame Tree) 127/128

Temiz, Okay Karsilama: The Zurma Project (Jaro) 197 ATR

Temiz, Okay Magnet Dance (Enja) 150

Temiz, Okay: Okay Temiz Magnetic Band Magnetic Orient (Jaro) 235/236

Temiz, Okay (Sarband &) Turkish Obsession (Jaro) 273 ATR

Temo Derew (PlayaSound) 278/279 E

Tempchin, Jack Staying Home (Night River) 103/104

Tempest Bootleg (Heyday) 99

Tempest Celtic Rock (from Nancy Carlin Productions) 78

Tempest Turn Of The Wheel (Magna Carta) 156 ATR

Temple Of Sound (Rizwan-Muazzam Qawwali &) People's Colony No. 1 (Real World) 216

Temple Of Sound Black Orchid (Schtumm) 187/188 ATR

Temple Of Sound First Edition (Wagram) 233

Temple Of Sound Gold Of The Sun (Diesel Motor) 256

Temple, Johnny Complete Works 1935-49 Vols 1-3 (Document) 137

Tempvs Fvgit [Tempus Fugit] Nebbiu (Long Distance) 250

Tems, Mick & Pat Smith Calennig (Greenwich Village) 8 (SR)

Tenakhongva, Clark Po'li: Traditional Songs Of The Hopi (Canyon) 302/303 E

Ténarèze Aral (Buda) 285 ATR

Ténarèze Auséths (Modal Pleinjeu) 196

Tendachënt Arnèis (Folk Club Ethnosuoni) 324

Tendachënt La Valle Dei Saraceni (Folk Club Ethnosuoni) 273

Tendachënt Ori Pari (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 216

Tendachënt (Betti Zambruno &) Al Lung De La Riviera (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 246

Tendaisyomyo, Tatsuya Koumazaki & Pangaea Onkochishin (Pangaea Music Farm) 265

Tender Is The Nørth Barbican, London 115/116 L

Tengir-Too Mountain Music Of Kyrgyzstan: Music Of Central Asia Vol. 1 (Smithsonian Folkways) 274

Tenhunen, Anna-Liisa: Pekka Jalkanen, Heikki Laitinen, Anna-Liisa Tenhunen Kantele (SKS) 333 P

Tennessee Cut Ups, The: Don Reno, Red Smiley & The Tennessee Cut Ups The Talk Of The Town (Westside) 196 ATR

Tennessee Rhythm Riders (Lynette Morgan & Her Tennessee Rhythm Riders) Little Red Wagon (Studio 28) 199/200

Tennessee Valley Authority, The: Kenny Baker, Josh Graves & The Tennessee Valley Authority Flying South (Ridge Runner) 45 ATR

Tenney, Gerry & Betty Albert Schreck Lomir Zingen A Yiddish Lid - Let's Sing A Yiddish Song (Global Village) 132

Tenore E Cuncordu De Orosei Voches De Sardinna (Winter & Winter) 196

Tenores De Oniferi Polyphonic Singing From Sardinia (Music of the World) 192

Tenores Di Bitti Ammentos (Robi Droli/New Tone) 156

Tenores Di Bitti Caminos De Pache (Felmay/Dunya) 261

Tenores Di Bitti Intonos (Newtone) 136

Tenores Di Bitti S'amore 'E Mama (Real World) 160

Tenorio, Enrique Urbano see Peregoyo

Terakaft Akh Issudar (IRL) 305

Terakaft Aratan N Azawad (World Village) 337

Terakaft Bismilla: The BKO Sessions (Tapsit) 292

Terça Feiro Trio TFT (Buda) 335 ATR

Terem Quartet Classical (Real World) 143

Terem Quartet No, Russia Cannot Be Perceived By Wit (Intuition) 202

Terem Quartet Terem (Real World) 110

Tergis, Athena A Letter Home (Compass) 301

Tergis, Athena (Laura Risk &) Journey Begun (Culburnie) 144

Terkel, Studs And They All Sang - The Great Musicians Of The 20th Century Talk About Their Music (Granta Publications) 281 P

Terkel, Studs Giants Of Jazz (The New Press) 294 P

Terra Incognita No Goal But The Path (Tao Music) 108 ATR

Terracota Savia (Acoustic Music) 208 ATR

Terrae (Compagnia Di Musiche Popolari) 38° Parallelo Instabili Terre (FolkClub Ethnosuoni)

Terrafolk Full Circle (Menart) 311 ATR

Terrafolk Terrafolk & Simfonicni Orkester (RTV Slovenija) 275 ATR

Terrakota Oba Train (Felmay) 290/291

Terrakota World Massala (Ojo Música) 331/332

Terre À Terre Down To Earth (Intermedia Productions) 75

Terremoto De Jerez Grands Cantaores Du Flamenco Vol. 4 (Le Chant Due Monde) 51

Terry & Gerry Banking On Simon/Joey/Wolfman's Request/The Good, The Bad And The Usherette (In Tape [single]) 27

Terry & Gerry Butter's On The Bread (Vindaloo - [EP]) 23 (SR)

Terry & Gerry Clothes Shop (In Tape [EP]) 30

Terry & Gerry Clothes Shop (In Tape [single]) 24 (SR)

Terry & Gerry From Lubbock To Clintwood East (In Tape) 31

Terry & Gerry Last Bullet In The Gun (In Tape [EP]) 41

Terry & Gerry: Richard Thompson Band, The Pogues, The Boothill Foot-tappers, Terry & Gerry Dominion Theatre, London 25 L

Terry & The Turtles Tea Party (own label) 58

Terry, Dewey: Don & Dewey Jungle Hop (Ace) 105

Terry, Keith & Crosspulse Keith Terry And Crosspulse (Redwood) 136

Terry, Keith & Crosspulse Serpentine (Ubiquity) 197

Terry, Sonny Blowin' The Blues (ABM) 203 ATR

Terry, Sonny Complete Recorded Works Vol. 2 1944-49 (Document) 201 ATR

Terry, Sonny Complete Works 1938-45 (Document) 136

Terry, Sonny Whoopin' The Blues (Charly) 35

Terry, Sonny Whoopin' The Blues (Capitol Blues Collection) 148

Terry, Sonny Whoopin' The Blues: The Capitol Recorings 1947-50 (Capitol Blues Collection) 222

Terry, Sonny (Brownie McGhee &) At The Bunkhouse (BGO) 192 ATR

Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee Back To New Orleans (Ace) 111

Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee California Blues (Ace) 115/116

Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee Home Town Blues (BGO) 95

Terry, Sonny: McGhee & Terry Red River Blues, 1948-74 (Vestapol [video]) 174

Terry, Sonny (Brownie McGhee &) Sing (Smithsonian/Folkways) 100

Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee Sportin' Life Blues (Proper) 242/243 ATR

Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee The Real Blues (Emporio) 187/188 ATR

Terry, Sonny & Brownie McGhee Whooping The Blues (SPV Blue) 293

Terry, Sonny: Chris Barber's Jazz Band With Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Sonny, Brownie & Chris (Lake) 328 ATR

Terry, Sonny, Brownie McGhee, Lightnin' Hopkins, Big Joe Williams Southern Camptown Blues (Wolf) 120

Terry, Sonny & Johnny Winter Whoopin' (Sonet) 22 (SR)

Terry, Sonny: Lightnin' Hopkins, Brownie McGhee & Sonny Terry Blues Hoot (Horizon) 174

Tesi, Riccardo PresenteRemoto (Felmay) 301

Tesi, Riccardo Aqua Foco E Vento (Felmay) 244

Tesi, Riccardo Banditaliana (Dunya) 209

Tesi, Riccardo Riccardo Tesi (Cinq Planètes) 290/291

Tesi, Riccardo Il Ballo Della Lepre (Shirak - Italian Import) 22 (SR)

Tesi, Riccardo Un Ballo Liscio (Auvidis/Silex) 158/159

Tesi, Riccardo & Alberto Balia Cross Keys, Llantrisant 44 L

Tesi, Riccardo & Banditaliana Lune (Felmay) 262

Tesi, Riccardo, Claudio Carboni Crinali (Felmay) 278/279

Tesi, Riccardo & Patrick Vaillant Véranda (Silex) 106

Tesi, Riccardo (John Kirkpatrick, Marc Perrone & Riccardo Tesi) The Irish Centre, Leeds 81 L

Tesi, Riccardo (John Kirkpatrick, Riccardo Tesi & Kepa Junkera) Bell & Pump Folk Club, Birmingham 114 L

Tesi, Riccardo (Roberto Tombesi &) L'Organetto Diatonico (The Melodeon In Italy) (Berben) 126 P

Tesi, Riccardo: Kepa Junkera, Riccardo Tesi & John Kirkpatrick Trans-Europe Diatonique (Silex) 123

Tesi, Riccardo: Tesi - Vaillant - Trovesi Accordéon - Mandoline - Clarinette (Silex) 177 ATR

Tesi, Riccardo: Tesi - Vaillant - Trovesi Colline (Silex) 143

Test Valley Community Choirs Beneath Our Changing Sky (Wild Goose) 220

Testa, Gianmaria Montgolfières (Indigo) 160 ATR

Tester, Scan I Never Played To Many Posh Dances (Topic) 88; 317/318

Tester, Scan I Never Played To Many Posh Dances. Scan Tester, 1887-1972 by Reg Hall [Musical Traditions Supplement No. 2; reviewed with album] 88

Teta Liza: Lado Ensemble Orchestra Teta Liza & Lado (Aquarius) 302/303

Têtes Raides Le Bout Du Toit (WEA) 167

Tevfik, Neyzen Neyzen Tevfik (Kalan) 223/224

Tex Slavic Playboys (Brian Marshall & His Tex Slavic Playboys) Texas Polish Roots (Arhoolie) 182/183 ATR

Tex, Texas T. & Tristan Chipolata The Reality Check (Hoodlum Productions) 186

Texas Blues Kings (Eddie Martin & The) Pillowcase Blues (Blueblood) 232

Texas Playboys (Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys) Sally Goodin - The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 6 (Kaleidoscope) 59

Texas Playboys (Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys) The King Of Lone Star Swing (President) 168

Texas Playboys (Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys) The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 7 (Kaleidoscope) 62

Texas Playboys (Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys) The Tiffany Transcriptions Vol. 8 (Kaleidoscope) 72

Texas Playboys (Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys) Your Friendly King Of Western Swing (Edsel) 153 ATR

Texas Sheiks (Geoff Muldaur & The) Texas Sheiks (Tradition & Moderne) 323

Texas Tiger Band (Warren Terry & The) Windblown Blues (SRS) 62

Texas Tornados 4 Aces (Reprise) 166

Texas Tornados ¡Esta Bueno! (Proper) 325 ATR

Texas Tornados Texas Tornados (Reprise) 93

Texas Troubadours, The Almost To Tulsa - The Instrumentals (Bear Family) 305 ATR

Texas Twelve Steppers (Charlie Burton & The) Rustic Fixer-Upper (Lazy) 172 ATR

Texas Twisters (Sonny Rhodes & The) Just Blues (Evidence) 149 ATR

Texas Upsetters (Grady Gaines & The) Full Gain (Demon/Black Top) 82

Textones, The Midnight Mission (Volume [Sweden], via Jungle/Cartel) 54

Teye Viva El Flamenco (Voy Solito) 203

Thackray, Jake Jack Thackray And Songs (Dingles) 8 (SR)

Thackray, Jake The Very Best Of... (EMI Gold) 240 ATR

Thackray, Jake with Alan Williams Live At The Lobster Pot Volume 1 (Lobster Pot) 268 ATR

Thai Music Circle Maan Mongkhon (PAN) 211/212

Thaikla, Thongkham (Chawiwan Damnoen &) Mo Lam Singing Of Northeast Thailand [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Thala Vadya Ensemble Percussion Music Of Madras (JVC World Sounds) 148

Thandiswa Zabalaza (Escondido) 274 ATR

Thandiswa: Thandiswa Mazwai Ibokwe (Gallo) 321 ATR

Thanh, Huong Cai Luong Music (Ocora) 302/303 ATR

Thanh, Huong Dragonfly (Act) 220

Thanh, Huong Mangustao (ACT) 249

Thanh, Huong Moon And Wind (ACT) 197

Thanh, Huong & Nguyên Lê Fragile Beauty (ACT Music) 297

Thant, Yi Yi (Inle Myint Maung &) Mahagitá: Harp & Vocal Music Of Burma (Smithsonian Folkways) 237

