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E Saquant Beyaus 5ème Festival International de Danses Folklorique de Tournai, Belgium 67 L

EII / E2 see Edward II

e2K *see also Edward II

e2K If Not Now (Topic) 247/248

e2K Shift (Topic) 213

Eaglesham, Bobby Weather The Storm (Fellside) 15 (SR)

Eaglesham, Struan (Ivan Drever &) Back To Back (Attic) 138

Eaglesmith, Fred Drive-In Movie (Vertical) 157

Eagleton, Marc: The Natacha Atlas & Marc Eagleton Project Foretold In The Language Of Dreams (Mantra) 233

Eaglin, Snooks Baby, You Can Get Your Gun (Demon) 108; 54 ATR

Eaglin, Snooks Country Boy In New Orleans (Arhoolie) 107

Eaglin, Snooks Out Of Nowhere (Demon/Black Top) 82

Eaglin, Snooks Soul's Edge (Black Top) 144

Eaglin, Snooks The Complete Imperial Records (Capitol Blues Collection) 156

Eaglin, Snooks The Legacy Of The Blues (Sonet [14 CD set - various artists]) 70

Eaglin, Snooks: Robert Pete Williams / Snooks Eaglin Rural Blues (Ace) 190

Eanes, Jim Bluegrass Ballads (Rebel) 57

Earis, Harriet Jumping Ahead (own label) 238 ATR

*Earl, Colin see also King Earl Boogie Band, The

Earl, Colin (Dave Peabody &) Frets & Keys (Valve) 323 ATR

Earl, Ronnie I Feel Like Goin' On (Stony Plain) 245

Earl, Ronnie & Duke Robillard The Duke Meets The Earl (Dixiefrog) 265 ATR

Earl, Ronnie: Joe Beard featuring Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters Blues Union (Audioquest) 181 ATR

Earle, Steve BBC Radio One Live In Concert (Windsong) 117

Earle, Steve El Corazon (Warner Bros) 174

Earle, Steve Jerusalem (E-Squared, LLC/Artemis) 234 ATR

Earle, Steve The Devil's Right Hand - An Introduction To Steve Earle (MCA) 208 ATR

Earle, Steve The Revolution Starts Now (Artemis/Ryko) 257 ATR

Earle, Steve Transcendental Blues (E Squared/Artemis) 206/207

Earle, Steve Washington Square Serenade (New West) 297

Earle, Steve & The Del McCoury Band The Mountain (E2/Grapevine) 191

Earp, Jim Rosewood (own label) 181 ATR

Earp, Jim Smiles To Go (own label) 199/200 ATR

Earth Band (Paul Winter & The) Journey With The Sun (Living Music) 213

Earthly Delights The Lost Dances (own label [CDs & book]) 217

Earthquake (Stella Chiweshe & The) Hackney Empire, London 59 L

Earth-Wheel-Sky Band Rroma Art (X-Produkció) 237

Earth-Wheel-Sky Band Rroma Art III - Gypsy Tango (X-Produkció) 281

Earth-Wheel-Sky Band Waltz Rromano (Asphalt Tango) 258

Earth-Wheel-Sky Band (Olah Vince &) From India To Ibiza (X-Produkció) 305 E

Earthworks Humours (own label) 101

Easington District Musicians (Jez Lowe &) Banners - Music For East Durham (Easington District Council) 136

East Anglian Dulcimer Day Stowmarket, Suffolk 52 L

East Coast Regional Mass Choir Live In N.Y. (Pepperco) 106 ATR

East Of Ealing Last Train To Dublin (own label [single]) 197

East Of Ealing The Great Unknown (Sober) 227 ATR

East Texas Serenaders Complete Recorded Works 1927-37 (Document) 182/183

East Whistle East Whistle (Raku) 112 ATR

East Whistle Locust In The Beehive (Bonjour) 149 ATR

East, Ian Balkanatics (Beeboss) 261

Eastenders Along The Path (Poets Club) 257

Eastenders Beyond The Path (Poets Club) 297

Easton, Amos see Bumble Bee Slim

Easy Club, The Chance Or Design (Fréa) 244 ATR

Easy Club, The Chance Or Design (REL) 31

Easy Club, The Essential (Eclectic) 115/116

Easy Club, The Skirlie Beat (REL) 47

Easy Club, The The Easy Club (Abbey Hill Music) 23 (SR)

Easy Club, The The Easy Club (Greentrax) 216

Easy Riders, The Marianne (Bear Family) 153

Eaton, Nigel Pandemonium: Music Of The Hurdy-Gurdy (Beautiful Jo) 232

Eaton, Nigel & Andy Cutting Panic At The Café (Beautiful Jo) 196 ATR

Eaton, Nigel & Andy Cutting Panic At The Café (own label) 125

Eaton, Nigel (Paul James &) Music For Faustus (own label) 60

Eaton, William: R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton, Will Clipman Dancing Into Silence (Canyon) 325 E

Eavesdropper The March Hare (Greenwich Village) 20 (SR)

Eberhardt, Cliff 12 Songs Of Good And Evil (Red House) 172

Eberhardt, Cliff Now You Are My Home (Shanachie/Cachet) 129 ATR

Eberhardt, Cliff School For Love (Red House) 234

Eberle, Mike: Chuck Levy with Mike Eberle & David Forbes Banjourneys (Red Dog) 329/330 ATR

Ebillion see Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion

Ebrel, Louise Ma Zad Ma Mamm (Keltia) 331/332

Eccodek More Africa In Us (own label) 261 ATR

Eccodek Shivaboom (White Swan) 322 ATR

Echo Art Porto Sonoro (Newtone) 202

Echo City Gramophone (Date) 55

Echoes From The Cross St Peter's Church, Vauxhall 74 L

Echotropia Echotropia (Lyra) 201 ATR

Eckmann, Chris: Chris & Carla Swinger 500 (Global Warming) 181

Eclipse First Eclipse First (Iona) 71

Ecos De Borinquen Jibaro Hasta El Hueso: Mountain Music Of Puerto Rico (Smithsonian Folkways) 249

Ed, Will & Ginger Songs (Branching Arts) 323

Edelman, Judith Drama Queen (Compass) 216 ATR

Edelman, Judith Perfect World (Demon) 163/164

Edén, Mats Avtryck (Amigo) 225

Edén, Mats Läckerbiten (Amigo) 184

Edén, Mats Milvus (ECM) 196

Edén, Mats Struling (Amigo) 131

Edén, Mats & Tina Quartey Vägen In (Amigo) 262 ATR

Edén, Mats, Daniel Sandén-Warg, Leif Stinnerbom, Magnus Stinnerbom Anno 2010 (Giga) 331/332

Eden Burning Be An Angel (FFG, via Total Record Co.) 144 ATR

Eden Burning Smilingly Home (FFG) 120 ATR

Eden Burning You Could Be The Meadow [CA FFG408] 143 ATR

Edery, Gerard: The Gerard Edery Ensemble Amid The Jasmine (Sefarad) 285 ATR

Édessa Bereket (own label) 278/279

Edey, Tim Irish Music From The Dingle Peninsula And Beyond (Gnatbite) 289 ATR

Edey, Tim The Collective (Gnatbite) 333

Edey, Tim: Frankie Gavin, Rick Epping, Tim Edey Jiggin' The Blues (Greentrax) 299

Edey, Tim: The Tim Edey Band Farrago (Gnatbite) 289 ATR

Edgar, David Entertaining Strangers by David Edgar (featuring The Mellstock Band), Cottesloe Theatre, London 54 L

Edgerton Layhe Rough And Tumble (Fellside) 131

Edgerton, Clyde Walking Across Egypt (Flying Fish) 61

Edinburgh Folk Festival Edinburgh, Scotland 49 L; 60 L; 72 L; 96 L; 121 L; 156 L; 168 L

