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B And The Drones Sting In The Tail (Border Keep) 20 (SR)

B, Mr see Mr B

B Band (Mac Bones & The) Mac Bones & The B Band (Openear) 276 ATR

B. Boat B. Boat (Ship [single]) 76

B., Paddy Johnny Jump Up (Brambus) 276 ATR

Baalbaki, Soumaya Arabtango (Forward Music) 313 ATR

Baamar, Salou see Doueh

Baardman, Sam Kicking The Stone Home (own label) 178

Baardman, Sam The Rookery (Pelican) 201

Baba Jam Band Kayada (Acoustic Music) 127/128

Baba Yaga Baba Yaga (Fono [single]) 227

BaBa ZuLa Duble Oryantal (DoubleMoon) 273 ATR

BaBa ZuLa Gecekondu (Double Moon) 333

BaBa ZuLa Psychebelly Dance Music (DoubleMoon) 249 ATR

BaBa ZuLa Roots (DoubleMoon) 298

Babajack Exercising Demons (own label) 336 ATR

Babakhanov, Ari & Ensemble Shashmaqam: The Tradition Of Bukhara (New Samarkand) 214

Babata Jijy Music (Long Distance) 161

Babb, David: Pat Nyhan, Brian Rollins & David Babb Let The Good Times Roll! A Guide To Cajun And Zydeco Music (Upbeat Books) 185 P

Babdjie, Saikouba Bougarabou: Solo Drumming Of Casamance (Village Pulse) 175/176

Baby Gramps (Peter Stampfel &) Outertainment! (Red Newt) 329/330 ATR

Baby Whale The Downhill Climb (Kissing Spell) 232 ATR

Babysnakes Across The Rubicon (Little Gem) 186 ATR

Baca, Susana Espíritu Vivo (Luaka Bop) 227 ATR

Baca, Susana Lamento Negro (Tumi) 221

Baca, Susana Susana Baca (Luaka Bop) 182/183

Baca, Susana Vestida De Vida Kardum (Iris Musique) 174

Bacanos, Udi Yorgo Udi Yorgo Bacanos 1900-1977 (Traditional Crossroads) 187/188

Bach Yen (Tran Quang Hai &) Vietnamese Dàn Tranh Music (Lyrichord) 21 (SR)

Bachán Lucy Martin (Alanna) 34 ATR

Bachicha see Deambroggio, Juan Bautista (Bachicha)

Bachir, Munir Inedit 9 - En Concert Live Paris (Maison Des Cultures Du Monde) 67

Bachir, Munir Master Of The Arab Lute (Inedit) 297 ATR

[Bacho, Robbie:] Various We Are One, In The Sun: A Tribute To Robbie Basho (Important) 336 ATR

Bachu Café Bachu Café (Highlander Music) 161 ATR

Bachué A Certain Smile (Culburnie) 193

Bachué The Butterfly (Big Bash) 270 ATR

Back Of The Moon Fortune's Road (Foot Stompin') 249

Back Of The Moon Luminosity (Footstompin') 283/284 ATR

Back To Base Crown Yourself King (MP [single]) 186

Back To Base Electric Eye (Spice Productions) 172 ATR

Back To Base featuring Benjamin Zephaniah Heading For The Door (Maximum Power) 209

Back To Base Man Is Walking (MP [single]) 197

Backbone (Ingrid Karklins &) Red Hand (Willow Music) 181

Backcountry (Chris Stuart &) Crooked Man (Backcountry) 311 ATR

Backhouse, Miriam Gypsy Without A Road (Vinyl Tap) 153 ATR

Backsliders, The Wide Open (own label) 161

Bäckström, Ola Boggdansen (Giga) 269

Bäckström, Ola Ola Bäckström (Giga) 141

Bäckström, Ola: Päkkos Gustaf with Jonas Holmén & Ola Bäckström Päkkoslåtar (Giga) 225

Baco Questions (Cobalt/Melodie) 215 ATR

Bacon, George see Breakfast, George

Bad Boys Zydeco Bad Boys Stomp (own label) 112 ATR

Bad Boys Zydeco Step In The Right Direction (Owl Baby) 161 ATR

Bad Livers, The Blood & Mood (Sugar Hill) 204

Bad Livers, The Delusions Of Banjer (Quarterstick) 115/116

Bad Livers, The Dust On The Bible (Quarterstick) 189 ATR

Bad Livers, The Hogs On The Highway (Sugar Hill) 168

Bad Livers, The Horses In The Mines (Quarterstick) 136

Bad Livers, The Industry & Thrift (Sugar Hill) 186

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) Bede Weeps (Fellside) 127/128

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) Briefly On The Street (Fellside) 93

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) Doolally (Tantobie) 258

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) Honesty Box (Tantobie) 229

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe with The) Live At The Davy Lamp (Tantobie) 214

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) Northern Echoes - Live On The Tyne (Tantobie) 307/308

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) Tenterhooks (Green Linnet) 151/152

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) The Parish Notices (Green Linnet) 180

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) The Parish Notices (The Art Edition) (Tantobie) 244 ATR

Bad Pennies (Jez Lowe & The) Wotcheor! (Tantobie) 329/330

Bad Shepherds, The By Hook Or By Crook (Monsoon Music) 331/332

Bad Shepherds, The Yan, Tyan, Tethera, Methera! (Monsoon Music) 313

Bad Things (Danbert Nobacon & The) Woebegone (Verbal Burlesque) 333 ATR

Badakhshan Ensemble Song And Dance From The Pamir Mountains (Smithsonian Folkways) 304

Badenya Le Frères Coulibaly Séniwè (Trace) 211/212

Badger, Mike Volume (Viper) 189 ATR

Badgett Sisters, The Just A Little While To Stay Here (Global Village) 100

Badgett Sisters, The The Voice That Refused To Die (Global Village) 115/116

Badiane Flavours (Acoustic Music) 149 ATR

Badume's Band Addis Kan (Innacor) 311

Bæk, John: Impuls Trio Bugge, Bæk & Vinther (GO' Danish Folk Music) 338/339

Bær, Johan Anders Guovssu (DAT) 187/188

Bær, Johan Anders Máhkarávju (Dat) 115/116

Bær, Johan Anders: Valkeapåå, Bær, Paakkunainen, Kotilainen Dálveleaikkat - Wintergames (DAT) 134/135

Baez, Joan 5 (Vanguard) 234 ATR

Baez, Joan And A Voice To Sing With (Century Hutchison) 59 P

Baez, Joan Baez Sings Dylan (Vanguard) 185 ATR

Baez, Joan Baptism (Vanguard) 187/188 ATR; 259/260 ATR

Baez, Joan Bowery Songs (Proper) 274 ATR

Baez, Joan Dark Chords On A Big Guitar (Sanctuary) 245

Baez, Joan David's Album (Vanguard) 189 ATR

Baez, Joan Day After Tomorrow (Proper) 305 ATR

Baez, Joan Diamonds (A&M) 156 ATR

Baez, Joan Farewell Angelina (Vanguard) 234 ATR

Baez, Joan Farewell Angelina (Vanguard/Start) 74

Baez, Joan Gone From Danger (Grapevine) 173

Baez, Joan Gone From Danger (Proper) 313 ATR

Baez, Joan Hits/Greatest & Others (Vanguard) 99; 166

Baez, Joan In Concert (Vanguard) 230/231 ATR

Baez, Joan In Concert, Part 2 (Vanguard) 230/231 ATR

Baez, Joan Joan (Vanguard) 264 ATR

Baez, Joan Joan Baez (Vanguard) 228

Baez, Joan Joan Baez Vol. 2 (Vanguard) 228

Baez, Joan Noel (Vanguard) 228

Baez, Joan One Day At A Time (Vanguard) 166

Baez, Joan Recently (Gold Castle) 59

Baez, Joan Ring Them Bells (Grapevine) 149

Baez, Joan Ring Them Bells (Proper) 288 ATR

Baez, Joan The Best Of The Vanguard Years (Vanguard) 263 ATR

Baez, Joan The First 10 Years (Vanguard) 215 ATR

Baez, Joan The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (Vanguard/Start) 74

Baez, Joan Volume One (Vanguard/Start) 74

Bafa, Mastaki Wawa (Network) 268 ATR

Bag O'Cats Out Of The Bag (Greentrax) 222

Bag Of Rats Ever After Nothing (own label) 341/342 ATR

Bag Of Spanners Now Then (Wild) 280 ATR

Bagad Bleimor Celtic Music (Keltia) 94

Bagad Brieg Gogo Droch (Coop Breizh) 206/207

Bagad Brieg La Totale (own label) 294

Bagad Bro Kemperle Ar Gouriz Ruz (Coop Breizh) 202

Bagad Bro Kemperle: Bagad Kemperle Kejadenn (Silex) 124

Bagad Kadoudal De La Kevrenn De Rennes Bombardes Et Binious De Bretagne (Arion) 129 ATR; 142

Bagad Kemper Areliz Isa (Keltia) 220

Bagad Kemper Hep Diskrog (Keltia) 197

Bagad Kemper Lip Ar Maout (Keltia) 146/147

Bagad Kemper Live Au Cornouaille (Keltia Musique) 335

Bagad Kemper Melodie Bulgare (Keltia Musique [single]) 197

Bagad Kemper Sud-Ar Su (Keltia Musique) 258

Bagad Kemper The Best Of Bagad Kemper (Keltia) 105

Bagad Kemperle see Bagad Bro Kemperle

Bagad Ronsed-Mor Lokoal-Mendon (Arfolk) 134/135 ATR

Bagamoyo Players, The Tanzania (Acoustic Music) 170/171

Bagamoyo Players, The: Bagamoyo Players & Mradi Group Tramo (Kultur & Spetakkel) 286

Bagayogo, Issa Mali Koura (Six Degrees) 305

Bagayogo, Issa Sya (Cobalt) 197

Bagayogo, Issa Tassoumakan (Wrasse [UK]/Six Degrees [USA]) 257

Bagayoko, Amadou see Amadou

Baghdaddies, The Dancylvania (own label) 325 ATR

Baghdaddies, The Katchyazafta (own label) 274

Baghdaddies, The Last Tango In Babylon (Gaz's Rockin' Records) 192 ATR

Baghdaddies, The Random Acts Of Kindness (Backs) 245

Bagpipes In Concert - Peter Stacey & Jean-Pierre Rasle Cross Keys, Llantrisant 61 L

Bágyi Balázs Quartet & Salamon Beáta Magyar Zene - Hungarian Music (Hangveto) 285 ATR

Bahauddin Qutbuddin Qawwal And Party / Asif Ali Khan Manzoor Hussain Santoo Khan Qawwal And Party Flight Of The Soul - Qawwali From Pakistan (Wergo) 223/224

Bahumutsi Busang Meropa (SFB) 64

Bailey, DeFord & D.H. 'Bert' Bilbro Harmonica Showcase 1927-31 (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 36

Bailey, Lori Morning Light (Australia Council) 264 ATR

Bailey, Roy Below The Radar (Fuse) 312

Bailey, Roy Coda (Fuse) 210

Bailey, Roy Freedom Peacefully (Fuse) 28

Bailey, Roy Hard Times (Fuse) 12 (SR)

Bailey, Roy Leaves From A Tree (Fuse) 66

Bailey, Roy New Directions In The Old (Fuse) 170/171

Bailey, Roy What You Do With What You've Got (Fuse) 111

Bailey, Roy Why Does It Have To Be Me? (Fuse) 81

Bailey, Roy Bradshaw Folk Club, Halifax 32 L

Bailey, Roy & Friends Royal Albert Hall, London 179 L

Bailey, Roy & Leon Rosselson If I Knew Who The Enemy Was... (Acorn) 4 (SR)

Bailey, Roy (Si Kahn &) The Islington Folk Club, The George, London 100 L

Bailey, Roy (Tony Benn &) The Writing On The Wall (Fuse) 163/164

Bailey, Roy with Stalking Horses Never Leave A Story Unsung (Fuse) 97

Bailey, Roy: Robb Johnson, Roy Bailey, Vera Coomans, Koen De Cauter Gentle Men (Irregular) 179

Bailey Brothers (The) & The Happy Valley Boys Take Me Back To Happy Valley (Rounder) 228 ATR

Bailey Sisters, The After Silence, Music (Pink Fizz) 341/342 ATR

Bain, Alan The Road To The Isles (Highlander) 205 ATR

Bain, Aly Aly Bain (Whirlie) 25

Bain, Aly Aly Bain Meets The Cajuns (Lismor [video]) 161

Bain, Aly Lonely Bird (Whirlie) 112; 137

Bain, Aly etc. The Shetland Sessions, Volumes 1 And 2 (Lismor)

Bain, Aly & Friends Aly Bain & Friends (Greentrax) 71

Bain, Aly & Phil Cunningham Another Musical Interlude (Aditi Image [DVD]) 258

Bain, Aly & Phil Cunningham The Pearl (Whirlie) 138

Bain, Aly & Phil Cunningham The Ruby (Whirlie) 173

Bain, Aly & The BT Scottish Ensemble Follow The Moonstone (Whirlie) 154

Bain, Aly & Various Artists: Aly Bain Meets The Cajuns (Lismor) 70

Bain, Aly & Young Champions Aly Bain & Young Champions (Springthyme) 111

Bain, Aly (Tom Anderson &) The Silver Bow (Topic) 129

Bain, Aly: Various The Original Transatlantic Sessions With Aly Bain & Jay Ungar, Volume One (Whirlie) 312 ATR

Bain, Aly: Various The Original Transatlantic Sessions 1 With Aly Bain & Jay Ungar, Volume Two (Whirlie) 321 ATR

Bain, Aly: Various The Original Transatlantic Sessions 1 With Aly Bain & Jay Ungar, Volume Three (Whirlie) 321 ATR

Bain, Aly: Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain, Volume 1 (Whirlie) 321 ATR

Bain, Aly: Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain, Volume 2 (Whirlie) 328 ATR

Bain, Aly: Various Transatlantic Sessions 4 With Jerry Douglas & Aly Bain (Whirlie [DVD]) 322

Bainbridge, Dave Veil Of Gossamer (Open Sky) 257 ATR

Bainbridge, Jim & Patrick Forester The Drunken Billy Goat (Furze) 182/183

Bainbridge, Jim Home From Home (Furze Tapes) 107

Baine, John see Attila The Stockbroker

Baines, Chris & The Albion Band The Wild Side Of Town Purcell Room, London 52 L

Baird, Julianne & Bill Crofut Lullabies And Dances (Albany) 102

Baird, Meg: Sharron Kraus, Meg Baird, Helena Espvall Leaves From Off The Tree (Bo'Weavil) 287 ATR

Baixos, Arlindo Dos Oito: Camarão & Arlindo Dos Oito Baixos Camarão Plays Forró - Dance Music From Northeastern Brazil (Nimbus) 191

Bajan, Dr & Brain Drain Smoke On The Wodka (Minstrel/Loewenzahn) 151/152 ATR

Baje, Jibo Niger: Epopées Zarma Et Songhay (Ocora) 190

Bajofondo Mar Dulce (Universal Classics) 302/303 ATR

Bajofondo Tango Club Bajofondo Tango Club (Surco/Universal) 256

Bajourou Big String Theory (GlobeStyle) 119

Bajourou Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford 121 L

Bajramovic, Saban A Gypsy Legend (World Connection) 227

Bajramovic, Saban Herdelezi: 18 Original Recordings 1969-1984 (Croatia Records) 285

Bajramovic, Saban Romano Raj (PGP-RTS/Hammer Production) 287

Bajramovic, Saban with Mostar Sevdah Reunion Saban (Snail) 301

Bajuk, Lidija Kneja (Crno Bijeli Svijet CBS) 203

Baka Beyond Baka Beyond The Forest (March Hare Music) 311

Baka Beyond East To West (March Hare Music) 229

Baka Beyond Journey Between (Hannibal) 181

Baka Beyond Sogo (Hannibal) 203

Baka Beyond Spirit Of The Forest (Hannibal) 129

Baka Beyond The Meeting Pool (Hannibal) 150

Baka Beyond With The Baka Forest People Rhythm Tree (March Hare Music) 264

Bakelite 78 Delta Disc (Robotox) 317/318 ATR

Baker, Bubba Reggae Guitar (Centrestream) 73 P

Baker, Don Just Don Baker (Round Tower) 185 ATR

Baker, Duck Kid On The Mountain (Kicking Mule) 197 ATR

Baker, Duck Ms Right (Acoustic Music) 178 ATR

Baker, Duck My Heart Belongs To Jenny (Day Job) 214

Baker, Duck Opening The Eyes Of Love (Acoustic Music) 167 ATR

Baker, Duck Opening The Eyes Of Love (Shanachie) 123

Baker, Duck The Clear Blue Sky (Acoustic Music) 145

Baker, Duck The Roots And Branches Of American Music (Les Cousins) 316

Baker, Duck Under Your Heart (E.C. Verlag [import]) 43

Baker, Duck & Molly Andrews American Traditional (Day Job) 121

Baker, Duck & Molly Andrews The Moving Business (Day Job) 154

Baker, Duck & Molly Andrews The Robin Hood Club, Nottingham 122 L

Baker, Duck (Dave Evans, Davey Graham, Dan Ar Bras, Duck Baker) Irish Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes & Airs (Kicking Mule) 3 (SR)

Baker, Duck (Kieran Fahy &) The Fairy Queen (Day Job) 199/200 ATR

Baker, Duck / John Renbourn A Thousand Words (Acoustic Music) 111

Baker, Duck, Maggie Boyle, Ben Paley The Expatriate Game (Day Job) 270

Baker, Duck (Stefan Grossman &) Northern Skies, Southern Blues (Acoustic Music) 177 ATR

Baker, Duck: Stefan Grossman, Duck Baker & El McMeen Mel Bay's Complete Celtic Fingerstyle Guitar Book (Mel Bay Publications [reviewed under 'Tutorials']) 156

Baker, Fred T.: Sanders, Baker & Clayton Carried Away... (Speaking Volumes) 146/147

Baker, Fred T.: Sanders, Baker & Clayton Nettlebed, Oxon 144 L

Baker, Josephine 1926-27 (Document) 196 ATR

Baker, Kenny (Blaine Sprouse &) Indian Springs (Rounder) 81

Baker, Kenny, Josh Graves & The Tennessee Valley Authority Flying South (Ridge Runner) 45 ATR

Baker, Kenny/Michael Doucet/Séamus Connolly/Joe Cormier/Claude Williams/Alison Krauss Masters Of The Folk Violin (Arhoolie) 129 ATR

Baker, Kenny: Eddie Adcock, Kenny Baker, Josh Graves, Jesse McReynolds The Masters (CMH) 82

Baker, Richard Royal &ldquoDuck&rdquo Kid On The Mountain (Kicking Mule) 8 (SR)

Baker, Steve & Dick Bird King Kazoo (Acoustic Music) 328 ATR

Baker, T.S. (Stan Moeller &) Walking On Ledges (Go Figure) 134/135 ATR

Baker's Dozen, The So Right (own label) 129 ATR

Baker's Well (Bwchadanas / Baker's Well) University College, Cardiff 62 L

Bakerswell Bakerswell (Claddagh) 66

Bakhshayesh, Jilah: Schalom-Bakhshayesh Shpil Klezmerl (Ethnomusic) 246

Bakkerud, Odd Hardingfele (Talik) 290/291 ATR

Bal, Ravi (T.J. Rehmi &) Raag Digitaal (Nation) 206/207 ATR

Balachander, Sundaram Veena Chakravarthy S. Balachander In Concert (Swathi's Sanskriti) 341/342 E

Balafón Marimba Ensemble Balafón Marimba Ensemble (Shanachie) 95

Balafón Marimba Ensemble Harare To Kisangani (Shanachie) 133

Balaké, Amadou Señor Eclectico (Oriki) 304 ATR

Balalaikas Of Moscow, The The Balalaikas Of Moscow (Playasound) 172 ATR

Balamuralikrishna Gems Of Thyagaraja (Felmay) 265 E

Balamuralikrishna: Hariprasad Chaurasia & M. Balamurali KrishnaMurali-Prasàdam (Navras) 148

Balancing Act New Campfire Songs (Type A) 48

Balchander, Sundaram Veena Virtuoso [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Baldassari, Butch: Baldassari, Bullock & Reischman Travellers (SoundArt Recordings) 202

Balde, Daby Introducing Daby Balde (World Music Network) 270

Balde, Daby Le Marigot Club Dakar (Riverboat) 317/318

Baldry, Long John Live - Iowa State University 1987 (Angel Air) 328 ATR

Baldry, Long John Rock With The Best (Hypertension) 163/164 ATR

Baldwin, Stephen Here's One You'll Like, I Think (Musical Traditions) 269

Balfa Brothers, The Arcadian Memories (Ace) 47

Balfa Brothers, The The Balfa Brothers Play Traditional Cajun Music, Vols. 1 & 2 (Ace/Swallow) 94

Balfa Brothers, The The New York Concerts (Ace) 105

Balfa Toujours La Pointe (Rounder) 187/188

Balfa Toujours Live At Whiskey River Landing (Rounder) 211/212

Balfa Toujours New Cajun Tradition (Ace) 149

Balfa, Dewey & Friends Souvenirs/Fait A La Main! (Ace) 103/104

Balfa, Dewey, Marc Savoy & D.L. Menard En Bas Du Chêne Vert (Arhoolie) 93

Balfour, David Ancient Orkney Melodies [collected by Colonel David Balfour of Balfour] (The Orkney Press) 49 P

Balham Alligators, The Bayou Teche (Proper [single]) 166

Balham Alligators, The Gateway To The South (Proper) 155

Balham Alligators, The Let's Dance (Special Delivery [single]) 50

Balham Alligators, The Let's Dance/The Balham Two-Step (Mays [single]) 33

Balham Alligators, The Life In The Bus Lane (Special Delivery) 69

Balham Alligators, The Live Alligators (Hound Dog) 86

Balham Alligators, The Oh Marie/Sacre Bleu (Streetheart [single]) 21 (SR)

Balham Alligators, The The Balham Alligators (Special Delivery) 52

Balia, Alberto & Enrico Frongia Argia (New Tone) 124

Balia, Alberto (Riccardo Tesi &) Cross Keys, Llantrisant 44 L

Baliardo, Tonino Essences (Columbia) 217 ATR

Balin, Tracy Glory Road (Spark) 139/140 ATR

Balinese Gamelan Gong: Music From The Island Of The Gods (Interra) 145

Balkan Beat Box Balkan Beat Box (Essay Recordings) 271/272

Balkan Beat Box Nu-Made (Remixes & Videos) (Crammed Discs) 302/303 ATR

Balkan Cabaret Somewhere Far Away (own label) 275

Balkan Horses Band Contact Part One (Aquastorm) 253

Balkan Journey, The The Balkan Journey (Kalan) 298

Balkan Kafe Orchestra see BKO

Balkan Messengers Balkan Messengers (Kalan) 230/231 ATR

Balkan Playboys Balkaninis (Felmay) 246 ATR

Balkan Rhythm Band, The The Jazziest Balkan Dance Band Around (Flying Fish) 24 (SR)

Balkana - The Music Of Bulgaria Edinburgh Festival 53 L

Balkana The Music Of Bulgaria (Hannibal) 52

Balkanarama Nonstop (Balkanarama) 211/212 ATR

Balkanika (Sanja Ilic &) Balkan 2000 (Biveco) 238

Balkansemblet Curved Grooves (Etnisk Musikklubb) 316 ATR

Balkanto Vero Margarita's Dream (Zoku) 230/231

Balkissoon, Tyrone: Errol Linton, Pete Smith & Tyrone Balkissoon Homeboy Blues (Pig Me) 110 ATR

Ball, Marcia Hot Tamale Baby (Rounder Europa) 41

Ball, Marcia Let Me Play With Your Poodle (Rounder) 170/171 ATR

Ball, Marcia Live! Down The Road (Alligator) 270

Ball, Marcia Presumed Innocent (Alligator) 220 ATR

Ball, Marcia So Many Rivers (Alligator) 245

Ball, Marcia, Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton Dreams Come True (Antone's) 100

Ball, Marcia, Irma Thomas, Tracy Nelson Sing It (Rounder) 185 ATR

Ball, Patrick Celtic Harp, The Music Of Turlough O'Carolan (Fortuna) 17 (SR)

Ball, Patrick Fair Play (Celestial Harmonies) 232 ATR

Ball, Patrick Music On The Wind (Celestial Harmonies) 251 ATR

Ball, Tom & Kenny Sultan Bloodshot Eyes (Flying Fish) 48

Ball, Tom & Kenny Sultan Double Vision (Flying Fish) 163/164

Ball, Tom & Kenny Sultan Too Much Fun (Flying Fish) 91/92 ATR

Ball, Tom & Sultan, Kenny Filthy Rich (Flying Fish) 121

Ball, Tom 18 Pieces For Solo Steel String Guitar (Talk-O-Phone) 245 ATR

Ball, Tom Guitar Music (Kicking Mule) 167

Balla Et Ses Balladins Objectif Perfection (African Dancefloor Classics) 121

Balla Et Ses Balladins The Syliphone Years (Stern's) 301

Balla Kalla (Kante Manfila &) Kankan Blues (Out Of Africa) 102

Ballachulish Hellhounds, The Songs From The Great Atlantic Ocean (Big Rock Candy) 326/327 ATR

Balladins (Balla Et Ses Balladins) Objectif Perfection (African Dancefloor Classics) 121

Balladins (Balla Et Ses Balladins) The Syliphone Years (Stern's) 301

Ballantine, David Paint (own label) 158/159

Ballantyne, Mike Pint Pot And Plough (Barley Wine Music) 120 ATR

Ballet De Sorcières Bal Pour Enfants (Franches Connexions) 202

Ballet Exotic Du Robert Caribbean Tropical Music: Martinique (ARC Music) 311 ATR

Ballou Canta & Luciana Rumba Lolango (Docura/Lusafrica) 254/255 ATR

Ballou, Classie All Night Man - Zydeco Blues From South Louisiana (Krazy Kat) 36

Ballroom Quartet, The Best Of Compilation (Munich Records) 338/339 ATR

Ballroom Quartet, The Soundmanifest (own label) 300 ATR

Ballroom Quartet, The: Ballroomquartet Death Valley (own label [single]) 252

Ballycotton Mondland (Mecki) 244 ATR

Balnain Collection, The (Balnain House Trust) 185 P

Balogh, Kálmán see Kálmán, Balogh

Baloi, Gito The Best Of... Remembering (Sheer Sound) 264 ATR

Balowski, Cheb Plou Plom: Musiqueta Que Enamora (Kasba Music) 268 ATR

Balowski, Cheb Potiner (Propaganda) 249 ATR

Baloy, Félix & The Afro-Cuban All Stars Baila Mi Son (Tumi) 210

Baloy, Félix & The Afro-Cuban All Stars Live In The UK, Alive In Cuba (Tumi [DVD]) 273

Baloy, Félix Y Su Cuban Son All Stars Un Poquito De Fe (Tumi) 256 ATR

Baloy, Félix Y Su Cuban Son All Stars Un Solo Amor (Tumi) 300 ATR

Baloy, Félix: Son Baloy Family Affair (Real Rhythm) 238

Baltic Crossing Baltic Crossing (GO' Danish Folk Music) 302/303 ATR

Baltic Crossing Firetour (GO' Danish Folk Music) 328 ATR

Baltimore Consort (Custer LaRue & The) Amazing Grace (Dorian) 217 ATR

Baltimore Consort, The A Trip To Killburn (Dorian) 157 ATR

Baltimore Consort, The Bright Day Star (Dorian) 151/152 ATR

Baltimore Consort, The La Rocque 'n' Roll. Popular Music Of Renaissance France (Dorian) 129 ATR

Baltimore Consort, The Tunes From The Attic (Dorian) 168 ATR

Baltimore Vallenatos [Ivan Cuesta Y Sus Baltimore Vallenatos] A Ti Colombia (Arhoolie) 131

Baltinget 6 (own label) 170/171

Baltinget Alive (GO' Danish Folk Music) 314/315

Baltinget Classic (Go' Danish Folk Music) 251

Baltis, The Man With The Grasshopper Brain / 42/100 (no details given [single]) 79/80

Baluchi Ensemble Of Karachi, The Love Songs & Trance Hymns (Shanachie) 191

Balvally, Mohan (Sadanand Naimpalli &) Live At Trinity Club - Bombay 1967 (Country & Eastern) 273

Bamada (Habib Koite &) Afriki (Cumbancha) 293

Bamada (Habib Koite &) Baro (Putumayo) 218/219

Bamada (Habib Koite &) Ma Ya (Putumayo) 189

Bamada (Habib Koite &) Muso Ko (RFI/Countre Jour) 149 ATR

Bamba, Sayon Dougna (Cobalt) 334

Bamba, Sayon Mod' Vacance (Cobalt) 310

Bamba, Sorry Volume 1, 1970-1979 (Thrill Jockey) 337

Bamba, Sorry (Kante Manfila &) Clash Mandingue (Oriki) 304 ATR

Bambir Quake: Avant Garde Armenian Folk Music (Pomegranate) 244 ATR

Bamboo From Asia Sacral Dance (Crescent) 186 ATR

Bana Chante La Magie Du Cap-Vert (Lusafrica) 131

Bana Gira Sol (Iris) 184

Bana Kin Percussions Mokanda (PlayaSound) 278/279 E

Bana Maquis Leila (DakarSound) 165

Bana OK Bakitani (Stern's Africa) 120

Banana Boat A Morze Tak, A Moze Nie... (Banana) 262 ATR

Banchero, Pablo & Tango Real Tiempos Viejos (Welt Wunder) 179

Banchini, Francesco Baqshish (Felmay) 290/291

Banco De Gaia Big Men Cry (Planet Dog Ultimate) 169 ATR

Bancseva, Roza Jana-Janica (Fonó) 217 ATR

Band, The A Musical History (EMI) 274

Band, The The Last Waltz (Rhino/Warner) 229

Band Like Alice, A see A Band Like Alice

Band Of 51 Highland Brigade: The Pipes And Drums Of The 3rd Battalion The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) & The Band Of 51 Highland Brigade Salute To Our Colonel-In-Chief (Monarch/Klub) 196 ATR

Band Of Hope Connaught Theatre, Worthing 115/116 L

Band Of Hope Rhythm & Reds (Musikfolk) 134/135

Band Of Hope Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells 123 L

Band Of The Rising Sun, The Feeling Frisky? (Frisk Music) 126 ATR

Band Of The Rising Sun, The Setting It Right (Folksound) 163/164

Band That Time Forgot (Simon Ritchie & The) Squeezebox Schizophrenia (X-Tradition) 259/260

