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Fa, Sister see Sister Fa

Faadah Kawtal (Isnebo &) Divine (Indigo) 230/231

Fabré, Cándido Cándido Fabré Live: Make Poverty History Concerts (TUMI Music [DVD]) 306

Fabré, Candido Poquito Poco (Tumi Gold) 186

Fabré, Candido Son De Cuba (Tumi Cuba Explosion) 160

Fabreg, Doriane see DobaCaracol

Fabula Rasa Csindratta (own label) 292 ATR

Fabulous Barbecue Boys, The Doin' The Blues (Spare Rib [single]) 158/159

Fabulous Dirt Sisters, The Flapping Out (Spinaround) 45

Fabulous Thunderbirds (Al Copley & The) Good Understanding (Bullseye Blues) 186

Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Different Tacos (Country Town Music) 186

Facal, Carole see DobaCaracol

Faccini, Piers Leave No Trace (Label Bleu) 271/272 ATR

Fadela & Saraoui Walli (Gafaiti) 153

Fadela, Chaba & Cheb Sahraoui Hana Hana (Mango) 78

Fadela, Chaba (Cheb Sahraoui &) N'Sel Fik (Cooking Vinyl) 121

Fadela, Chaba Empire, Leicester Square, London 70 L

Fadela, Chaba You Are Mine (Island) 68

Fadela, Chaba: Fadela & Saraoui Walli (Gafaiti) 153

Fadl, Mahmoud For Oriental Dancers (Piranha) 295/296 ATR

Fadl, Mahmoud Love Letter From King Tut-Ank-Amen (Piranha) 184

Fadl, Mahmoud The Drummers Of The Nile In Town (Piranha) 254/255 ATR

Fado Night: Argentina Santos, Carlos Zel & Company Barbican Centre, London 186 L

Færd Færd (Tutl) 235/236 ATR

Færd Landmark (Tutl) 329/330 ATR

Færd Logbok (Tutl) 286 ATR

Færd, Dorge, Becker, Hjetland Kryss (Tutl) 314/315

Fagan, James (Nancy Kerr &) Between The Dark & Light (Fellside) 230/231

Fagan, James (Nancy Kerr &) Starry Gazy Pie (Fellside) 178

Fagan, James (Nancy Kerr &) Steely Water (Fellside) 199/200

Fagan, James (Nancy Kerr &) Strands Of Gold (Fellside) 276

Fagan, James (Nancy Kerr &) Twice Reflected Sun (Navigator) 328

Fagan, James: Kerr Fagan Harbron Station House (Fellside) 300

Fagan, Mary The Auden Album (IZM) 107 ATR

Fågel Roc Dans & Dröm (PbP) 312 ATR

Fågel Roc Kropp Och Själ (PbP) 299 ATR

Fages-Lhubac, Marie-José: Jean-Michel Lhubac, Josiane Ubaud, Marie-José Fages-Lhubac Lo Resson De La Pèira (Modal) 302/303 P

Fahey, John America (Takoma) 181

Fahey, John American Primitive Guitar (Mel Bay Publications) 230/231 P

Fahey, John Christmas Guitar Volume One (Varrick) 17 (SR)

Fahey, John Days Have Gone By, Volume 6 (Takoma) 222

Fahey, John Death Chants, Breakdowns And Military Waltzes (Takoma) 192

Fahey, John Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier's Choice) (Takoma) 294 ATR

Fahey, John Hitomi (LivHouse) 206/207

Fahey, John How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life (Drag City) 206/207 P

Fahey, John I Remember Blind Joe Death (Rounder Europa) 54 ATR

Fahey, John Let Go (Varrick) 167

Fahey, John Live In Tasmania (Takoma) 17 (SR); 257 ATR

Fahey, John Old Girlfriends And Other Horrible Memories (Varrick) 111

Fahey, John On Air (Tradition & Moderne) 270

Fahey, John Popular Songs Of Christmas & New Year (Varrick) 21 (SR)

Fahey, John Railroad (Takoma) 24 (SR)

Fahey, John Railroad I (Takoma) 294 ATR

Fahey, John Rain Forests Oceans And Other Themes (Varrick) 31

Fahey, John Red Cross (Revenant) 238

Fahey, John Requia (Vanguard) 181

Fahey, John The Best Of John Fahey, Vol. 2: 1964-1983 (Takoma) 253 ATR

Fahey, John The Dance Of Death And Other Plantation Favorites (Takoma) 198

Fahey, John The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party And Other Excursions (Takoma) 214

Fahey, John The Great Santa Barbara Oil Slick (Runt/Water) 263

Fahey, John The Guitar Artistry Of John Fahey (Vestapol [DVD]) 335

Fahey, John The Legend Of Blind Joe Death (Takoma) 160

Fahey, John The Voice Of The Turtle (Takoma) 160

Fahey, John The Yellow Princess (Vanguard) 263

Fahey, John Yes, Jesus Loves Me (Takoma) 295/296 ATR

Fahey, John & His Orchestra Of Rivers & Religion/After The Ball (Warner Bros) 245 ATR

Fahey, John & His Orchestra Of Rivers And Religion (Edsel) 50

Fahey, John & Terry Robb Let Go (Varrick) 22 (SR)

Fahey, John, Peter Lang, Leo Kottke John Fahey, Peter Lang, Leo Kottke (Takoma) 160

Fahey, John: John Fahey / Elizabeth Cotton John Fahey/Elizabeth Cotton - Rare Interviews & Performances From 1969 (Vestapol Videos [video]) 151/152

Fahey, Marty: Brendan Bulger, Marty Fahey & Kathleen Gavin Music At The House (own label) 250 ATR

Fahey, Warren Australia: Folk Songs And Bush Verse, Vol. 1: Convict Stain To Shearer's Blades (ABC Music) 323

Fahey, Warren Australia: Folk Songs And Bush Verse, Vol. 2: Celebration Of A Nation (ABC Music) 323

Fahey, Warren (compiler) Eureka - The Songs That Made Australia (Omnibus Press [Australia]) 33 L

Fahy, Kieran & Duck Baker The Fairy Queen (Day Job) 199/200 ATR

Fahy, Mairín Mairín (RTE/Dara) 202

Faiello, Carlo Le Danze Di Dioniso (Oriente Rien) 227

Fair Maid Of The West, The Royal Shakespeare Company, Mermaid Theatre, London 49 L

Fairfield Four, The Standing In The Safety Zone (Warner Alliance) 118 ATR

Fairfield Four, The The Fairfield Four (Warner) 112 ATR

Fairholm, Rebsie Seven Star Green (Sonic Spongecake) 321

Fairlanes (Beto & The) Salsafied (Dos) 144 ATR

Fairouz see Fairuz

Fairport Acoustic Convention see under Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention *see also Cropredy

Fairport Convention 25th Anniversary Concert (Talking Elephant) 293 ATR

Fairport Convention 25th Anniversary Pack (Island) 113

Fairport Convention 35th Anniversary Concert (Secret Films [DVD]) 247/248

Fairport Convention A Lasting Spirit: The Collection (Sanctuary) 268 ATR

Fairport Convention A.T.2/The Boot (Woodworm) 209

Fairport Convention Across The Decades (Snapper Music) 270 ATR

Fairport Convention Angel Delight (Island) 121; 257 ATR

Fairport Convention Babbacombe Lee (Island) 257 ATR

Fairport Convention Beyond The Ledge (Beckmann Visual Publishing [Video]) 194/195

Fairport Convention Close To The Wind (Mooncrest) 180 ATR

Fairport Convention Cropredy 2002 (Woodworm) 241

Fairport Convention Cropredy Festival 136 L

Fairport Convention Expletive Delighted (Woodworm) 38

Fairport Convention Fairport Convention (Polydor) 239 ATR

Fairport Convention Fairport UnConventional (Free Reed Revival Masters) 229

Fairport Convention Fame & Glory (Matty Grooves) 314/315

Fairport Convention Farewell, Farewell (Road Goes On Forever) 102

Fairport Convention Festival Bell (Matty Grooves) 337

Fairport Convention Fiddlestix (Raven) 191

Fairport Convention Five Seasons (New Routes) 91/92

Fairport Convention Full House (Hannibal) 51

Fairport Convention Full House (Island Folk Remasters) 223/224 ATR

Fairport Convention Gladys' Leap (Talking Elephant) 228 ATR

Fairport Convention Gladys' Leap (Woodworm) 27

Fairport Convention Gladys' Leap / Expletive Delighted (Folkprint) 179

Fairport Convention Gottle O'Geer (Island Remasters) 199/200 ATR

Fairport Convention Heyday - BBC Sessions 1968-69 (Island/Universal) 227 ATR

Fairport Convention Heyday (Hannibal) 53

Fairport Convention House Full - Live At The LA Troubadour (Island Folk Remasters) 223/224 ATR

Fairport Convention House Full (Hannibal) 41

Fairport Convention In Real Time (Island Visual Arts [video]) 66

Fairport Convention In Real Time (Island) 56

Fairport Convention It All Comes 'Round Again (Island Visual Arts [video]) 66

Fairport Convention Jewel In The Crown (Woodworm) 141

Fairport Convention Live At Broughton Castle (Talking Elephant) 242/243 ATR

Fairport Convention Live At Cropredy '08 (Matty Grooves) 314/315

Fairport Convention Live At Open Air Burg, Herzberg, Germany (Think Progressive) 221 ATR

Fairport Convention Meet On The Ledge/John Barleycorn/Sigh Beg Sigh Mor (Island [single]) 50

Fairport Convention Meet On The Ledge: The Classic Years (Island) 199/200 ATR

Fairport Convention Moat On The Ledge (Woodworm) 14 (SR)

Fairport Convention More Things We Did On Our Holidays (The Cropredy Festivals) (Secret) 338/339

Fairport Convention: Fairport Acoustic Convention Old, New, Borrowed, Blue (Woodworm) 157

Fairport Convention Old - New - Borrowed - Blue (Talking Elephant) 293 ATR

Fairport Convention Over The Next Hill (Matty Grooves) 256

Fairport Convention Red And Gold (New Routes) 68

Fairport Convention Rhythm Of The Time (Delta) 199/200 ATR

Fairport Convention Rosie (Island) 257 ATR

Fairport Convention Sense Of Occasion (Matty Grooves) 286

Fairport Convention The Airing Cupboard Tapes '71-'74 (Talking Elephant) 270 ATR

Fairport Convention The Classic Collection (Metro Doubles) 278/279 ATR

Fairport Convention The Cropredy Box (Castle Music) 270 ATR

Fairport Convention The Cropredy Box (Woodworm) 179

Fairport Convention The History Of Fairport Convention (Island) 100

Fairport Convention The Wood & The Wire (Woodworm/Katie's Fiddle) 258 ATR

Fairport Convention The Wood And The Wire (Woodworm) 201

Fairport Convention The Woodworm Years (Silver Mist) 165

Fairport Convention The Woodworm Years (Woodworm) 106

Fairport Convention Tipplers' Tales (BGO) 86

Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking (Island/Universal) 239 ATR

Fairport Convention What We Did On Our Holidays (Island/Universal) 239 ATR

Fairport Convention Who Knows? 1975 (Talking Elephant) 265

Fairport Convention Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Woodworm) 170/171

Fairport Convention Wishfulness Waltz (Mooncrest) 203 ATR

Fairport Convention XXXV (Woodworm) 225

Fairport Convention XXXV (Talking Elephant) 278/279 ATR

Fairport Convention St David's Hall, Cardiff 70 L; 106 L

Fairport Convention The Barbican Centre, York 130 L

Fairport Convention The International, Manchester 33 L

Fairport Convention Tunbridge Wells 118 L

Fairport Convention Twentieth Anniversary, Cropredy 52 L [see also entries under Cropredy]

Fairport Convention & Matthews Southern Comfort Fairport Convention & Matthews Southern Comfort (Voiceprint [DVD]) 300

Fairport Convention & Others A Peculier Old Weekend ('82) / A Weekend In The Country ('83) (Videotech Television Co. Ltd [video]) 21 (SR)

