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fRoots Reviews Index: D

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D'Agostino, Peppino A Glimpse Of Times Past (Acoustic Music) 189 ATR

D'Agostino, Peppino Close To The Heart (Acoustic Music) 126 ATR

D'Agostino, Peppino Every Step Of The Way (Favored Nations Acoustic) 238 ATR

D'Agostino, Peppino Sparks (Shanachie) 74

D'Amico, Marybeth The Light Inside (LongMan) 337 ATR

D'Gary Akata Meso (Indigo/Label Bleu) 221

D'Gary Malagasy Guitar (Shanachie) 117

D'Gary Mbo Loza (Indigo/Label Bleu) 167

D'Gary & Jihé Horombe (Indigo/Label Bleu) 139/140

D'Leon, Oscar Oscar D'Leon Live (Island Visual Arts [video]) 72

d'Ossché, Al (Bob Force &) When The Moon Fell On California (Kicking Mule) 23 ATR (SR)

D'Uberville Ramblers (Jim Couza & The) Appalachian Beach Party (Dragon) 118

Da Costa, Tico Brazil Encanto (Music Of The World) 97

da Cunha, Maria do Carmo Miranda see Miranda, Carmen

Da Dog Happy (Sans Argent) 162 ATR

Da Fustra Strikes Again (Highlander Music) 187/188 ATR

Da Fustra The Foaming Sea (Highlander Music) 179 ATR

Da Lua, Marcelinho (Mad Professor Meets) In A Dubwise Style (Discmedi) 288 ATR

da Silva, Jorge Mário see Seu Jorge

Daara J Family School Of Life (Wrasse) 324 ATR

Daau Tub Gurnard Goodness (Radical Duke Entertainment) 254/255 ATR

Dab Hand High Rock And Low Glen (Celtic Music) 29

Dabaghyan, Gevorg Miniatures (Traditional Crossroads) 237

Dabany, Patience Patience Dabany (Hemisphere) 132

Dabiré, Gabin Kontômè (Amiata) 190

Dabiré, Gabin Tieru (Intuition) 235/236

Daboa From The Gekko (Triple Earth) 165

Dabrowas, The The Dabrowas (Dabrowas [EP]) 38

Dacal, Pablo Y La Orquesta De Salón La Era Del Sonido (Ojo/Galileo) 316 ATR

Dadabayeva, Matlubeh see Matlubeh

Dadawa Sister Drum (WEA) 150

Daddy Mack see Orr, Daddy Mack

Dade Krama Ancestral Music Of Africa (Akoben) 37

Daemonia Nymphe Daemonia Nymphe (Prikosnovenie) 240 ATR

Daffon, Marie-Christine see Yela

Dagar Brothers, The Rag Kambhoji (Music of the World) 78

Dagar Duo Raga Behag (Jecklin-Disco) 97

Dagar, Bahauddin Live From Darbar Festival (Sense World Music) 297 E

Dagar, Bahauddin (Wasifuddin Dagar &) Vedanta (Sense World Music) 297 E

Dagar, H. Sayeeduddin H. Sayeeduddin Dagar À Vézelay (Buda Musique) 297 E

Dagar, Nasir Faiyazuddin (Nasir Zahiruddin Dagar &) Dagar Bani (Navras) 297 E

Dagar, Nasir Zahiruddin & Nasir Faiyazuddin Dagar Dagar Bani (Navras) 297 E

Dagar, Ustad R. Rahimuddin Raga Kedar (Jecklin-Disco) 97

Dagar, Wasifuddin Dhrupad (Sense World Music) 268 E

Dagar, Wasifuddin & Bahauddin Dagar Vedanta (Sense World Music) 297 E

Dagar, Zia Mohiuddin Raga Yaman - Raga Shuddha Todi (Nimbus) 97; 209

Dagar, Zia Mohiuddin: Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar Morgonraga/Mishra Bhairavi [Raga Mishra Bhairavi] (MNW) 221

Dagar, Zia Mohiuddin: Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar Raga Gangeyabushan (Amigo) 221

Dagar, Zia Mohiuddin: Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar Raga Mishra Bhairavi (Amigo) 221

Dagar, Zia Fariduddin: Z.M. Dagar & Z.F. Dagar Raag Malkauns, Bombay 1968 (Country & Eastern) 273

Dagar, Zia Mohiuddin: Z.M. Dagar & Z.F. Dagar Raag Malkauns, Bombay 1968 (Country & Eastern) 273

Dagda Celtic Trance (Paras) 198 ATR

Dagnon, Bako Titati (Syllart) 300

Dago Sounds For A Blue Planet (Ozella) 227 ATR

Dahari, Yosefa see Yosefa

Dahl, Gary Tex-Mex Conjunto Classics For Accordion (Mel Bay) 218/219 P

Dahomay, Marie-Line (Kalindi-Ka &) Yo (Playasound) 247/248 ATR

Dai Xiao-Lian: Zhang Zi-Quan, Cheng Gong-Liang, Dai Xiao-Lian Guangling Qin Music Series (Excerpts) (Hugo) 211/212

Daigrepont, Bruce Paradis (Rounder) 202

Daigrepont, Bruce Petit Cadeau (Rounder) 133

Daigrepont, Bruce Stir Up The Roux (Rounder Europa) 54

Daiku, Tetsuhiro & Chindon Tsushinsha, with Aurasian Brass Band Jinta Wonderland (Off Note) 280

Daily Planet Clark's Secret (Get Real) 168

Daily Planet Live (Get Real) 299 ATR

Daily Planet The Big Scoop (Get Real) 187/188

Daily Planet Fox and Hounds, Coaley, Glos. 170/171 L

Dàimh Crossing Point (Greentrax) 295/296 ATR

Dàimh Diversions (Greentrax) 328

Dàimh Moidart To Mabou (Goat Island Music) 222

Dàimh The Pirates Of Puirt (Goat Island Music) 249

Daintees (Martin Stephenson & The) Boat To Bolivia (Kitchenware) 42

Daintees (Martin Stephenson & The) Gladsome Humour And Blue (Kitchenware) 63

Daintees (Martin Stephenson & The) Slow Lovin' (Kitchenware [single]) 40

Dairo, I.K. & His Blue Spots Definitive Dairo (Xenophile) 161

Dairo, I.K. & His Blue Spots I Remember (Music Of The World) 98

Dairo, I.K.: I.K. Dairo M.B.E. & His Blue Spots Ashiko (Xenophile/Green Linnet) 138

Dakar Transit (Magou &) Africa Yewul (Network) 274

DakhaBrakha Na Mezhi (Guta) 333

Dala Girls From The North Country Live In Concert (Compass) 341/342 ATR

Dalal, Mohammad Qadri Maqamat Insolites (Inedit) 240

Dalal, Yair & The Al Ol Ensemble Al Ol (Najema) 166 ATR

Dalal, Yair & The Al Ol Ensemble The Perfume Road (Magda) 202

Dalal, Yair Al Ol (Najema Music) 154

Dalal, Yair Asmar (Magda) 229

Dalal, Yair Shacharut: Live In The Desert (Magda) 218/219

Dalaras, George & Goran Bregovic With Two Canvas Shoes (Minos-EMI) 192

Dalaras, George George Dalaras: A Portrait (Hemisphere) 178

Dalaras, George Live & Unplugged (Tropical Music) 182/183

Dalaras, George, Eleni Tsaligopoulou, Marios Frangoulis Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London 181 L

Dale, Dave (Dave Rogers &) Elixir Of Life (own label) 112 ATR

Dale, Dave (Dave Rogers &) Saltley Gate (Banner Theatre) 130

Dale, Felicia (William Pint &) Hartwell Horn (Waterbug) 202

Dale, Felicia (William Pint &) Hearts Of Gold (Waterbug) 134/135 ATR

Dale, Felicia (William Pint &) Port Of Dreams ("Self-Released") 103/104

Dale, Felicia (William Pint &) Rounder The Corner (Rounder) 175/176 ATR

Dale, Felicia (William Pint &) Seven Seas (Waterbug) 256

Dale, Felicia (William Pint &) The Set Of The Sail (Waterbug) 297 ATR

Dale, Felicia (William Pint &) When I See Winter Return (Waterbug) 189 ATR

Dale, Felicia (William Pint &) White Horses (Waterbug) 222

Dale, Felicia: Lewis, Pint & Dale Making Waves [ASM103D] 111

Dalewood Auckland & District Pipe Band, The Southern Gael (Monarch) 182/183 ATR

Dalfin, Lou see Lou Dalfin

Dalglish, Malcolm & The Ooolites Pleasure (Ooolitic Music) 196 ATR

Dalglish, Malcolm & Grey Larsen Thunderhead (Flying Fish) 20 (SR)

Dalinda Hossam Ramzy Presents Dalinda: Turquoise (Arc Music) 245 ATR

Dalla A Richer Vein (own label) 220

Dalla Cribbar (Dalla) 328

Dallas Blues Singers (Ramblin' Thomas & The) Complete Recorded Works (Document) 114

Dallas String Band (Coley Jones & The) Coley Jones & The Dallas String Band (1927-29) (Matchbox) 17 (SR)

Dallas, Leroy (Ralph Willis &) Complete Works 1944-62 (Document) 136

Dalmasso Sisters, The see Les Soeurs Dalmasso

Dalom Kids (The) & Splash The Dalom Kids & Splash Collection (Putumayo) 161

Dalom Kids, The: Splash, The Dalom Kids, Patricia Majalisa Mpantsula Jive (Flame Tree) 131

Dalriada All Is Fair (Iona) 105 ATR

Dalriada Sophistry And Illusion (Qudisc) 186 ATR

Dalta The Silver Strand (own label) 210 ATR

Dalton, Karen Cotton Eyed Joe (Megaphone) 293 ATR

Dalton, Peter (Steve Barrow &) The Rough Guide To Reggae (Rough Guides) 179 P

Daltrey, Roger: The Chieftains with Nanci Griffith & Roger Daltrey An Irish Evening (RCA Victor) 110

Daly, Jackie Irish Traditional Music Played On The Accordian (Ossian) 132

Daly, Jackie Many's A Wild Night (Gael Linn) 156

Daly, Jackie Music From Sliabh Luachra (Topic) 317/318 ATR

Daly, Jackie Traditional Accordion & Concertina Music From Sliabh Luachra (Ossian) 241

Daly, Jackie & Jimmy Crowley Swindon Community Centre, W. Midlands 44 L

Daly, Jackie (Kevin Burke &) Eavesdropper (Mulligan) 162

Daly, Mick: Matt Cranitch, Dave Hennessy, Mick Daly Any Old Time (Mulligan) 14 (SR)

Daly, Patricia The Rolling Wave (own label) 253 ATR

Daly, Ross Eight Songs And A Semai (RCA Greece) 88

Daly, Ross Free Point (RCA Greece) 88

Daly, Ross Iris (Protasis) 245

Daly, Ross Microkosmos (L'Empreinte Digitale) 256

Daly, Ross Music Of Crete (FM) 261

Daly, Ross Naghma (Ethnomad) 275

Daly, Ross Pera Ap'ton Orizonta (Beyond The Horizon) (MBI) 230/231

Daly, Ross Ross Daly [CP 91037] 58

Daly, Ross Selected Works (Oriente) 143

Daly, Ross Synavgia (Libra) 202

Daly, Ross & Jamshid Shemirani An-Ki (BMG) 141

Daly, Ross & Labyrinth Mitos (WDR/Network Medien 'World Network' series) 125

Daly, Ross & Lavyrinthos Camden Jazz Café, London 99 L

Daly, Ross & Lavyrinthos Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 165 L

Daly, Vic So Am I (Album Zutique) 156 ATR

Dama Malagasy (Anima Music) 131

Dama Melodies From Madagascar (Playasound) 131

Damba, Mah A L'Ombré Du Grand Baobab (Universal) 333

Damba, Mah Nyarela (La Voce) 170/171

Damba, Mah / Progress T&C2, London 119 L

Damessae, Seleshe: Maraire, Kouyate, Damessae African Odyssey (Music of the World) 133

Damh The Bard Tales From The Crow Man (Caen Bryn) 325 ATR

Damhsa Damhsa (own label) 259/260 ATR

Damian Damian 1 : Omens 0 (Essar Music Corp.) 23 ATR (SR)

Damily Ela Lia (Helico) 337

Damisa, Segun & The Afro-Beat Crusaders Nigeria Dey Cry (Playasound) 288

Damnoen, Chawiwan & Thongkham Thaikla Mo Lam Singing Of Northeast Thailand [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Damp In The Attic I Was... Flyin It (Thornín) 190 ATR

Damron, Allen Wayne A Wayne Rides Again (Quahadi) 78

Damron, Allen Wayne Country (Brightside [Canadian River Music]) 26

Damron, Allen Wayne Sweeping Up Dreams (Canadian River Music) 32

Damron, Allen Wayne Sweeping Up Dreams (Quahadi) 99

Damron, Allen Wayne: Damron & Fowler Campfires Of C.A.L.M. (Canadian River Music) 94

Dan, Henry Gibson see Seaman Dan

Danae Pido (Tumi) 242/243 ATR

Danansooz At Last (Smithsonian Folkways) 275 ATR

Danças Ocultas Danças Ocultas (EMI Valentim de Carvalho) 161 ATR

Danças Ocultas Travessa Da Espera (L'Empreinte Digitale) 233 ATR

Dance Arabian Nights Enta Omri (Atoll Music) 240 ATR

Dance The Guns To Silence Jamm, Brixton Road, London 273 L

Dancekings (Otis Grand & The) Always Hot (Indigo) 172 ATR

Dancekings (Otis Grand & The) Always Hot (Special Delivery) 69

Dancers Of Bali Gamelan Of Peliatan 1952 (World Arbiter) 283/284 E

Danchin, Sebastian Blues Boy - The Life And Music Of B.B. King (University of Mississippi Press) 182/183 P

Dancing Did, The And Did Those Feet (Kamera) 16 (SR)

Dancing England Assembly Rooms, Derby 46 L

Dancing Feet In That Land Across The Sea (DF, via Diffusion Breizh) 131

Dancing Hands Jaguar At Halfmoon Lake (Acoustic Music) 187/188 ATR

Dande Lenol (Baaba Maal &) Astoria, Charing Cross Rd, London 61 L

Dande Lenol (Baaba Maal &) Wango (Syllart) 58

Dando Shaft An Evening With... (Edsel) 223/224 ATR

Dando Shaft Anthology (RPM) 233 ATR

Dando Shaft Biggin Hall Hotel, Coventry 72 L

Dando Shaft Reaping The Harvest (See For Miles) 86

Dando, Lawson: Robin Williamson, Clive Palmer, Bina Williamson & Lawson Dando Just Like Ivy & Other Favourite Songs (Pig's Whisker Music) 204

Dandy see Livingston, Dandy

Dane, Barbara & Lightning Hopkins Sometimes I Believe She Loves Me (Arhoolie) 162 ATR

Dane, Barbara Anthology Of American Folk Songs (Tradition/Ryko) 177 ATR

Danedjo, Ousman Enelmedio (O+ Music) 302/303

Dangdut Concert Impian Park, North Jakarta, Indonesia 149 L

Dangerous Curves Dangerous Curves (own label) 158/159 ATR

Dangerously, Johnny Black & Blue (Small World [single]) 66

Dangerously, Johnny You Me And The Alarm Clock (Village [EP]) 82

Daniel, Mikidache see Mikidache

Daniel, Fred and Julie [Daniel Romano; Fred Squire; Julie Doiron] Daniel, Fred & Julie (You've Changed) 324 ATR

Daniel & Emma [Daniel Carlsson & Emma Reid] Innerligheten (own label) 334 ATR

Daniels, Julius / Lil McClintock Atlanta Blues (1927-30) (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 46

Daniels, Luke Lost Music Of The Gaels (Wren) 287 ATR

Daniels, Luke Tarantella (Acoustics, via Conifer) 134/135

Daniels, Luke The Art Of Trio (Wren) 322 ATR

Daniels, Luke The Mighty Box (Wren) 338/339 ATR

Daniels, Sara Bushes And Briars (Acoustics) 42

Danish Dia Delight Live (CE Musik) 170/171

Danish Dia Delight Stichting Folk Groningen, Netherlands 144 L

Danko, Rick Times Like These (Corazong) 241 ATR

Danko, Rick, Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen Danko/Fjeld/Andersen (Rykodisc) 127/128