Tharpe, Rosetta, Sister Complete Recorded Works 1938-44 Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 146/147

Tharpe, Rosetta, Sister Complete Sister Rosetta Tharpe Vol. 3 1947-51 (Frémeaux & Associés) 253 ATR

Tharpe, Rosetta, Sister The Original Soul Sister (Proper Box) 235/236 ATR

Tharpe, Rosetta, Sister Up Above My Head (Indigo) 197

Tharpe, Rosetta, Sister Vol 3 (1946-47) (Document) 185

Tharpe, Rosetta, Sister What Is The Soul Of A Man (Document) 281 ATR

That Oakenshield Against The Grain (Acorn) 36 ATR

That Uncertain Feeling (Ada Wilson &) What The World Wants (Native) 49 ATR

Thathaal, Deepika 'Deeyah' see Deeyah

The, The Hanky Panky (Epic) 139/140 ATR

Theard, Lovin' Sam 1929-36 (Document) 162 ATR

Theatre Alba (Raun Raun Theatre / Theatre Alba) Edinburgh International Festival/Fringe Festival 53 L

Theessink, Hans Baby Wants To Boogie (Blue Groove) 58

Theessink, Hans Call Me (Blue Groove) 111

Theessink, Hans Johnny And The Devil (Blue Groove) 87; 105

Theessink, Hans Journey On (Blue Groove) 192

Theessink, Hans Slow Train (Blue Groove) 290/291

Theessink, Hans Songs From The Southland (Blue Groove) 247/248

Theessink, Hans Titanic (Extra Platte - Austria) 22 (SR)

Them Mushrooms Songs From Kenya (Rags Music) 142 ATR

Theodorakis, Mikis Albert Hall, London 43 L

Theodore, Ruth White Holes Of Mole Hills (River Rat) 322

Therese, Karen Warrior Of The Heart (Red Feather Music) 216 ATR

Theriot, Lisa A Turning Of The Seasons (Raven Boy) 235/236 ATR

Theuns, Tom Songs From The River (Homerecords) 311 ATR

They Might Be Giants They Might Be Giants (Bar None) 48

Thiam, Mor Back To Africa (Justin Time) 205 ATR

Thibodeaux, Donald & Cajun Fever Fred's Hot Step (Arhoolie) 179

Thieme, Art The Older I Get, The Better I Was (Waterbug) 191

Thieves Of Sleep (Bob Brozman & His Thieves Of Sleep) Blues 'Round The Bend (Skyranch) 178

Thieves Of Sleep (Bob Brozman & His Thieves Of Sleep) Golden Slide (Skyranch) 178

Thile, Chris (Mike Marshall &) Into The Cauldron (Sugar Hill) 242/243 ATR

Thile, Chris Stealing Second (Sugar Hill) 169 ATR

Thimann, Albert: Geduldig & Thimann A Haymish Groove (Extraplatte) 134/135 ATR

Thimar Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 189 L

Think Of One Camping Shaabi (Crammed Discs) 295/296

Think Of One Chuva Em Po (Zonk/LCM) 250

Think Of One Marrakech Emballages Ensemble 3 (Zonk) 242/243

Think Of One NAFT 2 (Zonk) 242/243

Think Of One Trafico (Crammed Discs) 276

Thinker Call To Arms (Thinker Music) 321 ATR

Third Planet, The Kurdistani (CNI) 181 ATR

Third Planet, The The Third Planet (World Class) 209

Third World, The Aiye (Edsel) 168

Thistlethwaite, Anthony (Steve Wickham &) The Dublin Castle, London 118 L

Thistlethwaite, Anthony Aesop Wrote A Fable (Rolling Acres) 121

Thobejane, Mabi Gabriel Madiba (MELT) 170/171

Thobekile, Doreen London Zulu (own label) 270

Thomas, Aileen & Elkin A Handful Of Honeysuckle (Shanith) 79/80 ATR

Thomas, Aileen & Elkin The Journey (Shantih) 54

Thomas, Bill Time Can Be So Magic (North Star) 118 ATR

Thomas, Dave: Allie Fox & Dave Thomas Band Windsor Arts Centre 46 L

Thomas, Elkin: Aileen & Elkin Thomas A Handful Of Honeysuckle (Shanith) 79/80 ATR

Thomas, Elkin: Aileen & Elkin Thomas The Journey (Shantih) 54

Thomas, Gary Didgeridoo (Ancient Sound Of The Future) (4U) 118

Thomas, Henry Texas Worried Blues 1927-29 (Yazoo) 90

Thomas, Hociel / Lillie Delk Christian 1925-28 (Document) 156 ATR

Thomas, Irma After The Rain (Rounder) 281 ATR

Thomas, Irma If You Want It Come And Get It (Rounder Heritage) 218/219 ATR

Thomas, Irma: Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas, Tracy Nelson Sing It (Rounder) 185 ATR

Thomas, Jah Dance On The Corner (Roots) 282 ATR

Thomas, James: Tucker & Thomas Stranded (HMG) 174

Thomas, Jenny M. Farewell To Old England Forever (own label) 292

Thomas, Jesse Looking For That Woman (Black Top) 157

Thomas, Katherine Irwin Letting Go (own label) 270

Thomas, Nicky Love Of The Common People (Trojan) 245 ATR

Thomas, Nkrumah see Thomas, Jah

Thomas, Pat His Father's Son (Broke & Hungry) 324

Thomas, Pat It's A Long Long Way To Omaha, Nebraska, It's A Long Long Way To Your Heart (Heyday, via Rough Trade) 73 ATR

Thomas, Pat St Katharine (What's So Funny About) 131 ATR

Thomas, Ramblin' & The Dallas Blues Singers Complete Recorded Works (Document) 114

Thomas, Ramblin' 1928-'32 (Matchbox) 21 (SR)

Thomas, Rockin' Tabby Blues Train (Ace) 54

Thomas, Rufus Rhythmic, Islington, London 156 L

Thomas, Taffy Tales In Trust (own label) 79/80

Thomas, Taffy Tales Of The Vales (own label) 79/80

Thomas, Taffy The Blue Peter Prom, Albert Hall, London 222 L

Thomas, Taffy & Janet Russell Ambleside Health Centre, Cumbria 129 L

Thomas, Taffy: Various Twelve Hours For Taffy Cecil Sharp House, London 37 L

Thomas, Willard see Thomas, Ramblin'

Thomas, Willie B. (Butch Cage &) Old Time Black Southern String Band Music (Arhoolie) 276

Thomas King, Chris A Young Man's Blues (Hightone) 238 ATR

Thomas King, Chris Me, My Guitar And The Blues (Blind Pig) 215

Thomas King, Chris Rise (21st Century Blues) 282

Thomas The Voice I Was A Young Man (North West [single]) 31

Thomas The Voice Stone Cutter Boy (North West [single]) 50

Thompson, Becky After All This Time (Atomic Theory) 72

Thompson, Carol The Faerie Isles (Dorian) 198

Thompson, Chipper (Mason Brown &) Am I Born To Die (Dorian) 214 ATR

Thompson, Chris Chris Thompson (Scenesof) 223/224 ATR

Thompson, Chris Chris Thompson (Sunbeam) 331/332 ATR

Thompson, Chris The Natural Blues (City Folk - New Zealand) 20 (SR)

Thompson, Chris & Meredith Shadyside (own label) 175/176

Thompson, Danny Elemental (Antilles) 90

Thompson, Danny Whatever (Hannibal) 51

Thompson, Danny Whatever Next (Antilles) 73

Thompson, Danny (Richard Thompson with) Live At Crawley 1993 (What Disc) 146/147

Thompson, Danny: Danny Thompson's Whatever Donmar Warehouse, London 55 L

Thompson, Danny: Richard & Danny Thompson Industry (Parlophone) 168

Thompson, Danny: Savourna Stevenson, June Tabor, Danny Thompson Singing The Storm (Cooking Vinyl) 158/159

Thompson, Danny: Toumani Diabete, Ketama & Danny Thompson Songhai (Hannibal) 66

Thompson, Eric & Alan Senauke Two Guitars (Flying Fish) 43

Thompson, Eric: Dan Crary, Dick Fegy, Eric Thompson, Barry Solomon, Steve Kaufman Flatpicking Guitar (Kicking Mule) 5 (SR)

Thompson, Hank Hank World (Bloodshot Soundies) 198

Thompson, Hank In The Studio, On The Road (See For Miles) 76

Thompson, Hank The Wild Side Of Life (Proper) 263 ATR

Thompson, Ian Elegy (Nene Valley) 40 ATR

Thompson, Joe Family Tradition (Rounder) 197 ATR

Thompson, Junior Welcome Mr Blues (BlueSky) 189 ATR

Thompson, Keith Young Hearts [FFG 308 - from Ringsway Music] 114 ATR

Thompson, Linda Dreams Fly Away (Hannibal) 158/159

Thompson, Linda Fashionably Late (Topic) 232

Thompson, Linda Give Me A Sad Song (Fledg'ling) 220

Thompson, Linda One Clear Moment (WEA) 25

Thompson, Linda Versatile Heart (Rounder) 292

Thompson, Linda Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith 235/236 L

Thompson, Linda Ronnie Scott's, London 26 L

Thompson, Linda: Richard & Linda Thompson First Light (Hannibal) 113

Thompson, Linda: Richard & Linda Thompson Hokey Pokey (Island) 253

Thompson, Linda: Richard & Linda Thompson I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (Island) 253

Thompson, Linda: Richard & Linda Thompson Pour Down Like Silver (Island) 253

Thompson, Linda: Richard & Linda Thompson Shoot Out The Lights (Hannibal) 13 (SR)

Thompson, Linda: Richard & Linda Thompson Sunnyvista (Hannibal) 113

Thompson, Linda: The Home Service & Linda Thompson The Mysteries EP (Coda [EP]) 33

Thompson, Liz: Resnik, Thompson, Wager Twist Of The Wrist (own label) 312 ATR

Thompson, Matt Would Be Stars (Early Riser) 230/231 ATR

Thompson, Meredith: Chris & Meredith Thompson Shadyside (own label) 175/176

Thompson, Paul see Solo, Joe

Thompson, Richard Across A Crowded Room (Polydor) 24(SR)

Thompson, Richard Action Packed - The Best Of The Capitol Years (Capitol) 217

Thompson, Richard Amnesia (Capitol) 64

Thompson, Richard Daring Adventures (Polydor) 41

Thompson, Richard Dream Attic (Proper) 329/330

Thompson, Richard Front Parlour Ballads (Cooking Vinyl) 268

Thompson, Richard Guitar/Vocal (Hannibal) 34

Thompson, Richard Hand Of Kindness (Hannibal) 17 (SR)

Thompson, Richard Henry The Human Fly (Fledg'ling) 258

Thompson, Richard Henry The Human Fly (Hannibal) 44

Thompson, Richard Live At The BBC (Universal) 340

Thompson, Richard Live From Austin TX (New West [CD/DVD]) 268

Thompson, Richard Mirror Blue (Capitol) 127/128

Thompson, Richard Mock Tudor (Capitol) 196

Thompson, Richard Read About Love/I Feel So Good/I Misunderstood/The Choice Wife (Capitol [EP]) 105

Thompson, Richard Reckless Kind (Capitol [single]) 79/80

Thompson, Richard RT: The Life And Music Of Richard Thompson (Free Reed) 273

Thompson, Richard Rumour And Sigh (Capitol) 96

Thompson, Richard Small Town Romance (Hannibal) 22 (SR); 177

Thompson, Richard Strict Tempo (Topic) 112

Thompson, Richard Strict Tempo! (Elixir) 10 (SR)

Thompson, Richard Sweet Talker (Capitol) 108 ATR

Thompson, Richard Sweet Warrior (Proper) 289

Thompson, Richard The Guitar Of Richard Thompson [3 cassettes & Tab. book] (Homespun Tapes) 48 P