Fairport Convention (Dave Swarbrick &) Swarbaid (Woodworm [single]) 197

Fairuz The Lady & The Legend (Manteca/Union Square) 262

Fairuz: Fairouz Beirut (EMI) 234

Faith Over Reason Faith Over Reason (Bigcat [EP]) 88

Faithfield, Rory Nowhere, Somewhere, Anywhere (Prestige [single]) 189

Faithfield, Rory Rory Faithfield (Prestige) 186 ATR

Faithfull, Marianne Come My Way (Deram) 105

Faithfull, Marianne Dominion Theatre, London 85 L

Fakhri, Sabah: Wadi Al-Safi, Sabah Fakhri, Simon Shaheen & Qantara The Two Tenors & Qantara - Historic Live Concert Of Arabic Masters (Ark21) 213

Fakoly, Tiken Jah African Revolution (Wrasse) 333

Fakoly, Tiken Jah Francafrique (Barclay) 233

Fakoly, Tiken Jah The African (Wrasse) 295/296

Fakoly, Tiken Jah Tiken Jah Fakoly (Wrasse) 271/272 ATR

Falceto, Francis Abyssinie Swing: A Pictorial History Of Modern Ethiopian Music (Shama Books, Addis Ababa) 227 P

Falck, Markus (Svante Lindqvist &) Norrbottenslåtar (Giga) 317/318 ATR

Falgren, Bjarke: Falgren Busk Duo Duet (GO' Danish Folk Music) 328 ATR

Fall, Papa Amadou: Pape & Cheikh Mariama (Real World) 234

Fallen Angels (Gram Parsons & The) Live 1973 (Sierra) 14 (SR)

Faltriqueira Efffecto (Resistencia) 280

Faltriqueira Faltriqueira (Resistencia) 239

Falu, Eduardo Resolana - Songs From Argentina (Nimbus) 97

Falun Folk Festival Dalarna, Sweden 89 L

Falun Folk Festival Falun, Sweden 148 L

Familha Artús Òmi (Modal Pleinjeu) 245

Familia Pillco Violins From The Andes (Tumi) 217

Familia Valera Miranda Cuba: La Familia Valera Miranda (Ocora) 214

Familia Valera Miranda Music From Oriente De Cuba - The Son (Nimbus) 149

Familia Valera Miranda Son Así (Discmedi/Zunzún Cuba) 288 ATR

Famille Lela De Permet Polyphonies Vocales Et Instrumentales D'Albanie (Indigo) 113

Family Elan, The Bow Low Bright Glow (Alt.Vinyl) 324 ATR

Family Mahone, The Songs Of The Back Bar (101 Records) 202

Family Style Live Style (Blue Flame) 204 ATR

Famous Five, The Lost In Fishponds (Uncle) 144

Famous Jug Band, The O For Summer (Market Square) 228

Famous Potatoes, The Barndancing (Sweet Soil Music) 191 ATR

Famous Potatoes, The Born In A Barn (Waterfront) 81

Famous Potatoes, The Dig (own label) 20 (SR)

Famous Potatoes, The I Like Chicken Pie (Waterfront [single]) 22 (SR)

Famous Potatoes, The It Was Good For My Old Mother (Waterfront) 29

Famous Potatoes, The The Sound Of The Ground (Waterfront) 43

Famous Times The Blue Man (Heavenly [single]) 174

Fan Fan, Mose & Somo Somo Hello Hello (Stern's) 149

Fan Fan, Mose Bayekeleye (LAA) 261

Fan Fan, Mose The Congo Acoustic (Triple Earth) 193

Fan Fan, Mose: Mose Se Sengo African Landscapes (New Era) 86

Fancourt, Leslie Blue Horizon Records 1965-72: A Discography (Retrack Books) 112 P

Fancourt, Leslie British Blues On Record (1957-1970) (from author) 79/80 P

Fancourt, Leslie: Les Fancourt & Bob McGrath The Blues Discography 1943-1970 (Eyeball Productions) 289 P

Fancourt, Leslie: Mike Leadbitter, Leslie Fancourt & Paul Pelletier Blues Records 1943-70: The Bible Of The Blues Vol 2 L-Z (Record Information Services) 142 P

Fand, Peter Dedication (Mother West) 181 ATR

Fand, Peter ExPorter / I'mPorter (Blue Monster) 306 ATR

Fandango Duende Y Taraf Las Tres Orillas Del Atlántico (Producciones Alebrije) 285

Fanfan [Louis-Gabriel Joseph] Ile Maurice: Séga Ravanne (Ocora) 193 ATR

Fanfara Populara Vita Da Coni (own label) 300

Fanfare Ciocarlia Baro Biao (Piranha) 198

Fanfare Ciocarlia Gili Garabdi (Asphalt Tango) 263

Fanfare Ciocarlia Iag Bari (Piranha) 223/224

Fanfare Ciocarlia Live (Asphalt Tango) 319/320

Fanfare Ciocarlia Queens And Kings (Asphalt Tango) 287

Fanfare Ciocarlia Radio Pascani (Piranha) 178

Fanfare Ciocarlia The Story Of The Band (Asphalt Tango [DVD]) 258

Fanfare Ciocarlia: Boban & Marko Markoviç Orchestra v. Fanfare Ciocarlia Balkana Brass Battle (Asphalt Tango) 337

Fanfare Tirana Albanian Wedding (Piranha) 294

Fania Naturel (Skycap) 268

Fania Sopi (Sony France) 225

Fania All Stars Latin Jazz Fusion (Fania/Caliente) 67

Fania All Stars Salsa Caliente De Nu York! (Nascente) 215 ATR

Fanshawe, David: Various Exotic Voices And Rhythms Of The South Seas (Arc) 130

Fanshawe, David: Various Music Of The Nile (Arc Music) 247/248

Fanshawe, David: Various South Pacific: Island Music (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 259/260

Fanshawe, David: Various Spirit Of Melanesia (Saydisc) 187/188

Fanshawe, David: Various Spirit Of African Sanctus: The Original Recordings By David Fanshaw (Saydisc) 103/104

Fantaye, Alemayehu & Yohannes Afework Traditionelle Musik Aus Äthiopien (Acoustic Music) 141

Fantazia Mul Sheshe (World Village) 268

Fantazia The Lost Place (Mimouna) 202

Fantcha Criolinha (Lusafrica) 179 ATR; 182/183 ATR

Farafina Nemako (Intuition) 182/183

Faran Flad Maiden Voyage (Wild Boar) 331/332

Farantouri, Maria Maria Farantouri Sings Taner Akyol (Enja) 336

Faraualla Sospiro (Felmay) 310

Faria, Paulo César Baptista see Paulinho Da Viola

Farida Ishraqaat (Snail) 295/296

Farida & The Iraqi Maqam Ensemble Classical Music Of Iraq (Samarkand) 190

Fariña, Mimi & Richard Pack Up Your Sorrows: The Best Of The Vanguard Years (Vanguard) 205

Fariña, Mimi & Richard The Best Of... (Vanguard) 83

Fariña, Mimi & Richard The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Vanguard) 230/231 ATR

Fariña, Mimi Solo (Philo) 34

Farlanders featuring Inna Zhelannaya & Sergey Starostin Farlanders (Green Wave) 199/200

Farm Accident Vane (Red House) 112 ATR

Farmer, Sara (David Bright &) David Bright & Sara Farmer (Late Mr Weston's Records) 89

Farmers Market Musikk Fra Hybridene (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 174

Farmers Market Speed/Balkan/Boogie (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 158/159

Farnham Folk Day Farnham, Surrey 110 L

Farr, Deltra The Search Is Over (JSP) 177

Farr, Lucy Heart And Home: Irish Fiddle Music From Lucy Farr (Veteran Tapes) 111

Farrell, Liam & Joe Whelan They Sailed Away From Dublin Bay (Veteran) 234 ATR

Farrell, Lucy (Jonny Kearney &) Kite (Rabble Rouser) 341/342

Farrera, Irene & Venezuela Viva Serenata (Paraiso Sonico) 228 ATR

Farrera, Irene Alma Latina (Redwood) 151/152 ATR

Farroukh, Toufic Ali On Broadway - The Other Mix (Le Chant du Monde) 249

Farroukh, Toufic Drab Zeen (Le Chant du Monde) 229

Farrow, Clare (Guo Yue &) Music, Food And Love (Portrait Books [reviewed with albums]) 274

Fashek, Majek The Best Of Majek Fashek (Flame Tree) 141

Fassie, Brenda Greatest Hits: 1964-2004 (EMI) 261 ATR

Fassie, Brenda The Remix Collection (EMI South Africa) 253

Fast Company (Niall Teague & The) Niall Teague & The Fast Company (own label) 333

Fast Folk Musical Magazine - 6th Anniversay Issue (Fast Folk) 73 ATR

Fasteau, Zusaan Kali Worlds Beyond Words (Erde) 117

Fastest Bat, The Cold, Haily, Windy Night (Human) 33

Fatai Rolling Dollar Papa Rise Again (Ekostar) 292

Fataka Tomboarivo (Snail) 325

Fatala Fatala (WOMAD) 65 ATR

Fatala Gongoma Times (Real World) 119

Fatala Carlton Studios, Edinburgh 61 L

Faudel (Rachid Taha / Khaled / Faudel) 1, 2, 3 Soleils (Barclay) 191

Faudel Another Sun (Wrasse) 250

Faudel Baida (Sankara [Mercury/Polygram]) 178

Faudel Mundial Corrida (Mercury France) 288

Faudel Samra (Mondo Melodia) 218/219 ATR

Faukstad, Jon & Per Sæmund Bjørkum Konsert På Kleppe (JPS) 278/279 ATR

Faulkner, David & Steve Turner English And Border Music For Pipes (Matrix) 258 ATR

Faulkner, John (Dolores Keane &) Broken-Hearted I'll Wander (Mulligan) 6 (SR)

Faulkner, John (Dolores Keane &) Sail Óg Rua (Gael Linn) 22 (SR)

Faulkner, John (Sandra Kerr &) Bagpuss: The Songs & The Music (Small Folk) 197 ATR

Faulkner, John Kind Providence (Green Linnet) 40

Faust Vildsint (own label) 275

Faust, Alban Naken (Vildsint) 302/303 ATR

Faustus see also Dr Faustus

Faustus Faustus (Navigator) 301

Faux, George Time For A Laugh And A Song (Harbourtown) 76

Faux, George & Steve Turner The Three Cranes, Sheffield 73 L

Fava, François: Yann-Fañch Kemener, Laurent Audemard, François Fava, Renat Sette Si Je Savais Voler: Chants De Bretagne Et D'Occitanie (Buda) 326/327

Favata, Enzo Ajò (Newtone) 172

Favata, Enzo Made In Sardinia (CCn'C) 244

Favata, Enzo: Enzo Favata Jana Project Isla (Newtone Roots) 150

Fay, Michele: The Michele Fay Band Travelin' That Road (MFB Music) 326/327 ATR

Faye, Babacar Sing Sing (DeLabel/Jololi) 191

Faye, El Hadji: Etoile De Dakar featuring Youssou N'Dour, Mar Seck & El Hadji Faye Vol. 4 - Khaley Etoile (Stern's) 185Faye, Glenda Flatpickin' Favourites (Flying Fish) 59

Faye, Lamine 'Lemzo': Lemzo Diamono Marimbalax (Stern's Africa) 172

Faye, Mbaye Dieye see Faye, Babacar

Fayrouz see Fairouz

Faÿs, Raphaël Ma Vie À Travers La Guitare (Le Chant du Monde [DVD]) 300

Faytinga Numey (Cobalt) 204 ATR

FBA Till The Sky Shall Fall (Celtica) 214 ATR

FBA Yaya (Ethnoworld) 321 ATR

FBA: FereBandAperta Àlter (FBA Music/Ethnoworld) 269

Fé, Pura Full Moon Rising (Dixiefrog) 324 ATR

Fé, Pura Tuscarora Nation Blues (DixieFrog) 282

Fé, Pura: Pura Fé Trio Live! A Blues Night In North Carolina (Dixiefrog) 337

Fé, Pura: Music Maker Revue / Pura Fé Trio Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London 335 L