Danley, John Cemeteries, Missed Trains & Blue Skies (A Priori) 251 ATR

Dan's Conundrum Shee (Ruggye) 109 ATR

Dansaul Foot & Mouth (Dansaul) 194/195

Danú All Things Considered (Shanachie) 226

Danú Think Before You Think (Shanachie) 203

Danú Up In The Air (Shanachie) 259/260 ATR

Danú When All Is Said And Done (Shanachie) 265

Daouda Le Sentimental (Sterns) 26

Daphne's Flight Daphne's Flight (Fledg'ling) 156

Dar Beida 04 Impiria Consequential (Barbarity) 218/219 ATR

Dara, Olu In The World - From Natchez To New York (Atlantic) 185

Dara, Olu Neighborhoods (Atlantic) 214

Darbar International South Asian Music Festival 2009 Southbank Centre, London 312 L

Darbey, Gilly One (Flynn) 180 ATR

Darby & Tarlton Complete Recordings (Bear Family) 151/152

Darby, James Southern Region Breakdown (President) 64

Darby, Tom: Darby & Tarlton Complete Recordings (Bear Family) 151/152

Dares, Tracy (Natalie MacMaster, Tracy Dares & The Royal Scottish National Orchestra) Edinburgh Folk Festival 168 L

Dargin, Alan & Michael Atherton Bloodwood (Natural Symphonies) 114

Darima: Qinggele/Darima Matouqin (Hugo) 211/212

Darius [Darius Jones Degher] Cardboard Confessional (Gold Castle) 83

Dark Black (Mathew Tembo & The) Anthem (Urban Sedated) 310 ATR

Dark Lantern Dark Lantern (Silent Pocket Music) 157

Dark Lantern Lhasa (Silent Pocket [single]) 166

Darko, George Highlife In The Air (Boulevard) 132

Darley & McCall Collection Of Traditional Irish Music, The (Ossian Publications) 27 P

Darling, David & The Wulu Bunun Mudanin Kata (Riverboat) 254/255

Darling, Erik (The Kossoy Sisters with) Bowling Green (Tradition/Ryko) 177 ATR

Darmadar Yaudei (CNI/Ludos) 199/200

Darriau, Matt & Paradox Trio (featuring Lorin Sklambert) Source (Knitting Factory) 206/207

Darriau, Matt, Ismail Lumanovski, Patrick Novara Liquid Clarinets (Felmay) 321

Darvill, Benjamin see Son Of Dave

Darwin's Army (John Stewart &) John Stewart & Darwin's Army (Appleseed) 199/200

Darwish, Shaykh Sayed Shaykh Sayed Darwish (Club du Disque Arabe) 182/183

Das, Kushal Raga Bilaskhani Todi - Raga Sohini (Ocora) 307/308 E

Das, Sandeep (Vishwa Mohan Bhatt &) Indian Delta (Sense World Music) 242/243

Das, Sandeep: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Sandeep Das & Salil Bhatt Mohan's Vina (Sense World Music) 242/243

Das Baul, Paban see Baul, Paban Das

Das Combo (Rainer &) Powder Keg (Demon [single]) 123

Das Gupta, Buddhadev see Gupta, Buddhadev Das

Dashwood, Peter & Janet They Haven't Got Me Yet! (from authors) 145 P

Dastan Ensemble & Salar Aghili In The Name Of The Red Rose (Celestial Harmonies) 326/327

Dastan Ensemble / Shahram Nazeri Through Eternity (Sounds True) 214

Dastan Trio Journey To Persia (ARC Music) 240 ATR

Datar, D.K. & Ratnakar Gokhle Mudra (Sense World Music) 319/320 E

Datina see Ansamblul 'Datina' Din Filipestii De Padure

Daúde Neguinha Te Amo (Real World) 249 ATR

Daun, Tom All In A Garden Green (Wundertüte) 151/152

Daun, Tom Die Böhmische Harfe (Wundertüte) 173 ATR

Daussat, Samy: Samy Daussat Trio La Petite Famille (Label Ouest) 319/320

Daussat, Samy (Béro Landauer Trio with Samy Daussat) Comme Autrefois (Label Ouest) 306

Dautel, Christian: Bourin, Marchand & Dautel Chants À Repondre De Haute Bretagne (Le Chasse-Marée) 68

Dautovski, Dragan: DD Synthesis DD Synthesis (SJF) 182/183

Dave & Deke Combo, The Hollywood Barn Dance (Heyday) 156 ATR

Dave Reeves PLC The White Dog Of The Cynics [CFZ 1] 29

Davenport, Bob The Common Stone (Topic) 258

Davenport, Bob & The Rakes The Red Haired Lad (Fellside) 175/176

Davenport, Charles 'Cow Cow' Complete Recorded Works Vols. 1 & 2 (Document) 121

Davenport, Gavin Brief Lives (Hallamshire Traditions) 331/332

Davenport, Jed (Noah Lewis [&]) Memphis Harmonica Kings 1929-'30 (Matchbox) 21 (SR)

Davenport, Lester When The Blues Hit You (Earwig) 120 ATR

Davenport, Liz: Paul & Liz Davenport Songbooks (Hallamshire Traditions) 301

Davenport, Liz: Paul & Liz Davenport Spring Tide Rising (Hallamshire Traditions) 334

Davenport, Liz: Paul & Liz Davenport Under The Leaves (Hallamshire Traditions) 286

Davenport, Paul & Liz Songbooks (Hallamshire Traditions) 301

Davenport, Paul & Liz Spring Tide Rising (Hallamshire Traditions) 334

Davenport, Paul & Liz Under The Leaves (Hallamshire Traditions) 286

Davey, Shaun May We Never Have To Say Goodbye (Tara) 290/291 ATR

Davey, Shaun The Brendan Voyage (Tara) 280 ATR

Davey, Shaun The Pilgrim (Tara) 22 (SR)

Davey, Shaun Voices From The Merry Cemetery (Tara) 338/339

Davey, Shaun / Savourna Stevenson Edinburgh Folk Festival 85 L

David & Roselyn - Hans Hartmann Dirty Old Men (Ordnung & Hartmann) 172 ATR

David, Gary, Rev. Live At Newport (Vanguard) 218/219 ATR

David-Harel, Meirav Ben: Trio Harel Yedid Nefesh: Amant De Mon Âme (Alpha) 259/260 ATR

Davidson, Fiona Fonnsheen (Watercolour Music) 157 ATR

Davidson, Fiona The Language Of Birds (Watercolour Music) 187/188

Davidson, Fiona Uaithne (Mull Recordings) 96

Davidson, Keith & Neil Smith Big Men - Small Pipes: The Art Of Northumbrian Pipe Duets (East Allen Recording) 150

Davidson, Marcus (Rob Milner &) Ribbon Of Time (own label) 294 ATR

Davidson, Roger with The Frank London Klezmer Orchestra On The Road Of Life (Soundbrush) 341/342

Davie, Jon: John Spencer, Graeme Taylor & Jon Davie The Sun, Richmond, Surrey 39 L

Davies, Debbie Round Every Corner (Shanachie) 182/183 ATR

Davies, Debbie Tales From The Austin Motel (Shanachie) 196 ATR

Davies, Gail Love Ain't Easy (Little Chickadee) 186

Davies, Gwilym & Roy Palmer (eds) Let Us Be Merry (Green Branch Press) 165 P

Davies, Lesley, Chris Harvey & Alison Younger I Have Blown It All Away/Minding The Store (Mrs Ackroyd [single]) 97

Davies, Pete Reach Out Your Hand (Ragged) 21 (SR)

Davies, Pete The Witness (Home Roots) 157 ATR

Davies, Richard Cantina (Blue Rose [single]) 182/183

Davies, Richard Telegraph (Blue Rose/Flydaddy/V2) 182/183

Davies, Rick: Sytek & Davies From The Shadow Of The Citadel (Llama Mama) 275 ATR

Davies, Sara When I'm Falling (Soundcakes [single]) 117

Davies-Jones, Gareth Water & Light (Heading West Music) 309 ATR

Davis, Blind John Complete Recorded Works Vol. 1 (1938-52) (Document) 196 ATR

Davis, Boo Boo Drew, Mississippi (Black & Tan) 292

Davis, Boo Boo The Snake (Black & Tan) 259/260 ATR

Davis, Cedell & Friends When Lightning Struck The Pine (Fast Horse/Ryko) 234 ATR

Davis, Cedell Feel Like Doin' Something Wrong (Demon) 131

Davis, Cedell The Horror Of It All (Fat Possum/Epitaph Europe) 192

Davis, Damon Ride This Train (own label) 161

Davis, Gary, Rev. Blues And Ragtime (Shanachie) 124

Davis, Gary, Rev. Complete Early Recordings (Yazoo) 139/140

Davis, Gary, Rev. Complete Recordings 1935-49 (Document) 100

Davis, Gary, Rev. Delia (American Activities) 96

Davis, Gary, Rev. From Blues To Gospel (High Coin) 274 ATR

Davis, Gary, Rev. I Am A True Vine (Heritage) 26; 105

Davis, Gary, Rev. I Am The True Vine (Catfish) 209

Davis, Gary, Rev. If I Had My Way - Early Home Recordings (Smithsonian Folkways) 240

Davis, Gary, Rev. Lifting The Veil: The Earliest Blues Guitarists (World Arbiter) 299

Davis, Gary, Rev. Live At Cambridge 1971 (Catfish) 192

Davis, Gary, Rev. Manchester Free Trade Hall, 1964 (Document) 299

Davis, Gary, Rev. O Glory - The Apostolic Sessions (Edsel) 160

Davis, Gary, Rev. Pure Religion And Bad Company (Smithsonian/Folkways) 100

Davis, Gary, Rev. The Best Of Rev. Gary Davis Live In Concert (Kicking Mule) 2 (SR)

Davis, Gary, Rev. The Guitar And Banjo Of (Original Blues Classics) 223/224 ATR

Davis, Gary, Rev. The Sun Of Our Life (World Arbiter) 237

Davis, Guy Butt Naked Free (Red House) 204

Davis, Guy Call Down The Thunder (Red House) 170/171 ATR

Davis, Guy Give In Kind (Red House) 230/231

Davis, Guy Legacy (Red House) 261

Davis, Guy Skunkmello (Red House) 285

Davis, Guy Stomp Down Rider (Red House) 153 ATR

Davis, Guy You Don't Know My Mind (Red House) 182/183

Davis, James 'Boo Boo' see Davis, Boo Boo

Davis, James Thunderbird Check Out Time (Demon) 109

Davis, James Thunderbird Check Out Time (Demon/Black Top) 82

Davis, Jeff Some Fabulous Yonder (own label) 302/303

Davis, Jeff (Jeff Warner &) Old Time Songs For Kids (own label) 110 ATR

Davis, Jeff (Jeff Warner &) Wilder Joy (Traditional American Folksongs) (Flying Fish) 59

Davis, Jimmie Louisiana (Bloodshot) 210

Davis, John Henry see Davis, Blind John

Davis, Mark: Mair-Davis Duo Joyful Tidings (North Star) 129 ATR

Davis, Mark: Mair-Davis Duo & Friends Vienna Nocturne (North Star) 105 ATR

Davis, Meg The Claddagh Walk (Lismor) 94

Davis, Moses see Beenie Man

Davis, Rachel Rachel Davis (own label) 328

Davis, Stephen (Levon Helm with) This Wheel's On Fire (Plexus) 134/135 P

Davis, Walter First Recordings (JSP) 113

Davis, Walter Vols 1-7 Complete Works 1933 (Document) 142

Davis Sisters, The 1949-52 (Heritage) 241 ATR

Davison, Anne (James Hill &) True Love Don't Weep (Borealis) 319/320 ATR

Davison, Michael (Paul Scourfield &) The Wayward Daughter (Mad River) 189 ATR

Dawkins, Jimmy All For Business (Delmark) 99

Dawkins, Jimmy Feel The Blues (JSP) 61; 165 ATR

Dawkins, Jimmy Jimmy Dawkins Presents The Lyric Story (Delmark) 335 ATR

Dawkins, Jimmy Kent Sheck Dees Bluze (Earwig) 111

Dawkins, Jimmy, Chicago Beau & Blue Ice Bragason Blues From Iceland (Evidence) 149 ATR

Dawkins, Kyle Conasauga (Solponticello) 244 ATR

Dawn, Maggi & Andy Cross Something In The Atmosphere [RAS 107C] 98

Dawson, Chris & Keltiac Out On The Edge (Vocation) 321 ATR

Dawson, Julian & Gene Parsons Hillbilly Zen (Fledg'ling) 229

Dawson, Julian & The Flood As Real As Disneyland (Polydor Germany) 55

Dawson, Julian Headlines (Ariola/BMG) 123

Dawson, Julian Live On The Radio (Nico Polo) 89

Dawson, Julian Move Over Darling (Fledg'ling) 174

Dawson, Julian Spark (Gadfly) 193 ATR

Dawson, Julian The Street Of Lucky Stars, The White Horse, Hampstead, London 63 L

Dawson, Julian Travel On (Hypertension) 156

Dawson, Julian Under The Sun (Fledg'ling) 202

Dawson, Steve Bug Parade (Black Hen) 228

Dawson, Steve We Belong To The Gold Coast (Black Hen Music) 270

Dawson, Steve: Zubot & Dawson Strang (Black Hen Music) 184 ATR

Dawson, Steve: Zubot & Dawson Tractor Parts: Further Adventures In Strang (Black Hen) 206/207

Dawson & Zubot see Zubot & Dawson

Dawuni, Rocky Book Of Changes (Aquarian) 274 ATR

Day, Jonathan A Different Land [FFG CD 401] 120 ATR

Day, Jonathan Carved In Bone (Niimika) 333 ATR

Dayan Ancient Music Association, The Naxi Music From Lijiang (Nimbus) 175/176

Dazibao Alma (Home) 271/272

Dazibao E40 ( 298

Dazkarieh Ruido Do Silêncio (Galileo) 336 ATR

DCS Eat Rhythm (Multitone [single]) 144

DD Synthesis DD Synthesis (SJF) 182/183

DD Synthesis Swinging Macedonia (SJF) 216

De Almaden, Escudero & Ramos Flamenco De Triana (Tradition) 170/171

De Almaden, Nino: De Almaden, Escudero & Ramos Flamenco De Triana (Tradition) 170/171

De André, Fabrizio Creuza De Mä (Dischi Ricordi) 56

De Barra, Cormac Barco (own label) 246

De Barros, Maria Nha Mundo (Narada World) 249 ATR

de Boe, Paul Moonlight And Me (Media Angelica) 257

De Bruyn, Steven, Tony Gyselinck, Roland Van Campenhout Fortune Cookie (Munich) 333 ATR

De Buhé, Noléen Komz A Raer Din (Coop Breizh) 203

de Búrca, Niamh Where The Heart Lives (Gael Linn) 280 ATR

De Cadiz, Beni Grandes Cantaores Du Flamenco: Collection Dirigée Par Mario Bois Vol. 17 (CDM) 157

De Caro, Julio Tango 1926-32 (Interstate/Harlequin) 199/200

de Carvalho, Barceló see Bonga

De Cauter, Koen: Robb Johnson, Roy Bailey, Vera Coomans, Koen De Cauter Gentle Men (Irregular) 179

De Copas, Rey Frontera Del Ensueno (Kickin' Vinyl [single]) 90

De Dannan: De Danann & The Gospel Choir Of Harlem West County Hotel, Ennis, Co. Clare 117 L

De Dannan [De Danann] 21st Birthday Celebration Galway Arts Festival 148 L

De Dannan [De Danann] Anthem (Dara) 26

De Dannan [De Danann] Song For Ireland (Cara) 18 (SR)

De Dannan [De Danann] The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 40 L

De Dannan [De Danann] The Star Spangled Molly (Ogham) 11 (SR)

De Dannan 1/2 Set In Harlem (Green Linnet [USA]; Celtic Music [UK]) 98

De Dannan A Jacket Of Batteries (Harmac) 69

De Dannan Ballroom (WEA) 50

De Dannan Hibernian Rhapsody (Bee's Knees) 166

De Dannan Hibernian Rhapsody (Peregrine [single]) 166

De Dannan St David's Hall, Cardiff 54 L

De Dannan Welcome To The Hotel Connemara (Hummingbird) 208 ATR

De Geraldo, Tino Burlerias (Nuevos Medios) 143

de Grae, Paul Traditional Irish Guitar (Ossian) 174 P

De Hugard, Dave Magpie Morning (Sandstock Music) 137

De Hugard, Dave The Magpie In The Wattle (Larrikin) 33

De Jimbe De Jimbe (Malgamú Music) 220 ATR

de Jorge, Juan Argentina - Songs From The Soul (Playasound) 172 ATR

de Koningh, Michael & Laurence Cane-Honeysett Young, Gifted & Black: The Story Of Trojan Records (Sanctuary [book & CD]) 242/243 P

de Kossa, Diom In My Father's Shadow (Talik) 336

De La Cruz Santiago, Sauleme Música Y Canto Ceremonial Huichol (No-CD Rekords) 173