Edinburgh Harp And Piping Festivals 72 L

Edmilson Do Pífano Soprando No Canudinho (Mangroove) 189 ATR

Edmondson, Ella Hold Your Horses (Monsoon) 311

Edmonton Festival Canada 101 L; 125 L

Edom, Ben Spindrift (Celtic Soul Productions) 220

Ed's Redeeming Qualities It's All Good News (Flying Fish) 108 ATR

Ed's Redeeming Qualities More Bad Times (Flying Fish) 95

Edward II *see also e2K

Edward II Come Together... You & Me (Oh Ay Oh) (Internal Affairs [single]) 149

Edward II Dashing Away (Pure Bliss [single]) 111

Edward II This Way Up (Ock) 185

Edward II Wicked Men (Pure Bliss) 100

Edward II Zest (Ock) 161

Edward II: EII Edward II: The Definitive Collection (E2 Music) 316

Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas Edward The Second And The Red Hot Polkas (own label) 32

Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas Ethos (own label) 44

Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas Let's Polkasteady (Cooking Vinyl) 53; 239 ATR

Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas Take A Trip To Sweden (Cooking Vinyl [single]) 71

Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas Two Step To Heaven (Cooking Vinyl) 70

Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas: Martin Ellison, Tony Hall, Dave Roberts, Roger Watson, Edward II & The Red Hot Polkas English Melodeon Players (Plant Life) 40

Edwards, Big Boy Teddy Complete Recorded Works 1930-36 (Document) 155 ATR

Edwards, Carl Carl Edwards (Our Lady of the Media) 166 ATR

Edwards, Clarence Swamp's The Word (Red Lightnin') 108

Edwards, Clarence: Henry Gray, Clarence Edwards & Short Fuse Thibodeaux Café (Sidetrack/Cambaya) 139/140 ATR

Edwards, David 'Honeyboy' Crawling Kingsnake (Testament) 189 ATR

Edwards, David 'Honeyboy' Delta Bluesman (Indigo) 108

Edwards, David 'Honeyboy' Mississippi Delta Bluesman (Smithsonian Folkways) 215 ATR

Edwards, David 'Honeyboy' Roamin' and Ramblin' (Earwig) 301

Edwards, David 'Honeyboy' Open Conspiracy, Leicester 84 L

Edwards, David 'Honeyboy': Honeyboy Edwards Blues, Blues (Document) 280 ATR

Edwards, Don (Peter Rowan &) High Lonesome Cowboy (Shanachie) 239 ATR

Edwards, Don Saddle Songs (Shanachie) 178 ATR

Edwards, Honeyboy see Edwards, David 'Honeyboy'

Edwards, Hovia (Robert Tree Cody &) Reflections (Canyon) 271/272 E

Edwards, Joe see Butterbeans

Edwards, Simon & Lloyd Winter Squeezy Pieces (own label) 49

Edwards, Simon (Pete Morton, Roger Wilson & Simon Edwards) Folk Podium, Leuven, Belgium 94 L

Edwards, Simon (Peter Morton, Roger Wilson & Simon Edwards) Mean Fiddler Acoustic Room, London 71 L

Edwards, Simon: Urban Folk Vol 2 - Self Destructive Fools (Harbourtown) 172

Edwards, Susie: Butterbeans & Susie Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 172 ATR

Edwards, Teddy 'Big Boy' see Edwards, Big Boy Teddy

Edwards, Willie Everlastin' Tears (JSP) 166

Edwin-Scott, Geoff Farantoir At The Music Club (River Women Music) 285 ATR

Eel Grinders, The Aquamarine (Eel) 165

Eel Grinders, The Voyage (Sargasso Sounds) 227 ATR

EFWMF: Various EFWMF Presents: Strictly Worldwide X 3 (Piranha, via Stern's) 132

Egachiglen Gobi (Heaven and Earth) 179

Egan, Bob Bob Egan (own label) 197

Egan, Larry (Seán O'Driscoll &) The Kitchen Sessions (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 250 ATR

Egan, Seamus Seamus Egan (Shanachie) 46

Egan, Seamus When Juniper Sleeps (Shanachie) 155

Egan, Seamus: Mick Moloney, Eugene O'Donnell, Seamus Egan 3 Way Street (Green Linnet) 130

Egardt, Verf Lena (Marie Stensby &) Bohusbeddar Och Övdalslieker (Giga) 196 ATR

Egeland, Ånon & Per Midtstigen Norske Strøk (Heilo) 43

Egeland, Ånon Ånon (Heilo) 199/200 ATR

Egge, Ana Mile Marker (Grace) 196

Egge, Ana River Under The Road (Lazy) 172 ATR

Eggen, Mari & Helene Høye Glød (2L) 245 ATR

Eggleston, Kat (Kate MacLeod &) Drawn From The Well (Wind River) 244 ATR

Eggleston, Kat First Warm Wind (Waterbug) 191 ATR

Eggleston, Kat Outside Eden (Waterbug) 168

Eggleston, Kat Second Nature (Waterbug) 134/135 ATR

Egschiglen Sounds Of Mongolia (ARC) 223/224

Egschiglen Zazal (Heaven & Earth [Germany]; Felmay/Dunya [Italy]) 240

Egypt 80 (Seun Anikulapo Kuti &) From Africa With Fury: Rise (Knitting Factory) 337

Egypt 80: Seun Kuti & Fela's Egypt 80 Many Things (Tôt Ou Tard) 307/308

Egypt 80 (Fela Kuti &) Brixton Academy, London 115/116 L

Egziabher, Wores G.: Fantahun Shewankochew, Ejigayehu 'Gigi' Shibabaw, Wores G. Egziabher Ethiopie: Chants D'Amour (Inedit) 182/183

Eharruyen, Karim Zharbia (Loplop Productions) 304 ATR

EH15 (Mike Travis' EH15) The View From Where (Eclectic) 126 ATR

Ehekye Collective Womba (own label) 265

Ehle, Jürgen (Scarlett O' &) Fast Mit Neid (John Silver) 239

Ehrlich, Loy: Hadouk Trio (Malherbe/Ehrlich/Shehan) Baldamore (Naive) 304 ATR

Ehui, Fréderic-Désiré see Meiway

Eick, Mathias, Pasha Hanjani, Ertan Tekin Three Wise Men (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 329/330

Eid-Reiner, Eric On A Meadowlark Night (own label) 321 ATR

Eide, Khalifa Ould & Dimi Mint Abba Moorish Music From Mauritania (World Circuit) 90

Eide, Sturla Slåtter Fra Meldal Og Orkdal Vol 1 (Etnisk Musikklubb) 333 ATR

Eide, Sturla Triller (NORCD) 322 ATR

Eide Sundli, Sturla: Sturla Eide Murru (Nor-CD) 297 ATR

Eide Sundli, Sturla: Sturla & Andreas Glimmer (2L) 253 ATR

Eidel, Philippe Imuhar (Delabel/St George) 177

Eighteenth Day Of May, The The Eighteenth Day Of May (Hannibal) 273

Éigse na Laoi '90, Bodhrán Festival Cork 82 L

Eilean Mòr 35 Degrees South (Eilean Mòr) 290/291 ATR

Einstürzende Heuschober Tong (Gema) 270

Eira, Marit Gaup Beaskádas (DAT) 262 ATR

Eisel Bläst Brandwein (Westpark Music) 235/236 ATR

Éishtlinn Éist Linn (Spiral/Kissing Spell) 227

Eisinger, Ari The Ragtime & Blues Guitar Of Blind Blake (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop [DVD]) 335

Either/Orchestra Live In Addis: Ethiopiques 20 (Buda) 273

Eitre The Coming Of Spring (Sjelvar) 269

Eivadòr (Laura Conti &) Nòse Amor (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 293

Ekedahl, Jan Dubbelgångarn (Sjelvar) 247/248 ATR

Eklund, Jason *see also Captain Stringbean

Eklund, Jason / Roger Johnson A Streamliner's Duet (Gadfly) 181 ATR

Eklund, Jason Jason Eklund (Flying Fish) 126 ATR

Eklund, Jason Lost Causeway (Flying Fish) 149 ATR

Ekstasis Wake Up And Dream (Cyberoctave) 191 ATR

Ekström, Lisa: Martin Simpson, Jessica Radcliffe & Lisa Ekström Beautiful Darkness (High Bohemia) 223/224