Fean, Johnny: Nikki Sudden, Johnny Fean, Simon Carmody The Last Bandits In The World (Hotwire) 46

Fear Of Drinking (Tim Readman &) In Black & White (Big City) 201 ATR

Fear Of Drinking One Morning When I Went To Work (Big City) 167 ATR

Fearing, Stephen Blue Line (New Routes) 86

Fearing, Stephen Out To Sea (Aural Tradition) 62

Fearing, Stephen So Many Miles - Live (Red House) 210 ATR

Fearing, Stephen The Assassin's Apprentice (Continental) 149 ATR

Feast Of Fiddles Walk Before You Fly (FOF) 331/332

Feathers, Charlie Charlie Feathers (Elektra/Nonesuch American Explorer Series) 100

Feddy, Jason Fish On The Moon (Redhead) 131 ATR

Feder, David Black Emerald (Saltwaterblue Productions) 254/255 ATR

Fedoriouk, Alexander & Kálmán Magyar Crossing Paths: Ethno-Jazz From Eastern & Central Europe (Folk Sounds) 246

Fedoriouk, Alexander Cimbalom Traditions (FolkSounds) 225 ATR

Fedoriouk, Alexander The Art Of The Cimbalom (Traditional Crossroads) 262

Feelings (Luke Smith & The) This Time I've Done It (Beautiful Jo) 274

Feeney, Anne Dump The Bosses Off Your Back (own label) 300 ATR

Feet First Step On It (own label) 106

Fegy, Dick: Dan Crary, Dick Fegy, Eric Thompson, Barry Solomon, Steve Kaufman Flatpicking Guitar (Kicking Mule) 5 (SR)

Feidman, Giora Clarinetango (pläne) 94

Feidman, Giora The Singing Clarinet Of Giora Feidman [Rom 102] 60

Feidman, Giora Viva El Klezmer (Phonokol) 36

Feis Ghlaschú Govanhill Neighbourhood Centre, Glasgow 144 L

Feisty Besoms Auld Flames (own label) 170/171

Fela see Kuti, Fela

Fela's Egypt 80 see Egypt 80

Feldman, Zev & Andy Statman Jewish Klezmer Music (Shanachie) 8 (SR)

Feldmann, Tom Drunk Man's Dream (Maple Leaf) 220

Feldmann, Tom & The Get-Rites Side Show Revival (Magnolia Recording Co.) 292 ATR

Feldmann, Tom & The Get-Rites Tribute (Magnolia) 336 ATR

Felious, Odetta see Odetta

Felix, Julie Branches In The Mist (Remarkable) 148

Felix, Julie Fire My Spirit (Remarkable) 184 ATR

Felix, Julie First, Second & Third (RPM Retrodisc) 309 ATR

Felix, Julie The Rainbow Collection (Track) 258 ATR

Félix, Lajkó És Bandája Játszik Játszanak - Vox Naturalis (Tilos Az ÁProdukció) 262

Fellow Travellers Just A Visitor (OKra) 112

Fellow Travellers Things & Time (OKra) 126 ATR

Felonious Bosch Felonious Bosch (Omnium) 256

Felonious Bosch New Dark Ages (Omnium) 286 ATR

Felonious Bosch Toy Box (Omnium) 334 ATR

Felpeyu Canteros (Tierra) 302/303

Felpeyu Yá! (Tierra Discos) 250 ATR

Felsons, The Glad (G2) 184

Felsons, The Joseph Black (G2 [single]) 194/195

Female Factory Live At The Royal Theatre Carre Amsterdam (World Connection) 202 ATR

Femi, Olu see Smaïla, Ras

Fencioglu, Ismail (Shtreiml &) Fenci's Blues (Canada Council) 285 ATR

Fender, Freddy Canciones De Mi Barrio (Arhoolie) 130

Fender, Freddy The Early Years...1959-1963 (Krazy Kat) 39

Fender, Freddy The Voice (Edsel/Crazy Cajun) 193 ATR

Fénélus, Pierre Chériza see Chériza, Pierre

Fenians, The Every Day's A Hooley (Mizen Head) 270 ATR

Fenix, Niall Altered States (own label) 201

Fenja Menja Fenja Menja (GO') 196 ATR

Fenja Menja Katten I Sakken (Go) 222

Fennessy, Marjorie (compiler & ed.) Pat Shaw Collection - Book 1: Dances (Harry Styles Publications) 39 P

Fennig's All-Star String Band (Alistair Anderson with) Dookin' For Apples (Topic) 2 (SR)

Fennig's All-Star String Band (Bill Spence &) The Hammered Dulcimer (Front Hall) 94

Fenoamby Fanajana (Respect) (Discorama) 143

Fenoamby Ravo (Cobalt/Africolor) 161

Fenoamby Tany Malaza (Toutes Couleurs) 261

Fentiman, Anni (Dave Webber &) Bonnet And Shawl (Dragon) 167

Fentiman, Anni (Dave Webber &) Solo Together (Dragon) 133

Fenton, Mike My Privilege (Heritage) 30

Fenton, Mike The Best Of Mike Fenton 1984-1996 (Heritage) 177

Feo-Gasy Ramano (Daqui) 209

Feo-Gasy Tsofy Rano (Les Nuits Atypiques) 165

Ferdafolk Ferdafolk (Heilo) 185

Fere Banda Perta / Fere Banda Aperta / FereBandAperta see FBA

Fer'et El Negoum Heya Di Yasmina (Farida Dance) 264 ATR

Fergus Green St (own label) 328 ATR

Ferguson, 'H-Bomb' Wiggin' Out (Earwig) 129 ATR

Ferguson, Ken Basic Blue (Western Wave Productions) 178 ATR

Ferguson, Neil: Freya Abbott Ferguson Get Well Soon (No Masters) 334

Ferguson, Robert 'H-Bomb' see Ferguson, 'H-Bomb'

Fernandez, Alberto: Canta Bovea Y Sus Vallenatos con Alberto Fernandez La Casa En El Aire (Riverboat) 192 ATR

Fernández, Alejandro Un Canto De México (Columbia) 239

Fernandez, Enrique El Placer Del Espiritu (Cambaya) 131

Fernandez, Eric Magic Gipsy (Higher Octave World) 198 ATR

Fernández, Vicente Lo Mejor De Lara (Columbia) 239

Fernbach, Andy Blues From A Hotel Room (AKR) 160 ATR

Fernhill Ca Nos (Beautiful Jo) 167

Fernhill Canu Rhydd (Disgyfrith) 333

Fernhill Hynt (Beautiful Jo) 244

Fernhill Llatai (Beautiful Jo) 182/183

Fernhill Na Prádle (Beautiful Jo) 288

Fernhill Whilia (Beautiful Jo) 204

Fernwood Almeria (own label) 301 ATR

Fernwood Sangita (own label) 317/318

Ferra, Steve Amy (MR Productions) 202 ATR

Ferrante, Massimo Jamu (Felmay) 323

Ferrante, Massimo Ricuordi (Felmay) 281

Ferrante, Massimo U Ciucciu: Voci E Suoni Dal Sud Italia (Felmay/Dunya) 265

Ferrard, David Across The Troubled Wave (Alter Road) 317/318

Ferrard, David Broken Sky (Flamingo West) 300 ATR

Ferrard, David Journeyman (Alter Road) 341/342

Ferré, Boulou & Elios Live In Montpellier (Le Chant du Monde) 298

Ferreira, Reginaldo Alves see Camarão

Ferreire, Bévinda see Bévinda

Ferrel, Frank & Friends Fiddledance (Great Meadow Music) 263 ATR

Ferrel, Frank & Friends Moxie (Great Meadow Music) 269 ATR

Ferrel, Frank Boston Fiddle (Rounder) 168

Ferrel, Frank Yankee Dreams (Flying Fish) 106 ATR

Ferrer, Ibrahim Ay, Candela (Escondida) 276 ATR

Ferrer, Ibrahim Ay, Candela (Metro Select) 340 ATR

Ferrer, Ibrahim Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer (World Circuit) 192

Ferrer, Ibrahim Buenos Hermanos (World Circuit [single]) 242/243

Ferrer, Ibrahím Buenos Hermanos (World Circuit) 237

Ferrer, Ibrahim Mi Sueño (World Circuit) 288

Ferrer, Ibrahim ¡Que Bueno Está! (Blue Moon) 210

Ferrer, Pedro Luís Natural (Escondida) 278/279

Ferrer, Pedro Luís Rústico (Escondida) 263

Ferrera, Gina Blended Beat (Engine) 257 ATR

Ferreras, Salvador Invisible Minority (Aural Tradition/Vancouver Folk Festival Society) 119

Ferrero, Gabriele (Silvio Peron &) Ballo Delle Valli Occitane D'Italia (Soulestrelh) 184

Ferrets, The One More Time (own label) 110 ATR

Ferris, William Give My Poor Heart Ease (University of North Carolina Press) 317/318 P

Ferron Driver (Cherrywood) 131 ATR

Ferron Driver (Earthbeat) 148

Ferron Phantom Center (Earthbeat/Warner Bros) 154 ATR; 165

Fesov, Oleg Lakatum (Manas) 169 ATR

Fessor see Lindgreen, Ole 'Fessor'

Festam The Forum, London 173 L

Festival Come, Arrow, Come (Language of Stone) 314/315 ATR

Festival D'Été De Quebec Quebec City, Canada 185 L

Festival Interceltique, 16th Lorient, Brittany 41 L

Festival International De Louisiane/Festival International De La Louisiane Lafayette, Lousiana, USA 76 L; USA 181 L

Festival Of Women In Music Chard, Somerset 86 L

Festivo Festivo (RTD) 197 ATR

Ffynnon Celtic Music From Wales (Green Linnet) 237

Fía Na Roca Agardando Que Pase Algo (Resistencia) 174

Fía Na Roca Contravento (Ventura) 238

Fía Na Roca Dez Anos Ao Vivo (Discmedi) 270

Fía Na Roca Fia Na Roca (Corda Frouxa) 139/140 ATR

Fía Na Roca Vente Vindo (Corda Frouxa) 298 ATR

Fiamma Fumana Home (Mescal/Omnium) 256

Fiamma Fumana Onda (Omnium/Mescal) 283/284

Fianna Crame On! (Periferic) 246

Fiat Lux Sally Free And Easy (Polydor [3rd track on 12" single]) 23 (SR)

Fiddle, Johnny see Johnny Fiddle & The Cajun Twisters

Fiddle Fever Fiddle Fever (Flying Fish) 12 (SR)

Fiddle Puppets, The Edinburgh Folk Festival 73 L

Fiddlebox Fiddlebox (own label) 331/332 ATR

Fiddlers 5 Fiddle Music From Scotland (Temple) 97

Fiddlers' Bid All Dressed In Yellow (Hairst Blinks Music) 319/320

Fiddlers' Bid Da Farder Ben Da Welcomer (Greentrax) 227

Fiddlers' Bid Hamnataing (Greentrax) 196

Fiddlers' Bid Naked & Bare (Greentrax) 271/272

Fiddles On Fire Caedmon Hall, Gateshead 98 L

Fiddles On Fire Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 131 L

Fiddlesticks (Liz Doherty &) Racket In The Rectory (Footstompin) 204

Fiddlin' Around Who's Calling? (18 Strings) 227 ATR

Fidil Fidil 3 (own label) 321 ATR

Fidler, Jim Gypsy (Iona) 181

Fielding, Jill Once Upon A Dream (Abacus Care) 237 ATR

Fielding, Rick This One's The Dreamer (Borealis) 199/200 ATR

Fields, Irving More Bagels & Bongos... With My Trio! (Roman Midnight Music) 323

Fieldwork Dalbouks Joe & Busk (own label) 84

Fieldwork Five Eyes (Organic Sunfishing) 257 ATR

Fieldwork From Humdrum To Tongue Drum (A Young Person's Guide To Fieldwork) (Sunfishing) 197 ATR