De La Cruz, Pello: Jexux Artze, Pello De La Cruz, Mikel Artola, Iker Muguruza Sakanatik Arbaila Tripira (Elkarlanean) 204

De La Fé, Alfredo Latitudes (RykoLatino) 208

De La Fé, Alfredo Salsa And Charanga (Mango) 101

De La Fé, Alfredo Salsa! (Mango) 87

De La Matrona, Pepe Grands Cantaores Du Flamenco Vol. II (Le Chant du Monde) 29

De La Rosa, Tony Asi Se Baila En Tejas (Rounder) 105

De La Rosa, Tony Atotonilco (Arhoolie) 131

De Lange, Ilse Flying Blind (Warner Bros [single]) 197

De Leath, Vaughn Dancing The Devil Away (Document) 280 ATR

De Los Peines, La Niña see La Niña De Los Peines

de Lucía, Paco Dominion Theatre, London 32 L

de Lucía, Paco Luzia (Blue Thumb) 203 ATR

de Lucía, Paco Royal Festival Hall, South Bank, London 81 L

de Lucía, Paco Zyryab (Philips) 94

De Maire En Filha [Béatrice & Marie-Ange Lalanne] Cançons Occitanas (La Nauze) 189 ATR

De Majunga, Freddy Le Fête Au Village (Sonodisc [via Sterns]) 103/104

De Majunga, Freddy Tsinjaka (Rogue) 110

De Malaga, Pepe Andalusian Flamenco Song & Dance [Various Artists, featuring Carlos Lomas & Pepe De Malaga] (Lyrichord) 97

De Marcos, Juan: Juan De Marcos' Afro-Cuban All Stars Step Forward (DM Ahora!) 264

De Mbanga, Lapiro Ndinga Man Contre-Attaque: Na Wou Go Pay (Indigo) 120

De Moor, Des Water Of Europe (Irregular) 208 ATR

de Moraes, Vinícus Favourites (Wrasse) 259/260 ATR

De Nissa, Gigi see Pastorelli, Louis

De Pascale, Ernesto (Ashley Hutchings &) My Land Is Your Land (Esoteric) 311

De Pombos, Vanildo Camhinos Do Forró (Cavalo Marinho) 242/243 ATR

De Rosa, Janice see deRosa

De Scalzi, Pivio & Aldo: Trancendental (Pivio & Aldo De Scalzi) Il Bagno Turco (Hamam) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [MDL 978] 178

De Sedhiou see Sedhiou Band

de Sela, Lhasa see Lhasa

De Simone, Roberto (Media Aetas &) Li Turchi Viaggiano (Oriente) 250

De Sio, Teresa A Sud! A Sud! (Lucente) 286

De Utrera, Fernanda & Bernarda Cante Flamenco: Fernanda Et Bernarda De Utrera En Concert (Ocora/Theatre Carre France) 62

De Utrera, Pitine Espagne: Guitarra Flamenca (Arion, via Discovery) 131

Deacon, George John Clare & The Folk Tradition (Sinclaire Brown) 19 P (SR)

Deacons, The Using That Thing (Taptag) 61 ATR

Dead After Dark Dead After Dark (own label [single]) 182/183

Dead Can Dance Garden Of Arcane Delights [4AD BAD 408 - [EP]] 23 (SR)

Dead Sea Surfers, The Don't Say Aloha...When I Goha (Plant Life) 18 (SR)

Deaf Heights Cajun Aces Les Flammes D'Enfer (Temple) 52; 190 ATR

Deaf Heights, The Heart Songs (Smiddymade) 169 ATR

Deaf Heights, The Set Me Free (Re Dem) 93

Deaf Shepherd A Spark O Nature's Fire (Greentrax) 162

Deaf Shepherd Even In The Rain (own label) 229

Deaf Shepherd Synergy (Greentrax) 179

Deambroggio, Juan Bautista (Bachicha): Bianco-Bachicha Argentina In Paris Vol. 2 1926-28 (Frémeaux & Associés) 258 ATR

Dean, Ben (Steve Newman &) The Cock Tavern, London 33 L

Dean, Christopher Celtic Journey (Cairney Hill Music) 276 ATR

Deane, Ed Slideshow (Blue Navigator) 278/279 ATR

Déanta Deanta (Green Linnet) 122

Déanta Gosport Easter Festival, Hampshire 132 L

Déanta Ready For The Storm (Green Linnet) 138

Déanta Whisper Of A Secret (Green Linnet) 170/171

Dear Janes, The Dear Jane (Transatlantic II [single]) 139/140

Dear Janes, The No Skin (Transatlantic II) 157 ATR

Dear Janes, The Sometimes I (Castle Communications) 134/135

Dearman, Annie: Dearman, Gammon & Harrison Black Crow, White Crow (EFDSS) 277 ATR

Death Valley Boys (Colorblind James & The) Strange Sounds From The Basement (Death Valley/Cooking Vinyl) 94

Deaville, Darcie (Jane Gillman &) Ways To Fly (Flying Fish) 141

Deaville, Darcie Tornado In Slo Mo (Redwing Music) 196

Deavin, Mike It Never Rains [SSH002] 115/116 ATR

Debaene, Marjan Growing Pains (Map) 162 ATR

Debarre, Angelo: The Angelo Debarre Quartet Impromptu (Frémeaux & Associés) 333

Decameron Mammoth Special Plus (Edsel) 220 ATR

Decameron Parabola Road: The Anthology (Castle) 253 ATR

Dech, Uwe Christian see Mr Guitar

Décharné, Max A Rocket In My Pocket - The Hipster's Guide To Rockabilly Music (Serpent's Tail) 329/330 P

Decimus, George (Jacob Desvarieux &) Yelele (Greensleeves) 70

Decimus, Pierre Edouard Marakudja (Celluloid) 129 ATR

Decker, Rémi: Decker & Decombel Fil D'Air (Appel) 300

Decombel, Maarten: Decker & Decombel Fil D'Air (Appel) 300

Dédale Face Cachée (MusTraDem) 245

Dede, Mercan 800 (Doublemoon) 297

Dede, Mercan Breath (Doublemoon) 278/279

Dede, Mercan Su (Doublemoon) 259/260

Dee, Mercy Mercy's Troubles (Arhoolie) 107

Deegan, Dicky An Phib (own label) 234 ATR

Deep Elem Lost In The Woods (Reveal) 274 ATR

Deep Forest III Comparsa (Sony/St George) 177 ATR

Deep Forest Speed Deep (High Street [single]) 149

Deep Green Music To Wake Up To (EMI Toshiba) 192 ATR

Deer Lick Holler Boys 10 Bluegrass Classics (Gumbo) 270 ATR

Deere-Jones, Sarah Harpsong (Fuchsia Prospects) 60

Deere-Jones, Sarah Soirbheas/Fairwind (own label) 278/279 ATR

Deere-Jones, Sarah Timing Her [FPCD 007] 274 ATR

Deeyah: Various Freemus & Deeyah Present Listen To The Banned (Heilo) 326/327 ATR

Degenhardt, Annette Umwege (own label) 167 ATR

Degenhardt, Annette Waltzing Guitar (own label) 145

Degenhardt, Annette Zwischentone Gitarre Solo (Stockfisch) 120 ATR

Deighton Family, The Acoustic Music To Suit Most Occasions (Rogue) 50

Deighton Family, The Mama Was Right (Philo) 89

Deighton Family, The Rockingham Arms, Wentworth 38 L

Deighton Family, The Rolling Home (Green Linnet) 107

Deighton, Kathleen, Rosalie Deighton, Julie Matthews, Kathryn Roberts, Kate Rusby, Pat Shaw Intuition (Fat Cat) 125

Deighton, Rosalie: Kathleen Deighton, Rosalie Deighton, Julie Matthews, Kathryn Roberts, Kate Rusby, Pat Shaw Intuition (Fat Cat) 125

Deining Crossroad [CR 28133 - Holland] 20 (SR)

Deishovida Fast Folk (Austro-Mechana) 154

Deishovida Gaisfeld (Extraplatte) 227 ATR

Deishovida not 4 u (Almaviva) 177

Deitz, Roger The Folk Music Chronicles (Rescan Associates Inc.) 53 P

Deivert, Bert Takin' Sam's Advice (Gravitation) 302/303

Deivert, Bert When I Look At You (Opus 3) 25 ATR

Deivert, Bert (Christy O'Leary &) Song's Sweet Caress (Hard Dangar) 246 ATR

Deivert, Bert (Eric Bibb &) River Road (Opus 3) 17 ATR (SR)

Dekker, Desmond Reggae Legends (Trojan) 306 ATR

Dekker, Desmond Rudy Got Soul 1963-1968 (Trojan) 245 ATR

Dekker, Desmond Wonderful World, Beautiful People (Trojan [single]) 81

Dekle, Mike Fine Tuned (Parlay) 209 ATR

Del Castillo, Alan: Castillo/Jimenez/Price-Glynn Andanzas: Songs Of South America (Popular Arts North Eastern) 97

Del Gastor, Paco (Chano Lobato &) Almeida Theatre, Islington 38 L

Del Gastor, Paco Flamenco De La Frontera (Nimbus) 119

Del Mar Bonet, Maria Annels D'Aigua (Ariola-Eurodisc) 31

Del Mar Bonet, Maria Bellver (Picap) 325 ATR

Del Mar Bonet, Maria Raixa (WorldMuxxic) 228

del Pozo, Paco Vestido De Luces (Harmonia Mundi) 253 ATR

Del Santo, Dan In South Africa (Earthworks [single]) 38

Del Santo, Dan Off Your Nash (Flying Fish) 100 ATR

Del Santo, Dan Strength To Strength (Earthworks) 40

Delafose, Geno & French Rockin' Boogie Everybody's Dancin' (Times Square) 254/255

Delafose, Geno & French Rockin' Boogie La Chanson Perdue (Rounder) 184

Delafose, John & The Eunice Playboys Père Et Garçon (Zydeco Rounder) 112

Delafose, John & The Eunice Playboys Weavers Arms, London 114 L

Delafose, John & The Eunice Playboys, Willis Prudhomme & The Zydeco Express Zydeco Live! (Rounder) 74

Delafose, John (Boozoo Chavis &) Legends Of Zydeco (Trikont) 146/147

Delafose, John Joe Pete Got Two Women (Arhoolie) 100

Delafose, John Uncle Bud Zydeco (Arhoolie) 20 (SR)

Delaney, Kate (Gordon McIntyre &) Blackwaterside (Larrikin) 11 (SR)

Delasalle, Catherine Entre Sable Et Neige (Zoke) 155 ATR

Delavier, Katrien Harpes D'Irlande (Playasound) 151/152

Delavier, Katrien The Irish Harp (Playasound) 301 ATR

Delay, Paul: Paul Delay Band You're Fired (Red Lightning) 97

Delevantes, The Long About That Time (CRS/Rounder [single]) 166

Delevantes, The Postcards From Along The Way (Capitol) 172 ATR

Deleyaman 00/1 (2001 Records) 235/236 ATR

Delgado, Junior Sons Of Slaves: Rebel Anthems From A Roots Legend (Trojan) 273 ATR

Delgado, Justino 'Juju' Geraçäo Nobo (Sonovox) 180

Delgado, Justino 'Juju' Tetete (Sonovox) 158/159

Delgado, Luis El Hechizo De Babilonia (Intuition/NubeNegra) 221

Delgado, Luis El Sueño De Al-Zaqqâq (Intuition/NubeNegra) 185 ATR

Delgado, Manuel & Ralf Siedhoff Azucena (Acoustic Music) 186 ATR

Delgrosso, Maureen: Rich & Maureen Delgrosso Toe Tappin' (Heartwood) 24 (SR)

Delgrosso, Rich & Maureen Toe Tappin' (Heartwood) 24 (SR)

Delmark All-Stars (Michael Coleman & The) Blues Brunch At The Mart (Delmark) 280 ATR

Delmont, Jean-Fritzner (Les Diplomates &) 20 Ans De Compas À Paris (Sacem) 129

Delmore Brothers Blues Stay Away From Me 1931-1951 (Frémeaux & Associés) 269

Delmore Brothers Freight Train Boogie (Ace) 129, 338/339 ATR

Delta Delta (own label) 210

Delta Blue The Place Where Love Is (Nesta [single]) 201

Delta Flyers, The Sixteen Bars (Soulbilly) 335 ATR

Delta Sisters, The Music From The Old Timey Hotel (Ubik Sound) 142

Deltabilly Boys (Jeremy Lyons & The) Jeremy Lyons & The Deltabilly Boys (5/8 Music) 227 ATR

Deluxe Blues Band Deluxe Blues Band (Blue Horizon) 61

Delvecchio, Ciuma Stefano: Ciuma, Salvi & Tombesi Il Mare Di Lato (Felmay) 233

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Angel Bach Gwyn (Bos [EP]) 242/243

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Bob Dolig (Crai [single]) 97

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Bob Dolig (Crai) 99

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Dore (Sain) 246

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Gedon (Crai) 118

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Gedon Video (Sain [video]) 130

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Gwbade Bach Cochlyd (Crai) 163/164

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Sgwarnogod Bach Bob (Sain) 254/255 ATR

Delyn, Bob A'R Ebillion Swarnogod Bach Bob (Crai) 91/92

DeMarco, Tony The Sligo Indians (Smithsonian Folkways) 313 ATR

Dembele, Daouda Daouda Dembele (Yaala Yaala) 290/291 ATR

Démé, Victor Deli (Chapa Blues/Naïve) 325

Démé, Victor Victor Démé (Chapa Blues (Makasound)) 306

DeMent, Iris & The Troublemakers Shepherd's Bush Empire, London 165 L

DeMent, Iris Bloomsbury Theatre, London 121 L

DeMent, Iris Cambridge Corn Exchange 168 L

DeMent, Iris Infamous Angel (Philo) 113

DeMent, Iris My Life (Warner Bros) 133

DeMent, Iris The Way I Should (Warner Bros) 165

Demerath, Ben Jack Of Fools (Compass) 209 ATR

Demers, Olivier (Nicolas Boulerice &) Un Peu D'Ci, Un Peu D'Ça (Roues & Archets/Canada Council) 281

Demingongo, Luciana: Ballou Canta & Luciana Rumba Lolango (Docura/Lusafrica) 254/255 ATR

Demirbag, Enver Kar Mi Yagmis Su Harput'un Basina (Kalan) 277

Demircioglu, Ismail (Erkan Ogur &) Anadolu Besik (Kalan) 210

Demon Barbers, The *see also Barber, Damien

Demon Barbers, The +24db (own label) 306 ATR

Demon Barbers, The The Adventures Of Captain Ward (own label) 324

Demon Barbers, The Uncut (DJC) 232

Demon Barbers, The Waxed (DJC) 269

Demore, Melanie Share My Song (Redwood) 120 ATR

Démou, Eléni & Salif Keita O Menóusis (Greek CBS [single]) 73

Dempsey Broughton Freehand (SAE) 264

Dempsey, Damien Seize The Day (Clear/Independent) 254/255

Dempsey, Damien They Don't Teach This Shit In School (Zinc Fence) 201

Dempsey, Damien To Hell Or Barbados (Clear/Independent) 292

Dempsey, Kevin The Cry Of Love [DEX C001] 39

Dempsey, Kevin: Dempsey Broughton Freehand (SAE) 264

Dempsey, Kevin (Rosie Carson &) Between The Distance (own label) 336 ATR

Dempsey, Kevin (Rosie Carson &) The Salty Diamond (own label) 326/327 ATR

Den Flygande Bokrullen 20th Century Klezmer (Arko) 189 ATR

Den Flygande Bokrullen Klezmer Et Al (Arko) 168

Den Flygande Bokrullen Tarrschullen (Arko) 238 ATR

Den Fule Amalthea [CDAM86] 123

Den Fule Halling I Köket (Footprint) 325

Den Fule Skagget (Xource) 144

Den Fule Skalv (Xource) 143

Dengate, John Australian Son Vols 1 & 2 (Shoestring) 242/243 ATR

Dengate, Paul Circum (own label) 129 ATR

Dengue Fever Cannibal Courtship (Concord) 338/339

Dengue Fever Venus On Earth (M80 Music) 297

Denissenkov, Vladimir Bajan (Felmay) 178

Denissenkov, Vladimir Guzulka (Felmay) 256 ATR

Denman, Lynne: Julie Murphy, Lynne Denman, Joanne Acty English Songs Of Love (Beautiful Jo) 179