Band Y Betws Twmpath Dawns (Sain) 36

Banda, Robson Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Legends Of Zimbabwean Music Vol. 2) (Zimbob) 153

Banda Ao Vivo (Tom Zé &) O Pirulito Da Ciência (Discmedi Blau) 331/332

Banda Banda Banda Banda [Divas 2 [single]] 74

Banda Celtamericana Banda Celtamericana (own label) 301 ATR

Banda De Gaitas Ledicia (ARC) 226 ATR

Banda De Musica Municipal Fanfare Cubaine 11 (Buda) 230/231

Banda Di Avola A Banna! (Dunya) 247/248

Banda Gigante (Beny Moré Y Su Banda Gigante) El Legendario Ídolo De Cuba: Grabaciones Completas 1953-60 (Tumbao) 261 ATR

Banda Gigante Benny Moré (Benny Santos Y Su Banda Gigante Benny Moré) To Benny Moré (Tumi) 198 ATR

Banda Ionica Passione (Dunya) 182/183

Banda Mantiqueira Aldeia (Pau Brasil) 177

Banda Maravilha Angola Maravilha (RMS) 179 ATR

Banda Olifante Banda Olifante (Felmay) 322

Banda Salvatierra Asi Es La Vida (Arhoolie) 265 ATR

Banda Sonore (Battista Lena &) Battista Lena & Banda Sonore (Label Bleu) 182/183

Bandabrian Leva Su Bela [AM 14750/18-1] 168 ATR

BandAdriatica Contagio (Finisterre) 293

BandAdriatica Maremoto [CD]/Rotta Per Otranto [DVD] (Finisterre) 316 ATR

Bandája Játszik (Lajkó Félix És) Játszanak - Vox Naturalis (Tilos Az ÁProdukció) 262

Bandas Sinaloenses Música Tambora: Historic Mexican-American Music Vol. 11 (Arhoolie) 226 ATR

Banded Geckos, The Art Gecko (Spanish Omelet) 97

Banded Geckos, The Gecko Canyon (Spanish Omelet Productions) 206/207

Banded Geckos, The Gecoupage (Spanish Omelet) 165

Banded Geckos, The The Banded Geckos (Spanish Omelet - USA) 22 ATR (SR)

Bandemonium Bandemonium (own label) 184 ATR

Banditaliana (Riccardo Tesi &) Lune (Felmay) 262

Banditaliana Thapsos (Dunya) 218/219

Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution A Call To Arms (r.i.s.c.) 233 ATR

Bandyopadhyay, Sangeeta Bhakti (Felmay) 307/308 E

Bandyopadhyay, Sangeeta Shruti (Felmay/Dunya) 228

Banerjee, Abhijit (Ronu Majumdar [&]) Raga Bageshri (Blue Kapibara) 242/243

Banerjee, Nikhil Lyrical Sitar (Chhandra Dhara) 118

Banerjee, Nikhil Nikhil Banerjee (Amigo) 204

Banerjee, Nikhil Purabi Kalyan - The Hundred-Minute Raga (Raga) 118

Banerjee, Nikhil Raga Surdasi Malhar (Navras) 204

Banerjee, Pandit Nikhil Raga Desh (Amigo) 221

Banerjee, Subhankar The Tabla Series (Sense World Music) 268 E

Bangash, Amaan Ali: Hafiz Ali Khan, Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaam Ali Bangash The Legendary Lineage (Navras) 174

Bangash, Ayaam Ali: Hafiz Ali Khan, Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Bangash & Ayaam Ali Bangash The Legendary Lineage (Navras) 174

Bangham, Kid & Amyl Justin Pressure Cooker (Tone-Cool) 174 ATR

Bangladish, Hassouna Hossam Ramzy Presents Azza: Music From Sudan (Arc Music) 245 ATR

Bangoura, Mohamed Djembe Kan (own label) 254/255 ATR

Bangoura, Sibo Keyim Ba (own label) 321 ATR

Bangura, Ansumana Sierra Leone People (Shava) 172 ATR

Banjax Chaos In One (Green Man) 109

Banna, Rim The Mirrors Of My Soul (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 266/267 ATR

Banna, Rim Seasons Of Violet (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 290/291 ATR

Bannal Bho Dhorn Gu Dorn (Macmeanmna) 282 ATR

Bannal Waulking Songs (Greentrax) 156 ATR

Banner Theatre Rebellion Rap - Songs Of Struggle (own label) 46

Banton, Buju Friends For Life (Anti) 241 ATR

Bantu, Ade: Bantu Bantu (Nitty Gritty) 261

Bantu, Ade: Bantu Feat. Adewale Ayuba Fuji Satisfaction (Piranha) 268

Banyumas Bamboo Gamelan Traditional Music From Central Java (Nimbus) 187/188

Baobab see Orchestre Baobab

Baqbou, Mustapha/Orchestra Chqara 'Music In Morocco: The Legacy Of Migration', Greenwich Festival, London 110 L

Bar-David, Udi (R. Carlos Nakai [&]) Voyagers (Canyon) 302/303 E

Barabàn Barabàn Live [ACB/CD06] 134/135

Barabàn Il Valser Dei Disertori (Ed. Il Gelso) 56

Barabàn La Santa (Notte dell'Oriente) 165

Barabàn Naquane (Associazione Culturale Baraban) 95

Barabàn Terre Dí Passo (Associazione Culturale Barabàn) 239

Barachois Barachois (Iona) 173

Barachois Encore! (Magnetic Music) 204 ATR

Baraka Baraka (Paras) 216 ATR

Barbar, Elie: REG Project II REG Project II (EMI Music Arabia) 250 ATR

Barbara Furtuna In Santa Pace (Buda) 307/308

Barbecue Bob & Charley Lincoln The Hicks Brothers (Catfish) 192 ATR

Barbecue Bob Complete Recordings Vol. 1 (Document) 101

Barbecue Bob Complete Recordings Vols 2 And 3 (Document) 103/104

Barber, Chris: The Chris Barber Big Band As We Like It (Classic Studio) 307/308

Barber, Chris: Chris Barber's Jazz Band With Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Sonny, Brownie & Chris (Lake) 328 ATR

Barber, Chris: Various Chris Barber Presents The Blues Legacy: The "Lost & Found" Series Volumes 1-3 (Classic Studio) 307/308

Barber, Damien *see also Demon Barbers, The

Barber, Damien Blass Me! (Nofok) 112

Barber, Damien Boxed (DJC) 213 ATR

Barber, Damien Boxed [NOF002] 157

Barber, Damien The Furrowed Field (DJC) 203

Barber, Damien & Mike Wilson The Old Songs (Demon Barber Sounds) 341/342

Barber, Damien & Mike Wilson Under The Influence (Demon Barber Sounds) 311

Barber, Mary: Nick & Mary Barber Crossword (own label) 180

Barber, Nick & Mary Crossword (own label) 180

Barbera, Simona Mirto (Heaven & Earth) 242/243

Barbosa, Raul King Of Chamame (Erde) 91/92

Barbour, Freeland & Iain Fraser Northlins (Iona) 143

Barbour, Freeland An Linne Dhubh/The Black Water (Macmeanmna) 251 ATR

Barbour, Freeland Killiecrankie (Lapwing) 77

Barbour, Freeland Music For Old Time Dancing - Volume 1 (Highlander Music) 298 ATR

Barbour, Freeland No Long Farewell (Lapwing) 13 (SR)

Barboza, Raúl En Vivo En La Argentina (Frémeaux & Associés [CD/DVD - reviewed separately] 287

Barclay, Angus Why Don't You Do Something To Help Me? (own label) 306 ATR

Barclay, Rebecca & John Steele Islet (Raven's Wings) 300 ATR

Barclay, Rebecca & John Steele With The Night Fast Approaching (Raven's Wings) 341/342 ATR

Bare Bones Bare Bones (own label) 91/92

Bare Necessities Take A Dance (Flying Fish) 102

Bare Wires (Phil Guy &) Arts Centre, Mansfield 95 L

Barefield Céilí Band Between The Sets (Tíg na Coille) 251

Barely Works, The Don't Mind Walking (Cooking Vinyl) 101

Barely Works, The Glow (Cooking Vinyl) 112

Barely Works, The The Best Of The Barely Works (Cooking Vinyl) 144

Barely Works, The The Big Beat (Cooking Vinyl) 85, 239 ATR

Barely Works, The The Theatre, Chipping Norton 103/104 L

Barenberg, Russ: Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, Edgar Meyer Skip, Hop & Wobble (Sugar Hill) 129

Barès, Equidad Mes Espagnes (Silex) 144

Baresi, Michele Berlin & Pogo (T Wah!) 153 ATR

Baresi, Michele Wilkommen In Barbaristan (Orange Street/DDR) 130

Baretto, Ray Hard Hands (Fania/Caliente) 67

Baretto, Ray Salsa Caliente De Nu York! (Nascente) 215 ATR

Barfield, Fiddlin' Boots & The Boat Band Back Up And Push (Harbourtown) 78

Barford Angel, The (Billy Bennington) Billy Bennington (East Anglian Life) 53

Bariu, Laver Songs From The City Of Roses (GlobeStyle) 158/159

Barka, Mamane Introducing Mamane Barka (World Music Network) 312

Barker, Les *see also Mrs Ackroyd Band, The

Barker, Les A Cardi And Bloke (Mrs Ackroyd) 153

Barker, Les A Quite Short Goat & A Pink Dalmatian (Mrs Ackroyd Enterprises) 34 P

Barker, Les An Infinite Number Of Occasional Tables (Mrs Ackroyd) 100

Barker, Les Arovertherapy (Mrs Ackroyd) 222

Barker, Les Chicken Biriani Conga/Nigel's Blues (Mrs Ackroyd [single]) 22 (SR)

Barker, Les Corgi & Bess (Mrs. Ackroyd Enterprises) 34 P

Barker, Les Dogmatic (Avada) 6 (SR)

Barker, Les Dogologues (Mrs. Ackroyd Records) 39

Barker, Les EarwigO (Mrs Ackroyd) 57

Barker, Les Probably The Best Album Ever Made By Anyone In Our Street (Terra Nova) 184

Barker, Les Some Love [various artists] (Mrs Ackroyd) 113

Barker, Les Song For Pat Ryan (from author) 3 P (SR)

Barker, Les The Mrs Ackroyd Occasional Table Book (Mrs Ackroyd [reviewed with albums]) 266/267

Barker, Les The Mrs Ackroyd Periodic Table Book (Mrs Ackroyd Enterprises) 286 P

Barker, Les The Mrs Ackroyd Rock'n'Roll Show (Mrs Ackroyd Records) 27

Barker, Les The Stones Of Callanish [various artists] (Mrs Ackroyd) 167

Barker, Les The War On Terrier (Mrs Ackroyd) 266/267

Barker, Les Up The Creek Without A Poodle (Mrs Ackroyd) 167

Barker, Les: Various Guide Cats For The Blind: Songs And Poems Of Les Barker (Osmosys) 247/248

Barker, Les: Various Top Cat, White Tie And Tails: Guide Cats For The Blind Volume 3 (Osmosys) 294 ATR

Barker, Les: Various Twilight Of The Dogs - Songs Of Les Barker (Mrs Ackroyd) 283/284

Barker, Sally & Keith Richard Buck Passion And The Countess (Rideout) 185

Barker, Sally & The Rhythm Beating The Drum (Hypertension Music) 119

Barker, Sally Another Train (The Compilation) (Hypertension) 210 ATR

Barker, Sally Dreams Of Overcoats And Espionage (Stable Label) 54

Barker, Sally Favourite Dish (Hypertension) 163/164

Barker, Sally In The Spotlight (Old Dog) 62

Barker, Sally This Rhythm Is Mine (Ariola/Hypertension Music) 85

Barker, Wayne Jowandi see Jowandi

Barleycord Traveller's Tale (own label) 301 ATR

Barlow, Sean & Banning Eyre Afropop! (Saraband Books) 153 P

Barlow, Steve & Ned Sublette (eds) Afropop Worldwide Listener's Guide (World Music Productions) 122 P

Barnes, Danny Dirt On The Angel (Terminus) 254/255 ATR

Barnes, David Music Played On The Shepherd Scottish Small Pipes (RTS) 174

Barnes, Mike Captain Beefheart (Quartet Books) 208 P

Barnes, Phillipe An Feochan (Longman) 199/200

Barnes, Steve & Rosalind Bridge Of Wings (Western Wave) 170/171 ATR

Barnes, Steve & Rosalind Patterns In The Sand (Western Wave) 110 ATR

Barnes, Sylvia The Colour Of Amber (Greentrax) 297 ATR

Barnstomer Sarajevo (Mad Butcher [single]) 148

Barnstormer (Attila The Stockbroker's Barnstormer) Just One Life (Roundhead) 216

Barnstormer The Siege Of Shoreham (Roundhead) 161

Baro, Fode Donsoke (Stern's) 163/164

Baroi, John Litton & Pierre Vervloesem Zala Zala (Carbon) 237 ATR

Baron Me No De Entiende Self (Ngomo Line Productions) 256 ATR

Baron, Florian (Anne Auffret &) Gwerz & Soniou E Breizh (Keltia) 331/332

Baron, Jean & Christian Anneix Dañsal E Briez (Keltia) 126

Baron, Jean & Christian Anneix Dansoù C'hoari (Keltia) 281 ATR

Baron, Jean & Christian Anneix Dansoù Tro (Keltia) 220

Baron, Jean & Christian Anneix E Bro Roué Morvan (Keltia) 162

Baron, Jean & Christian Anneix Hentad/Journey (Keltia) 245

Baron, Jean & Christian Anneix Sonaozadur (Keltia) 187/188

Baron, Jean & Georges Epinette War Roudoù En Arboulet (Dastum) 254/255

Baron, Jean & Michel Ghesquière Musique Sacrée Et Mélodies Bretonnes (Keltia) 163/164 ATR

Baron, Jean (Georges Eppinette &) Hommage Á Jean Magadur (Keltia) 154

Baron, Jean (Michel Ghesquière &) Sonj - Sacred Music From Brittany (Keltia Musique) 105 ATR

Baron, Jean, Christian Anneix, Jean-Michel Mansono Bombarde - Biniou Koz - Orgue (Keltia) 206/207

Baron Cohen, Erran Songs In The Key Of Hanukkah (New Line) 309

Baroudi, Hamid City No Mad (Vieklang/Barbarity) 139/140

Baroudi, Hamid Sidi (Barbarity) 227 ATR

Barra MacNeils, The Racket In The Attic (Greentrax) 230/231 ATR

Barra MacNeils, The Rock In The Stream (Barra Music Co.) 79/80 ATR

Barra MacNeils, The The Traditional Album (Iona) 167

Barrage Live In Europe (Gadfly) 193

Barreaux, Gerard: Ami Flammer, Moishe Leiser & Gerard Barreaux Chansons Yiddish: Tendresses Et Rage (Ocora) 35

Barreaux, Gerard: Moishe Lesser, Ami Flammer, Gerard Barreaux Chansons Yiddish (Tendress Et Rage) (Ocora) 213

Barrelhouse Chuck Prescription For The Blues (The Sirens) 234

Barrenberg, Russ Moving Pictures (Rounder) 70

Barrense-Dias, Jose Saga Nordestina (Iris Musique) 192

Barrera, Rodolfo see Nava

Barrett, Wild Willy (John Otway &) The Wimp And The Wild (VM) 74

Barrett, Wild Willy Old Joe Clarke/Rabbit In Boston (Carrere [single]) 19 (SR)

Barrett, Wild Willy Uxbridge Folk Club, The Crown & Treaty 134/135 L

Barrio Chino Mediterra Nostra (Night And Day) 226 ATR

Barrister New Fuji Garbage (Globestyle) 96

Barrister The Jazz Café, London 124 L

Barron, Neil & His Scottish Dance Band Scottish Dances Volume 2 (Highland Music) 160 ATR

Barron, Simon & Rosalind Brady Somewhen (Mobile) 238 ATR

Barros, José E Navegante Rimances (L'Empreinte Digitale) 246 ATR

Barrow, Steve & Peter Dalton The Rough Guide To Reggae (Rough Guides) 179 P

Barrueco, Manuel ¡Cuba! (EMI Classics) 191

Barry, Margaret Cecil Sharp House, London 37 L

Barry, Margaret I Sang Through The Fairs (Rounder) 189

Bartholomew, Dave The Chronological... (Classics) 220

Bartikian, Araïk Monodiques (Émouvance) 282

Bartleson, Kristi The Willow Tree (Brambus) 223/224 ATR

Bartlett, Harriet Eyes Wide Open (Greentrax) 251

Bartley, Aidan & The Slave Girl Aidan Bartley And The Slave Girl (Moon [EP]) 96

Bartley, Denny see also Last Night's Fun

Bartley, Denny Midnight Feast (ADA) 226

Bartley, Denny (Chris Sherburn &) Last Night's Fun (Rabble Rouser) 265 ATR

Bartley, Denny (Chris Sherburn &) Last Night's Fun! (Sound Out Music) 151/152

Bartley, Denny (Chris Sherburn &) Lucy Wan (Noe) 321

Barton, Cathy & Dave Para Ballad Of The Boonslick [label unknown] 20

Bartley, Geoff Hear That Wind Howl (Waterbug) 209

Bartley, Geoff One Kind Word (Waterbug) 191

Bartley, Gren (Tom Kitching &) Boundary (Fellside) 312

Bartley, Gren (Tom Kitching &) Rushes (Fellside) 294

Bartmann, Manfred Frisia Orientalis (Obaxe-music) 341/342 ATR

Barton, Lou Ann Old Enough (Antone's) 151/152 ATR

Barton, Lou Ann Read My Lips (New Rose) 79/80 ATR

Barton, Lou Ann: Marcia Ball, Angela Strehli, Lou Ann Barton Dreams Come True (Antone's) 100

Bartram, Chris 'Yorkie' & Keith Holloway Four Red Feet (Wild Goose) 156 ATR

Bartram, Chris 'Yorkie' & Keith Holloway From The Vale: Music & Songs From The Vale Of White Horse (Wild Goose) 181

Bartram, Chris 'Yorkie': Bartram, Brookes & Weatherall New Midsummer's Day (101 Company) 340

Bartz, Edek see Geduldig

Barzaz An Den Kozh Dall (Keltia Musique) 114

Barzaz Ec 'Honder (Excalibur) 94

Basco The Crow In The Walnut Tree (GO' Danish Folk Music) 311

Bashful Brother Oswald Don't Say Aloha (Rounder) 190

Bashir, Javed & Sondre Bratland Dialogue (Kirkelig Kulturversted) 286 ATR

Bashir, Munir L'Art Du 'Ûd (Ocora) 190

Bashir, Munir Mesopotamia (Le Chant du Monde) 249

Bashir, Munir & Omar Bashir Ud Duet (Auvidis Ethnic) 184 ATR

Bashir, Munir & The Iraqi Traditional Music Group Munir Bashir & The Iraqi Traditional Music Group (Le Chant du Monde) 270

Bashir, Omar (Munir Bashir &) Ud Duet (Auvidis Ethnic) 184 ATR

Basho, Robbie Bashovia (Takoma) 223/224 ATR

Basho, Robbie Guitar Soli (Takoma) 167

Basho, Robbie The Seal Of The Blue Lotus (Takoma) 160

Basho, Robbie Venus In Cancer (Tompkins Square) 285 ATR

Basho-Junghans, Steffen Fleur De Lis 1 & 2 (Blue Moment Arts) 162 ATR

Basho-Junghans, Steffen In Search Of The Eagle's Voice (Blue Moment Arts) 156 ATR

Basin Brothers (Al Berard & The) Dans La Louisiane (Rounder) 163/164

Basin Brothers Let's Get Cajun (Flying Fish) 97

Basin Brothers Stayin' Cajun (Flying Fish) 113

Bäsk Släkt (Xource) 233 ATR

Bass Instincts Bassland (Mercury) 55

Bass Instincts Stripper's Waltz (Dambuster) 41

Bassy, Blick Léman (World Connection) 312 ATR

Bastos, Waldemar Pretaluz (Blacklight) (Luaka Bop/Warner Bros) 185

Bastos, Waldemar Renascence (World Connection) 262

Batanai Pan-African Music (ARC Music) 329/330 ATR

Batanai Marimba Matumba Matumba (InterArts Koni) 249 ATR

Batanai Marimba Moto Moto (Koni) 216

Batanai Marimba Mudzima Mudzima (InterArts Koni) 230/231 ATR

Batata Y Su Rumba Palenquera Radio Bakongo (Network) 241

Bates Motel Bottles & Bones (own label) 143 ATR

Bates Motel Pepper Mill (N Less) 210

Batkin, Clive & Joel McDermott G-Force Trousers (own label) 282 ATR

Batoh, Masaki (Helena Espvall &) Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh (Drag City) 305 ATR

Batters, Derek & Julia see Trim Rig & A Doxy

Battlefield Band Across The Borders (Temple) 172

Battlefield Band After Hours (Temple) 55

Battlefield Band Anthem For The Common Man (Temple) 21 (SR)

Battlefield Band At His Majesty's Pleasure (Tonn-Mor [video]) 145

Battlefield Band At The Front (Temple) 139/140 ATR

Battlefield Band Battlefield Band (Temple) 139/140 ATR

Battlefield Band Battlefield Band: Forward With Scotland's Past (Kinmor Music) 72 P

Battlefield Band Celtic Hotel (Temple) 55

Battlefield Band Dookin' (Temple) 295/296 ATR

Battlefield Band Happy Daze (Temple) 216

Battlefield Band Highland Highlight (Tonn Mor Visual Arts [video]) 106

Battlefield Band Home Ground (Temple) 76

Battlefield Band Home Is Where The Van Is (Temple) 7 (SR)

Battlefield Band In Concert - At The Brunton Theatre Musselburgh (Temple [DVD]) 306

Battlefield Band Leaving Friday Harbour (Temple) 197

Battlefield Band Line-Up (Temple) 338/339

Battlefield Band New Spring (Temple) 97

Battlefield Band On The Rise (Temple) 34

Battlefield Band Opening Moves (Topic) 127/128

Battlefield Band Out For The Night (Temple) 251

Battlefield Band Quiet Days (Temple) 121

Battlefield Band Rain, Hail Or Shine (Temple) 181

Battlefield Band Road Of Tears (Temple) 276

Battlefield Band Stand Easy (Topic) 3 (SR)

Battlefield Band Stand Easy + Preview (Temple) 133

Battlefield Band The Story So Far... (Temple) 13 (SR)

Battlefield Band There's A Buzz (Temple) 16 (SR)

Battlefield Band Threads (Temple) 153

Battlefield Band Time & Tide (Temple) 232

Battlefield Band Zama Zama - Try Your Luck (Temple) 317/318

Battlefield Band Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA 25 L

Battlefield Band Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 70 L; 96 L

Battlefield Band & Alison Kinnaird Music In Trust 2 (Temple) 68

Battlefield Band (Alison Kinnaird & Members Of The) Held In Trust (Temple) 38

Battlefield Band's Highland Circus Ullapool, Scotland 54 L; 76 L

Battuvshin Young Camel Rider (Global Village) 205

Batucada Sound Machine: BSM Batucada Sound Machine Rhythm & Rhyme (Border Music) 324 ATR

Batuko Tabanka Djunta Mô (PAI Música) 321

Baty, Little Charlie see Little Charlie

Bau Cape Verdean Melancholy (Lusafrica) 240 ATR

Bau Inspiraao (Lusafrica) 191

Bau: Bau Ilha Azul (Lusafrica) 285 ATR

Baucom, Terry: Baucom, Ribey, Graham & Haley Baucom, Bibey, Graham & Haley (Rebel) 180 ATR

Baughman, Steve Celtic Collage (Acoustic Music) 334 ATR

Baughman, Steve & Robin Bullock Celtic Guitar Summit (Solid Air) 238 ATR

Baughman, Steve A Drop Of The Pure (Tall Tree) 166

Baugus, Riley Long Steel Rail (Sugar Hill) 282

Bauhan, Sarah Broad Waters (Whistler's Music] 205

Bauhan, Sarah Chasing The New Moon (Whistler's Music) 105

Bauhan, Sarah Lathrop's Waltz (Whistler's Music) 299

Bauhan, Sarah The Untamed Grasses (Alcazar) 126

Bauhan, Sarah: Selma Kaplan, Sarah Bauhan Northern Lights Of Aberdeen (Sampler Records) 121

Baul, Bapi Das / Baul Bishwa Sufi Baul (ARC Music) 319/320

Baul, Paban Das Inner Knowledge (WOMAD Select) 175/176

Baul, Paban Das Music Of The Honey Gatherers (Riverboat) 326/327 E

Baul, Paban Das & Jonny Wartel Paban Das Baul & Jonny Wartel (Gravitation) 238

Baul, Paban Das & Sam Mills Real Sugar (Real World) 175/176

Baul, Paban Das: State Of Bengal Vs Paban Das Baul Tana Tani (Real World) 253

Baul, Purna Das Bauls Of Bengal (Cramworld) 134/135

Baul Bishwa: Bapi Das Baul / Baul Bishwa Sufi Baul (ARC Music) 319/320

Bauldie, John (Michael Gray &) All Across The Telegraph (Sidgwick & Jackson) 50 P

Bauldie, John (Patrick Humphries &) Oh No! Not Another Bob Dylan Book (Square One Books) 102 P

Bauls Of Bengal, The A Man Of Heart (Amiata) 175/176

Bauls Of Bengal, The The October Gallery, Bloomsbury, London 148 L

Baumgarten, Phillip: Pot, Van Lienen & Baumgarten Nectar (own label) 205

Bauweraerts, Gunter Midwinter (Wendel) 227 ATR

Bauweraerts, Gunter MidWinter - Naar De Sterren (Wendel) 269 ATR

Bauza, Mario My Time Is Now (Messidor) 130

BavaRio Baraba (Lawine) 223/224 ATR

Bawa, Gurmeet Love And Life In The Punjab [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Baxter, Lullaby: Lullaby Baxter Trio Capable Egg (Atlantic) 204 ATR

Baxter, Peter Since Then (Stunt) 151/152 ATR

Baxter, Peter The Miracle Bell (Jimaru) 175/176 ATR

Baxter, Seylan (Cheyenne Brown &) 2 : Forty (Celloharp) 297 ATR

Bayer, Yvon: Alain Bruel, Nicola Marinoni, Eric Montbel, Yvon Bayer, Gilles Chabenat La Charmeuse De Serpents (Modal Pleinjeu) 287

Bayete & Jabu Khanyile Africa Unite (Mango) 169

Bayete & Jabu Khanyile Mmalo-We (Mango) 142

Bayete Umathimula (Polygram S.A.) 205

Bayley Hazen Singers (Village Harmony & The) Emerald Stream (Northern Harmony) 129 ATR; 157

Bayliss, Tony Nothing's Perfect (own label) 126 ATR

Baylor, Helen Start All Over (Word) 131 ATR

Bayne, Hamish & Martin Cole Making Music (Fellside) 107

Bayou Gumbo 2-Stepping In The Swamp (own label) 87

Bayou Gumbo Bald On The Bayou (Beanodog) 122

Bayou Gumbo Bayou Degradeable (own label) 110 ATR

Bayou Gumbo Keep Steepping [bd 48] 151/152 ATR

Bayou Gumbo Swamp Soup (own label) 99

Bayou Renegade Bayou Renegade (Sky Ranch) 111

Bayou Seco 20 Years Happy In The Bewilderness (Zerx) 230/231 ATR

Bayou Seco Bayou Seco's Bouquet (Zerx) 338/339

Bayou Seco Following In The Tuneprints (Ubik Sound) 146/147

Bayou Seco Little Pleasures Of Life (Zerx) 208

Bayou Seco More Memories In Carabi (Zerx) 262

Bayou Seco Sunnyside (Zerx) 302/303

Bayou Seco Use It Again! (Big Spartan) 203

Bayou Seco Duo Music In The Air: High Desert Dreams And Dances (Zerx) 242/243

Bayou Seco Trio Home On The Great Divide (Zerx) 218/219

Bayou Swamp Band (Chubby Carrier & The) Boogie Woogie Zydeco (Flying Fish) 111

Bayou Swamp Band (Chubby Carrier & The) Who Stole The Hot Sauce? (Blind Pig) 163/164

Bayrishev, Bolot see Bolot

Bays, Randal: James Keane, Randal Bays, Dáithí Sproule Fingal (New Folk) 311 ATR

Baytop, Mike: Franklin & Baytop Searching For Frank (Patuxent) 307/308 ATR

Bayuba Cante Cheba (Network) 211/212 ATR

Bayuba Cante Orunmila's Dance (Network Medien) 229 ATR

Bazaaris Watersongs (Bazaarpool) 281 ATR

Bazar Blå Live (Tripfolk Bazaarpool) 252

Bazar Blå Nordic City (Xource) 189 ATR

Bazar Blå Nysch (Xource) 259/260

Bazar Blå Tripfolk (Xource) 216 ATR

Bazeado Requebra Negra (Mr Bongo) 223/224 ATR

Bazeley, Mark & Jason Rice Moor Music (Veteran) 209

Bazeley, Mark (Bob McGann &) Five Generations (Veteran Tapes) 61

BBC Folk Awards see Various: Folk Awards

Bbigeou, Esther 1921-23 (Document) 163/164 ATR

Be Good Tanyas, The Blue Horse (Nettwerk) 225

Be Good Tanyas, The Chinatown (Nettwerk/EMI) 237

Beach Bellydance Babylon Beach Bellydance Babylon (Mule Satellite) 301

Béal Tuinne Live At St James' Church, Dingle (Tara) 310

Beale Streeters (Earl Forest with The) Earl Forest With The Beale Streeters (Ace) 56

Bealtaine Reel Feelings (own label) 163/164 ATR

Beamer, Keola Island Born ('Ohe) 218/219

Beamer, Keola Kolonahe - From The Gentle Wind (Dancing Cat) 193

Beamer, Keola Mauna Kea White Mountain Journal (Dancing Cat) 170/171

Beamer, Keola Moe' Uhane Kika (Dancing Cat) 149

Beamer, Keola Soliloquy (Dancing Cat) 230/231

Beamer, Keola Wooden Boat (Dancing Cat) 149

Beamer, Keola & R. Carlos Nakai Our Beloved Land (Canyon) 278/279

Bean, Andy: The Two Man Gentlemen Band Drip Dryin' (Serious Business) 328 ATR

Bearcats, The Cajun Tracks (Bearcat) 134/135

Beard, Chris Barwalkin' (JSP) 170/171

Beard, Chris Born To Play The Blues (JSP) 215 ATR

Beard, Joe ...Every Road I've Taken (own label) 54

Beard, Joe featuring Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters Blues Union (Audioquest) 181 ATR