El Achab, Amar Le Chaabi Des Grand Maîtres (Institut du Monde Arabe) 211/212 ATR

El Afrite, Cheikh Jewish-Arab Song Treasures (Buda) 304 ATR

El Anka, El Hadj M'Hamed Musique Populaire Algérienne Vol. 1 (Club du Disque Arabe) 182/183

El Anka, El Hadj M'Hamed Musique Populaire Algérienne Vol. 2 (Club du Disque Arabe) 182/183

El Atrache, Farid Nagham Fi Hayati - Enta Habibi (EMI) 234

El Barullo & Moraito Plazuela - Flamenco Vivo (Ethnic) 157

El Becharia, Hasna Djazaïr Johara (Label Bleu/Indigo) 227

El Cabildo Del Son (Pancho Amat Y) De San Antonio A Maisí (Resistencia) 215

El Canario see Alberto, José 'El Canario'

El Chango see Spasiuk, Chango

El Charagón: Elio Revé Jr Y Su Charangón Changüi En La Casa De Nora (Tumi Music) 204 ATR

El Chino Vieja Letana, Flamenco Vivo (Auvidis Ethnic) 191

El Chispa see Chispa

El Cigala, Diego Corren Tiempos De Alegría + Teatro Real (Ariola BMG Music Spain [DVD]) 263

El Cigala, Diego Dos Lágrimas (Blue Wrasse) 317/318

El Cigala, Diego: Bebo & Cigala Black And White Live (Calle 54 [DVD]) 263

El Cigala, Diego: Bebo Y Cigala Lágrimas Negras (Calle 54) 256

El Colorao see Rodríguez Oramas, Domingo

El Combolinga Daquipayá (Boa) 252

El Condor Pasa Raices Inkas - Music From The Andes (RCS) 103/104

El Conjunto Toda Rumbero: Puntilla Y El Conjunto Toda Rumbero A Tribute To Gonzalo Asencio 'Tio Tom' 1919-1991 (Smithsonian Folkways) 302/303

El Coro Skruk see Skruk

El Curi El Caballero De La Habana (NubeNegra) 282 ATR

El Curi En La Habana (Intuition) 218/219 ATR

El Din, Hamza Lily Of The Nile (Waterlily Acoustics) 153

El Djazairia, Warda see Warda

El Djilad Madaris (Popular African Music) 148

El Ferka El Mesaya (Mokhtar Al Said &) Amar 14: Jalilah's Raks Sharki 2 (Piranha) 137

El-Funoun Zaghareed (Sounds True) 194/195

El Gnawi, Hamid Saha Koyo (Detour) 211/212 ATR

El Granaino, Roman 1904-1983 (Harmonia Mundi) 153 ATR

El Grupo Experimental (Adrian Goizueta Y) Viennen Llegando - New Song From Costa Rica (Aural Tradition) 106

El Grupo Poncho & Orquesta Chirimia America Latina... El Viaje (Alfa Music) 275 ATR

El Harrachi, Kamel [El Harachi, Kamel] Ghana Fenou (Turn Again Music) 316

El-Hwa, Mulur (Al Tall &) Xarq al-Andalus (Erde) 97

El Indio see Lopez, Isidro "El Indio"

El Kabli, Abdel Karim Limaza (Rags Productions) 153

El Lobo, Paco Grito (Musique du Monde) 191

El Maghribi, Omar Blaadi (Modal Pleinjeu) 198

El Maloumi, Driss Maroc: L'Âme Dansée (Buda) 270

El Maloumi, Driss: Rajery, Ballaké Sissoko, Driss El Maloumi 3MA (Madagascar, Mali, Maroc) (Contre-Jour) 302/303

El Masry, Hussein Between The Nile And The Ganges (Institut du Monde Arabe) 215

El Masry, Hussein Ra'etak (Erde) 109 ATR

El Masry, Hussein Zagal (Auvidis Ethnic) 124

El Maya El Maya (Modal Pleinjeu) 198

El Medoni, Maurice Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 275 L

El Medioni, Maurice: Maurice El Medoni Meets Roberto Rodriguez Descarga Oriental - The New York Sessions (Piranha) 275

El Mubarak, Abdel Aziz see Mubarak, Abdel Aziz El

El Nino De Almaden Grands Cantaores Du Flamenco Vol. I (Le Chant du Monde) 29

El Palio Tropical Dance Party Cumbia Merengue (TUMI) 118 ATR

El Patrullero see Moreno, José "El Patrullero"

El Potito see Vargas, Antonio

El Quinteto Criollo (Los Pleneros De La 21 / El Quinteto Criollo) Puerto Rico Tropical (Latitudes) 182/183

El Rincon Chileno Edinburgh 68 L

El Roumi, Majida Words (EMI) 234

El Rumbero Food For Thought (Music For Nations) 119

El Saher, Kazem La Ya Sadiki (EMI) 234

El Septeto Somos (Mipu Music Finland) 130

El Sikameya, Akim Aini (Lila) 261 ATR

El Son Entero Cuba (Playasound) 191 ATR

El Sordera see Soto, Manuel

El Tanbura Between The Desert And The Sea (World Village) 281

El Tanbura Friends Of Bamboute (30 IPS) 313

El Trio Matamoros En San Juan (Nuevos) 257 ATR

Elahi, Ostad Cascade: The Art Of Oriental Tanbur Lute (Le Chant du Monde) 240 ATR; 262

Elahi, Ostad Celestial Dances (Le Chant du Monde) 269 E

Elahi, Ostad Dialogue Avac L'Aimé/Dialogue With The Beloved (Le Chant du Monde) 262

Elahi, Ostad Dialogue With The Beloved (Le Chant du Monde) 269 E

Elahi, Ostad Harmonies Célestes/Celestial Harmonies (Le Chant du Monde) 262

Elahi, Ostad La Musique Céleste D'Ostad Elahi/The Celestial Music Of Ostad Elahi (Le Chant du Monde) 262

Elahi, Ostad Les Chemins De L'Amour Divin/The Paths Of Divine Love (Le Chant du Monde) 262

Elahi, Ostad Oraison Mystique/Mystical Orison (Le Chant du Monde) 223/224; 262

Elahi, Ostad The Celestial Music Of Ostad Elahi (Le Chant du Monde) 269 E

Elaina, Diana Red Inside (Findhorn Music) 105 ATR

Elbow Jane 3 Side Island (Fellside) 311

Elbow Jane England Stone (own label) 298 ATR

Elbow Jane The Boldest Blood (Fellside) 340 ATR

Elder, J.D.: Alan Lomax, J.D. Elder & Bess Lomax Brown Girl In The Ring: An Anthology Of Song Games From The Eastern Caribbean (Pantheon) 179 P

Elderberries Ride That Moon (own label) 209 ATR

Elders, Betty Crayons (Flying Fish) 148

Elders, Betty Peaceful Existence (Whistling Pig) 126 ATR

Eldon, Jim & Lynette Jim & Lynette Eldon (Stick) 172

Eldon, Jim & The Sharpshooters Rocking With The Band (Stick) 51

Eldon, Jim (Billy Harrison &) Yorkshire Fiddle Tunes, Songs And Carols (Musical Traditions) 44

Eldon, Jim Fiddle & Song (Stick) 241

Eldon, Jim Golden Arrows (Stick) 101

Eldon, Jim Home From Sea (Stick) 259/260

Eldon, Jim I Wish There Was No Prisons (Stick) 22 (SR)

Eldon, Jim The Brid Fiddler (Stick) 53

Eldon, Jim: Robert Leng & Jossy 'Pop' Mainprize with Jim Eldon Let's Haul, Boys, Haul! (Stick) 101