Thompson, Richard The Old Kit Bag (Cooking Vinyl) 237 ATR

Thompson, Richard Walking On A Wire 1968-2009 (Shout Factory) 317/318

Thompson, Richard You Don't Say/When The Spell Is Broken (Polydor [single]) 26

Thompson, Richard You? Me? Us? (EMI) 154

Thompson, Richard Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium 100 L

Thompson, Richard Hammersmith Palais, London 44 L

Thompson, Richard with Danny Thompson Live At Crawley 1993 (What Disc) 146/147

Thompson, Richard & Danny Industry (Parlophone) 168

Thompson, Richard & Linda First Light (Hannibal) 113

Thompson, Richard & Linda Hokey Pokey (Island) 253

Thompson, Richard & Linda I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (Island) 253

Thompson, Richard & Linda Pour Down Like Silver (Island) 253

Thompson, Richard & Linda Shoot Out The Lights (Hannibal) 13 (SR)

Thompson, Richard & Linda Sunnyvista (Hannibal) 113

Thompson, Richard & Peter Filleul The Marksman (BBC) 55

Thompson, Richard (Philip Pickett with) The Bones Of All Men (Hannibal) 182/183

Thompson, Richard: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Invisible Means (Demon) 89

Thompson, Richard: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Demon) 57

Thompson, Richard: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Fledg'ling) 300 ATR

Thompson, Richard: Richard Thompson Band Town & Country Club, London 68 L

Thompson, Richard: Richard Thompson Band Vooruit, Ghent, Belgium 134/135 L

Thompson, Richard: Richard Thompson Band, The Pogues, The Boothill Foot-tappers, Terry & Gerry Dominion Theatre, London 25 L

Thompson, Richard: The Richard Thompson Band The Great Hall, Exeter University 158/159 L

Thompson, Robert Livingston see Livingston, Dandy

Thompson, Suzy Stop & Listen (Arhoolie) 265 ATR

Thompson, Teddy Teddy Thompson (Virgin) 211/212

Thomson, Iain Fields Of Dreams (own label) 331/332 ATR

Thomson, Iain The Singing Shepherd (Mull Recordings) 102

Thomson, Iain To A Working Collie (Mull Recordings) 73

Thomson, Inge Shipwrecks & Static (Navigator) 322

Thomson, Kenneth Seóladh Dhachaigh (Macmeanmna) 254/255

Thomson, Liz (Hector Gilchrist &) Selkie (Wild Goose) 226 ATR

Thomson, Liz (Hector Gilchrist &) The Lea Rig (Wild Goose) 165 ATR

Thomson, Ryan J. The Fiddler's Almanac (Captain Fiddle Publications) 53 P

Thorburn, Andy Piano (Scottish Arts Council) 264 ATR

Thorburn, Andy (Ian Hardie &) The Spider's Web (Greentrax) 180; 187/188 ATR

Thorburn, Andy: Christine Martin & Andrew Thorburn (compilers) First Ceilidh Collections: Piano/Keyboards (Taigh na Teud) 79/80 P

Thorn, Paul Hammer And Nail (A&M) 172 ATR

Thorn, Tracey A Distant Shore (Cherry Red) 17 ATR (SR)

Thornbory, Nigel Sweet Enough For Me [no details given] 16 (SR)

Thornton, Andy The Things You Never Say (EIS [single]) 209

Thornton, Big Mama A Proper Introduction To Big Mama Thornton: They Call Me Big Mama (Proper) 270

Thornton, Big Mama Ball 'n' Chain (Arhoolie) 91/92 ; 93

Thornton, Big Mama Big Mama Thornton With The Muddy Waters Blues Band - 1966 (Arhoolie) 259/260 ATR

Thornton, Big Mama In Europe (Arhoolie) 275

Thornton, Big Mama The Chronological Big Mama Thornton 1950-1953 (Classics) 257

Thornton, Big Mama The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Vanguard) 215 ATR

Thornton, Big Mama The Rising Sun Collection (Just a Memory) 133

Thorpe Market Thespians (The Kipper Family & The) The Crab Wars (Dambuster) 42

Thorup, Peter: Snape featuring Alexis Korner & Peter Thorup Accidentally Born In New Orleans (Castle) 289 ATR

Those Darn Accordions! No Strings Attached (Globe) 165 ATR

Those Darn Accordions! Squeeze This! (Flying Fish) 151/152 ATR

Thought Gang Monsters From The Id (Fivetrees) 190 ATR

Thoumire, Simon & David Milligan The Big Day In (Footstompin') 228

Thoumire, Simon & Ian Carr Hootz! (Black Crow) 88

Thoumire, Simon: Simon Thoumire Orchestra Celtic Connections Suite (Tartan Tapes) 190

Thoumire, Simon: Simon Thoumire Orchestra Music For A New Scottish Parliament (Tartan Tapes) 197

Thoumire, Simon: Simon Thoumire Three March, Strathspey & Surreal (Green Linnet) 163/164

Thoumire, Simon: Simon Thoumire Three Waltzes For Playboys (Acoustic Radio) 131

Three Bedroom Ramblers, The What Was The Question? (Tim/Kerr) 180

Three Cane Whale Three Cane Whale (Idyllic) 337

Three City Four Smoke & Dust (Fuse) 323

Three Mile Stone Three Mile Stone (own label) 333 ATR

Three Straw Men Unstepping (Black Pig) 75

Threeway Street Drunkards And Lovers (Fellside) 35

Threeway Street Exeter & Devon Arts Centre 33 L

Threlfall, Jane & Amanda Gown Of Green (Beehive Music) 233

Threlfall, Jane & Amanda Morning Tempest (Beehive Music) 213

Threlfall, Jane & Amanda Sweet Nightingale (Beehive Music) 304

Threlfall, Jane & Carl Hogsden Jane Threlfall & Carl Hogsden (Redwood) 126 ATR

Thu Zahina Coup De Chapeau (RetroAfric) 173

Thulbion Twilight Bound (Greentrax) 146/147 ATR

Thunder & Lightning Barn Dance Band Barnstorm (Sentinel) 21 (SR)

Thunderbolts (Brett Marvin & The) Boogie Street (Exson) 144

Thunderbolts (Brett Marvin & The) Vintage Thunderbolts (Mooncrest) 194/195

Thunderbox (Steven Seagal &) Mojo Priest (Hypertension) 293 ATR

Thunderbridge Mountain Bluegrass Boys The Moon Shines Still (own label) 290/291 ATR

Thunderers (Fernest Arceneaux & The) Zydeco Stomp! (JSP) 70

Thunders, Johnny Que Sera Sera (Jungle [single]) 59

Thurso And Dounreay Strathspey And Reel Society, The North Of The Highlands (Lapwing) 38

Ti-Coca & Wanga-Nègès Haiti Colibri (Accords Croisés) 314/315

Ti-Coca/Toto Bissainthe Haiti: Ti-Coca, Toto Bissainthe (World Network) 194/195

Ti Jaz (Prego - Ti Jaz - Le Gop!) Trent University, Nottingham 133 L

Ti Jaz Live In Ar Vag (Cire Jaune) 228

Ti Jaz Musique Bretonnie Aujourd'hui (Silex) 124

Ti Jaz Musiques De Basse-Bretagne (Music & Words) 138

Ti Jaz Musiques De Basse-Bretagne (own label) 25

Ti Jaz Prema Project, Uley, Glos. 43 L

Ti Jaz Rêves Sauvages (Escalibur) 94

Ti Jaz St Donat's Arts Centre, Llantwit Major 55 L

Ti Jaz The Four Bars Inn, Cardiff 103/104 L

Tianjama Best Of... (Mars/Ol Concept) 175/176

Tianjama Velogno Velo (3MOI/Mars) 233

Tianjin Buddhist Music Ensemble Buddhist Music Of Tianjin (Nimbus) 141; 211/212

Tibbetts, Steve (Choying Drolma &) Chö (Hannibal) 172 ATR

Tibetan Institute Of Performing Arts Dhama Suna (Erato Detour) 182/183

Tibetan Perfoming Arts Troupe, The Symphony Hall, Birmingham 100 L

Tickawinda Rosemary Lane (Kissing Spell) 221 ATR

Tickell, Kathryn Back To The Hills (Reilient) 226

Tickell, Kathryn Borderlands (Black Crow) 42

Tickell, Kathryn Common Ground (Black Crow) 68

Tickell, Kathryn Debateable Lands (Park) 193

Tickell, Kathryn On Keilder Side (Saydisc) 22 (SR)

Tickell, Kathryn Strange But True (Park) 288

Tickell, Kathryn The Best Of Kathryn Tickell (Park) 322

Tickell, Kathryn The Gathering (Park) 167

Tickell, Kathryn & Ensemble Mystical Ensemble Mystical (Park) 215

Tickell, Kathryn & Friends The Northumberland Collection (Park) 180 ATR

Tickell, Kathryn (Andy Sheppard &) Music For A New Crossing (Provocateur) 222

Tickell, Kathryn: Alistair Anderson, Joe Hutton, Willy Taylor, Will Atkinson, Kathryn Tickell The Star, Guildford 25 L

Tickell, Kathryn: Jez Lowe, Kathryn Tickell The Star, Guildford 35 L

Tickell, Kathryn: The Kathryn Tickell Band Air Dancing (Park) 257

Tickell, Kathryn: The Kathryn Tickell Band Instrumental (Park) 290/291

Tickell, Kathryn: The Kathryn Tickell Band Signs (Black Crow) 130

Tickell, Kathryn: The Kathryn Tickell Band The Kathryn Tickell Band (Black Crow) 96

Tickell, Kathryn: The Kathryn Tickell Band Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 106 L

Tickell, Mike Warksburn - Songs Of Northumberland And Its Borders (Black Crow) 148

Tickled Pink Ceilidh (Rooksmere) 338/339

Tickled Pink Terpsichore Polyhymnia (Talking Elephant) 265

Tickled Pink Tickled Pink (Pink Kitten Recordings) 126

Tidow, Heidi: O'Hooley & Tidow Silent June (No Masters) 322 ATR

Tied Logs The Bluebell Polka (Button [single]) 19 (SR)

Tiéng Hát Quê Húong Ensemble De Saigon À Hanoi (Milan) 218/219

Tien-Shan Suisse Express Paleo Festival Nyon 2002 (Blanko Musik/Lawine/Virgin) 235/236

Tiernan, Paul God Knows I Love A Happy Ending (Right Stuff) 214

Tiernan, Paul Virgoville (Right Stuff) 193

Tiernan, Paul Who's Fooling Who? (Right Stuff) 158/159

Tierra Mariposa (Castor [single]) 90

Tiger, The: Atilla The Hun, King Radio, The Tiger, The Growler, The Caresser & The Executor A Calypso Documentary From Trinidad 'Where Was The Butler' (From historic recordings 1935-1940) (Folklyric) 59

Tiger Lillies, The Farmyard Filth (Misery Guts) 173 ATR

Tiger Lillies, The Shockheaded Peter (Warner/NVC Arts) 191 ATR

Tiger Moth Clarendon Press Centre, Oxford 43 L

Tiger Moth Howling Moth (Rogue) 58

Tiger Moth Mothballs (Omnium) 155

Tiger Moth Mothballs Plus (Weekend Beatnik) 253

Tiger Moth Speed The Plough/The Belfast Polka (Rogue [single]) 19 (SR)

Tiger Moth Tiger Moth (Rogue) 23 (SR)

Tigers Trombone Shout Band, The Dancing With Daddy G (Fire Ant) 126 ATR

Tiharea Tiharea (Zimbraz/Music & Words) 209

Tiitola, Meri Meri Tiitola (Hec Rec) 249 ATR

Tikao, Ariana Tuia (own label) 301

Tikaram, Tanita Ancient Heart (WEA) 66

Tikaram, Tanita Good Tradition (Warners [single]) 64

Tikaram, Tanita The Sweet Keeper (WEA) 82

Tilja Tilja (Amigo) 185

Tilling, Robert (compiler) Oh What A Beautiful City: A Tribute To Rev. Gary Davis 1896-1972 (Paul Mill Press) 122 P