Beat.itude The Holy Barbarians (Webster's Last Word) 160 ATR

Beatnecks (Webb Wilder & The) It Came From Nashville (Special Delivery) 62

Beaton Family Of Mabou, The Cape Breton Fiddle And Piano Music (Smithsonian Folkways) 257 ATR

Beau Hunks, The Saxophone Soctette (Basta) 196 ATR

Beau Temps Sur La Province Beau Temps Sur la Province (own label) 33

Beau Temps Sur La Province Compagnie Beau Temps (Arion) 50

Beau Temps Sur La Province The Cross Keys, Llantrisant & The Ivy Bush, Pontardawe 32 L

Beau, Chicago see Chicago Beau

Beauchamp, Jacques, Patrick Lancien, Yann-Fañch Perroches & Ronan Robert Cocktail Diatonique (Keltia Musique) 122

Beauchamp, Lincoln T. see Chicago Beau

Beaucoup Blue Hearts At Home (own label) 275 ATR

Beaucoup Blue Out Of The Woodwork (own label) 250 ATR

Beaudoin, Gerry In A Sentimental Mood (North Star) 115/116 ATR

Beaudoin, Gerry Sentimental Over You (North Star) 129 ATR

Beaudoin, Gerry: Gerry Beaudoin Trio Minor Swing (North Star) 129 ATR

Beaudry, Eric & Simon Le Sort Des Amoureux (Roues & Archets) 297 ATR

Beaumont, Callum: Alen Tully, Andrew Carlisle & Callum Beaumont The Young Ones (Monarch) 270 ATR

Beaumont, Rev. (Elder J.E. Burch &) Complete Recorded Works 1927-29 (Document) 146/147

Beaumont, Tex One-Eyed Jacks (Demon) 169 ATR

Beausoleil Allons À Lafayette (Arhoolie) 93

Beausoleil Arc De Triomphe Two-Step (Hemisphere) 179

Beausoleil avec Canray Fontenot Allons À Lafayette (Arhoolie) 39

Beausoleil Bayou Boogie (Rounder Europa) 51

Beausoleil Bayou Cadillac (Rounder) 73

Beausoleil Cajun Conja (Demon) 102

Beausoleil Encore, Encore!! The Best Of Beausoleil (Rhino) 254/255

Beausoleil Gitane Cajun (Vanguard) 262

Beausoleil Hot Chili Mama (Arhoolie) 57

Beausoleil L'Écho (Forward) 142

Beausoleil Parlez Nous À Boire (WDR/Network Medien 'World Network' series) 125

Beausoleil Parlez-Nous À Boire & More (Arhoolie) 102

Beausoleil The Best Of Beausoleil (Arhoolie) 174

Beausoleil The Best Of The Crawfish Years (Rounder) 227

Beausoleil The Very Best Of Beausoleil (Nascente) 187/188 ATR

Beausoleil Vintage Beausoleil (Music of the World) 146/147

Beausoleil: Dennis McGee, Sady Courville, Bois-Sec Ardoin, Canray Fontenot & Beausoleil Voices Of The Americas: Cajun And Creole Music (Music of the World) 79/80

Beausoleil: Michael Doucet with Beausoleil Parlez-Nous Á Boire (Arhoolie) 25

Beautiful Nubia & The Roots Renaissance Band Fèrè (EniObanke Music) 278/279 ATR

Beautiful Nubia & The Roots Renaissance Band Irinajo (EniObanke Music) 325 ATR

Beautiful Nubia & The Roots Renaissance Band Sun No Dey Sleep (EniObanke) 336

Beautiful Nubia Band Awilele (EniObanke Music) 262 ATR

Beaver Chief Red Cedar Medicine Circle Songs (Lyrichord) 206/207

Bebey, Francis Dibiye (Pee Music) 177 ATR

Bebey, Francis Lambarene Schweitzer (Disques Ceddia) 122

Bebey, Francis Sourire De Lune (Ceddia) 166

Bebo: Bebo & Cigala Black And White Live (Calle 54 [DVD]) 263

Bebo: Bebo & Cigala Lágrimas Negras (Calle 54) 256

Bebo: Bebo Valdés Featuring The Legendary Vocalists... (Malanga Music) 294

Bebo: Bebo Valdés Greatest Hits (Son) 325 ATR

Bebo: Ramón Bebo Valdés & Israel Cachao López Bebo & Cachao (Rumorrecords) 294

Beck, Charles [Elder Charles Beck] 1946-56 (Document) 169 ATR

Beck, Dave Utah Beach (Maple Leaf Media) 143 ATR

Beck, Jack O Lassie, Lassie (Greentrax) 78, 232 ATR

Becker, Irene: Færd, Dorge, Becker, Hjetland Kryss (Tutl) 314/315

Becker, Roland Musiques Traditionelles En Bretagne Morbihannaise (Arfolk) 123

Becker, Roland: Trio Roland Becker L'Orchestre National Breton (Coop Breizh) 182/183

Beckerman, Sid & Howie Leess Klezmer Plus! - Old Time Yiddish Dance Music (Flying Fish) 109

Beckerman, Wendy Marina's Owl (Great Divide) 142

Beckford, Ewart see U-Roy

Beckford, Stanley Plays Mento (Barclay) 234 ATR

Beckford, Theo & Friends Trojan Battlefield (Trojan) 256 ATR

Beckwith, Carol & Angela Fisher African Ceremonies (Harry N. Abrams/Thames & Hudson) 233 P

Bede, Arran The Gossamer Mansion (Lochshore) 139/140 ATR

Bedford, Naomi Tales From The Weeping Willow (own label) 336

Bedlam Four Play (Selwyn Music) 184; 213 ATR

Bedlam With Me Swag (Volume One Recordings) 120 ATR

Bedlam Rovers Frothing Green (Normal) 138

Bedlam Rovers Wallow (Spirit/Normal) 122

Bedouin Jerry Can Band Coffee Time (30 IPS) 297

Beeching, Jenny A Right Song And Dance [MKS001] 2 (SR)

Beeching, Jenny No More Sad Goodbyes (Appaloosa) 17 (SR)

Beefheart, Captain I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain't Weird - The Alternate Captain Beefheart (Sequel) 111

Beefheart, Captain Zig Zag Wanderer (Wooden Hill) 163/164 ATR

Beenie Man Cool Cool Rider (Trojan) 256 ATR

Beer, Cheryl Heaven Scent - Celebrating The History Of The Welsh Songstress (Parlor Press) 281 P

Beer, Phil *see also Show Of Hands

Beer, Phil (Steve Knightley &) Show Of Hands (own label) 49

Beer, Phil Hard Hats (HTD) 141

Beer, Phil The Works (Old Court) 156

Beer, Phil, Ashley Hutchings & Chris While Ridge Riders: Songs Of The Southern English Landscape (HTD) 202

Beer, Phil: Downes & Beer Live At Nettlebed (Talking Elephant) 306 ATR

Beggar's Velvet Lady Of Autumn (Dragon) 88

Beginish Beginish (Inish) 182/183

Begley, Brendan We Won't Go Home Till Morning (Kells) 175/176

Begley, Brendan & Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh A Moment Of Madness (own label) 337 ATR

Begley, Seamus (Steve Cooney &) The Sanctuary, Cruises Bar, Ennis, Co. Clare 139/140 L

Behilia, Oswin Chin Liber (Otrabanda) 326/327

Behilia, Oswin Chin Live (Otrabanda) 277 ATR

Behzad Myth (Touch) 83

Beken, Munir Nurettin The Art Of The Turkish Oud (Rounder) 174

Bekkas, Majid Makenba (Igloomondo) 335

Bekkas, Majid, Ablaye Cissoko, Khalid Kouhen Mabrouk (Bee Jazz) 337 ATR

Bekkas, Majid: Joachim Kühn, Majid Bekkas, Ramon Lopez Chalaba (ACT Music) 334 ATR

Bel, Mbilia Bel Canto (Stern's) 297

Bel, Mbilia Belissimo (Stern's Africa) 259/260

Bel, Mbilia The Queen (Syllart) 340 ATR

Bel, Mbilia Welcome (Next) 232

Bel, Mbilia, Rigo Star & Vivick Matou Yalowa (IMA) 167

Belafonte, Harry Calypso-Mento-Folk 1954-1957 (Frémeaux & Associés) 311

Belafonte, Harry Island In The Sun (Bear Family) 226 ATR

Belfast Festival At Queens 56 L

Belfast Folk Festival 30 L; 54 L; 78 L; 148 L

Belgian Rhythm 'n' Blues Festival Peer, Belgium 100 L; 137 L

Bell & Shore Little Movies (Flying Fish) 67

Bell & Shore L-Ranko Motel (ROM) 79/80

Bell, Alan In My Homeland (Dragon) 203

Bell, Alan The Alan Bell Song Book (Tamlyn Music Ltd) 75 P

Bell, Alan The Band In The Park (Tradition) 15 (SR)

Bell, Alan The Definitive Collection (Greentrax) 270 ATR

Bell, Carey & Lurrie Second Nature (Alligator) 259/260 ATR

Bell, Carey & Lurrie The 100 Club, London 73 L

Bell, Carey (Walter Horton &) Harp Legends 1: Walter Horton & Carey Bell (Catfish) 177 ATR

Bell, Carey Brought Up The Hard Way (JSP) 182/183 ATR

Bell, Carey Carey Bell's Blues Harp (Delmark) 153 ATR

Bell, Carey Deep Down (Alligator) 144

Bell, Carey Good Luck Man (Alligator) 175/176 ATR

Bell, Carey Harpmaster (JSP) 133

Bell, Carey Harpslinger (JSP) 63; 151/152 ATR

Bell, Carey: James Cotton, Junior Wells, Carey Bell, Billy Branch Harp Attack (Alligator) 96

Bell, Clive (Rie Yanagisawa &) Kurokami (Saydisc) 67 ATR

Bell, Delia & Bill Grant A Few Dollars More (Rounder) 38

Bell, Derek Derek Bell's Musical Ireland (Claddagh) 20 (SR)

Bell, Derek The Mystic Harp (Clarity Sound & Light) 161 ATR

Bell, Ed Complete Recorded Works (Document) 114

Bell, Frank (Roger Collette &) Death Valley (Balleson Disc) 73 ATR

Bell, Hilary Next Time Around (Big Sky) 285 ATR

Bell, Lurrie Everybody Wants To Win (JSP) 79/80

Bell, Lurrie Let's Talk About Love (Aria BG) 295/296 ATR

Bell, Lurrie Young Man's Blues (JSP) 180 ATR

Bell, Lurrie: Carey & Lurrie Bell Second Nature (Alligator) 259/260 ATR

Bell, Lurrie (Carey & Lurrie Bell) The 100 Club, London 73 L

Bell, Martin: Martin, Doug & Sara Reelin' (Munro) 74

Bell, Nathan: Bell & Shore Little Movies (Flying Fish) 67

Bell, Nathan: Bell & Shore L-Ranko Motel (ROM) 79/80

Bell, Paddie (The Corrie Folk Trio &) The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell (Moidart) 173 ATR

Bell, Rico & The Snake Handlers Dark Side Of The Mersey (Bloodshot) 198 ATR

Bell, Vince Phoenix (Watermelon) 139/140 ATR

Bellamy, Peter Both Sides Then (Fledg'ling) 114

Bellamy, Peter Both Sides Then (Topic) 3 (SR); 319/320

Bellamy, Peter Fair Annie (Fellside) 258

Bellamy, Peter Fair England's Shore (Fellside) 305

Bellamy, Peter Keep On Kipling (Fellside) 14 (SR)

Bellamy, Peter Mr Bellamy, Mr Kipling & The Tradition (Fellside) 223/224

Bellamy, Peter Second Wind (EFDSS) 29

Bellamy, Peter Soldiers Three (own label) 88

Bellamy, Peter Songs An' Rummy Conjurin' Tricks (Fellside) 103/104

Bellamy, Peter The Ballads Of Peter Bellamy (Free Reed) 302/303 ATR

Bellamy, Peter Wake The Vaulted Echoes (Free Reed) 197

Bellamy, Peter Nook Folk Club, Holmfirth 93 L

Bellamy, Peter The Bluebell, Hull 35 L

Bellamy, Peter (with Chris Birch) Fair Annie [Limited edition cassette - no details given] 19 (SR)

Bellamy, Peter: Peter Bellamy Memorial Day Conway Hall, London 114 L

Bellamy, Peter: Various Peter Bellamy's The Transports: Silver Edition (Free Reed) 251

Bellamy, Peter: Various The Transports (Topic) 112

Bellamy, Peter et al. The Transports - 1977 (Free Reed) 302/303 ATR

Bellemou, Messaoud The Father Of Rai (Long Distance) 194/195 ATR

Bellenger, Xavier (Kudsi Erguner &) Ney & Kena: Conférence Des Roseaux (Ocora) 23 (SR)

Bellevue Rendezvous Tangents (own label) 294

Bellity, Marc (Delphine Aguilera &) Fin Amor (Buda Musique) 292 ATR

Bello, Abdul Rasheed see JJC

Belloni, Alessandra Tarantata: Dance Of The Ancient Spider (Sounds True) 204

Belloni, Allesandra Tarantelle & Canto D'Amore (Naxos World) 244

Bellowhead A Dirty Weekend With Bellowhead Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 310 L

Bellowhead Burlesque (Westpark) 280

Bellowhead E.P. Onymous (Megafone) 259/260

Bellowhead Hedonism (Navigator) 328

Bellowhead Live At Shepherds Bush Empire (Westpark Music [DVD]) 311

Bellowhead Matachin (Navigator) 304

Bellowhead: Various Bellowhead Presents Umbrellowhead (Megafone) 319/320

Bellowhead Oxford Folk Festival 252 L

Bellula, Faudel see Faudel

Belmont Silvertone Jubilee Singers/Southern Wonder Quartet 1939-40 (Document) 151/152 ATR

Bélo Haïti Debout (France Info) 340 ATR

Belshazzar's Feast Drop The Reed (Wild Goose) 194/195

Belshazzar's Feast Find The Lady (Unearthed/One Little Indian) 328

Belshazzar's Feast Frost Bites (WildGoose) 319/320

Belshazzar's Feast John Playford's Secret Ball (Wild Goose) 228

Belshazzar's Feast Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance (Wild Goose) 209

Belshazzar's Feast Mr Kynaston's Famous Dance Vol. 2: The She Favourite (Wild Goose) 239

Belshazzar's Feast One Too Many (Wild Goose) 165 ATR

Belshazzar's Feast The Food Of Love (WildGoose) 307/308

Beltaine Rockhill (Gospoda 6) 269

Beltran, Juan Mari (Joxan Goikoetxea &) Egurraren Orpotic Dator... (No-CD Rekords) 129

Beltran, Juan Mari Arditurri (Elkar) 229

Belvin, Jesse Goodnight My Love (Ace) 107 ATR

Belzébuth Les Péchés Du Diable (own label) 293

Bembeya Jazz Authenticité 73 (Syliphone/Melodie) 209

Bembeya Jazz Bembeya (Marabi) 232

Bembeya Jazz Défi & Continuité (Syllart/Syliphone) 206/207

Bembeya Jazz Hommage À Demba Camara (Syliphone/Melodie) 209

Bembeya Jazz Wa Kéle (Disques Esperance) 74

Bembeya Jazz London Jazz Festival, Royal Festival Hall 235/236 L

Bembeya Jazz: Bembeya Jazz National Classic Titles (Cantos) 285

Bembeya Jazz: Bembeya Jazz National The Syliphone Years (Stern's) 258

Bembo, Gaby Lita & Orchestre Stukas Kita Mata ABC (RetroAfric) 265

Bemiray Polyphonies Des Hauts-Plateaux (Silex) 120

Ben, Jorge Brazilian Hits And Funky Classics (Manteca) 225 ATR

Ben, Jorge: Jorge Ben Jor The Definitive Collection (Wrasse) 240 ATR

Ben, Mireille: Mireille Ben Ensemble Miniatures (FolkClub Ethnosuoni) 292

Ben Jor, Jorge see Ben, Jorge

Ben Sari, Elarbi & Rodwane Gharnata (Club du Disque Arabe) 182/183

Ben Sari, Rodwane see Rodwane

Ben The Hoose The Little Cascade (own label) 292 ATR

Benachally Ceilidh Band, The Happy Feet (Smiddymade) 180 ATR

Benali, Ghalia & Timnaa Wild Harissa (Network) 220

Bence, Bob (Kenda Ward &) Way Down Yonder (Sampler Records) 129 ATR

Bender, Brian & The Little Shop Of Horas Eyn Velt (Face the Music) 306

Benford, Jennie: Jim & Jennie & The Pinetops One More In the Cabin (Loose) 239 ATR

Bengalo Foy (Etnisk Musikklubb) 334

Bengalo Vir (Hot Club) 253

Bengi Sel Gider... Kum Kalir (The Flood Goes... The Sand Remains) (Kalan) 222

Benjamin, Moonlight Mouvman (Mosaic Music) 337 ATR

Benjor, Jorge see Ben, Jorge

Benkadi International Djoulolou (Djenne Music/Stern's) 179

Benn, Tony & Roy Bailey The Writing On The Wall (Fuse) 163/164

Bennato, Eugenio Da Lontano (L'Empreinte Digitale) 264 ATR

Bennato, Eugenio Sponda Sud (Lucky Planets) 295/296

Bennato, Eugenio & Taranta Power Che Il Mediterraneo Sia (Rai Trade) 230/231

Bennett, Billy Almost A Gentleman (Topic) 173

Bennett, Chris Historical & Political Ballads And Songs Of The Stuart Era (Trafford) 310 P

Bennett, Duster Comin' Home (Indigo) 194/195

Bennett, Duster Fingertips (Castle) 247/248 ATR

Bennett, Duster I Choose To Sing The Blues (Indigo) 194/195

Bennett, Duster Jumpin' At Shadows (Indigo) 139/140

Bennett, Duster Out In The Blue (Indigo) 146/147

Bennett, Duster Shady Little Baby (Indigo) 211/212 ATR

Bennett, Elinor Telynau A Chan (Folk Songs And Harps) (Sain) 101

Bennett, Elizabeth Reian Song Of The True Hand (own label) 283/284 E

Bennett, Jon & Ed Korolyk Back In The Playground (Sanity Music) 86

Bennett, Margaret & Martyn The Thistle And The Pitcher Plant (School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh) 67

Bennett, Martyn Bothy Culture (Rykodisc) 175/176

Bennett, Martyn Glen Lyon (Foot Stompin') 227

Bennett, Martyn Grit (Real World) 246

Bennett, Martyn Martyn Bennett (Eclectic) 160

Bennett, Martyn: Margaret & Martyn Bennett The Thistle And The Pitcher Plant (School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh) 67

Bennett, Martyn & Martin Low Hardland (Cuillin) 209

Bennett, Martyn: Mr McFall's Chamber Birds & Beasts: Music by Martyn Bennett & Fraser Fifield (Delphian) 326/327

Bennett, Pinto Pure Quill (PT Music) 95

Bennington, Billy (The Barford Angel) Billy Bennington (East Anglian Life) 53

Bennington, Billy The Barford Angel (Veteran) 268

Bennink, Han (Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio &) Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed Trio & Han Bennink (Buda [Ethio Sonic]) [DVD] 316

Benns, Jon (Bill Zorn &) Wake Up And Dress Funny (Sunrise) 42

Benoit, Tab Standing On The Bank (Vanguard) 204 ATR

Benoit, Tab Wetlands (Telarc) 234 ATR

Benoit, Tab What I Live For (Vanguard) 204 ATR

Bensari, Elarbi see Ben Sari, Elarbi

Bensari, Rodwane see Rodwane

Bensignor, François (ed.) Planètes Musiques: Guide-Annuaire Des Musiques Traditionnelles Et Du Monde (Irma) 246 P; 271/272 P

Bensignor, François Les Musiques Du Monde (Larousse [Guide Totem]) 241 P

Bensusan, Pierre A La Carte (DADGAD Music) 321 ATR

Bensusan, Pierre Altiplanos (Favored Nations) 269

Bensusan, Pierre Altiplanos (DADGAD Music) 329/330 ATR

Bensusan, Pierre Anthology (DADGAD Music) 237 ATR

Bensusan, Pierre Bamboule (Acoustic Music) 129

Bensusan, Pierre Compilations (Le Chant du Monde) 28

Bensusan, Pierre DADGAD Music From Spices And Wei Wei (Mel Bay) 161 [Tutorials]

Bensusan, Pierre Intuite (DADGAD Music) 215; 329/330 ATR

Bensusan, Pierre Solilai (Stockfisch) 13 (SR)

Bensusan, Pierre The Guitar Book (Hal Leonard Publishing Corp.) 53 P

Bensusan, Pierre Wu Wei (CM Artistes) 139/140 ATR

Bensusan, Pierre Centre Space, Hounslow 73 L

Bensusan, Pierre Seomra an Cheoil, Dublin 153 L

Bensusan, Pierre Zeffirelli's, Ambleside, Cumbria 53 L

Bentley, Gladys (Maggie Jones &) Complete Recorded Works 1925-29 (Document) 146/147

Benzie, Ian F. So Far (Lochshore) 149

Beoga Live At Stockfisch Studio (Stockfisch) 333 ATR

Beoga Lovely Madness (Compass) 309 ATR

Beoga The Incident (Beoga Music/Compass) 325

Berard, Al & The Basin Brothers Dans La Louisiane (Rounder) 163/164

Berardi, Nico Il Soffio Dell'otre (RadiciMusic) 341/342

Berardo, Sergio: Bregada Berard Bon Nadal Occitania (Felmay) 333

Berber, Sylvie: Jean Blanchard, Robert Amyot, Sylvie Berber Fleur De Terre (Beau Temps) 196

Berberian, John & The Rock East Ensemble Middle Eastern Rock (Rev-Ola) 317/318

Berendt, Joachim E. (William Caxton &) Jazz Life (Taschen) 271/272 P

Berezan, Jennifer Borderlines (Flying Fish) 115/116 ATR

Berg, Erik: Jonas Brandin, Erik Berg, Hadrian Prett Bodalåtar (Giga) 263 ATR

Berg, Matraca I Got It Bad (RCA [single]) 97

Bergaplass, Embrik Spelemann Og Låttesmed (Kvarts) 275 ATR

Berger, Bengt: Bengt Berger Old School All Time High (Amigo) 202

Berger, Bengt: Berger Knutsson Spering Up Close (Country & Eastern) 281 ATR

Berger, George Levellers: Dance Before The Storm (Virgin Books) 205 P

Berger, Ron & Nick Frystak Bamboo Flute Lullabies Of Japan (Intone) 203 ATR

Berger, Sylvie: La Bergère Ouvarosa (own label) 239

Berger Knutsson Spering Up Close (Country & Eastern) 281 ATR

Bergeron, Shirley French Rocking Boogie (Ace) 113

Bergin, Mary Feadóga Stáin (Gael Linn) 256 ATR

Bergin, Mary Feadoga Stain 2 (Gael Linn) 119

Berglund, Mats Gränslandslåtar (Giga) 196

Berglund, Mats: Ale Möller, Mats Berglund, Greger Brändström, Lasse Sörlin Härjedalspipan (Drone) 163/164

Berglund, Mats: Mats Berglund Trio Mats Berglund Trio (Giga) 247/248 ATR

Bergman, Billy African Pop - Goodtime Kings (Blandford) 31 P

Bergman, Jenny: Täpp Ida Almlöf, Jenny Täpp & Jenny Bergman Gässbikôllor (Giga) 283/284 ATR

Bergset, Arve Moen Religiose Folketonar (Grappa) 168

Berio, Luciano (Kim Kashkashian &) Voci (ECM New Series) 228 ATR

Berkeley, Roy & Tim Woodbridge Songs Of The F.D.R. Years (Longview) 7 ATR (SR)

Berklejdy Muszyka Nasluchana (Orange World) 189

Berkouk, Karim see Kook, Karim Albert

Berline, Byron & John Hickman Double Trouble (Sugar Hill) 151/152

Berline, Byron Fiddle And A Song (Sugar Hill) 151/152

Berman, Billy et al. Reggae And Latin Pop: Hot Sauces (Blandford Press) 29 P

Berman, Lesley & Heather Wood Grass Roots International Folk Resource Directory (Grass Roots Productions) 26 P

Bermejo, Mili & Dan Greenspan ¡Ay Amor! (Green Linnet) 115/116

Bermejo, Mili Identitad (Xenophile) 158/159

Bermuda Quadrangle Pack Horse Folk Club, Mottram-in-Longdendale 99 L

Bernal, Eloy: Conjunto Bernal 16 Early Tejano Classics (Arhoolie) 190

Bernal, Magaly con Estrella De La Charanga La Guarachera Soy Yo (Indigo/Label Bleu) 201 ATR

Bernal, Paulino: Conjunto Bernal 16 Early Tejano Classics (Arhoolie) 190

Bernal, Paulino: Conjunto Bernal Mi Unico Camino (Arhoolie) 131

Bernard, Gaston: Bourque, Bernard & Lepage Matapat (Borealis) 191

Bernard, Rod Cajun Blue (Edsel/Crazy Cajun) 191 ATR

Bernard, Rod Rod Bernard (Ace) 28

Berner, Geoff The Wedding Dance Of The Widow Bride (Jericho Beach Music) 290/291

Berner, Geoff Whiskey Rabbi (Black Hen Music) 270

Berns, Angelika & Jens Kommnick Just Songs (own label) 225

Bernstein, Ira Ten Toe Percussion (Global Village) 72

Berntsen, Rock Kelpers After All: Songs Of A Falkland Islander (Forest Tracks) 22 (SR)

Beroard, Jocelyne Siwo-Kassav' (Greensleeves) 70

Berrios, Soledad Luz De Luna (Peregrina Music) 275 ATR

Berrogüetto 10.0 (Berroguetto Música) 285

Berrogüetto Fusco (Do Fol/BOA [single]) 201

Berrogüetto Hepta (Boa Do Fol) 238

Berrogüetto Navicularia (Do Fol) 162

Berrogüetto Viaxe Por Urticaria (Do Fol) 199/200 ATR

Berry, Chris "Murewa": Marimba Ava Murewa Mazuva Ano (Zimbob) 170/171

Berry, Chuck On The Blues Side (Ace) 125

Berry, Heidi Below The Waves (no details given) 79/80 ATR

Berry, Heidi Firefly (Creation) 56

Berry, Heidi Heidi Berry (4AD) 124

Berry, Heidi Love (4AD) 102

Berry, Heidi Miracle (4AD [single]) 166

Berry, Heidi Pomegranate: An Anthology (4AD) 214 ATR

Berry, Heidi The Moon And The Sun (4AD [single]) 123

Berry, John Faithfully (Capitol) 158/159 ATR

Berry, Richard Have "Louie" Will Travel (Ace) 256 ATR

Berryhill, Cindy Lee (Christy Moore / Cindy Lee Berryhill) Birmingham Town Hall 79/80 L

Berryhill, Cindy Lee Garage Orchestra (Unique Gravity) 149 ATR

Berryhill, Cindy Lee Me, Steve, Kirk And Keith (Awareness [single]) 82; 79/80

Berryhill, Cindy Lee Mean Fiddler Acoustic Room, Harlesden, London 78 L

Berryhill, Cindy Lee Naked Movie Star (Awareness) 81

Berryhill, Cindy Lee Straight Outta Marysville (Demon) 157

Berryhill, Cindy Lee Who's Gonna Save The World (Rhino) 57

Berryman, Lou & Peter Your State's Name Here (Cornbelt) 71

Berryman, Pete The Ghosts Of May (Zefredot) 333

Berryman, Pete (John James with) Sky In My Pie (Transatlantic) 155 ATR

Berryman, Peter & Adrian O'Reilly Duet (Acoustic Music) 192

Berryman, Peter: Lou & Peter Berryman Your State's Name Here (Cornbelt) 71

Bersoux, Katherine (Emmanuel Pariselle &) Sarajevo (own label) 30

Berthoud, Phil Irish Fiddle Playing (For Intermediate To Advanced Players) (from author) 199/200 P

Bertrand, John: Gaspard/Lachney/Bertrand Early American Cajun Music (Yazoo) 194/195

Bertrand, Sébastien: Duo Bertrand En Cie Couleurs Racines (own label) 270 ATR

Bertrand, Thierry: Duo Bertrand En Cie Couleurs Racines (own label) 270 ATR

Berwick Summer Folk Berwick 88 L

Besh o droM Can't Make Me! (Asphalt Tango) 239

Besh o droM Gyi! (own label) 262

Besh o droM Kertünk Alatt - Down The Garden (NarRator) 338/339

Besh o droM Macsó Hímzés (Fonó) 217

Bess, Big Jeff Tennessee Home Brew (Bear Family) 324 ATR

Bessemer Sunset Four Complete Recorded Works 1928-30 (Document) 151/152 ATR

Besson, Philippe: Compagnie Besson Épices (Nord-Sud) 245

Betel Nuts Brothers Hunters Who Lost Their Land (Trees Music & Art) 251

Bethânia, Maria Brasileirinho (Biscoito Fino/Quintada) 253 ATR

Bethânia, Maria (Omara Portuondo &) Omara Portuondo E Maria Bethânia (Discmedi Blau) 304

Bethany see Yarrow, Bethany

Beto & The Fairlanes Salsafied (Dos) 144 ATR

Bette & Wallet [Mary Beth Carty & Gabriel F. Ouellette] Voici... (own label) 306

Better Days Playing For Time (own label) 101

Better Days (Paul Butterfield's Better Days) It All Comes Back (Sequel) 90

Better Days (Paul Butterfield's Better Days) Paul Butterfield's Better Days (Sequel) 90

Betterdays, The Here 'Tis (CD Aftermath) 118 ATR

Betterdays, The Howl Of The Streets (own label [EP]) 112 ATR

Betterdays, The No Concessions (Aftermath) 131 ATR

Between The Lines Between The Lines (What Are Records?) 118 ATR

BEV [BonificaEmilianaVeneta] Apotropaica (Enrosadira) 197

BEV [BonificaEmilianaVeneta] Variable/Naturale (Felmay) 225 ATR

Bevel Jenny Above The Clouds (own label) 268 ATR

Beverley Folk Festival 27 L; 39 L

Bévinda Alegria (Melodie) 225 ATR

Bévinda Luz (Le Chant du Monde) 274 ATR

Bévinda Outubro (Felmay) 297 ATR

Bevvy Sisters, The St James Sessions (Shoogle) 326/327 ATR

Beware Of The Dog Beware Of The Dog (own label [single]) 189

Bey, Hafiz Kemal Vasfini Bu Resme Tertip Ettiler... (Your Soul, Captured In A Painting...) (Kalan) 287