Denman, Todd & Bill Dennehy ...Like Magic (Aniar) 162

Denman, Todd & Dale Russ Reeds And Rosin (Aniar) 175/176

Dennehy, Bill (Todd Denman &) ...Like Magic (Aniar) 162

Dennehy, Tim A Thimbleful Of Song (Góilín) 75

Dennehy, Tim A Thimbleful Of Song (Sceilig) 168

Dennehy, Tim A Winter's Tear (Cló Iar Chonnachta) 162

Dennehy, Tim Between The Mountains And The Sea (Sceilig) 250

Dennehy, Tim Farewell To Miltown Malbay (Sceilig) 175/176

Dennehy, Tim Old Boots And Flying Sandals (Sceilig) 300 ATR

Dennehy, Tim The Blue Green Door (Sceilig) 230/231

Dennison, Jeff & Benny Graham They're Coming Back To The Water (Folk Sound) 177 ATR

Denny, Sandy A Boxful Of Treasures (Fledg'ling) 258

Denny, Sandy Gold Dust - Live At The Royalty (Island) 181

Denny, Sandy Listen Listen - An Introduction (Island) 194/195 ATR

Denny, Sandy Live At The BBC (Island) 294

Denny, Sandy Rendezvous (Hannibal) 44

Denny, Sandy Sandy (Island) 100

Denny, Sandy Sandy Denny (Universal Music) 333

Denny, Sandy The BBC Sessions (Strange Fruit) 168

Denny, Sandy The North Star Grassman And The Ravens (Island) 100

Denny, Sandy The Original Sandy Denny (Mooncrest) 96

Denny, Sandy Under Review (Sexy Intellectual [DVD]) 286

Denny, Sandy Where The Time Goes (Castle) 271/272 ATR

Denny, Sandy Who Knows Where The Time Goes (Island [boxed set]) 32

Denny, Sandy & The Strawbs All Our Own Work (Witchwood Media) 328 ATR

Denny, Sandy & The Strawbs Sandy Denny & The Strawbs (Hannibal) 101

Denny, Sandy, Trevor Lucas & Friends The Attic Tracks 1972-1984 (Special Delivery) 146/147

Dent-De-Lion Les Beaux Yeux Bleus (Minuit) 151/152

Denté, Scott: Keaggy, King, Denté Invention (Sparrow) 175/176 ATR

Denver, John Portrait (RCA) 201 ATR

Deolinda Canção Ao Lado (World Connection) 311

Deolinda Dois Selos E Um Carimbo (World Connection) 333 ATR

DePedro see Zavala, Jairo

Derailers, The Jackpot (Watermelon) 157 ATR

Dermody, Grant: Johnson, Miller & Dermody Deceiving Blues (Orb Discs) 283/284 ATR

deRosa Afro Blues (WEA France) 190 ATR

Derrane, Joe Give Us Another (Green Linnet) 150

Derrane, Joe The Tie That Binds (Shanachie) 178

Derrane, Joe & Jerry O'Brien Irish Accordion Masters (Copley) 150

Derrane, Joe with John McGann Grove Lane (Compass) 331/332 ATR

Derrane, Joe, Frankie Gavin, Brian McGrath Ireland's Harvest (Mapleshade) 263

Derrane, Joe, Séamus Connolly, John McGann The Boston Edge (Mapleshade) 263

Derroll Adams Tribute Green Note, Camden, London 289 L

Dervish At The End Of The Day (Whirling Discs) 161

Dervish From Stage To Stage (Whirling Discs) 325

Dervish Harmony Hill (Whirling Music) 125

Dervish Live In Palma (Whirling) 175/176

Dervish Midsummer's Night (Whirling) 197

Dervish Playing With Fire (Whirling Discs) 145

Dervish The Boys Of Sligo (Sound) 79/80

Desai, Shamsuddin Faridi Rudra Bin (India Archive Music) 281 E

Desaunay, Patrick La Passagère (Keltia Musique) 106 ATR; 112 ATR

Desaunay, Patrick Nostalgia Magazine Vol. 1 (Buda) 317/318 ATR

Desaunay, Patrick & Serge La Pluie Et Le Beau Temps (Keltia Musique) 105 ATR

Desaunay [Patrick & Serge Desaunay] Le Beau Temps (Arche en Ciel) 30

Descamps, Jean-Lou: Susannne Rosenberg, Christophe Deslignes, Jean-Lou Descamps, Thierry Gomar Out Of Time And Country (MA Recordings) 325 ATR

Desechos Desechos (BOA [EP]) 242/243

Desert Festival Stockholm, Sweden 123 L

Desert Slide Desert Slide (Sense World Music) 282

DeSimone, Nick see Nickodemus

Deslignes, Christophe: Susannne Rosenberg, Christophe Deslignes, Jean-Lou Descamps, Thierry Gomar Out Of Time And Country (MA Recordings) 325 ATR

Desperate Danz Band Glasgow Riverside Club 51 L

Desperate Danz Band Send 3/4 We're Going To A Dance (Happas) 75

Desperate Men New Tricks (Working Joe Music) 235/236 ATR

Destroyers, The Out Of Babel (Destruction) 316 ATR

Desvarieux, Jacob & George Decimus Yelele (Greensleeves) 70

Detonators, The Sneakin' Around (Indigo) 156 ATR

Deux Accords Diront Gardadvergur (Home) 276

Devera Ngwena (Jonah Moyo &) Taxi Driver (K-ko) 58

Devereux Holland (Blazhko [single]) 192

Devereux, Bob & Clive Palmer The Archive Tapes (Rainyday) 61

Devereux, Bob (Clive Palmer &) Suns & Moons (Pig's Whisker) 202 ATR

Devereux, Brendan Copper Alley (Sitric) 170/171

Devi, Girija Girija Devi (Asian Music Circuit) 221

Devi, Girija Girija Devi (Moment) 125

Devi, Girija Inde Du Nord/North India (Ocora) 341/342 E

Devi, Girija Mandhari (Sense World Music) 307/308 E

Dhoad-Rivendell A Night In Warsaw (CM) 341/342 ATR

Devil In A Woodpile Devil In A Woodpile (Bloodshot) 190

Devil's Anvil, The Hard Rock From The Middle East (Rev-Ola) 317/318

Devils In Disguise Revealed (Get Moving!) 63

Devil's Interval, The Blood & Honey (WildGoose) 280

DeVotchKa A Mad & Faithful Telling (Anti) 299

Dewhurst, Keith & The Albion Band Lark Rise To Candleford (Charisma) 100

Dexter, Sally: Saeed Jaffrey & Sally Dexter with West India Company The Art Of Love (Editions) 108 ATR

Deyess Little Goddess (Stern's) 115/116

Deyhim, Sussan (Richard Horowitz &) Majoun (Sony) 172 ATR

Deyhim, Sussan Shy Angels (Crammed Discs) 229 ATR

Dhahbi, Yousra Rhapsody For Lute (Institut du Monde Arabe) 256 ATR

Dhar, Sheila Inde Du Nord - Voyage Intérieur (Ocora)

Dhoad Gypsies Of Rajasthan Roots Travellers (World Village) 333 ATR

Dhol Foundation Big Drum : Small World (Shakti) 222

Dhol Foundation, The Drums & Roses (TDF) 299 ATR

Di Domenica, Antonella "Rosapaeda" see Rosapaeda

Di Gojim Grine Medine (Syncoop) 111

Di Gojim Klezmer (Syncoop) 111

Di Gojim Noch A Sjoh (Syncoop) 141

Di Grine Kuzine Berlin Wedding (Skycap) 282

Di Grine Kuzine Feribot (T3) 227

Di Grine Kuzine Klezmer's Paradise (own label) 203 ATR

Di Matteo, Luis Un Dia De Mi Vada (Jaro) 187/188 ATR

Di Micele, Alice Demons And Angels (Alice Otter Music) 182/183

Di Micele, Alice Naked (Otter) 144 ATR

Di Micele, Alice Searching (Otter Music) 126 ATR

Di Naye Kapelye A Mazeldiker Yid: Old Time Klezmer From East Europe (Oriente) 227

Di Savino, Liza A Single Hope (Kite String) 108 ATR

Di Volo, Luca & Claudia Bombardella Strumenti Di Pace Live (Radici Music) 286

Diab, Amr Allem Alby (Mondo Melodia) 239

Diab, Amr Nour El Ain (EMI Arabia) 169 ATR

Diabaté, Abdoulaye Bende (Cobalt/Melodie) 192

Diabaté, Abdoulaye Djiriyo (Stern's) 155

Diabaté, Abdoulaye Djoro / Fronto (Frikyiwa [single]) 192

Diabaté, Abdoulaye Kassikoun (Syllart) 90

Diabaté, Abdoulaye: Abdoulaye Diabaté "Djoss" Sara (Completelly Nuts) 312

Diabaté, Abdoulaye (Source with) Tonight's African Jazz Band (Completelly Nuts) 285 ATR

Diabate, Adama Jako Baye (Stern's Africa) 146/147

Diabaté, Cheick Hamala & Bob Carlin From Mali To America (5-String Productions) 293

Diabate, Boubacar Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham 103/104 L

Diabate, Djanka (Sekou 'Bembeya' Diabate &) Samba Gaye (Dakar Sound) 170/171

Diabaté, Djoss see Diabaté, Abdoulaye "Djoss"

Diabate, Kasse Mady see Mady, Kasse

Diabate, Kélétigui Sandiya (Contre-Jour) 253

Diabaté, Mama: Les Soeurs Diabaté Donkili Diarabi (Guinean Love Songs) (Popular African Music) 226

Diabaté, Mamadou Behmanka (Tradition & Moderne) 259/260 ATR

Diabaté, Mamadou Courage (World Village) 333

Diabaté, Mamadou Douga Mansa (World Village) 305

Diabaté, Mamadou Sababu Man Dogo (Extraplatte) 240

Diabaté, Mamadou Tunga (Alula) 203

Diabate, Naini Nafa (Stern's Africa) 189

Diabaté, Prince Djerelon (Kora Company Collection) 282

Diabaté, Sayon: Les Soeurs Diabaté Donkili Diarabi (Guinean Love Songs) (Popular African Music) 226

Diabate, Sekou 'Bembeya' & Djanka Diabate Samba Gaye (Dakar Sound) 170/171

Diabate, Sekou 'Bembeya' Diamond Fingers (Dakar Sound) 155

Diabate, Sekou 'Bembeya' Guitar Fö (Discorama) 254/255

Diabate, Sekou 'Bembeya': Bembeya Jazz Authenticité 73 (Syliphone/Melodie) 209

Diabate, Sekou 'Bembeya': Bembeya Jazz Défi & Continuité (Syllart/Syliphone) 206/207

Diabate, Sekou 'Bembeya': Bembeya Jazz Hommage À Demba Camara (Syliphone/Melodie) 209

Diabate, Sekou 'Bembeya': Bembeya Jazz Wa Kéle (Disques Esperance) 74

Diabate, Sekouba Bambino Kassa (Stern's) 170/171

Diabate, Sekouba Bambino Le Destin (Out Of Africa) 117

Diabate, Sidiki & Ensemble Ba Togoma (Rogue/National Sound Archive) 54

Diabaté, Siramori Griot Music From Mali 3 (Pan) 242/243

Diabaté, Sona Garé Garé (Popular African Music) 155

Diabaté, Sona Kankele-Ti (Pam) 71; 111

Diabaté, Sona & M'Mah Sylla Sahel (Triple Earth) 62

Diabaté, Sona: Les Soeurs Diabaté Donkili Diarabi (Guinean Love Songs) (Popular African Music) 226

Diabate, Toumani Djelika (Hannibal) 149

Diabate, Toumani Kaira (Hannibal) 56

Diabate, Toumani King Of The Kora: An Introduction (Nascente) 314/315

Diabate, Toumani The Best Of... Master Of The Kora (Hannibal/Rykodisc) 242/243

Diabate, Toumani The Mandé Variations (World Circuit) 297

Diabate, Toumani Beaford Arts Centre, Devon 52 L

Diabate, Toumani & Ballaké Sissoko New Ancient Strings / Nouvelles Cordes Anciennes (Hannibal) 190

Diabate, Toumani & Symmetric Orchestra Shake The Whole World (Ki/oon Sony) 117

Diabate, Toumani, Ketama & Danny Thompson Songhai (Hannibal) 66

Diabate, Toumani (Ali Farka Toure &) Ali & Toumani (World Circuit) 321

Diabate, Toumani (Ali Farka Toure &) In The Heart Of The Moon (World Circuit) 265

Diabate, Toumani: Damon Albarn, Afel Bocoum, Toumani Diabate & Friends Mali Music (Honest Jon's) 227

Diabate, Toumani: Roswell Rudd/Toumani Diabate Mali Cool (Soundscraper/Universal France) 229

Diabate, Toumani: Taj Mahal, Toumani Diabate & Co. Kulanjan (Hannibal) 194/195

Diabaté, Toumani: Toumani Diabaté's Symmetric Orchestra Boulevard De L'Indépendance (World Circuit) 274

Diabate, Yiakare (Ousmane Sacko &) Camden Centre, London 43 L

Diabate, Zani & The Super Djata Band Farnham Maltings, Farnham, Surrey 72 L

Diabate, Zani & The Super Djata Band Zani Diabate & The Super Djata Band (Island/Mango) 59

Diabete, Yiakare (Ousmane Sacko &) Vols 1 & 2 (Ocora) 42

Diable, Kristin Shelter (Speakeasy) 280 ATR

Diaby, Mohamed (Abdoulaye Traoré &) Debademba (Naïve) 336

Diagne, Boubacar Tabala Wolof: Sufi Drumming Of Senegal (Village Pulse) 133

Diakite, Djeneba Piraterie (Cobalt) 132

Diakité, Ramata Na (Cobalt) 197

Diakouyou Baron Samedi Percussions Et Chants D'Ukraine (Silex) 124

Diallo, Alpha Yaya Aduna The World (Tinder) 189

Diallo, Alpha Yaya Djama (Jericho Beach Music) 266/267 ATR

Diallo, Alpha Yaya Immé (Jericho Beach) 322 ATR

Diallo, Alpha Yaya Nènè (Socan) 129

Diallo, Alpha Yaya The Message (Wicklow/BMG) 189

Diallo, Moussa Chiwara (Sundance) 244 ATR

Diallo, Ousmane see Ouza

Diallo, Yaya Nangape (Onzou) 232 ATR

Diallo, Yoro: Pekos & Yoro Diallo Pekos & Yoro Diallo (Yaala Yaala) 290/291 ATR

Dialto Paire Tranquille (Franches Connexions) 247/248 ATR

Diamantes, CuCu CuCuLand (Wrasse) 324 ATR

Diamono see Super Diamono De Dakar

Diarra, Foune: Jacky Molard Quartet & Foune Diarra Trio N'Diale (Innacor) 324

Diarra, Kady Dianako (Playasound) 254/255 ATR

Diarra, Zoumana A Manding Journey (own label) 259/260 ATR

Diarra, Zoumana Ballad Of Manding (Djenné/Stern's) 181

Diaspora A Jamaican In Cairo (Green Queen Music) 333

Diatta, Fatou see Sister Fa

Diatta, Kéno & Sona Mané Songs From Senegal (Lyrichord) 23 (SR)

Diatta, Pascal & Sona Mané Simmadé (Rogue) 75

Diawara, Djeli Moussa & Bob Brozman Ocean Blues (Mélodie) 206/207

Diawara, Djeli Moussa & Bob Brozman Ronnie Scott's, London   211/212 L

Diawara, Djeli Moussa Cimadan (Celluloid/Melodie) 117

Diawara, Djeli Moussa Djeli Moussa Diawara (Celluloid) 32

Diawara, Djeli Moussa: Jali Musa Jawara & Musicians, Ali Farka Toure Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 59 L

Diawara, Djeli Moussa: Jali Musa Jawara Jali Musa Jawara (Oval) 39

Diawara, Djeli Moussa: Jali Musa Jawara Soubindoor (World Circuit) 63

Diawara, Fatoumata Fatou (World Circuit) 340

Diaz, Angá see Diaz, Miguel 'Angá'

Diaz, Diomedes & Nicolas 'Colacho' Mendoza ¡Cantando! (GlobeStyle) 87

Díaz, Germán El Suéter De Claudia (Fonomusic) 251

Díaz, Germán Pi (Osea. Pi) (Producciones Efimeras Nube) 294 ATR

Díaz, Germán: Brigada Bravo & Díaz Músicas Populares De La Guerra Civil (Producciones Efimeras) 305 ATR