Eldon, Lynette: Jim & Lynette Eldon Jim & Lynette Eldon (Stick) 172

Electric Balkan Jazz Club Balkan Dogs (Musique Estetica) 340

Electric Bluebirds Back On The Train (Diamond) 162

Electric Bluebirds Electric Bluebirds (Making Waves) 39

Electric Ceilidh Band, The The Electric Ceilidh Band (Raucous - [EP]) 21 (SR)

Electric Chairs Hanging Around With Gangsters (Wot 4 [single]) 189

Electric Dharma Catalluna (Polydor) 21 (SR)

Electric Folk Fusions Malvern Winter Gardens 107 L

Electric Kings, The Not For Sale (MW) 156 ATR

Electric Rag Band, The Finest Ingredients (own label) 228 ATR

Electric Rag Band, The The Electric Rag Band (own label) 170/171 ATR

Electric Range Electric Range (Smokehouse) 161 ATR

Electrics, The The Whole Shebang (Pila) 151/152 ATR

Electrocarpathians, The Umpires Of Straw (Global Village) 225 ATR

Electropathics, The (Batteries Not Included) (The Sticky Label) 55

Electropathics, The [The Electropathic Battery Band] Farnham Maltings 47 L

Eleison, Victoria Nouvel Ordre (Lusafrica) 238

Elementales Elementa Latina (Resistencia) 182/183 ATR

Elementales Elementales (Lyricon) 126 ATR

Elen, Gus You Have Made A Nice Old Mess Of It (Topic) 3 (SR)

Elephant Talk Head (Infrasound) 190 ATR

Elephant Talk In A Big Sea (Infra) 167 ATR

Eleusis Tales Of The Holy (Track 7) 285

Eleventh Hour Despatches From The Brink (own label) 40

ElHakim, Abde: Majmouat Abde ElHakim Majmouat Abde Elhakim (Postworld Industries) 254/255 ATR

Elî, Eyûb Xemêkî Bê Kotayî (Arts Productions) 280 ATR

Elias, Anna & The Forlorn Hope Valleys In The Flatlands (UPM) 341/342 ATR

Elias, David Lost In The Green (own label) 157 ATR

Elias, Jonathan The Prayer Cycle (Sony Classical) 193 ATR

Elio E Le Storie Tese Pippero (Jaro [single]) 115/116

Elis Regina Little Pepper (Wrasse) 257 ATR

Elis Regina Vento de Maio - May Wind (Hemisphere) 182/183

Elixir Elixir (Goasco) 22 (SR)

Elixir: Sked, Elixir & Pol Huellou Toniou Evit Dansal (Goasco) 70

Elizabeth, Tania This Side Up (Swan Sisters) 214

Elkins-Payne Jubilee Singers Elkins-Payne Jubilee Singers 1923-29 (Document) 149 ATR

Ellen Valley Band, The Through The World Spinning (Reynard) 22 (SR)

Eller, Curtis: Curtis Eller's American Circus Wirewalkers & Assassins (own label) 302/303

Ellika see Frisell, Ellika

Ellingham, Mark (ed.) The Rough Guide Book Of Playlists (Rough Guides) 274 P

Ellingham, Mark: Simon Broughton, Mark Ellingham & Jon Lusk (eds) The Rough Guide To World Music: Africa & Middle East - Volume 1 (Rough Guides) 283/284 P

Elliots Of Birtley, The Traditions at The Tiger, Long Eaton 107 L

Elliott, Jack see Elliott, Ramblin' Jack

Elliott, Mark Common Ground (Brass Ring) 79/80

Elliott, Mark: Culley & Elliott Flight Of Dreams (Bluewater) 132

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack: Jack Elliott At Lansdowne Studios, London (Bear Family) 326/327 ATR

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Friends Of Mine (Hightone) 180

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Hard Travelin': Songs By Woody Guthrie And Others (Big Beat) 90

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack I Stand Alone (Anti Inc.) 285

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Kerouac's Last Dream (Appleseed) 177

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Me & Bobby McGee (Rounder) 154

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Ramblin' Jack - The Legendary Topic Masters (Topic) 155

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack South Coast (Red House) 146/147

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack The Ballad Of Ramblin' Jack OST (Vanguard) 214 ATR

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack The Best Of Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Talking Dustbowl (Big Beat) 74

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack The Essential Ramblin' Jack Elliott (Vanguard) 184

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack The Long Ride (Hightone) 202

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack The Lost Topic Tapes: Cowes Harbour 1957 (Hightone Recordings) 261 ATR

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack The Lost Topic Tapes: Isle Of Wight 1957 (Hightone Recordings) 261 ATR

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack Half Moon, Putney, London 99 L

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack & Derroll Adams Early Sessions (Tradition) 192 ATR

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack, Spider John Koerner, U. Utah Phillips Legends Of Folk (Red House) 85

Elliott, Ramblin' Jack (U. Utah Phillips, Spider John Koerner, Ramblin' Jack Elliott) World Theatre, St Paul, Ma., USA 74 L

Elliott, Ronny Magneto (Blue Heart) 226 ATR

Elliott, Ronny My Nerves Are Bad Tonight (Blue Heart) 201 ATR

Elliott, Tim & The Troublemakers Bed Slats 'n' All (Buzz) 226

Ellipsis Ellipsis (Flying Fish) 24 (SR)

Ellis, Addison If There Were No Guitars (own label) 151/152 ATR

Ellis, Alton Be True To Yourself (Trojan) 261 ATR

Ellis, Betse Don't You Want To Go? (Free Dirt) 314/315 ATR

Ellis, Dave & Boo Howard Maybe I Might Fall (Doghouse) 202 ATR

Ellis, Eleanor Comin' A Time (Patuxent) 302/303

Ellis, Eleanor (Flora Molton &) États-Unis (Ocora) 131 ATR

Ellis, Ellie (Sara Grey &) A Breath Of Fresh Air (Fellside) 13 (SR)

Ellis, Ellie (Sara Grey &) You Gave Me A Song (Greenwich Village) 49

Ellis, Ellie (Sara Grey &) Making The Air Resound (Fellside) 23 (SR)

Ellis, Tinsley Fire It Up (Alligator) 172 ATR

Ellis, Tony Dixie Banner (Flying Fish) 59; 134/135

Ellis, Vivien The Dawn Songs (Beautiful Jo) 285

Ellis, Vivien & Dirk Campbell Dimna Yuda (own label) 79/80

Ellis, William Lee The Full Catastrophe (Bellwether) 203

Ellison, Martin: Martin Ellison, Tony Hall, Dave Roberts, Roger Watson, Edward II And The Red Hot Polkas English Melodeon Players (Plant Life) 40

Els Berros De La Cort Egregore (Nufolk) 326/327 ATR

Els Berros De La Cort Els Berros De La Cort (Galileo/Nufolk) 283/284 ATR

Els Trobadors Et Ades Sera L'Alba (Lyricon) 118; 118 ATR

Elsafty, Róisín Má Bhíonn Tu Liom Bí Liom (Vertical) 286

Elsafty, Róisín & Naisrin with Treasa Ní Cheannabháin Irlande: L'Art Du Sean Nós (Musique du Mondo) 187/188 ATR