Bey, Mesut Cemïl Volume 1: Early Recordings (Golden Horn) 214

Bey, Mesut Cemïl Volumes 2 & 3: Instrumental & Vocal Recordings (Golden Horn) 214

Bey, Tanburi Cemil Tanburi Cemil Bey (Traditional Crossroads) 150

Beyond The Bars Far Off Things (own label) 201 ATR

Beyond The Bars Rustic (Llanfach Productions) 178 ATR

Beyond The Border St Donat's Castle, Llantwit Major, South Glamorgan 136 L

Beyond The Pale Brave Old World (Rounder) 138

Beyond The Pale The Stag's Head, Camden 127/128 L

Bezmara In Search Of The Lost Sound (Kalan) 210

BF. 15 Primeur (Escalibur) 179

BGST Kardes Turkuler (Dogu) (Kalan) 206/207

Bhagat, Sheetal see Sheetal

Bhagwat, Anupama & V.K. Raman Confluence (Felmay) 319/320 E

Bhatt, Krishna Corn Exchange, Ipswich 131 L

Bhatt, Krishna (Jody Stecher &) RASA (Claddagh) 10 (SR)

Bhatt, Salil & Matthias Müller Mumbai 2 Munich (Times Music) 319/320 E

Bhatt, Salil (Doug Cox &) Slide To Freedom (Northern Blues) 293

Bhatt, Salil (Doug Cox &) Slide To Freedom 2 (NorthernBlues) 334 ATR

Bhatt, Salil: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Sandeep Das & Salil Bhatt Mohan's Vina (Sense World Music) 242/243

Bhatt, V.M. see Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan & Sandeep Das Indian Delta (Sense World Music) 242/243

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan (Simon Shaheen &) Saltanah (Water Lily Acoustics) 168

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan Gathering Rain Clouds (Water Lily) 136

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan Guitar A La Hindustan (Original Music Impressions) 136

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan Mohan's Veena (Sense World Music) 242/243

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan Swar Varsha (Dhadkan) 242/243

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan The Brilliance Of Guitar (EMI [India]) 136

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan Union Chapel, Islington, London 163/164 L

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan, Ronu Majumdar & Tarun Bhattacharya Song Of Nature (Original Music Impresssions) 136

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan: Bhatt/Mahal/Ravikiran Mumtaz Mahal (Water Lily Acoustics) 148

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan: Bhatt/Douglas/Meyer Bourbon & Rosewater (Water Lily Acoustics) 151/152

Bhatt, Vishwa Mohan: Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt A Meeting By The River (Water Lily Acoustics) 119

Bhatt/Douglas/Meyer Bourbon & Rosewater (Water Lily Acoustics) 151/152

Bhatt / Mahal / Ravikiran Mumtaz Mahal (Water Lily Acoustics) 148

Bhattacharjee, Subhashish: Debashish Bhattacharya, Bob Brozman & Subhashish Bhattacharjee Delightful Meeting Of Slide Guitars (Sunrise Sagarika) 196

Bhattacharya, Amit Amit Bhattacharya (Keltia Evasion) 148

Bhattacharya, Debashish Calcutta Chronicles - Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey (Riverboat) 300

Bhattacharya, Debashish Calcutta Slide-Guitar 3 (Riverboat) 264

Bhattacharya, Debashish O Shakuntala! (Riverboat/World Music Network) 319/320 E

Bhattacharya, Debashish & Bob Brozman Mahima (Riverboat) 242/243

Bhattacharya, Debashish & Mark A. Humphrey Calcutta To California (Frequency Glide Enterprises) 170/171

Bhattacharya, Debashish, Bob Brozman & Subhashish Bhattacharjee Delightful Meeting Of Slide Guitars (Sunrise Sagarika) 196

Bhattacharya, Sandip (Dulal Roy &) Jaltarang & Santur (Music & Words) 242/243

Bhattacharya, Tarun Santur (India Archive Music) 148; 242/243

Bhattacharya, Tarun Sargam (Music of the World) 148

Bhattacharya, Tarun (Ronum Majumdar &) Natural (Sense World Music) 307/308 E

Bhattacharya, Tarun: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Ronu Majumdar & Tarun Bhattacharya Song Of Nature (Original Music Impresssions) 136

Bhosle, Asha Asha Bhosle [Rough Guide To Bollywood Legends series] (World Music Network) 252

Bhosle, Asha I Love Bollywood (Manteca) 223/224

Bhosle, Asha The Best Of Asha Bhosle - The Golden Voice Of Bollywood (Union Square Music/Manteca) 213

Bhosle, Asha & Shujaat Khan Naina Lagaike (Saregama) 335

Bhosle, Asha: Kronos Quartet & Asha Bhosle You've Stolen My Heart: Songs From R.D. Burman's Bollywood (Nonesuch) 266/267

Bhundu Boys, The / African Herb The Bhundu Boys / African Herb (Discafrique [EP]) 29

Bhundu Boys, The Absolute Jit - Live At King Tut's Wah Wah Hut (DiscAfrique) 93

Bhundu Boys, The Friends On The Road (Cooking Vinyl) 117

Bhundu Boys, The Hal 4, Rotterdam 58 L

Bhundu Boys, The Jit Jive/Rugare (WEA [single]) 53

Bhundu Boys, The Moray House, Edinburgh 46 L

Bhundu Boys, The Muchiyedza (Out Of The Dark) (Cooking Vinyl) 170/171

Bhundu Boys, The Pamberi! (WEA) 79/80

Bhundu Boys, The Shabini (Discafrique) 41

Bhundu Boys, The South Island School & The Jazz Club, Hong Kong 97 L

Bhundu Boys, The The Shed Sessions (Sadza) 218/219

Bhundu Boys, The True Jit (WEA) 53

Bhundu Boys, The Tsvimbodzemoto (Discafrique) 50

Bhundu Boys, The Ziva Kwawakaba/Wakasikerei Satani [FWEAK 01T [single]] 59

Biacchessi, Daniele & Gianni Cunich Il Folk Anglo-Celtico (Gammalibri) 19 P (SR)

Biales, Lisa Chasing Away The Blues (Big Song Blues) 283/284 ATR

Bianco, Eduardo: Bianco-Bachicha Argentina In Paris Vol. 2 1926-28 (Frémeaux & Associés) 258 ATR

Bibb, Eric Diamond Days (Telarc Blues) 283/284

Bibb, Eric Friends (Manhaton) 261

Bibb, Eric Home To Me (Manhaton) 193

Bibb, Eric Live À Fip (DixieFrog) 317/318 ATR

Bibb, Eric Me To You (Code Blue) 174

Bibb, Eric Natural Light (Manhaton) 238

Bibb, Eric Painting Signs (Manhaton Hatman) 220

Bibb, Eric Roadworks (Manhaton) 204

Bibb, Eric Spirit & The Blues (Opus 3) 148

Bibb, Eric & Bert Deivert River Road (Opus 3) 17 ATR (SR)

Bibb, Eric & Needed Time Good Stuff (Opus 3) 169

Bibb, Eric (Leon Bibb &) Praising Peace: A Tribute To Paul Robeson (Stony Plain) 283/284

Bibb, Eric, Rory Block, Maria Muldaur Sisters & Brothers (Telarc) 261

Bibb, Eric with Staffan Astner Troubadour Live (Telarc) 341/342 ATR

Bibb, Leon & Eric Bibb Praising Peace: A Tribute To Paul Robeson (Stony Plain) 283/284

Bibey, Alan In The Blue Room (Sugar Hill) 210

Bibey, Alan: Baucom, Ribey, Graham & Haley Baucom, Bibey, Graham & Haley (Rebel) 180 ATR

Bibic, Bratko & The Madleys In The Family Garden (Slovenska Kinoteka/Nika) 235/236 ATR

Biciunas, Leonardo see Leonardo

Bickley, Jon House Carpenter (Tiger) 297 ATR

Bickley, Jon Wayfaring Stranger (Tiger) 321 ATR

Bidaia Agur Shiva (own label) 337 ATR

Bidaia Duo (MPromo) 295/296 ATR

Bidaia Oihan (Resistencia) 245

Biddeville Quintette Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 149 ATR

Biella Nuei Sol D'Ibierno (Delicias) 290/291

Big Bad Smitty Mean Disposition (Blues Genes) 111

Big Bag Of Sticks Short Term Memory (own label) 178

Big Blow & The Bushwackers Habagoola (Wedgie) 156 ATR

Big Blue Sky On The Verge (Brambus) 187/188 ATR

Big Bo (Little Whit &) Moody Swamp Blues (Alabama Blues Project) 144

Big City Blues Summit Various Venues, Birmingham 113 L

Big Damn Band: The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band The Whole Fam Damnily (SideOneDummy) 328 ATR

Big Dawgs, The Tonight!... Blues (Brambus) 131 ATR

Big Eyes Family Players Warm Room (Pickled Egg) 321 ATR

Big Eyes Family Players (James Yorkston & The) Folk Songs (Domino) 317/318

Big Five (HAL & The) Umoya (Halspirit) 316 ATR

Big Head Blues Club 100 Years Of Robert Johnson (own label) 337

Big Hoedown (Bruce Molsky &) Bruce Molsky & Big Hoedown (Rounder) 172

Big Hungry Joe Joe Hillbilly Hayride (Gateway Music) 302/303 ATR

Big Jig Bug (Hypertension) 151/152

Big Maceo (Tampa Red &) Guitar And Piano Duets (Indigo) 202 ATR

Big Maceo King Of The Chicago Blues Piano (Arhoolie) 123

Big Maceo The Bluebird Recordings 1941-2 (RCA) 167

Big Maybelle The Chronological Big Maybelle 1944-1953 (Classics) 257

Big Red Kite Short Stories (Scout Releases) 161 ATR

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys Feelin' Kinda Lucky (Hightone) 172 ATR

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys Swingin' West (Hightone) 151/152

Big Session, The Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal 239 L

Big Shoulders Nickel History (Rounder) 103/104

Big Sky Volume 1: The Source (Survival) 197

Big Smith & Family From Hay To Zzzzzz: Hillbilly Songs For Kids (May Apple) 256 ATR

Big Three Trio, The: Willie Dixon The Big Three Trio (CBS) 95

Big Trio, The Reprise (Belmando) 242/243 ATR

Big Twist & The Mellow Fellows Playing For Keeps (Alligator) 100 ATR

Big Youth Jamming In The House Of Dread (Roir) 203

Bigjig Feet To The Floor (Smallworld Music) 134/135

Bigot, Laurent (Pierre Crépillon &) Dreuz Kreiz Breiz (Keltia) 151/152

BIL see Boiled In Lead

Bílá, Vèra Queen Of Romany (BMG/GIG) 199/200 ATR

Bilal, Cheb Sidi Sidi (Polydor) 232 ATR

Bilbro, D.H. 'Bert' (DeFord Bailey &) Harmonica Showcase 1927-31 (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 36

Bilgin, Salih & Murat Aydemir Nevâ (Kaf) 237

Bilides, Sophia Greek Legacy (E. Thomas) 119

Bills, The Let Em Run (Borealis) 263 ATR

Bim see Forbes, Roy [previously known as Bim]

Bina Ajnabee (Fire Fox) 191

Bina, Sekka Gong Balinese Gamelan Gong: Music From The Island Of The Gods (Interra) 145

Bina, Sima Iran: Musique Du Sus Du Khorrasan (Buda) 151/152

Bina, Sima Nawa'i (Nawwai'i) 262

Bina, Sima Persian Classical Music (Nimbus) 151/152

Binchois, Gilles: Nishat Khan/Ensemble Gilles Binchois Meeting Of Angels (Amiata) 187/188

Binet, Agnès: Les Dalmasso Avec Agnès Binet Viva La Vita (Vocation) 304

Bing, Dave & Dwight Diller In England (Yew Pine Mountain) 217 ATR

Bingo Ad Astra Per Aspera (Woodrose) 220 ATR

Biondini, Luciano (Gabriele Mirabassi &) Fuori Le Mura (Egea) 256

Birch, Chris (Peter Bellamy with) Fair Annie [Limited edition cassette - no details given] 19 (SR)

Bird, Dick (Steve Baker &) King Kazoo (Acoustic Music) 328 ATR

Bird, Lorna: O'Donnell & Bird Shoulders High (own label) 194/195 ATR

Bird, Michael Talking To The Stars (Green Dolphin Studios) 99

Bird, Michael Watching The World Go By (own label) 126 ATR

Bird, Phil Storm Gold (Bird) 174

Bird, Tony Sorry Africa (Philo [Rounder]) 94

Bird Dog Traditional Roots (Bird Dog) 198

Bird Sisters, The Different Stories (own label) 129 ATR

Birkin, Jane Arabesque (Capitol) 237 ATR

Birkin Tree, The 3 (Three) (Felmay) 244 ATR

Birkin Tree, The Continental Reel (New Tone) 160

Birkin Tree, The Continental Reel (Roots-Newtone) 170/171

Birkin Tree, The Virginia (Felmay) 325 ATR

Birmingham Jubilee Singers Complete Recorded Works 1926-30 Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 148

Birmingham Jug Band (Jaybird Coleman & The) Complete Recorded Works (Document) 120

Birmingham Six Benefit Wembley Conference Centre, London 82 L

Birmingham Sunlights, The For Old Time's Sake (Flying Fish) 114 ATR

Birtill, Godfrey Pictures (own label) 27 ATR

Birtley Folk Club 25th Anniversary Ceilidh 49 L

Biscuit Boys (King Pleasure & The) Hop, Skip & Jump (Essential) 198 ATR

Biscuit Boys (King Pleasure & The) Live At Last (Big Bear) 331/332 ATR

Bishop, Elvin & Little Smokey Smothers Elvin Bishop & Little Smokey Smothers (Alligator) 210 ATR

Bishop, Elvin The Skin I'm In (Alligator) 185 ATR

Bishopstock Music Festival Clyst St Mary, Exeter, Devon 221 L

Bisiker, Mick Home Again (Fellside) 107

Bisiker, Mick: Bisiker & Romanov Bisiker And Romanov (Fellside) 68

Bismarcks, The Joanna - Traditional Dance Music From England (EFDSS) 265

Bismarcks, The Upstream: Traditional Dance Music From England (EFDSS) 197

Bissainthe, Toto Haiti Chanté (Le Chant du Monde) 153 ATR

Bissainthe, Toto: Ti-Coca/Toto Bissainthe Haiti: Ti-Coca, Toto Bissainthe (World Network) 194/195

Bisserov Sisters & Nadka Karadjova Bulgarian Polyphone III (JVC) 131

Bisserov Sisters Pirin Wedding And Ritual Songs (PAN) 163/164

Bissex, Rachel I Used To Be Nice (Alcazar) 182/183

Bisso Na Bisso Africa (Warner) 325 ATR

Bisso Na Bisso Racines (V2) 194/195

Biswas, Niti Ranjan: Amstal Quartet featuring Niti Ranjan Biswas Amstel Raga (Amstel) 341/342 E

Bits Of Kids Six Of The Best (own label) 24 (SR)

Bittencourt De Oliveira see Simone

Bitter Funeral Beer Band With Don Cherry & K. Sridhar Live In Frankfurt 82 (Country & Eastern) 299

Bittová, Iva Iva Bittová (Pavian) 105

Bittová, Iva: Bittová & Kelarová Jazz (Indies Scope [DVD]) 317/318

Biyo, Saba Water Is Love (Sud Music) 333 ATR

Biyouna Raid Zone (Warner Jazz & World France) 229

Bizantina Orlando Tarantato (Italian World Music) 324

Bjørgum, Hallvard T. & Torleiv H. Dolkaren, Folkmusic From Setesdal (Sylvartun) 54

Bjørgum, Hallvard T. (Kirsten Bråten Berg &) Runarstreng (Grappa) 196 ATR

Bjørkas, Andreas Veiskille (Etnisk Musikklubb) 337 ATR

Björkman, Erik & Svärdsjö Spelmanslag Erik Björkman - Svärdsjö Spelmanslag (Giga) 166

Bjørkum, Per Sæmund (Jon Faukstad &) Konsert På Kleppe (JPS) 278/279 ATR

Björnlert, Pelle Fors (Giga) 225

Björnlert, Pelle: Björnlet, Löfberg, Pekkari Mikaelidansen (GIGA) 214 ATR

Björnlert, Pelle: Erik Pekkari & Pelle Björnlert, Bengt Löfberg, Anders Löfberg Gubbstöt (Giga) 256 ATR

Björnlert, Pelle & Johan Hedin Musikanter, Polskor Och Andanter (Giga) 286

Björnsdotter, Alicia: Björnsdotter & Reid Rough And Shiny (own label) 286 ATR

Bjørset, Synnøve S. Slåtter (Ta:lik) 316 ATR

BKO Moon Over Mendocino (Avocet) 321

Blå Baller Her Er Vi - Og Her Er Verdens Navle (Centre for Folkekultur, Skælskør) 180 ATR

Blabbermouth My Dancing Heart (Hobgoblin) 300

Black, Big Ethnic Fusion (Mutable) 228 ATR

Black, Bill & His Scottish Dance Band The Shepherd's Choice (Springthyme) 15 (SR)

Black, Bob: Cagley, Black, Schaefer & Njoes Friends In Music (Copper Creek) 230/231 ATR

Black, Darren Silent Poetry (own label) 290/291 ATR

Black, Darren Thinkers And Fools (own label) 306 ATR

Black, Donald Keil Road: Slow Airs & Reflections Played On Scottish Celtic Harmonica (Macmeanmna) 298 ATR

Black, Donald Westwinds - Scottish Mouth Organ Music (Greentrax) 154 ATR

Black, Frances All The Lies That You Told Me/Legal Illegal (Dara [single]) 131

Black, Frances Don't Get Me Wrong (Sony) 185

Black, Frances Everybody Loves A Lover (Dara [single]) 218/219

Black, Frances Love Me (Sony Music [single]) 186

Black, Frances Talk To Me (Celtic Heartbeat) 145

Black, Frances Talk To Me (Dara) 133

Black, Frances The Best Of Frances Black (Dara) 213

Black, Frances The Sky Road (Dara) 145

Black, Frances When You Say Nothing At All (Dara [single]) 161; 201

Black, Mary 25 Years - 25 Songs (3U) 302/303

Black, Mary Babes In The Wood (Grapevine) 102

Black, Mary By The Time It Gets Dark (Dara) 60

Black, Mary Circus (Dara) 150

Black, Mary Collected (Dara) 24 (SR)

Black, Mary Don't Say OK (Dara [single]) 197

Black, Mary Mary Black (Dara) 18 (SR)

Black, Mary Moments (Dara [single]) 201

Black, Mary No Frontiers (Dara) 79/80

Black, Mary Saw You Running (Dara [single]) 242/243

Black, Mary Speaking With The Angel (Grapevine) 199/200

Black, Mary The Best Of Mary Black (Dara) 98

Black, Mary The Circus (Dara [single]) 149

Black, Mary The Holy Ground (Grapevine) 122

Black, Mary The Moon And St Christopher (Grapevine [single]) 117

Black, Mary Thorn Upon The Rose (Dara [single]) 105

Black, Mary Without The Fanfare (Dara) 34

Black, Mary Wonderchild (Dara [single]) 153

Black, Mary (Marcia Howard &) Poison Tree (Dara [single]) 237

Black, Michael: Shay, Martin & Michael Black What A Time (Dara [single]) 153

Black, Randy Below The Tapering (Waterbug) 149 ATR

Black, Shay: Shay, Martin & Michael Black What A Time (Dara [single]) 153

Black, Steve Time Passes (Good Taste) 169 ATR

Black 47 Bittersweet 16 (Gadfly) 277 ATR

Black 47 Live In New York City (Gadfly) 192 ATR

Black 47 Trouble In The Land (Shanachie) 203

Black Ace I Am The Boss Card In Your Hand (Arhoolie) 120

Black Ace: Oscar Woods, Black Ace Texas Slide Guitars (Document) 120

Black Boy Shine see Shine, Black Boy

Black Cat Bones Movin' And Groovin' (own label) 163/164 ATR

Black Coffee Blues Band (Popa Chubby &) Black Coffee (Dixiefrog) 239 ATR

Black Crown Stringband Black Crown Stringband (own label) 321 ATR

Black Donald Dancing Hazards (Lismor) 27

Black Egypt (Bukky Leo &) Afrobeat Visions (Mr Bongo) 270

Black Family, The The Black Family (Dara) 43

Black Irish Band California Story (own label) 170/171

Black Irish Band Into The Arms Of The Sea (own label) 244 ATR

Black Ivory King see King, Black Ivory

Black Lillies, The 100 Miles Of Wreckage (North Knox) 337 ATR

Black Lodge Singers Pow Wow Wow (Spalax Music) 139/140

Black Peppercorns, The Tumbling Ground (Kingsway) 149 ATR

Black Sea Orchestra Black Sea Project (Lyra) 190

Black Spear Nant' Izulu (SACWA) 182/183

Black Star & Lucky Star Musical Clubs Nyota - Classic Taarab Recordings From Tanga (GlobeStyle) 75

Black Tie Banjo At Home (own label) 213

Black Tie Banjo Centennial Souvenir (own label) 213

Black Twig Pickers, The Ironto Special (Thrill Jockey) 329/330

Black Twig Pickers (Jack Rose & The) Jack Rose & The Black Twig Pickers (Beautiful Happiness) 316

Black Uhuru Unification (Five Star General) 202 ATR

Black Umfolosi Festival - Umdlado (World Circuit) 125

Black Umfolosi Ronnie Scott's, London 98 L

Black Umfolosi Unity (World Circuit) 99

Black Umfolosi Xoxani Lixolelane - One Voice (Black Umfolosi) 225 ATR

Black Velvet Band, The Old Man Stone (Mother [single]) 76

Black Velvet Band, The Theatre Royal, Bath 254/255 L

Black Velvet Band, The When Justice Came (Elektra UK) 81

Black Voices Space To Breathe (Tradition and Modern) 162 ATR

Black Voices Women In (E)motion (T&M) 142 ATR

Black Water String Band (Pat Scanlon & The) Songs For Future Generations (Rounder) 27

Blackbeard & Friends Too Much Iron In The Fire (Trojan) 256 ATR

Blackberry Bushes, The Little Bit Of Grace (own label) 336 ATR

Blackeyed Biddy Peace, Enjoyment, Love And Pleasure (Greentrax) 123

Blackgirls Happy (Hannibal) 102

Blackgirls Procedure (Hannibal) 82

Blackhands (Wild Billy Childish & The) Play: Cap'n Calypso's Hoodoo Party (Hangman) 69

Blackjack Where There's A Will (Blackjack) 198 ATR

Blackman, Jack Just A Game... (own label) 331/332 ATR

Blackman, Jack River Town (own label) 338/339

Blackmore, Ritchie: Blackmore's Night Shadow Of The Moon (HTD) 180 ATR

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Chamunorwa (Mango) 98

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Chimurenga '98 (Anonym) 192

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Chimurenga Explosion (Anonym) 208

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Chimurenga For Justice (Rough Trade) 37

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Chimurenga: African Spirit Music (WOMAD Select) 174

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Gwindingwi Rine Shumba (Earthworks) 35

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Hupenyu Wangu (Rough Trade [single]) 38

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Live At The El Rey 30-7-95 (Anonym) 192

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Mabasa (Earthworks/Rough Trade) 24 (SR)

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Manhungetunge/Chimurenga Rebel (Anonym) 234

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Mr Music (Earthworks) 27

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Ndangariro (Earthworks) 21 (SR)

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Rise Up (EMI/Real World) 277

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Shumba - Vital Hits Of Zimbabwe (Earthworks) 93

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell 27 L

Blacks Unlimited (Thomas Mapfumo & The) Toi Toi (Anonym) 245

Blackshaw, James The Cloud Of Unknowing (Tompkins Square) 293

Blackshaw, James The Glass Bead Game (Young God) 313

Blackston, Harvey see Harmonica Fats

Blackstone Around The Horn (Canyon) 252

Blackstone Edge Gypsy (Granite) 154 ATR

Blackstone, Karen Nunis Give Me Sanity (Songbird) 208 ATR

Blacktears (Kevin & The) Mess With Texas (Kevin Kat) 131 ATR

Blackthorn Swift And Sloe (Sjelvar) 239

Blackthorn Band, The Far From Home (Hobgoblin Music) 263

Blackthorn Band, The The River That Runs Below (Hobgoblin Music) 309 ATR

Blackwater The Black River Bridge (Irish Connection) 314/315 ATR

Blackwell, Bernard: Jill & Bernard Blackwell Adventures Of Notion (Fellside) 45 ATR

Blackwell, Francis see Blackwell, Scrapper

Blackwell, Jill & Bernard Adventures Of Notion (Fellside) 45 ATR

Blackwell, Scrapper Bad Liquor Blues (Catfish) 209

Blackwell, Scrapper Hard Time Blues (Acrobat) 239 ATR

Blackwell, Scrapper Hard Times Blues (ABM) 204 ATR

Blackwell, Scrapper Mr Scrapper's Blues (Ace) 69

Blackwell, Scrapper Mr Scrapper's Blues (Original Blues Classics) 223/224 ATR

Blackwell, Willie '61' (Carl Martin &) Complete Recordings 1930-41 (Document) 139/140 ATR

Blackwood At Home (Making Music) 203

Blackwood Home Soon (Making Music) 258

Blackwood Never At Home (Making Music) 230/231

Blad, Nikolai Missä Kävit? (Luoma) 259/260 ATR

Blad, Nikolai Nikolai Blad (Eino) 153

Blad, Nikolai Nuoria Ja Kuluneita (EiNo) 192

Blad, Nikolai (Ulla Maria &) Unto, Toivo, Rakkaus (Luoma) 297 ATR

Blades, Ruben (Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Featuring Ruben Blades) Across 110th St (Rykodisc/Libertad) 258

Blades, Rubén Salsa Caliente De Nu York (Nascente) 230/231 ATR

Blades, Rubén Tiempos (Epic) 206/207

Blair, Richard see Sidestepper

Blak, Kristian Klæmint (Tutl) 190 ATR

Blak, Kristian Shalder Geo - Tjaldursgjógv (Tutl) 186

Blake, Blind (Blind Lemon Jefferson / Blind Blake) Best Of (Yazoo) 215 ATR

Blake, Blind Complete Recordings Vols 1-4 (Document) 102

Blake, Blind Georgia Bound (Catfish) 198

Blake, Blind Ragtime Guitar's Foremost Fingerpicker (Yazoo) 25; 91/92

Blake, Blind The Remaining Titles (Matchbox) 25

Blake, Ian (Andrew Cronshaw &) St. Neots Folk Club, Cambs. 49 L

Blake, Ian Spirit Of Place (ABC Music/EMI) 161

Blake, Ian (Helen Rivero &) Luminous (own label) 273 ATR

Blake, John: Colm Gannon, Jessie Smith & John Blake The Ewe With The Crooked Horn (own label) 323 ATR

Blake, John, Lamond Gillespie & Mick Leahy Humours Of Highgate (own label) 309 ATR

Blake, John, Lamond Gillespie & Mick Leahy Traditional Irish Music From London (Archway) 241 ATR

Blake, Norman Back Home In Sulphur Springs (Rounder) 153 ATR

Blake, Norman Blackberry Blossom (Flying Fish) 215 ATR

Blake, Norman Far Away, Down On A Georgia Farm (Shanachie) 206/207 ATR

Blake, Norman Flower From The Fields Of Alabama (Shanachie) 220 ATR

Blake, Norman Lighthouse On The Shore (Rounder) 33

Blake, Norman Old Ties (Rounder Heritage) 232 ATR

Blake, Norman The Mandolin Of Norman Blake (Homespun [video]) 117

Blake, Norman & Nancy Blind Dog (Rounder) 73

Blake, Norman & Nancy Just Gimme Something I'm Used To (Shanachie) 110 ATR

Blake, Norman & Nancy The Hobo's Last Ride (Shanachie) 163/164

Blake, Norman & Nancy While Passing Along This Way (Shanachie) 141

Blake, Norman & Nancy: Tut Taylor, Norman & Nancy Blake Shacktown Road (Dualtone) 285 ATR

Blake, Norman & The Rising Fawn String Ensemble Full Moon On The Farm (Rounder) 10 (SR)

Blake, Norman & The Rising Fawn String Ensemble Original Underground Music From The Mysterious South (Rounder) 18 (SR)

Blake, Norman & Tony Rice Blake & Rice (Rounder) 60

Blakeley, Garry The Ceremony Of May (Attitude) 326/327 ATR

Blakely, Eric Uncle John's Farm (Folk Reels) 103/104

Blakes III: Blake's 3] Crabs 'n' Chickens (own label) 30 ATR

Blakes III: Blakes Three Sweet 'n' Dandy (Orange [single]) 59

Blakes III High Society (Mad Mule Tapes) 68

Blakes III The Copper Beech, Abercraf, Powys 36 L

Blakes III Twelve By Four (own label) 39

Blakey, Johnny, Rev. & Rev. M.L. Gipson 1927-29 (Document) 149 ATR

Blanchard, Jean Accordéon Diatonique (Music & Words) 223/224 ATR

Blanchard, Jean Musiques Pour Cornemuses (Ocora) 87

Blanchard, Jean, Robert Amyot, Sylvie Berber Fleur De Terre (Beau Temps) 196

Blanchflower, Olly (Melanie Harrold &) From The Heart (Olanie Music) 86; 97

Blanchflower, Olly (Melanie Harrold &) Instinctive Behaviour (Olanie Music) 122

Blanchflower, Olly (Melanie Harrold &) Live In The City (own label) 66

Blanchflower, Olly (Melanie Harrold &) The Last Leviathan (Munich) 110

Bland, Billy Let The Little Girl Dance (Ace) 114

Bland, Bobby 'Blue' (B.B. King & Bobby Bland) Together For The First Time - Live (BGO) 117