Fieldwork Make Me One With Everything (Sunfishing) 234

Fieldwork Sharpen The Sickle (MEK) 42

Fieldwork Tanks For The Memory (Wild Goose) 239

Fieldwork The Ballad Of Crane Tinkerman (Sunfishing [EP]) 70

Fieldwork The Rains Of Spring (Sunfishing) 216

Fiendhandle Fiendhandle (Ecotomantography) 274

Fiery Furnaces, The Single Again (Rough Trade [EP]) 258

Fife, The Gipsy Spirit (Smiddymade) 179 ATR

Fifield, Fraser Honest Water (Tanar) 240 ATR

Fifield, Fraser Stereocanto (Tanar) 319/320

Fifield, Fraser: Fraser Fifield Band With Nedyalko Nedyalkov & Georgi Petrov Traces Of Thrace (Tanar) 302/303 ATR

Fifield, Fraser: Fraser Fifield Trio Slow Stream (Tanar) 273 ATR

Fifield, Fraser: Mr McFall's Chamber Birds & Beasts: Music by Martyn Bennett & Fraser Fifield (Delphian) 326/327

Figgy Duff A Retrospective 1974-1993 (Amber Music) 157

Figgy Duff After The Tempest (Boot) 22 (SR)

Figgy Duff Figgy Duff (Dingles) 14 (SR)

Figueres, Pere Arbre (Modal Pleinjeu) 196

Filarfolket & Groupa Lido, Stockholm 68 L

Filarfolket (Pyewackett &) Purcell Room, London 53 L

Filarfolket Hönsafötter & Gulerötter (Amalthea) 24 (SR)

Filarfolket Live (Amalthea) 31

Filarfolket Smuggel (Amalthea) 63

Filarfolket The Dance House, Cricklade, Wiltshire 77 L

Filarfolket Utan Tvekan (Amalthea) 24 (SR)

Filatov, Sergey: Sergey Klevensky, Sergey Filatov, Taisia Krasnopevtseva Mandarinovie (Skazki) 336

Filé 2 Left Feet (Flying Fish) 94

Filé Cajun Dance Band (Flying Fish) 54

Filé La Vie Marron (Green Linnet) 163/164

Filifala 'Zao (Coop Breizh) 245

Filin, Cool Cool Cool Cool Filin (Caramba) 252 ATR

Filisko, Joe: Filisko & Noden Live (Diving Duck) 287 ATR

Filleul, Peter (Richard Thompson &) The Marksman (BBC) 55

Fillup Shack see Shack, Fillup

Film-Makers (Dave Robb & The) Capture An Image (Tidal) 106 ATR

Filou Ente Offen (Edition Kunstertreff) 87

Filska A Thousand Miles Away (Foot Stompin') 259/260

Filska Time And Tide (Highland Music) 196

Filisko, Joe & Eric Noden I.C. Special (own label) 324 ATR

Fin Alfred Sange Fra Min Vandring - Fra Land Og By (Musisk Decenter) 317/318

Finacon Farol (The Lighthouse) (Melodie) 118 ATR

Finality Jack Glory Be (Wild Goose) 182/183 ATR

Finch, Catrin Annwn (Kissan) 336

Fincham, Steve Need The Weekend Off? (Living Room, via Canadisc) 45 ATR

Findask Between The White Lines (Temple) 21 (SR)

Findask Near Enough...Far Enough... (Open Door) 18 (SR)

Findask No More Lies (Open Door) 130

Findask Waiting For A Miracle (Temple) 56

Findhorn Sacred Dance Band, The The Spirit Of The Dance - The Next Steps [FMMC 303] 106 ATR

Findlay, James Sport And Play (Fellside) 334

Fine Friday Gone Dancing (Foot Stompin') 235/236

Fine Friday Mowing The Machair (Footstompin') 268

Finest Kind For Honour & For Gain (Fallen Angle Music) 329/330 ATR

Finger, Peter Innenleben (Acoustic Music) 108 ATR

Finger, Peter Open Strings (Acoustic Music) 197 ATR

Finger, Peter Peter Finger [DVD] (Wonderland) 316 ATR

Finger, Peter Solo (Acoustic Music) 120

Fingerett, Sally My Good Company (Shanachie) 187/188 ATR

Fingerett, Sally Unraveled (Amerisound) 105 ATR

Fingerett, Sally: Christine Lavin, Patty Larkin, Megon McDonough, Sally Fingerett Live At The Birchmere (Philo) 100

Fingerett, Sally: Christine Lavin, Sally Fingerett, Julie Gold, Megon McDonough Christine Lavin, Sally Fingerett, Julie Gold, Megon McDonough (Philo) 120 ATR

Fingers & Co Fingers & Co (Corner Studios) 106

Finis Terrae El Canto De La Mulata Rusa (Sonifolk) 278/279 ATR

Finjan Crossing Selkirk Avenue (Fat Uncle) 120 ATR

Fink, Cathy & Marcy Marxer A Parent's Home Companion (Rounder) 145

Fink, Cathy & Marcy Marxer Postcards (Community Music) 247/248 ATR

Fink, Cathy Doggone My Time (Rooster) 15 (SR)

Fink, Cathy The Leading Role (Rounder) 38

Fink, Peter Valci In Polke (Sraka) 110

Fink, Wolfgang 'Lobo': Willie & Lobo Caliente (Mesa) 178

Finkel, Sigi & African Heart Spirit Of Rhythm (Blue Flame) 238 ATR

Finn, Alec (Kevin MacLeod &) Polbain To Oranmore (Greentrax) 246 ATR

Finn, Alec Blue Shamrock (CBM) 136

Finn, Alec Blue Shamrock (Celtic Heartbeat) 145

Finn, Dinan & Kelly Before The Flood (Smallworld Music) 192

Finn, Steve: Finn, Dinan & Kelly Before The Flood (Smallworld Music) 192

Finnan, Aengus Fools Gold (Shelter Valley Productions) 210 ATR

Finnegan, Brian The Ravishing Genius Of Bones (Singing Tree Music) 331/332

Finnegans, The Seven Years (Epic New Zealand) 146/147

Fiol, Henry Sonero (Earthworks) 93

Fiolministeriet Fiolministeriet (GO' Danish Folk Music) 338/339

Fira Mediterrania Manresa, Catalunya, Spain 283/284 L

Firebrand Kyng Horn (Kites Nest) 193 ATR

Firebrand Lost Lady Found (Kites Nest) 226

Firedancing Souls Of Fire (Melting Pot) 182/183 ATR

Firk, Backwards Sam The True Blues And Gospel (Stella) 139/140 ATR

Firquat Al-Awtar Al-Dhabbiyah ('Arram Salah &) Classical Instrumental Music Of The Middle East (Global Village) 254/255

Fish (Country Joe & The) Electric Music For The Mind And Body (Vanguard/Start) 75

Fish (Country Joe & The) The Collected Country Joe & The Fish 1965 to 1970 (Vanguard) 99

Fish (Country Joe & The) The Life And Times Of Country Joe & The Fish (Vanguard) 193

Fish People (Jimbo Trout & The) Jimbo Trout And The Fish People (TWAH!) 151/152 ATR

Fish With Fur Jungalpolka (Furrtive) 168 ATR

Fish, R.A. Rhythmic Essence (Lyrichord) 113

Fish, Robert [Band] see Robert Fish Band, The

Fishcake Shake Do The Heart Beat (Probe Plus) 52

Fisher, Angela (Carol Beckwith &) African Ceremonies (Harry N. Abrams/Thames & Hudson) 233 P

Fisher, Archie & Garnet Rogers Off The Map (Greentrax) 258 ATR

Fisher, Archie & Garnet Rogers Off The Map (Snow Goose Songs) 39

Fisher, Archie Archie Fisher (Celtic Music) 12 (SR)

Fisher, Archie Orfeo (Celtic Music) 34

Fisher, Archie Sunsets I've Galloped Into... (Greentrax) 67

Fisher, Archie The Man With A Rhyme (Folk-Legacy) 177 ATR

Fisher, Archie Will Ye Gang, Love (Green Linnet) 123

Fisher, Archie Windward Away (Greentrax) 307/308

Fisher, Cilla *see also Singing Kettle, The

Fisher, Cilla Songs Of The Fishing (Kettle) 19 (SR)

Fisher, Cilla & Artie Trezise Cilla & Artie (Greentrax) 182/183 ATR

Fisher, Cilla & Artie Trezise Cilla & Artie (Topic) 3 (SR)

Fisher, Cilla & Artie Trezise Reaching Out (Kettle) 48

Fisher, Cilla & Artie Trezise The Singing Kettle (Kettle) 16 (SR)

Fisher, Cilla & Artie Trezise The Singing Kettle 2 (Kettle) 24 (SR)

Fisher, Cilla & Artie Trezise The Singing Kettle 3 & The Singing Kettle 3 Music Book (Kettle) 60

Fisher, Ray The Cellar Upstairs, Assembly Room, Kentish Town, London 70 L

Fisher, Ray Traditional Songs Of Scotland (Saydisc) 105

Fisher, Ray Willie's Lady (Folk Legacy) 18 (SR)

Fisher, Ray, Jo Freya & Siwsann George Trinity Arts Centre, Tonbridge Wells 143 L

Fisher, Ray, Willie Scott & Friends School of Scottish Studies Ceilidh, Edinburgh Folk Club 58 L

Fisher, Steve A Boy's Life In Texas (Waterbug) 149 ATR

Fishermen's Friends Home From The Sea (Clovelly) 237

Fisk University Jubilee Singers 1909-40 Vols 1-3 (Document) 169 ATR

Fit & Limo As Above So Below (September Gurls) 214 ATR

Fit & Limo Ginnistan (September Gurls) 235/236 ATR

Fitzgerald, Brian: Oisín MacDiarmada, Brian Fitzgerald, Micheál O'Ruanaigh Traditional Music On Fiddler, Banjo & Harp (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 220

Fitzpatrick, Martin (Paul Colby &) The Bitter End: Hanging Out At America's Nightclub (Cooper Square Press) 242/243 P

Five Blind Boys Of Alabama, The *see also Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama, The/Blind Boys of Alabama, The

Five Blind Boys Of Alabama, The [The Five Blind Boys] The Catfish Club Revue, Brighton 111 L

Five Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Deep River (Elektra Nonesuch American Explorer) 117

Five Blind Boys Of Alabama, The The Five Blind Boys Of Alabama (Gospel Heritage) 53

Five Furious Fish Hook, Line & Sphincter (own label) 217

Five Guys Named Mo In Malakamo Kamoo/Five Guys Named Mo [Do Dah 1 [single]] 19 (SR)

Five Hand Reel A Bunch Of Fives (Topic) 4 (SR)

Five Hand Reel Five Hand Reel (Black Crow) 53

Five Mile Chase Your Town (own label) 275 ATR

Five Strings (Sid King & The) Rockin' On The Radio (Roller Coaster) 217

Fjeld, Jonas Live: Nerven I Min Sang (Grappa) 139/140 ATR

Fjeld, Jonas Till The Rivers All Run Dry (Grappa [single]) 149

Fjeld, Jonas: Rick Danko, Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen Danko/Fjeld/Andersen (Rykodisc) 127/128

Fjellheim, Frode Aejiles Gaaltije - The Sacred Source (Vuelie) 263

Fjellheim, Frode: Frode Fjellheim Jazz Joiz Ensemble Saajve Dans (Idut) 142

Flagel, Claude: Rans & Flagel Van Antwerpen Tot Parijs (Eufoda) 225 ATR

Flaherty, Helen Oft Times I've Been Cheery (Wild Boar Music) 254/255 ATR

Flaherty, Helen: Munnelly, Flaherty, Masure Whenever (Music & Words) 289 ATR

Flaky Jake & The Steamin' Locos Stretched Squeezed Strummed And Scrubbed (own label) 151/152 ATR

Flambeau (Tom Rigney &) Red Boots And Rice (Parhelion) 201 ATR

Flamekeeper *see also Cleveland, Michael

Flamekeeper (Michael Cleveland &) Fired Up (Rounder) 336

Flamekeeper (Michael Cleveland &) Leavin' Town (Rounder) 306

Flamenco Feria & Expo '92 Sevilla, Spain 109 L

Flamenco Fusion (Erik Steen Flamenco Fusion) Entre Atardecer Y Amanecer (Rubadub) 157