Díaz, Hugo Tangos (Iris Music) 276 ATR

Díaz, Joaquín Ola (Cinq Planètes) 274

Diaz, Julio Benavente Le Charango Du Cuzco (Ocora) 31

Diaz, Julio Benavente Pérou - Charango Et Chants Du Cuzco (Ocora) 72

Diaz, Miguel 'Angá' Echu Mingua (World Circuit) 264

Díaz, Simón Tonadas (Latin Works) 241

Dibala, Diblo see Diblo

Dibango, Manu African Soul: The Very Best Of... (Mercury) 168 ATR

Dibango, Manu African Woodoo (Frémeaux & Associés) 306 ATR

Dibango, Manu B Sides (Soul Makossa/Melodie) 237

Dibango, Manu Choc 'N Soul (Frémeaux & Associés) 329/330 ATR

Dibango, Manu Electric Africa (Celluloid) 29

Dibango, Manu Essential Recordings (Manteca) 278/279 ATR

Dibango, Manu Lion Of Africa (Global Mix) 288

Dibango, Manu Live '91 (Sterns) 108

Dibango, Manu Mboa Su/Kamer Feeling (JPS France) 209

Dibango, Manu The Rough Guide To... (World Music Network) 256 ATR

Dibango, Manu The Very Best Of - Afrosouljazz (Manteca) 213

Dibango, Manu Wakafrika (Fnac Music) 134/135

Dibango, Manu (Cuarteto Patria &) CubAfrica (Celluloid) 187/188

Diblo Super K (Jimmy's Production) 65

Diblo & Matchatcha Dance Centre, Bristol 139/140 L

Dickel Brothers, The The Recordings Of The Dickel Brothers, Volume 2 (Empty) 205 ATR

Dickel Brothers, The Volume One (Empty) 199/200

Dickens, Hazel It's Hard To Tell The Singer From The Song (Rounder) 209 ATR

Dickens, Hazel & Alice Gerrard Pioneering Women Of Bluegrass (Smithsonian/Folkways) 163/164

Dickens, Little Jimmy Straight From The Heart (Rounder) 91/92 ATR

Dickerson, Deke: Dave & Deke Combo, The Hollywood Barn Dance (Heyday) 156 ATR

Dickinson, Emmett, Rev. Vol 1 1929-30 (Document) 156 ATR

Dickinson, Emmett, Rev. (Rev. A.W. Nix &) Vol 2 (Document) 163/164 ATR

Dickinson, John Castles & Old Kings (Salient) 251

Dickinson, Johnny Border Ballads (Mawson & Wareham Music) 262

Dickinson, Johnny English Summer (Hard Road Recording) 268

Dickinson, Johnny Hilo Town (Hard Road) 286

Dickinson, Johnny Live In Concert March 2004 (Hard Road [DVD]) 252

Dickinson, Johnny Sketches From The Road (Hard Road) 277 ATR

Dickinson, Paul & Angela King Last Time I Saw Old Joe (Goat Music) 126 ATR

Dicko, Ibrahim Hamma Gao (Cobalt Africolor) 155

Dickson, Andy: Patsy Melarkey, Colin Higgins & Andy Dickson Rotterdam Bar, Belfast 47 L

Dickson, Barbara Do Right Woman/From The Beggar's Mantle... (Vocalion) 281 ATR

Dickson, Barbara Don't Think Twice It's Alright (Columbia) 114

Dickson, Barbara From The Beggars Mantle (Celtic Music) 34

Dickson, Barbara Into The Light (Chariot Music [DVD]) 305

Dickson, Barbara Parcel Of Rogues (Castle) 131

Dickson, Barbara Time And Tide (Chariot) 299 ATR

Dickson, Barbara Words Unspoken (Greentrax) 334 ATR

Dickson, Maurice Country Pickin' Blues (Mo Music) 167 ATR

Dickson, Maurice The Dreamer (MO Music) 192

Dickson, Maurice Where Eagles Fly (Mo Music) 158/159

Dickson, Tom: Robert Wilkins, Tom Dickson, Allen Shaw Memphis Blues 1928-35 (Document) 95

Diddley, Bo Bo's Blues (Ace) 125

Didjworks Collective Unconscious (Nature Beat Music) 211/212 ATR

Didjworks Grand Central Live (Nature Beat Music) 235/236

Die Citoller Tanzgeiger Am Tanzboden Belauscht (Eigenverlag) 208

Die Extremschrammeln (Roland Josef Leopold &) Essig & Öl (Warner Music) 143

Die Interpreten Stollen 4 (Trikont) 146/147 ATR

Dieng, Fallou Medina (Stern's) 206/207

Dieseal The Long Long Note (Starc) 125

Dietrich Evok (Home) 314/315

Dietrich, Jeuc: Dietrich Evok (Home) 314/315

Dieuf Dieuf: Royal Band De Thiès/Dieuf Dieuf Meanwhile In Thiès (Dakar Sound) 241

Díez, Paco Más Que Un Oficio (Several) 181

Diez, Paco Y La Bazanca Aguaclara (Several) 156

Different World Different World (Vanguard) 100 ATR

Diffie, Joe Homecoming (Rounder) 335 ATR

DiFranco, Ani & Utah Phillips Fellow Workers (Righteous Babe [USA]/Cooking Vinyl [UK]) 196

DiFranco, Ani (Utah Phillips &) The Past Didn't Go Anywhere (Righteous Babe) 162

DiFranco, Ani Ani DiFranco (own label) 102

DiFranco, Ani Dilate (Righteous Babe) 158/159

DiFranco, Ani Little Plastic Castle (Righteous Babe [USA]/Cooking Vinyl [UK]) 178

DiFranco, Ani Living In Clip (Righteous Babe) 167

DiFranco, Ani More Joy, Less Shame (Righteous Babe [single]) 166

DiFranco, Ani Not A Pretty Girl (Righteous Babe) 153

DiFranco, Ani Out Of Range (Righteous Babe) 138

DiFranco, Ani Revelling/Reckoning (Righteous Babe) 215

DiFranco, Ani So Much Shouting So Much Laughter (Righteous Babe) 233

DiFranco, Ani Swing Set (Righteous Babe [single]) 209

DiFranco, Ani To The Teeth (Righteous Babe) 199/200

DiFranco, Ani Up Up Up Up Up Up (Righteous Babe) 189

DiFranco, Ani Wish I May (Cooking Vinyl [single]) 201

Diga Rhythm Band Diga (Rykodisc) 95

Digance, Richard A Digance Indulgence (Dambuster) 24 (SR)

Digance, Richard Another Animal Alphabet (Michael Joseph) 15 P (SR)

Digance, Richard Backwater (Coast) 13 (SR)

Digance, Richard Homework (Coast) 18 (SR)

Digance, Richard Richard Digance & Friends Live At The QEH / Commercial Road (BGO) 162

Digance, Richard The Best Of The Transatlantic Years (Essential) 169 ATR

Digance, Richard Working Class Millionaire (Castle) 285 ATR

Digital Bled Caravana (Word Up/Sony) 206/207

DiGiuseppe, David Welcome To Heaven (Wizmak) 169

Dignum, Keith (Simon Rosser &) By Chance It Was (Dingles) 18 (SR)

Dikanda Usztijo (Tylko Muzyka) 269 ATR

Dikongue, Henri C'est La Vie (Buda Musique) 175/176 ATR

Dikongue, Henri Wa (Buda) 146/147

Dikongue, Henri Wa (Shanachie) 199/200

Dillard, Doug The Banjo Album (Sierra) 139/140 ATR

Dillard, Doug: Dillard & Clark The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark (Edsel) 45

Dillard, Doug: Dillard & Clark Through The Morning Through The Night (Edsel) 41; 230/231 ATR

Dillard, Doug: Doug Dillard Band Heartbreak Hotel (Flying Fish) 74

Dillard, Doug: Doug Dillard Band Jackrabbit (Sundown) 36

Dillard, Rodney At Silver Creek City (Flying Fish) 36

Dillard, Rodney Let The Rough Side Drag (Flying Fish) 108

Dillards, The I'll Fly Away (Edsel) 59

Dillards, The Let It Fly (Vanguard) 100

Dillards, The Roots & Branches/Tribute To The American Duck (BGO) 158/159

Diller, Dwight Just Banjo 99 (Yew Pine) 201 ATR

Diller, Dwight New Ploughed Ground: Virginia Mountain Music (Yew Pine Mountain Music) 185

Diller, Dwight W. Va. Mountain Music (Yew Pine Mountain Music) 172

Diller, Dwight West Virginia Mountain Music (own label [DVD]) 329/330

Diller, Dwight (Dave Bing &) In England (Yew Pine Mountain) 217 ATR

Dilleshaw, John '7 Foot Dilly' Complete Works 1929-30 (Document) 168

Dilleshaw, John '7 Foot Dilly' Georgia Bust Down 1930 (Musical Traditions) 136

Dillinger Cocaine In My Brain - The Anthology (Trojan) 258 ATR

Dillinger Kingston Ruler (Charly) 204

Dillon, Cara After The Morning (Rough Trade) 275

Dillon, Cara Cara Dillon (Rough Trade) 218/219

Dillon, Cara Hill Of Thieves (Charcoal) 306

Dillon, Cara Sweet Liberty (Rough Trade) 244

Dillon, Sandy East Overshoe (One Little Indian) 217 ATR

Dinan, Andrew: Finn, Dinan & Kelly Before The Flood (Smallworld Music) 192

Dinastia Hidalguense Sones Huastecos (Corason) 175/176

Dindin, Tata see Tata Dindin

Dindinaud, Jean see Le Professeur Inlassable

Dingle Spike Dingle Spike (SRT) 18 ATR (SR)

Dingle Spike Far From Home (Skellig) 67 ATR

Dingle Spike The Bold Fenian Men (Spike [single]) 59

Dinka Malual Wunda, Wunda! (Rakumi Arts) 257

Dinkjian, Ara (Arto Tunçboyaciyan &) Onno (Libra Music) 185

Dinkjian, Ara (Arto Tunçboyaciyan &) Tears Of Dignity (Libra Music) 178

Dinner Ladies, The Acoustic Room, The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 53 L

Dinner Ladies, The Muscle In The Bud/Behind Glass (Hannibal [single]) 53

Dinner Ladies, The These Knees Have Seen The World (Hannibal) 64

Dinner Ladies, The Tree To Breathe (Hannibal [EP]) 81

Dinning, Judy (Dave Smith &) Waiting For The Change (Rubber) 17 (SR)

Dino 7 Cordas (Raphael Rabello &) Raphael Rabello & Dino 7 Cordas (Caju) 106 ATR

Diogal Li Lan La (Diogal/Wasia) 300 ATR

Diogal Liir (Celluloid) 254/255

Diogal Urban Spirit (Wasia/PlayaSound) 329/330 ATR

Diop, Abdourahmane Biwid Afrika (United One) 143

Diop, Bu-Baca Stand (Stern's) 144

Diop, Idrissa Conscience Collective (Mikeli Music) 215

Diop, Idrissa Diamonoye Tiopite: L'Epoque De L'Evolution (Teranga) 335

Diop, Idrissa Femme Noire (Volume) 68

Diop, Vieux (Via Jo) (Worldly Triloka) 146/147 ATR

Diop, Vieux Afrika Wassa (Triloka/Gold Circle) 209

Diop, Vieux Deesso (Alebrije, via Stern's) 142 ATR

Diop, Wasis Judu Bék (Wrasse) 302/303

Diop, Wasis No Sant (Mercury) 151/152

Diop, Wasis The Best Of... (Wrasse) 249 ATR

Diop, Wasis Toxu (Mercury) 182/183 ATR

Diop, Wasis Toxu (Wrasse) 216

Dioubate, Oumou Femmes D'Afrique (Africando) 167

Dioubate, Oumou Lancey (Stern's) 122

Dioubate, Oumou Wambara (Stern's Africa) 189

Diouf, Fatou Binetou see Guewel, Fatou

Dipper, John: The John Dipper Band with Alice Jones EP (own label) 270

Dipper, John: Patterson Jordan Dipper Flat Earth (Wild Goose) 235/236

Dirks, Scott: Tony Glover, Scott Dirks & Ward Gaines Blues With A Feeling - The Little Walter Story (Routledge) 241 P

Dirtmusic BKO (Glitterhouse) 323

Dirty Aces (Giles Robson &) Crooked Heart Of Mine (Movinmusic) 340

Dirty Linen A Romany Tale (A New Day) 242/243 ATR

Dirty Linen Spring In The West (TRAD) 162

Dirty Linen Winter Fling (own label) 87

Dirty Rag Mob (Adam Tanner & The) Rare Rags & Stringband Blues (Old 97) 250 ATR

Disappear Fear Deep Soul Diver (Philo/Rounder) 146/147

Disappear Fear Seed In The Sahara (Philo) 161 ATR

Dishevellers, The Crusty Girl (Catalina [single]) 115/116

Diskreetse Mango Trio Prigadi-Pragadi (Hyper) 298 ATR

Disley, Diz & The Soho String Quintette Zing! Went The String... (Waterfront) 45

Disley, Diz (Johnny Silvo &) Blues In The Backyard (Fellside) 194/195

Disley, Diz: Dave Swarbrick, Martin Carthy & Diz Disley Rags, Reels And Airs (Topic) 198

Disney Moon Runaway/Local Hero/Stay (Whale [single]) 117

Disorder On The Border Vol. 1 (Babel) 250 ATR

Dissidenten 2001: A Worldbeat Odyssey (Exil) 223/224

Dissidenten Instinctive Traveler (Exil) 170/171

Dissidenten Live In Europe (Exil) 189 ATR

Dissidenten MixedUp Jungle (Exil Musik) 163/164 ATR

Dissidenten The Jungle Book (Exil Music) 121

Dissidenten & Jil Jilala Tanger Sessions (Exil Music) 307/308 ATR

Dissidenten & KCP Germanistan (Exil Music) 130

Dissidenten & Lem Chaheb Sahara Elektrik (Globestyle) 30

Dissing, Povl, Knut Reiersrud, Iver Kleive Den Signede Dag (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 215 ATR

Ditt Ditt Darium Ifrån Främmande Lande (Svensk Musikproduktion) 299 ATR

Dittmann, Kyat-Hend Le Premier Cosmonaute (SHAVA) 144

Divani, Dertli Hasbihâl (Kalan) 266/267

Diver, Gerry Diversions (Scorching Sun) 244 ATR

Divertimento Folk Nómadas (Armando) 325 ATR

Divided Opinions Divided Opinions (own label) 143 ATR

Divine, Johanna Mile High Rodeo (own label) 335 ATR

Diwane De Béchar Gaâda (Samarkand) 196

Dixie Chicks Dixie Chicks (Monument) 191 ATR

Dixie Chicks Fly (Monument/Sony) 197

Dixie Chicks There's Your Trouble (Epic [single]) 194/195

Dixie Hummingbirds, The 1939-47 (Document) 163/164 ATR

Dixie Hummingbirds, The Diamond Jubilation (Treasure) 262

Dixie Jubilee Singers / Bryant's Jubilee Quartet Dixie Jubilee Singers 1924-28/Bryant's Jubilee Quartet 1931 (Document) 155 ATR

Dixit, Raghu Raghu Dixit (Vishal & Shekhar Music) 326/327 E

Dixon, Dorsey: Dixon Brothers Complete Recorded Works, Vols 1-4 (1936-38) (Document) 197

Dixon, Errol Blues In The Pot/That's How You Got Killed Before (BGO) 323

Dixon, Floyd Cowtown Blues (Ace) 202 ATR

Dixon, Floyd Marshall, Texas Is My Home (Ace) 105

Dixon, Floyd Wake Up And Live (Alligator) 160

Dixon, Graham Remember Me: The Fiddle Music Of Robert Whinham (Wallace Music) 157 P

Dixon, Howard: Dixon Brothers Complete Recorded Works, Vols 1-4 (1936-38) (Document) 197

Dixon, Robert M.W.: Paul Oliver, Tony Russell, Robert M.W. Dixon, John Godrich & Howard Rye Yonder Comes The Blues (Cambridge University Press) 217 P

Dixon, Willie & Jimmy Reed Big Boss Men - Blues Legends Of The Sixties Live (Indigo) 218/219 ATR