Bland, Bobby 'Blue' Ask Me 'Bout Nothing (But The Blues) (Half Moon) 172 ATR

Bland, Bobby 'Blue' Not Ashamed To Sing The Blues (Music Club) 187/188 ATR

Bland, Bobby 'Blue' The 38 Blues Boy - The Blues Years 1952-59 (Ace) 97

Bland, Bobby 'Blue' Two Steps From The Blues (BGO) 117

Bland, Bobby 'Blue': Bobby Bland & B.B. King Together Again Live (BGO) 123 ATR

Blatentsaine Juurihoitoa / Root Treatment (own label) 293 ATR

Blaszko, Susana Toda Buenos Aires (Iris Music) 220 ATR

Blaydon Aces, The Gan Canny (own label) 333 ATR

Blazers, The Just For You (Rounder) 177

Blazers, The Puro Blazers (Rounder) 206/207 ATR

Blazin' Fiddles Fire On! (Blazin' Fiddles) 208

Blazin' Fiddles Live (own label) 300

Blazin' Fiddles Magnificent Seven (own label) 270

Blazin’ Fiddles Thursday Night In The Caley (own label) 337

Blazing Homesteads Another Country... (own label) 173 ATR

Bleachers (Robin Flower & The) Babies With Glasses (Flying Fish) 54

Bleeding Hearts Anarcoustica (own label) 235/236

Bleeding Hearts Fly In The Face Of Fashion (Thingymajig) 216

Bleeding Hearts Screaming (own label [single]) 174

Blegvad, Peter Just Woke Up (ReR) 151/152

Blegvad, Peter King Strut And Other Stories (Silvertone) 89

Bleizi Ruz Celtic Trip (Shamrock) 166

Bleizi Ruz Coz Liourzou (Pluriel) 27

Bleizi Ruz En Concert (Shamrock) 103/104

Bleizi Ruz Klask Ar Plac'h (Pluriel) 35

Bleizi Ruz, Leilia, La Musgaña Hent Sant Jakez (Shamrock) 127/128

Bletherskite (Jeremy Galgut with) Heaven Again (own label) 129 ATR

Blima Express (Tierra) 337 ATR

Blind Blake see Blake, Blind

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The *see also Five Blind Boys Of Alabama, The; Original Five Blind Boys Of Alabama

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Atom Bomb (Real World/Virgin) 262

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Down In New Orleans (Proper) 304 ATR

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Go Tell It On The Mountain (Real World) 247/248

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Higher Ground (Real World) 233

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The I Brought Him With Me (House of Blues) 153 ATR

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Praying Time (Dixiefrog) 268 ATR

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Sanctify My Soul (Metro) 268 ATR

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Spirit Of The Century (Real World) 216

Blind Boys Of Alabama, The Take The High Road (Proper) 341/342 ATR

Blind Boys Of Alabama (Ben Harper & The) There Will Be Light (Virgin) 259/260

Blind Poets, The The Blind Poets (Backwater) 217 ATR

Blind Street Musicians Of Cuzco, The Peruvian Harp And Mandolin (Music of the World) 150

Blind Uncle Gaspard see Gaspard, Alcide 'Blind Uncle'

Blindman Kwartet: Marakbar, Al-Harmoniah & Blindman Kwartet Marockin' Stories (MW) 174

Blindnote Blindnote (Muziekpublique) 334

Blink Blink (NORCD) 341/342 ATR

Blinky & The Roadmasters Crucian Scratch Band Music (Rounder) 96

Bliss, Laurel (Carol Elizabeth Jones &) Girl From Jericho (Copper Creek) 247/248 ATR

Bliss, Tom Mixed Moss (Slipjig) 275

Bliss, Tom The Whisper (Slipjig Music) 307/308

Bliss, Tom & Friends Island Stories (Slipjig Music) 287

Bliss, Tom (Tom Napper &) The Kelping (Slipjig Music) 264

Bliss, Tom (Tom Napper &) The Silverlode (Slipjig) 238

Block, Ron Faraway Land (Rounder) 222 ATR

Block, Rory Ain't I A Woman? (Network) 114

Block, Rory Angel Of Mercy (Rounder) 131

Block, Rory Best Blues And Originals (Zensor/Pläne) 71

Block, Rory Blue Horizon (Rounder) 18 (SR)

Block, Rory Color Me Wild (Alcazam) 87

Block, Rory Confessions Of A Blues Singer (Rounder) 186

Block, Rory From The Dust (Telarc) 269

Block, Rory High Heeled Blues (Rounder) 13 (SR)

Block, Rory Jackson's Lane, London 118 L

Block, Rory Last Fair Deal (Telarc) 250

Block, Rory Mana's Blues (Net, via Special Delivery) 99

Block, Rory Pictures Of you (Rounder [single]) 158/159

Block, Rory The Early Years 1975/1976 (Alcazar) 93

Block, Rory The Lady And Mr Johnson (Rykodisc) 282

Block, Rory Tornado (Rounder) 157 ATR

Block, Rory Turning Point (Special Delivery) 94

Block, Rory Women In (E)Motion Festival (Indigo/Tradition & Moderne) 151/152

Block, Rory & Stefan Grossman Country Blues Guitar (Acoustic Music) 328 ATR

Block, Rory: Eric Bibb, Rory Block, Maria Muldaur Sisters & Brothers (Telarc) 261

Bloco Electro Global Beatbox Part 1 (Earth Connection) 302/303 ATR

Bloco Vomit Never Mind The Bossa Nova, Here's... (X-Creature) 184 ATR

Bloco Vomit Play This Ya Bastard (own label) 203 ATR

Blodau'r Grug (Flowers Of The Heath): 100 Popular Welsh Folk Dance Tunes (Welsh Folk Dance Society) 118 P

Blodig, Kerstin Nordisk Sjel / Nordic Soul (Westpark) 311 ATR

Blokes (Billy Bragg & The) England, Half English (Cooking Vinyl) 225

Blond, Leigh Bluesness (Munich) 110 ATR

Blondy, Alpha & The Solar System Yitzhak Rabin (Stern's Africa) 191

Blood On The Saddle Blood On The Saddle (New Alliance - US Import) 21 (SR)

Blood Or Whiskey Blood Or Whiskey (Sound) 162

Bloodshot Rollin' Red see Parry, Neil

Bloom, Luka Luka Bloom (Mystery) 66

Bloom, Luka Riverside (Reprise) 83

Bloom, Luka Ronnie Scott's Club, Soho, London 82 L

Bloom, Luka The Acoustic Motorbike (Reprise) 106

Bloom, Peter (Mary Jane Rupert &) The Distant Hills (North Star) 126 ATR

Bloomfield, Michael The Best Of... (Takoma) 185 ATR

Bloque De Busqueda (Luaka Bop/Warner Bros) 196

Blosse, David That's The Key (own label) 201 ATR

Blowpipe Epilogue (Harmsonic [single]) 206/207

Blowzabella A Richer Dust (Osmosys) 167

Blowzabella A Richer Dust (Plant Life) 63

Blowzabella Blowzabella (Plant Life) 14 (SR)

Blowzabella Bobbityshooty (Osmosys) 182/183 ATR

Blowzabella Bobbityshooty (Plant Life) 22 (SR)

Blowzabella Compilation (Osmosys) 148

Blowzabella Dance (own label) 326/327

Blowzabella Encyclopædia Blowzabellica: The Blowzabella Tune & Dance Book (Dragonfly Music) 55 P

Blowzabella In Colour (Plant Life) 18 (SR)

Blowzabella Octomento (own label) 293

Blowzabella Pingha Frenzy [Kelvin 422 BIGH 01] 63

Blowzabella The B To A Of Blowzabella (own label) 60

Blowzabella The Blowzabella Wall Of Sound (Osmosys) 162

Blowzabella The Blowzabella Wall Of Sound (Plant Life) 38

Blowzabella Vanilla (Special Delivery) 84

Blowzabella Dovecot Arts Centre, Stockton 93 L

Blowzabella Weekend, The Newbury Arts Centre 30 L

Blowzabella Workshop Weekend West End Centre, Aldershot 53 L

Blowzabella: Frankie Armstrong, Brian Pearson, Jon Gillaspie & Blowzabella Tam Lin (Plant Life) 24 (SR)

BLT BLT (own label) 62

Blu Thunder Blu Thunder (own label) 302/303 E

Blu2 Fishin' Blues (own label) 309 ATR

Blubberhouse Perfumed Paperback (Hit [single]) 59

Blubbery Hellbellies, The At Large (Upright) 22 (SR)

Blubbery Hellbellies, The Flabbergasted (Upright) 27

Blue Aeroplanes, The Jacket Hangs (Ensign [single]) 83

Blue Asia Hotel Bangkok (King) 271/272

Blue Asia Hotel Vietnam (King) 253

Blue Asia Sketches Of Myahk (Vivid Sound) 317/318

Blue Blokes 3 Stubble (Fledg'ling) 302/303

Blue Devils (Keri Leigh & The) Blue Devils Blue Devil Blues (Amazing Records) 103/104

Blue Flame String Band Blue Flame String Band (Flying Fish) 17 (SR)

Blue Grass Boys*see also Bluegrass Boys

Blue Grass Boys (Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys) Bluegrass Ramble (Stetson) 38

Blue Grass Boys (Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys) Knee Deep In Blue Grass (Stetson) 32

Blue Highway It's A Long Long Road (Rebel) 151/152 ATR

Blue Highway Midnight Storm (Rebel) 180

Blue Highway Some Day - The Fifteenth Anniversary Collection (Rounder) 321 ATR

Blue Highway Wondrous Love (Rounder) 244 ATR

Blue Horses see Bluehorses

Blue Ice Band (Pinetop Perkins with The) Pinetop Perkins With The Blue Ice Band (Earwig) 153 ATR

Blue Jewel Dart Songs (Hirondelle) 328 ATR

Blue Light Mento Band (Gilzene & The) Sweet Sweet Jamaica (World Village) 321

Blue Limousine Mountain Dew (Menesca Oui) 163/164 ATR

Blue Line, The: Mark Ford & The Blue Line featuring Robben Ford Mark Ford & The Blue Line Featuring Robben Ford (Crosscut) 190 ATR

Blue Moon Band, The Barker's Yarka (Laidley Worm) 120

Blue Mountain Homegrown (Roadrunner) 173

Blue Murder Montgomery Hall, Wath-on-Dearne, S. Yorkshire 55 L

Blue Murder No One Stands Alone (Topic) 228

Blue Nova Sisters, The Here's A Story I Was Told (City of Edinburgh Music School) 251

Blue Planet Peace For Kabul (Blue Flame) 165 ATR

Blue Rags, The Eat At Joe's (SubPop) 196

Blue Rhythm Methodists Realtime (Pigme) 98

Blue Ridge Common Ground (Sugar Hill) 196 ATR

Blue Ridge Side By Side (Sugar Hill) 250 ATR

Blue Ridge Mountain Minstrels, The The Blue Ridge Mountain Minstrels (Yodel-Ay-Hee) 110

Blue Sky Boys, The In Concert (Rounder) 74

Blue Sky Boys, The The Sunny Side Of Life (Bear Family) 250

Blue Spots (I.K. Dairo & His Blue Spots) Ashiko (Xenophile/Green Linnet) 138

Blue Spots (I.K. Dairo & His Blue Spots) Definitive Dairo (Xenophile) 161

Blue Spots (I.K. Dairo & His Blue Spots) I Remember (Music Of The World) 98

Blue Water Wherries York Tavern Folk Club, Norwich 33 L

Bluebirds (Dave Specter & The) Live In Europe (Crosscut) 151/152 ATR

Bluebloods (Isaac Freeman & The) Beautiful Stars (Lost Highway) 228 ATR

Bluebloods (Mike Henderson & The) Hip Shakin' (Dead Reckoning [single]) 170/171

Bluebloods (Mike Henderson & The) Thicker Than Water (Dead Reckoning) 189 ATR

Blueflint Maudy Tree (Johnny Rock) 341/342

Bluegrass Album Band Bluegrass Instrumentals Vol 6 (Rounder) 163/164 ATR

Bluegrass Boys *see also Blue Grass Boys

Bluegrass Boys (Bill Monroe & The) Live Recordings 1956-69 (Smithsonian/Folkways) 130

Bluegrass Cardinals, The Home Is Where The Heart Is (Sugar Hill) 23 (SR)

Bluegrass Ramblers Bluegrass Ramblers (own label) 87

Bluehorses: Blue Horses Cracking Leather, Skin And Bone (Native Spirit) 172

Bluehorses: Blue Horses Dragons Milk And Coal (Native Spirit) 196

Bluehorses: Blue Horses Live At Saul Festival (Native Spirit [DVD]) 280

Bluehorses: Blue Horses Ten Leagues Beyond The Wild Worlds End (Native Spirit) 223/224

Bluehorses: Blue Horses The Live Album (Native Spirit) 190

Bluehorses Thirteen Fires (Native Spirit) 300

Blueknights (Tre & The) Blues Knock'n Baby (Wolf) 172 ATR

Blues & Beyond (John Pearson's Blues & Beyond) 'Live' Just Blowed In Your Town (Last Days Recording) 251

Blues: Back To The Source [Various Artists] The Barbican 301 L

Blues Band, The Back For More (Cobalt) 157

Blues Band, The Back For More / Fat City (BGO) 329/330 ATR

Blues Band, The Back For More (RCA) 79/80 ATR

Blues Band, The Brand Loyalty (Cobalt) 157

Blues Band, The Brassed Up (Cobalt) 198

Blues Band, The Eighteen Years Old And Alive (Cobalt) 174 ATR

Blues Band, The Fat City (RCA) 103/104

Blues Band, The Itchy Feet (Cobalt) 157

Blues Band, The Live In Poland (own label [video]) 174 ATR

Blues Band, The Stepping Out (Hypertension) 238 ATR

Blues Band, The Wireless (Cobalt) 146/147

Blues Band, The Assembly Rooms, Derby 97 L

Blues Bunch Looped! (Fattening Frogs) 61

Blues Collective (Billy Jenkins with The) Life (VOTP) 229 ATR

Blues Estafette '95 Vredenburg Centre, Utrecht, Holland 153 L

Blues Estafette, 20th 202 L

Blues Force (John Weston &) So Doggone Blue (Demon) 131

Blues Gators (Del Rey & The) Chartreuse (Hobemian) 100

Blues Ice Band, The see Blue Ice Band, The

Blues Imperials (Li'l Ed & The) Chicken Gravy And Biscuits (Alligator) 97

Blues Imperials (Lil' Ed & The) Rattlesnake (Alligator) 280 ATR

Blues Incorporated (Alexis Korner Blues Inc.) Sky High (Indigo) 139/140

Blues Incorporated (Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated) R&B From The Marquee (Deram) 103/104

Blues Incorporated (Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated) Red Hot From Alex (Wooded Hill Recordings) 170/171

Blues Kings (Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings) Big Joe Louis And His Blues Kings (Blue Horizon) 76

Blues Kings (Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings) Big Sixteen (Ace) 156

Blues Kings (Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings) Kings Hotel, Newport 115/116 L

Blues Kings (Big Joe Louis & His Blues Kings) The Stars In The Sky (Tramp) 121

Blues Mob (Michael Hill's Blues Mob) Bloodlines (Alligator) 136

Blues Mob (Michael Hill's Blues Mob) Have Mercy (Alligator) 165

Blues Mob (Michael Hill's Blues Mob) Larger Than Life (Dixiefrog) 226

Blues Mob (Michael Hill's Blues Mob) New York State Of Blues (Alligator) 184 ATR

Blues Mobile Band Out In The Blue (Provogue) 151/152 ATR

Blues 'n' Trouble Down To The Shuffle (Tramp) 102

Blues 'n' Trouble King's Hotel, Newport 83 L

Blues Odyssey see Wyman, Bill

Blues Of Cain (T.W. Henderson & The) The Wilderness Years (Bluetrack) 189 ATR

Blues Vibe (Errol Linton's Blues Vibe) Vibing It! (Ruty) 198

Blues Wave (Christian Dozzler & The) Smile Awhile (Wolf) 181 ATR

Bluesbreakers (John Mayall & The) Blues For The Lost Days (Silvertone) 170/171 ATR

Bluesbreakers (John Mayall & The) Spinning Coin (Silvertone) 146/147

BluesMix Biding My Time (Bluedust) 304 ATR

Bluesmove (Sherman Robertson &) Guitar Man - Live (Movinmusic) 274

Bluestein, Evo Off The Top (Doghill) 256 ATR

Bluestein, Gene Retrospective 1956-1986 (Doghill) 268 ATR

Bluezeum Portrait Of A Groove (Telarc Jazz Zone) 163/164 ATR

Bluff City Backsliders Bluff City Backsliders (Yellow Dog) 233

Blum, Helene En Gang Og Altid (Pile House) 311

Blum, Helene Liden Sol (Pile House) 333

Blum, Helene: Karen + Helene Solen (Go! Danish Folk Music Production) 254/255

Blumenfeld, Hugh Barehanded (Grace Avenue) 126 ATR

Blumenfeld, Hugh Mozart's Money (Prime) 156 ATR

Blumenfeld, Hugh Rocket Science (1-800 Prime) 186

Blumenfeld, Hugh, Doris Ackermann & Shane Shanahan Big Red (Brambus) 206/207

Blumenthal, Howard J. The World Music CD Listeners Guide (Billboard Books) 182/183 P

Bluzblasters, The: Doug Newby, Frankie Lee & The Bluzblasters Sooner Or Later (Flying Fish) 114 ATR

Blyth Power Alnwick & Tyne (Midnight Music) 86

Blyth Power Axe and Cleaver, Boston 142 L

Blyth Power Chevy Chase (All The Madmen [EP]) 30

Blyth Power Goodbye To All That (Midnight Music [single]) 65

Blyth Power On The Viking Station (Downwarde Spiral) 232

Blyth Power Out From Under The King (Downwarde Spiral) 160

Blyth Power Paradise Razed (Downwarde Spiral) 142

Blyth Power Pastor Skull (Downwarde Spiral) 125

Blyth Power The Barman And Other Stories (Midnight Music) 60

Blyth Power The Bricklayer's Arms (Downwarde Spiral) 210

Blyth Power The Broken Doll, Newcastle 126 L

Blyth Power The Guns Of Castle Cary (Midnight Music) 98

Blyth Power The Monarch, Camden Town, London 158/159 L

Blythe, Jimmy 1924-31 (RST Jazz Perspectives) 141

Bo Diddley Diddley Am I In The Right Place (own label) 115/116 ATR

Bo Kaap Collective (Barry Van Zyl & The) Goema Music From Cape Town (ARC Music) 299 ATR

Boardman, Greg Century Reel (Outer Green) 168

Boardman, Harry Golden Stream (Dene) 106

Boardman, Harry: Various Harry Boardman Memorial Concert at the Irish World Heritage Centre, Manchester 103/104 L

Boat, B. see B. Boat

Boat Band, The A Trip To The Lakes (Harbourtown) 277

Boat Band, The Burning The Water (Harbourtown) 146/147

Boat Band (Fiddlin' Boots Barfield & The) Back Up And Push (Harbourtown) 78

Boat Band (J.C. Gallow & The) Fais Pas Ça (Harbourtown) 112

Boat Band, The / J.C. Gallow The Swettenham Arms, Congleton 108 L

Boatwright, Ginger Fertile Ground (Flying Fish) 106 ATR

Bob On The Side, A see A Bob On The Side

Bobe, Eddie Que Siga La Rumba! (Piranha) 201

Bocoum, Afel Alkibar (World Circuit) 193

Bocoum, Afel & Alkibar Niger (Contre Jour) 276

Bocoum, Afel & Alkibar Tabital Pulaaku (Contre-Jour) 321 ATR

Bocoum, Afel: Damon Albarn, Afel Bocoum, Toumani Diabate & Friends Mali Music (Honest Jon's) 227

Bocoum, Afel: Habib Koite, Afel Bocoum, Oliver Mtukudzi Acoustic Africa In Concert (DVD/CD Contre-Jour) 338/339 ATR

Boda Spelmanslag 50 År (Giga) 247/248 ATR

Boda Spelmanslag Låtar På Bodamål (Giga) 235/236

Bodega Bodega (Greentrax) 280 ATR

Bodega Under The Counter (Greentrax) 304 ATR

Boden, Jon Painted Lady (Soundpost) 276

Boden, Jon Songs From The Floodplain (Navigator) 309

Boden, Jon (John Spiers &) Bellow (Fellside) 240

Boden, Jon: Spiers & Boden Songs (Fellside) 271/272

Boden, Jon: Spiers & Boden The Works (Navigator) 337

Boden, Jon: Spiers & Boden Tunes (Fellside) 266/267

Boden, Jon: Spiers & Boden Vagabond (Navigator) 300

Bodén, Ulrika Rätt Nu Är Det På Tiden (Drone) 261 ATR

Bodén, Ulrika Vålje Å Vrake (Drone) 222

Bodger's Mate Brighter Than Usual (Kissing Spell) 238

Bodingius, Johannes They Thought I'd Never Do It (Big Oak) 178 ATR

Body Full Of Stars Falling Angels (Stone Premonitions) 182/183 ATR

Bøe, Knut Ivar Catriona's Cajun (Heilo [single]) 139/140

Bøe, Knut Ivar Ferdamann (Heilo) 144 ATR

Boessar-Ferrari, Claus Ten (Acoustic Music) 197 ATR

Boew, Kevin & The Okemah Prophets Restoration (Pop Sense) 203

Bogan, Lucille & Walter Roland 1927-35 (Yazoo) 118

Bogart, Deanna The Great Unknown (Shanachie) 185 ATR

Bogdanski, Majer Yiddish Songs (Jewish Music Heritage Recordings) 213

Bogdanski, Majer (Budowitz featuring) Khasene On A Kale (Wedding Without A Bride) (Buda) 209

Bogdnov, Vladimir, Chris Woodstra & Stephen Thomas Erlewine (eds) All Music Guide To The Blues (Third Edition) (Back Beat Books) 242/243 P

Boggs, Dock Country Blues: Complete Early Recordings (1927-29) (Revenant) 177

Boggs, Dock Docks Boggs' Original Records (Folkways) 23 (SR)

Boggs, Dock The Folkways Years 1963-68 (Smithsonian Folkways) 187/188

Boggs, The We Are The Boggs We Are (Arena Rock/Ryko) 229

Bogle, Eric & John Munro Plain And Simple (Plant Life) 11 (SR)

Bogle, Eric & John Munro The Emigrant And The Exile (Greentrax) 166

Bogle, Eric At This Stage (Greentrax) 269 ATR

Bogle, Eric By Request (Greentrax) 215 ATR

Bogle, Eric Endangered Species (Greentrax) 213

Bogle, Eric In Concert (Larrikin) 26

Bogle, Eric Live At The Stonyfell Winery (Greentrax [DVD]) 314/315 ATR

Bogle, Eric Live - "I Wrote This Wee Song..." (Greentrax) 145

Bogle, Eric Mirrors (Greentrax) 130

Bogle, Eric Now I'm Easy (Larrikin) 4 (SR)

Bogle, Eric Other People's Children (Greentrax) 273

Bogle, Eric Plain And Simple (Greentrax) 175/176 ATR

Bogle, Eric Scraps Of Paper (Plant Life) 17 (SR)

Bogle, Eric Singing The Spirit Home (Greentrax) 268 ATR

Bogle, Eric Singing The Spirit Home (Sonet) 50

Bogle, Eric Something Of Value (Sonet) 66

Bogle, Eric The Dreamer (Greentrax) 313 ATR

Bogle, Eric The Eric Bogle Songbook (Greentrax) 79/80

Bogle, Eric The Eric Bogle Songbook Volume 2 (Greentrax) 111

Bogle, Eric Voices In The Wilderness (Greentrax) 97

Bogle, Eric When The Wind Blows (Topic) 24 (SR)

Bogle, Eric with John Munro & Brent Miller Scraps Of Paper (Larrikin) 141

Bogle, Eric with John Munro & Brent Miller When The Wind Blows (Larrikin) 141

Bognár, Szilvia Ének Örzi Az Idöt - Song Preserves The Heartbeat Of Time (Gryllus) 294

Bognár, Szilvia, Ágnes Herczku, Ági Szalóki Szájról Szájra (FolkEurópa) 305 E

Bohinta Belladonna (Celtic Collections) 241

Bohinta Sessions (Aarde) 170/171

Bohlman, Philip V. (Martin Stokes &) (eds) Celtic Modern: Music At The Global Fringe (The Scarecrow Press) 250 P

Bohm, Dagobert Circle Around (Ozella Music) 202 ATR

Bohola Bohola (Shanachie) 227

Bohren, Spencer Carry The Word (Zephyr) 220

Bohren, Spencer Dirt Roads (Zephyr) 175/176

Bohren, Spencer Down In Mississippi (New Blues) 74

Boiled In Lead (Flaco Jimenez, Brave Combo, Boiled In Lead) Town & Country Club, London 72 L

Boiled In Lead Alloy - A Fifteen Year Collection (Omnium) 180

Boiled In Lead Antler Dance (Omnium) 133

Boiled In Lead Boiled Alive (own label) 22 (SR)

Boiled In Lead Boiled In Lead (Crack) 24 (SR)

Boiled In Lead From The Ladle To The Grave (Cooking Vinyl) 69

Boiled In Lead Hotheads (Atomic Theory) 43

Boiled In Lead Orb (Cooking Vinyl) 88

Boiled In Lead Silver (Omnium) 300

Boiled In Lead Songs From The Gypsy (Omnium) 148

Boiled In Lead The Acoustic Room, The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden 85 L

Boiled in Lead Fück The Circus (Susstones [single]) 134/135

Boine, Mari &... Leahkastin/Unfolding (Verve World) 146/147

Boine, Mari Eallin (Antilles) 163/164

Boine, Mari Eight Seasons/Gávcci Jahkejuogu (Jazzland/Universal Music) 229

Boine, Mari Union Chapel, Islington, London 127/128 L

Boine, Mari, Inna Zhelannaya, Sergey Starostin Winter In Moscow (Jaro) 216 ATR

Boine, Mari: Mari Boine Band Bálvvoslatjna - Room Of Worship (Antilles) 187/188

Boisdur, Esnard & Katel Esnard Boisdur & Katel (Poli Disc, via Melodie Paris) 119

Boissière, Pèire Margarida (Cinq Planètes) 292 ATR

Boitnott, Henry & Judy: Judy, Henry & Jack Judy, Henry & Jack (Catawba) 299 ATR

Bok, Gordon Return To The Land (Folk Legacy) 130

Bok, Gordon, Ann Mayo Muir, Ed Trickett And So Will We Yet (Folk Legacy) 130

Boka Halat Skin Deep (Irregular) 205 ATR

Boka Halat The Drummer (TAPS) 261

Boka Halat Tides (TAPS) 244

Bola De Nieve The Incomparable (Disconforme) 292 ATR

Boland, Chris (Donald Stewart &) Long Time Getting Here (own label) 333 ATR

Bolão Back 2 Bahia (Stern's) 246 ATR

Bold, Valentina & Tom McKean (eds) Northern Folk - Living Traditions Of North East Scotland (University of Aberdeen [CD-ROM]) 208 P

Boldwood Traditional English Dance Music (own label) 288 ATR

Bole, Andy Ramshackle Pier (Left Leg) 42

Bolick, Harry & Brian Slattery Come Over And See Us Sometime (New Timey) 340 ATR

Bolivia Manta Churay Churay - Quechua Music - Rencontre Nanda Manachi (Musique Traditionelles Auvidis) 87

Bolleton, John see Rootsman, The

Bollin, Zuzu Texas Bluesman (Antone's) 107 ATR

Bollin, Zuzu Texas Bluesman (Dallas Blues Society) 77

Bollywood Brass Band, The Movie Masala (Emergency Exit Arts) 259/260

Bollywood Brass Band, The Rahmania (Emergency Exit Arts) 228

Bollywood Brass Band, The The Bollywood Brass Band (Emergency Exit Arts) 192

Bollywood Brass Band (The) feat. Rafaqat Ali Khan Chaiyya Chaiyya (Felmay) 336 ATR

Bollywood Strings (Pepe Habichuela & The) Yerbagüena (Nuevos Medios) 220 ATR

Bolot & Nohon Üch Sümer (Face Music) 178

Bolstad, Tore: Kristin Guldbrandsen, Tore Bolstad, Vidar Underseth Norway: Song And Hardingfele (Ocora) 223/224 ATR

Bolton, Polly / Steve Dunachie / John Shepherd Songs From A Cold Open Field (own label) 120

Bolton, Polly No Going Back (Making Waves) 84

Bolton, Polly, John Shepherd & Steve Dunachie The Bull Hotel, Ludlow 84 L

Bolton, Polly, John Shepherd & Steve Dunachie Woodbine And Ivy (own label) 93

Bolton, Polly: The Polly Bolton Band with Nigel Hawthorne Loveliest Of Trees (Shepherd Music) 162

Bolton, Richard: Cooper & Bolton The Savage Hornpipe (Big Chain) 275 ATR

Bolton, Richard (Pete Cooper &) Turning Point - Fiddle & Cello Duets (Big Chain) 228

Bom-Bane, Jane Round-a-Way Wrong Songs (own label) 126 ATR

¡Bomba! Entre Sol Y Luz (Bomba) 276 ATR

Bombardella, Claudia: Claudia Bombardella Ensemble Paesaggi Lontani (Radicimusic) 276

Bombardella, Claudia (Luca Di Volo &) Strumenti Di Pace Live (Radici Music) 286

Bombay Dub Orchestra 3 Cities (Six Degrees) 319/320 E

Bombino Agadez (Cumbancha) 337

Bon Ton Band (Zachary Richard & His) Colne Municipal Hall 99 L

Bon Ton Roulez!! Juan (own label) 77

Bon Ton Roulez!! The Cellar Tapes Vols. 1 & 2 (Mad Mule) 95

Bon Ton Roulez!! The Maesllwch Arms Hotel, Glasbury on Wye 68 L

Bona, Jean & Son Ensemble Jean Bona & Son Ensemble (Cinq Planètes) 239

Bona, Richard Scenes From My Life (Sony Jazz/Columbia) 201

Bona, Richard Olympia, Paris 273 L

Bonane, Wawali Resolve (Flingshot Productions) 273 ATR

Bond, Jean & Peter Tim Bobbin Lives! The Life & Times Of A Lancashire Legend (P.J. Books) 39 P

Bond, Johnny (Merle Travis &) Great Songs Of The Delmore Brothers (Stetson) 76

Bond, Peter Awkward Age (Totem) 17 (SR)

Bond, Peter See Me Up, See Me Down (Highway) 2 (SR)

Bond, Peter: Jean & Peter Bond Tim Bobbin Lives! The Life & Times Of A Lancashire Legend (P.J. Books) 39 P

Bond, Peter: Laycock, Caddick & Bond A Duck On His Head (Highway) 6 (SR)