Flamenco Meets Gospel (Ramon Villar's Flamenco Dance Company & The London Community Gospel Choir) Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 35 L

Flames Of Araby Orchestra (George Abdo & His Flames Of Araby Orchestra) Bellydance! The Best Of... (Smithsonian Folkways) 233 ATR

Flaming Crescent (Muhammed Yusuf &) Rootical Ties Of Poemology (Bop) 87

Flamingos (Reg Meuross & The) Arrested (Fond) 102

Flammer, Ami, Moishe Leiser & Gerard Barreaux Chansons Yiddish: Tendresses Et Rage (Ocora) 35; 213

Flanagan The Chosen Few (Swashbuckle) 225

Flanagan, Mark: Flanagan The Chosen Few (Swashbuckle) 225

Flash Company FCOK (own label) 268 ATR

Flash Girls, The Play Each Morning Wild Queen (Fabulous) 220 ATR

Flash Girls, The The Return Of Pansy Smith And Violet Jones (Spin Art) 131

Flat Mountain Girls Honey, Take Your Whiskers Off (own label) 277 ATR

Flat Mountain Girls Idle Talk & Wicked Deeds (own label) 293 ATR

Flatlanders, The Live '72 (New West) 258

Flatlanders, The Now Again (New West) 229

Flatlanders, The Wheels Of Fortune (New World) 250

Flatt, Lester & Earl Scruggs The Mercury Sessions Volumes 1 And 2 (Rounder Special Series) 29

Flatt, Lester: Flatt & Scruggs My Cabin In Caroline (Catfish) 222

Flatville Aces, The Crawfishtrombones (own label) 134/135

Flavin, Mick Country All The Way (Ritz) 172 ATR

Flavin, Mick The Very Best Of (Ritz) 182/183 ATR

Flea Pit Orchestra (Nigel Burch & The) Bottle Sucker (own label) 213 ATR

Fleadh Finsbury Park, London 86 L; 98 L

Fleck, Bela Crossing The Tracks (Rounder) 274 ATR

Fleck, Bela Double Time (Rounder) 172 ATR

Fleck, Bela Drive (Rounder) 73

Fleck, Bela Natural Bridge (Rounder) 14 (SR); 209 ATR

Fleck, Bela The Bluegrass Sessions - Tales From The Acoustic Planet Volume 2 (Warner Bros) 196 ATR

Fleck, Bela Throw Down Your Heart (Rounder) 321

Fleck, Bela & The Flecktones Rocket Science (Entertainment One) 340 ATR

Fleck, Bela & The Flecktones Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Warner Bros) 139/140 ATR

Fleck, Bela (Jerry Douglas / Bela Fleck) Tudor Rooms, Dublin 45 L

Fleck, Bela with The New Grass Revival Deviation (Rounder) 25

Fleck, Béla, Zakir Hussain & Edgar Meyer The Melody Of Rhythm (E1 Entertainment) 326/327 E

Flecktones (Bela Fleck & The) Rocket Science (Entertainment One) 340 ATR

Flecktones (Bela Fleck & The) Three Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Warner Bros) 139/140 ATR

Flegg, Chris The Sound Of Life (own label) 302/303 ATR

Fleming, Chuck & Gerry Kaley Shake Loose The Border (Black Crow) 29

Fleming, Chuck Solo [NC001] 137

Fleming, Tommy The Contender (Dara [single]) 206/207

Fleming-Williams, David (Richard Stapledon &) 8 Morris Dances Of England (Fain Music) 101

Fleret & Jarmila Sulakova Fleret & Jarmila Sulakova (W Music) 168 ATR

Fletcher, Dave (Bill Whaley &) Acorn To Oak (own label) 306 ATR

Fletcher, Dave (Bill Whaley &) Fit For Reclining (Bilda) 282

Fletcher, Dave (Bill Whaley &) Less Sprightly (Bilda) 252

Fletcher, Dave (Bill Whaley &) Old Men & Love Songs (Bilda) 220 ATR

Fletcher, Dave (Bill Whaley &) Their Fine Array (own label) 170/171 ATR

Fletcher, Eli see Fletcher, Kirk "Eli"

Fletcher, Guy (Brendan Croker &) On The Big Hill (Silverstone) 70

Fletcher, Jon A Month In The Summer (Swallowstail) 306 ATR

Fletcher, Kirk "Eli" I'm Here And I'm Gone (JSP) 192

Fletcher, Tony All Hopped Up & Ready To Go: Music From The Streets Of New York 1927-1977 (Omnibus Press) 323 P

Fletcher, Vo & Rachel *see also English Air

Fletcher, Vo & Rachel English Air (Paradise) 19 (SR)

Fleur de Prunus China: Hymn To Confucius (Buda) 257

Fliflet, Gabriel Åresong (NORCD) 336

Fliflet, Gabriel Rio Aga (NORCD) 309 ATR

Fliflet, Gabriel: Fliflet/Hamre Gabriole (Lahrmsteiner Elite) 203 ATR

Fling A Ditch Near Cree (Music and Words) 336 ATR

Fling Lost In Dukineely (ICU-B4-T) 287

Fling Peeler & The Goat (Loop) 169 ATR

Fling The Blackbird (ICU-B4-T) 227

Flippo, Chet Your Cheatin' Heart - A Biography Of Hank Williams (Eel Pie Publishing) 14 P (SR)

FLK Re Noir (CNI/Ludos) 173 ATR

FLK Sun (Ludos) 208 ATR

FLK The FLK (FLK) 337

Floh De Cologne Rotkäppchen (Pläne) 292

Flood, Cathal (Adrian McAuliffe &) Between The Strings (own label) 337 ATR

Flood (Julian Dawson & The) As Real As Disneyland (Polydor Germany) 55

Flook! Flatfish (Flatfish) 197

Flook! Haven (Flatfish) 271/272

Flook! Live! (Small Time) 165

Flook! Rubai (Flatfish) 229

Flophouse Jr Woodland (Flophouse Recordings) 217 ATR

Flor de Cana Dancing On The Wall (Flying Fish) 106

Flor de Cana Muevete - Move It! (Flying Fish) 73

Flor De Luna Xochimetzli: México, Mágico, Místico (O+ Music) 261 ATR

Flores, Mohobub see Mohobub

Flores, Rosie & Ray Campi A Little Bit Of Heartache (Watermelon) 169 ATR

Flores, Rosie A Honky Tonk Reprise (Rounder) 165

Flores, Rosie Rockabilly Filly (Hightone) 151/152 ATR

Flores, Rosie Rosie Flores (Reprise [import]) 54

Flores, Rosie The Breakaway, Los Angeles 95 L

Florida Brass Roots (own label) 151/152

Florida Sex, Death And Hornpipes (own label) 98

Florida Splitting The Night (own label) 113

Florida Untitled (Florida Project) 280

Florida, Ed & Carol Southern Folk Fusion (Defined) (Little Buffalo) 126 ATR

Florina Brass Band (Christos Nikolopoulos &) Olympus' Cyclamens (Sony Greece) 181

Florina Brass Band Florina Brass Band II (Lyra/Musurgia) 197

Flottorp, Johanne, Gard Nergaard & Tor Hoslemo Hardingfelespel Frå Agder (Etnisk Musikklubb) 322 ATR

Flower, Edward with Joel Brown Chords And Thyme (English Folksongs For Guitar) (Dorian) 143

Flower, Mary Bywater Dance (Yellow Dog) 282

Flower, Mary Ragtime Gal (Bluesette) 250

Flower, Mary Rosewood & Steel (Bluesette) 175/176

Flower, Robin 1st Dibs (Flying Fish) 24 (SR)

Flower, Robin & Libby McLaren Steelhead In The Riffles (Little Cat) 269 ATR

Flower, Robin & The Bleachers Babies With Glasses (Flying Fish) 54

Flowers And Frolics Bees On Horseback (Free Reed) 302/303

Flowers And Frolics Reformed Characters (Hebe Music) 208

Flowers And Frolics Sold Out (EFDSS) 23 (SR)

Flowers Of The Heath see Blodau'r Grug

Floyd, Harmonica Frank The Great Medical Menagerist (Edsel) 168

Flukt Drufiacc (Lindberg) 264

Flukt Spill (2L) 241 ATR

Flukt Stille Før Stormen (Etnisk Musikklubb) 302/303 ATR

Flute Encounters: Bansuri To Beatbox The Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall, London 322 L

Flutopia Whitley Bay Playhouse, Tyne & Wear 179 L

Fluxus NOË (Zoku EMI) 227

Fluxus Pingeroe (Wild Boar Music) 190

Fluxus & Hoover The Dog Okavango (Sirius Music/Vango) 276

Fly The Heart A Capella Songs From The World Music Repertoire (own label) 203 ATR

Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, The Agada (Flying Bulgar) 127/128

Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, The Tairkus (Traditional Crossroads) 202

Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, The Sweet Return (Flying Bulgar Recordings) 245 ATR

Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, The The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band (Flying Bulgar Recordings) 101

Flying Burrito Brothers, The Dim Lights, Thick Smoke And Loud, Loud Music (Edsel) 48

Flying Burrito Brothers, The Out Of The Blue (A&M) 157

Flying Burrito Brothers, The Southern Tracks (Voodoo, via New Note) 130

Flying Burrito Brothers, The The Gilded Palace of Sin / Burrito DeLuxe (A&M) 173 ATR

Flying Camel Workshop The Arts Centre, Chesterfield 56 L

Flying Toads, The In Stitches (own label) 333 ATR

Flying Tortellinis True Believer (Hedge of Sound) 182/183 ATR

Flynn, Dave Draíocht (Frisbee) 307/308 ATR

Flynn, Frank Emilio see Frank Emilio

Flynn, John John Flynn (Sliced Bread) 182/183

Flynn Brothers, The Produced By Martin Carthy (Annadale) 108

Fly-Rite Boys (Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys) Feelin' Kinda Lucky (Hightone) 172 ATR

Fly-Rite Boys (Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys) Swingin' West (Hightone) 151/152

Fodfango Fodfango (Contre-Jour) 201 ATR

Fodor, Sandor 'Neti' Transylvanian Folk Music (ABT) 175/176

Foehr, Stephen (Taj Mahal with) Taj Mahal: Autobiography Of A Bluesman (Sanctuary Publishing) 223/224 P

Foehr, Stephen Waking Up In Cuba (Sanctuary Publishing) 227 P

Fofana, Ahmed: Madou Sidiki, Ahmed Fofana, Alex Wilson Mali Latino (Alex Wilson) 334

Foghorn Stringband Reap What You Sow (own label) 263

Foghorn Stringband Weiser Sunrise (Nettwerk) 273

Foghorn Trio, The Sud De La Louisiane (own label) 335

Foguis, Nsimba & Taxi Pata Pata Aimé Bébé (Nyirangongo Music) 58

Fold, The Close Up (Orange Sky) 178

Fold, The Spiral (Orange Sky [single]) 161

Foley, Blaze Live At The Austin Outhouse (Lost Art) 202

Foley, Ged: Mark Roberts, Sandol Astrausky & Ged Foley Rock In The Mountain (Barking Dog) 114

Foley, Stewart (Jed Grimes &) The Rocky Shore (Frantic) 161

Foley, Sue Big City Blues (Antone's) 151/152 ATR

Foley, Sue Ten Days In November (Shanachie) 182/183 ATR

Foley, Sue Where The Action Is... (Shanachie) 233 ATR

Foley, Tiken Jah see Fakoly, Tiken Jah

Folia Attitudes (dB Productions) 313 ATR

Foliba Percussions Mandingues Vol.2 (Playasound) 133

Folk & Rackare Rack Bag (Amalthea) 31

Folk Awards see Various Folk Awards

Folk Dance Ensemble Vila Music Of Serbia (ARC Music) 300 ATR

Folk Directory, The (EFDSS) 32 P; 107 P

Folk Ensemble Ulitsa (Moscow Chorus Of Horn Players &) Russia - The Tradition Of Wind Instruments (Ocora Radio France) 341/342