Elvendrums The Dragon (American Entertainment Productions) 205 ATR

Elwood, Michael & Beth Galiger Hemlock Smile (own label) 118 ATR

Elwood, Michael & Beth Galiger Rolling Valentine (Deja) 151/152 ATR

Ely, Joe Highways And Heartaches (MCA) 117

Ely, Joe Joe Ely (MCA) 101

Ely, Joe Live @ Antone's (Rounder) 208

Ely, Joe Live At Liberty Lunch (MCA) 91/92

Ely, Joe Live At The Cambridge Folk Festival (Strange Fruit) 184 ATR

Ely, Joe McCabe's, Santa Monica, California 86 L

Elyas, Othman Mohamed see Maalesh

Ember Land Under Water (Salt & Slate) 256 ATR

Ember Open All The Doors (Salt & Slate) 300 ATR

Embrun No. 2 (Appel Rekords) 322

Embryo Tour 98 Istanbul-Casablanca (Indigo) 199/200 ATR

Emeline see Michel, Emeline

Emeney, Issy & David Legends And Lovers (WildGoose) 294

Emeney, Issy & David with Kate Riaz The Waiting (WildGoose) 322

Emerald The Great Divide (Leiselaut) 321 ATR

Emeralds & Greenstone Emeralds & Greenstone (Word Of Mouth) 322

Emerson, Ken Hawaiian Tangos, Hulas And Blues (Cord International/Hana Ola) 257

Emery, Pete (Jo Ann Kelly &) Do It & More (Manhaton) 310

Emery, Pete (Jo Ann Kelly & Pete Emery / The Guo Brothers) Farnham Maltings 46 L

Emilien, Jean Ezaka (Antakarana/Melodie) 169

Emilien, Jean Hey Madagascar (Celluloid/Melodie) 102

Emilien, Jean Miandraza (Cobalt/Melodie) 191

Emmanuel, Tommy Endless Road (Favored Nations) 261 ATR

Emmanuel, Tommy Live At Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat, Australia (Favored Nations [DVD]) 280

Emmanuel, Tommy Only (Southbound) 223/224 ATR

Emmanuel, Tommy The Mystery (Favored Nations) 285 ATR

Empire Bakuba & Grand Zaiko Wawa Empire Bakuba & Grand Zaiko Wawa [REM 670] 65

Empty Pocket Painted Lady (Brewhouse) 70

Emptyhouse Gone But Not Forgotten (Seumas B) 280 ATR

Encontros Da Eira Retalhos Da Tradição (Almasud) 196

Ender, Matt Ancient Isle (Etherean Music) 204 ATR

Endless Avenue Direction Nashville (Brambus) 131 ATR

Endless Avenue Next Stop Austin Texas (Brambus) 139/140 ATR

Enekk F'ra Nætur Fyri Jól (Tutl) 186

Enemy Within, The: Peter Green, Mick Green & The Enemy Within Two Greens Make A Blues (Red Lightning) 97

Energipsy Tamboreo (Alula) 199/200

Energypsies, The: Nello Mirando, Kálmán Urszui & The Energypsies Te Djiewiss (Fréa) 247/248 ATR

English Acoustic Collective Ghosts (Ruf) 259/260

English Air *see also Fletcher, Vo & Rachel

English Air The Space Inbetween (Wye) 36

English Country Blues Band, The Home And Deranged (Rogue) 20 (SR)

English Country Blues Band, The No Rules (Dingles) 12 (SR)

English Country Blues Band, The Unruly (Rogue) 119

English Country Blues Band, The Unruly (Weekend Beatnik) 229

English Country Dance Band, The Barn Dance (Carlton Sounds) 160

English Fiddle Convention, 3rd Eynsham, Oxford 55 L

English Originals: Topic Records' 60th Birthday Concert The Barbican, London 198 L

English Rebellion Four Across (WildGoose) 322

English Roots Band (Jah Wobble & The) Jah Wobble & The English Roots Band (30 Hertz) 286

English Rose Whistle While You Work (Delta) 61

Ennis Céilí Band Traditional Dance Music From County Clare (Rath) 244 ATR

Ennis, Séamus Ceol, Scéalta Agus Amhrain (Gael Linn) 286 ATR

Ennis, Séamus Forty Years Of Irish Piping (Green Linnet) 214

Ennis, Séamus The Best Of Irish Piping (Tara) 157

Ennis, Séamus The Bonny Bunch Of Roses (Tradition) 162

Ennis, Séamus The Master's Touch: A Tutor For The Uilleann Pipes (Na Píobairí Uilleann) [ed. Wilbert Garvin & Robbie Hannan] 186 P

Ennis, Séamus The Return From Fingal (RTE) 175/176

Ennis, Séamus The Wandering Minstrel (Green Linnet) 122

Ennis, Tom (James Morrison &) Classic Recordings Of Irish Traditional Music In America (Topic) 19 (SR)

enQ Break Down The Barriers (Poke) 237

Enrique, Luis (Billy Bragg, Luis Enrique, Mejia Godoy, And Mancotal) Edinburgh Assembly Rooms 56 L

Ensemble Al-Asdeka Ensemble Al-Asdeka (own label) 314/315 ATR

Ensemble Al-Bura'I: Ensembles Al-Mahi & Al-Bura'i Chants Sacré De Nubie Et De Kordofan (Institut du Monde Arabe) 247/248

Ensemble Al Farabi Sabâ Kâr-i Nâtik, Ihâlîler - Gregorian Hymns (Pan) 242/243

Ensemble Al Kindi Parfums Ottomans/Ottoman Fragrances (Le Chant du Monde) 285

Ensemble Al Kindi [&] Sheikh Habboush Aleppian Sufi Trance (Le Chant du Monde) 253

Ensemble Al-Mahi: Ensembles Al-Mahi & Al-Bura'i Chants Sacré De Nubie Et De Kordofan (Institut du Monde Arabe) 247/248

Ensemble Alizadeh (Sharam Nazeri &) Nowruz (WDR World Network) 154

Ensemble Altai-Hangai Naariits Biilye (Pan) 223/224

Ensemble Amenzou The Malhun In Marrakech (Institut du Monde Arabe) 256 ATR

Ensemble Aragvelebi Georgie (Planett/WMD) 133

Ensemble Awa (M.R. Shajarian &) Royal Festival hall, London 103/104 L

Ensemble Aznach Zoura (Ethnomad) 225

Ensemble Bash Damba Moon (Sound Circus) 226 ATR

Ensemble Berehinya Vorotarchik (PAN) 139/140

Ensemble Bürler Traditional Songs Of The Kazakhs, Vol 1 (Face Music) 223/224

Ensemble Ca Trù Thái Hà De Hànôi Viêt-Nam - Ca Trù (Tradition Du Nord) (Inedit) 178

Ensemble Choral Du Bout Du Monde Noels Celtiques (Green Linnet) 189

Ensemble Dastan (Parissa &) Shoorideh (Network) 253

Ensemble Del Doppio Bordone Gesu' Bambin L'e' Nato (The Child Jesus Is Born - Traditional Christmas Songs And Music From Northern Italy (Robi Droli/Newtone) 125

Ensemble Del Doppio Bordone La Notte Di Natale (EthnoSuoni) 167

Ensemble El Moukhadrami Musiques Et Chants Traditionnels De Mauritanie (Institut du Monde Arabe) 187/188

Ensemble Ethnique ChilLounge Sin Fronteras (Twilight Music) 240 ATR

Ensemble Folk-Art Bulgarie - Choeurs De Femmes (Playasound) 166

Ensemble Foteban (Amadou Kienou & Son Ensemble Foteban) Taabali (Dunya/Felmay) 281 ATR

Ensemble Gaguik Mouradian Goussan: Armenian Troubadours (Accords Croisés) 295/296

Ensemble Gaguik Mouradian see also Mouradian, Gaguik

Ensemble Galilei The Mystic & The Muse (Dorian) 168 ATR

Ensemble Georgica Volume 1 (Face Music) 129 ATR

Ensemble Gilles Binchois: Nishat Khan/Ensemble Gilles Binchois Meeting Of Angels (Amiata) 187/188

Ensemble Ibn Arabi Chants Soufis Arabo-Andalous (Long Distance) 252

Ensemble Jabbar Karyagdy Azerbaijan: Land Of Flames (PAN) 125

Ensemble Jabbar Karyagdy Rast Destgah (PAN) 125

Ensemble Jong Nong Ak Oho Coree: Musique Instrumentale De La Tradition Classique (Ocora) 76

Ensemble Kaboul Nastaran (Ethnomad) 225

Ensemble Karot Traditional Songs Of Armenia, Volume 1 (Face Music) 217

Ensemble Karot Traditional Songs Of Armenia, Volume 2 (Face Music) 254/255

Ensemble Khan Bogd Ayalguu - Vol. I (Face Music) 275

Ensemble Khan Bogd Magtaal - Höömij - Vol. II (Face Music) 275

Ensemble Khreshchaty Yar Traditional Songs From The Ukraine - Vol. 1 (Face Music) 222 ATR