Tilston, Martha Lucy & The Wolves (Squiggly) 324

Tilston, Martha Of Milkmaids And Architects (Squiggly) 285 ATR

Tilston, Steve An Acoustic Confusion (Scenesof) 186

Tilston, Steve And So It Goes... (Hubris) 151/152

Tilston, Steve Guitar Maestros (Sound Techniques [DVD]) 280

Tilston, Steve Life By Misadventure (Market Square) 222

Tilston, Steve Life By Misadventure (Run River) 46

Tilston, Steve Live Hemistry (Hubris) 223/224

Tilston, Steve Of Many Hands (ADA Recordings) 270

Tilston, Steve Reaching Back: The Life And Music Of Steve Tilston (Free Reed) 292

Tilston, Steve Solurubato (Fellside) 186 ATR

Tilston, Steve Such & Such (Market Square) 247/248

Tilston, Steve Swans At Coole (Run River) 90

Tilston, Steve The Greening Wind (Hubris) 203

Tilston, Steve The Reckoning (Hubris) 340

Tilston, Steve These Days (Run River [single]) 88

Tilston, Steve Ziggurat (Hubris) 302/303

Tilston, Steve & Maggie Boyle All Under The Sun (Flying Fish) 162

Tilston, Steve & Maggie Boyle Of Moor And Mesa (Run River) 121

Timbila Ama Iwa Woe (Kazan) 68

Timbila Remembering The Future (Timbila) 333

Timbila The Gilded Balloon Studio Theatre, Edinburgh 64 L

Timbuk 3 Airwave Jungle (Illegal [EP]) 41

Timbuk 3 Edge Of Allegiance (IRS) 82

Time Spanners Beating Time (Circle of Sound) 256 ATR

Timeline Méta Méta (F-IRE) 297 ATR

Timitar Festival Agadir, Morocco 283/284 L

Timms, Sally Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments For Lost Buckaroos (Bloodshot) 197

Timms, Sally Somebody's Rocking My Dreamboat... (Tim) 67

Timms, Sally To The Land Of Milk & Honey (Scout) 151/152 ATR

Timnaa (Ghalia Benali &) Wild Harissa (Network) 220

Timonen, Vilma: VTQ Forward (Ääniä) 326/327

Timson, Chris & Anne Gregson Peaceful Harbour (Wild Goose) 172 ATR

Tin Hat Trio Book Of Silk (Ropeadope/Rykodisc) 256 ATR

Tin Pots, The Dreams & Nightmares (Tinpot Productions) 149 ATR

Tin Star Somebody's Dreams (Special Delivery) 54

Tinariwen Aman Iman: Water Is Life (Independiente) 285

Tinariwen Amassakoul (Independent Records) 250

Tinariwen Imidiwan: Companions (Independiente) 313

Tinariwen Live In London (Independiente [DVD]) 305

Tinariwen Tassili (V2) 340

Tinariwen The Radio Tisdas Sessions (Wayward) 220

Tinariwen (Tunng with) Koko, London 312 L

Tingali Thru The Hoop (own label) 227 ATR

Tinkers, The Flogging Waxy (Minkers Thawrie) 134/135 ATR

Tinkerscuss Nine Trees (Fae Folk Music) 324 ATR

Tintagel Sword And Stone (own label) 106

Tintsumi Ta Tilo: Foster Manganyi Na Tintsumi Ta Tilo Ndzi Teke Riendzo No. 1 (Honest Jon's) 334

Tiny Island Tiny Island (Opus 3) 193

Tiny Tin Lady The Sound Of A Requiem (own label) 266/267 ATR

Tiny Tones Precious (Ram-Bam) 229 ATR

Tiolino Rua Dreita (Lusafrica) 299 ATR

Tipari Tipari - From La Réunion (Buda) 307/308 ATR

Tipica (Robert Santiago Y Su Tipica) Panamericana (Buda) 304

Tipico Oriental Eterna Melodia (Lusafrica) 184

Tipping, Colin Back To The Frontier (own label) 19 ATR (SR)

Tipton, David Queen Of China (Kicking Mule) 18 (SR)

Tir Na nOg [New York] The Black Rose (own label) 168

Tír na nÓg A Tear And A Smile (Edsel) 102

Tír na nÓg A Tear And A Smile/Strong In The Sun (Beat Goes On) 262 ATR

Tír na nÓg Hibernian (HTD) 204

Tír na nÓg Spotlight (Hux) 225

Tír na nÓg Tir Na Nog (Beat Goes On) 118 ATR

Tirana Folk Ensemble Songs And Dances From Albania (ARC Music) 218/219

Tirike Hot Tsapiky From The South Of Madagascar (Mars) 163/164

Tiris Sandtracks (Sandblast) 292

Tiroro The Best Of Tiroro: The Greatest Drummer In Tahiti (Rice) 256 ATR

Tisnèr, Joan-Francés 12 Recèptas De J.A. Lespatlut (Menestrèrs Gascons) 259/260

Tisnèr, Joan-Francés Camelicà (Menestèrs Gascons) 154

Tiso, Wagner Brasil (Caju Music) 106

Tiso, Wagner Kardum/Iris Musique) 175/176 ATR

Titina Cruel Destino (Astral Music) 300 ATR

Tjapukai Dancers Proud To Be Aborigine (Jarra Hill) 81; 114

Tjernberg, Per Universal Riddim (MNW) 209

Tjernberg, Per Universal Riddim 2 (Rub-a-Dub) 273 ATR

To Hell With Burgundy 3 (Stig Europe) 137

To Hell With Burgundy Axe & Cleaver, Boston, Lincs 117 L

To Hell With Burgundy Earthbound (Factory) 75

To Hell With Burgundy Money (Factory [single]) 74

To Hell With Burgundy Only The World (Stig) 119

Tobin, Christine: Christine Tobin Band Aililiu (Babel) 146/147

Toby Jug & Washboard Band Greasy Quiff (Kissing Spell) 218/219 ATR

Todd, Gibb Goin' Home (Compass) 254/255

Tofa'ah Sound Of Joyous Song [from Ladyslipper Inc.] 30

Tofu Love Frogs, The Vegetable Attack (Prox) 177

Tohon, Stan & The Tchink System Tchink Attack (Blue Silver) 149 ATR

Tohu Bohu Spotted House, Bradford, Yorks. 48 L

Toia, Rawiri & David Anthony Clark Tribal Blood, Maori Heartbeat (Singing Frog) 331/332 ATR

Toirés Sanäti (Backroom Beats) 233 ATR

Tok Pan Tok Eyes Of A Child (own label) 218/219 ATR

Token Women Elsa (No Masters) 220

Token Women Out To Lunch (No Masters) 157

Token Women The Rhythm Method (No Masters Voice) 123

Toker, Bayram Bilge Bayram (Music Of The World) 102

Tokeya Inajin, Tokeya (Kevin Locke) Dream Catcher (EarthBeat) 125

Tokyo Gakuso / Tadaaki Ohno Gagaku And Beyond (Celestial Harmonies) 214

Tokyo Gakuso Gagaku (JVC 'World Sounds') 142

Tokyo Gakuso Gagaku: Gems From Foreign Lands (Celestial Harmonies) 259/260

Tollhouse Band, The Threepence Wet & Threepence Dry (Brewhouse) 114 ATR

Tolly, Maria Up To Here (Red Hot) 69

Tolly, Maria Voices (Stroppy Cow) 42 ATR

Tolno, Sia My Life (Lusafrica) 340 ATR

Tolovaj Mataj Stari Grehi, Nova Sramota (Druga Godba) 166 ATR

Tomassi, Linda: Samusson & Tomassi Field Of Vision (Tosalito) 142 ATR

Tomato And The Hot Stuff Taking A Chance (Blue Rhythm) 225 ATR

Tombesi, Roberto & Riccardo Tesi L'Organetto Diatonico (The Melodeon In Italy) (Berben) 126 P

Tombesi, Roberto: Ciuma, Salvi & Tombesi Il Mare Di Lato (Felmay) 233

Tombo, Daniel Toamasina Serenades (Buda) 221

Tomkins, Saskia: Robb Johnson with Miranda Sykes & Saskia Tomkins 21st Century Blues (Irregular) 218/219

Tomlin, H.R., Rev.: Rev. H.R. Tomlin & Rev. S.J. Worell Complete Recorded Works 1926-27 (Document) 154

Tømmerås, Gunhil Nu Vil Jeg Blott Fortelle (Etnisk Musikklubb) 220 ATR

Tommy T The Prester John Sessions (Easy Star) 321

Tomokawa, Kazuki Shibuya Apia Document (PSF) 157 ATR

Tomokawa, Kazuki Yume Wa Hibi Genki Ni Shinde Yuku (Modern Music) 184 ATR

Tomokawa, Kazuki Zeiniku Na Asa (Fat In The Morning Light) (Modern Music) 172 ATR

Tompkins County Horseflies see Horseflies, The

Toña La Negra "La Sensación Jarocha" Lamento Cubano (Tumbao) 262 ATR

Tønder Festival Tønder, Denmark 66 L; 162 L

Tondo Tanzanian Classics (Dakar Sound) 221

Toner, Niall: Niall Toner Band Mood Swing (Avalon) 264 ATR

Toney, Susan Strange Child (Strange Child) 175/176 ATR

Tonges, Vernon Our Glorious Simian Heritage (own label) 142

Tonight At Noon Down To The Devils (Lismor) 70; 94

Tonight At Noon Folk At The 'Tute, Wrea Green Institute, Kirkham, Lancs 27 L

Tonight At Noon Tonight At Noon (Stretch) 30

Tonio K see K, Tonio

Tonnerre, Michel Douce Barbarie (Keltia) 177 ATR

Tonnerre, Michel L'Oiseau Noir (Keltia) 149 ATR

Tontoh, Mac & The Kete Warriors Nana Eba (Amanas Productions) 221

Too Darn Hot Carmensita (Too Darn Hot [single]) 87

Too Human From There To Here (Boenel) 172 ATR

Too Slim & The Taildraggers Swamp Opera (Burnside) 163/164 ATR

Toop, David Exotica (Serpent's Tail) 198 P

Toorama Mordvin Songs (Mipu) 169

Toots & The Maytals From The Roots (Trojan) 250 ATR

Toots & The Maytals Hold On (Atom Music/Brook) 288 ATR

Toots & The Maytals Pressure Drop: The Definitive Collection (Trojan) 266/267 ATR

Toots & The Maytals Reggae Legends (Trojan) 306 ATR

Toots & The Maytals Roots Reggae (Trojan) 270 ATR

Toots & The Maytals Sweet And Dandy - The Best Of Toots & The Maytals (Trojan) 241

Toots & The Maytals Town & Country Club, London 84 L

Toots & The Maytals: The Maytals Monkey Man (Trojan) 242/243 ATR

Tooze, Sandra B. Muddy Waters: The Mojo Man (ECW Press) 178 P

Topaloglu, Birol Aravani: Traditional Laz Music (Kalan) 210

Topham, Top On Top 1963-1969 (Indigo) 174 ATR

Tophøj, Andreas: Trio THG Tungen Ud Ad Vinduet (GO' Danish Folk Music) 311

Topic Records' 60th Birthday Concert [English Originals] The Barbican, London 198 L

Toplek, Elizabeta see Teta Liza

Toppah, Cheevers: Alex E. Smith, Cheevers Toppah [&] Nitanis "Kit" Landry Harmony Nights (Canyon) 302/303 E

Topping, Joseph Ghosts In The Shadows (Fellside) 324

Topping, Tom: Tom Topping Band One Step Closer (TTB Recordings) 51

Toquero, José Ignacio H. & Entre Dos Mares El Camino Del Agua (Jacovía) 293 ATR

Toquero, José Ignacio H. & Entre Dos Mares El Camino Es La Meta (Jacovía) 289 ATR

Toques Do Caramulo É Ao Vivo! (d'Orfeu) 292 ATR

Toques Do Caramulo Retoques (Dorfeu) 340 ATR

Toquinho Instrumental (Caju Music) 106

Toreth Toreth (Fflach:tradd) 245 ATR

Törf Speelt Beukema (Törf) 189 ATR

Torgerson, Carla: Chris & Carla Swinger 500 (Global Warming) 181

Toro, Yomo Noveleo (Mango [single]) 90

Toronto Tabla Ensemble Second Palla (own label) 196

Toronto Tabla Ensemble Toronto Table Ensemble (own label) 168

Torpy, Helena & Steve Turner Sideways Air (Sargasso Sounds) 256 ATR

Torrance, Bill Inchlaggan (Woodland) 64

Torres, Jaime: Magic Malik, Minino Garay & Jaime Torres Altiplano (Accords Croisés) 301

