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fRoots is the world's No.1 independent magazine in its field - new or traditional music with roots from around the globe. We've been at the sharp activist end of the folk, roots and world music scenes, publishing every single issue right on time, for 37 years. Pronounce it "eff-Roots"!

fRoots has its exceptional status because it deals with a unique diversity of music, from Anglo-trad to Zanzibar pop, from the latest fusions to the very ethnic. Every hugely comprehensive issue is packed with more than twice the feature content, 50% more news, more reviews and more original photography than its nearest competitor.

fRoots is published 10 times a year: our summer and winter double issues have unique, sought-after compilation albums, as do our April issue with its annual festival directory and supplement, our early summer June issue and our special Womex issue (November) which goes in all the delegate bags.

We are the market leader in content, goodwill and reputation, and absolutely central to the folk, roots and world music communities with a leading activist role. fRoots is news stand distributed in the UK and also sold by major music chains and live music venues. We have a very high worldwide subscription base, including many major public and college libraries.

FACTS AND FIGURES from our latest readership survey
  • fRoots is the world’s longest continually published folk, roots or world music magazine with a readership of up to 40,000+, a full UK national spread and nearly 40% going overseas. Our influence is enormous: we're read by absolutely everybody of importance in the folk, roots and world music business and beyond.
  • fRoots readers cover the entire age range from mid-teens to 60-plus. The majority are in the 35-55 age group, are educated and comparatively affluent:
    • 75% are ABC1s
    • 52% are Guardian readers!
    • over 75% take foreign holidays
    • they take an average of 2 foreign and 3 UK holidays a year.
  • fRoots readers tend not to read any other music publications. The maximum crossover with any other world music or folk title is 29%. Less than 21% read any mainstream music monthly, and less than 10% read any of the specialist jazz, blues, country, instrument, equipment, home recording or travel publications. Advertising in fRoots is easily the best and most cost-effective way of targeting the readers most interested in folk, roots and world music and connected areas.
  • fRoots readers are dedicated to the music: On average they say they've been interested in the areas of music we cover for 30 years, they've read fRoots for 16 years, and 99% keep their back copies for reference.
  • fRoots readers spend! They buy an average of 42 CDs plus 115 paid download tracks each year. 95% have bought CDs as a result of reading about them in our editorial pages, and 73% as a direct result of advertising.
  • fRoots readers buy 68% of their CDs online. So having local distribution in any country has ceased to be an issue.
  • fRoots readers play! Many are musicians - 53% play an instrument, and of those who do, 66% perform in public, 35% as pro or semi-pro performers.
  • fRoots readers get out more! Nearly all attend live music events, and 70% have been to them as a result of adverts in fRoots.
  • fRoots readers are heavy internet users. 97% have internet access and 86% use the fRoots web site including our popular monthly fRoots Radio podcast and fRoots Facebook page.
  • fRoots readers are heavily into technology. 97% have a home computer (21% are Mac users), and high percentages are kitted out with CD, DVD and mp3 players, smartphones, tablets, digital radios and cameras.
  • fRoots is a long-established media partner of leading UK and overseas festivals and was a founding partner in the BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music.

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