Ensemble Kolkheti Batonebo (PAN) 178

Ensemble Kolkheti Oh, Black-Eyed Girl (PAN) 125

Ensemble Kudsi Erguner L'Héritage Ottoman (Institut du Monde Arabe) 261

Ensemble Kudsi Erguner *see also Erguner, Kudsi

Ensemble Kutaisi, The Nakruli (Polyphonic Songs From Georgia) (PAN) 133

Ensemble Marâghî Anwâr (Felmay) 333 ATR

Ensemble Moshtaq Dashti-Mâhur (Buda) 113

Ensemble Mystical (Kathryn Tickell &) Ensemble Mystical (Park) 215

Ensemble Mzetamze Traditional Georgian Women's Song, Vol. II (Face) 254/255

Ensemble Mzetamze Traditional Songs Of Georgian Women Vol. 1 (Face Music) 178

Ensemble National De La République De Guinée Ensemble National De La République De Guinée (Les Ballets Africains) (Buda) 149

Ensemble National De La République De Guinée: Les Ballets Africains Heritage, Hackney Empire, London 170/171 L

Ensemble Nguyên Vinh Bao Vietnam: Ensemble Nguyên Vinh Bao (Ocora) 240

Ensemble Nipponia Traditional Vocal & Instrumental Pieces (Nonesuch Explorer Series) 309 E

Ensemble Nouvelle-France Du Québec Danses Et Contredanses De La Nouvelle France (Harmonia Mundi) 27 ATR

Ensemble Novecento Il Grillo (Newtone) 134/135

Ensemble Pece Atanasovski Dances Of Macedonia, Yugoslavia (Playasound) 103/104

Ensemble Pesnokhorki Vol. I - Traditional Songs Of Cossacks (Face Music) 199/200

Ensemble Pesnokhorki Vol. II - Traditional Russian & Cossack Songs Of Siberia (Face Music) 199/200

Ensemble Roudaniyat Al-Hal (Zimbraz) 288 ATR

Ensemble Rumba Kongo (Syran Mbenza) Immortal Franco (Riverboat) 317/318

Ensemble Sadiyana, The Bu Dunya (Pan) 151/152

Ensemble Sakura Minyo Du Japon: Musique & Chants Populaires Traditionnels (Frémeaux & Associés) 309 E

Ensemble Shanbehzadeh see Shanbehzdeh, Saeid

Ensemble SPHARADIM (Lena Rothstein &) Canto Judeo Espanoles 2 - Como La Rosa (Extraplatte) 134/135 ATR

Ensemble Tirana Chants Polyphoniques D'Albanie (Arco Iris) 185

Ensemble Tumbash Vol. I: Ayalguu (Face Music) 235/236

Ensemble Tumbash Vol. II: Höömij (Face Music) 235/236

Ensemble Tumbash Vol. III: Urtyn Duu (Face Music) 235/236

Ensemble Üch-Süme-R Traditional Songs Of The Khakass And The Altai People (Face Music) 275

Ensemble Vidigueira Voices Of Alentejo (Auvidis Ethnic) 141

Ensemble Yonin no Kaï Jiuta (Ocora) 190

Ensembler Rukovet (Nuns Of Ljubostinja &) Agios O Theos: Ancient Orthodox Chants From Serbia (Wergo) 235/236 ATR

Ensembles Al-Mahi & Al-Bura'i Chants Sacré De Nubie Et De Kordofan (Institut du Monde Arabe) 247/248

Entcheva, Silvia If I Were A Bird (own label) 277 ATR

Enteli Enteli Live (Amigo) 184 ATR

Enter The Haggis Let The Wind Blow (High Rel) 196 ATR

Enter The Haggis Soapbox Heroes (United For Opportunity) 300

Entertaining Strangers by David Edgar (featuring The Mellstock Band), Cottesloe Theatre, London 54 L

Entrance Wandering Stranger (Fat Possum) 258

Entre Dos Mares (José Ignacio H. Toquero &) El Camino Del Agua (Jacovía) 293 ATR

Entre Dos Mares (José Ignacio H. Toquero &) El Camino Es La Meta (Jacovía) 289 ATR

Enya Watermark (WEA) 66

Epifani, Mimmo Zucchini Flowers (Finisterre) 312

Epifani Barbers Marannui (Forrest Hill Mediterraneo) 256

Epinette, Georges (Jean Baron &) War Roudoù En Arboulet (Dastum) 254/255

Epinfrai Cercando (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 216

Eplemøya Songlag Eplemmøya Songlag (NORCD) 325 ATR

Epona Shine Again (Impstone) 175/176 ATR

Eppinette, Georges & Jean Baron Hommage Á Jean Magadur (Keltia) 154

Epping, Rick: Frankie Gavin, Rick Epping, Tim Edey Jiggin' The Blues (Greentrax) 299

Eppler, Alexander Barinya, And Other Virtuoso Performances On The Balalaika (Flying Fish) 24 (SR)

Epstein Brothers Orchestra (Joel Rubin with The) Grandfathers & Grandsons - Zeydes Un Eyniklekh (Wergo) 149

Epstein, Ellen: Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein & Michael Cicone Angels In Daring (Overall) 149 ATR

Epstein, Ellen: Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein & Michael Cicone Only Human (Overall) 149 ATR

Epstein, Freyda see Freyda

Equation First Name Terms (I-Scream) 244

Equation Hazy Daze (Blanco Y Negro) 177

Equation In Session (Crapstone [single]) 148

Equation Return To Me (Rough Trade) 240

Equation The Dark Ages EP (I Scream [EP]) 227

Equation The Lucky Few (Black Burst) 198 ATR

Erazo, Guillermo Ayovi see Roncón, Papá

Erbsen, Wayne Railroad Fever - Songs, Jokes & Train Lore (Mel Bay Publications) 223/224 P

Erbsen, Wayne Rural Roots Of Bluegrass (Mel Bay Publications) 253 P

Erek, Cevdet: Muammer Ketencoglu, Brenna MacCrimmon, Sumru Agiryürüyen & Cevdet Erek Ayde Mori (Kalan) 229

Erelli, Mark Mark Erelli (Signature Sounds) 203

Ereto Maasai Maigisa - Songs Of The Maasai (Pan) 247/248

Erevan Armenian Music Ensemble, The My Heart For You (Global Village) 222

Ergin, Mehmet Beyond The Seven Hills (MCA) 163/164 ATR

Erguner, Kudsi Journeys Of A Sufi Musician (Saqi) 274 P

Erguner, Kudsi & Suleyman Erguner Sufi Music Of Turkey (CMP) 97

Erguner, Kudsi & Xavier Bellenger Ney & Kena: Conférence Des Roseaux (Ocora) 23 (SR)

Erguner, Kudsi [&] Derya Türkan Chemins (Al Sur) 199/200

Erguner, Kudsi: Ensemble Kudsi Erguner L'Héritage Ottoman (Institut du Monde Arabe) 261

Erguner, Kudsi: Kudsi Erguner Ensemble Peshrev & Semai Of Tanburi Djemil Bey (CMP) 166

Erguner, Kudsi: Kudsi Erguner Ensemble The Works Of Kemani Tatyos Efendi - Vocal Masterpieces (Traditional Crossroads) 166

Erguner, Suleyman (Kudsi Erguner &) Sufi Music Of Turkey (CMP) 97

Erickson, Roky We Are Never Talking (Trance [single]) 139/140

Erik & The Offbeats Blue Corn (own label) 73

Erik & The Offbeats The Cricketers, The Oval, London 64 L

Erik, Hjärp Långt Jässbôd (Giga) 225

Erika & Cecilia Örhängen (Tongång) 305 ATR

Eriksen, Tim Every Sound Below (Appleseed) 254/255

Eriksen, Tim Northern Roots Live In Námest (Indies Scope) 319/320

Eriksen, Tim Soul Of The January Hills (Appleseed) 326/327

Eriksen, Tim Tim Eriksen (Appleseed) 218/219

Eriksson, Jeanette Låtar På Skånska (Nordic Tradition) 292 ATR

Eriksson, Kjell-Erik Offerdalslåtar (Giga) 235/236

Eriksson, Kjell-Erik: Simon Simonsson, Olle Simonsson, Kjell-Erik Eriksson Drängkammarlåtar (GIGA) 175/176