Torres, Juan Pablo Algo Nuevo (Malanga Music) 294

Torres, Juan Pablo Romantic Cuba (Malanga Music) 294

Torres, Silvia Take Sarava (Melodie) 201

Törst Släkten Är Törst (Törst) 192 ATR

Tory Voodoo *see also Tammerlin

Tory Voodoo Roll Down Thy Window (Luau of the Mind) 150

Tory Voodoo Third Weeks A'Lightnin' (Binky) 165

Tosh, Peter & Friends Arise Black Man (Tojan) 205 ATR

Tosh, Peter & Friends Black Dignity - Early Works From The Steppin' Razor (Trojan) 266/267 ATR

Toss The Feathers Awakening (Fat Cat) 119; 120

Toss The Feathers Live At The 32 (Bop) 68

Toss The Feathers Skidoo (Bopbeat [single]) 71

Totico see Arango, Eugenio "Totico"

Toto, Yomo Gracias (Mango Island) 89

Totonho & Os Cabra Totonho & Os Cabra (Trama) 247/248 ATR

Tötterssön XO (Visio) 294

Toubab Krewe Toubab Krewe (Upstream) 278/279

Touchstone Jealousy (Green Linnet) 21 (SR)

Touchstone The Birchmere, Alexandria, Va., USA 27 L

Touchstone The New Land (Green Linnet) 15 (SR)

Touchwood Big Things (Hop) 254/255 ATR

Touchwood Passion Play (Slow Motion) 202

Touitou, Jean (Bill Laswell &) Havana Mood (APC) 201 ATR

Toulai Turquie. Le Chant De Poetes (Arion) 198

Toumast Ishumar (Kraked/Village Vert/Wagram) 283/284

Tounkara, Djelimady Sigui (Indigo/Label Bleu) 214

Tounkara, Djelimady Solon Kôno (Marabi) 266/267

Tounkara, Makan N'gomi Du Mali (Cinq Planètes) 239

Toups, Wayne & Zydecajun Back To The Bayou (Iona) 161

Toups, Wayne & Zydecajun Blast From The Bayou (Mercury/Mastertrak) 73

Toups, Wayne & Zydecajun Johnnie Can't Dance (MTE) 62

Toups, Wayne & Zydecajun Little Wooden Box (Shanachie) 211/212

Tour-A-Rural Ceilidh Band, The The Accidental Death Of An Accordionist (Brechin All) 309 ATR

Toure, Ali Farka A Visit To Ali Farka Touré (ARTE France/RM Associates [DVD]) 273

Toure, Ali Farka A Visit To Ali Farka Touré (Digital Classics [DVD]) 336

Toure, Ali Farka Ali Farka Toure (World Circuit) 58

Toure, Ali Farka Disques Esperance [ESP 165558] 37

Toure, Ali Farka Niafunke (World Circuit) 193

Toure, Ali Farka Radio Mali (World Circuit) 155

Toure, Ali Farka Red & Green (World Circuit) 257

Toure, Ali Farka Savane (World Circuit) 277

Toure, Ali Farka The River (World Circuit) 84

Toure, Ali Farka The Source (World Circuit) 110

Toure, Ali Farka Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 53 L

Toure, Ali Farka Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels, Belgium 262 L

Toure, Ali Farka (Jali Musa Jawara & Musicians, Ali Farka Toure) Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 59 L

Toure, Ali Farka & Ry Cooder Talking Timbuktu (World Circuit) 130

Toure, Ali Farka & Toumani Diabate Ali & Toumani (World Circuit) 321

Toure, Ali Farka & Toumani Diabate In The Heart Of The Moon (World Circuit) 265

Touré, Daby Diam (Real World) 256

Touré, Daby Stereo Spirit (Real World) 287

Touré, Daby & Skip McDonald Call My Name (Real World) 311

Toure, Fantani N'tin Naari (Stern's Africa) 181

Toure, Ousmane Avenue Du Monde (Together Productions) 273

Touré, Samba Songhai Blues: Homage To Ali Farka Toure (Riverboat) 316 ATR

Toure, Seta L'Album (Misslin/WMD [France]) 157

Toure, Sidi Hoga (Stern's) 163/164

Touré Kunda Live Paris - Ziguinchor (Celluloid) 237 ATR

Touré Kunda Live Paris - Ziguinchor (Wagram) 286 ATR

Touré Kunda Natalia (Celluloid) 29

Touré Kunda Terra Saabi (Edel) 206/207

Touré Kunda The Touré Kunda Collection (Putumayo) 161

Touré, Sidi & Friends Sahel Folk (Thrill Jockey) 333

Touré, Vieux Farka Fondo (Six Degrees) 313

Touré, Vieux Farka Remixed: UFOs Over Bamako (Modiba) 295/296 ATR

Touré, Vieux Farka The Secret (Six Degrees) 338/339

Touré, Vieux Farka Vieux Farka Touré (World Village) 285

Tourish, Martin & Luke Ward Clan Ranald (own label) 274 ATR

Touristes Mother Afrika (Dunya) 225 ATR

Toussaint, André Bahamian Ballads: The Songs Of André Toussaint (Naxos World) 235/236

Toussaint, Christophe: Jean-François Dutertre, Jean Ribouillault, Christophe Toussaint L'Epinette Des Vosges (Ocora) 179

Tout-Le-Porc Scratchings (own label) 95

Tout Pouissant Ochestre Kinshasa see Le TP OK Jazz

Touze, Morgane see Morgan

Tovey, Frank Sam Hall (Mute [single]) 78

Towering Inferno Kaddish (own label) 132

Towersey Village Festival Oxfordshire 41 L; 53 L

Town & Country Club: T & C Music Guide 1989 (Town & Country Club) 70 P

Townsend, Connie Gentle Graces (Wild Gin Sang Music) 241 ATR

Townsend, Dave A Third Collection Of English Country Dance Tunes (Serpent Press) 31 P

Townsend, Dave Concertina Landscape (Serpent Press) 192

Townsend, Dave Portrait Of A Concertina (Saydisc Digital) 33

Townsend, Dave The Nova Scotia, Bristol 49 L

Townsend, Dave: A.D. Townsend A 2nd Collection Of English Country Dance Tunes (Ferret Music) 21 P (SR)

Townsend, Dave: A.D. Townsend A First Collection Of English Country Dance Tunes (2nd rev. edn) (Ferret Music) 15 P (SR)

Townsend, Dave (comp. & arr.) English Dance Music Vol. 1 (Serpent Press) 250 P

Townsend, Dave (comp. & arr.) English Dance Music Vol. 2 (Serpent Press) 250 P

Townsend, Dave (comp. & arr.) The Mellstock Carols: West Gallery Carols From Thomas Hardy's Family & Other Wessex Sources (Serpent Press) 250 P

Townsend, Dave (comp. & arr.) The Village Band Book (Serpent Press) 250 P

Townsend, Dave & Caroline Jackson-Houlston see Mellstock Quire, The

Townsend, Henry My Story (Analogue Productions Originals) 226

Townsend, Joe: Joe Townsend Band Joe Townsend Band (CHAT) 204 ATR

Townsend, John Will You Waltz? (own label) 179 ATR

Townshend, George Come Hand Me The Glass (Musical Traditions) 206/207

Toxa Toxa (Drone) 209

Toy Hearts, The If The Blues Come Calling (Woodville) 293 ATR

Toyan see Ranking Toyan

TP OK Jazz / TPOK Jazz see Le TP OK Jazz

Tracey, Hugh: Various Historic Recordings By Hugh Tracey: Southern Belgian Congo 1952 & 1957 (SWP) 202

Tracey, Hugh: Various The Very Best Of Hugh Tracey (SWP) 301

Tracy, Denis: Lynne & Denis Tracy Red Fox (Crafty Maid) 131

Tracy, Lynne & Denis Red Fox (Crafty Maid) 131

Trader Horne Morning Way (Essential) 214 ATR

Trader Horne Morning Way... Plus (See For Miles) 94

Tradish Beyond The Borders (GO' Danish Folk Music) 328 ATR

Traditional Dance Vol. 1 (Proceedings of the Traditional Dance Conference) 12 P (SR)

Traditional Dance Vol. 2: Historical Perspectives (Proceedings of the 2nd Traditional Dance Conference, March 1982) edited by Theresa Buckland [conference papers] 19 P (SR)

Traditional Korean Music And Dance Barbican Centre, London 153 L

Trad'ouïr Mu-ta-tion (own label) 250

Trailblazers (Hot Rize & Red Knuckles & The) 100 Club, London 75 L

Trailblazers (Hot Rize with Red Knuckles & The) In Concert (Flying Fish) 24 (SR)

Trailblazers (Red Knuckles & The) Shades Of The Past (Sugar Hill) 67

Train Journey North First Tracks (Lochshore) 127/128

Traitors Gait Reel To Reel/The Brockley Two Step (Waterline Music [cassette single]) 54

Traitors Gait Thousands Are Sailing (Waterline) 78

Traitors Gait Three Pence E.P. (Waterline [EP]) 11 (SR)

Traitors Gait Women Of Ireland 1922-1992 (Waterline Music) 112 ATR

Trambitas, Gheorghe The Voice Of The Taragot (Folk Sounds) 292 ATR

Trame Trio Changer D'Air (Buda) 317/318 ATR

Trampetti, Patrizio & New Folk Band Quello Che Il Pubblico Non Saprà Mai (Nota) 277

Tran Quang Hai & Bach Yen Vietnamese Dàn Tranh Music (Lyrichord) 21 (SR)

Trân Thi Thuy Ngoc (Trân Van Khê &) Viêt-nam: Poésies Et Chants (Ocora) 151/152

Trân Van Khê & Nguyen Thi Hai Phuong Viêt-nam: Le Dàn Tranh (Ocora) 151/152

Trân Van Khê & Trân Thi Thuy Ngoc Viêt-nam: Poésies Et Chants (Ocora) 151/152

Trancendental (Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi) Il Bagno Turco (Hamam) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [MDL 978] 178

Trandalidis, George (Nikos Saragoudas &) O Cheretismos / The Greeting Agelfi (Falirea/BMG, Greece) 167

Transept (Patrick Bouffard - Transept) Second Prélude (Modal Pleinjeu) 273

Transglobal Underground Backpacking On The Graves Of Our Ancestors (Nation) 194/195

Transglobal Underground Impossible Broadcasting (Mule Satellite) 253

Transglobal Underground Moonshout (Mule Satellite) 289

Transglobal Underground Rejoice Rejoice (Nation) 181

Transglobal Underground Run Devils And Demons: The Best Of... (Nascente) 311

Transglobal Underground The Stone Turntable (Mule Satellite) 336

Transglobal Underground Transglobal Underground - A Film My Guillaume Dero (La Huit [DVD]) 301

Transglobal Underground Yes Boss Food Corner (Ark 21) 215

Transjoik Uja Nami (Vuelie) 263

Transjoik & Sher Miandad Khan Bewafá (Vuelie) 288

Transkaakko Kulo (Aarnihauta) 316 ATR

Transkaakko Sato (Zerga) 299

Transkapela Sounds & Shadows (Konador) 276

Transpiradansa Granuba (Appel) 321

Transports, The New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth 50 L

Transsylvanians Fel Es Egesz (Westpark Music) 286

Transsylvanians Igen! (Westpark) 262 ATR

Traoré, Abdoulaye & Mohamed Diaby Debademba (Naïve) 336

Traoré, Boubacar Classic Titles (Cantos) 285

Traoré, Boubacar Je Chaterai Pour Toi/I'll Sing For You (Marabi) 237

Traoré, Boubacar Kar Kar (Stern's) 110

Traoré, Boubacar Kongo Magni (Marabi) 264

Traoré, Boubacar Macir (Indigo/Label Bleu) 201

Traoré, Boubacar Mali Denhou (Lusafrica) 333

Traoré, Boubacar Mariama (Stern's) 90; 239

Traoré, Boubacar The Best Of (Wrasse) 241

Traore, Keletigui: Keletigui Et Ses Tambourinis The Syliphone Years (Stern's) 316