Bones, Dan & Susie see Danansooz

Bones, Mac see Machar, Yirdy 'Mac Bones'

Boney Goat Band, The We've Shaved Our Backs And We're Ready To Rock (Hoobellatoo) 196 ATR

Bonezone In Session (GO' Danish Folk Music) 302/303

Bonfield, Ken Mystic Morning (Ivy Lane Music) 156 ATR

Bonga Angola 72 / Angola 74 (Lusafrica) 170/171 ATR

Bonga Angola 72-74 (Lusafrica) 297 ATR

Bonga Bairro (Lusafrica) 311 ATR

Bonga Kaxexe (Lusafrica) 247/248 ATR

Bonga Live (Lusafrica) 258 ATR

Bonga Maiorais (Lusafrica) 265 ATR

Bonga Mulemba Xangola (Lusafrica) 210

Bonga Paz Em Angola (Rounder) 100

Bonga Swinga Swinga (Piranha) 160

Bongo Maffin Bongolution (Sony/Lightyear) 229

Bongo Man, Kanda see Kanda Bongo Man

Bongoley Lutaaya, Philly Born In Africa (Amigo) 60

Bongshang Crude (Doovf) 129

Bongshang Crude (Iona) 153 ATR

Bongshang The Hurricane Jungle (Doovf) 175/176 ATR

Bongshang Vy-Lo-Fone (Doovf) 205

Boniche, Lili Alger Alger (APC) 194/195

Boniche, Lili Boniche Dub (APC) 194/195

Boniche, Lili Concert Unique À Mogador (MK2 Music/UWe [DVD]) 263

Boniche, Lili Lili Live (APC) 203 ATR

Boniche, Lili Oeuvres Récentes (APC) 247/248 ATR

BonificaEmilianaVeneta see BEV [BonificaEmilianaVeneta]

Bonner, Cathy Same Blood (Rideout) 173 ATR

Bonner, Juke Boy Life Gave Me A Dirty Deal (Arhoolie) 120

Bonner, Juke Boy The Legacy Of The Blues (Sonet [14 CD set - various artists]) 70

Bonner, Juke Boy They Call Me Juke Boy (Ace) 77

Bonner, Juke Boy Things Ain't Right - The 1969 London Session (Sequel) 113

Bonneville, Ray Rough Luck (1-800-Prime-CD) 205 ATR

Bonney, Simon Forever (Mute) 109 ATR

Boogaloo Swamis, The Cajun Party (Swamptone) 81

Boogaloo Swamis, The Down At The Roadhouse (Swamptone) 113

Boogaloo Swamis, The Have Some Fun Tonight (Crystal Cove) 198

Boogaloo Swamis, The Out Of Darkness (Crystal Cove) 181 ATR

Boogalusa Boogalusa (Lochshore) 149 ATR

Boogalusa Careless Angels And Crazy Cajuns (Klub) 129 ATR

Bookbinder, Roy Bookeroo! (Rounder) 67

Bookbinder, Roy Goin' Back To Tampa (Flying Fish) 4 (SR)

Bookbinder, Roy Jersey Arts Centre, Channel Islands 93 L

Bookbinder, Roy The Hillbilly Blues Cats (Rounder) 115/116

Bookbinder, Roy The Radio Show (Pegleg) 209

Bookbinder, Roy Travelin' Man (Adelphi/Genes) 184

Bookbinder, Roy: Roy Book Binder Live At The Fur Peace Ranch (Peg Leg) 270

Bookbinder, Roy: Roy Book Binder Singer-Songwriter Bluesman (Peg Leg) 270

Booker, James Junco Partner (Hannibal) 120 ATR

Booker, James The Lost Paramount Tapes (DJM) 182/183

Booker, Steve Steve Booker (Parlaphone [single]) 88

Boola Boola Wanoom (own label) 166 ATR

Boom & Chime (Mr Peters' Boom & Chime) Haul Up Your Foot, You Fool (Fire Ant) 139/140 ATR

Boom & Chime (Mr Peters' Boom & Chime) You Better Belize It! (Fire Ant) 103/104

Boom Pam Boom Pam (Essay) 282 ATR

Boom Pam Puerto Rican Nights (Essay Recordings) 312 ATR

Boorer, Boz Boz's Blues (NV [single]) 174

Boosinger, Laura (George Shuffler &) Mountain Treasures (Copper Creek) 247/248 ATR

Boot Soot (Caprice) 319/320

Boot, Adrian (Chris Salewicz &) Reggae Explosion: The Story Of Jamaican Music (Virgin Publishing) 217 P

Bootfare Where's London (Canterbury Pop) 74

Booth, John Autograph (Acorn) 70

Boothby, Brian Concerning The Waves (Note for Note) 79/80

Boothby, Brian Tomorrow's Ancestor (Note For Note) 154 ATR

Boothe, Ken Everything I Own - The Best Of... (Trojan) 242/243 ATR

Boothill Foot-tappers, The Ain't That Far From Boothill (Mercury) 28

Boothill Foot-tappers, The Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes (Go! Discs [single]) 21 (SR)

Boothill Foot-tappers, The Jealousy (Phonogram [single]) 24 (SR)

Boothill Foot-tappers, The Love And Affection (Mercury [single]) 28

Boothill Foot-tappers, The Too Much Time/Coloured Aristocracy/How's Jack Pt 1/New River Train (Mercury [single]) 25

Boothill Foot-tappers, The: Richard Thompson Band, The Pogues, The Boothill Foot-tappers, Terry & Gerry Dominion Theatre, London 25 L

Bootle, Oliver Oliver Bootle (PDCS) 169

Bop Posse Compilation Two (Bop) 61

Bopp! Bopp! (own label) 205

Borda, Luis Y Zaida Saiace Nouveau Tango (Boulevard) 172 ATR

Borden, Zak Whistles & Steam (Tradical Productions) 203 ATR

Border Collies, The Sticks And Stones (own label) 278/279 ATR

Border Collies, The The Road From Swannanoa (own label) 237

Border Country Dance Band, The The Border Fiddler (Fellside) 180

Bordewey, Dave & Dave Young New Day (own label) 316 ATR

Bordowitz, Hank (ed.) Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright: The Bob Marley Reader (Da Capo Press) 262 P

Borges, Lo: Milton Nascimento, Lo Borges Clube Da Esquina (Hemisphere) 150

Borges, Luiz Carlos (Grupo Alma E) Gaucho Rider (Face Music) 117

Borghetti, Renato Andanças - Live In Brussels (Saphrane) 338/339

Bori, Saadou & Moussa Poussy Niamey Twice (Stern's Africa) 146/147

Borisonik, Alicia & The Argentinian Project Busco Un Lugar (own label) 311 ATR

Borisova, Stepanida see Stepanida

Boross, Lajos & His Gypsy Band The Virtuosi Of The Gypsy Music (Qualiton) 47

Børsheim, Annlaug: Annlaug November (Fivreld) 328 ATR

Bosch, Jimmy ¡A Million! (JRGR) 313 ATR

Bosch, Jimmy Salsa Dura (RykoLatino) 201

Bose, Kumar Dynamic (Sense World Music) 242/243

Bosman, Gloria Tranquility (Sheer Sound) 209 ATR

Bosmans, Wim: Various Transilvania - Erdély - Siebenbürgen Summer 2003: A Musical Diary By Wim Bosmans [no details given] 259/260

Bosphorous / Light Of Anatolia Balkan Dreams (MBI Greece) 177

Bosphorus & Mode Plagal Tou Vosporou To Pera - Beyond The Bosphorus (Hitch-Hyke) 239

Bosporus Performing Arts Ensemble see BGST

Boss Talkers (Joe Louis Walker & The) 100 Club, Oxford Street, London 67 L

Boss Talkers (Joe Louis Walker & The) The Town & Country 2, Highbury, London 90 L

Bossacucanova & Roberto Menescal Brasilidade (Ziriguiboom/Crammed Discs) 216 ATR

Bossin, Bob Gabriola Vorixo (Nick) 139/140 ATR

Bostic, Earl The Chronological... (Classics) 220

Boston College Irish Studies Program Gaelic Roots (Kells) 179 ATR

Boston Scottish Fiddle Club & Guests Scottish Fiddle Rally Concert Highlights 1985-1995 (Greentrax) 180 ATR

Boston Scottish Fiddle Club Scottish Fiddle Rally Concert Highlights 1985-1995 (Paddledoo Music) 158/159 ATR

Boston, Charlie Truths And Fantasies (Lara) 202 ATR

Botan, Nazê see Nazê

Botan, Newroz see Newroz

Botans (Nazê & The) Gule-Gule (Stran Music) 249 ATR

Bothwell Drones & Bellows (Music Partner) 202 ATR

Bothy Band, The Bothy Band (Mulligan) 95

Bothy Band, The Live In Concert (Strange Fruit) 186

Bottari (Enzo Avitabile &) Festa Farina E Forca (Il Manifesto) 298

Bottari (Enzo Avitabile &) Salvamm'o Munno (Wrasse [UK]/Musichemigranti [Italy]) 251

Bottlecaps (Peter Stampfel & The) Peter Stampfel And The Bottlecaps (Rounder) 40

Boubeker, Hamsi Le Chant Des Profondeurs [CDM 03] 67

Bouchafa, Massa Best Of... (Night & Day) 254/255 ATR

Bouchaud, Dominig L'Ancre D'Argent (Keltia) 228

Bouchaud, Dominig & Cyrille Colas Heol Dour (Keltia) 126

Bouchnak, Lotfi (Abida Parveen &) Jahan-E-Khusrau (Navras) 223/224; 228

Bouchnak, Lotfi Live In Berlin (Weltmusic Wergo) 234 ATR

Boudineau, Fred: Fred Combo Obsession (Avel Ouest) 285 ATR

Bouffard, Patrick Joue Jenzat (AMTA) 245

Bouffard, Patrick Musiques Pour Vielle À Roue En Auvergne Et Bourbonnais (Ocora) 94

Bouffard, Patrick Roots 'n' Roll (Boucherie Productions) 196

Bouffard, Patrick Transept (Modal Pleinjeu) 245

Bouffard, Patrick - Transept Second Prélude (Modal Pleinjeu) 273

Bouffard, Patrick: Trio Patrick Bouffard Rabaterie (AMTA) 245

Bouffard, Patrick: Trio Patrick Bouffard Rabaterie (Boucherie Productions) 179

Bouffard, Patrick: Trio Patrick Bouffard Revenant De Paris (AMTA) 245

Bouffée D'Airs Bouffée D'Airs (Franches Connexions) 202

Boukan Ginen Jou A Rive (Xenophile) 142

Boukan Ginen Rèv An Nou (Xenophile) 161

Boukman Eksperyans Kalfou Danjere (Mango) 122

Boukman Eksperyans Libètè (Pran Pou'l!)/Freedom (Let's Take It!) (Mango) 148

Boukman Eksperyans Live At Red Rocks (Tuff Gong) 198 ATR

Boukman Eksperyans Revolisyon! (Tropical Music) 185

Boukman Exsperyans Vodou Adjae (Mango) 99

Boulder Acoustic Society Punch Line (Nine Mile) 319/320 ATR

Boulerice, Nicolas & Olivier Demers Un Peu D'Ci, Un Peu D'Ça (Roues & Archets/Canada Council) 281

Boulo Santo, Ali (Hadja Kouyate &) Manding-Ko (Frikyiwa) 230/231

Bouncy Castle Home Studio Consortium, The Home Studio Scene (Peopletree) 204 ATR

Boundary Water Boys Acoustic Crossroads (Spiritwood) 270 ATR

Bourdin, Gilbert: Bourin, Marchand & Dautel Chants À Repondre De Haute Bretagne (Le Chasse-Marée) 68

Bourin, Marchand & Dautel Chants À Repondre De Haute Bretagne (Le Chasse-Marée) 68

Bourke, Leon see Burke, Fiddlin' Frenchie

Bourne & MacLeod Dance & Celebrate (Attic World) 114

Bourne, Bill, Lester Quitzau & Madagascar Slim Continental (Tradition & Moderne) 213

Bourne, Bob: Bourne & MacLeod Dance & Celebrate (Attic World) 114

Bournet, Pascal Guitare Plus: Vol 36: O'Carolan, The Irish Bard (1670-1783) (Mandala) 202 ATR

Bourque, Benoit: Bourque, Bernard & Lepage Matapat (Borealis) 191

Boutella, Safy (Cheb Khaled &) Kutché (Sterns) 71

Boutella, Safy Mejnoun (Indigo) 113

Boutte, Lillian & Christian Willisohn Lipstick Traces (Blues Beacon) 109 ATR

Bouzouki, Serge & Paddy Lemercier L'Usage Du Luth (Buda Musique) 273 ATR

Bovea, Canta Y Sus Vallenatos con Alberto Fernandez La Casa En El Aire (Riverboat) 192 ATR

Bowden, John (Vic Shepherd &) A Motty Down (Burlington) 16 (SR)

Bowen & Shepherd (eds) Tunes, Songs & Dances From The 1798 Manuscript Of Joshua Jackson (Yorkshire Dales Workshops) 199/200 P

Bowen, Geoff & Liz: Bowen & Shepherd (eds) Tunes, Songs & Dances From The 1798 Manuscript Of Joshua Jackson (Yorkshire Dales Workshops) 199/200 P

Bowen, Geoff How To Play Folk Fiddle (Yorkshire Dales Workshops in Folk Arts) 126 P

Bowen, Liz: Bowen & Shepherd (eds) Tunes, Songs & Dances From The 1798 Manuscript Of Joshua Jackson (Yorkshire Dales Workshops) 199/200 P

Bowen, Robin Huw Cerddoriaeth Telyn Cymru (Saydisc) 151/152

Bowen, Robin Huw Cyfarch Y Delyn, Y Delyn Deires - The Triple Harp Of Wales (Sain) 67

Bowen, Robin Huw Hunting The Hedgehog (Tieres) 137

Bowen, Robin Huw Telyn Berseiniol Fy Ngwlad (The Sweet Harp Of My Land) (Teires) 101

Bowen, Robin Huw Y Ffordd I Aberystwyth (Sain) 298 ATR

Bowers, Bryan By Heart (Flying Fish) 26

Bowers, Bryan For You (Flying Fish) 99

Bowers, Bryan Friend For Life (Flying Fish) 209 ATR

Bowler, Anthony Glass Palace Guitar: A Collection Of Easy Pieces For Fingerstyle Guitar (from Soar Valley Music) 126 P

Bowman, Dean (Gary Lucas &) Chase The Devil (Knitting Factory) 324

Bowman, Don see Harris, Don

Bowman, Gill City Love (Fellside) 95

Bowman, Gill Perfect Lover (Greentrax) 143

Bowman, Gill Toasting The Lassies (Greentrax) 143

Bowman, Ronnie Starting Over (Sugar Hill) 238 ATR

Bowman, Ronnie The Man I'm Trying To Be (Sugar Hill) 184 ATR

Bows, Jim Follow Me (Wise Owl) 177 ATR

Box Club Box Club (BoxClub) 299 ATR

Boxcar Spanners, The Haul Away (own label) 109 ATR

Boxcar WillieThe Original Texas Recordings (Big5) 290/291 ATR

Boxer, HC Futura (Carnival Tunes) 199/200 ATR

Boxhedge Clippers, The Topiary In The UK (Shuffle) 226 ATR

Boyd, Eddie 7936 South Rhodes (BGO) 126 ATR

Boyd, Eddie The Legacy Of The Blues (Sonet [14 CD set - various artists]) 70

Boyes, Georgina The Imagined Village (Manchester University Press) 123 P

Boyes, Georgina The Imagined Village (No Masters) 334 P

Boyes, Georgina (ed.) Step Change: New Views On Traditional Dance (Francis Boutle) 223/224 P

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Boyes, Georgina: Coope, Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Voices At The Door: Midwinter Songs & Carols (No Masters Co-operative) 285

Boyes, Jim Out' The Blue (No Masters Voice) 110; 123

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson A Garland Of Carols (No Masters) 187/188

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson As If... (No Masters) 324

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Falling Slowly (No Masters Co-Operative) 162

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Funny Old World (No Masters Voice) 127/128

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Here (No Masters [single]) 151/152

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Hindsight (No Masters) 179

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Triple Echo (No Masters) 266/267

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Twenty-Four Seven (No Masters) 232

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Where You Belong: A Song Cycle For Belper (No Masters) 198

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson Electric Theatre, Guildford 180 L

Boyes, Jim: Barry Coope, Jim Boyes, Lester Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Fire And Sleet And Candlelight: Regional And Historical Carols (No Masters) 247/248

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson, Fi Fraser, Jo Freya, Georgina Boyes Voices At The Door: Midwinter Songs & Carols (No Masters Co-operative) 285

Boyes, Jim: Coope, Boyes & Simpson/Wereldkoor Wak Maar Proper Christmas Truce/Kerstbestand (No Masters) 218/219

Boyes, Jim: Panta Rhei / Coope, Boyes & Simpson Passchendaele Suite (No Masters) 165

Boyle, Kathleen An Cailin Rua / The Red Haired Girl (KT) 302/303 ATR

Boyle, Maggie Gweebarra (Pure) 189

Boyle, Maggie Reaching Out (Run River) 50

Boyle, Maggie: Duck Baker, Maggie Boyle, Ben Paley The Expatriate Game (Day Job) 270

Boyle, Maggie (Steve Tilston &) All Under The Sun (Flying Fish) 162

Boyle, Maggie (Steve Tilston &) Of Moor And Mesa (Run River) 121

Boyle, Néillidh A Feeling In The Blood (Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí) 334 ATR

Boyoyo Boys, The Back In Town (Rounder) 55

Boyoyo Boys, The TJ Today (Greensleeves) 71

Boys From The Hill Boys From The Hill (Fflach) 220

Boys Of The Hills Boys Of The Hills (own label) 334 ATR

Boys Of The Lough Far From Home (AUK) 41

Boys Of The Lough Farewell And Remember Me (Lough) 57

Boys Of The Lough Good Friends, Good Music (Philo) 180

Boys Of The Lough In The Tradition (Topic) 10 (SR)

Boys Of The Lough Live At Carnegie Hall (Sage Arts Recording) 83

Boys Of The Lough Live At Passim (Philo) 167 ATR

Boys Of The Lough Lonesome Blues And Dancing Shoes (Lough) 229

Boys Of The Lough Midwinter Live (Lough) 307/308

Boys Of The Lough Open Road (Topic) 18 (SR)

Boys Of The Lough Regrouped (Topic) 4 (SR)

Boys Of The Lough Rhinns Of Islay Celtic Festival 52 L

Boys Of The Lough Sweet Rural Shade (own label) 69

Boys Of The Lough The Day Dawn (Lough) 142

Boys Of The Lough The Fair Hills Of Ireland (Lough) 112

Boys Of The Lough The West Of Ireland (Lough) 192

Boys Of The Lough Twenty (Lough) 271/272

Boys Of The Lough Welcoming Paddy Home (Lough) 35; 142 ATR

BR5-49 Live From Robert's (Arista) 162

Brabazon, Peter Breaking The Ice (Rangers Lodge) 143 ATR

Bracey, Ishman & Charley Taylor Complete Recordings 1928-29 (Document) 105

Bracken, Mark (Greg Joy &) A Magical Christmas (North Star) 129 ATR

Bracknell Festival 27 L; 51 L; 63 L; 99 L; 124 L

Bradberry, Brad Keep Passing The Open Windows (Smiling Weasel Music) 60

Bradburn & Lush Poisoned Berries [PME C 2081] 114 ATR

Bradfield, Ray On Parole (Stormforce) 102

Bradford, Geoff Magnolia (Christabel) 42

Bradford, Margaret A Conflict Of Cultures (own label, via Sandstock Music) 115/116 ATR

Bradford, Margaret Freddie's Daughter (own label) 153 ATR

Bradford, Margaret Simply Psaltery (own label) 173 ATR

Bradford, Tim Is Shane MacGowan Still Alive? Travels In Irishry (Flamingo) 209 P

Bradley, Dale Ann Catch Tomorrow (Compass) 283/284 ATR

Bradley, Dale Ann Cumberland River Dreams (Doobie Shea) 222 ATR

Bradley, Geraldine From The Rising Spring (Coolnacran) 307/308 ATR

Bradley, Hank Counterfeiting, Stealing And Cultural Plundering (Mill Gulch Music) 79/80 P

Bradley, Hank Hassle The Caller (Sage Arts) 110

Bradley, Harry As I Carelessly Did Stray (Phaeton) 232

Bradley, Harry & Michael Clarkson The Pleasures Of Hope (own label) 323

Bradley, Harry (Paul O'Shaughnessy &) ...Born For Sport (own label) 266/267

Bradley, Lloyd Reggae: The Story Of Jamaican Music [with photographs by Dennis Morris] (BBC) 233 P

Bradley, Martyn Time Can't Stand Still (Greenwich Village) 5 (SR)

Bradley, May Sweet Swansea (Musical Traditions) 326/327

Bradley, Paul Tuaim Na Farraige: Atlantic Roar (Outlet) 191

Bradley, Sandy Sandy's Fancy (Flying Fish) 14 (SR)

Bradley, Simon & Luke Plumb Wintering Out (own label) 244 ATR

Bradley, Tommie [Tommy]: Tommie Bradley / James Cole Groups 1930 - 32 (Matchbox) 19 (SR)

Bradley, Tommie [Tommy]: Tommy Bradley-James Cole Groups 1928-32 [Various Artists] (Document) 129

Bradshaw, Bob Some Assembly Required (Fluke) 182/183

Bradtke, Elaine: Yates, Bradtke, Taylor (eds) Dear Companion: Appalachian Traditional Songs From The Cecil Sharp Collection (EFDSS) 262 P

Brady Paul (Sean O' Casey [&]) The Green Crow Caws (See For Miles) 129 ATR

Brady, Paul (Andy Irvine &) Andy Irvine & Paul Brady (Mulligan) 95

Brady, Paul Back To The Centre (Mercury) 36

Brady, Paul Back To The Centre (Rykodisc) 197

Brady, Paul Back To The Centre/The Lakes Of Pontchartrain (Mercury [single]) 38

Brady, Paul Full Moon (Demon) 23 (SR)

Brady, Paul Hammersmith Odeon, London 50 L

Brady, Paul Hard Station (Rykodisc) 197

Brady, Paul Hard Station (WEA) 9 (SR)

Brady, Paul Nobody Knows (Fontana [single]) 96

Brady, Paul Nobody Knows: The Best Of (Rykodisc) 197

Brady, Paul Primitive Dance (Mercury) 49

Brady, Paul Primitive Dance (Rykodisc) 197

Brady, Paul Songs And Crazy Dreams (Fontana) 111

Brady, Paul Spirits Colliding (Fontana) 145

Brady, Paul Spirits Colliding (Rykodisc) 197

Brady, Paul Spring Street Theatre, Hull 38 L

Brady, Paul The Havana Way (PeeBee [single]) 242/243

Brady, Paul The Long Goodbye (Rykodisc [single]) 206/207

Brady, Paul The Meeting Place, Dublin 58 L

Brady, Paul Trick Or Treat (Fontana) 94

Brady, Paul Trick Or Treat (Rykodisc) 197

Brady, Paul True For You (21) 18 (SR)

Brady, Paul True For You (Rykodisc) 197

Brady, Paul: Matt Molloy, Paul Brady & Tommy Peoples Matt Molloy, Paul Brady And Tommy Peoples (Mulligan) 95

Brady, Rosalind (Simon Barron &) Somewhen (Mobile) 238 ATR

Braganca, Paulo Amai (Luaka Bop/Warner Bros) 168

Bragason, 'Blue Ice': Jimmy Dawkins, Chicago Beau & Blue Ice Bragason Blues From Iceland (Evidence) 149 ATR

Bragg, Billy A Progressive Patriot: A Search For Belonging (Bantam Press) 285 P

Bragg, Billy Accident Waiting To Happen (Go! Discs [single]) 107

Bragg, Billy Back To Basics (Cooking Vinyl) 129

Bragg, Billy Back To Basics (Go! Discs) 50

Bragg, Billy Back To Basics With Billy Bragg (Imp Publications) 29 P

Bragg, Billy Between The Wars (Go! Discs - [EP]) 24 (SR)

Bragg, Billy Billy Bragg's Folk Night The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London 33 L

Bragg, Billy Brewing Up With Billy Bragg (Go! Discs) 23 (SR)

Bragg, Billy Days Like These (Go! Discs [single]) 32

Bragg, Billy Don't Try This At Home (Cooking Vinyl) 129

Bragg, Billy Don't Try This At Home (Go! Discs) 100

Bragg, Billy Greetings To The New Brunette (Go! Discs [single]) 42

Bragg, Billy Help Save The Youth Of America (Go Discs [single]) 62

Bragg, Billy Levi Stubbs' Tears/Think Again/Between The Wars/Walk Away Renée (Go! Discs [single]) 38

Bragg, Billy Life's A Riot With Spy Vs. Spy (Go! Discs/Utility) 20 (SR)

Bragg, Billy Mr Love & Justice (Cooking Vinyl) 298

Bragg, Billy Talking To The Tax Man About Poetry (Go! Discs) 40

Bragg, Billy The Internationale (Utility) 84

Bragg, Billy The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit) 50

Bragg, Billy Victim Of Geography (Cooking Vinyl) 129

Bragg, Billy Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards (Go Discs [single]) 66

Bragg, Billy William Bloke (Cooking Vinyl) 160

Bragg, Billy Workers' Playtime (Go! Discs) 65

Bragg, Billy You Woke Up My Neighbourhood (Go! Discs [single]) 105

Bragg, Billy & Friends Crossing The Border, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 60 L

Bragg, Billy & Friends Hackney Empire, London 81 L

Bragg, Billy & Guests National Ballroom, Kilburn 43 L

Bragg, Billy & The Blokes England, Half English (Cooking Vinyl) 225

Bragg, Billy & Wilco Mermaid Avenue (Eastwest) 181

Bragg, Billy & Wilco Mermaid Avenue Vol 2 (Elektra) 205

Bragg, Billy, Luis Enrique, Mejia Godoy, And Mancotal Edinburgh Assembly Rooms 56 L

Bragg, Billy: Leon Rosselson/The Oyster Band/Billy Bragg Ballad Of A Spycatcher/Song Of The Free Press (Upside Down [single]) 53

Bragod Kaingk (Bragod) 258 ATR

Brahaspati, Sulochana Raga Bilaskhani Todi/Raga Mishra Bhairavi (Nimbus) 115/116

Brahem, Anouar Le Pas Du Chat Noir (ECM) 235/236 ATR

Brahem, Anouar Le Voyage De Sahar (ECM) 274

Brahem, Anouar The Astounding Eyes Of Rita (ECM) 317/318

Brahem, Anouar with John Surman & Dave Holland Thimar (ECM) 182/183 ATR

Brahem, Anouar: Anouar Brahem Trio Astrakan Café (ECM) 213

Brahim, Khaled Hadj see Khaled

Brain Drain (Dr Bajan &) Smoke On The Wodka (Minstrel/Loewenzahn) 151/152 ATR

Bramble, Chris For Those With Eyes To See (Bramblin' Rose Music) 325 ATR

Bramley, Kate Little Canaan (Tantobie) 286

Bramstedt, Sivert Blues And Joys (Rootsy) 328 ATR

Bramwell, John see Dangerously, Johnny

Branch, Betsy: Branch, Curley & Songer A Portland Play Along Selection (own label) 304

Branch, Billy: James Cotton, Junior Wells, Carey Bell, Billy Branch Harp Attack (Alligator) 96

Branch, Curley & Songer A Portland Play Along Selection (own label) 304

Branco, Cristina Murmúrios (Music & Words) 189

Branco, Cristina Post-Scriptum (l'Empreinte Digitale) 230/231 ATR

Brand, Oscar Pie In The Sky (Tradition) 161 ATR

Brand, Oscar Presidential Campaign Songs 1789-1996 (Smithsonian Folkways) 198

Brand, Rolf, Kevin Sheahan, Sean Cannon Out Of Connemara (Kiwi Music) 290/291 ATR

Brandan Ich Zoch Mir Einen Valken (own label) 281 ATR

Brandily, Monique Introduction Aux Musiques Africaines (Actes Sud/Cité de la Musique) 179 P

Brandin, Jonas, Erik Berg, Hadrian Prett Bodalåtar (Giga) 263 ATR

Brandoni, Reno Bluesando (Lizard) 22 (SR)

Brandow, Karen (Charlie King &) Charlie King & Karen Brandow (Appleseed) 216 ATR

Brändström, Greger: Ale Möller, Mats Berglund, Greger Brändström, Lasse Sörlin Härjedalspipan (Drone) 163/164

Brandt, Paul Outside The Frame (Warner Reprise) 174

Brandwein, Naftule King Of The Klezmer Clarinet (Rounder) 168

Brandywine Bridge An English Meadow (Kissing Spell) 238

Braojos, Ricardo & Eugene Rodriguez Pasajero: A Journey Of Time And Memory - A Documentary (Los Cenzontles Mexican Arts Center) 263

Bras, Dan Ar see Braz, Dan Ar

Brashear, Chris & Peter McLaughlin Canyoneers (Copper Creek) 250

Brass Monkey Brass Monkey (Topic) 17 (SR)

Brass Monkey Flame Of Fire (Topic) 251

Brass Monkey Going & Staying (Topic) 222

Brass Monkey Head Of Steam (Topic) 311

Brass Monkey See How It Runs (Topic) 35

Brass Monkey Sound & Rumour (Topic) 185

Brass Monkey The Complete Brass Monkey (Topic) 126

Brass Monkey Edinburgh Folk Festival 168 L

Brass Monkey Half Moon, Putney 36 L

Brass Monkey The Goose Is Out!, East Dulwich, London 313 L

Brass, Mary Cay & Friends Green Mountain (Great Meadow Music) 223/224 ATR

Bråten Berg, Kirsten & Hallvard T. Bjørgum Runarstreng (Grappa) 196 ATR

Bråten Berg, Kirsten, Marilyn Mazur, Lena Willemark Stemmenes Skygge (Heilo) 271/272 ATR

Bratland, Sondre Den Blå Gleda (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 275 ATR

Bratland, Sondre & Annbjørg Lien Alle Vegne (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 329/330 ATR

Bratland, Sondre (Javed Bashir &) Dialogue (Kirkelig Kulturversted) 286 ATR

Bratsch Nomades En Vol (Network) 249

Bratsch Plein Du Monde (World Village) 340

Bratsch Rien Dans Les Poches (Network) 184 ATR

Brave Combo (Flaco Jimenez, Brave Combo, Boiled In Lead) Town & Country Club, London 72 L