Eriksson, Sophia: Eriksson Nygårds Tallroth Klacklek (Giga) 225

Eriksson Nygårds Tallroth Klacklek (Giga) 225

Erkose Ensemble, The: Les Freres Erkose Turquie: Music Tzigane (Ocora) 24 (SR)

Erlewine, Dan Guitar Player Repair Guide: How To Set Up, Maintain And Repair Electrics & Acoustics (Miller Freeman Books) 132 P

Erlewine, Stephen Thomas: Vladimir Bogdnov, Chris Woodstra & Stephen Thomas Erlewine (eds) All Music Guide To The Blues (Third Edition) (Back Beat Books) 242/243 P

Ernst, David Guitar Atlas: Celtic (Alfred Publishing) 265 P

Erraji, Hassan Awal Mara (World Village) 331/332

Erraji, Hassan Moroccan Folk Songs (1) [MFS 782/6] 53

Erraji, Hassan Music For The Arabian Dulcimer & Lute (Saydisc) 162

Erraji, Hassan Cross Keys, Llantrisant 44 L

Erraji, Hassan & Arabesque Marhaba (Riverboat) 122

Erraji, Hassan & Arabesque Nikriz (Riverboat) 77

Erraji, Hassan & Arabesque Traditional Arabic Music (Saydisc) 98

Erraji, Hassan with Arabesque & Sabra Ia Dounia (Riverboat) 91/92

Ersatzmusika Songs Unrecantable (Asphalt Tango) 311

Ersatzmusika Voice Letter (Asphalt Tango) 294

Erskine, Lisa See You On The Other Side (Southbound) 184 ATR

Ertas, Neset In Concert (Kalan [DVD]) 274

Ertas, Neset Zülüf Dökülmüs Yüze (Kalan) 205

Erwin, Randy Back Home (ROM) 79/80

Erwin, Randy Cowboy Rhythm (Heartland) 59

Erwin, Randy 'Til The Cows Come Home (Heartland) 52

Erzincan, Erdal (Kayhan Kalhor &) The Wind (ECM) 283/284

Esbelin, Michel La Valse Des Ombres (Buda) 273

Escola De Samba Mocidade Fantastica Batucada (Iris Music) 270

Escola De Samba Mocidade Independente De Padro Miguel Batucada Brasileira (Iris Music) 235/236 ATR

Escoriza, Benjamín Alevanta! (Riverboat/World Music Network) 287

Escoriza, Benjamin Mirando P'I Este (Fromdaguetto) 326/327

Escott, Colin Roadkill On The Three-Chord Highway (Routledge) 242/243 P

Escott, Colin with Martin Hawkins Good Rockin' Tonight (Virgin Books) 109 P

Escovedo, Alejandro More Miles Than Money: Live 1994-96 (Bloodshot) 182/183

Escudero, Mario: De Almaden, Escudero & Ramos Flamenco De Triana (Tradition) 170/171

Eshété, Alemayehu Addis Ababa (Musidisc) 114

Eshété, Alemayehu Éthiopiques 9 (Buda) 211/212

Esheté, Alemayehu Éthiopiques 22 (Buda) 298

Eshète, Tèssèma Ethiopiques 27 (Buda) 331/332

Esim, Janet & Jak: Janet & Jak Esim Ensemble Mira: Judeo-Español Sephardic Song (Global Muzik) 244 ATR

Eskanazi, Roza Rembetissa (Rounder) 163/164

Esperanto Esperanto (own label) 87

Espers The Weed Tribe (Locust Music) 271/272 ATR

Espoirs De Coronthie see Les Espoirs De Coronthie

Esposito, Flavio Napoli E Dintorni (Buda) 329/330 ATR

Esprit Follet Où Vont Les Vieilles Lunes (FolkClub EthnoSuoni) 310 ATR

Espvall, Helena & Masaki Batoh Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh (Drag City) 305 ATR

Espvall, Helena: Sharron Kraus, Meg Baird, Helena Espvall Leaves From Off The Tree (Bo'Weavil) 287 ATR

Essential Folk Directory, The (Magnus Orr Publishing) 157 P

Essig, David In The Tradition (Appaloosa) 149 ATR

Essig, David Whose Muddy Shoes (Appaloosa) 40 ATR

Estes, Sleepy John Brownsville Blues (Delmark) 117

Estes, Sleepy John Complete Works 1929-41 (Document) 95

Estes, Sleepy John Electric Sleep (Delmark) 105

Estes, Sleepy John First Recordings (JSP) 111

Estes, Sleepy John I Ain't Gonna Be Worried No More 1929-41 (Yazoo) 111

Estes, Sleepy John On The Chicago Blues Scene (Delmark) 298 ATR

Estes, Sleepy John Someday Baby (Indigo) 162 ATR

Estes, Sleepy John Stone Blind Blues (Catfish) 192 ATR

Estes, Sleepy John Working Man Blues (Fabulous) 239 ATR

Estonian Male Choir (Metsatöll &) Curse Upon Iron (Westpark Music) 293 ATR

Estrada, Julio Ernesto see Fruko

Estrella De La Charanga (Magaly Bernal con) La Guarachera Soy Yo (Indigo/Label Bleu) 201 ATR

Estrella De La Charanga Sones Y Danzones (Indigo/Label Bleu) 196 ATR

Estrellas De Areito Los Heroes (World Circuit) 187/188

Eszterlánc Égszaksdás (Fonó) 306

Etchingham Steam Band, The The Etchingham Steam Band (Fledg'ling) 145

Eté Eté (March Hare) 225

Eténèsh: Wassie Eténèsh & Mathieu Sourisseau Belo Belo (Buda Musique) 333

Eténèsh & Le Tigre Des Platanes Zèraf! (Buda) 299

Eternals, The Some Other Songs Of Innocence (own label) 60

Etheridge, Melissa Town & Country Club, London 81 L

Ethio Stars (Techome Wolde & The Ethio-Stars) The Ethiopian Soul Revue (Rags Productions) 180

Ethio Stars (Tukul Band &) Amharic Hits And Experimental Traditions From Ethiopia (Piranha) 110

Ethnic Recordings In America - A Neglected Heritage (Library of Congress) 17 P (SR)

Ethno Trio Troitsa Zhuravy (Pan) 229 ATR

Ethno Trio Troitsa Zimachka (Vigma) 338/339

Etnika Zifna (own label) 245

Etoile 2000 Dakar Sound Volume 1 (Buma/Sterma) 123

Etoile De Dakar *see also Le Super Etoile De Dakar

Etoile De Dakar Xalis (PAM) 132

Etoile De Dakar (Youssou N'Dour &) The Rough Guide To... (World Music Network) 234 ATR

Etoile De Dakar featuring Youssou N'Dour Once Upon A Time In Senegal - The Birth Of Mbalax 1979-1981 (Stern's) 324

Etoile De Dakar featuring Youssou N'Dour Vol. 1 - Absa Gueye (Stern's) 125

Etoile De Dakar featuring Youssou N'Dour Vol. 2 - Thiapa Thioly (Stern's) 125

Etoile De Dakar featuring Youssou N'Dour, Mar Seck & El Hadji Faye Vol. 4 - Khaley Etoile (Stern's) 185