Traoré, Lobi Bamako (Buda Musique) 141

Traoré, Lobi Bambara Blues (Cobalt/Buda) 106 ATR

Traoré, Lobi Mali Blue (Dixiefrog) 261

Traoré, Lobi Rainy Season Blues (Glitterhouse) 328

Traoré, Lobi Ségou (Cobalt Africolor) 155

Traoré, Lobi & Joep Pelt I Yougoba (Diesel Motor) 298

Traoré, Lobi: Lobi Traoré Group Lobi Traoré Group (Honest Jon's) 268

Traoré, Rokia Bowmboï (Tama/Label Bleu) 244

Traoré, Rokia Live (Label Bleu [DVD]) 275

Traoré, Rokia Mouneïsa (Indigo) 179

Traoré, Rokia Tchamantché (Tama/Universal [France]/ Nonesuch [UK/USA]) 301

Traoré, Rokia Wanita (Indigo/Label Bleu) 203

Traoré, Souleyman see Solo, Neba

Trapezoid Remembered Ways (Azure) 134/135 ATR

tRaucatèrme A Còps De Pé Pel Cuou! (AMTA) 245

Traum, Artie Thief Of Time (Roaring Stream) 317/318 ATR

Traum, Happy Bright Morning Stars (Waterfront) 5 (SR)

Traum, Happy Bucket Of Songs (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop) 82

Traum, Happy I Walk The Road Again (Roaring Stream) 273 ATR

Traum, Happy: The Happy Traum Band Friends & Neighbours (Folk Freak) 22 (SR)

Trauner, Arik (Sister Shirley Sydnor &) I'll Fly Away (Document) 186 ATR

Travel Agents, The Package Deal (own label) 64

Traveler's Dream Cold Blows The Day (own label) 321 ATR

Travelin' Tom & Dr Paul The Great Unknown (Torch) 205 ATR

Travelling Gentlemen, The: Christine Collister, Dave Kelly & The Travelling Gentlemen Live (BGO) 309 ATR

Travelling Souls (Mike Hamilton & The) Beggars & Poets (Big House) 155 ATR

Travers, Mary: Peter, Paul & Mary Around The Campfire (Warner Bros) 181

Travers, Mary: Peter, Paul & Mary No Easy Walk To Freedom (Gold Castle) 65 ATR

Travers-Bolduc, Mary see La Bolduc

Travis, Merle At 'Town Hall Party' (Bear Family [DVD]) 273

Travis, Merle Folksongs Of The Hills (Bear Family) 121

Travis, Merle Hot Pickin' (Proper) 239 ATR

Travis, Merle In Boston 1959 (Rounder) 242/243 ATR

Travis, Merle Merle Travis - Rare Performances 1946-1981 (Vestapol Videos [video]) 151/152

Travis, Merle & Johnny Bond Great Songs Of The Delmore Brothers (Stetson) 76

Travis, Mike: Mike Travis' EH15 The View From Where (Eclectic) 126 ATR

Travis, Randy Always And Forever (Warner Bros) 50

Travis, Randy Duets (Reprise) 91/92

Travis, Randy Storms Of Life (Warner) 44

Tre & The Blueknights Blues Knock'n Baby (Wolf) 172 ATR

Tre Begrædelige Piger Til Deg (Kvarts) 262 ATR

Tre Martelli Brüze Carvè (Associazione Culturale Trata Birata) 110

Tre Martelli Car Der Steili (Felmay) 206/207

Tre Martelli Giacu Trus (Pentagramma) 34

Tre Martelli La Tempesta (Associazione Culturale Tre Martelli) 58

Tre Martelli Omi E Paiz (Robi Droli) 155

Tre Martelli Semper Viv (Dunya) 230/231

Tre Martelli Tra Cel E Tèra (Felmay) 273

Tre Martelli Trata Birata [CL001] 14 (SR)

Tre Martelli Llantrisant Folk Club, The Cross Keys, Llantrisant 40 L

Treadwell, Sonney Jesus Will Fix It: Sacred Steel Guitar Vol. 3 (Arhoolie) 177

Treanor, Dan & African Wind Mercy (Plan-It) 283/284 ATR

Treanor, Dan & Frankie Lee African Wind (NorthernBlues) 283/284 ATR

Treanor, Dan & Jack Hadley Brothers, Blood & Bone (Plan-it) 298 ATR

Treat Her Right What's Good For You (Rounder) 103/104

Treblemakers, The Singing With... (University of Connecticut) 182/183 ATR

Trebuchet Salvo (own label) 285 ATR

Trebunia Family (Twinkle Brothers &) Comeback Twinkle 2 (Ryszard Music) 139/140

Trebunie-Tutki In Sherwood (Kamahuk) 165

Trebunie-Tutki Polish Highlanders' Music [Folk CD003] 154

Trebunie-Tutki & Twinkle Brothers Songs Of Glory - Piesni Chwaly (Kiton Art) 309

Tree, Eva Sail Away (own label) 280 ATR

Tree Of Life Band Ragas & Reels, St David's Hall, Cardiff 73 L

Treebeard Reel Ale (Gabadon) 325 ATR

Trees Live (Habel Label) 84

Trees On The Shore (BGO) 126

Trees On The Shore (Decal) 54

Trees On The Shore (Sony/BMG) 290/291

Trees The Garden Of Jane Delawney (BGO) 130

Trees The Garden Of Jane Delawney (Decal) 54

Trefen Teyrnas War Preseli High School, Crymych 93 L

Trefoil Forward To The Past (Strictly Country) 131 ATR

Tregor En Fête France 88 L

Trembling Bells Carbeth (Honest Jon's) 314/315

Trembling Bells The Constant Pageant (Honest Jon's) 336

Tremè Brass Band Gimme My Money Back (Arhoolie) 154 ATR

Tremendos Cuatro Espadas: Mingo Saldivar Y Sus Tremendos Cuatro Espadas I Love My Freedom, I Love My Texas (Rounder) 117

Trepaanit Trepanation (Ääniä) 317/318 ATR

Tres Fan Ball A Peu De Plaça (Edimusic) 276 ATR

Tres Fan Ball Fadrina Poruga (Difusió Mediterrània) 144 ATR

Trettine, Caroline Be A Devil (Utility) 86

Treyz, Jürgen: 2 Duos Until The Cows Come Home (Artes) 316

Trezise, Artie *see also Singing Kettle, The

Trezise, Artie (Cilla Fisher &) Cilla & Artie (Greentrax) 182/183 ATR

Trezise, Artie (Cilla Fisher &) Cilla & Artie (Topic) 3 (SR)

Trezise, Artie (Cilla Fisher &) Reaching Out (Kettle) 48

Trezise, Artie (Cilla Fisher &) The Singing Kettle (Kettle) 16 (SR)

Trezise, Artie (Cilla Fisher &) The Singing Kettle 2 (Kettle) 24 (SR)

Trezise, Artie (Cilla Fisher &) The Singing Kettle 3 & The Singing Kettle 3 Music Book (Kettle) 60

Trì A-Measg Chàirdean (Trì Music) 317/318 ATR

Tri A Tolia Zumurrude ( 309

Tri Continental Drifting (Tradition & Moderne) 258 ATR

Tri Continental Let's Play (Tradition & Moderne) 247/248 ATR

Tri Muzike Un Vègh Pes Marii: A Journey In The Mediterranean (Dunya [Felmay]) 256

Tri Yann An Naones (Kelenn) 177 ATR

Tri Yann Inventaire 1970-1993 (Triskell) 127/128

Tri Yann Portraits (Dèclic) 148

Triakel Sånger Från 63° N (Westpark) 261 ATR

Triakel Triakel (Xource) 184

Trian Trian (Flying Fish) 115/116

Trian Trian 2 (Green Linnet) 155

Tribe (Moana & The) Wha (Black Pearl) 307/308 ATR

TriBeCaStan 5 Star Cave (EverGreene Music) 323

TriBeCaStan Strange Cousin (Evergreene Music) 311

Tribu Nganga Lisanga (Africa Mama) 56

Tribute For Frankie Kennedy Concert, The Olympia Theatre, Dublin 141 L

Tribute To Bert, A Cecil Sharp House, London 307/308 L

Tribute To Ustad Alla Rakha Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 293 L

Trichet, Dominique (Pierrick Lemou &) Reabaterien (Coop Breizh) 250 ATR

Trichordon The Sound Of Our Soul (RCA/BMG Greece) 218/219

Trick Von Schmidt Josephine (Smalltown [single]) 174

Trickett, Ed: Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, Ed Trickett And So Will We Yet (Folk Legacy) 130

Trickett, Katie The Next Time (Demon) 151/152 ATR

Tricks Upon Travellers Where The Skeletons Dance (own label) 210

Tricks Upon Travellers 2 From Another Place (own label) 247/248

Trideridoo Hé-öl (Playasound) 206/207

Trigon The Moldovan Wedding In Jazz (Silex) 139/140 ATR

Trilby Trilby (Trilby's Tapes) 44

Triller Gryning (Sjelvar) 309 ATR

Trilogy Two Thousand Years Of Christmas (Dragonwing Music) 165 ATR

Trim Rig & A Doxy Trim Rig & A Doxy (own label) 288 ATR

Trimble, Gerald First Flight (Green Linnet) 17 (SR)

Trinidad Tripoli Steelband Hot Like Fire (Schoolkids) 138

Trinovox Mediterranea (Jaro) 173 ATR

Trio Trio II (Asylum) 191

Trio AAB Stranger Things Happen At C (Caber Music) 245 ATR

Trio Argia Microcosmi (Dunya) 193

Trio Bulgarka, The The Forest Is Crying (Hannibal) 63

Trio Coltri Menduto Morelli El Petun Del Diàul (Folkest Dischi) 326/327

Trio Cornemuse Berry-Bourbonnais (Silex) 123

Trio DCA Musique De Haute-Auvergne (Modal Pleinjeu) 245

Trio Dobrogea Muzica Din Delta Dunarii (Label Ouest) 265 ATR

Trio Erik Marchand An Tri Breur (Silex) 105

Trio Grande Bagage [S CD 9501] 151/152 ATR

Trio Grande Pilo Pao (Heideck) 189 ATR

Trio Hardanger Trio Hardanger (2L) 250 ATR

Trio Harel Yedid Nefesh: Amant De Mon Âme (Alpha) 259/260 ATR

Trio Ivoire Across The Oceans (Enja) 321 ATR

Trio Ivoire Touching Africa (RISM) 298

Trio Kavkasia O Morning Breeze - Traditional Songs From Georgia (Naxos World) 221 ATR

Trio Kavkasia The Fox And The Lion (Traditional Crossroads) 281

Trio Liudvig Garibian Armenia-Armidia: Trio Liudvig Garibian Meets FOLK LAB (Van Geel) 133

Trio Liudvig Garibian Spirit Of The Morning Winds (Oreade) 154

Trio Los Panchos Los Años Dorados Del Trío Los Panchos (Alma Latina [DVD]) 286

Trio Mio Love & Cigars (GO' Danish Folk Music) 338/339

Trio Mio Pigeon Folk Pieces (GO' Danish Folk Music) 273

Trio Mio Stories Around A Holy Goat (GO' Danish Folk Music) 295/296

Trio Pandelescu Trio Pandelescu (Silex) 131

Trio Pandelescu Vasile Pandelescu À L'Accordéon (Silex) 123 ATR

Trio Patrekatt Adam (Xource) 173

Trio Patrick Bouffard see Bouffard, Patrick

Trio Pennec Javadao (Escalibur) 126

Trio Roland Becker L'Orchestre National Breton (Coop Breizh) 182/183

Trio Romen Valentina Ponomareva: The Russian Gypsy Queen (Hot Club) 311

Trio San Antonio: Fred Zimmerle Fred Zimmerle's Conjunto Trio San Antonio (Arhoolie) 266/267 ATR

Trio San Antonio: Los Pingüinos Del Norte / Fred Zimmerle & Trio San Antonio Conjuntos Nortenos (Arhoolie) 89