Brave Combo (Kikusuimaru Meets Brave Combo) Ondo Wa Chikyu No Sukuu (Ondo Saves The World) (Teledisc) 127/128

Brave Combo Box Of Ghosts (Rounder) 241 ATR

Brave Combo Group Dance Epidemic (Rounder) 174

Brave Combo Holidays! (Rounder) 273 ATR

Brave Combo Humansville (Rounder) 70

Brave Combo It's Christmas, Man! (Rounder) 115/116

Brave Combo Mood Swing Music (Rounder) 166

Brave Combo No Sad Faces (Four Dots) 24 (SR)

Brave Combo No, No, No, Cha, Cha, Cha (Rounder) 120

Brave Combo People Are Strange (Rogue) 33

Brave Combo Polkas For A Gloomy World (Rounder) 150

Brave Combo Polkatharsis (Rounder Europa) 52

Brave Combo World Dance Music (Four Dots) 24 (SR)

Brave Old World Blood Oranges - Royte Pomarantsn (New Jewish Music) (Pinorrek) 184

Bravo, Antonio: Brigada Bravo & Díaz Músicas Populares De La Guerra Civil (Producciones Efimeras) 305 ATR

Bravo, Fimber & Kadialy Kouyate Small Talk (Bravo Bravo) 263

Bray Brothers (The) with Red Cravens Prairie Bluegrass (Rounder) 209 ATR

Bray, Bob & Jon Scaife Bag o' Shoddy, Birstall 82 L

Bray, Bob & Jon Scaife The Devil's Nine Questions (Chrome Park) 98

Bray, Francis, Harley & Nate: The Bray Brothers with Red Cravens Prairie Bluegrass (Rounder) 209 ATR

Braz, Dan Ar (Dave Evans, Davey Graham, Dan Ar Bras, Duck Baker) Irish Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes & Airs (Kicking Mule) 3 (SR)

Braz, Dan Ar [Dan Ar Bras] Héritage Des Celtes (Columbia) 143

Braz, Dan Ar Allez Dire A La Ville (Hexagone) 11 (SR)

Braz, Dan Ar Douar Nevez (Hexagone) 11 (SR)

Braz, Dan Ar Earth's Lament (Hexagone) 11 (SR)

Braz, Dan Ar Frontières De Sel (Keltia Musique) 105

Braz, Dan Ar Les Iles De La Memoire (Keltia Musique) 115/116 ATR

Braz, Dan Ar Music For The Silences To Come (Shanachie) 45

Braz, Dan Ar Reve De Siam (Keltia Musique) 115/116 ATR

Braz, Dan Ar Songs (Keltia Musique) 91/92

Braz, Dan Ar Swansea Folk Club, The Coach House, Swansea 37 L

Braz, Dan Ar Theme For The Green Lands (Keltia Musique) 139/140 ATR

Braz, Dan Ar Xavier Grall Chanté Par Dan Ar Braz (Keltia Musique) 115/116 ATR

Brazil, Noel The Land Of Love (Dara) 173

Brazil Family, The Down By The Old Riverside (Musical Traditions) 297

Brazzaville In Istanbul (Doublemoon) 321 ATR

Breabach The Big Spree (Vertical) 293 ATR

Breabach The Desperate Battle Of The Birds (Breabach) 324

Bread & Bones I Know Stories (Riptone) 305 ATR

Bread And Roses Bread And Roses (Dragon) 66

Bread And Roses Mr Fox's Garden (Dragon) 101

Breadfoot Breadfoot (Holden) 268 ATR

Breadfoot featuring Anna Phoebe Tea With Leo (Jeezie Peezie) 274 ATR

Breadin, Sean see Sedayne

Breakaway Hold With Hope (Gadfly) 209 ATR

Breakfast, George The Bumpy Road To Love (Tumbledown Music) 120 ATR

Breakout Blues Drunk & Homeless (Congress) 232 ATR

Breathnach, Breandán (ed. Jackie Small) Ceol Rince na hEireann (The Dance Music Of Ireland) (An Gum) 174 P

Breathnach, Breandán Ceol Rince Na Héireann (Ossian Publications) 34 P

Breathnach, Breandán The Folk Music And Dances Of Ireland (Ossian) 163/164 P

Breathnach, Breandán The Man And His Music (Na Píobairi Uilleann Teo) 174 P

Breatnach, Cormac Musical Journey (Dioscal Mandala) 204 ATR

Breatnach, Máire Angels Candles (Starc Studios) 131

Breatnach, Máire The Voyage Of Bran (Celtic Heartbeat) 145

Breaux, Jimmy Le Chemin Que T'as Pris (La Louisianne) 170/171

Brechin, Sandy Out Of His Box (Brechin All Records) 158/159

Brechin, Sandy Out Of His Mind (Taigh Na Teud) 238 P

Brechin, Sandy Out Of His Tree (Greentrax) 197

Brechin, Sandy & Friends The Sunday Night Sessions (Brechin All) 335 ATR

Brechin, Sandy: MacGregor, Brechin & Ó hEadhra Sonas (Brechin All) 311

Breckman, Andy Don't Get Killed (Gadfly) 100 ATR

Breeze Band (The Ian Bruce Breeze Band) A Kind And Gentle Nature (Wildgoose) 165 ATR

Breeze, Jean 'Binta' News From Nowhere, Liverpool 155 L

Bregada Berard Bon Nadal Occitania (Felmay) 333

Bregovic, Goran Alkohol - Slivovica & Champagne (Mercury/Blue Wrasse) 312 ATR

Bregovic, Goran Arizona Dream (Mercury France) 235/236 ATR

Bregovic, Goran Tales And Songs From Weddings And Funerals (Mercury France) 235/236

Bregovic, Goran Welcome To Goran Bregovic (Wrasse) 314/315 ATR

Bregovic, Goran (George Dalaras &) With Two Canvas Shoes (Minos-EMI) 192

Bregovic, Goran: Kayah & Bregovic Kayah & Bregovic (Zic Zac/BMG) 209

Brelo Uusikuu (Ääniä) 323

Bremnes, Kari Live (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 295/296 ATR

Bremnes, Kari Over En By (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 275

Bremnes, Kari, Ola & Lars Soløye (Kirkelig Kulturverksted) 216 ATR

Brend, Mark American Troubadours - Groundbreaking Singer Songwriters Of The '60s (Backbeat Books) 218/219 P

Brendan Voyage, The Royal Festival Hall, London 28 L

Brennan, Máire Against the Wind/She Moves Through The Fair (RCA [single]) 111

Brennan, Máire Heal This Land [credited as Marie Brennan] (Universal [single]) 182/183

Brennan, Máire The Other Side Of The Rainbow (Hodder & Stoughton) 214 P

Brennan, Máire Whisper To The Wild Water (Word) 209 ATR

Brennan, Patrick: Sudani Sudani (Deep Dish) 216

Brennan, Paul: The Paul Brennan Band Fire In The Soul (Carrig Music) 114

Brennan, Paul: The Paul Brennan Band Fire In The Soul (Fellside) 121

Brennan, Timothy Secular Devotion: Afro-Latin Music And Imperial Jazz (Verso) 321 P

Brent, Eden Ain't Got No Troubles (Yellow Dog) 341/342 ATR

Breschi, Antonio Bezulari (Elkar) 38

Bresh, Thom Next Generation (Mel Bay) 161 [Tutorials]

Brest 92 / Douarnenez 112 L

Brethren Of The Free Spirit All Things Are From Him, Through Him And In Him (AudioMER) 299

Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Boogie Street (Exson) 144

Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts Vintage Thunderbolts (Mooncrest) 194/195

Brett, Paul & John Joyce Acoustic Power (Fretdancer) 213

Breva, Juan El Cante De Atano: Juan Breva 1844-1918 (Harmonia Mundi) 153 ATR

Brew Band, The Graffiti Walls (own label) 115/116 ATR

Brewster Bovis Combo, The (Don Valley & The Rotherhides/Brewster Bovis Combo) The Mean Fiddler (Acoustic Room), Harlesden, London 69 L

Brewster Bovis Combo, The North Of Watford Gap (New Country) 73

Brickbats, Mark T & The see T, Mark & The Brickbats

Bridge Ceilí Band, The Sparks On Flags (Cló Iar Chonnachta) 194/195 ATR

Bridges, Eugene 'Hideaway' Coming Home (Armadillo) 268 ATR

Bridges, Eugene 'Hideaway' Jump The Joint (Armadillo) 242/243

Bridges, Eugene 'Hideaway' Live In San Antonio (Armadillo) 333 ATR

Bridgewater, Dee Dee Red Earth - A Malian Journey (DDB/Universal) 292

Brigada Bravo & Díaz Músicas Populares De La Guerra Civil (Producciones Efimeras) 305 ATR

Brigada Victor Jara Coimbra, Portugal 137 L

Brigada Victor Jara Danças E Folias (Farol) 154

Briganti Di Terra D'Otranto Focu De Paja (Italian World Music) 335

Briggs, Anne (Martin Carthy, Dave Swarbrick, Anne Briggs) Burnley Mechanics Arts Centre 90 L

Briggs, Anne A Collection (Topic) 192

Briggs, Anne Classic Anne Briggs (Fellside) 91/92

Briggs, Anne Sing A Song For You (Fledg'ling) 168

Briggs, Ian & The Supervampers Blues Avenue (Cobalt Music) 265 ATR

Briggs, Katharine British Folk-Tales And Legends: A Sampler (Routledge) 258 P

Bright Blue Gorilla Bright Blue Gorilla (Universe) 132

Bright Blue Gorilla Mantra For The American Jungle (Monkey C Monkey D) 173 ATR

Bright, David & Sara Farmer David Bright & Sara Farmer (Late Mr Weston's Records) 89

Bright, David & Sarah Hutchinson Lamenting Over (own label) 53

Bright, Ria Afreared EP (Kelpie [EP]) 197

Brighton Taverners, The Lazy Afternoon (Folk Heritage) 5 ATR (SR)

Brill, Willi & Pieter Van Der Staak Moyshele Mayn Fraynd: Willi Brill And Pieter Van Der Staak Sing And Play Yiddish (Willi Brill & Pieter van der Staak) 62

Brim, John 1950-1953 (Classics) 256 ATR

Brimi, Hans W. Hyljarliv (Heilo) 185

Brina Mlado Leto (Druga Godba) 259/260

Brina Pasja Legenda (DruGod) 280

Brindisi, Jano see Jano

Brine, Mark American Bleak House (kjk) 198 ATR

Brine, Mark I Deliver (KJK Recordings) 280 ATR

Brine, Mark New Blue Yodel (<re:signed>) 155

Brislin, Kate (Jody Stecher &) A Song That Will Linger (Rounder) 93

Brislin, Kate (Jody Stecher &) Blue Lightning (Rounder) 105

Brislin, Kate (Jody Stecher &) Hale End Folk Club, Highams Park, London 137 L

Brislin, Kate (Jody Stecher &) Songs Of The Carter Family (Appleseed) 211/212

British Blues All-Stars, The At Notodden Blues Festival (SPV Blue) 295/296

Bristol Folk Tradition Club Alongside Bristol Quay (Supernova) 16 (SR)

Bristow, Heather Hope On The Vine (Heifer Music) 323

British Invasion (Dean Johnson & The) Made From The Stage (own label) 54

British Invasion (Dean Johnson & The) Stranglehold/Wall Around My Heart (own label) 58

Britton, Alan John & Country FM Everybody Is Linedancin' (Keg) 170/171 ATR

Britton, Dan Riding The Red, White And Black Horses (Rideout) 180

Brixmark, Leif Anpassa Dig! (CD101 LB [single]) 166

Broadcasters (Joe Beard featuring Ronnie Earl & The) Blues Union (Audioquest) 181 ATR

Broadside Band, The Dances Populaires Françaises - Thoinot Arbeau 'Orchésographie' 1588 (Harmonia Mundi) 24 (SR)

Broadside Band, The English Country Dances From Playford's Dancing Master 1651-1703 (Saydisc) 107; 120

Broadside Band, The Old English Nursery Rhymes (Saydisc) 162 ATR

Broadside Band, The: John Potter & Lucie Skeaping with The Broadside Band English National Songs (Saydisc) 120

Broadstairs Folk Week 40 L

Brock, Big George Hard Times (Cat Head [DVD]) 280

Brock, Big George Live At Seventy Five (Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art) 295/296

Brock, Big George Round Two (Cat Head) 281 ATR

Brock, Bobbie On The Blooming Queensland Side (Larrikin) 69 ATR

Brock, George see Brock, Big George

Brock, Paul Mo Chairdín (Gael Linn) 130

Brock, Paul & Enda Scahill Humdinger (Compass) 294

Brock, Paul: Brock McGuire Band Grass Blue Grass (Paulman Music) 340 ATR

Brock, Paul (Frankie Gavin &) A Tribute To Joe Cooley (Gael Linn) 45

Brock McGuire Band Grass Blue Grass (Paulman Music) 340 ATR

Brocken, Michael The British Folk Revival 1944-2002 (Ashgate Publishing) 251 P

Broder, Ashley (Jamie Laval &) Zephyr In The Confetti Factory (own label) 293 ATR

Broderick Cortanze Castle (Offspring) 235/236 ATR

Broderick Kissing Fishes (Offspring) 220

Bröderna Blås Folsax Anfaller! (Hurv) 91/92

Brodian, Stewart Self Made Man (Mountain) 69

Brodsky, Chuck Last Of The Old Time (Red House) 209

Brodsky, Chuck Letters In The Dirt (Red House) 162

Brodsky, Chuck Radio (Red House) 187/188

Brodsky, Chuck Two Sets (Waterbug) 305 ATR

Brody, Jane: Jane & Julia North Skye (own label) 126 ATR

Brogue, Bernard & The Loveless Birdwatching (own label) 198 ATR

Broken Prayers, The Crow (own label) 302/303 ATR

Brokke, Sigurd (Daniel Sandén-Warg &) Rammeslag (Etnisk Musikklubb) 301

Brokke, Sigurd (Daniel Sandén-Warg &) Rammeslag II (Etnisk Musikklubb) 321 ATR

Bromberg, David Try Me One More Time (Appleseed) 293 ATR

Bromberg, David Use Me (Appleseed) 341/342 ATR

Bromley, John From Higgin Chamber (own label) 335

Bromyard Folk Festival 41 L; 126 L

Bronte Brothers, The A Winner Too (This Way Up [single]) 120

Bronte Brothers, The The Way Through The Woods (This Way Up) 126

Brook, Michael (Djivan Gasparyan &) Black Rock (Real World) 185

Brook, Michael (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan &) Night Song (RealWorld) 155

Brook, Michael (U. Srinivas &) Dream (Real World [single]) 148

Brook, Michael (U. Srinivas &) Dream (Real World) 146/147

Brook, Michael: Zawose & Brook Assembly (Real World) 228

Brookes, Neil & Tony Weatherall The Whitchurch Hornpipe (WildGoose) 302/303

Brookes, Neil: Bartram, Brookes & Weatherall New Midsummer's Day (101 Company) 340

Brookes, Neil (Roy Clinging &) Another Round (WildGoose Studios) 275

Brookfield Medicine Lands (Eastbourne) 177 ATR

Brooklyn Rider (Kayhan Kalhor &) Silent City (World Village) 322

Brooks Academy, The The Magic Of Irish Set Dancing: Volume 8 Corca Dhuibhne (West Kerry) Set (Ossian [video]) 163/164

Brooks, Big Leon Let's Go To Town (Earwig) 142 ATR

Brooks, Eddie Songs Your Mama Would Have Taught You (from Ray Modern Music) 106 ATR

Brooks, Garth Shameless (Capitol [single]) 106

Brooks, Garth We Shall Be Free (Liberty [single]) 117

Brooks, Garth What's She Doing Now/Shameless (Liberty [single]) 111

Brooks, Hadda Time Was When (Pointblank/Virgin) 154 ATR

Brooks, Leon see Brooks, Big Leon

Brooks, Lonnie Deluxe Edition (Alligator) 175/176

Brooks, Lonnie Roadhouse Rules (Alligator) 160; 162 ATR; 163/164 ATR

Brooks, Lonnie Satisfaction Guaranteed (Alligator) 101

Brooks, Lonnie, Long John Hunter & Phillip Walker Lone Star Shootout (Alligator) 196

Brooks, Mike & Friends Just The Vibes 1976-1983 (Moll-Selekta) 214

Broom Bezzums Arise You Sons Of Freedom (Steeplejack) 297 ATR

Broom Bezzums Under The Rug (Steeplejack Music) 316 ATR

Broomdusters (Elmore James Jr & The) Baby Please Set A Date (Wolf) 324

Broomdusters [Elmore James & His Broomdusters] The Classic Early Recordings 1951-1956 (Ace) 127/128

Broomhall, John In The Days When The Anzacs Were New (Sandstock) 65 ATR

Broonzy, Big Bill 1927-32 (Matchbox Bluesmaster) 36

Broonzy, Big Bill 1927-35 Recordings Vols. 1 & 2 (Document) 102

Broonzy, Big Bill Amsterdam Live Concerts 1953 (Munich) 281

Broonzy, Big Bill Complete Recorded Works Vols 4 -11 (Document) 121

Broonzy, Big Bill Good Time Tonight (CBS) 95

Broonzy, Big Bill I Feel So Good (Indigo) 137

Broonzy, Big Bill Remembering Big Bill Broonzy (BGO) 94

Broonzy, Big Bill Southern Blues (Catfish) 192

Broonzy, Big Bill Stayin' Home With The Blues (Spectrum/Polygram) 179 ATR

Broonzy, Big Bill The Big Bill Broonzy Story (Verve) 202

Broonzy, Big Bill The Chronological Big Bill Broonzy 1949-51 (Classics) 250

Broonzy, Big Bill Treat Me Right (Tradition) 154 ATR

Broonzy, Big Bill Trouble In Mind (Smithsonian Folkways) 203 ATR

Broonzy, Big Bill Vol. 1 - The Pre-War Years (SPV Blue Label) 285 ATR

Broonzy, Big Bill Vol. 2 - The Post-War Years (SPV Blue Label) 285 ATR

Broonzy, Big Bill Vol. 3 (Document) 103/104

Broonzy, Big Bill Vol 12 1945-47 (Document) 149 ATR

Broonzy, Big Bill Warm, Witty & Wise (Columbia) 187/188

Brosnan, Mike Streets Of Glass (Jayrem) 204 ATR

Brother Boys, The Plow (Sugar Hill) 115/116 ATR

Brother Boys, The Presley's Grocery (Sugar Hill) 151/152

Brother Crow One For Sorrow (Brother Crow) 294 ATR

Brother Dan Allstars (Dandy & The) Let's Catch The Beat (Trojan) 246 ATR

Brother To Brother featuring Roxana The Lost Caravan (Laika) 178 ATR

Brothers Atlante (Ludos) 174 ATR

Brothers Figaro, The The Brothers Figaro (Paradise Boutique) 75

Brothers Petreus, The see Fratii Petreus

Brotto, Cyrille Courant D'Air (Dralhe Production) 264

Brotto, Cyrille: Brotto Lopez Duo (Modal Pleinjeu) 299

Brou, Roland Chants & Complaintes De Haute Bretagne (Keltia) 161

Brou, Roland: Brou-Hamon-Quimbert Trois P'tit Oiseaux (Coop Breizh) 202

Broughton Village Choir, The Beneath Our Changing Sky (Wild Goose) 220

Broughton, Allegra & Sam Page Across The River (Singing Thunder) 69

Broughton, Ben & Joe The Continuing Adventures Of... (101 Records) 166

Broughton, Joe (Ben &) The Continuing Adventures Of... (101 Records) 166

Broughton, Joe Sound Engine (Salenella) 235/236

Broughton, Joe: Dempsey Broughton Freehand (SAE) 264

Broughton, Joe: Joe Broughton's Conservatoire Folk Ensemble Sardines (own label) 321 ATR

Broughton, Simon World Music: 100 Essential CDs (Rough Guides) 209 P

Broughton, Simon, Mark Ellingham & Jon Lusk (eds) The Rough Guide To World Music: Africa & Middle East - Volume 1 (Rough Guides) 283/284 P

Broughton, Viv Black Gospel - An Illustrated History Of The Gospel Sound (Blandford Press) 25 P

Brou-Hamon-Quimbert Trois P'tit Oiseaux (Coop Breizh) 202

Broven, John Record Makers And Breakers - Voices Of The Independent Rock 'N' Roll Pioneers (University of Illinois Press) 313 P

Broven, John South To Louisiana: The Music Of The Cajun Bayous (Pelican) 198 P

Brown, Alison Best Of The Vanguard Years (Vanguard) 230/231 ATR

Brown, Alison Fair Weather (Compass) 214

Brown, Alison Look Left (Vanguard) 134/135

Brown, Alison Simple Pleasures (Vanguard) 100 ATR

Brown, Alison Stolen Moments (Compass) 271/272 ATR

Brown, Alison: Alison Brown Quartet Out Of The Blue (Compass) 179 ATR

Brown, Alison: Alison Brown Quartet Replay (Compass) 225 ATR

Brown, Andy & The Storm Passage Of Time (Sheer Sound) 250 ATR

Brown, Angela & The Mighty 45s Talking Out Loud (Bluesside) 190

Brown, Angela Live (Acoustic Music) 129

Brown, Ann Beverly Keyhole And The Eternal Kiss (Akashic) 129 ATR

Brown, Archie Prisoner Of Fender (own label) 175/176 ATR

Brown, Archie Young Bucks In Fancy Shirts (House of Viz) 126 ATR

Brown, Barbara: Tom & Barbara Brown Beyond The Quay (Wild Goose) 309

Brown, Barbara: Tom & Barbara Brown Prevailing Winds (Wild Goose) 238 ATR

Brown, Barbara: Tom & Barbara Brown Where Umber Flows (Wild Goose) 208 ATR

Brown, Bessie (Bessie Brown / Liza Brown) Original Bessie Brown/Liza Brown 1925-29 (Document) 157 ATR

Brown, Bessie (George Williams &) Complete Recordings Vols 1 & 2 (Document) 169 ATR

Brown, Bobby & The Cape Breton Symphony Fiddlers The Great Cape Breton Fiddle Company (Lismore) 157 ATR

Brown, Carlinhos Carlito Marron (BMG) 250 ATR

Brown, Carlinhos Omelete Man (EMI) 192

Brown, Charles All My Life (Bullseye Blues) 94

Brown, Charles Hard Times And Cool Blues (Sequel) 94

Brown, Charles Just A Lucky So And So (Bullseye) 131 ATR

Brown, Cheyenne & Seylan Baxter 2 : Forty (Celloharp) 297 ATR

Brown, Chris (Martyn Wyndham-Read &) Maypoles To Mistletoe: The Book Of The Show (Eprint) 306 P

Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Back To Bogalusa (Blue Thumb) 220 ATR

Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Blackjack (Sugar Hill) 191 ATR

Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Guitar In My Hand (Catfish) 202

Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Standing My Ground (Alligator) 83

Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' The Best Of... A Blues Legend (Verve) 148

Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' The Man (Verve Gitanes Jazz) 142

Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth' Timeless (Hightone) 269 ATR

Brown, Dennis Crown Prince Of Reggae - The Best Of... (Trojan) 242/243 ATR

Brown, Dennis Greatest Hits (Charly) 204

Brown, Dennis Money In My Pocket - The Definitive Collection (Trojan) 268 ATR

Brown, Dennis The Promised Land 1977-79 (Blood & Fire) 233 ATR

Brown, Gatemouth see Brown, Clarence 'Gatemouth'

Brown, Greg Bathtub Blues (Red House) 130

Brown, Greg Covenant (Red House) 208

Brown, Greg Down In There (Red House) 91/92

Brown, Greg Dream Café (Red House) 108

Brown, Greg Dream City: Essential Recordings Vol. 2, 1997-2006 (Red House) 319/320

Brown, Greg Further In (Red House) 163/164

Brown, Greg If I Had Known: Essential Recordings, 1980-1996 (Red House) 246

Brown, Greg In The Dark With You (Red House) 31

Brown, Greg In The Hills Of California (Red House) 256 ATR

Brown, Greg One Big Town (Red House) 84

Brown, Greg One More Goodnight Kiss (Red House) 72

Brown, Greg One Night (Coffeehouse Extemporé) 26

Brown, Greg Songs Of Innocence And Experience (Red House) 46

Brown, Greg The Evening Call (Red House) 282

Brown, Greg The Live One (Red House) 156

Brown, Greg The Poet Game (Red House) 139/140

Brown, Greg (Bill Morrissey &) Friend Of Mine (Philo) 121

Brown, Herschel Complete Works 1928-29 (Document) 168

Brown, J.T. The Chronological J.T. Brown 1950-1954 (Classics) 275 ATR

Brown, Jim: Robert Santelli, Holly George-Warren & Jim Brown (eds) American Roots Music (Abrams) 223/224 P

Brown, Joe Fifty Six And Taller Than You Think (Demon [single]) 174

Brown, Joe Fifty Six And Taller Than You Think (Demon) 169 ATR

Brown, Joel (Edward Flower with) Chords And Thyme (English Folksongs For Guitar) (Dorian) 143

Brown, John T. see Brown, J.T.

Brown, Junior Long Walk Back (Curb/The Hit Label) 189 ATR

Brown, Kevin Mojave Dust (Doodah) 240

Brown, Kevin Pickin' Good Tunes (Doo-Dah) 20 (SR)

Brown, Kevin Road Dreams [reissue of Pickin' Good Tunes] (Hannibal) 59 ATR

Brown, Kevin Time Marches On (Taxim) 204 ATR

Brown, Lee Complete Recorded Works 1937-40 (Document) 146/147

Brown, Liza (Bessie Brown / Liza Brown) Original Bessie Brown/Liza Brown 1925-29 (Document) 157 ATR

Brown, Mal Four Hearts Ache (One Lorry Music) 79/80

Brown, Mason & Chipper Thompson Am I Born To Die (Dorian) 214 ATR

Brown, Milton & His Musical Brownies The Daddy Of Western Swing (Proper Box) 242/243 ATR

Brown, Nappy & The Heartfixers Tore Up (Alligator) 96

Brown, Nappy Just For Me (JSP) 70

Brown, Paul (Mike Seeger &) Way Down In North Carolina (Rounder) 163/164

Brown, Paul [Dr Paul]: Travelin' Tom & Dr PaulThe Great Unknown (Torch) 205 ATR

Brown, Phil Whistling For The Moon (Folksound) 154 ATR

Brown, Rabbit: John Hurt, Willie Newburn, Rabbit Brown The Great Songsters 1927-29 (Document) 94

Brown, Robert [Pipe-Major Robert Brown] Scottish Tradition 11 - Pibroch (Greentrax) 154

Brown, Robert see Washboard Sam

Brown, Robert 'Smoky Babe' see Smoky Babe

Brown, Robert U. & Robert B. Nicol Masters Of Piobaireachd - Volume 4 (Greentrax) 232 ATR

Brown, Robert U. (Robert B. Nicol &) Masters Of Piobaireachd - Volume 3 (Greentrax) 216 ATR

Brown, Robert U. (Robert B. Nicol &) Masters Of Piobaireachd - Volume 2 (Greentrax) 199/200 ATR

Brown, Rolly Fingerstyle Guitar ( video music workshops [CD-ROM]) 225 ATR

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Brown, Ruth A Good Day For The Blues (Bullseye) 193

Brown, Ruth Teardrops From My Eyes: A Proper Introduction To... (Proper) 259/260 ATR

Brown, Ruth The Chronological Ruth Brown 1949-1950 (Classics) 220

Brown, Ruth The Chronological Ruth Brown 1951-1953 (Classics) 257

Brown, Ruth You Don't Know Me/Touch Me In The Morning (Indigo) 189 ATR

Brown, Simon 1st Effort (Vole) 15 ATR (SR)

Brown, Sue & Lorraine Irwing Call & Cry (Wild Goose) 173 ATR

Brown, Tom & Barbara Beyond The Quay (Wild Goose) 309

Brown, Tom & Barbara Prevailing Winds (Wild Goose) 238 ATR

Brown, Tom & Barbara Where Umber Flows (Wild Goose) 208 ATR

Brownbird Rudy Relic Anti-Stereo Acoustic Holler Blues (Reltone) 293 ATR

Browne, Alexandra Diatonic Liaisons (Dragonfly) 218/219 P

Browne, Jackson Solo Acoustic Vol. 2 (Inside) 299 ATR

Browne, John Paddy Folk Songs Of Old Hampshire (Milestone Publications) 59 P

Browne, Michael Jerome Michael Jerome Browne (Bros) 203

Browne, Peter (Philip King &) Seacht Noimead Deag Chun A Seacht (Gael Linn) 22 (SR)

Browne, Ronan & Peter O'Loughlin Touch Me If You Dare (Claddagh) 235/236

Browne, Ronan The Wynd You Know (Claddagh) 222

Browne, Ronan: Séan Tyrrell, Kevin Glackin, Ronan Browne And So The Story Goes (Cló Iar-Chonnachta) 338/339

Browning, Neil Scwisbocs (Sain) 191

Brozman, Bill (The Tau Moe Family with) Ho'omana'o I Na Mele O Ka Wa U'i - Remembering The Songs Of Our Youth (Rounder) 75

Brozman, Bob A Truckload Of Blues (Sky Ranch) 111

Brozman, Bob Blue Hula Stomp (Kicking Mule) 167

Brozman, Bob Devil's Slide (Rounder) 70

Brozman, Bob Slide-A-Go-Go (Sky Ranch-Virgin) 151/152 ATR

Brozman, Bob York Arts Centre, Micklegate, York 86 L

Brozman, Bob & His Thieves Of Sleep Blues 'Round The Bend (Skyranch) 178

Brozman, Bob & His Thieves Of Sleep Golden Slide (Skyranch) 178

Brozman, Bob: Bob Brozman Orchestra Lumière (Riverboat) 290/291

Brozman, Bob: Debashish Bhattacharya, Bob Brozman & Subhashish Bhattacharjee Delightful Meeting Of Slide Guitars (Sunrise Sagarika) 196

Brozman, Bob (Cyril Pahinui &) Four Hands Sweet & Hot (Dancing Cat) 193

Brozman, Bob (Debashish Bhattacharya &) Mahima (Riverboat) 242/243

Brozman, Bob (Djeli Moussa Diawara &) Ocean Blues (Mélodie) 206/207

Brozman, Bob (Djeli Moussa Diawara &) Ronnie Scott's, London 211/212 L

Brozman, Bob, John McSherry & Dónal O'Connor Six Days In Down (Riverboat) 328

Brozman, Bob (Led Kaapana &) In The Saddle (Dancing Cat) 218/219

Brozman, Bob (Ledward Kaapana &) Kika Kila Meets Ki Ho'alu (Dancing Cat) 170/171

Brozman, Bob: Mike Auldridge, Bob Brozman, David Grisman Tone Poems 3 (Acoustic Disc) 213

