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Kristi's Secrets

"Practically my first job was when I was very young and I was selected in audition to play the role of Mary Magdalen in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. There was an article in the newspaper asking for any amateur or professional actor or singer or musician that would like to come and audition. And I went there, and I sang the song of Mary Magdalen and they immediately said: 'OK, we have Mary Magdalen, that's her'. And this is how, let's say, my profession started. This is how I earned the first money I ever earned in my life. Of course, after a few months I couldn't stand the situation in the Greek music theatre, so I left. I quit and I started playing in various small clubs, at that time singing traditional Greek songs, ballads..."

Photo: Theodore Xenos

"There were one or two very underground clubs at the time in Athens. One was called Tipoúkitos, and that was the first place where I ever played. They were working for one month and then the police would close it . So I left that big famous theatre and I went to this club and that is how my path through all these small underground clubs in Athens started. I'm talking about '79 now, I was very young, and at that place I was just performing with my guitar or one or two guitars. It was more acoustic, the sound."

In 1983 came Eurovision. How did that happen?

"The person who had chosen me for the role of Mary Magdalen, the musical director who had done the arrangements for Jesus Christ Superstar, was a very famous middle-aged Greek musician whom everybody respects. He wanted to send a song to Eurovision and he asked me to sing the demo, but the demo was chosen as the song and so I went. At the same time, I liked the fact that I would travel freely to a European country, to Germany. One thing I remember was that Ofra Haza was playing with an Israeli band, before she had made her career."

This feature first appeared in fRoots 237, March 2003


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