Trio Silva, The: La Negra Graciana Sones Jarochos With The Trio Silva (Corason) 139/140

Trio Svetlin Trio Svetlin (Sraka) 110

Trio Tekke Samas (own label) 340 ATR

Trio THG Tungen Ud Ad Vinduet (GO' Danish Folk Music) 311

Trio Trad Made In Belgium (Wild Boar) 266/267

Trio Trad Musique D'Europe (Wild Boar) 227

Trio Tresca Umpa Umpa (RadiciMusic) 309

Trio UGB Trio UGB (Amalthea) 66

Trio Violon La Concordance Des Temps (Silex) 106 ATR

TrioTinus TrioTinus (GO' Danish Folk Music) 317/318 ATR

Trioviool Trioviool (Zoku EMI) 227

Triple-X Wodka Vaseline (Appel) 335

Trisan Trisan (Real World) 118 ATR

Trischka, Tony Hill Country (Rounder) 307/308 ATR

Trischka, Tony Territory (Smithsonian Folkways) 301 ATR

Trischka, Tony World Turning (Rounder) 129

Trischka, Tony & Beppe Gambetta Alone And Together (Brambus) 105

Trischka, Tony & Beppe Gambetta Alone Together (Alcazar) 141

Trischka, Tony & Skyline Stranded In The Moonlight (Flying Fish) 24 (SR)

Trischka, Tony: Tony Trischka Band Bend (Rounder) 196 ATR

Trischka, Tony: Tony Trischka Band New Deal (Rounder) 240 ATR

Triskell & Gilles Servat L'Albatros Fou (Keltia Musique) 105 ATR

Triskell Daou (Keltia) 182/183

Triskell Rowen Tree (Keltia Musique) 115/116 ATR

Triskell Telenn Vor (Le Chant du Monde) 240 ATR

Trispann Trispann (Kvarts) 262 ATR

Trisquel O Chapeau De Merlin (Sonifolk) 118 ATR

Tritonus Alpan (Zytglogge) 286 ATR

Tritonus Alte Volksmusik In Der Schweiz (DRS) 119

Troadeg, Ifig E Skeud Tosenn Vre (Arfolk) 132

Trobairitz D'Oc Le Mou D'Amour (Felmay) 341/342 ATR

Troianova Trilogia (own label) 264

Troika *see also Wild Borscht

Troika Live [SAM 030] 68

Troika Regent Centre, Christchurch, Dorset 31 L

Troika The Steppes [SAM040] 82

Troika Troika (own label) 23 ATR (SR)

Troissoeur Troissoeur (ZOKU/EMI) 262

Troitsa see Ethno Trio Troitsa

Troitsa Seven (own label) 259/260

Trojans, The Gaelic Ska/Gaelic (Version) (Gaz's Rockin' Records) 53

Troka Smash (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 196 ATR

Troka Troka (Olarin Musiikki) 136

Trollrike Spelmän På Hugget! (Tongång) 198 ATR

Tromp, Frans Noordelijk Halfrond (Music & Words) 250

Tropical Rare Groove see Wganda Kenya / Grupo Kerube

Troubadours United Road Of The Troubadours (Enja) 233 ATR

Trouble At Mill Trouble At Mill (own label) 102

Troublemakers (Iris DeMent & The) Shepherd's Bush Empire, London 165 L

Troublemakers (Tim Elliott & The) Bed Slats 'n' All (Buzz) 226

Trouillet, Jean & Werner Pieper (eds) Welt Beat: Jabuch Für Globe-Hörer (Werner Pieper's Medienexperimente) 72 P

Trout Fishing In America Closer To The Truth (Trout) 202

Trout Fishing In America Over The Limit (Trout) 127/128

Trout Fishing In America Who Are These People? (Trout) 139/140

Trout, Jimbo & The Fish People Jimbo Trout And The Fish People (TWAH!) 151/152 ATR

Trout, Walter: Walter Trout Band Prisoner Of A Dream (Provogue) 105 ATR

Trova Trova (Red House) 100 ATR

Trovesi, Gianluigi: Tesi - Vaillant - Trovesi Accordéon - Mandoline - Clarinette (Silex) 177 ATR

Trovesi, Gianluigi: Tesi - Vaillant - Trovesi Colline (Silex) 143

Trowbridge Folk Festival Wiltshire 27 L; 75 L; 100 L; 148 L

Troy, Billy (Josh Graves &) Dad The Dobro Man (CMH) 62

Troy, Leroy The Old Grey Mare (Rounder) 222 ATR

Trubshaw, Bob Explore Folklore (Heart of Albion Press) 258 P

Truco & Zaperoko Fusión Caribeña (RykoLatino) 202 ATR

Truco & Zaperoko Musica Universal (Rykodisc/Libertad) 256 ATR

Trudell, John & Graffiti Band Café Rust, Copenhagen 134/135 L

Trudell, John (Buffy Sainte-Marie / John Trudell) Hammersmith Odeon, London 111 L

Trudell, John Johnny Damas And Me (Rykodisc) 131

Trudge Euphoria The Face That... (own label) 206/207 ATR

Trull, Teresa (Cris Williamson &) Country Blessed (Second Wave) 85

Truss & Bucket Band, The E.P. (own label [EP]) 13 (SR)

Truss & Bucket Band, The The Truss And Bucket Band (Claros) 20 (SR)

Trusty, Kim After All These Years (Melville Park) 139/140 ATR

Tryckster When The Stone Is Exposed (Fellside) 203

Tryin' Times (Takio &) Takio Spirit [FXD 7033] 96

Tsahan Zam, Okna Shaman Voices: A Journey In The Steppe (Buda) 252

Tsai Hsiao-Yüeh Chine - Nan Kouan Vols. 2 & 3 (Ocora) 118

Tsaligopoulou, Eleni San Psemata (Sony/BMG Greece) 316

Tsaligopoulou, Eleni: George Dalaras, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Marios Frangoulis Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London 181 L

Tseng Yung-Ching Magic Of The Chinese Flute (ARC) 230/231

Tserendavaa & Tsogtgerel Chants Diphoniques De L'Altaï Mongol / Xöömij Overtone Singing From Mongolia (Buda) 325 E

Tshabalala, Sam Meadowlands (Tropical Music) 268 ATR

Tsiamoulis, Christos with Kh'alil Karadouman Where Nostalgia Hurts (Lyra) 230/231 ATR

Tsiboe, Nana Asem Ni! Trouble Dat! (Tuntumi) 121

Tsitsanis, Vassilis 1936-1946 (Rounder) 168

Tsitsanis, Vassilis Grèce: Hommage À Tsitsanis (Ocora) 23 (SR)

Tsogtgerel (Tserendavaa &) Chants Diphoniques De L'Altaï Mongol / Xöömij Overtone Singing From Mongolia (Buda) 325 E

Tsufit Under The Mediterranean Sky (Sunbird) 196 ATR

Tsui Anaa (Aja Addy &) Live Refreshment (Weltwunder) 203

Tsumbu, Niwel Song Of The Nations (Offbeat) 316

Tsumbu, Niwel: Niwel Tsumbu Duo Uh! Eza Nzela Molayi (own label) 293 ATR

Tsuru to Kame Shakkitose (Victor) 289

Tsuruta, Kinshi: Kinshi Tsuruta - Katsuya Yokoyama Japon: Kinshi Tsuruta - Katsuya Yokoyama (Ocora) 170/171

Tsuumi Avoin Kenttä (Tsuumi) 239

Tsuumi Sound System Growing Up (Tsuumi Sound System) 319/320

Tsuumi Sound System Hotas (Aito) 294

Tuath Reels & Rondo (Cossie) 202

Tubai Choir Tubai Choir (Shanachie) 130

Tubb, Ernest The Texas Troubador (Proper Box) 240 ATR

Tubby, King see King Tubby

Tucker & Thomas Stranded (HMG) 174

Tucker, Bessie Complete Recorded Works 1928-29 (Document) 112

Tucker, Johnny: Tucker & Thomas Stranded (HMG) 174

Tucker, Luther & The Ford Blues Band Luther Tucker And The Ford Blues Band (Crosscut) 151/152 ATR

Tucker, Tommy (Titus Turner &) Titans Of R&B (Red Lightnin' [UK]) 96

Tudor Lodge It All Comes Back (Scenesof) 182/183

Tudor Lodge Let's Talk (Cast Iron) 182/183

Tudor Lodge Tudor Lodge (Zap) 68

Tükrös Tükrös Tábor (FolkEurópa) 233

Tükrös Zenekar A Mi Mezöségünk (FolkEurópa Kiadó) 304

Tükrös Zenekar Szatmári Népzene (FolkEurópa) 237 ATR

Tükros Zenekar És Vendégei Vigan Legyünk (FolkEurópa) 266/267

Tukul Band & Ethio Stars Amharic Hits And Experimental Traditions From Ethiopia (Piranha) 110

Tulca Mór Into The Night (own label) 253

Tulikari, Eino Traditional Finnish Kantele Music (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 132

Tulipan Manic Celeste (Festival) 196 ATR

Tulips, The Afrique Du Sud: Les Ménestrels Du Cap (Buda) 240

Tulku Trancendence (Triloka/Worldly Music) 154 ATR

Tulla Céilí Band, The 60th Anniversary Celebration (Claddagh) 300

Tulla Céili Band, The A Celebration Of 50 Years (Green Linnet) 168

Tulloch, Violet (Willie Hunter &) Leaving Lerwick Harbour (Greentrax) 158/159

Tulloch, Violet (Willie Hunter &) The Willie Hunter Sessions (Greentrax) 175/176

Tully, Alen, Andrew Carlisle & Callum Beaumont The Young Ones (Monarch) 270 ATR

Tülüsh, Radik Tyva: Spirits Of My Land (Seven Star) 292

Tumba Francesa La Caridad De Oriente Afro-Cuban Music From The Roots (Soul Jazz) 286 ATR

Tummel Oy! (own label) 222 ATR

Tummel Payback Time (Tummel) 322 ATR

Tummel Transit (own label) 261 ATR

Tumpak (Marce Et) Zouk Chouv' (Globestyle) 70

Tumult Aldrig Får Jeg Fred (GO' Danish Folk Music) 300

Tumult Kværn (Go' Danish Folk Music) 262

Tunar, Sukru Sukru Tunar (American Recording Productions) 179

Tunç, Maçkali Hasan Divâne Äsik Gibi (Kalan) 226

Tunçboyaciyan, Arto Every Day Is A New Life (Living Music) 213

Tunçboyaciyan, Arto & Ara Dinkjian Onno (Libra Music) 185

Tunçboyaciyan, Arto & Ara Dinkjian Tears Of Dignity (Libra Music) 178

Tuncboyaciyan, Arto & The Armenian Navy Band New Apricot (Imaj) 232

Tuncboyaciyan, Arto: Serart Serjical Strike (Columbia) 242/243

Tündérground Mirtill (FolkEurópa) 305 E

Tundra Songs From Greenwich (Greenwich Village) 10 ATR (SR)

Tundra The Kentish Songster (Greenwich Village) 6 (SR)

Tune Wranglers 1936-38 (Krazy Kat) 210

Tunefish From Texas To Tipperary (own label) 270 ATR

Tunney, Paddy Grapes Hotel, Liverpool 48 L

Tunney, Paddy The Stone Fiddle (Green Linnet) 13 (SR)

Tunney, Paddy The Stone Fiddle: My Way To Traditional Music (Appletree Press) 114 P

Tunney, Paddy Where Songs Do Thunder: Travels In Traditional Song (Appletree Press) 114 P

Tunng Comments Of The Inner Chorus (Full Time Hobby) 286 ATR

Tunng with Tinariwen Koko, London 312 L

Turas Turas (Dolmen) 179

Turbridy, Michael (ed.) A Selection Of Irish Traditional Set Dances (Ossian Publications) 192 P

Turchetti, Fabio Stella Spendens Suite (Consorzio Produttori Cremonesi) 294

Turchetti, Fabio & Capricci Cremonesi Live Al Teatro Filo (Cornsorzio Produttori Cremonesi) 286

Turdus Philomelos Ici Maintenant Là Pouf! ( 325 ATR

Türkan, Derya Minstrel's Era (Kalan) 286

Türkan, Derya & Murat Aydemir Ahenk:Turkish Classical Music (Golden Horn) 191 ATR