Dixon, Willie (J.B. Lenoir &) One Of These Mornings (JSP) 43

Dixon, Willie Ginger Ale Afternoon (Varese Sarabande) 96

Dixon, Willie Hidden Charms (Silvertone) 96

Dixon, Willie Poet Of The Blues (Columbia) 187/188

Dixon, Willie The Big Three Trio (CBS) 95

Dixon, Willie Willie's Blues (Ace) 114

Dixon, Willie with Don Snowden I Am The Blues: The Willie Dixon Story (Quartet Books) 81 P

Dixon Brothers Complete Recorded Works, Vols 1-4 (1936-38) (Document) 197

Diyici, Senem: Senem Diyici Quartet Live! (Buda) 269 ATR

Dizz, Lefty (Louisiana Red &) Walked All Night Long (Corazong) 221

Dizz, Lefty (Magic Slim & The Teardrops with Lefty Dizz) The Bear Tavern, Birmingham 121 L

Dizz, Lefty Ain't It Nice To Be Loved (JSP) 79/80; 149 ATR

Dizz, Lefty Colchester Arts Centre 83 L

DJ Cheb i Sabbah see Sabbah, DJ Cheb i

DJ Dolores & Orchestra Santa Massa Contraditório? (Stern's) 235/236 ATR

DJ Pedro see Digital Bled

DJ Shantel see Shantel

Djabate, Kimi Karam (Cumbancha) 316 ATR

Djal Extra Bal (MusTraDem) 245

Djalunga Amor Fingido (Melodie/Lusafrica) 223/224

Djamel N'Tia N'Tia (Alea/Wild Boar Music) 227 ATR

Djanbutu Thiossane Ass, Mass And Pap (Intuition) 202

Djanbutu Thiossane Fass (NubeNegra) 238

Django Et Rien D'Autre Live At Les Nuits Manouches (Le Chant du Monde) 334

Djédjé, Ernest Le Roi Du Ziglibithy (Popular African Music) 226

Djembé-Faré (Maciré Sylla &) Mariama (Djembé-Faré) 167

Djiguiya Sakidi (Daquí) 246

Djindji, Dilon Dilon (Riverboat) 234

Djinn Dow see Compagnie Djinn Djow

Djoliba (The Burundi Drummers &) Town & Country Club, London 36 L

Djoloff Lawane (Emma Productions) 213

Djura, Djur Adventures In Afropea 2: The Best Of Djur Djura (Luaka Bop/Warner Bros) 129

Do Carmo, Carlos Fado Maestro (Universal) 321 ATR

Do Carmo, Carlos Un Parfum De Fado - Vol.1 (Playasound) 115/116

Do Carmo, Carlos Un Parfum De Fado - Vol.6 (Playasound) 125

Do Carmo, Lucilia Un Parfum De Fado - Vol.4 (Playasound) 125

Do Nascimento, Maria Madalena Correio see Lia De Itamaracá

Do Pífano, Edmilson see Edmilson Do Pífano

do Prato, Dona Edith Vozes Da Purificação (Discmedi Blau) 264 ATR

Doan, John A Celtic Pilgrimage (Acoustic Music) 333 ATR

Doan, John Harp Guitar: Wayfarer - Ancient Paths To Sacred Places - A Celtic Pilgrimage (Hearts O' Space) 197 ATR

Dobb, Allen Horses And Hills (Resource) 182/183

Dobong'na, Erika see Princess Erika

DobaCaracol Soley (Indica) 273 ATR

Dobranotch Gagarin Chochek (Orange World) 276

Dobrofest, 5th Trnava, Slovakia 161 L

Dobson, Bonnie Viva La Canadienne (Bear Family) 331/332

Dobson, Richard Mankind (Sundown) 141

Dobson, Richard Sings Townes Van Zandt - Amigos (Brambus) 132

Dobson, Richard & Rod MacDonald T&C2, London 111 L

Dobson, Richard & State Of The Heart Hearts & Rivers (Brambus) 95 ATR

Doc Mustard Songs From Under The Ying-Yang Tree (own label) 93

Docdoc (Huegu &) Bura Bura Yan (Trees Music & Art) 251

Dòchas An Darna Umhail (The Second Glance) (Macmeanmna) 266/267

Dòchas Dochas (Macmeanmna) 245

Docherty, Jimmy & The Velvet Tinkers Jimmy Docherty & The Velvet Tinkers (own label) 321 ATR

Doctor *see also Dr

Doctor Socrates On Byker Hill (World Upside Down) 234 ATR

Doctor Socrates Spirits (World Upside Down) 244 ATR

Doctor Socrates Time Travelling (World Upside Down) 333 ATR

Doctor Strangely Strange see Dr Strangely Strange

Doctor Sunshine Sunny Songs For Children (Kettle) 20 (SR)

Doctorow, Caroline That Changes Everything (Narrow Lane) 228 ATR

Doctors Of Dub Doctors Of Dub (Croc) 126 ATR

Doctors Of Dub The Manawar (Crocodile [single]) 139/140

Dodds, David Sporting Dogs (Folktracks) 1 (SR)

Dodson, Anne Against The Moon (Beech Hill Music) 211/212 ATR

Dodson, Anne Almost Grown (Beech Hill) 153 ATR

Dodson, Anne From Where I Sit (Beech Hill) 132

Dodson, Anne Tranquility Grange (Fretless, via Rounder) 54 ATR

Doel, Fran & Geoff Folklore Of Kent (Tempus Publishing) 253 P

Dog Roses, The When I Get To Where I'm Going (own label) 209 ATR

Dogan, Aynur see Aynur

Dogg, Tymon Relentless (Tug) 76

Dogg, Tymon The Irrepressible Tymon Dogg (Rev-ola) 333

Dogg, Tymon Manchester International 93 L

Dogg, Tymon (Robb Johnson / Tymon Dogg) 21 South Street, Reading 78 L

Doherty, John Bundle And Go (Green Linnet) 122

Doherty, John Bundle And Go (Topic) 24 (SR)

Doherty, John The Celebtrated Recordings (Shanachie) 175/176

Doherty, John The Floating Bow (Claddagh) 165

Doherty, Katie Bridges (Park) 298

Doherty, Kevin Strange Weather (Key Quay) 196 ATR

Doherty, Liz & Fiddlesticks Racket In The Rectory (Footstompin) 204

Doherty, Liz Last Orders (Foot Stompin') 199/200

Doherty, Mickey The Gravel Walks: The Fiddle Music Of Mickey Doherty (Comhairle Bhéaloideas Eireann) 97

Doherty, Tom Take The Bull By The Horns (Green Linnet) 130

Doina Klezmer Nomada (Alba) 263 ATR

Doina Timisului Romanian Tradition (ARC Music) 258 ATR

Doiron, Julie: Daniel, Fred and Julie Daniel, Fred & Julie (You've Changed) 324 ATR

Dolan, Brendan: Joanie Madden, Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey & Brendan Dolan Pride Of New York (Compass) 317/318 ATR

Dolan, Felix: Joe Burke, Andy McGann & Felix Dolan A Tribute To Michael Coleman (Green Linnet) 168

Dolan, Felix: Joe Burke, Andy McGann, Felix Dolan The Funny Reel (Shanachie) 9 (SR)

Dolgin, Josh see SoCalled

Dollimore, Kris No Ghosts In This House (Sun Pier) 336 ATR

Dollis, Bo & The Wild Magnolias 1313 Hoodoo Street (Aim) 177

Dollymops Long Songs (Rattletrap) 340

Dolphin Boy Vertical Variations Vol 1 (Vertical) 309 ATR

Dominguez, Reutilio Jr see Reutilio

Dominguinhos, Sivuca & Oswaldinho Cada Um Belisca Um Pouco (Biscoito Fino/Discmedi Blau) 264

Don & Dewey Jungle Hop (Ace) 105

Dona Rosa Alma Livre (Jaro) 297

Dona Rosa Segredos (Jaro) 240 ATR

Donahue, Jerry Neck Of The Wood (Road Goes On Forever) 113

Donahue, Jerry Telecasting (Making Waves) 41

Donahue, Jerry Telecasting (Recast) (Telebender Music) 189

Donahue, Mike St Helena's Shore (Camus) 68

Donaldson, Jim ...Doin' Alright (own label) 156 ATR

Donaldson, Jim Jim Donaldson (Just Music) 114 ATR

Donarier, Mathieu: Zår Ensemble Shanbehzadeh & Mathieu Donarier Trio (Buda) 338/339

Donegal X-Press, The Quins Diaries (own label) 205

Donegan, Lonnie Just About As Good As It Gets! Vol. 2: Lonnie Donegan (Smith & Co.) 324 ATR

Donegan, Lonnie Lonnie Live! Rare Tapes From The Late 60s (Upbeat) 309 ATR

Donegan, Lonnie Putting On The Style (Delta) 209 ATR

Donegan, Lonnie Talking Guitar Blues: The Very Best Of... (Sequel) 199/200

Donegan, Lonnie & His Skiffle Group Rock Island Line (KAZ) 112

Donegan, Lonnie (Van Morrison &) The Skiffle Sessions - Live In Belfast (Virgin) 201

Donegan, Peter: The Peter Donegan Band Live At The Elephant (Road Goes On Forever) 288 ATR

Donley, Jimmy Born To Be A Loser (Edsel/Crazy Cajun) 191 ATR

Donna The Buffalo Positive Friction (Sugar Hill) 208

Donna The Buffalo Rockin' In The Weary Land (Sugar Hill) 182/183

Donnelly, Des (Miles Goldrick &) Champions Of The North (Bop) 87

Donnelly, Dezi Familiar Footsteps (Smallworld Music) 202

Donnelly, Donall & Brian Hanlon Driven (own label) 251

Donnelly, Sean Erin's Lovely Home (Spring) 145

Donnelly, Sean On Breezes Fresh And Fair (Spring) 69 ATR

Donnisulana Per Agata (Silex) 117

Dono, Maite Corazón De Brief (Do Fol) 189 ATR

Donockley, Troy The Unseen Stream (Alliance Music [single]) 179

Donoghue, Celine Something Else (REL) 251

Donohue, Dónal Ceol's Rann (Aonar Music) 301 ATR

Donohue, Pat Advanced Fingerstyle Guitar Solos (Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop [video]) 145

Donohue, Pat Profile (Bluesky) 270 ATR

Donohue, Pat Manhattan To Memphis (Red House) 34

Donohue, Pat Pat Donohue (Red House) 60

Donovan A Gift From A Flower To A Garden (BGO) 126

Donovan Donovan (BGO) 185 ATR

Donovan Donovan Rising (Permanent) 94

Donovan Fairytale/What's Been Did And What's Been Hid (Castle) 228

Donovan HMS Donovan (Beat Goes On) 179 ATR

Donovan Summer Day Reflection Songs (Sanctuary) 271/272 ATR

Donovan Sunshine Superman: The Journey Of Donovan (SPV [DVD]) 306

Donovan Olympic Theatre, Dublin 93 L

Donovan, Barb Love You Blind, Thin Line (own label) 106

Donovan, Dan Dust Shaker (Mister) 149 ATR

Donovan, Dan Trashbone Thang (Sticky Music) 129 ATR

Donso Donso (Comet) 336

Doo The Doo Re Zo Re (Avelouest) 250 ATR

Dooley, Paul Music From The Robert Ap Huw Manuscripts Volume 1 (own label) 271/272

Dooley, Paul The Harper's Fancy (own label) 328 ATR

Doonan Family Band, The Fenwicks Window (Folksound) 105

Doonan Family Band, The: The Doonan Family / Bob Fox & Stu Luckley Acoustic Music Centre, Edinburgh Fringe 77 L

Doonan, Mick: Matthews/Wilson/Doonan Matthews/Wilson/Doonan (Rola) 9 (SR)

Doonicans, The Fisherwoman's Way/The Drunken Pretender/& others [unnamed] (Probe Plus [single]) 50

Doonicans, The The Green Room, Manchester 59 L

Dopsie, Dwayne & The Zydeco Hellraisers Up In Flames (Sound of New Orleans) 319/320

Dopsie, Rockin' Saturday Night Zydeco (Sonnet) 67

Dopsie, Rockin' & The Cajun Twisters Zy-de-co-in' (Sonet) 94

Dopsie, Rockin' Jr & The Zydeco Twisters Feet Don't Fail Me Now (AIM) 156

Dorcena, Marlene Mésy (Contre Jour) 238

Dordan Celtic Aire (Narada) 199/200

Dordan The Night Before: A Celtic Christmas (Narada) 175/176

Dore, Charlie Cheapskate Lullabyes (Black Ink) 336 ATR

Dorge, Pierre: Færd, Dorge, Becker, Hjetland Kryss (Tutl) 314/315

Dorje, Lama Urgyen The Lake Of The Lotus (Naïve) 214

Dorjee, Sherap Tibet: Songs From The Six High Valleys (Buda) 257

Dorkestra (Robert Shannon Meitus & The) Robert Shannon Meitus And The Dorkestra (Scratch) 95 ATR

Dornfeld, Ruthie (Jeremiah McLane &) Hummingbird (Epact Music) 246

Dorris, Ciaran Home (Greentrax) 333

Dorsey, Georgia Tom Come On Mama And Do That Dance (Yazoo) 115/116

Dorzée, Aurélie Horror Vacui (Home) 314/315

Dorzée, Aurélie: Aurélia Hypnogol - Journal D'Un Capitaine ( 298

Dorzée, Aurélie: Aurélia The Hour Of The Wolf (Home) 335

Dostoyevskys Radio Friendly (Blood [EP]) 127/128

Doty, Jeff & Teri Key To The Gate (from Folklore Limited) 126 ATR

Double Clutchin' (Chris Ardoin &) Best Kept Secret (Rounder) 214

Double Clutchin' (Chris Ardoin &) Turn The Page (Rounder) 191

Double Decker String Band Sentimental Songs And Old-Time Melodies (Fretless/Philo) 17 (SR)

Double Helix Lowry Centre, Salford 239 L

Doucet, David "1957" (Rounder) 202

Doucet, Michael *see also Savoy-Doucet Band; Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band

Doucet, Michael Beau Solo (Arhoolie) 87

Doucet, Michael Dit Beausoleil (Arhoolie) 14 (SR)

Doucet, Michael From Here On (Smithsonian Folkways) 302/303 ATR

Doucet, Michael & Cajun Brew Hot Cajun Rhythm'n'Blues (Special Delivery) 60

Doucet, Michael with Beausoleil Parlez-Nous Á Boire (Arhoolie) 25

Doucet, Michael: Doucet, Poullard & Senauke Cajun Jam Session (Arhoolie) 83

Doucet, Michael: Kenny Baker/ Michael Doucet/Séamus Connolly/Joe Cormier/Claude Williams/Alison Krauss Masters Of The Folk Violin (Arhoolie) 129 ATR

Doucet, Michael: Michael 'Beausoleil' Doucet with Family & Friends Le Hoogie Boogie (Louisiana French Music For Children) (Rounder) 115/116

Doueh: Group Doueh Beatte Harab (Sublime Frequencies) 334

Doueh: Group Doueh Zanya Jumma (Sublime Frequencies) 337

Doueh: Omar Souleyman/Group Doueh St George's Church, Brighton 313 L

Doug [Rise & Doug] see Veitch, Champion Doug

Doughty, Francis Among Trees (own label) 191 ATR

Doughty, Tom Have A Taste Of This! (Corker Music) 314/315 ATR

Doughty, Tom Running Free (Corker Music) 286

Douglas, Blair A Summer In Skye (Macmeanmna) 169 ATR

Douglas, Blair Beneath The Beret (Skye) 94

Douglas, Blair Celtology (Redburn) 24 (SR)

Douglas, Blair Stay Strong / Bithibh Laidir / Rester Fort (Ridge) 309

Douglas, Jerry Best Of The Sugar Hill Years (Sugar Hill) 288 ATR

Douglas, Jerry Fluxedo (Rounder) 14 (SR)

Douglas, Jerry Lookout For Hope (Sugar Hill) 229

Douglas, Jerry Restless On The Farm (Sugar Hill) 184

Douglas, Jerry Slide Rule (Sugar Hill) 113

Douglas, Jerry Under The Wire (Sugar Hill) 146/147 ATR

Douglas, Jerry (Peter Rowan &) Yonder (Sugar Hill) 158/159

Douglas, Jerry / Bela Fleck Tudor Rooms, Dublin 45 L

Douglas, Jerry: Bhatt/Douglas/Meyer Bourbon & Rosewater (Water Lily Acoustics) 151/152

Douglas, Jerry, Russ Barenberg, Edgar Meyer Skip, Hop & Wobble (Sugar Hill) 129

Douglas, Jerry: Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain, Volume 1 (Whirlie) 321 ATR