Folk Est 91 Spilimbergo & other venues, Italy 101 L

Folk Festival Guide by Pete Fyfe (from author) 107 P

Folk Music Of The British Isles, Ireland & Europe (Down Home Music) 21 P (SR)

Folk Orchestra, The Blood Stained Lovers (Snowstorm) 229 ATR

Folk Scat Folk Scat (Nomad) 160 ATR

Folk Segovia Segovia, Castille & León, Spain 76 L

Folk Stars (Mark Cool & The) Introducing Mark Cool & The Folk Stars (Folk Star) 301 ATR

Folkabbestia Il Senso Della Vita (Weltwunder) 238

Folkadressengids 85/86 (Stichting Volksmuziek Nederland) 31 P

Folkal Persuasion Belgium (own label) 198

Folkamazurka Varda Che Bela Luna: La Tradizioni Musicali Veronese Volume 7 (MusicAcustica Associazione Culturale) 299

Folkcorn Wie Sal Dan (own label) 335

Folkermesse Festival Casale Monferrato, N. Italy 63 L; 77 L

Folkest 87 San Daniele del Friuli, Italy 53 L

Folkest 88 San Daniele del Friuli, Italy 65 L

Folkestra North! Folkestra North! (Fellside) 247/248 ATR

Folkkarit Pako Pohjamnaalta (Amigo Finland) 141

FolkLaw Nation's Pride (own label) 335 ATR

Folklórny Súbor Lipa Traditional Music From Slovakia (ARC Music) 235/236 ATR

Folkminers Folkminers (PMP) 56

FolkPort Let Me In (own label) 331/332 ATR

Folkus Pocus Under No Illusion (EFDSS) 304 ATR

Folkways, The The Folkways (VFM) 5 ATR (SR)

Folkworks All-American Workout Hartlepool 86 L

Folkworks One Day Workout The Arts Centre, Darlington 69 L

Folkworks Spring Workout Carlisle, Cumbria 75 L

Follia Kiss Me You Fool! Kiss Me Lila! (Wild Boar) 266/267

Follow That Camel Alba Vinyl (Iona) 202

Folly Bridge All In The Same Tune (Wild Goose) 101

Folque Sort Messe (Strawberry - Norway) 23 (SR)

Fong Naam The Nang Hong Suite: Siamese Funeral Music (Nimbus) 111

Fong Naam The Piphat: Siamese Classics Vol 1 (Naxos) 211/212

Fong Naam The Sleeping Angel: Thai Classical Music (Nimbus) 111

Fonseca, Celso Natural (Ziriguiboom/Crammed Discs) 239

Fonseca, Roberto Zamazu (Enja) 288

Fontaine, Nasio Universal Cry (Greensleeves) 282 ATR

Fontenot, Canray & Boisec Ardoin Liberty Theatre, Eunice, Louisiana 76 L

Fontenot, Canray (Beausoleil avec) Allons À Lafayette (Arhoolie) 39

Fontenot, Canray Louisiana Hot Sauce (Creole Style Arhoolie) 115/116

Fontenot, Canray: Canray Fontenot, Joseph & Eraste Carriere Cajun Fiddle Styles Vol 2 - The Creole Tradition (Arhoolie) 22 (SR)

Fontenot, Canray: Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Bois-Sec Ardoin, Canray Fontenot & Beausoleil Voices Of The Americas: Cajun And Creole Music (Music of the World) 79/80

Fontenot, Canray: Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Canray Fontenot, Bois-Sec Ardoin Cajun & Creole Masters (Music of the World) 158/159

Footloose 95 Matlock, Derbyshire 145 L

Footworks The Maltings, Farnham, Surrey 139/140 L

For Fear The Hearts Of Men Are Failing City Music (Piano Keys) 323 ATR

Forbes, Bronwyn Make Merry In Step And Song (Llewellyn) 310 P

Forbes, David: Chuck Levy with Mike Eberle & David Forbes Banjourneys (Red Dog) 329/330 ATR

Forbes, Ross (ed.) Polisses And Candymen: The Complete Works Of Tommy Armstrong: The Pitman Poet (The Tommy Armstrong Memorial Trust, from Consett Music Projects) 57 P

Forbes, Roy Love Turns To Ice (Festival) 61 ATR

Forbidden Pigs Una Mas Cerveza (Triple X) 107 ATR

Force, Bob & Al d'Ossché When The Moon Fell On California (Kicking Mule) 23 ATR (SR)

Forcione, Antonio & Eduardo Niebla Pleasance Bar, Edinburgh 95 L

Ford, James Lewis Carter see Ford, T-Model

Ford, Mark & The Blue Line featuring Robben Ford Mark Ford & The Blue Line Featuring Robben Ford (Crosscut) 190 ATR

Ford, Patricia (Phil Cohen &) Caution To The Wind (Hard Miles Music) 205 ATR

Ford, Patrick see Ford Blues Band, The

Ford, Robben The Blues Collection (Crosscut) 172 ATR

Ford, Robben: Mark Ford & The Blue Line featuring Robben Ford Mark Ford & The Blue Line Featuring Robben Ford (Crosscut) 190 ATR

Ford, Robin Dale Ain't That Skippin' & Flyin' (10th Planet) 213 ATR

Ford, Tennessee Ernie Farmyard Boogie (See For Miles) 76

Ford, T-Model Jack Daniel Time (Mudpuppy) 304 ATR

Ford Blues Band, The 1999 (Crosscut) 199/200

Ford Blues Band, The Fords And Friends (Crosscut) 169

Ford Blues Band, The Hot Shots (Crosscut) 151/152 ATR

Ford Blues Band (Luther Tucker & The) Luther Tucker And The Ford Blues Band (Crosscut) 151/152 ATR

Førde Norway 112 L

Forde, Aiden Dublin You're Breaking My Heart (West Winds) 133

Forde, Aiden Youngsters Of Britain (Accolade [single]) 34

Forebitters, The Ships May Come And Ships May Go (own label) 202

Forehand, Kim Cinderella's Song (Heartland) 123 ATR

Foremen, The Folk Heroes (Reprise) 153 ATR

Forest Forest (Zap!) 54

Forest Forest/Full Circle (BGO) 144

Forest The First Circle (Zap!) 64

Forest Is Crying, The (Various Artists) Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London 72 L

Forest, Earl with The Beale Streeters Earl Forest With The Beale Streeters (Ace) 56

Forest, So' Bikutsi Pop (Naxos World) 237 ATR

Forester Sisters, The Sincerely (Warner Bros.) 66

Forester, Patrick, (Jim Bainbridge &) The Drunken Billy Goat (Furze) 182/183

Forlorn Hope (Anna Elias & The) Valleys In The Flatlands (UPM) 341/342 ATR

Formatta Valea Mare Departe De Casa (MA Recordings) 229 ATR

Formell, Juan Carlos Songs From A Little Blue House (Wicklow) 197

Formell, Juan Y Los Van Van En El Malecón De La Habana: Concierto En Vivo (Timba) 245

Formell, Juan Y Los Van Van Grandes Éxitos (Egrem) 263

Formerly Fat Harry (Wizz Jones &) Easy Rider (Shagrat [single]) 144

Forrest, John Morris And Matachin [no publication details given] 21 P (SR)

Forrest, John The History Of Morris Dancing 1458-1750 (James Clarke & Co.) 214 P

Forrester Lanterns (TWAH! [single]) 182/183

Forrester, John Tales Of Nothing (Twah!) 177 ATR

Forster, John Entering Marion (Philo) 131 ATR

Fortaleza Soy De Sangre Kolla, Quechua Y Aymarai (Flying Fish) 91/92 ATR

Fortun De Sarau Ethic Music From Sardistan (Tajra) 309

Forty Thieves Orkestar Forgotten Tales (Crafty Music) 278/279

Forty Thieves Orkestar Last Band Standing (19 Industries) 336

FOS Brothers Without Reason (OTB Productions) 194/195

FOS Brothers: FOS Brothers Band Live At The Mission (own label) 143 ATR

Foster, Chris Jewels (Living Tradition) 263

Foster, Chris Outsiders (Green Man) 301

Foster, Chris Traces (Green Man) 197

Foster, Chris: Bára Grímsdóttir with Chris Foster & John Kirkpatrick Funi (Green Man) 263

Foster, Rex Artist (Legacy) 117

Foster, Rick Eternal Guitar (Mel Bay) 161 [Tutorials]

Foster, Winston see Yellowman

Fotefar & Håvard Lund Fest (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 314/315 ATR

Fotheringay Fotheringay (Hannibal) 51

Fotheringay Fotheringay (Fledg'ling) 258

Fotheringay Fotheringay 2 (Fledg'ling) 305

Fotinaki, Katerina (Angélique Ionatos &) Comme Un Jardin La Nuit (Accords Croisés) 314/315 ATR

Foucault, Jeffrey Stripping Cane (Signature Sounds Recording) 263

Foundland Everybody's Neighbour (Xource [single]) 174

Foundland Everybody's Neighbour (Xource) 156 ATR

Foundou seeAlla

Foundry Bar Band, The Rolling Home (Springthyme) 74

Foundry Bar Band, The The Foundry Bar Band (Springthyme) 15 (SR)

Fountain, Sharon: Sharon Songs Almost Sung (own label) 167

Four Bitchin' Babes, The Fax It! Charge It! (Shanachie) 151/152 ATR

Four Bitchin' Babes, The Gabby Road (Shanachie) 175/176 ATR

Four Brothers, The (Kasse Mady / Four Brothers) Hammersmith Palais 78 L

Four Brothers, The Bros (Cooking Vinyl) 77; 245 ATR

Four Brothers, The Makorokoto (Cooking Vinyl) 63

Four Brothers, The Makorokoto (Earthworks [single]) 25

Four Brothers, The Manga Manga (Positive Cultural Promotions) 194/195

Four Brothers, The Uchandifunga (Cooking Vinyl [single]) 71

Four Men And A Dog Barking Mad (Cross Border Media) 99

Four Men And A Dog Cinema do Terço, Porto, Portugal 144 L

Four Men And A Dog Dr A's Secret Remedies (Transatlantic) 141

Four Men And A Dog Maybe Tonight (Hook Music) 238

Four Men And A Dog Shifting Gravel (Special Delivery) 121

Four Men & A Dog Wallop The Spot (Hook) 299

Four Shillings Short Dodging Lodging (own label) 228

Four Vagabonds, The Complete Recorded Works Vols 1-3 (Document) 191 ATR

Fourcade, Georges Le Barde Creole (Takamba) 234

Fourier, Iep (Gilbert Isbin &) Avoid A Void (own label) 281 ATR

Fourtold Fourtold (Appleseed) 246

Fowler, Dylan (Julie Murphy &) Ffawd (Fflach: Trad) 228

Fowler, Dylan Ffynnon Ofor (Acoustic Music) 253 ATR

Fowler, Dylan Portrait (Acoustic Music) 203 ATR

Fowler, Vicki: Damron & Fowler Campfires Of C.A.L.M. (from Canadian River Music) 94

Fowlis, Julie Cuilidh (Spit & Polish) 288

Fowlis, Julie Live At Perthshire Amber (Machair) 335

Fowlis, Julie Mar A Tha Mo Chridhe (As My Heart Is) (Macmeanmna) 266/267

Fowlis, Julie Uam / From Me (Shoeshine) 317/318

Fox, Allie Diving For Pearls (Vixen) 209

Fox, Allie Windsor Arts Centre 69 L

Fox, Allie: Allie Fox & Dave Thomas Band Windsor Arts Centre 46 L

Fox, Bob Dreams Never Leave You (Woodworm) 209

Fox, Bob The Blast (Topic) 285

Fox, Bob & Benny Graham How Are Ye Off For Coals Acoustic Music Centre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 66 L

Fox, Bob & Stu Luckley (The Doonan Family / Bob Fox & Stu Luckley) Acoustic Music Centre, Edinburgh Fringe 77 L

Fox, Bob & Stu Luckley Box Of Gold (Fellside) 178

Fox, Bob & Stu Luckley Thirty Years On (Bob Fox Music) 309 ATR

Fox, Bob & Stu Luckley Wish We Never Had Parted (Black Crow) 14 (SR)