Brozman, Bob (René Lacaille &) Digdig (Riverboat) 225

Brozman, Bob (Takashi Hirayasu &) Nankuru Naisa (Riverboat) 213

Brozman, Bob (Takashi Hirayasu &) Warabi Uta (Respect) 196

Brozman, Bob with Papua New Guinea Stringbands Songs Of The Volcano (Riverboat) 271/272

Brozman, Bob (Woody Mann &) Get Together (Acoustic Music) 204

Bruce, Dix & Jim Nunally From Fathers To Sons (Musix) 154 ATR

Bruce, Dix & Jim Nunally The Way Things Are (Musix) 191 ATR

Bruce, Ian Alloway Tales (Linn) 197 ATR

Bruce, Ian Blodwen's Dream (Fellside) 90

Bruce, Ian Free Agent (Iona) 139/140

Bruce, Ian Hodden Grey (Greentrax) 181

Bruce, Ian Out Of Office (Fellside) 114

Bruce, Ian The Naked Truth - Volume 1 (Ruglen) 154 ATR

Bruce, Ian The Naked Truth - Volume 2 (Ruglen) 258 ATR

Bruce, Ian Too Far From She (Ruglen) 70; 209 ATR

Bruce, Ian: The Ian Bruce Band Jigs, Jives & Jacobites (Linn) 223/224

Bruce, Ian: The Ian Bruce Breeze Band A Kind And Gentle Nature (Wildgoose) 165 ATR

Bruel, Alain, Nicola Marinoni, Eric Montbel, Yvon Bayer, Gilles Chabenat La Charmeuse De Serpents (Modal Pleinjeu) 287

Bruh, Emil Klezmer Violinist & Instrumental Ensemble (Global Village) 60; 247/248 ATR

Brunning, Bob Blues: The British Connection (Blandford Press) 35 P

Brunning, Bob: Brunning Sunflower Blues Band Bullen St Blues/Trackside Blues (Indigo) 215 ATR

Bruno, Thiera VazoMANonja (own label) 240 ATR

Bruntnell, Peter Camelot In Smithereens (Almo) 173 ATR

Bruntnell, Peter Camelot In Smithereens (Almo Sounds [single]) 174

Brust, Stephen A Rose For Iconoclasts (Beer and Pizza) 129 ATR

Bruvoll, Tore & Jon Anders Halvorsen Nattsang (Heilo) 256

Bruvoll, Tore: Bruvoll Halvorsen Trillar For To (Heilo) 297 ATR

Bruvoll, Tore (Ragnhild Furebotten &) Hekla Stålstrenga (Ta:lik) 309 ATR

Bryan, Tom: Valerie & Tom Bryan (compilers) Ullapool: Music Of Lochbroom And Coigach (Drumrunie Press) 79/80 P

Bryan, Valerie & Tom (compilers) Ullapool: Music Of Lochbroom And Coigach (Drumrunie Press) 79/80 P

Bryan, Valerie (ed.) Ceòl nam Fèis (Fèisan nan Gàidheal) 174 P

Bryan's Bizaar Bryan's Bizaar (own label) 229

Bryant, Precious Fool Me Good (Terminus) 230/231

Bryant, Precious The Truth (Terminus) 269

Bryant, Stu see Mojo Stu

Bryant's Jubilee Quartet/Quintette Complete Recorded Works 1928-31 (Document) 155 ATR

Bryant's Jubilee Quartet: Dixie Jubilee Singers / Bryant's Jubilee Quartet Dixie Jubilee Singers 1924-28/Bryant's Jubilee Quartet 1931 (Document) 155 ATR

Brychan Veleno Rumoroso (Ffo-Bet) 187/188 ATR

Bryony Last Of The Great Whales (Dragon) 41

Brzozowski, Pawel (Jarek Adamów &) Contemporary Polish Village Music (Folken Music) 302/303 ATR

BSM see Batucada Sound Machine

BT Scottish Ensemble (Aly Bain & The) Follow The Moonstone (Whirlie) 154

Bucaro, Clarence Sweet Corn (Burnside) 241 ATR

Bucca The Hole In The Harper's Head (Plant Life) 14 (SR)

Buchan, David A Book Of Scottish Ballads (Routledge & Kegan Paul) 26 P

Buchanan, Manley see Big Youth

Bucher, Vincent (Tao Ravao &) Tany Manga (Samarkand) 149 ATR

Bucher, Vincent (Tao Ravao / Vincent Bucher) Love Call (Brodway) 129

Buck, Keith Richard (Sally Barker &) Passion And The Countess (Rideout) 185

Buck, Willie The Life I Love (Delmark) 331/332

Buckland, Theresa (ed.) Traditional Dance: Vol 2 - Historical Perspectives (Proceedings of the 2nd Traditional Dance Conference, March 1982) [conference papers] 19 P (SR)

Bucklebusters (The Hill Billies / Al Hopkins & His Bucklebusters) Complete Works 1925-28 Vols 1-3 (Document) 192

Buckley Hill, Peter Dear Father Christmas/Christmas In Chernobyl (Miranda [single]) 93

Buckley Hill, Peter Torn Between Two Plovers (own label) 114 ATR

Buckley Hill, Peter Tubular Brains (Miranda) 18 ATR (SR)

Buckley, Jeff & Gary Lucas Songs To No One 1991-1992 (Circus) 233 ATR

Buckley, Tim Dream Letter: Live In London 1968 (Demon) 88

Buckley, Tim Goodbye And Hello (Elektra) 205 ATR

Buckley, Tim Live At The Folklore Centre, NYC - March 6, 1967 (Tompkins Square) 319/320

Buckley, Tim Look At The Fool (Edsel [UK]; Enigma/Retro/DiscReet [US]) 83

Buckley, Tim Sefronia (Edsel [UK]; Enigma/Retro/DiscReet [US]) 83

Bucks, The Dancin' To The Ceili Band (Warners) 134/135

Buckwheat Zydeco Buckwheat's Zydeco Party (Rounder) 226

Buckwheat Zydeco Classics (Rounder) 254/255

Buckwheat Zydeco Menagerie (Mango) 131

Buckwheat Zydeco Waiting For My Ya Ya (Rounder Europa) 36

Buckwheat Zydeco Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad (Island [single]) 71

Budapest Klezmer Band Yiddishe Blues (own label) 229 ATR

Budapest Klezmer Band: The Budapester Klezmer Band Yiddish Folklore From Central Europe (Harmonia Mundi) 139/140 ATR

Budiño, Xosé Manuel Arredor (Virgin Yerba Buena) 213

Budiño, Xosé Manuel Home (Falcatruada) 305

Budiño, Xosé Manuel Paralaia (Bolobolo) 173

Budiño, Xosé Manuel Roncos De Son (Virgin/Yerba Buena [single]) 216

Budiño, Xosé Manuel Volta (Falcatruada) 335

Budiño, Xosé Manuel Zume De Terra (Boa Do Fol) 251

Budjei, Nana Afrikaman (Asona) 67

Budowitz featuring Meyer Bogdanski Khasene On A Kale (Wedding Without A Bride) (Buda) 209

Budowitz Mother Tongue (Koch Schwann) 170/171

Budowitz The Purcell Room, London 201 L

Buen, Anders: Warg Buen Warg Buen (Ta:lik) 305 ATR

Buen, Hauk Bridal March From Seljord (Global Village) 233 ATR

Buen, Hauk: Hauk Buen, Knut Buen, Tom Anderson, Vidar Lande Ringing Strings - Fiddle Music Of Norway & Shetland (Topic) 18 (SR)

Buen, Knut As Quick As Fire (Henry Street/Rounder) 157

Buen, Knut Hardanger Fiddle Music Of Norway (Saydisc) 199/200 ATR

Buen, Knut Seljordsmarsjen (Nyrenning) 263 ATR

Buen, Knut: Hauk Buen, Knut Buen, Tom Anderson, Vidar Lande Ringing Strings - Fiddle Music Of Norway & Shetland (Topic) 18 (SR)

Buen Garnås, Ingvill Marit & Jon Anders Halvorsen Gåtesong (Etnisk Musikklubb) 290/291 ATR

Buena Vista Social Club At Carnegie Hall (World Circuit) 305

Buena Vista Social Club Chan Chan (World Circuit [single]) 179

Buena Vista Social Club: Ibrahim Ferrer Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferrer (World Circuit) 192

Buena Vista Social Club: Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal Buena Vista Social Club Presents Manuel "Guajiro" Mirabal (World Circuit) 257

Buena Vista Social Club: Omara Portuondo Buena Vista Social Club Presents Omara Portuondo (World Circuit) 204

Buena Vista Social Club: Various Buena Vista Social Club (World Circuit) 169

Buenaventura, Yuri Best Of... (Wrasse) 265 ATR

Buenaventura, Yuri Vagabundo (Mercury) 242/243

Buenaventura, Yuri Yo Soy (Mercury France) 211/212 ATR

Buff'Grol Tarale (Modal Pleinjeu) 196 ATR

Buford, Mojo Errigle Inn, Belfast 79/80 L

Buford, Mojo State Of The Blues Harp (JSP) 88; 182/183 ATR

Buford, Mojo The Bear Hotel, Birmingham 102 L

Bugge, Kristian Kristian Bugge (Danish Radio) 268

Bugge, Kristian: Dwight Lamb & Jensen & Bugge Live In Denmark 2010 (GO' Danish Folk Music) 341/342

Bugge, Kristian: Impuls Trio Bugge, Bæk & Vinther (GO' Danish Folk Music) 338/339

Bugge, Kristian: Jensen & Bugge Projekt Dialekt (GO' Danish Folk Music [DVD]) 331/332

Bugleweed Bugleweed (own label) 191 ATR

Bugunda And Busoga Ensemble Commonwealth Institute, London 51 L

Buick 6 Cypress Grove (Resonator) 84

Buick 6 Cypress Grove (Taxim) 121

Buika Mi Niña Lola (Warner Jazz) 289

Buika Niña De Fuego (Warner Spain) 302/303

Buirski, Felicity Heartless Hotel (Run River [single]) 63

Buirski, Felicity Interior Design (Rhiannon) 185 ATR

Buirski, Felicity Repairs & Alterations (Run River) 58

Buirski, Felicity Street Of Lucky Stars, White Horse, Belsize Park 66 L

Buisson Ardent (Man' Serotte &) Guyane: Man' Serotte & Buisson Ardent (Buda) 163/164

Buk-Lu, Baron Ya Afrobeatziako (Ngomo Line Productions) 314/315 ATR

Buk-Lu, Baron Ya Dumu Aye 'Ku (Ngomo Line Productions) 270

Bukkene Bruse Åre (Grappa) 151/152

Bukkene Bruse Spel (Heilo) 256

Bukkene Bruse Steinstolen (Heilo/Grappa) 191

Bukowina Band (Gienek Wilczek's Bukowina Band) Music Of The Tatra Mountains (Nimbus) 170/171

Bulag, Ci Mongolian Morin Khuur [reviewed under Various Artists, World Music Library] (King) 113

Bulgari Bulgarian Folk Music (Music of the World/Latitudes) 193 ATR

Bulgarian All Star Orchestra Dusha: The Soul Of Bulgaria (Network) 168

Bulgarian Voices Angelite, The Balkan Passions (Jaro) 229

Bulgarian Voices Angelite (The), Huun-Huur-Tu & Moscow Art Trio Legend (Jaro) 325 ATR

Bulgarian Wedding Band (Ivo Papasov & His Bulgarian Wedding Band) Ronnie Scott's, London 77 L

Bulger, Brendan, Marty Fahey & Kathleen Gavin Music At The House (own label) 250 ATR

Bulico, Chi see Bulag, Ci

Bull, Sandy Inventions (Timeless Recording Society) 184 ATR

Bull, Sandy Jukebox School Of Music (ROM) 66

Bull, Sandy Re-Inventions: Best Of The Vanguard Years (Vanguard) 235/236 ATR

Bull, Sandy Vehicles (Timeless Recording Society) 184 ATR

Bullenbush Band Walthamstow Market (Bullenbush Music) 61 ATR

Bullock, Robin & Michel Sikiotakis The Irish Girl (Dorian) 250 ATR

Bullock, Robin (Steve Baughman &) Celtic Guitar Summit (Solid Air) 238 ATR

Bullock, Robin Between Earth And Sky (Maggie's Music) 187/188

Bullock, Robin Midnight Howl (Maggie's Music) 156 ATR

Bullock, Robin The Lightning Fields (Azalea City) 213 ATR

Bullock, Robin: Baldassari, Bullock & Reischman Travellers (SoundArt Recordings) 202

Bullock, Robin: Ken Kolodner with Laura Risk & Robin Bullock Walking Stones (Dorian) 175/176 ATR

Bullocks, Lester see Dillinger

Bully Wee Band, The Madmen Of Gotham (Jigsaw) 9 (SR)

Bumble Bee Slim Complete Works 1931-51 Vols 1-8 (Document) 137

Bumble Bee Slim Vol 9, Unissued Test Pressings And Alternate Takes (Document) 174

Bumblebees Bumblebees (Hummingbird) 186

Bumblebees Buzzin' (Beehave) 199/200

Bumcello Nude For Love (Warner Jazz) 230/231 ATR

Bunce, Lucy Penny On The Water (own label) 331/332 ATR

Bunch, Jack: Greg Jowaisas, Steve Adkisson, Jack Bunch Old Time Banjo Pieces (Kid Of The Mountain) 69

Bunch, The Rock On (Fledg'ling) 244 ATR

Bunelik, Basil see Troika

Bunn, Teddy 1929-40 (RST Jazz Perspectives) 141

Buntemp Sciabrat (Robi Droli) 52

Bùrach Born Tired (Greentrax) 174

Bùrach Deeper (Greentrax) 208

Bùrach Unstoppable (Brechin All) 283/284 ATR

Bùrach The Weird Set (Greentrax) 156

Burbridge, Nick & Jon Sevink All Kinds Of Disorder (Burbridge Arts) 309

Burch, J.E., Elder & Rev. Beaumont Complete Recorded Works 1927-29 (Document) 146/147

Burch, Nigel & The Flea Pit Orchestra Bottle Sucker (own label) 213 ATR

Burch, Paul & The WPA Ballclub Wire To Wire (Checkered Past) 193

Burch, Paul Last Of My Kind (Spit & Polish) 223/224 ATR

Burden, Bonnie & Mark Orchin Silently Calling [ALL10CD] 189 ATR

Burdett, Phil & The New World Troubadors Phil Burdett & The New World Troubadors (F-Beat [EP]) 127/128

Burdett, Phil: Philip Burdett Red Brick Spleen (Diving For Pearls) 82

Burge, John Echoes (Summerhouse) 299 ATR

Burge, Todd Tinsince (Bunj Jam) 139/140 ATR

Burgess, Ådin & Wingård Doggerland (Sjelvar) 290/291 ATR

Burgess, John King Of The Highland Pipers (Topic) 123

Burgess, John The Art Of The Highland Bagpipe Vol 3 (Topic) 18 (SR)

Burgess, Paul Dead Lively (Red Sky) 130

Burgess, Richard: Burgess, Ådin & Wingård Doggerland (Sjelvar) 290/291 ATR

Burham, Michael Sarona (Whippersnapper) 187/188 ATR

Burke, Alan (Bríd Ni Mhaoileoin with) Ar Mhuin Na Muice (Habari) 258

Burke, Alan On The Other Hand (Gurug) 170/171

Burke, Alan Tip Of The Tongue (Gurug) 211/212

Burke, Fiddlin' Frenchie The Crazy Cajun Recordings (Edsel) 197

Burke, Joe & Charlie Lennon The Bucks Of Oranmore (Green Linnet) 168

Burke, Joe & Charlie Lennon The Morning Mist (New Century Music) 237 ATR

Burke, Joe & Charlie Lennon The Traditional Music Of Ireland (Green Linnet) 168

Burke, Joe & Máire Ní Chathasaigh The Tailor's Choice (Green Linnet) 168

Burke, Joe Traditional Music Of Ireland (Green Linnet) 21 (SR)

Burke, Joe, Andy McGann & Felix Dolan A Tribute To Michael Coleman (Green Linnet) 168

Burke, Joe, Michael Cooney & Terry Corcoran Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part (Green Linnet) 48 ATR

Burke, Joe: Joe Burke, Andy McGann, Felix Dolan The Funny Reel (Shanachie) 9 (SR)

Burke, Kevin In Concert (Green Linnet) 194/195

Burke, Kevin & Cal Scott Across The Black River (Loftus Music) 290/291

Burke, Kevin & Jackie Daly Eavesdropper (Mulligan) 162

Burke, Kevin & Micheal O Dhomnaill Portland (Green Linnet) 15 (SR)

Burke, Kevin & Micheal O Dhomnaill Promenade (Mulligan) 5 (SR); 162

Burke, Kevin: Kevin Burke's Open House Hoof And Mouth (Green Linnet) 167

Burke, Mary Kathleen A Song In Her Heart (Greentrax) 299 ATR

Burke, Mike (Fran McGillivray &) The Road That You Believe In (Joka) 334

Burke, Pete: Stenson & Burke Stenson & Burke (Folk & Blues) 194/195

Burke, Solomon Music To Make Love By (Chess) 194/195 ATR

Burke, Solomon Soul Alive (Rounder) 238

Burke, Susie Lucky Stars (Madrina Music) 100 ATR

Burke, Susie & David Surette When The Small Birds Sweetly Sing (Madrina Music) 300 ATR

Burkina Electric Rêem Tekré (AtaTak) 297

Burkitt, Frank A Little Less Care (own label) 302/303 ATR

Burks, Michael I Smell Smoke (Alligator) 245 ATR

Burks, Michael Make It Rain (Alligator) 216 ATR

Burlakat Tsastuska (Burlakat) 210

Burland, Dave A Dalesman's Litany (Leader) 202

Burland, Dave Benchmark (Fat Cat) 136

Burland, Dave His Master's Choice: The Songs Of Richard Thompson (Road Goes On Forever) 109

Burland, Dave Rollin' (Moonraker) 26

Burland, Dave The Stage Door, Scarborough, North Yorkshire 69 L

Burland, Dave Willin' (Black Crow) 82

Burland, Dave You Can't Fool The Fat Man (Rubber) 3 (SR)

Burman, R.D.: Kronos Quartet & Asha Bhosle You've Stolen My Heart: Songs From R.D. Burman's Bollywood (Nonesuch) 266/267

Burman-Hall, Linda: Ihsan Özgen, Linda Burman-Hall & Lux Musica Cantemir: Music In Istanbul And Ottoman Europe Around 1700 (Golden Horn) 264

Burndorfer, Günther & Heinz Steinbauer Fine Blend (own label) 312 ATR

Burness, Jack & The Corner Boys In Search Of The Handclap & Smile (Anchor) 184 ATR

Burness, Jack Red And Blue Tattoo (Anchor) 138

Burnett & Rutherford Complete Recorded Works 1926-30 (Document) 182/183

Burnett, Abner Abner Burnett 1975-1979 (Worpt) 173 ATR

Burnett, Abner Calavera (Worpt) 182/183 ATR

Burnett, Chester Arthur see Wolf, Howlin'

Burnett, Dick: Burnett & Rutherford Complete Recorded Works 1926-30 (Document) 182/183

Burnett, T-Bone T-Bone Burnett (MCA) 45

Burnett, T-Bone: The Coward Brothers The People's Limousine/They'll Never Take Her Love From Me (Imp [single]) 27

Burning Bush (Lucie Skeaping & The) Raisins And Almonds [Jewish Songs From The Ashkenazi And Sephardi Traditions] (Saydisc) 110; 120

Burning Bush (Lucie Skeaping & The) The Manor House Sternberg Centre, London 131 L

Burning Bush, The Best Of Yiddish, Klezmer & Sephardi Music (ARC Music) 168

Burning Bush, The Folksongs Of Israel (ARC) 196

Burning Bush, The Sounds Of The Old Jewish World (ARC) 240 ATR

Burning Flames Dib (Mango) 105

Burning Spear Jah Is Real (Burning Music) 306

Burning Spear Live and Dread at the T&C, London 110 L

Burnley Traditional Song & Dance Festival 77 L; 88 L

Burns Sisters, The Close To Home (Philo) 148

Burns Sisters, The Tradition (Philo) 175/176 ATR

Burns, Adrian Byron Back To The Wood (Bluetrack) 196 ATR

Burns, Alex & Nick Charles Anywhere Anytime (Black Market Music) 178

Burns, Alex & Nick Charles Cordially Yours (New Market) 150

Burns, Alex Twilight Blues (Black Market) 218/219

Burns, Annie: The Burns Sisters Close To Home (Philo) 148

Burns, Annie: The Burns Sisters Tradition (Philo) 175/176 ATR

Burns, Gill A Sight More Curious... (Nosuch) 22 (SR)

Burns, Gill Aloan At Last (Nonsuch) 8 ATR (SR)

Burns, Harry A Slice Of... (Hairshirt) 153 ATR

Burns, Jeannie: The Burns Sisters Close To Home (Philo) 148

Burns, Jeannie: The Burns Sisters Tradition (Philo) 175/176 ATR

Burns, Marie: The Burns Sisters Close To Home (Philo) 148

Burns, Marie: The Burns Sisters Tradition (Philo) 175/176 ATR

Burns, Ursula According To Ursula Burns (Range) 191 ATR

Burns, Ursula Sinister Nips EP (Freerange [EP]) 179

Burnside, R.L. & The Sound Machine Bad Luck City (Demon) 131

Burnside, R.L. A Ass Pocket Full Of Whiskey (Matador) 160

Burnside, R.L. A Bothered Mind (Fat Possum) 259/260

Burnside, R.L. Acoustic Stories (MC) 175/176

Burnside, R.L. Burnside On Burnside (Fat Possum) 223/224 ATR

Burnside, R.L. Come On In (Fat Possum/Epitaph) 186

Burnside, R.L. No Monkeys On This Train (Hightone) 239 ATR

Burnside, R.L. Raw Electric 1979-80 (Indie Sounds) 228

Burnside, R.L. Sound Machine Groove (High Water/HMG) 174

Burnside, R.L. Well, Well, Well (MC) 216 ATR

Burrian Fridarey Folk (Attic) 74

Burrill, Jim Vortex (Gyroid) 17 ATR (SR)

Burrus, John Cowboy Songs And Country Hymns (Inedit) 253 ATR

Bursen, Howie (Sally Rogers &) When Howie Met Sally (Flying Fish) 95

Bursen, Howie Building Boom! (Flying Fish) 67 ATR

Bursen, Howie: Sally Rogers & Howard Bursen Satisfied Customers (Thrushwood) 23 (SR)

Bursledon Village Band The South Wind (Wild Goose Studios) 170/171

Burton, Alan & Steve Hunt Alan Burton & Steve Hunt (Irregular [single]) 192

Burton, Aron Past, Present And Future (Earwig) 131 ATR

Burton, Buddy & Fats Hudson Chicago Southside Blues And Jazz 1928-36 (RST Jazz Perspectives) 143

Burton, Charlie & The Texas Twelve Steppers Rustic Fixer-Upper (Lazy) 172 ATR

Burton, Holly & Ken Powell The Man Beneath The Suit (own label) 102

Burton, James & Ralph Mooney Corn Pickin' And Slick Slidin' (See For Miles) 129 ATR

Burton, Karen A Point On The Map (Locrian) 204 ATR

Burton, Keith Passion Of The Burton (Fanny Street) 274 ATR

Burton, Larry: Larry Burton Band Hustler's Paradise (Brambus) 131 ATR

Burträskar'a I Afton (MNW) 27

Burundi Drummers (The) & Djoliba Town & Country Club, London 36 L

Burundi Drummers, The The Burundi Drummers (Real World) 108

Buse, J.P.: Zaiko Langa Langa - J.P. Buse Zaiko Langa Langa - J.P. Buse (Flame Tree) 121

Bush Chemists Dub Fire Blazing (DubHead) 221

Bush Giants Newlanding (own label) 174 ATR

Bush, Kate The Handsome Cabin Boy (EMI [single] - B-side of Hounds Of Love) 34

Bush, Kate The Sensual World (EMI) 78

Bush, Sam Glamour & Grits (Sugar Hill) 158/159

Bush, Sam Howlin' At The Moon (Sugar Hill) 182/183 ATR

Bush, Sam Ice Caps (Sugar Hill) 209 ATR

Bush, Sam King Of My World (Sugar Hill) 253 ATR

Bush, Sam Late As Usual (Rounder) 25

Bushburys (Eddy Morton & The) Timeless (Enigma) 223/224

Bushburys, The Howling At The Moon (Live) (Enigma) 209

Bushburys, The Trying To Catch The Sun (Masc Productions) 202

Bushes And Briars Bushes And Briars CWR 001] 66

Bushmen Don't Surf Bushmen Don't Surf (Moles) 75

Bushmen Don't Surf Happy Faces/Ntobentle (Tau [single]) 63

Bushnaq, Inea (trans. & ed.) Arab Folktales (Penguin Folklore Library) 50 P

Bushwackers (Big Blow & The) Habagoola (Wedgie) 156 ATR

Bushwackers, The Beneath The Southern Cross (Telmak) 12 (SR)

Bushwackers, The Jubilee (ABC/EMI) 161

Busia, Kofi Oh Africa (African International) 59

Busk, Nikolaj: Falgren Busk Duo Duet (GO' Danish Folk Music) 328 ATR

Busk, Nikolaj: Hal & Nikolaj Hal & Nikolaj (GO' Danish Folk Music) 311

Bustan Abraham Pictures Through A Painted Window (Cram World) 170/171

Butcher, Eddie / Joe Holmes & Len Graham Ballads And Songs Of The North Of Ireland (Free Reed) 302/303 ATR

Buthelezi, Mzikayifani Fashion Maswedi (Greensleeves) 71

Butler, Andrew: Dr Butler's Hatstand Medicine Band Music For Parlours And Promenades (own label) 317/318 ATR

Butler, Clarence see Butler Twins, The

Butler, Curtis see Butler Twins, The

Butler, George "Wild Child" see Butler, Wild Child

Butler, Henry (Corey Harris &) Vu-Du Menz (Alligator) 204

Butler, Henry Blues After Sunset (Black Top) 184 ATR

Butler, John John Butler (own label) 205 ATR

Butler, Lester (13 featuring Lester Butler) 13 Featuring Lester Butler (Hightone) 174 ATR

Butler, Richard North OverThe Tyne (Northumbrian) 14 ATR (SR)

Butler, Richard The Perfect Triangle (Saydisc) 34

Butler, Sam see Jackson, Bo Weavil

Butler, Wild Child Lickin' Gravy (MC) 185 ATR

Butler, Wild Child Lickin' Gravy (Rooster Blues) 77

Butler, Wild Child Sho' Nuff (Analogue Productions Originals) 226

Butler, Wild Child The Devil Made Me Do It (Blue Horizon) 100

Butler Twins, The [Clarence & Curtis] Not Gonna Worry About Tomorrow (JSP) 145

Butler Twins, The [Clarence & Curtis] Pursue Your Dreams (JSP) 160

Butlins' Spring Special Bognor Regis 25 L; 37 L

Butterbeans & Susie Vols 1 And 2 (Document) 172 ATR

Butterfield Blues Band, The Live (Rhino) 258 ATR

Butterfield Blues Band, The The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crawshaw (Edsel) 73

Butterfield, Paul: Paul Butterfield's Better Days It All Comes Back (Sequel) 90

Butterfield, Paul: Paul Butterfield's Better Days Paul Butterfield's Better Days (Sequel) 90

Butterfield, Paul: The Butterfield Blues Band The Resurrection Of Pigboy Crawshaw (Edsel) 73

Butterfield, Paul: The Paul Butterfield Blues Band The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Edsel) 26

Buttermountain Boys Don't Expect (Soliton) 121

Buttermountain Boys Fat Tuesday (Festival) 86

Buttermountain Boys St Sampson's Square, York 62 L

Butterworth, Jenn: Anna Massie, Jenn Butterworth & Mairearad Green The Missing Gift (Footstompin') 286 ATR

Buttler, Ljiljana Frozen Roses (Snail) 314/315

Buttler, Ljiljana The Mother Of Gypsy Soul (Snail/Connecting Cultures) 235/236

Buttler, Ljiljana & Mostar Sevdah Reunion The Legends Of Life (Snail) 288

Buzzard Rock String Band I've Got The Blues For My Kentucky Home (June Appal) 81

Bwchadanas / Baker's Well University College, Cardiff 62 L

Bwchadanas Cariad Cywir (Sain) 23 (SR)

Byers, Sara (Tony Kendall &) A Christmas Wassail (Stormforce) 110 ATR

Byrd, Henry Roeland see Longhair, Professor

Byrd, Jamie Garden Of Days (Rooster Dog) 282

Byrd, Jonathan Cackalack (Waterbug) 336 ATR

Byrd, Jonathan The Law And The Lonesome (Waterbug) 306

Byrds, The Never Before (Re-flyte) 61

Byrds, The Play The Songs Of Bob Dylan (Sony) 218/219 ATR

Byrds, The The Byrds (Columbia/Legacy) 91/92

Byrds, The The Byrds Play Dylan (Columbia) 133

Byrne, Anne-Marie: Anne-Marie, Patrick, Eileen & Michel Crossing Borders (own label) 278/279 ATR

Byrne, Conor (Méabh O'Hare &) Bavan (own label) 251

Byrne, Conor Wind Dancer (Newberry Recordings) 184

Byrne, Dermot (Pierre Schrier &) Pierre Schrier & Dermot Byrne (New Canadian) 205

Byrne, Eileen: Anne-Marie, Patrick, Eileen & Michel Crossing Borders (own label) 278/279 ATR

Byrne, James The Road To Glenlough (Claddagh) 88

Byrne, Michel: Anne-Marie, Patrick, Eileen & Michel Crossing Borders (own label) 278/279 ATR

Byrne, Packie & Bonnie Shaljean Roundtower (Dingles) 9 (SR)

Byrne, Packie Donegal Back! (Veteran) 229

Byrne, Packie From Donegal And Back! (Veteran Tapes) 157

Byrne, Patrick: Anne-Marie, Patrick, Eileen & Michel Crossing Borders (own label) 278/279 ATR

Byrne, Steve Songs From Home (Greentrax) 276

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