Douglas, Jerry: Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain, Volume 2 (Whirlie) 328 ATR

Douglas, Jerry: Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain (Whirlie [DVD]) 322

Douglas, K.C. Big Road Blues (Ace) 69

Douglas, K.C. Mercury Blues (Arhoolie) 190

Douglas, Lizzie see Memphis Minnie

Douglas, Malcolm: F. Purslow (ed.) Marrowbones: English Folk Songs From The Hammond & Gardiner Manuscripts, rev. by M. Douglas & S. Gardham (EFDSS) 297 P

Douglas, Sheila (compiler & ed.) The Sang's The Thing (Polygon) 114 P

Douglas, Sheila Lines Upon The Water: A Collection Of Original Songs (Ossian Publications) 186 P

Douglas, Sheila, Emily B. Lyle, Patrick Shuldham-Shaw (eds) The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection - Vol. 7 (Mercat Press) 186 P

Douglass, Greg Maelstrom (Taxim) 119

Douglass, Greg: Peter Rowan, Tex Logan & Greg Douglass Revelry (Waterfront) 18 (SR)

Doumaz, Réda Yadra? (El-Ouns/Night & Day) 197 ATR

Doumbia, Kokanko Sata see Kokanko Sata

Doumbia, Mamadou Mandinka Acoustic: Sobe (Bad News) 138

Doumbia, Mamadou with Mandinka Yafa (JVC) 168 ATR

Doumbia, Mariam see Mariam

Doumbia, Nahawa Diby (Cobalt/Melodie) 251

Doumbia, Moussa Keleya (Oriki Music) 292

Doumbia, Nahawa Didadi (Syllart) 58

Doumbia, Nahawa Fatien / Yankaw (Frikyiwa [single]) 192

Doumbia, Nahawa Mangoni (Stern's Africa) 120

Doumbia, Nahawa Nyama Toutou (Stern's) 91/92

Doumbia, Nahawa Yaala (Cobalt) 205

Doumbia, Nahawa Yankaw (Cobalt) 173

Doumbia, Nahini & Les Espoirs Du Mali Percussion And Songs From Mali (ARC Music) 319/320

Doumbouya, Ahmadou see Sodia, Amadou

Dour, Yann [&] Tenzin Gönpo Bretagne Tibet (Coop Breizh) 245

Douse, Cliff The Guitarist Book Of Guitar Players (Music Maker Books) 132 P

Douvizy, Gérard (André Ricros &) Un Piano Dans Le Pré (Modal Pleinjeu) 245

Dover, Connie Somebody (Taylor Park Music) 103/104

Dover, Connie The Border Of Heaven (Taylor Park Music) 211/212 ATR

Dover, Connie The Wishing Well (Taylor Park Music) 133

Dow, Nick A Mark Upon The Earth (Old House) 51

Dow, Nick In Retrospect (Old House) 84

Dow, Nick Marina (Old House) 99

Dow, Nick My Love You've Won To Keep (Old House Music) 337 ATR

Dow, Nick The Poor Man's Gift (Old House) 20 (SR)

Dow, Nick Then As Now (Old House) 99

Dowling, Christine: Martin Dowling, Christine Dowling, Dáithí Sproule A Thousand Farewells (Cottage Music) 178

Dowling, Martin, Christine Dowling, Dáithí Sproule A Thousand Farewells (Cottage Music) 178

Dowling, Mike Swamp Dog Blues (Strictly Country) 158/159

Down Home Folks (Buck White & The) Buck White & The Down Home Folks (Fundamental) 59

Down Home Music (Frank Scott & The Staff Of Down Home Music) The Down Home Guide To The Blues (A Cappella Books) 105 P

Down Trodden String Band Land Of The Sky (own label) 302/303 ATR

Downes, Paul Overdue (HTD) 156

Downes, Paul: Downes & Beer Live At Nettlebed (Talking Elephant) 306 ATR

Downes, Paul (Mick Ryan &) Away In The West (WildGoose) 333

Downes, Paul (Mick Ryan &) Grand Conversation (WildGoose) 305

Downey, Roma: Frank McCourt, Roma Downey & Pan Morigan Castles Of Gold (Green Linnet) 230/231 ATR

Downliners Sect Dangerous Ground (Birch) 184 ATR

Downliners Sect Showbiz (Indigo) 181 ATR

Downs, Lila La Cantina "Entre Copa Y Copa" (EMI) 278/279

Downs, Lila La Sandunga (Narada World) 249

Downs, Lila Lila Downs Y La Misteriosa En Paris - Live À FIP (World Village) 323

Downs, Lila Shake Away (EMI Manhattan) 306

Downs, Lila Tree Of Life (Narada World) 217 ATR

Downs Festival Of Traditional Singing Hermitage, Berkshire 61 L; 74 L

Doyle, John Evening Comes Early (Shanachie) 221

Doyle, John (Karan Casey &) Exiles Return (Compass) 325

Doyle, John (Liz Carroll &) In Play (Compass) 299 ATR

Doyle, Robert Trasna Na Slí (D1) 305 ATR

Doyle, Teresa & The Girls Of Bedlamb If Fish Could Sing (Bedlam) 196 ATR

Doyle, Teresa Forerunner (Bedlam) 105 ATR

Doyle, Teresa Stowaway (Bedlam) 131 ATR

Dozan Introducing Dozan (World Music Network) 313

Dozzler, Christian & The Blues Wave Smile Awhile (Wolf) 181 ATR

Dr *see also Doctor

Dr Abe see Abe, Phoebe

Dr Bajan see Bajan, Dr

Dr Bowser's Brown Bowel Oil Band A Good Run For Your Money (Warm Lard) 14 ATR (SR)

Dr Bowser's Brown Bowel Oil Band Not To Be Sniffed At (Warm Lard) 29

Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band Music For Parlours And Promenades (own label) 317/318 ATR

Dr Cosgill Benediction (Goatbag) 11 (SR)

Dr Didg Out Of The Woods (Hannibal) 144

Dr Didg Seronality (no label given [single]) 179

Dr Didg Serotonality (Hannibal) 179

Dr Eugene Dr Eugene (Appel) 335; 336 ATR

Dr Faustus see also Faustus

Dr Faustus The First Cut (Fellside) 245

Dr Faustus Wager (Fellside) 265

Dr Huk see Zawose, Hukwe

Dr Joel: Dr JSM Turn On the Dreams (Plateau Arts) 268 ATR

Dr John Such A Night - Live In London (Spindrift) 22 (SR)

Dr JSM Turn On the Dreams (Plateau Arts) 268 ATR

Dr Loco's Rockin' Jalapeño Band ¡Puro Party! (Flying Fish) 151/152 ATR

Dr Paul see Brown, Paul [Dr Paul]

Dr Strangely Strange Alternative Medicine (Big Beat) 179

Dr Strangely Strange Halcyon Days (Hux) 293 ATR

Dr Strangely Strange Kip Of The Serenes (Hux) 310

Dr Strangely Strange Kip Of The Serenes (Island) 114 ATR

Dr Sunshine see Doctor Sunshine

Draghici, Damian Damian Draghici (Lyrichord) 203

Draghici, Damian Damian With The London Symphony Orchestra (Dharma) 258 ATR

Dragoï, Emy Etno-Fonia (Frémeaux & Associés) 297

Dragoi, Ion Ion Dragoi (Electrecord) 232

Dragonaires (Byron Lee & The) Jamaica Ska And Other Party Anthems (Trojan) 258 ATR

Dragonaires (Byron Lee & The) Rock Steady Party (Charly) 199/200 ATR

Dragonar (Trad) [no details given] 31 ATR

Dragonfall Cleary's Window (Sweet Starling [single]) 186

Dragonfall Silver Sea (Sweet Starling) 186 ATR

Dragonsfire A Present From The Past (Belltree) 151/152 ATR

Dragonsfly The Ridgeway (Wildwood Acoustic) 264

Drailles Quintette De Violins (Modal Pleinjeu) 196

Draíocht The Druid And The Dreamer (CBM) 130

Drake, Frank [Photographer: Frank Drake] Sounds Of Music (Tangent Books) 323 P

Drake, Nick Fruit Tree (Hannibal [boxed set]) 42

Drake, Nick Time Of No Reply (Hannibal) 42

Drala Drala (Dharma Moon) 237 ATR

Drambuie Kirkliston Pipe Band A Link With The '45 (Greentrax) 149 ATR

Dramé, Adama 30 Years Of Jembé (Playasound) 172 ATR

Dramé, Adama Djembe Solo (Airmail/Sunset) 325 ATR

Dramé, Adama Tama/Voyages (Playasound) 222

Dramé, Adama (Marc Vella &) Continents (Indigo) 113

Dranes, Arizona Complete Recorded Works 1926-29 (Document) 130

Dranouter Folk Festival Belgium 40 L; 100 :L

Dransfield, Barry (Alan Stivell / Barry Dransfield) Sir George Robey, Finsbury Park, London 43 L

Dransfield, Barry Barry Dransfield (Spinney) 242/243

Dransfield, Barry Be Your Own Man (Rhiannon) 139/140

Dransfield, Barry The Dolly Pub, Oxford 142 L

Dransfield, Barry Unruly (Violin Workshop) 264

Dransfield, Barry Wings Of The Sphinx (Rhiannon) 162

Dransfield, Barry: Dransfield The Fiddler's Dream (Castle) 254/255 ATR

Dransfield, Barry: Dransfield The Fiddler's Dream (Essential) 168

Dransfield, Barry: Robin & Barry Dransfield Up To Now (Free Reed) 169

Dransfield, Robin Tidewave (Topic) 7 (SR)

Dransfield, Robin: Dransfield The Fiddler's Dream (Castle) 254/255 ATR

Dransfield, Robin: Dransfield The Fiddler's Dream (Essential) 168

Dransfield, Robin & Barry Up To Now (Free Reed) 169

Draska Along The Way (Drasta) 313 ATR

Draupner Draupner (Caprice) 225

Dreamcatcher Dreamcatcher (Mango/Oval) 168 ATR

Dreamers Circus Dreamers Circus (GO' Danish Folk Music) 334

Dremmwel Glazik (Dremmwel) 220

Dremmwel Lans (own label) 285 ATR

Drennon, Maggie Maggie Drennon (Loose Goose) 227

Drever, Ivan & Dick Clarke October Bridge (Attic) 74

Drever, Ivan & Duncan Chisholm The Lewis Blue (Iona) 193

Drever, Ivan & Struan Eaglesham Back To Back (Attic) 138

Drever, Ivan Black White And Blue An (Orcadian) 211/212 ATR

Drever, Ivan Every Broken Heart (Attic) 118

Drever, Ivan Four Walls (Iona) 168 ATR

Drever, Ivan Isles Ne'er Forgotten (Attic) 118

Drever, Ivan Orkney Songs, Tunes And Verses Volumes 1-4 (Burness Books) 79/80P

Drever, Kris Black Water (Reveal) 283/284

Drever, Kris Mark The Hard Earth (Navigator) 322

Drever, Kris (Éamonn Coyne &) Honk Toot Suite (Compass) 285 ATR

Drew, Ray Too Much Lovin' (Midnight Creeper) 179

Drew, Ronnie The Humour Is On Me Now (Dolphin [single]) 197

Driessen, Casey 3D (Sugar Hill) 277 ATR

Driftwood Bears Live 7/2/02 (own label [EP]) 230/231

Driftwood Manor, The The Same Figure (Leaving) (Rusted Rail & Slow Loris) 341/342 ATR

Drinker's Drouth Bound To Go (Drouth) 22 (SR)

Drinker's Drouth When The Kye Comes Hame [DD 001] 15 ATR (SR)

Drinker's Drouth with Davy Steele A Tribute (Greentrax) 226 ATR

Driscoll, Becki (Nick Wyke &) Beneath The Black Tree (English Fiddle) 313 ATR

Driscoll, Becki (Nick Wyke &) The Calling (English Fiddle) 281

Driscoll, Ray Wild Wild Berry (Proper Job Artension) 309 ATR

Drive By Truckers Pizza Deliverance (Zane) 203 ATR

Drive The Weavers Mad Drive The Weavers Mad (own label) 214 ATR

Drobez, Bojan Krog Na Vodi (RTB) 45 ATR

Drohne Hurdy-Gurdy Mandrohne (Balancing Act) 261

Drohne Radio Noir (Balancing Act) 220 ATR

Drolma, Choying see Choying Drolma

Dromedary Artifact (Solponticallo) 227 ATR

Dromedary Live From The Make Believe (Dromedary) 244 ATR

Drones & Bellows Song Of The Chanter (Music Partner) 179 ATR

Drones & Bellows The Dancing Dog (GO' Danish) 225 ATR

Drones (B & The) Sting In The Tail (Border Keep) 20 (SR)

Drones, The Giant Bonsai (own label) 156 ATR

Drones, The The Drones (own label) 101

Droney, Chris Down From Bell Harbour (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 277

Drop The Box Drop The Box (Lochshore) 153 ATR

Drop The Box Loveday Brightest Spark (Brightest Spark) 218/219 ATR

Dropkick Murphys Sing Loud, Sing Proud (Hellcat) 214 ATR

Drovers, The The Drovers (own label) 110 ATR

Druce, Emily New Day (Roly) 230/231

Druce, Emily The Guilt Trip (Roly Recordings) 204

Druce, Emily: Druce & Jones Songs From The Silver Band Room (Dusty) 250

Druga Godba '96 Lubljana, Slovenia 161 L

Druha Trava & Peter Rowan New Freedom Bell (Compass) 209

Druha Trava Cjechmate (Compass) 190 ATR

Druid Soul Band, The The Druid Soul Band (own label) 126 ATR

Druidspear Slow (Anew Music) 168 ATR

Drum Drum Drum Drum (own label) 249 ATR

Drummer, Johnny Rockin' In The Juke Joint (Earwig) 301

Drummers Of Burundi, The (The Drummers Of Burundi / Ayub Ogada) Royal Festival Hall, London 190 L

Drummers Of Burundi, The (Winter WOMAD: The Drummers Of Burundi & Special Guests) 'V' Shed, Bristol 57 L

Drupka, Jigme Endless Songs From Bhutan (Grappa) 214

Druzina Druzina (Barrandov) 271/272 ATR

Druzina Tragare (Indies) 281 ATR

Dry Branch Fire Squad 30th Anniversary Special (Rounder) 293 ATR

Dry Branch Fire Squad Echoes Of The Mountains (Rounder) 314/315 ATR

Dry Branch Fire Squad Good Neighbours & Friends (Rounder) 30 ATR

Dry Branch Fire Squad Hand Hewn (Rounder) 217 ATR

Dry Branch Fire Squad Live At Last (Rounder) 167 ATR

Dry Branch Fire Squad Long Journey (Rounder) 105 ATR

Drymbago Dyddiau Da (Rasal/Sain) 278/279 ATR

Du-Tels, The (The Du-Tels / Dysfunctionells) Mercury Lounge, New York City 139/140 L

Du-Tels, The No Knowledge Of Music Required (Shimmy Disc) 220 ATR

Dual Dual (Machair) 307/308

Duarte, Chris: Chris Duarte Group Tailspin Headwhack (Silvertone) 174 ATR

Duarte, Juju Da Rua Dos Ossos (Art Hurts) 313 ATR

Dub Ainu Band (Oki Dub Ainu Band) Oki Dub Ainu Band (Chikar Studio) 286

Dub Ainu Band (Oki Dub Ainu Band) Sakhalin Rock (Chikar Studio) 331/332

Dub Colossus A Town Called Addis (Real World) 306

Dub Colossus Addis Through The Looking Glass (Real World) 336

Dub Colossus Dub Me Tender Vol 1 (Yeka Sub City) 340

Dub Colossus Return To Addis (Real World) 314/315 ATR

Dub Syndicate Acres Of Space (Lion & Roots) 221

Dube, Lucky Africa's Reggae King (Manteca) 221

Dube, Lucky Jah In Africa: The Reggae Man (Rough Guide To Lucky Dube) (World Music Network) 221