Fox, Bob (Billy Mitchell &) 5-Star B&B (own label) 287 ATR

Fox, Bob (Billy Mitchell &) Back On City Road (own label) 319/320 ATR

Fox, Mandy & Hara First Time Ever (Slam) 165 ATR

Fox And Branch Hot Time (Doodleywag) 300 ATR

Foyeh, Toby & Lekeleke Jalolo (Kameleon) 106 ATR

Foyeh, Toby & Orchestra Africa Lagos - Ilu Eko (Kameleon) 286 ATR

Fra Fra Sound Global Village Residents (MW) 165 ATR

Fra Fra Sound Kulembanban (Munich) 261 ATR

Fra Fra Sound Kultiplex (Pramisi) 245 ATR

Fracasso, Michael Love & Trust (Dejadisc) 132

Fracasso, Michael When I Lived In The Wild (Bohemia Beat) 144 ATR

Fradley, George One Of The Best (Veteran Tapes) 81

Fradon, Amy & Leslie Ritter Take Me Home (Shanachie) 139/140 ATR

Fradon, Amy & Leslie Ritter Take Me Home (Shanachie/Cachet [single]) 144

Fradon, Amy Passion Angel (own label) 204 ATR

Fradon, Amy: Amy & Leslie Amy & Leslie (Alcazar) 87

Frah, Rakoto Flute Master Of Madagascar (GlobeStyle) 197

Frame, Pete The Restless Generation: How Rock Music Changed The Face Of 1950s Britain (Rogan House) 299 P

Frampton's May Day 25 L

Fran, Carol & Clarence Holliman It's About Time (JSP) 205

Francadians (Sarah Savoy & The) C'ez Savoy (own label) 319/320

Francadians (Sarah Savoy & The) Off To The Honky-Tonk (own label) 314/315

Francesconi, Ryan Parables (Sweet Dreams) 335 ATR

Francey, David Skating Rink (Laker Music) 250 ATR

Francey, David The Waking Hour (Red House) 263

Franciose, Deborah Almost Home (North Star) 118 ATR

Francis, Winston: Francis & Franklin Stand Firm (Definite) 247/248 ATR

Francisco, Slinger see Mighty Sparrow

Franco The Rough Guide To Franco (World Music Network) 218/219

Franco The Very Best Of - The Rumba Giant Of Zaire (Manteca) 213

Franco & OK Jazz Originality (RetroAfric) 194/195 ATR

Franco & Le TPOK Jazz Francophonic (Stern's Africa) 307/308

Franco & Le TP OK Jazz Francophonic Vol. 2: 1980-1989 (Stern's) 316

Franco Et Le TP OK Jazz Originalité - The Original 1956 Recordings (RetroAfric) 52

Franco, Guilherme Capoeira, Legendary Music Of Brasil (Lyrichord) 202

François, Didier Falling Tree (Long Distance) 235/236

François, Didier & Alicantes Alicantes (Map) 203

François, Didier & Gabriel Yacoub Didier François Invite Gabriel Yacoub: Brand New World (Home) 293

François, Didier & Gilles Chabenat Dans L'Oubli Du Sommeil (Home) 293

François, Didier: Elias Nardi Quartet featuring Didier François Orange Tree (Zone Di) 336 ATR

Frangoulis, Marios: George Dalaras, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Marios Frangoulis Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London 181 L

Frank Chickens, The (Northern Anti-Apartheid Benefit) Manchester Free Trade Hall 48 L

Frank Chickens, The Underfloor World (Toy) 160 ATR

Frank Emilio Cuban Danzas & Danzones (Disconforme) 293 ATR

Frank Emilio & Tata Güines Grupo Cubano De Música Moderna: Complete Recordings (Disconforme) 293 ATR

Frank, Jackson C. Blues Run The Game (Mooncrest) 161

Frank, Jackson C. Blues Run The Game, Expanded Deluxe Edition (Castle) 244 ATR

Frank, Jackson C. Jackson C. Frank (Castle) 227

Frank, Keith & The Soileau Zydeco Band Ready Or Not (Shanachie) 214

Frank, Nyle Comin' Round Again (Centipede) 98

Frank, Nyle Riding With Pachelbel (Centipede) 75

Frank, Nyle Who Needs More Bad Songs? (Centipede) 75

Franke, Bob Brief Histories (Flying Fish) 82

Franke, Bob For Real (Flying Fish) 44

Franke, Bob In This Night (Flying Fish) 105

Franke, Bob Long Roads, Short Visits (Daring) 174

Franke, Bob The Other Evening In Chicago (Waterbug) 270 ATR

Franke, Denice Shadow No More (dé Nice Girl Music) 106 ATR

Franke, Denice You Don't Know Me (de nICE gIRL Music) 182/183

Frankel, Judy 'Scalerica De Oro (Stairway Of Gold) (Global Village) 103/104

Frankel, Judy Sephardic Songs Of Love And Hope (Global Village) 123 ATR

Franklin, A.J.: Francis & Franklin Stand Firm (Definite) 247/248 ATR

Franklin, Rich: Franklin & Baytop Searching For Frank (Patuxent) 307/308 ATR

Franklin & Baytop Searching For Frank (Patuxent) 307/308 ATR

Franks, Alan (Patty Vetta &) Will (Road Goes On Forever) 149 ATR

Franz, Steve The Amazing Secret History Of Elmore James (BlueSource Publications) 241 P

Fraser, Alasdair Dawn Dance (Culburnie) 153

Fraser, Alasdair Portrait Of A Scottish Fiddler (Culburnie) 163/164 ATR

Fraser, Alasdair Tullochgorum (Culburnie) 121

Fraser, Alasdair Tullochgorum: Alasdair Fraser Live (Culburnie [video]) 145

Fraser, Alasdair & Jody Stecher The Driven Bow (Culburnie) 137; 153

Fraser, Alasdair & Natalie Haas Fire & Grace (Culburnie) 259/260

Fraser, Alasdair & Natalie Haas Highlander’s Farewell (Culburnie) 337

Fraser, Alasdair & Natalie Haas In The Moment (Culburnie) 295/296

Fraser, Alasdair & Paul Machlis Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle - Volume 1 (Culburnie) 218/219

Fraser, Alasdair & Paul Machlis Skyedance (Culburnie) 47

Fraser, Alasdair & Paul Machlis The Road North (Sona Gaia) 76

Fraser, Alasdair & Tony McManus Return To Kintail (Culburnie) 194/195

Fraser, Alasdair, Muriel Johnstone & Natalie Haas Legacy Of The Scottish Fiddle - Volume 2 (Culburnie) 259/260

Fraser, Catherine & Duncan Smith Rhymes & Reasons (Cromarty) 323

Fraser, Fi: Barry Coope, Jim Boyes, Lester Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Fire And Sleet And Candlelight: Regional And Historical Carols (No Masters) 247/248

Fraser, Fi: Coope, Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Voices At The Door: Midwinter Songs & Carols (No Masters Co-operative) 285

Fraser, Fi: The Fraser Sisters Going Around (No Masters) 225

Fraser, Fi: The Fraser Sisters The Fraser Sisters (No Masters) 184 ATR

Fraser, Iain Scottish Fiddle Tunes (Schott World Music) 316 P

Fraser, Iain (Freeland Barbour &) Northlins (Iona) 143

Fraser, Jo see Freya, Jo

Fraser, Neil see Mad Professor

Fraser, Thomas Just Call Me Lonesome (Da Da) 333

Fraser, Thomas Long Gone Lonesome Blues (NEL Music) 240

Fraser, Thomas Shetland Lone Star (Hopscotch Films [DVD]) 322

Fraser, Thomas That Far Away Land (NEL Music) 311

Fraser, Thomas Treasure Untold (NEL Music) 274 ATR

Fraser, Thomas You And My Old Guitar: More Selections From The Thomas Fraser Recordings (NEL Music) 250

Fraser Highlanders, The 78th see 78th Fraser Highlanders, The

Fraser Sisters, The Going Around (No Masters) 225

Fraser Sisters, The The Fraser Sisters (No Masters) 184 ATR

Fratii Petreus Asa Beau Oamenii Buni (Electrecord) 232

Fraunhofer Saitenmusik Dezember (Trikont) 238

Fraunhofer Saitenmusik Joc Auf Schöttisch (Briton Musik) 214

Fraunhofer Saitenmusik Klangräume (Trikont) 273

Fraunhofer Saitenmusik with Haugaard & Høirup Dreissig (Trikont) 298

Freak Mountain Ramblers Freak Mountain Ramblers (You Got Soul) 201 ATR

Freakwater End Time (Thrill Jockey) 197

Freakwater Feels Like The Third Time (City Slang) 131 ATR

Freakwater Old Paint (City Slang) 153 ATR

Freakwater Springtime (Thrill Jockey) 179

Fred Combo Obsession (Avel Ouest) 285 ATR

Freddie Steady see Steady, Freddie

Fredericks, Henry St Clair see Mahal, Taj

Fredericks, Jeffrey: Michael Hurley, The Unholy Modal Rounders, Jeffrey Fredericks & The Clamtones Have Moicy! (Rounder) 105 ATR

Fredriksson, Daniel: Pettersson & Fredriksson Virek (Drone) 268

Free Bidou Après L'Orage (Le Chant du Monde) 288

Free Bidou Baby Foot Party (Le Chant du Monde) 245

Free Hole Negro Superfinos Negros (DRO Atlantic/Warner) 280

Free Hot Lunch Eat This (Flying Fish) 94

Freed [Brenda Freed] Until Daylight (own label) 187/188 ATR

Freedom Fries (Fatima Spar & The) Trust (Geco Tonwaren) 312 ATR

Freelove, Laurie Arms Of A Dream (Ensign [single]) 101

Freelove, Laurie Smells Like Truth (Ensign) 105 ATR

Freeman, Isaac & The Bluebloods Beautiful Stars (Lost Highway) 228 ATR

Freeman, J.P. see Ravi

Freemuse: Various Freemuse & Deeyah Present Listen To The Banned (Heilo) 326/327 ATR

Freight Hoppers, The Waiting On The Gravy Train (Rounder) 193

Freight Hoppers, The Where'd You Come From, Where'd You Go? (Rounder) 168

Freilicher, Elizabeth (Hilda E. Wenner &) Here's To The Women: 100 Songs For And About Women (Syracuse University Press) 55 P

Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle see FSK

French, John: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Invisible Means (Demon) 89

French, John: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Demon) 57

French, John: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Fledg'ling) 300 ATR

French, Johnny & Friends On The Fiddle (Waterline) 73

French Alligators Danses Cajuns (own label) 139/140 ATR

French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Invisible Means (Demon) 89

French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Demon) 57

French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Fledg'ling) 300 ATR

French Rockin' Boogie (Geno Delafose &) Everybody's Dancin' (Times Square) 254/255

French Rockin' Boogie (Geno Delafose &) La Chanson Perdue (Rounder) 184

French Roots T&C2, London 109 L

Frere, Ti Homage A Ti Frere (Ocora) 110

Frères De Sac Tout N'a Qu'un Temps (MusTraDem) 295/296 ATR

Freshlyground Nomvula (Freeground) 280 ATR

Fresu, Paolo: Nguyên Lê Duos w. Paolo Fresu & Dhafer Youssef Homescape (ACT) 276

Freudmann, Gideon (Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin &) Sound Of Distant Deer (Gadfly) 181 ATR

Freudmann, Gideon Adobe Dog House (Gadfly) 170/171 ATR

Freudmann, Gideon Ukrainian Pajama Party (Gadfly) 217 ATR

Freya, Jo Female Smuggler (No Masters) 306

Freya, Jo Traditional Songs Of England (Saydisc) 126

Freya, Jo & Kathryn Locke / Syncopace Brewhouse Arts Centre, Taunton 106 L

Freya, Jo & Kathryn Locke Lush (No Masters Voice) 134/135

Freya, Jo & Pete Morton Jo Freya & Pete Morton (BTL) 175/176

Freya, Jo: Barry Coope, Jim Boyes, Lester Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Fire And Sleet And Candlelight: Regional And Historical Carols (No Masters) 247/248