Türkan, Derya (Murat Aydemir &) Ahenk Volume 2 (Golden Horn) 290/291

Türkan, Derya & Sokratis Sinopoulos Letter From Istanbul (Golden Horn) 226

Türkan, Derya: Kudsi Erguner [&] Derya Türkan Chemins (Al Sur) 199/200

Turlu Tursu Accordion 'n Drum 'n Bass (Home) 280 ATR

Turlu Tursu The All Weathers Country (Home) 341/342 ATR

Turlu Tursu Turlu Tursu (Home) 273

Turner, Andy Love, Death And The Cossack (own label) 93

Turner, Art Story Water (Redtail) 165 ATR

Turner, B.K. see Black Ace

Turner, Big Joe see Turner, Joe

Turner, Doug Country Fingerpickin' Guitar (Scorpion Publications) 174 P

Turner, Gareth (Simon Care &) Two's Up (Old Court) 172

Turner, Ike & His Kings Of Rhythm Talent Scout Blues (Ace) 61

Turner, Ike & The Kings Of Rhythm Here And Now (Ikon) 220

Turner, Ike with Nigel Cawthorne Takin' Back My Name (Virgin Books) 198 P

Turner, Jay Atmavictu (Gypsy) 100 ATR

Turner, Jay Movements In Architecture (Gypsy) 84

Turner, Jay Passion Roulette (Gypsy) 81

Turner, Jay Sketchbook (Gypsy) 134/135

Turner, Jay: Mundy-Turner Ha'penny Tweedle (Gypsy) 287

Turner, Jay: Mundy Turner Naked (Gypsy) 210 ATR

Turner, Jay: Mundy-Turner The Sun Sessions (Gypsy [single]) 161

Turner, Joe My French Connection (Mystic) 269 ATR

Turner, Joe The Essential Records (Indigo) 204 ATR

Turner, Joe Watch That Jive - Roots Of Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 6 (President) 172 ATR

Turner, Joe: Big Joe Turner Steppin' Out (Ace) 61

Turner, Joe & Pete Johnson's Orchestra Tell Me Pretty Baby (Arhoolie) 117

Turner, Judy (Neil Adam &) Telling Tales (own label) 196 ATR

Turner, Judy (Neil Adam &) The Keys To The Field (own label) 220 ATR

Turner, Juliet Let's Hear It For Pizza (Sticky Music) 184

Turner, Marcus The Best Is Yet To Come (Cityfolk) 24 ATR (SR)

Turner, Matt: Matt Turner, Peg & Bill Carrothers The Voices That Are Gone (Illusions) 321

Turner, Nik: Mazlyn Jones & Guy Evans with Nik Turner & Friends Live (Blueprint) 170/171 ATR

Turner, Othar & The Rising Star Fife & Drum Band Everybody Hollerin' Goat (Birdman) 184 ATR

Turner, Pat (Lynne Heraud &) September Days (WildGoose) 294

Turner, Pat (Lynne Heraud &) The Moon Shines Bright (WildGoose) 266/267

Turner, Pat (Lynne Heraud &) Tickled Pink (WildGoose) 326/327

Turner, Pierce Acoustic Room, Mean Fiddler, London 98 L

Turner, Pierce Now Is Heaven (Beggar's Banquet) 99

Turner, Rich Longparish Cricketers (Auto) 281

Turner, Ruby I'm Travelling On (RTR Productions) 316

Turner, Steve Braiding (Fellside) 46

Turner, Steve Eclogue (Fellside) 23 (SR)

Turner, Steve Jigging One Now (Fellside) 13 (SR)

Turner, Steve Out Stack (Fellside) 5 ATR (SR)

Turner, Steve The Whirligig Of Time (The Tradition Bearers) 305

Turner, Steve Luton Folk Club 32 L

Turner, Steve (David Faulkner &) English And Border Music For Pipes (Matrix) 258 ATR

Turner, Steve (George Faux &) The Three Cranes, Sheffield 73 L

Turner, Steve (Helena Torpy &) Sideways Air (Sargasso Sounds) 256 ATR

Turner, Titus & Tommy Tucker Titans Of R&B (Red Lightnin' [UK]) 96

Turner, Zeb Tennessee Boogie & Jersey Rock (West Side) 205

Turriff, Jane Singin' Is Ma Life (Springthyme) 157

Turtle Soup The Caffeine Conspiracy (DJC) 275

Turtles (Terry & The) Tea Party (own label) 58

Tuscae Gentes Storie Di Donne (Merlo) 300

Tuscae Gentes Viva Faliero! (own label) 270

Tutty, Paddy Who Liveth So Merry (Prairie Drive Music) 48 ATR

Tutu, Osei Awakening (Tinder) 191

Tuulenkantajat He! (Kansanmusiikki-instituutti) 141

Tuulenkantajat Koirankuria (Helmi Levyt) 334 ATR

Tuulenkantajat Tanssityttotanssi (Rockadillo) 60

Tuva Voices From The Land Of The Eagles (Pan) 111

Två Fisk Och En Fläsk Jungfruburen (Nonstop) 210 ATR

Två Fisk Och En Fläsk Två Fisk Och En Fläsk (Nonstop) 182/183 ATR

Twalseree Balswaree (Wild Boar) 206/207

Twasa (Busi Mhlongo &) Babhemu (Stern's) 132

Tweed, Karen *see also Two Duos Quartet, The

Tweed, Karen & Timo Alakotila May Monday (Fiasco) 218/219

Tweed, Karen (Ian Carr &) Fyace (Fyasco) 172

Tweed, Karen (Ian Carr &) Maguire's, Bradford, West Yorkshire 141 L

Tweed, Karen (Ian Carr &) Shhh (Hypertension) 149

Tweed, Karen: Tweed & Cutting One Roof Under (Fyasco) 234

Twelfth Day Northern Quarter (Orange Feather) 334

Twelve Hours For Taffy Cecil Sharp House, London 37 L

Twilight Modern Folk Arrangements (Lismor) 39

Twinkle Brothers & Trebunia Family Comeback Twinkle 2 (Ryszard Music) 139/140

Twinkle Brothers (Trebunie-Tutki &) Songs Of Glory - Piesni Chwaly (Kiton Art) 309

Twins Seven Seven Nigerian Beat [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Twm Sion Cati - Outlaw Shree Kutchi Leva Patel Samaj Centre, Cardiff 60 L

Twm Twp Dance Music From Wales (Kerig) 246

Twm Twp Naid Tros Afon (Gargamelle Productions) 266/267

Two Two (The Soup Label) 328 ATR

Two Dollar Bash Lost River (Cannery Row) 302/303 ATR

Two Dollar Bash On The Road (Cannery Row) 294 ATR

Two Dollar Bash Two Dollar Bash (Cannery Row) 294 ATR

Two Dollar Pistols, The ...Step Right Up! (Yep Roc) 197

Two Duos Quartet, The [Carr, Cutting, Tweed & Wood] not to be confused with 2 Duos

Two Duos Quartet, The *see also Carr, Ian; Cutting, Andy; Tweed, Karen; Wood, Chris

Two Duos Quartet, The Half As Happy As We (RUF) 197

Two Left Feet Bricks & Mortar (own label) 208 ATR

Two Man Gentlemen Band, The Drip Dryin' (Serious Business) 328 ATR

Two Man Ting Legacy (2bootmusic) 335

Two Nice Girls 2 Nice Girls (Rough Trade) 75

Two Penny Opera Dead And Crazy People (TPO) 117

Two Poor Boys Complete Recordings 1927-31 (Document) 105

Two Step (Richard Lebouef &) Again, For The First Time (La Louisianne) 174

Two Tall Women Out Of The Woods (RPW) 232 ATR

Two Tap Trio, The a Night At The Fair (own label) 338/339 ATR

Two Time Polka The Very Best Of... (Toucan Cove) 262 ATR

Two Timers Aubrey Rex And Other Stories (Credo) 202 ATR

Two Wings Of The One Swan Dipped In Angel Light (Han Shan) 172 ATR

Two Wings Of The One Swan Two Wings Of The One Swan (Han-Shan-Press) 163/164 ATR

Twomey, Chris Midnight On The Water (own label) 261 ATR

Txalaparta (Tomás San Miguel +) Dan_txa (Musimagic) 275 ATR

Txalaparta (Tomás San Miguel Con Txalaparta) Lezao (Nuevos Medio) 144 ATR

Tyack, Dan Unsanctified Gospel Revival (own label) 283/284 ATR

Tyde Tyde (Mrs Casey) 325

Tyler, Cath & Phil Dumb Supper (No-Fi) 299

Tyler, Cath & Phil The Hind Wheels Of Bad Luck (No-Fi) 328

Tyler, Karen Lovin' The Blues Too Long (Rocket Cat Music) 170/171 ATR

Tyler, Phil: Cath & Phil Tyler Dumb Supper (No-Fi) 299

Tyler, Phil: Cath & Phil Tyler The Hind Wheels Of Bad Luck (No-Fi) 328

Ty-lor Cast A Line [MORE 1 [single]] 88

Ty-lor: Sonja Kristina [with Ty-lor & Friends] Songs From The Acid Folk (Fruithouse) 98

Tyminski, Dand Carry Me Across The Mountain (Doobie Shea) 209 ATR

Tymon Dogg Battle Of Wills (Y) 15 (SR)

Tyour Gnaoua (Ray Lema &) Safi (Buda) 215

Tyrrall, Gordon Drive Old Puss Away (Gaho) 256

Tyrrall, Gordon How Can I Live At The Top Of A Mountain? (Celtic Music) 20 (SR)

Tyrrall, Gordon Jackdaw Grooves (own label) 299

Tyrrall, Gordon So I've Heard (Gaho Music) 205

Tyrrall, Gordon The Bridge Flows (Punch) 133

Tyrrall, Gordon (Brian Peters &) Clear The Road (Harbourtown) 160

Tyrrall, Gordon (Brian Peters &) The Moving Moon (Gaho Music) 214

Tyrrall, Gordon (Brian Peters &) Wortley Arms, Wortley near Sheffield 146/147 L

Tyrrell, Seán Cry Of A Dreamer (Longwalk) 134/135

Tyrrell, Seán The Best Of Seán Tyrrell (Arc Music) 253 ATR

Tyrrell, Seán The Orchard (Longwalk) 194/195

Tyrrell, Seán The Weavers, London 144 L

Tyrrell, Séan, Kevin Glackin, Ronan Browne And So The Story Goes (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 338/339

Tyson, Ian And Stood There Amazed (Stony Plain) 109

Tyson, Ian Cowboyography (Sugarhill) 52

Tyson, Ian: Ian & Sylvia Four Strong Winds (Vanguard) 95 ATR

Tyson, Ian: Ian & Sylvia Greatest Hits (Vanguard) 83

Tyson, Ian: Ian & Sylvia Nashville (Vanguard Masters) 282 ATR

Tyson, Ian: Ian & Sylvia The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings (Vanguard) 228

Tyson, Sylvia Gypsy Cadillac (Silver City) 112 ATR

Tyson, Sylvia (Tom Russell &) (eds) And Then I Wrote: The Songwriter Speaks (Arsenal Pulp Press, via Firebird Books) 163/164 P

Tyson, Sylvia: Ian & Sylvia Four Strong Winds (Vanguard) 95 ATR

Tyson, Sylvia: Ian & Sylvia Greatest Hits (Vanguard) 83

Tyson, Sylvia: Ian & Sylvia Nashville (Vanguard Masters) 282 ATR

Tyson, Sylvia: Ian & Sylvia The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings (Vanguard) 228

Tziganarama Tree Of Life (Tziganarama) 216 ATR

Tziganarama Tziganarama (Black Pig) 184

Tzimmes A Lid For Every Pot (Tzimmes) 153 ATR

Tzimmes Klezmyriad (Tzimmes Music) 185 ATR

Tzimmes Sweet And Hot (own label, via Jewish Music Distribution) 134/135

Tzortsis, Georgos & Nikolas Syros Our Old Home (Motivo) 213 ATR

Tzortzis, Yiorgos Kolonaki-Tzitzifies (Protasis) 244 ATR

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