Dube, Lucky Respect (Gallo/Warner Jazz) 293 ATR

Dube, Lucky Soul Taker (Wrasse) 225 ATR

Dube, Lucky The Best Of... (Gallo) 300

Dube, Lucky The Other Side (Heartbeat) 249

Dube, Lucky Trinity (Tabu) 146/147

Dube, Lucky Victims (Flame Tree) 125

Dubliners (The) & The Pogues The Irish Rover (Sanctuary [single]) 242/243

Dubliners, The 30 Years A-Greying (Lunar) 115/116

Dubliners, The Black Velvet Band (Connoisseur Collection) 77

Dubliners, The Celebration (Stylus) 49

Dubliners, The Dublin (Essential) 81

Dubliners, The Finnegan Wakes (Castle Music) 246 ATR

Dubliners, The In Concert (Castle Music) 246 ATR

Dubliners, The Milestones (Transatlantic) 146/147

Dubliners, The Spirit Of The Irish (Sanctuary) 239 ATR

Dubliners, The The Dubliners With Luke Kelly (Castle Music) 246 ATR

Dubliners, The The Transatlantic Anthology (Castle) 208 ATR

Dubliners, The Too Late To Stop Now! (Demon Music Group) 289 ATR

Dubliners, The Worthing Assembly Hall 47 L

Dubois, André, Philippe Prieur, Gilles Dubois Morceaux De Plaisir (AR Productions) 268

Dubois, Gilles: André Dubois, Philippe Prieur, Gilles Dubois Morceaux De Plaisir (AR Productions) 268

Ducap, Narmine Ségas Instrumentaux 1966-1976 (Takamba) 307/308 ATR

Duchaine, Kent Live At 'Les Loufiats' (Cadillac) 192

Duchess & Her Dukes Funny Man (Pelican) 247/248 ATR

Duck Soup Duck Soup (Hebe) 268

Duck Soup Open On Sundays (Hebe) 328

Duellists, The English Hurdy Gurdy Music (Panic ATC) 172

Dufay Collective, The A L'Estampida - Mediæval Dance Music (Continuum) 107

Duff, Dom Straed An Amann (Coop Breizh) 245

Duff, Mary Shades Of Blue (Ritz) 168 ATR

Duffey, John: Eddie Adcock, John Duffey, Tom Gray, Charlie Waller Classic Country Gents Reunion (Sugar Hill) 82

Dug Before All These Years (Nix [EP]) 170/171

Dug Trends & Traditions (Tocano [single]) 166

Duggan Family, The Trad. (Clo lar Connachta) 129

Duhan, Johnny Family Album (Round Tower) 97

Duhks, The Migrations (Sugar Hill) 281

Duhks, The The Duhks (Sugar Hill) 264

Duhks, The Your Daughters And Your Sons (Sugar Hill) 274 ATR

Duhon, Hector (Octa Clark &) Old Time Cajun Music (Arhoolie) 203 ATR

Duigan, Packie: Sean McAloon, John Rea, Packie Duigan & Seamus Horan Irish Traditional Music (Temple) 215

Duignan, Eoin Coumíneol [CEFCD 163] 127/128

Duke, Will Out Of The Box (Country Branch) 301

Duke, Will & Dan Quinn Scanned: Music For Lungs And Bellows (Hebe Music) 221

Duke, Will & Dan Quinn Wild Boys (Hebe) 163/164

Dúlamán: Seoirse Ó'Dochartaigh Agus Dúlamán Dulamán a tSléibhe (Errigal) 235/236

Dulaman Four Years In November (own label) 268 ATR

Dulcamara Dulcamara (A.C. Tre Martelli) 52

Dulce: Mingas Wazimbo Dulce Elisa Gomara Saia (Sudnord) 72

Dulcimer Dulcimer (See For Miles) 110 ATR

Dulcimer Into The Night (President) 167 ATR

Dulcimer Rob's Garden (President) 151/152 ATR

Dulcimer Weekend Glebe House, Cornwall 59 L

Dulzaineros De Vilorio Siertería (Sonifolk) 165 ATR

Dumfries & Galloway Arts Festival Folk Weekend Scotland 50 L

Dummer, John: The John Dummer Blues Band Nine By Nine (Indigo) 146/147

Dun, Aidan Andrew see Aidan AD

Dunachie, Steve (Polly Bolton / Steve Dunachie / John Shepherd) Songs From A Cold Open Field (own label) 120

Dunachie, Steve (Polly Bolton, John Shepherd & Steve Dunachie) The Bull Hotel, Ludlow 84 L

Dunachie, Steve: Polly Bolton, John Shepherd & Steve Dunachie Woodbine And Ivy (own label) 93

Dunaway, David King How Can I Keep From Singing?: Pete Seeger (Harrap) P 25

Dunbar, Sly: Sly & Robbie Dub Masters (Charly) 204

Dunbar, Sly: Sly & Robbie Riddim: The Best Of Sly & Robbie In Dub 1978-1985 (Trojan) 254/255 ATR

Duncan, Arthur see Duncan, Little Arthur

Duncan, Glen: Larry Cordell, Glen Duncan & Lonesome Standard Time Larry Cordell, Glen Duncan & Lonesome Standard Time (Sugar Hill) 115/116 ATR

Duncan, Gordon (Angus McColl, Gordon Duncan) The Piping Centre 1996 Recital Series - Vol. 4 (Temple) 180 ATR

Duncan, Gordon Just For Gordon (Greentrax) 297 ATR

Duncan, Gordon Just For Seumas (Greentrax) 139/140

Duncan, Gordon The Circular Breath (Greentrax) 175/176

Duncan, Gordon Thunderstruck (Greentrax) 246

Duncan, Gordon: Sherwood, Duncan & Swan From The Heart (Celtic Music) 90

Duncan, Ian & Roddy MacLeod The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Vol. IV (Temple) 193 ATR

Duncan, Jock Tae The Green Wood Gaen (Sleepytoon) 226

Duncan, Jock Ye Shine Whar Ye Stand. Scottish Song: The Northern Tradition (Springthyme) 174

Duncan, Johnny Last Train To San Fernando (Bear Family) 166

Duncan, Little Arthur Live At Rosa's Blues Lounge (Delmark) 317/318 ATR

Duncan, Stuart Stuart Duncan (Rounder) 119

Duncan Dhu Untitled (Creation) 73

Dundee, Tom Rough Around The Edge (Flight) 109 ATR

Dundee, Tom Tom Dundee [FR302] 182/183

Dunger, Nicolai First Born Track (Dolores [single]) 182/183

Dunham, Andrew (Sylvester Cotton &) Blues Sensation (Ace) 249

Dunham, Katherine: Various Katherine Dunham Presents The Singing Gods: Drum Rhythms Of Haiti, Cuba, Brazil (Caney) 264 ATR

Dunkling, Leslie & Gordon Wright A Dictionary Of Pub Names (Routledge & Kegan Paul) 55 P

Dunlop, Blair An EP (Talking Elephant) 333

Dunlop, Joy Dusgadh / Awakening (Sradag Music) 325 ATR

Dunlop, Judy & Ashley Hutchings Sway With Me - A Celebration Of The Tree And Its Offspring (Albino) 105

Dunlop, Judy & Jon Scaife I Want Something (Talking Elephant) 229

Dunlop, Judy & Steve Marsh Friends In Passing (Vidsync) 82

Dunlop, Mark Islands On The Moon (Greentrax) 309 ATR

Dunmall, Paul & Paul Rodgers Folk (own label) 110 ATR

Dunn, Ed Sleeping In The Ocean (own label) 193 ATR

Dunn, George Chainmaker (Musical Traditions) 232

Dunn, Ginette The Fellowship Of Song: Popular Singing Traditions In East Suffolk (Croom Helm) 11 P (SR)

Dunn, Johnny & Edith Wilson Complete Works 1921-28 Vol 1 And 2 (RST) 158/159

Dunn, Ken Winds Of Emotion (Snowrose) 134/135 ATR; 150

Dunn, Maria For A Song (own label) 225

Dunn, Maria The Peddler (Distant Whisper Music) 310

Dunn, Maria We Were Good People (Distant Whisper) 263

Dunn, Robin & Le Toque Bleu Rocking Horse [no details] 137

Dunn, Willie Metallic (Aural Tradition) 230/23

Dunne, Graham (Niamh Parsons &) Live At Fylde (Gramsham) 273 ATR

Dunne, Graham (Niamh Parsons with) The Old Simplicity (Green Linnet) 278/279

Dunne, Stevie About Time (own label) 331/332

Dunne Family, The Legacy (own label) 253 ATR

Dunning, Brian (Jeff Johnson &) Music Of The Celtic Legends: The Bard & The Warrior (Wyndham Hill) 165 ATR

Dunning, Brian (Jeff Johnson &) Songs From Albion (Ark) 126 ATR

Dunster, Chinmaya & Vidroha Jamie Behind The Veil (Original Face) 141

Dunya Adrian Boult Hall, Birmingham 68 L

Dunyakan (N'faly Kouyaté &) Kora Grooves From West Africa (Arc Music) 256 ATR

Dunyakan (N'Faly Kouyaté &) N'na Kandje (Namun) 232

Dunyakan (N'Faly Kouyate &) Tunya (Galileo) 304

Duo Ars Celtica Harpsody (Kerig) 187/188

Duo Bertrand En Cie Couleurs Racines (own label) 270 ATR

Duo Chehébar-Navarro Patagonia (Linea Sur) 154 ATR

Duo Elina Järvelä & Juha Virtanen Peliä (Sibelius Academy) 329/330

Duo Jonsson Coudroy Vind (Bemol) 341/342 ATR

Duo Peylet-Cuniot Musique Des Klezmorim Et De Leurs Descendants (Atoll) 105

Duo Peylet-Cuniot Musique Klezmer "D'Hier Et De Demain" (Of Yesterday And Tomorrow) (Buda) 124

Duo Temuzhin Altai-Khangain-Ayalguu (Face Music) 178

DuOud Ping Kon (World Village) 313

Duotone Work Harder & One Day You Will Find Her (Garret Brown Music) 323 ATR

Dupree, Champion Jack A Portrait Of Champion Jack Dupree (Rounder Heritage) 211/212 ATR

Dupree, Champion Jack Back Home In New Orleans (Bullseye Blues) 94

Dupree, Champion Jack Get Back Jack, Do It Again (Catfish) 178

Dupree, Champion Jack Half Moon, Putney 39 L

Dupree, Champion Jack Live - With The Big Town Playboys (JSP) 184 ATR

Dupree, Champion Jack Live At Burnley (JSP) 88

Dupree, Champion Jack Natural & Soulful Blues/Champion Of The Blues (Atlantic) 211/212 ATR

Dupree, Champion Jack Shake Baby Shake (SPV Blue) 294

Dupree, Champion Jack The Legacy Of The Blues (Sonet [14 CD set - various artists]) 70

Dupree, Champion Jack Truckin' On Down (Storyville) 184 ATR

Dupree, Champion Jack Won't Be A Fool No More Plus (See For Miles) 129 ATR

DuPrée, Jacque: Casselberry-DuPrée City Down (Iceberg) 54 ATR

Duquende Duquende Y La Guitarra De Tomatito (Nuevos Medios) 131

Duquende: Faiz Ali Faiz, Duquende, Miguel Poveda & Chicuelo Qawwali-Flamenco (Accords Croisés) 280

Durack, Austin Heroes (Crannog) 54 ATR

Durack, Austin What's Another Continent (own label) 167 ATR

Dural, Stanley see Buckwheat Zydeco

Duran, Hilario / Cuban Jazz All Stars Killer Tumbao (Justin Time) 175/176 ATR

Duran, Richard see Lynwood Slim

Durão, Eduardo & Orchestra Durão Timbila (Globestyle) 95

Durão, Eduardo: Eduardo Durão Timbila Ensemble Timbila (Naxos World) 237

Durbervilles, The Alternative Route To All Destinations (Splid) 289 ATR

Durcovski, Ahilea see Ahilea

Durham Folk Festival 52 L

Durrant, Richard (Paul Austin Kelly &) Unleashed On British Isles (Walking Oliver) 256 ATR

Durst, James My Country Is The World (WorldWind) 179

Durst, James Nude/Renewed (WorldWind) 192

Durst, James Wish I Were Here (Worldwind) 144 ATR

Dusing Singers, The The Cool Of The Day (Greenhays Recordings) 105 ATR

Duskin, Big Joe 100 Club, London 66 L

Duskin, Big Joe Cincinnati Stomp (Arhoolie) 151/152 ATR

Duskin, Big Joe Don't Mess With The Boogie Man (Indigo) 169 ATR

Dusminguet Go> (Virgin Spain) 239

Dutertre, Jean-François Le Fil Des Jours: France - Chants Traditionnels Calendaires (Buda) 311 ATR

Dutertre, Jean-François, Jean Ribouillault, Christophe Toussaint L'Epinette Des Vosges (Ocora) 179

Dutilleux, Maria Waldelurdes Costa de Santana see Daúde

Dutiro, Chartwell TaTenDa (own label) 274

Dutiro, Chartwell & Spirit Talk Mbira Taanerimwe (SOAS) 239

Duvacki Orkestar Mladi Braká Kadrievi Duvacki Orkestar Mladi Braká Kadrievi (Pan) 203

Düvö Hungarian Village Music (Periferic) 226

Düwelskermes Das Beste Aus 10 Jahren (Artchoke) 157 ATR

Dvergmål Gagnloysa (Grappa [single]) 166

Dvergmål Song I Himmelsalar (Heilo) 275 ATR

Dvergmål Visor Og Kvæde Frå Blåberglandet (Grappa) 163/164 ATR

Dvorin, Miriam Grandma Soup - Yiddish Songs (Arhoolie) 22 (SR)

Dyad No Pedlars Or Preachers (Copperspine) 286

Dyad Who's Been Here Since I've Been Gone (Copperspine) 254/255

Dyaoulé Pemba Moonlight Chante Haiti (Ma Case) 298 ATR

Dye, Billy Buffle Off To Shuffalo (Dyecuts) 109 ATR

Dyer, Jonny (Vicki Swan &) Gleowien (WildGoose) 317/318

Dyer, Jonny (Vicki Swan &) Scatter Pipes (WildGoose) 276 ATR

Dyer, Jonny (Vicki Swan &) Sliptease (WildGoose) 293

Dyer, Jonny (Vicki Swan &) Stones On The Ground (WildGoose) 341/342

Dyer, Jonny (Vicki Swan &) Thumb Twiddling (Wet Foot Music) 250 ATR

Dyer-Bennett, Richard With Young People In Mind (Smithsonian Folkways) 206/207

Dykes, Kent 'Omar' see Omar

Dylan, Bob Biograph (CBS [boxed set]) 33

Dylan, Bob Biograph (Columbia) 173 ATR

Dylan, Bob Bob Dylan 1978-1989: Both Ends Of The Rainbow (Chrome Dreams [DVD]) 306

Dylan, Bob Don't Look Back (Virgin Music Video) 64

Dylan, Bob Down In The Groove (CBS) 62

Dylan, Bob Good As I Been To You (Columbia) 114

Dylan, Bob Knocked Out Loaded (CBS) 40 ATR

Dylan, Bob Live 1964 Concert At Philharmonic Hall (Columbia) 251 ATR

Dylan, Bob Live 1966: The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert (Columbia) 186

Dylan, Bob Live 1975 - The Rolling Thunder Revue (Columbia) 235/236

Dylan, Bob Lyrics 1962-1985 (Jonathan Cape) 50 P

Dylan, Bob Oh Mercy (CBS) 79/80

Dylan, Bob Together Through Life (Columbia) 312 ATR

Dylan, Bob The Bootleg Series Volumes 1-3 (Rare & Unreleased) 1961-1991 (Columbia) 96; 173 ATR

Dylan, Bob Time Out Of Mind (Columbia) 173

Dylan, Bob Under The Red Sky (CBS) 90

Dylan, Bob World Gone Wrong (Columbia) 127/128

Dylan, Bob & Paul Simon GM Place, Vancouver, Canada 196 L

Dylan, Bob (Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison) GM Place, Vancouver, Canada 182/183 L

Dylan, Bob, Roger McGuinn, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Birmingham, N.E.C. 54 L

Dylan, Bob: Various Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan (Ace) 299

Dylan, Bob: Various Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan - Season 2 (Ace) 316

Dylan, Bob: Various Theme Time Radio Hour With Your Host Bob Dylan, Season 3 (Ace) 331/332

Dylan Project, The see also Gibbons, Steve

Dylan Project, The Steve Gibbons: The Dylan Project / Live At Cropredy Festival 1999 (Road Goes On Forever) 304 ATR

Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band Live In Concert - Ballymena 1983 (Temple) 133

Dysart & Dundonald Pipe Band Peace In Our Time (Temple [single]) 149

Dysfunctionells, The (The Du-Tels / Dysfunctionells) Mercury Lounge, New York City 139/140 L

Dysfunctionells, The Jaundiced Pursuits (own label) 142

Dyson, Chris (David Ashton &) A First Collection Of Yorkshire Dance Music (from authors) 36 P

Dzikuni, George Kpanlogo (Bop/MARP) 73

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