Etran Finatawa Desert Crossroads (Riverboat) 300

Etran Finatawa Introducing... (World Music Network) 277 ATR

Etran Finatawa Tarkat Tajje / Let's Go! (Riverboat) 324

Etruria Criminale Banda Etruria Criminale Banda (Etnagigante) 287

Etxamende Eta Larralde Antologia (Elkarlanean) 193 ATR

Etxamendi, Eñaut: Etxamende Eta Larralde Antologia (Elkarlanean) 193 ATR

Etxart, Dominika eta Niko & Robert Larrandaburu Eperra (Elkar) 277 ATR

Etzakit Etzakit (Triki Elkarlanean) 192 ATR

Etzakit Goiz Edo Noiz? (Triki-Elkarlanean) 209 ATR

Eunice Playboys (John Delafose & The) Père Et Garçon (Zydeco Rounder) 112

Eunice Playboys (John Delafose & The) Weavers Arms, London 114 L

Eunice Playboys (John Delafose & The), Willis Prudhomme & The Zydeco Express Zydeco Live! (Rounder) 74

Eunson, Doug & Sarah Matthews On Shining Wings (Coth) 297 ATR

Eunson, Doug & Sarah Matthews Proper Swell (Coth) 285 ATR

Euphonia (Sylvia Herold &) Lovely Nancy (Tuxedo) 273 ATR

Eurofolkus Various Venues 115/116 L

Europe Week The Hayes, Cardiff, Wales 98 L

European Dance Workshop Weekend Exeter & Devon Arts Centre 35 L

European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals see Various EFWMF...

European Theatre Of War Common Sense (via Groundwell Arts) 51

European Youth Folk Orchestra see EYFO

Eusèbe, Jaojoby see Jaojoby

Euskadiko Orkestra (Benito Lertxundi &) Sinfonikoa Auhen Sinfonikoa (Elkarlanean) 192 ATR

Eva Lution I Turn Away (Sunflower) 161 ATR

Eva Quartet Harmonies (Kuker) 252

Evacic, Gordana Sneha (Scardona) 321

Evacic, Miroslav Cardas Blues (Scardona) 273

Evans, Bill & Megan Lynch Let's Do Something... (Native & Fine) 316 ATR

Evans, Chris The Wrong Arm Of The Law (Bluestone [EP]) 8 ATR (SR)

Evans, Dan Dan Evans (own label) 109 ATR

Evans, Dan Guardian Spirit (DanSing Music) 129 ATR

Evans, Dan Spirit Dancing (DanSing Music) 172 ATR

Evans, Dave The Words In Between (Weekend Beatnik) 217

Evans, Dave, Davey Graham, Dan Ar Bras, Duck Baker Irish Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes & Airs (Kicking Mule) 3 (SR)

Evans, David Matchbox Blues (Inside Memphis) 233

Evans, David Needy Time (Inside Sounds) 302/303

Evans, Dave Sad Pig Dance (Acoustic Music) 324

Evans, Delyth Delta (Sain) 100

Evans, Gerald & Joe Mullins Just A Five String And A Fiddle (Rebel) 155 ATR

Evans, Guy: Mazlyn Jones & Guy Evans with Nik Turner & Friends Live (Blueprint) 170/171 ATR

Evans, Jack Once Upon A Time In The North (Greentrax) 204

Evans, Joe: Two Poor Boys Complete Recordings 1927-31 (Document) 105

Evans, Lucky Lopez Southside Saturday Night (JSP) 88

Evans, Mark A Rival Heart (own label) 252 ATR

Evans, Merêdydd Merêd: Caneuon Gwerin (Sain) 274

Evans, Terry (Bobby King &) Live And Let Live! (Special Delivery) 61

Evans, Terry (Bobby King &) Rhythm, Blues, Soul & Grooves (Special Delivery) 93

Evans, Terry (Bobby King &) Seeing Is Believing (Marat [single]) 70

Evasion Femmes De Plein-Vent (Vocal 26) 283/284

Evardson, John A Fitter's Life: The Life And Times Of A Grimsby Marine Engine Fitter (from Dave Evardson) 41 P

Evening Star One (AnvilArts) 336

Evenson, Dean Forest Rain (Soundings of the Planet) 129 ATR

Everhart, Bob Waitin' For A Train (Folkways) 6 ATR (SR)

Everitt, J.W. In The Moment (Somali) 126 ATR

Everts, Alain Tierra Nueva (Acoustic Music) 168 ATR

Evora, Cesaria And... Club Sodade (Lusafrica/BMG) 242/243

Evora, Cesaria Anthology (Lusafrica) 246 ATR

Evora, Cesaria Best Of (Lusafrica) 193 ATR

Evora, Cesaria Cabo Verde (BMG) 167

Evora, Cesaria Cafe Atlantico (RCA Victor) 192

Evora, Cesaria Cesaria (Lusafrica/RCA) 144

Evora, Cesaria Cesaria &... (Lusafrica) 335 ATR

Evora, Cesaria Cesaria Evora At The Olympia (Wrasse) 210 ATR

Evora, Cesaria Live A L'Olympia (Melodie) 165

Evora, Cesaria Live D'Amor (BMG/Lusafrica [DVD]) 261

Evora, Cesaria Live In Paris (RCA [DVD]) 250

Evora, Cesaria Mar Azul (Melodie Lusafrica) 103/104

Evora, Cesaria Miss Perfumado (Melodie) 117

Evora, Cesaria Nha Cancera (RCA/BMG [single]) 153

Evora, Cesaria Nha Sentimento (Lusafrica) 319/320 ATR

Evora, Cesaria Radio Mindelo (Lusafrica) 311 ATR

Evora, Cesaria Rogamar (Sony/BMG) 277

Evora, Cesaria Sao Vicente Di Longe (BMG) 215

Evora, Cesaria Voz D'Amor (BMG) 249

Ewart, David & May Scottish Ceilidh Dancing (Mainstream Publishing) 165 P

Ewart, May: David & May Ewart Scottish Ceilidh Dancing (Mainstream Publishing) 165 P

Ewell, Don (Willie "The Lion" Smith &) Stride Piano Duets (Delmark) 307/308 ATR

Ewens, Graeme Africa O-Ye! (Guinness Publishing) 102 P

Ewens, Graeme Congo Colossus - The Life And Legacy Of Franco & OK Jazz (Buku Press) 139/140 P

Ex-Centric Sound System Electric Voodooland (Loud) 209

Ex-Centric Sound System West Nile Funk (own label) 256

Executor, The: Atilla The Hun, King Radio, The Tiger, The Growler, The Caresser & The Executor A Calypso Documentary From Trinidad 'Where Was The Butler' (From historic recordings 1935-1940) (Folklyric) 59

Exile Harbour Wall (Nice Choon Music) 274

Exmouth Shanty Men, The Randy Dandy O (own label) 321 ATR

Exmouth Shanty Men, The The Full Shanty (own label) 340 ATR

Expanding Wallets, The The Sub, Cleethorpes 27 L

Explorers Club, The Get Lost (Wreckord) 49

Explorers Club, The Henry Says 'Archbishops Don't Argue' (Wreckord) 25 ATR

Expo '92 (Flamenco Feria &) Sevilla, Spain 109 L

Expresion Qeros The Last Of The Incas (Tumi) 132

Extra Golden Thank You Very Quickly (Thrill Jockey) 311

Extremes, The Eat My Dust (Destiny [single]) 62

Exuma Rude Boy (ROIR) 75

Ex-Wise Heads, The Holding Up The Sky (Hard World) 290/291 ATR

Ex-Wise Heads, The Time And Emotion Study (Hard World) 253 ATR

Ex-Wise-Heads, The No Grey Matter (Hidden Art) 218/219 ATR

Eyes On Brazil Taxi Girl/Vicious Place (Doughnut Discs [single]) 105

EYFO Enfants Terribles (FolkClub EthnoSuoni) 247/248 ATR

Eyre, Banning (Sean Barlow &) Afropop! (Saraband Books) 153 P

Eyre, Banning In Griot Time: An American Guitarist In Mali (Temple University Press) 205 P

Eyuphuro Yellela (Riverboat) 216

EZ-Zouhour Music Of Tunisia (ARC Music) 258 ATR

Ezerki & 7/8 Baknez (Dallas) 310

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