Freya, Jo: Coope, Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Voices At The Door: Midwinter Songs & Carols (No Masters Co-operative) 285

Freya, Jo: The Fraser Sisters Going Around (No Masters) 225

Freya, Jo: The Fraser Sisters The Fraser Sisters (No Masters) 184 ATR

Freya, Jo: Freya Abbott Ferguson Get Well Soon (No Masters) 334

Freya, Jo: Jo Freya's Lal Waterson Project Lal (No Masters) 293

Freya, Jo (Ray Fisher, Jo Freya & Siwsann George) Trinity Arts Centre, Tonbridge Wells 143 L

Freya, Jo (Maalstroom &) Meet (No Masters) 333 ATR

Freyda & Acoustic AttaTude Midnight At Cabell Hall (Red House) 130

Freyja Freyja (Osmosys) 162

Fri Flyt Flyr Fritt (Etnisk Musikklubb) 229 ATR

Fribo Happ (Fribo) 337

Fribo The Ha' O Habrahellia (Fellside) 287 ATR

Fridley, Cary Down South (Juba) 302/303 ATR

Fridley, Cary Neighbor Girl (Juba) 217 ATR

Friedman, Ari: Ari & Mia Unruly Heart (own label) 335 ATR

Friedman, Mia: Ari & Mia Unruly Heart (own label) 335 ATR

Friedman, Paul: Paul & Jody Paul & Jody - American Songs & Tunes (Jody Kruskal Music) 333 ATR

Friel, Eamon The Waltz Of The Years (Thran) 247/248

Friel, Eamon Word Of Spring (Thran) 210

Friel's Kitchen A Place Of Clear Water (Jigit) 237

Friendly, Johnny: Johnny & The Poorboys Nashville (Hipshake [single]) 227

Friendly, Johnny: Johnny & The Poorboys The Girl In The Cowboy Hat (Nashville Hipshake) 270 ATR

Friends Of Harry Six Days Of Madness (Roundabout) 117

Friends Of Harry Take It All (own label [single]) 96; 101

Friesen, David Castles & Flags (Shamrock) 156 ATR

Friesen, David Inner Voices (Global Pacific) 73 ATR

Frifot *see also Gudmondson, Per; Möller, Ale; Willemark, Lena

Frifot Flyt (Amigo) 300

Frifot Järven (Caprice) 167

Frifot Per Gudmondson, Ale Möller, Lena Willemark: Frifot (ECM) 198

Frifot Sluring (Amigo) 241

Frigg Economy Class (Frigg) 306

Frigg Frigg (Frigg) 239

Frigg Grannen (Frigg) 329/330

Frigg Keidas - Oasis - Oase (Frigg) 268

Frigg Live (Frigg) 294

Friis, Gunner Kalejdoskop (GO' Danish) 275 ATR

Frikyiwa Family (Trilok Gurtu & The) Farakala (Frikyiwa) 276

Frimpong, K. Okwantuni [IR009, via Semaphone] 149 ATR

Frisell, Bill Disfarmer (Nonesuch) 316 ATR

Frisell, Bill The Best Of Bill Frisell, Vol 1: Folk Songs (Nonesuch) 310

Frisell, Bill The Intercontinentals (Nonesuch) 239

Frisell, Bill The Willies (Nonesuch) 228

Frisell, Bill (Vinicius Cantuária &) Lágrimas Mexicanas (Naïve) 335

Frisell, Ellika Prat/Talking (Giga) 256 ATR

Frisell, Ellika Tokpolska (Giga) 187/188

Frisell, Ellika: Ellika & Solo Abaraká! Tack! (Xource) 271/272

Frisell, Ellika: Ellika & Solo Tretakt Takissaba (Xource) 228

Frith, Fred: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Invisible Means (Demon) 89

Frith, Fred: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Demon) 57

Frith, Fred: French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson Live, Love, Larf & Loaf (Fledg'ling) 300 ATR

Frith, Heather Heather Frith (Big Cat [EP]) 93

Frizzell, Lefty Shine Shave Shower: It's Saturday Night (Proper) 263 ATR

Frog Holler Adams Hotel Road (Record Cellar) 201

Froholm, Britt Pernille For Allje Dei (Ta:lik) 306 ATR

Fröjdö, Mikael & Niklas Nyqvist Förförd (Finlands Svenska Folkmusikinstitut) 221

Fröjdö, Mikael, Niklas Nyqvist & Görel Särs Sammuls (Okay) 240 ATR

Frongia, Enrico (Alberto Balia &) Argia (New Tone) 124

Front Cover The Thekla, Bristol 37 L

Front Porch Stringband Lines & Traces (Rebel) 105 ATR

Front Range Back To Red River (Sugar Hill) 126 ATR

Front Range One Beautiful Day (Sugar Hill) 146/147 ATR

Front Range Ramblin' On My Mind (Sugar Hill) 166 ATR

Front Range Silent Range (Sugar Hill) 211/212 ATR

Front Range The New Frontier (Sugar Hill) 114

Frontmen, The The Frontmen (Rolltop Discs) 156 ATR

Frost, Frank & Sam Carr The Last Of The Jelly Roll Kings (SPV) 292 ATR

Frugé, Wade Old Style Cajun Music (Arhoolie) 87; 197

Fruko & Joe Arroyo Rebelión Tropical: The Very Best Of (Nascente) 334 ATR

Fruko Y Sus Tesos The Godfather Of Salsa (Mango) 87

Fruko Y Sus Tesos Todos Bailan Salsa (Riverboat) 184

Frye, Velma I Am To Someone (Flying Fish) 74

Frystak, Nick (Ron Berger &) Bamboo Flute Lullabies Of Japan (Intone) 203 ATR

FSK Son Of Kraut (Sub Up) 102

FSK The Sound Of Music (Flying Fish) 149 ATR

Fubu 81-86 (Ethnea) 191

Fubu La Tambouille Du Mogambo (Autoproduction) 56

Fuentes, Curro: Various Cartagena! Curro Fuentes & The Big Band Cumbia And Descarga Sound Of Colombia 1962-72 (Soundway) 334

Fuentes, Rumel Corridos Of The Chicano Movement (Arhoolie) 322

Fugs, The Don't Stop! Don't Stop! (Fugs) 306

Fugs, The First Album (Ace/Fugs) 127/128

Fugs, The No More Slavery (Fugs/Ace) 162 ATR

Fugs, The Second Album (Ace/Fugs) 127/128

Fuji Dub Lagos-Brooklyn-Brixton (Triple Earth) 173

Fuji see Fujishima, Kuichi

Fujii, The see Fujishima, Kuichi3

Fujishima, Koichi: The Fujii & Fumica We Pray The Brooze (Gramophone) 242/243

Fujishima, Koichi: The Fujii Anyway What Time Did You Get Up This Morning? (Gramophone) 223/224

Fula Flute Fula Flute (Blue Monster) 237

Fula Flute Mansa America (Completelly Nuts) 311

Fula's Call, A see A Fula's Call

Fulgerica, Constanin: Fulgerica & The Mahala Gypsies Gypsy Music From The City Of Bucharest (World Connection) 239

Fulks, Robbie The Very Best Of Robbie Fulks (Bloodshot) 201

Full House No Ladders That Tall (101 Records) 328 ATR

Full House Spaciously Deceptive (One-O-One) 156 ATR

Full Zimbabwe, The Land Of The Vouty (Sunbird) 198 ATR

Full Zimbabwe, The Tumjildi (Sunbird) 269 ATR

Fuller, Blind Boy Blind Boy Fuller Remastered 1935-38 (JSP) 259/260

Fuller, Blind Boy Complete Recorded Works Vols 1-6 (Document) 113

Fuller, Blind Boy East Coast Piedmont Style (Columbia) 97

Fuller, Blind Boy Get Your Yas Yas Out (Indigo) 156

Fuller, Blind Boy Untrue Blues (Catfish) 185

Fuller, Jesse 'Frisco Bound (Arhoolie) 107

Fuller, Jesse Move On Down The Line (Fledg'ling) 316

Fuller, Jesse Railroad Worksong (Lake) 117

Fuller, Jesse San Francisco Bay Blues (Ace) 55

Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag Spreefix (Spreefix) 319/320 ATR

Fuloresta: Siba E A Fuloresta Toda Vez Que Eu Dou Um Passo... (Ambulantediscos) 295/296

Fulson, Lowell 1946-7 (Classics) 239 ATR

Fulson, Lowell Black Nights (Ace) 216 ATR

Fulson, Lowell Chronological 1947-48 (Classics) 251

Fulson, Lowell Hold On (Bullseye Blues) 117

Fulson, Lowell My First Recordings (Arhoolie) 174

Fulson, Lowell The Crazy Cajun Recordings (Edsel) 190

Fulson, Lowell The Final Kent Years (Ace) 228

Fulson, Lowell The Ol' Blues Singer (Indigo) 149 ATR

Fulson, Lowell Think Twice Before You Speak (JSP) 61; 170/171; 259/260 ATR

Fülüp Fülüp Celtic Swing (own label) 217

Fülüp, Job Harpeur... (Excalibur) 131

Fumica, Shimaky: The Fujii & Fumica We Pray The Brooze (Gramophone) 242/243

Fumon, Yoshinori Satsumabiwa: Japan's Noble Ballads (Celestial Harmonies) 218/219

Funchess, John Littlejohn see Littlejohn, John

Fun-Da-Mental (Aziz Mian &) Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford 168 L

Fun-Da-Mental Dog Tribe (Nation [single]) 134/135

Fun-Da-Mental: fun da mental Voices Of Mass Destruction (Nation) 244 ATR

Fun-Da-Mental: Fun<Da>Mental Why America Will Go To Hell (Nation) 197

Fun-Da-Mental: Fun>Da>Mental There Shall Be Love! (Nation) 221

Funderburgh, Anson & Sam Myers That's What I Want (Black Top) 172 ATR

Funderburgh, Anson & The Rockets featuring Sam Myers Change In My Pocket (Bullseye Blues & Jazz) 196 ATR

Furebotten, Ragnhild Endelig Vals (Ta:lik) 298

Furebotten, Ragnhild & Tore Bruvoll Hekla Stålstrenga (Ta:lik) 309 ATR

Furey, Finbar & Eddie Finbar & Eddie Furey (ESM) 180

Furey, Finbar & Eddie Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway (Delta) 217

Furey, Finbar (Bob Stewart &) Tomorrow We Part (Broadside) 2 (SR)

Furey, Finbar Traditional Irish Pipe Music (Wooded Hill) 169 ATR

Furey, Martin Howl (Skitteesh) 241

Furey, Martin Monkey's Wedding (own label) 276 ATR

Fureys, The The Fureys Finest (Telstar) 60

Fureys (The) & Davey Arthur Red Rose Cafe/Irish Eyes/Sitting Alone (Ritz [single]) 53

Fureys (The) & Davey Arthur The Collection (Castle Communications) 81

Fureys (The) & Davey Arthur The First Leaves Of Autumn (Ritz) 48 ATR

Fureys (The) & Davey Arthur The Scattering (Ariola) 81

Fureys (The) & Davey Arthur The Whistling Gypsy EP (Ariola [EP]) 87

Fureys (The) & Davey Arthur Twenty Fifth Anniversary Collection (Celtic Collections) 261 ATR

Furholt, Ragnhild Lån Meg Vengjene (Ta:lik) 306 ATR

Furlan Liberation Kongress see FLK

Furnace Mountain Fields Of Fescue (Shepherds Ford) 322 ATR

Future Trad Collective Future Trad Collective (Vertical) 334 ATR

Fydlstyx Dew Dah (Fiddle Around) 83

Fydlstyx Tunes From The Great War (Fiddle Around) 83

Fyfe, Pete Folk Festival Guide (from author) 107 P

Fykse, Ole Olsen Religiøse Folketonar (Talik) 300 ATR

Fyrebrande Tam Fyrebrande Tam (own label) 118 ATR

Fyrefly Fyrefly (own label) 247/248

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